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why temperatures above average for iraq and kuwait as well as katara. we got a bit of a shamal wind that's going to come into play kicking up a bit of dusts and hazy sunshine. but the temperatures are going to dip down slightly. it is going to feel a little bit cooler in this area. i just want to bring you to the gulf of oman. we are watching tropical fica and google app as it makes its way south of pakistan, south of iran bringing the wet and windy weather with it. to a mon, we're talking winds of up to a 100 kilometers per hour, some flooding rains. and by the time we get to fund day, it could bring some of that to muscat. we will keep an eye on that to the west for yemen, we are seeing if you coastal showers, those join up with showers across the tropics of africa. we are seeing some heavy showers for uganda and the democratic republic of congo. we could see some localized flooding from that. and as we moved to southern africa, south africa seen a lot of rain across the hot as well as when a suitor trickling into southern areas of botswana. it is pulling out to the east, cooling cape town, but the sun is going to come out in the days to come with
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the whites to vote representation. participation. democracy means that people have the right to choose their leaders and governments in free and fair election exploring why democracy has never worked. in so many adult emergencies examines the biggest challenges to democracy. from those who wonder why to those will ready to die for right. democracy maybe coming soon on all to 0 when you're from a neighbourhood known as a hot bent of radicalism. ready you have to fight to defy stereotypes. in going on to the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them. no man, there's only one man indic. visualization on some
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of the books that this year. on al jazeera lou. ah hello, get adrian for the good here in so how would that he's off 0. the headlines australia will begin lifting strict border restrictions from november that will allow fully vaccination citizens and residents hooping stranded overseas to return home and australia to travel abroad. again. he was struck, make a mug, says that it's developed a cobit 19 pill that reduces hospitalizations and deaths by hoff data has not yet been peer reviewed. the company is seeking emergency authorization in the u. s. a.
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u. s. politicians have agreed to keep government operation was wanting through to december, avoiding a shutdown, bought that are still battles of a president bivens economic agenda, and increasing b u. s. or a week when it went on that from alan fisher at the white house, essentially the us spends a lot more than it brings in and it has a date limit, but it gets to set its own date limit. it's like you are, i being able to set the limit on the credit card. and so congress has got to go and decide what limit it wants or whether it wants to remove this debt limit entirely so that it doesn't keep running into this problem. now the republicans don't want to help the democrats, the see, it's because the democrats can do this on their own, the control, the house, the senate, and the white house. but there's also a political aspect to this. there's a surprise. they want to be able to go in to the 2020 to mid term elections and say, look, the democrats just increased the country's debt limit again to pay for their radical leftist policies. that is what they will see to people to try and win back the
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house, possibly increase their majority in the senate as well. so there's a political aspect to this, but there's a real economic aspect. as janet yell and his already explained, if the u. s. were to default for the 1st time in modern history, it could through the economy, into recession, economy the just crawling out of the problems of coven, 19 a federal judge will consider where the taxes can keep the nation's most restrictive abortion law. the u. s. government is suing the state of texas for an acting. the legislation which contradicts decades of legal precedent law was signed by the governor greg albert in may and went into effect in september or on capital hill. on thursday, members of congress shed their experiences with abortion to highlight the importance of safe access representatives. corey bush, barb relief and priscilla gyre pal gave emotional testimonies to a congressional committee at spring and fatima goss graves in washington. she's the
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president and c o, the national women's law center, and recently testified before the senate committee on the traditionally good savvy with a. so just remind us what's at stake here as this federal judge considers the texas abortion law stay has the ability to act as critical abortion care in the state of texas. but really in other states too, because we've already seen comcast laws filed in many other states including florida. but also at stake is a bigger legal question about whether or not they can just under mine constitutional protection. simply by coming up with a clever track. and that's what happened here, that's why the united states filed the suit and i'm hoping we will see an injunction. as we said, you recently testified before the senate committee on the judiciary. do you think
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your message was heard concerning women's rights? one of the things that i wanted to make clear in that testimony is how much was at stake. we're now and day 31 where abortion has effectively been banned. busy in the state of texas, it's a matter of our health care access, but it is also a matter of personal liberty and dignity, and actually what it means to be equal in this country. there is so much at stake in kansas in this country and why people are mobilizing is why you saw congress, women actually take the radical step of telling their abortion stories. this is a crisis. but if texas is allowed to keep this law does not open the door of a conservative stage to introduce similar legislation. well, it says that it is also that the supreme court is hearing argument on december.
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first. in mississippi abortion band case, we are at a crossroads where abortion access and our right to abortion. here is that state. and i want to know that that right to abortion is totally tied up with other personal liberty lights the right to contraception, the right to marry, we want to marry and be in relationship who with who you want to be in a relationship with the right to parent your children as your, as you choose these for many, many decades have been found ational, liberty. busy and core to but it means to be an eagle citizen in this country, all of that is on the line this year. and how does the, the, the, by the administration's lawsuit against texas showcase the division between federal and state legislation on such such key issues?
