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[000:00:00;00] ah, great where i hello, i'm barbara herrin london. these are the top stories on al jazeera. he feel is expelling 7 senior united nations officials, after accusing them of meddling in its internal affairs. they include senior figures with the un children's funds, unicef and the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. they've been given 72 hours to leave the country. this comes a day after the us military and chief criticize a few in government,
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accusing it of stopping desperately needed aid from reaching the t grier region in e t o p. and the you. when is delivering life saving aid, including food medicine, water, and sanitation supplies to people in desperate need. i have full confidence in the you and staff who are in ethiopia doing this work. the you when is committed to helping ethiopian people who rely on humanitarian assistance. we are now engaging with the governments of v t o p, out in the expectation that the concerned us staff will be allowed to continue their important work for testers have gathered in the sudanese capital car to their condemning. last week's qu, attempt and demanding the establishment of civilian rule, but governments, military and civilian partners, have treated accusations following the attempted coup. dozens of soldiers tried to take over the state media building, who has been blamed on forces loyal to former president. bashir heber morgan is in
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sudan for us. different unions, associations and civil society, as well as ordinary house with me once again to 2 to 3 here in the capital harpoon . this time they gathered in front of the headquarters of the climate, the month of the regime of june 30th. that's the regime that was headed by a former president on what it was you and which rules down for nearly 30 years. now the reason why people are here is 2 boys that support for the civilian leadership off the down, transitional government. let's remind ourselves what that government looks like. you have 5 members of the military and the sovereignty council. 6 civil, the in who are brought to power by the ruling illusion that says that eventually led to the housing a former president. tell me what we see you then you how to remember from the various group that signed a piece deal with the transitional government in october last year. that makes up the sovereignty council and that's effectively the president of the country. then you have the executive council of government led by prime minister them, and that's the civilian side, or most of the 1000000 side of the transition government. now people here say that
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following them attempted just over a week ago, the military tried to take control of the transitional government and that more power, despite the fact that this power sharing agreement says that this is the civilian lead government. so they had to voice their support to the political parties and to the civilian leadership of this transition. government saying that the fight, the differences of the political parties, despite the fact that the solution, many of them remained to be achieved. they say that despite all of that, they still support the civil in liver dealership and the repair disability. the over for my french president nicholas have cosy, has been given a one year jail sentence after being found guilty of the legal campaign financing. but he's not likely to spend any time behind bars after appealing the sentence. instead, he said to start the sentence, confined to his home, prosecutor say his party spent nearly twice the limit on extravagant campaign
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events during his unsuccessful bid for reelection. 9 years ago. the u. s. congress has approve the short term spending bill just the hours before a government shut down. in the past few minutes, the house of representatives voted to back a bill supported by the senate. but while it received substantial cross party support in the upper house, the 2nd vote was more divided on party lines. more than 22000 refugees and migrants are stuck in a colombian town, waiting for smugglers to help them cross into panama. the migrants mostly from haiti, or attempting to travel through the dorian gap, which is one of the most dangerous regions in the world. just $500.00 people are allowed to board both leaving the town of nicole clee each day, which take them to the start of their perilous journey. those are the top stories, the dark side of green energy is next. i have one use and half an hour.
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ah, the past against climate change approach after planned in marching square for years its existence has been denied. but today climate change has become a global concern. citizens are asking their elected official for concrete solutions to play pollution and rising temperature. why should we study for a future that has been taken away from us in 2015, 195 countries committed to reducing their c. o. 2 emissions at the end of the cop $21.00 conference,
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the new energy transition initiative. we're officially launched by the show me the age of petroleum dominance. it's come to an end. green technologies such as wind turbines and solar panels will now find their place. this is one of the most impressive and astounding technological revolutions and all of history make our planet great. again. the one object, the come to symbol of this new ecological era. the electric car noodle, so calling to only zachary, and he'd only to us, went to an avenue to leave them. this will do for them to people are just talking about wind and solar is if that's going to solve the
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problem. it won't as the energy transition takes us away from fossil fuel resources, it is already generating new environmental design. everything was surrounded with in societies is made up of minerals basically. and electric cars are made of metal minerals and they need to be mindful with dental. it's never a simpleton, it with it too much with the dark side of green energies and often overlooked because the industrial and political challenges are numerous. i think it's the most wishing office i'm on the club. i'll wait till he's done on that. you did. okay. so now, so soon as i can see, if i can figure that out or do you have a fear? when you look here,
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let me what if the promise of clean energy was only an illusion? what of green text remedies are actually worse than the evils and fossil fuels? ah ah, the ecological transition is above all an economic transition to be convinced one only needs to visit the stance at geneva. huge car show electric is in fashion. it is even the industry as future
