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tv   [untitled]    October 1, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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the topside of green energy on al jazeera when freedom of the press on the threat step outside the mainstream shift the focus. but pandemic has turned out to be a handy little pre tax with a prime minister to clamped out on the press. the listening post on a just ego ah, i'll certainly propose to open the door to fully vaccinated citizens and residence, 18 months after slamming its board a close. ah . my money inside a this is out there a lie from dough house or coming up. another day of protest in italy where activists want firm action from well leaders ahead of next month, climate summit. even more violent explosions are ops from la palmer's volcano, further threatening residence on the canary islands,
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and champion box and money packet hangs off his gloves to fight for the philippines presidency and next year's elections. ah, australia aims to begin reopening its borders in november, 18 months. solve to citizens were effectively bound from leaving and tens of thousands left stranded overseas. the prime minister scott morrison says fully vaccinated australians will be able to return home and travel overseas. as soon as 80 percent vaccination targets a met, this will happen state by state led by new south wales australia impose some of the wells toughest border restrictions in response to the pandemic. it is, will be time very soon that we will be able to open those international borders again. and that will enable australians who a fully vaccinated and australians and residents of australia who are overseas,
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who are fully vaccinated, to be able to travel again and to be able to lift those caps on area ports. insights with i have moved in defies. see all the progress and that is where australia is now preparing to move. this will happen next month. that's wendell start happening for next month. sarah clark has mo, from the gold coast. it's good is the 10s of thousands of australians have been strata, di overseas, the last at least, i can months now flights will resume out of city 1st. that's as early as next month . there was some, some suggestions. it might be a december, but november's early a decision, but cities, the 1st city to assume international travel, the other states will be under pressure to follow if that's simply because under the, the national plan announced by australia climate as to scott morrison, the requirements of the states must reach the 80 percent vaccine targets under the plan so that the 2 requirements of a quarantine of those to be
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a strain citizens and permanent residents. those have been flu vaccination with a vaccine recognized by the australian government. i can do a 7 day one pointing those you haven't been vaccinated or have been vaccinated with the vaccine that's not recognized by the australian government. they will still have to do a full team day hotel chain. so there's 2 restrictions in place for them. but those unvaccinated strains and it can still return home and travel now straight is also looking at quarantine for travel. so setting up travel bubbles for certain countries. of course, number one on the list at this stage is new zealand. and they, under this national plan and outside of national cabinets today by the prime minister, the government has announced it is also looking to offer more repair tradition flights for those stranded strains in cities where the international airlines are certainly not accessing, but the borders will remain closed for foreigners, the restrictions they've been. ays today offer studying citizens and permanent residence, only united nations secretary general antonia good terrorist, says he,
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shocked by ethiopia as decision to expound 7 un officials. they were given 72 alice to leave a keys of meddling in ethiopia. as a fast at a in the week, the ones humanitarian chief blamed what he called a de facto government blockade for worsening salvation in ethiopia is war tone t gray region. and the white house press secretary, jem sack, he says, washington won't hesitate. impose more sanctions if humanitarian efforts are blocked. the u. s. government condemns in the strongest possible terms. the government of ethiopia is unprecedented action to expel the leadership of all of the united nations organizations involved and ongoing humanitarian operations. we agree with you and leaders. this is a stain on our collective conscience and then must stop. other plans to get us a james space reports from the you. and these are some of the most recent pictures from t gray. but they are weeks old. the region is quite deliberately,
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it seems being cut off from the rest of the world view and believes famine has already taken hold. that humanitarian access remains severely limited. and now the ethiopian government in a tweet, has announced its expelling 7 top un officials. they have 72 hours to leave the country in response the spokesperson for the un secretary general, read out this statement, he's issued. i was shocked by the information that the government of ethiopia has declared 7 un officials, including senior un humanitarian officials. as persona non grata, i have full confidence and a u. n. staff who are in ethiopia doing this work. the u. n. is committed to helping ethiopian people who rely on humanitarian assistance. we are now engaging with the government of ethiopia in the expectation that the concerned un staff will be allowed to continue their important work. of the un security council ambassadors viewed the planned expulsions as