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well, for over 5 decades we have had real clarity on this issue. if you're like me, you grew up thinking and believing that you have the foundational read no matter where you live. our constitution doesn't work so that in the state of texas, you only get part of the constitution and in colorado, maybe you get more of that. that's not how constitutional democracy works. and so it is critical that there are not be ambiguity. here. taxes flouted the constitution and do a clever track. it's so important that the court get this right. really good talk to you, but he thinks that it being with us sort of a ghost graves that in washington, venezuela is launching its 2nd currency overhaul in 3 years. 6 zeros will be cut from the bolivar in response to hyper inflation,
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but you bank notes will hold the same value, but the government hopes that will simplify transactions and accounting. critics low say that the move will do little to ease venezuela's severe economic problems. the nigerian government has ordered the conditional lifting of the band that it imposed on twitter 4 months ago. president mohammed bahati made the announcements in his independence day address. he says the social media platform must be used for business and positive engagements. twitter was banned in june after it deleted a controversial tweet by bahati. meanwhile, police of fire tear gas. a protest is in the capital of boucher. they're demanding that bahati resign. they're angry of the countries security crisis police brutality and the plummeting value of the currency. guinea is qu, leader, colonel. nobody doing boyer has been sworn in as interim president. he led last month's military takeover that ousted long time leader over con, day to boys military government. unveiled
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a transitional charter on monday that it says will steer the country back to civilian rule. regional book echo was, is demanding that elections be held within 6 months, and they calling for con days, release. let's go live now to what duck a neighboring senegal on his ears. excuse me. nicholas hark has been following developments for nick. talk as to what happened today. well, quite extraordinary data. there were, we saw a member do dubois in his sunglasses inside the inauguration hall wearing white gloves holding out the constitution or a religious book. but rather, the charter of transition that he, or at least his adviser, wrote me and, and swearing that he will in essence be the new head of guinea and, and whole free and fair elections. he hasn't given a deadline, but in his speech his inaugural speech. quite an ambitious plan that he has a had a had he wants to write a new constitution deal with
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a national reconciliation. there's been rifts and ethnic tensions between this felony majority country and the medicaid population. i'm also the end of impunity. something that many people in guinea want to see. the end of that people who have perpetrated crimes faced justice. and he said that the justice sustain justice system as a whole needs to have need to go through a whole reaper. so a very ambitious plan there now absent in, at present, sorry, in this inauguration certainly were members of alpha conveys party though the former president that he toppled members of civil society are but absent were the diplomats that are usually present only molly sent a representation the member of the government of transition there that was there to represent his country. so he was there to prove to not just the gideon public, but also for the international community that he means business. he said that he would honor the engagements and the pledges made by guinea, and he's, he's referring to the mining companies that have a huge interest in getting,
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getting exports a 3rd in china, in porch, a 3rd of guineas and bach sites. and so it is of enormous wealth and there's a lot of mining company that want to see, i want to be able to continue to do business with guinea. i'll adrian alpha con. there wasn't popular uh, wasn't that popular with, with great swiss of the population. what's been the reaction where from the people of guinea? well, you know, you have to take into consideration that this, this sir, new integration of a young officer taking over from an old aging president that has to the constitution is something that is not just happened in guinea. but we've seen several countries in the region going through similar processes from sudan, molly, and now guinea and chad, even where we've seen officers take over power. and there seems to be a general generational shift in power and
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a feeling among many young people in the region that they're aging leadership do not represent their interest in whilst there has been international condemnation, both from the west african book block echoes in the african union the reason why mamma do demoya feel so embolden is that he knows he has the support of a substantial part of the population that wants to see an overhaul or change in the way that they are governed. not just in guinea, but i think throughout the region and seeing the successes of neighboring countries law such as molly, where we saw a semi go into our 38 year old officer, take over power and, and other countries has emboldened him even more. he's going to become now the 2nd youngest president on the african come to that continent at the age of $41.00, taking over this country. he has an ambitious plan in the days to come. he will announce a new prime minister and you'd government and to morrow guinea will be celebrating
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his 63rd anniversary of independence from france. he wants to show that this small country that has lived in poverty for much of its a sentence, independence can, can go beyond that and, and, and it requires a rethink and an a reboot in the way that this country is governed. and that's what is his ambitious planet had. of course the echo was the african union has asked for elections in that next 6 month. he hasn't mentioned in his inaugural speech when he will hold these elections, but he said that he will at least not be candidate. he's not here for the long run . he's here for the change of the country. adrian i'll deserves nicholas. hark reported love her from da honey thanks. cathy is preparing to hold its 1st legislative elections on saturday, voters will choose 30 of the 45 member. sure. a council. the body dates back to 1972, but until now was fully appointed by cut us a mere on to serious tomorrow. i'll shall report pseudo drive around the country,