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new vehicles are presented as green or down to see for 0 emissions. ah, the ecological argument offers traditional carmakers is the opportunity to reinvent them. because since the diesel gave scandal in 2015, the buyers have become more responsible adopters. off electric vehicles are people who believe in sustainability. they want to do goods for the environment and they want to do their parts to contribute to fewer emissions and less pollution community. she has an up to that model job, you know, but we're all going to jump up instead of it's really quick. and this is why for us, at the end of your group, it's important to offer electrified driving in each of our segments. in addition to the public's new found awareness,
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there are new environmental constraints. this is one of the effects of 21, especially in the european union. by 2030 vehicles will have to emit almost 40 percent less c o 2 per kilometer. the electric car results firstly from political decisions we have to meet the emission targets or sets by the european commission. the all of us manufacturers have to make and they're becoming more and more stringent. if we don't meet those targets, they're penalty the full followed. and we will have to pay those penalties. and this is what we of course want to avoid. ah, what we hear from the automakers is that the electric car presents only advantages on top of preserving the environment,
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it will create new jobs. so it would be a technological miracle. tomorrow, hundreds of millions of electric vehicles will drive all over the planet. but manufacturers know perfectly well electric vehicles are not as clean as they are telling us. yes, oil has been abandoned. but other raw materials which have become essential, have replaced it. these are rare metals, ah, mitchell, other social mostly thank you, tells you what the case and what i'm like with the collect,
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lee middle walk. i seek on the law, only time, the patching, if you let me do a lot of people who think to teach him one on the level appeal. so now you're going to get young and if you don't want to particularly meet up in the fortune in which you anything where metals are already present everywhere in gas fuel vehicles. who's cerium, for example, allows windshield to filter out defense uv rays. thanks to you. ro pm, inter screens are colored red or blue but in an electric car, the roll of rare metals is much more important. they even impact the
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vehicles vital functions. ah, without the o d v electric car simply could not roll me me. would you say we could do the more emotional to tv? is it on the motility? creech belmont. the tough for me to email you. to click on the now she mechanic, it won't be available. set up what you said. battery is the heart of an electric car. it weighs up to half the weight of the vehicle and would not function without rare metals. to produce a maximum autonomy. an electric battery contains, among other things, cobalt or graphite. but that's not all those, but it will be supplemental. wow, not traditionally german. you tell me to pre legitimate to dominate the additional
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digital cornel just okay with the military notion. the automobile industry has therefore become entirely dependent on these unknown raw materials, raw materials that are also found in most green technologies. the effect of we're truly creek ship is longer than we talk me. the rock good. oh wow. wow. wow. there's a moment i don't pool for anymore. yeah. now do you me to keep them fam, at the family kelly and the panel. so now police in foot over there, you want me to put in energy in, you know, who wrapped up on that those long the middle clean energy currently represents only 7 percent of the planets,
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electricity production with the energy transition solar and wind power will supply almost half of our electricity in 2015 in this greener world, it will soon be difficult to light heat or move around without rare metal. mechanically, global demand will explode. don't they will? yeah, no, that's when a little ha plus depend mom. i don't know what all the federal nearly new and in on don't don't see and gone by william of shock of on the line there where which we just get into the do the middle. ha ha, by william i
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me after oil dependence. we're in the process of setting up a new dependence. me so where do these absolutely essential resources come from? wire manufacturers, not communicating on their importance? perhaps because where metals are extracted far from our city's far from sight. cobalt comes mainly from mines in the democratic republic of congo, australia, chilly, and bolivia have abundant lithium deposits. indonesia is a key producer of tangela, sir coney am or 10 thousands of mines and
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4 continents are already producing hundreds of millions of tons of these resources . but one country in particular has colossal reserves of these strategic raw materials china, the world's leading producer of rare metals, china extracts 70 percent of one mineral that is particularly prized by greenhouse manufacturers. graphite. ah, we are in china as far north region in the province of hey, long jones. here the giant excavators
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brought down the mountain and laid bare the water tables to ensure our green future graphite as refined and antiquated factories. humans from great risks in nature is destroyed. graphite residues are scattered across the countryside. these lives count very little compared to the billions in business. a graph i produces for b, jane and china has thousands of rare earth, metal mines and refineries indian antimony, gallium,
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but also tungsten or germanium. they are scattered throughout the country. from what i is french, what she wants, you know, she the way she's free. thank god, she knows she, she chose to wait either all the way about you got counselor from the show show you'll find i'm quite sure yours with other things with a high media center please bear with me. the chinese are paying and particularly heavy environmental and human price to allow our world to transition to green energy commercial political or related to the home. but having to have a 1515 to 21 her to which one has to