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a most unwelcome development. do you believe this expulsion of the top you and staff is part of an attempt by these european government to use starvation as a weapon. look like the sector general. i'm deep g shocked by what we've just heard about the expulsion of senior humanitarian air workers. you've heard me time and again year rates are concerned about t gray. now i would say about northern ethiopia with 400000 people now facing famine. that's more than the rest of people facing fam in the world. so we've got a real humanitarian emergency. we've been working now for almost a year since the conflict started to get humanitarian access in to try and bring the parties to peace. so i think the latest developments will only in intensify determination to try and get a breakthrough. several security council members have told me they'd like to discuss these latest developments as soon as possible. i'm told a meeting could happen as early as friday. james bayes al jazeera of the united
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nations heath activists have gathered in the italian city of milan to protest against what they say is inaction by well leaders ahead of climate summit. next month, during a conference in milan on thursday, young delegates gave their ideas on how to better address global warming. many have express frustration, saying organizes aren't really interested in their input and em, reiney has more from milan. we have thousands, perhaps more than $10000.00 students and young people crowding around the streets to milan and they're saying they're just extremely frustrated, angry and impatient for change and they want that change. now we see a lot of them saying that they're worried about their very future. they say they're the generation, this would be the most impacted by climate change. and all this talk has done nothing. they're calling for a greater commitment of spending by rich countries for poor countries to equal the playing field in this fight against climate change. and that comes as we've been
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seen, that the rich countries haven't even met their commitments to pay for a $100000000000.00 annual fund for these poor countries. much of their talk is about equality, social justice, and sharing the and sharing the solution with the 4 countries of the world. and although we saw some success at this you for climate conference, which was part of the pre cop leadings, regretted tongue berg was, she met with the time prime minister along with other young activists. they still are worried that all the promises made in the past couple days here milan are really just promises and not put in action that made these very bold proposals, including calling for the elimination of fossil fuels in less than 9 years time. they hope that'll be taken on board. in the canary islands, 2 new volcanic vents have opened 400 meters from the erupt in convey via her on la palmer lava has been flowing into the sea. for the past 3 days, anne has formed a peninsula 20 hacked hair as long as an area bigger than 25 football pitches. joan
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hull has more from the island the eruption, very much, still ongoing and going to take a look at it up there it is. the most extraordinary thing to be in the presence of not just the sight and size of it, but also the sound of it. rumbling down the western slopes on this island or the air is tinted with a sort of chemical quality. there is a volcanic ash raining down on our heads as we speak, and up at the top there. roughly, i'm told to the left of your picture of the original vent. there was a collapse overnight and 2 new mouths. as you mentioned, there have opened up spewing lava, where the original vent is now mostly spewing ash. and it remains unclear at this moment at whether that new lava flow will follow the course of the original lava flow, or open up a new pathway to the sea. potentially taking in yet more homes, yet more property in its part. and overnight on the south side of the island,
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a brand new issue as arisen around the town of win caliente. there was seismic activity detected there at around 7 pm on thursday night, or an earthquake measuring $3.00 on the richter scale, 10 kilometers below the surface of the earth. not an enormous event in and of itself. but under these circumstances, certainly something that is of concern to vulcan oldest who warri now that that could trigger a new mouth on the south side of the island. so communities here still very much living under the threat of this volcanic eruption and with a high degree of uncertainty about what quite what this volcano may have to offer up next. he has politicians have at the last minute and voided a government shut down a much bigger battles, is still going on in congress, including the president joe biden signature legislation where $3.00 trillion dollars, and there's no agreement on increasing america's barring limit. it's heidi j. castro reports now from capitol hill on this or the year, or $250.00 for the day,
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or $175.00. the merchant is adopted. the u. s. government will remain open at least until early december, democrats and some republicans came together on thursday hours ahead of a midnight deadline. and with this continue resolution, we not only keep government open, keep checks flowing to, to our veterans and social security recipients and the rest. it's just a remarkable thing to think of all the things that we can do working together for the people. but while congress has put out one fire, yet another blaze frightens the country's financial solvency. it's the nations looming debt ceiling. the point at which the us can borrow no more money to pay its bills. that limit will be reached on october 18th, unless congress agrees to raise or suspend it. economists including treasury secretary, janet jaelyn, saying a u. s. government default will likely throw the u. s. economy into recession and destabilize global markets. it's necessary to avert
