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tv   [untitled]    September 30, 2021 10:30am-11:00am AST

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robert pals al jazeera china says athletes who are vaccinated against current of ours phase 21 days quarantine for its winter olympics. the beijing olympic paralympic games which takes place in february, will be taking place in what organizes call a close loop management system. vaccinated athletes will undergo daily testing and will only be allowed to move between games related venues for spectators won't be allowed to attend the games. ah, this is al jazeera, these, your top story. israeli forces of killed 2 palestinians. a woman were shot dead near ox, the mos company allegedly trying to stop opposite a 22 year old man died during dawn raids in the occupied west bank. israel says amount was a member of our crews brigade onyx change gum 5 before being shot. it abraham has
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more from ramallah, according to the palestinian health ministry, a 22 year old house indian has come to his wounds after he was shot by the israeli forces 4 times in different parts of his body. his funeral has already taken place in jeanine after what witnesses said, an armed clash that happened between the palestinians and israelis side. it's important to note that jeanine has been the center of these raids lately. more and more weapons we're seeing coming out of geneva becoming more visible. and we've seen that particularly after palestinians escape israeli prisons. and many are telling us that this is part of palestinians showing defiance to these really that are increasing the rates to the palestinian city. the united nations, as calling on the european government her last few days into grice, montera,
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and chief. martha griffith says one in 5 people is now suffering malnutrition in the region. after almost a year of conflict, the death toll from a battle between rival drug gangs out of prison in ecuador has risen to more than a 100. government has declared a state of emergency across the prison system. to issue the president has appointed a geologist with little political experience as the country's 1st female prime minister. he's also not le buddha, and with forming government. last week i said, announced he'd rule by decree, barking protests. china is rationing electricity as a struggle with the contain a growing power crisis now and it's 2nd week long hours of outages are not just affecting residential areas of china. factories have also been hit, many of which are working, reduced hours. those are the headlines inside stories make how many nukes has too many new america has in many ways driven the arms parties
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are much more like the british parties. now, there are fewer regulation to own a tiger than their our own a dog. how can this be happening? we take on us politics and, and that's the bottom line. around the license plate, 3 g, 9 potential between serbia and both sides of deployed soldiers and especially for the border, why it has one of your gotten this escalated. now, this is an eyesore ah, ah walk into the program. i am ron con. there war ended 21 years ago, but ethnic and political divisions remain alive between serbia and crossover. and they've escalated in the past week over car license plates. serbia doesn't recognize cost of plates,
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a makes drivers by temporary ones while going through the country when cost, if i did the same cause of subs blocked, to border crossings, and set a vehicle registration center on file pensions worth and when causeway send special police to the area of serbia, infant tanks, to inside of the border and flu fighter jets, the head. nato peacekeepers have increased that patrols in the area to try and calm the situation. said me, done. that shock. been 7 days of these activities even go little ways, tensions and threaten us are being people that must be stopped. the situation a returned asset had been before when the circumstances were gone for normal because they have not been nominal for the past 21 years. and then we can sit down and talk the europe payan commission president is visiting the region and is urging all sides to talk. it is vital that comfortable in serbia normalize relations. we've been discussing the issues. i must say, i'm very concerned about the current crisis. it is important to de escalate and to
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return to the negotiation table to find a sustainable solution. and the only way to do that if you facilitated dialogue, that is the only platform to resolve the current crisis. but off your vehicle, you were last week, serbia refused the dialogue brussels while giving conditions. and this week, they refused. the agreement proposed by the nato led peacekeeping classified force . we accept the both of these proposals. cosmo declared independence from serbia in 2008 of the years of strained relations between the majority ethnic albanian population. and when dorothy serbs, the u. s. and major european union countries recognize cause of his breakaway, but serbia refuses to do so. cause for his membership at the united nation is blocked by service. traditional ally, russia, about $4000.00 nathan peacekeepers remain on the ground after the military alliance
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intervened to end the cost of a war in 1999. the you began that sponsoring talks between the 2 sides in 2013, but it made little progress. resolving the conflict is one of the main conditions for both countries to join the blog. the that's bringing, i guess, in belgrade, jocko, crash format, deputy prime minister serbia in berlin bota where the senior associate at the democratization policy council and in brussels, peach accept you. policy analyst and editor in chief of brussels report dot you welcome to the program. let's begin in belgrade, where the joker crash, the cost of the government is accusing your government of trying to provoke a serious, international conflict. why isn't that? well, it's obviously all based on completely unresolved relations in belgrade, and reached enough for the moment. they are more or less frozen,