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capital doha. and you can't miss all the new buildings, roads, and infrastructure projects. but the gulf states fast paced development isn't limited to urban modernization. cutter is marking a major political milestone. it's 1st ever legislative elections. candidates vying for a place in the legislative body called the shorter council have been campaigning for 2 weeks. election posters and banners are on display on almost every major road across the country. until now, the council has been mainly a consultative body, made up of 45 members appointed by the countries ruler. but that's all changing. on saturday, quantities will elect 30 members to serve on the council, which will have the right to draft laws, approve or reject state budgets. question and even sack government ministers. another 50 members will be appointed by the amir, meaning 2 thirds of the should. a council will be elected the will be that the montana to nights every not useful hearted is one of those vying for
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a seat. the former country diplomat shows me around his home district of a walk and recalls the major transformation. it's gone through since its dependence on pearl diving more than half a century ago. he tells me the upcoming elections will be majorly significant in shaping cutters identity. usually what are we to with thinks and out on we 80 it's, it's a unique system that is not the likely western democracy. and this not like the dictatorship that a, in some other areas, some other countries in the region. and we are trying to develop our own weight and deliver it to the people where as the participation can be in a wide and vigorous keel. shannon la cutter has long been regarded as one of the regions leaders when it comes to women, empowerment and the country is looking towards saturdays polls as another opportunity to further that lena duff are. is one of about 30 female candidates whose names will be on the ballot p her and stands
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a strong chance of winning openly in oh ma'am, left. and i believe that nations can only rise to the efforts of their people. that's why i have decided to share the responsibility that catherine's leadership has in legislations and in serving the people and addressing the issues that matter to citizens. especially women because they are the backbone of society. the excitement isn't limited to those contesting 4 seats in the shorter council for countries over the age of 18. this will be the 1st time in their lives. they've been able to vote in a legislative election. a thought that in myra, i will vote for a female candidate. i'm extremely happy though we are participating in the ample and in he started the process and because of its importance, women's participation is in february. and we should to pull each other and the challenge for the members of cut out his 1st ever elected. sure, our council will not simply be how to serve the people. but for many of these new legislatures, it will be a how to navigate this major new adjustment to the country system of governments.
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as copper continues, it's push to becoming a source of reform and modernization. in the region, jamal al shall al jazeera doha. just i had here on the visa, it's for the to coach his leading a review of world football that not everyone's happy about saw here with that the rest of the days actually just a moment. ah with
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with mm pool. ah ah, hello, get the united states and mexico working together to bring life back to the deserts . water is being diverted to restore wetlands and forests along the colorado river
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delta al jazeera manuel it up. hello reports the colorado river delta in the baja, california desert. for decades waterless has been its defining characteristic until a groundbreaking agreement between the us and mexico was signed in 2012, allowing water to flow in parts back into the delta seats is important. them is not a lot as well. not only got, it's important to mention that this acord is unique in the world in which 2 countries the united states and mexico decide to trans for volumes of water from one country to the other, exclusively for the benefit of the environment. i'm in the buyer in the results of what happened when water was returned to the region. speak for themselves. it when gabriella gonzales, a scientists with the sonata institute says, since conservation efforts began, hundreds of acres of forest and wetlands have been restored. it's a long. 1 process, and that for the last 10 years we have am registered at change from 50 brad species
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and the belt that in 10 years after we have more than 360 berth species along the river from the river, all the way to the estuary where the river meet the sea, and here specifically like when i get on that we have registered more than a 162 bird species. there is also footage now suggesting wild cats including links is or thriving along with other endangered species like beavers, which had all but disappeared when water levels were critical. the viability of this renewed habitat, however, ultimately depends on a commitment from us and mexican partners to meet the demand for water. environmentalists admit that they're simply not enough water for the colorado river to flow freely all the way to the sea. but restoration projects like planting trees and maintaining wetlands like this one are delivering positive results for the regions ecosystems. the reason why the delta dried up dates back to another
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agreement, signed in 1944 back then the u. s. in mexico established exactly how much water each country would receive from the river and for what purpose? not leaving a drop for the environment. men can say, gabriella says that while it was public policy that led to the loss of a flowing river, it can also be public policy that brings it back to life in this place, like when i could. and there were this project started as his dream and 20 years later it's happening. so i can imagine a flowing river, i can imagine healthier ecosystems. and i can imagine the river meeting with the ocean once again from may to october of this year. more than 43000000000 cubic meters of water will flow into the colorado delta, ensuring at least for now, the continued health of this natural environment. manuel did up a low al jazeera, the colorado river delta time for sport than his hello. thank you very much,