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a catastrophic event for our economy representatives, the debt ceiling has been raised, were suspended $78.00 times since 1960, almost always on a bipartisan basis. my hope is that we can work together to do so. again, republicans raised the debt sailing 3 times under former president trump, but have bowed against doing the same for president biden valleys. democrats with the task of solving the issue alone, requiring challenging parliamentary maneuvers with no guarantee of succeeding in time. republicans need to get out of the way. so senate democrats can address the issue quickly, and without needlessly endangering the stability of our economy. we can't afford the risk of a drawn out unpredictable process. republicans, though refused to budge. they say it's the democrats problem because they control
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government were able to find the government today because the majority accepted reality. the same dying will need to happen, or no doubt limit. naturally. another week, another display of the partisan acrimony accompanying the u. s. congress from crisis to crisis. heidi joe castro al jazeera washington still ahead on al jazeera cats house 1st legislative elections. we look at what to expect from the sure council votes and mexico in the u. s. a. working together for the environment to bring back much needed life to the does it ah. it's another beautiful sunny day of 35000 feet. the weather is sponsored by cattle airways, voted world's best, a line of 2021. hello there. let's start in east asia, my watching typhoon mentally, as it tracks north east,
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along the coast of japan. it's not expected to make landfill, but it's bringing some very wet and windy weather to south eastern areas of han shoe and you can see it moving very quickly across the east of her kinda. we are going to see the warms. come back into tokyo and things start to dry up on saturday and it's looking very dry across the korean peninsula as it is across those central areas on the north east of china's thunderstorms. coming into play for some day in beijing. and you can see that slow moving weather system once again kicking in, pulsing that to renshaw, rain across central air is he not province, could see some further flooding. but to the south of this, it is looking hotter and dryer, across sensual areas, temperature than woo, hannon, shannon right well above average for the showers. we have to head down to the south . and as we move to south asia, we are seeing a lot of wet weather to come for india in the north east. we've got a system swirling of a b ha. we've got red warnings in place of a heavy rain here, but it is tropical cycle. cool. up that is bringing
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a lot of the wet and windy weather to those southern parts of pakistan and iran. it is expected to make its way to the gulf of o month. by the time we get into sunday. that sure update the weather, sponsored by cattle airways, voted world's best air line of 2021. frank assessments. what's the point of view? and if multilateralism isn't part of it's dna, we need somewhere, we're sovereign states can exchange informed opinions. you focus likely to change biting behavioral, it's not going to change their behavior. they're going to continue to do what they do when it's going to be more in trade and less in terms of trying to match this more games mentality. in depth analysis of the days global headlines inside story on al jazeera, ah
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ah, a watching al jazeera mind, if our top story is this, our australia will begin lifting in strict border restrictions from november. it will allow, fully vaccinated citizens and residents have been stranded overseas to return home australians to travel abroad. again, it's a nation secretary general antonio consensus says he's shocked by ethiopians. decision to expel 7. un officials are accused of meddling in the countries. internal fact you've activists have gathered in the italian city of milan to protest against what they say is in action by well, leaders ahead of a climate summit next month during a conference in milan on thursday, young delegates gave their ideas on how to better address global warming the un humanitarian coordinates of lebanon,
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says nearly 80 percent of its population has been pushed into poverty. lebanon has been grappling with a crushing economic crisis, which the world bank has described as one of the worst, anywhere in the last 150 years. fuel medicines and basic necessities are running critically short as go live now to a course. one is in a hoarder who is in beirut for us. so the un presenting these staggering statistics concerning poverty, hunger, hardships, in general. what are the challenges facing the country? hello, the statistics really tell you the story, the stories of hardship suffering. you mentioned nearly 80 percent of the population is now poor. that's to be a 1000000 people. and this is a small nation of an estimated 4550000 people. and for the 1st time in the lebanon's history, 36 percent are living in extreme poverty. 22 percent are not
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able to buy enough food. starvation is now a reality for thousands. acute malnutrition among children is on the rise of united nations and saying that there is an emergency. there is an emergency situation. un agencies have been providing assistance, but this is not a long term solution, and it's not just the lebanese people. lebanon is close to hundreds of thousands of syrian refugees, palestinian refugees as well as migrant workers. 70 percent of those workers from asian and african countries. 400000 of them are trapped here, stuck unable to buy a plane ticket to go back home because they're illegal workers and they have no rights. so the un raising the alarm saying that they're doing their best to help the people, but definitely, it's just not enough, as humanitarian needs are only growing. and lebanon has