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but this particular incident has been provoked by the fact that 5 years ago in brussels as some measure of agreement has been achieved, including car license plates. it was a, it was set up and signed by the current president of me. so the problem, the problem is going to be resolved by vs actually expired a few weeks ago. and the prime minister of course will be said ok. now we can result in 2 ways, either because from book fox to go through a drive through the con, respecting countries without any restrictions, or we will make the st. felicia that serve in the serbian place. we'll have to also provision unfortunately. and then we're teach and sent
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police a special police forces at the bottom and teach the president of serbia erected very angrily. and he said basically, just holding him, it's not what i think. but basically that's what he said. serbia is the recognized country member or q, and you can also dictate that we should change our lights of play. think what's on the other hand is not for the recognize southern country and we are not going to change our position. of course, the big question is why ben this, you signed this agreement 5 years ago. and i have also to mention that the course has local elections in a month. so being the prime minister, of course, has reasons to be have. so to say, you know that way in this particular private, on the other hand, what each one store presents himself as a throne. liza and the also has like 67 months. he has election serbia including a presidential election. so in this case, we have
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a conflict to potential at the border or other serious one for no real reason whatsoever. car license plates are such a trivial to say thing and the cause of if you want my personal opinion, there's absolutely no reason why this with rockwell should not be resolved in a way that also carson vehicles both for serbia with our own car plates and number plates and the soviet union, so she'll be the quickest way of doing that is to recognise cultivate this won't come any time. so you have so i'm exposing the position of my government. my own is that, you know, recognizing the claims illegal to say, a declination of independence. and there is a number of countries in the world did not recognize independence like china, russia,
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many other countries. i have to emphasize which is interesting that there are some countries that did not recognize independent. so 1st of all, spain, greece, slovakia, romania, cyprus. so you are neither here nor there was certainly a wants be some negotiation sentiment, but i have no idea what this particular government that i do not support. and i, i strongly disagree with these policies. i, it's unclear to me how they see a compromise in, in the case of possible declared independence. i don't see the, i've never seen a real proposal from beggars called the result, but it was in berlin. what is pristina thinking right now? is it, as i guessed in belgrade, says a mixture of domestic issues, elections, and talking tough. and the fact that that hasn't been in agreement in 5 years, or is they simply kosovo now asserting some independence? well, i would agree with my previous esther. the one has turned into
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them one of the most serious clashes and conflict, this pure in years between cost one sir bill over in the framework of this, this long lasting status dispute, serbia, disputing the status. so as an independent state of called the replica, of course, the war is really has been a minor issue. this is, let me remind you. it's about a previous, a cream and one off a 2 dozen agreements struck within the context of the so called you will lead political dialogue established between costs was established in 2012. and it is covering an issue of a provisional transitional of cream and that started in 2011 was expanded for 5. maria's in 2016. as mr. cortez noted and expired mid of april this year. so this
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on the one in is a very marginal issue. on the other hand, we have seen of a new government, mr. cortez government, former opposition, protest movement, turn power. the government that came into government in power. the beginning of this year, much more research is not only towards serbia but also towards the west and not being as flexible and maybe conformist towards the west as any previous government . but the very fact that this minor issue and the treatment of 2016 left open to review the issue when this agreement expires, which happened on september 14 this year. and maybe to extend it for the very fact that there was no basis on, on the afford, beggared and pushing this time. agreeing is not only on christian. this mirrors the fact that we have seen a political alex set up 201213 by a very strong performing german chance,
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or myrtle in cooperation with the entire u. end, the u. s. having achieved historic breakthroughs. let's talk about that. if you tried roles, let's talk about the use role here is quite crucial. we have in brussels. peter, peter, i mean, where is the you in all of this right now? i mean, it said that in order to join the block, both countries need to recognize each other and they need to sort this out. that hasn't happened in 21 years. no. and indeed to, to accept to it, to expect a serbia to recognize circle civil anytime soon as probably not, not very realistic. i think in general, the situation is, of course, very dense, discolored fix. go back a very long time, but here, i mean, this is a region we're european union actually does have quite a bit of inference. and then particularly on, on course of all over to you even can even is playing
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a role in its its institutions. it has the role in the appointment of churches, for example. so, so i mean, if of all the conflicts in the worlds, i mean this is actually an area where you could have some pool. now that you has, of course, made an effort. it, it has with, with limitations of course try to pacify the situation. avoid the 2 big sites, which i think is very important. it's, it's dangerous to pick a side even if you secretly think one side is more guilty than the other sites. i must say death also on the other hand in recent years that you has missed certain opportunities. and then i'm particularly thinking of the id that is pushed forward by serbia to have some kind of a mini shing and in the in west or balkan. so, so the idea of serbia to half an area where it's neighbors are not