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adrian. off her president jenny infant tina says he can only achieve his ambitions for football development to it. more regular wold cups from arsenal manager. awesome venga and leading women's co to chill it is, are leading the review into the way football is organized. hosting the mans will cut every 2 years. instead of every 4 is one option that being considered off. if a claim this is the most inclusive and thorough consultation process that football has ever seen. no one should be loser in this, every one should be better off at the end of the day. otherwise, there is no way in changing. there is no reason in changing if the global war, the football and everyone inside is not better off than we are aware of course of the different challenges. while this is what we know about the plan so far,
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they'll be major international finals every year will cups on even years and continental championships in between. international windows at, during the seasons that will be cut to a maximum of 2. and no national team will play more than 7 games, while many domestic leagues are well as well as the european and south american confederations opposed the plan. well, we've been talking to the head of the global players union, a 5th pro. he's concerned that player welfare is being overlooked. we will not agree to any substantial changes in the calendar before the health of the players is being taken care of. and they are proper safeguards being put in place. that's in the agreement that we have with fee for that there needs to be real negotiations about this and we expect that obviously to be honor and now look at the proposal of the world cup. it's being presented to us for the 1st time. probably about a week ago, and we will not have to analyze everything around it from the economics to the
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sporting side to the calendar, to the cultural impact of the game. and we always, you will need to consult with the players about this. because ultimately, the current players are the ones will who will play it and we need to get their views on the way the process started, i think was quite unfortunate in the sense of it going to the media 1st. it going through individual conversations with certain people 1st before the the stakeholders were properly introduced to the process. we had one meeting in which people presented to us and they're thinking that the meeting was, was constructive in the sense that we objectively could, could see what fever was actually presenting. and there are some ideas on the table which are more on the calendar front. i think than the competition design from which we obviously welcome. there is a proposal to institute essentially a month guarantee break in the summer for the players in the off season, which is something we've been pushing for for a long time. there is a conversation about reducing windows, which is i think something you at least need to very seriously consider based on
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the impact on travel based on the number of games actually, players can play consecutively in the national team format, the impact on coaching, etc, etc. there is some upside in this, there could also be upside for lead football in this actually. and some of these things are positive creating him into favorites. napoli now face a challenge just to get out of the european league group, but nobody our top of syria, with 100 percent of brad court. and we're a head against spartak, must go off to just 11 seconds, but a spark. i rallied it 232 away, victory to both teams with juice of 10 men. napoli have taken just one point from 2 games tom brady's prepaying to return to new england, the as the tampa bay buccaneers at player. for the 1st time, brady spent 2 decades that the patriots at winning the super bowl 6 times he left the franchise in 2019 law season that he led the buccaneers to victory at the super
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bowl. patriots didn't make the playoffs. i have nothing but incredible thoughts, memories, emotions towards all the kind of football experiences i've had that that's obviously one that was the longest. and i still have a lot of great friends there, but they don't want you there, but this week, so no, it no, exactly. home feel and once i'm out there and raining well serious champions, the la dodgers are looking good as major league baseball head towards the playoffs . you dodges that beat? the san diego padres at 83 on thursday in front of a sat out crowd. it was that 12 straight home victory, the l. a side remain a 2 games behind the conference leading san francisco giants. and that's a spot for me. i hand you back to adrian. somebody thinks it, and that's where the news l ones on. but of course, the reason i was told, so i'll be back in just a few days news, i'll see you again in just
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a few moments. ah, ah. a how many nukes is too many new to america has in many ways driven the arms race for parties are much more like the british parties about to the there are fewer regulations who own a tiger than there are to own a job. how can this be happening, your weekly take on us politics and society, and that's the bottom line. i prefer to see things for myself. to look at things, not through the lens of politics,
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but through the lens of humanity. i been to the playground where to mere rice was shot and killed. i've been to the streets of ferguson, a protest. i've seen the anger and frustration of so many americans. but what was most clear was a desire for change. it, you could see black lives matter transforming from hash tag to a movement ah, being a journalist is about listening to people and understanding where they're coming from. following a story, no matter how long it takes or where it leaves. i'm christian saloon ah. hospitals and clinics across asia battled pope 19 mountains of medical waste piling
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up one when ace investigates this dangerous plan to be full on al jazeera. ah . the restful assertions may have avoided a government shut down, but bigger battle asli ahead to increase america's borrowing limit. ah, oregon on adrian for the good. this is al jazeera, alive from doha. also coming up australia professor opened the door to fully vaccinated citizens of residence, 18 months of.


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