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a new government. have they put it in place a rescue plan? has any action been taken? well this is a cash strapped government, a spade, which is nearly bankrupt and is unable to provide basic services to the, to the people. you mentioned a new government. so they're promising economic reforms. they're promising to re engage in negotiations with the international monetary fund because that is the only way forward. this country is in dire need of hard currency. it needs dollars. and the only way to get this through the i m f, because the international community has made it very, very clear. they're not going to bail out this lebanese government. any aid that has been given to this country is not directed through authorities, but the people, the international community wants the political leadership to carry off reforms to fight corruption or else this country is not getting any money. and there will be no economic recovery plan. money thanks for that and say in a honda in beirut,
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a train carrying hundreds of protesters has arrived in the sudanese capital called tomb activists holding pro democracy rallies to condemn. last week's crew attempt, hundreds of people have taken to the streets, calling for an end to a power struggle with the transitional government. george's former president mikhail 2nd. lee says he's returned from exile to support the opposition. i had of start today's election post a video on facebook saying he's back despite the risk of arrest. he left georgia in 2013 when his 2nd term, as president ended years later, he was sentenced in absentia to 6 years in prison for abuse of power. he is denied the charges and says they were politically motivated based non people have been killed in a fire as a romanian hospital. some people in lower levels jumped out of windows to get to
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safety. and more than a 110 patients in the building, but they've now been evacuated. it is the fed, deadly hospital fire. in less than a year, it's led to growing concerns over the country's aging hospital infrastructure, philippines, boxing star money packet has officially registered as a candidate for next year's presidential election. the 42 year old was nominated by a faction of the governing party, announced his retirement from boxing to focus on his political career. back here is a to term congressman on current settlement on the constitutional term limits. the current president rodriguez due to as a cannot seek re election. he will instead contest the vice presidency. demila allen dugan is in manila and says pack years still has a lot of appeal amongst voters. he's been seen as the biggest absentee at the senate. you know, he spent a lot of his time travelling, as he continued his boxing career up until last week,
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will focus on his political run for the presidency. now, as you see, a manufacturer stories, a story that resonates to millions of filipinos. it's a rags to riches story, a poor boy from the southern philippines, making a young man making his way to the top box, boxing rings all over the world. but over the past few years, it's been quite obvious that filipinos and many filipinos are able to discern the difference between manufactured, the politician and money puck out the boxer. this is why even those who fully support him actually say that the, that money back out should admit that he does need more time, more training, more experienced in the political arena before running for the presidency. but what is important to note here is that decisiveness of manufacture, that is because he actually really believes that god anointed him to become president just as he believes that he was the, is the exit destiny to become a world renowned boxer. and at one point symbolically
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a president through the good there to raise the hand of money bucko and said that he was to be the next president of the country. but that has changed very, very quickly over the past few months. the desire of money back out to actually run for the presidency, split the political part, the of the 2, and, and even money parker, breaking away from the administration and accusing president, rodrigo the 3rd is government of, you know, being involved in corruption. cattle is preparing to hold its fussed ever legislative elections on sunday, voters will be electing 30 members of the countries 45 seat. sure. a council. the body dates back to 1972, but until now was fully appointed by cat o's. amir, the council can propose laws approved budgets, rico ministers, although the amir will still retain vito power jamal ashad reports kinda drive around the country, capital. doha, and you can't miss all the new buildings,
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roads, and infrastructure projects. but the gulf states fast paced development isn't limited . to urban modernization cutter is marking a major political milestone. it's 1st ever legislative elections. candidates vying for a place in the legislative body called the short council have been campaigning for 2 weeks. election posters and banners are on display on almost every major road across the country. until now, the council has been mainly a consultative body, made up of 45 members appointed by the countries ruler. but that's all changing. on saturday, quantities will elect 30 members to serve on the council, which will have the right to draft laws, approve or reject state budgets, question and even sack government ministers. another 50 members will be appointed by the amir, meaning 2 thirds of the short a council will be elected. going to be that the money in a to nice every not useful hearted is one of those vying for a seat. the former country diplomat shows me around his home district of