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a member of the you where they would know not be any passport checks. so i think that's something you would expect you to support. and interestingly, the countries that are most opposed to it, or kosovo, and, and montenegro sofa, also forward you has most influence and montenegro that is, so to speak already most integrateds in the west of all the western balkan countries, given the fact that it is a nato natal member states, now they are they sort of see this as a grand sir, be an id. i mean, and you can sort of follow the logic, but at the end of the day, the idea is not to have any passport checks. so. so this is obviously great for people in montenegro and serbia in old dania in kosovo. so perhaps i think that you should have exploited data pertaining to the fact that serbia is actually proposing something that is breaking down barriers you saying august in in belgrade,
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one of the things peter cliff is saying, joker crush is actually this is a solvable conflict by the european union has some influence within the region, particularly in kosovo. so wasn't the serbian government listening. why isn't peace breaking out? you know, i always liked the program. i don't know where from where there is where there is wish me meaning if you really want to do something, you will find the way i keep my life experience exactly that. the problem, of course is the serbia, everything now sees is a problem. it's so to say, quiet nation of possible allowing, strangely, not allowing the course of all car license plates to go through serbia. i want to explain something giving information to your audience. and you 95 percent of the
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course of all buses. they just class or be they don't face or be and they just go through serbia into western europe because serbia is on the north proposal and they need to take this route to go into western europe. a lot of the citizens of course, work in your country. so they just passed through. it's really a minor. but serbia, or be able to do government sees this is so many states have agreements that said, usually mutually agreed and they are not to say on the need would be which by the way is not completed. and then i think said this lead that particular mr. today he made this concert. he will be accused of making some kind of major call, but independence. of course, i don't agree. personally, i don't agree at all. i think this is the fabricate guy. this joke. how can you
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seem to be saying that this is a minor crisis, but when it comes to things like license plates when it comes to national identity and national is i'm having a little flag on your license plate or having it, it becomes a very important thing. for you or nations who are trying to stablish the identity base, it is about license plates. this was the spot, but this is much more than just about allowing cars to go through allowing buses to go through serbia. this is about establishing a national identity and the bottom line is that serbia doesn't recognize closely and therefore doesn't want any cause of ensigns within serbia itself. i mean that's, that's the bottom line, right? for being aware of what you're talking about, the value of symbolic things. the cod license plates in this case are becoming a symbolic base. but the answer to this is they shouldn't, because the course of all the, because we're actually going through sort of the,
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with this sir and the so called the temporary license plate. so what the the, the prime minister also wants to make this with all that is one problem. and when i'm starting to little bit expensive the bait i missed a call, the became a prime minister by saying the previous government, the government here place was actually, and i'm literally reflecting his, his accusation was illegal because they say bought or they got on their side some m piece and they have a very minor the former government had a very minor majority cost problem. so he's actually saying, i don't accept any agreement that was signed the brussels that the signed by the previous government, which brings us nowhere. i don't think we should go that way because then what
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you're doing exactly the same. he's saying ok, i thought of the 5 year the goal you will, you did not feel some obligations from best agreement on your side. so i'm not going to port obligation. my time basically this cannot go forever. there are special forces police special forces. the serbs are sleeping, intense they're, they're 24 hours blocking and curiosity. these are 2 parts is border passes between course. but one is open and some service claims that about 2000 because they actually took temporary personal license plates . so it shows that reasonable people on both sides side as possible, serve you on site, and they know that this is dawn and the crossing the closure of the office will have effects not only political but also economic because no trucks bring food that
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brains out there. actually did today's, we actually did reach out to the costs of the government, including the promises office to try and get the costs of in response to exactly what you're saying. they didn't get back to us. and in fact, in some case, i think as you turn this down, but in berlin we do have a web. i'm but you're, you're a teen watcher of the region. one of the, one of the things that we're really talking about right now is this idea of national identity and national identity being important and play through things like license plates. is this an intractable conflict? is this like an 8 at all given the between 2 countries, it's just an resolvable, simply because these are 2 very young nation states who are trying to establish a national identity. this and i mean this kind of rhetoric and narrative about intractable and the nationalist conflict we have seen in the,