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be he to again to the whole her go to the home page to kind of have home there. how can i see what and so much and heather was within her. i don't need to put all you have to get. i don't to him before the missing where for you here, let us and then me 2000 miles from headlong young in inner mongolia. the chinese has been spectacular. industrial centers. those in the town of bout too are entirely dedicated to the refining of mineral, a specific family of rare metals. the main pollution discharged from these factories is untreated, wastewater,
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me at the gates of the city. a huge artificial lake is born. fed by turns of black water saturated with assets and heavy metals such as florine are mercury go see those are now going to look on the hey officially enough. has it away as soon as you hit the washer? you don't have to put you unless you didn't hear from her. oh no without be worth 50. poway doctor. good to go to law. we would do a i owe you took it off with your father, whom they were going to pay. it was the history channel of visa, all of them of the thing that was her or her grandmother to montana was with a futon. young tim. they're trying to show her hilton total of 2000000 l. a year without refining. ah,
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the sources of pollution are the price to be paid. so our wind turbines are solar panels and our green cars can purify the air in europe. whole regions at the other end of the world are destroyed. and the height of the paradox is that these toxic discharges and polluting emissions continue to worse and our planets, atmospheric pollution points which will feathers that yet. but the point was they went back to the we'll see we'll do samples. only qu, faculty up officially. did you get to deal with the to that effect? so feel yeah. the pollution was, you know, they felt no, it'll be a pop. he boy,
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on the mission. he felt the visual will come on with him for the money is when he was, when you are green technologies contain not only rare minerals, they are also made up of all kinds of metals. even the most abundant build a wind turbine you need on average 20 tons of aluminum and up to 500 tons of steel . an electric vehicle in contain up to 175 pounds of copper. this is 4 times more than some gasoline powered cars. this red brown metal is particularly popular with green tech manufacturers in
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passage i think de long book retrieval decrease best good it renewal. yeah. and what's working for me? you fully completed for the new funding quad, the issue. what did the, what you are the thing about you from the bunk button? no, i don't care for cavalier. i think decrease. there was no losses. so color can you feel i don't football fix sound fully. initials on plug in the new to put on the new on the on the on clue. so. mean you, i mean, yeah, the people i call simpleton usually. what's oscar? no, not actually only for the lemon quantity. the only portion that i don't call me
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it's one of these poetry repeatable remains to know the most to need mon with the need for abundant metals such as copper. many other countries are now impacted by the production of green energy. it is subject the promoters of the energy transition are remaining very discrete about to measure the extent of the damage. we must travel thousands of miles in northern chile. it's yuki come out of mine is the world's largest open pit copper mine this mine is state owned. it is a huge crater, 2.5 miles in diameter and more than half a mile deep. as
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global demand increases, the number of people and machines in operation continues to increase the federal government at the name or premier over the female that that is interesting to me from a call to the court yard anymore. before you leave, i don't, i really didn't get daniel the in the, in the to come at the civil youth and what was interested in doing it. i go to think if i knew it 30 go, but i would, i mean, what was interested in, i mean ciocca mata contains 13 percent of the world, copper reserved. but the deeper you dig into the rock, the less metal there is with the current rates, the material is already starting to become scarce. young on to see the last
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problem, the probably, you know, you know, any questions. i mean, yeah, man, the, you just tell me to kinda clean, messed up when you're trying to complete the show. don't, isn't in to me come to me that you'll tomorrow, if you're playing the phone for the song, people premium. as with graphite and china, juki, kumato contaminates the surrounding soils and rivers with its toxic releases of heavy metals discharged into nature. mm. but in chile copper mining has serious cascading effect in a country where the smell supports and was 10 percent of the working population. only a handful of individuals dare to publicly denounced the impact of the mine on the
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environment. the name of our going back to them, we believe in it in, in, in terms of to extract and refine the copper, he need water, the water, oo, ciocca mata consumes almost 2000 liters of water per 2nd. however, in certain areas of this desert to one of the most arid zones in the world, it has not rained for 500 years of frivolous napa, so paranoia, the last minute the sub to now berlin mean in here in memphis on consumer i color gala. but i think i'm in the la, but it's like, i don't know how to read this. i came into the solar, explore bundle. it gave me the name of a lot of it,
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a few brutal. i mean it is. ready too often of cornerstone is portrayed through the prism of war. but there were many thanks to the brave individuals who risk their lives to protect it from destruction . an extraordinary film, archives standing for decades reveals the forgotten truth of the country, modern history. the forbidden real park free the rise of the machine on us just oh, for the congolese, the journey to what means unimaginable hardship. i prefer to lay down the captain to chancing life and live on
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a dangerous journey through the jungle. i fell on to the rails. i nearly died about children. go to school and live because of the train, risking it all the democratic republic of congo on al jazeera. ah hello and barbara here in london. these are the top stories on al jazeera, he c o. p a is expelling 7 senior united nations officials, after accusing them of meddling in its internal affairs. they include senior figures with the un children's fund, unicef and the office for the coordination of humanitarian affairs. they've been given 72 hours to leave the country. this comes a day after the un humanitarian chief criticize the government,


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