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a walk and recalls the major transformation. it's gone through since its dependence on pearl diving more than half a century ago. he tells me the upcoming elections will be majorly significant in shaping cutters identity. usually an upper wind with thinks and only 80 it's, it's a unique system that is not b like the western democracy in this, not like the dictatorship that a, in some other areas, some other countries in the region. and we are trying to develop our own weight and deliver it to the people where as the participation can be in a wide and vigorous keel. shannon will cut out has long been regarded as one of the regions leaders when it comes to women, empowerment and the country is looking towards saturdays polls as another opportunity to further that lena duff are. is one of about 30 female candidates whose names will be on the ballot p her and stands a strong chance of winning ultimate. and then i am left and i believe that nations
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can only rise to the efforts of their people. that's why i have decided to share the responsibility that cut those leadership has in legislations and in serving the people and addressing the issues that mattered to citizens. especially women because they are the backbone of society. the excitement isn't limited to those contesting 4 seats in the shorter council for countries over the age of 18. this will be the 1st time in their lives. they've been able to vote in a legislative election. a thought that in myra, i would vote for a female candidate. i'm extremely happy though we are participating in the info and, and he started the process. and because of its importance, women's participation is in federal. and we should support each other. and the challenge for the members of caught us 1st ever elected. sure, our council will not simply be how to serve the people. but for many of these new legislators, it will be a how to navigate this major new adjustment to the countries system of governments
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. as part of continues, it's push to becoming a source of reform. i'm more than i vision in the region. drama, le, 0. doha. all in 22000 refugees and migrants is stuck in a town in columbia waiting for smugglers to help them cross into panama. and mostly from haiti, and attempting to travel 31 of the most dangerous and impossible regions in the world. the united states and mexico working together to bring life back to the desert water is being diverted to restore wet lands and forests along the color. colorado river delta annual report has this report the colorado river delta in the baja, california desert. for decades waterless has been its defining characteristic until a ground breaking agreement between the u. s. and mexico was signed in 2012, allowing water to flow in parts back into the delta seats is important. them is how
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narrow is not the only guy. it's important to mentioned that this accord is unique in the world in which 2 countries the united states and mexico decide to transfer volumes of was her from one country to the other. exclusively for the benefit of the environment, i meant the buyer in the results of what happened when water was returned to the region, speak for themselves. he went to gabriella gonzalez, a scientist with the sonata institute, says, since conservation efforts began, hundreds of acres of forest and wetlands have been restored. it's a long process, and that for the last 10 years we have an registered at change from 50 brad species and the belt that in 10 years after we have more than 360 berth species along the river from the river. all the way to the estuary where the rubber meets the sea. and here specifically, like when i get on that we have registered more than a 162 bird species. there's also footage now suggesting wild cats including links
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is or thriving along with other endangered species like beavers, which had all but disappeared when water levels were critical. the viability of this renewed habitat, however, ultimately depends on a commitment from us and mexican partners to meet the demand for water environmentalist admit that they're simply not enough water for the colorado river to flow freely all the way to the sea. but restoration projects like planting trees and maintaining wetlands like this one are delivering positive results from the regions ecosystems. the reason why the delta dried up dates back to another agreement signed in 1944 back then the u. s. in mexico established exactly how much water each country would receive from the river, and for what purpose? not leaving a drop for the environment. men can say, gabriella says that while it was public policy that led to the loss of a flowing river, it can also be public policy that brings it back to life in this place. like when i
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get out there, this project started as a dream and 20 years later it's happening. so i can imagine a flowing river, i can imagine healthier ecosystems. and i can imagine the river meeting with the ocean once again from may to october of this year. more than 43000000000 cubic meters of water will flow into the colorado delta ensure, at least for now, the continued health of this natural environment. manuel did up a low al jazeera, the colorado river delta. ah, this is al jazeera, these, the top stories, australia will begin lifting it strikes photo restrictions from november will allow fully vaccinated citizens and residents have been stranded overseas to return home . and australians will be able to travel abroad again. sarah clark has moved from the gulf coast.


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