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during the 9900 wars. but they were more reflection of the west. lacking the political will to serious engage this conflict is all but intractable. let me remind you that in 201213 when, when left by germany jensen, american n d u. s. and you pay the you seriously with us support started to deal with the state of dispute. they managed to establish the political dialogue. acosta will serve if you will let they manage to pressure served with their leverage towards recognizing the fact the recognizing existence of an independent fate of course with the loss of causal for the state of serbia. we had the april 2013 agreement, which was at the fact no recognition through the linking or conditioning of you memberships. perspective for a survey with recognizing the reality of on the oven in the pending cause. the way it was only a question of time to follow through with that dialogue,
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whether as the, the you and the west did not follow through the dialogues credibly slipped into, slipped into prices and turned in the opposite and turned into serbia and costs of all the leaders exploiting the weakness of the west and trying to turn the dialogue into their pursuit. so for 5 years, this negotiation on crises and the fact that the minor issue of a provisional agreement on license plate, but behind which is the bigger issue of recognition of causal which i repeat was not an issue. we had a breakthrough, a potential one on the 10 years ago. that is, it returned to us in the west. let's bring in piece of clipper in brussels. busy we're talking about license plates, we're much more now we're talking about regional rivalries. every time we talk about costs, when we talk about the european union, every time seems to be serbia. we talk about russia. we're talking about very
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powerful plays backing these 2 small countries. and that's why this conflict hasn't been solved in 21 years. it's just a failure there. right? well yeah, i mean, obviously i think we should always stress that the problem is there, i mean, and whatever mistake that you may have made ultimately, the problem is with course of all and serbia. now that sets with a previous guest also mentioned is that you have to actually follow true on his promises. and i think that's true. the you has been making what you could call perhaps false promises a suggesting that your membership was around the corner. busy and interestingly, today the emerged that there were diplomatic reports revealing basically what everybody knows, that there's great opposition in your member states against a rushing to grands membership to these wester bolcom country. so i think the lesson here are to,
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1st of all the you should refrain from making or the false promise of a quick you membership. and secondly, they should also have an alternative us, an alternative that does not mean that these countries will never become a member of the you, but some kind of an arrangement that already could mean some progress. and there again, i would like to mention this kind of id of a single markets or a michigan passport free zone for des, west or balkan countries are not yet a member of the european union. and i think those are realistic projects that already paid, who we already have to point. i do want to put your point 2 of the guest. so i'm going to start in belgrade, 1st with a joke. crash joker is e u membership. that much of a deal for serbia that is willing to solve it's complex with cost of in order to get it, or the membership, not even
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a thing that is worth even discussing loca you enough famous for having all kinds of verb things to agreements that basically say, but the thing is really different. i will give you an example. i'm not sure survey will live up fully recognized score so independent. but you can always science for a mutually by being agreed. that's it. so or so, we'd agreed not to block the course of all beats to become member of you. and so you can always have ways to find the solution and i'm going to have to cut you off. next, i do want to make this point to bother web as well. is your membership important for christina? just very quickly. it is important for both countries until that membership perspective was credible. we were on the path for serbia solving issue and reca.
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we're moving towards recognizing costs, since we have a sped among member states over enlargement. when we have a serious conflict between the french president macro truly being against enlargement and membership perspective, and berlin, this perspective became an credible and the whole dialogue and the solution to work a solution. all this data space was waning and that's why we end it. and this, and if we don't have this membership perspective, we will either solve this conflict, and we will move back into open conflict. our thank all august jocko crash, but whoever and peter clipping and thank you to for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our website out there at dot com. and for further discussion, go to our facebook page at facebook dot com, forward slash ha inside story. and you can also join the conversation on twitter. we are at a insight story from me in ronco and,
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and the whole team hit by for now. the news october. oh, now just 0 from growing vaccine inequality to the political and economic in the latest development at the corona, virus and damage companies across the globe. democracy, maybe inexpensive new series explores the ever growing challenges to democracy around the world. the former president place goes on 5 for the estimation of it's free to test commerce bank contact india, direct removed by brings insights and perspectives from the world's most populous democracy. you work in the home in an election like to define the country. future. october on al jazeera,
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of the country's modern history. the forbidden real park free the rise of the machine on a jet. i was rarely false as killed to palestinians during separate incidents in the occupied west bank. i'm near a i'm on the inside. this is out there. a lie from doha also coming up and couldn't was president declares the state of emergency in the prison system officer at least a 100 people.


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