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tv   [untitled]    October 2, 2021 3:30pm-4:00pm AST

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go to school, there is no work. the economy is down, people can't put up with deportation, is not good for us. ah hi there. can fidel in go how don't stories on al jazeera, the taliban says it's speaking directly to the us about building relations. but the telephones foreign affairs spokesman denounced to us drone operations in afghan as space as a violation of international law. outgoing for the been president ward, rigo deter tay, has announced he's retiring from politics. he confirmed, he won't stand for the vice presidency and next year's elections despite speculation to the country, to midland oak and has more from manila today's events is actually prove that what happened today at the commission on elections is quintessentially due per day. this
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is much, this is very much president of the good that they're just political style, keeping everybody on their toes, making sure that everybody hangs on to his words. but he's also had the reputation of being a leader who does not keep his word. in fact, in 2016 during the elections, he repeatedly said that he will not run for public office. he did not show up at the filing of the candidacy only to be switched a month later by somebody who stood in from him. george's former president's mc hale sucker shrilly has spent the night in detention after returning from exile to support the opposition elections. he was convicted in 2018 for abuse of power that says it was politically motivated. the number of people who died from coven 19 in the united states has past 700000 nearly 70000000 people. that's one 5th of the population have not been vaccinated. the white house says the president and members
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of his democratic party have made progress as they try to rescue jo biden's economic agenda in a rare presidential move by and met his party members on capitol hill. people voting and caught those 1st legislative elections there. choosing 30 of the 45 member, sure, a council, which was previously fully appointed by katara amir. the body can propose laws to prove budgets and recall ministers. though the emir will retain vito power. rivers of love are continuing to spew from the con bray via ha volcano. in the canary islands, new fishes have been opening up given rise to more options. hundreds of homes have been destroyed, and thousands of people have been forced to leave. those headlines, news continues. hair on al jazeera next, this is europe selma boxer. ah
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oh oh wow. i'm good, you're good. will he be good to leave it. huh. oh timothy still about her pulse. paula books, more banker by him jump, ask her one more question: why? which more m a mega is kind of why i'm just me a a lead to serve it to me. not jeremy says all those really man. she my mental agency. i got john man e, omaha condemned dodgy in papa new jersey,
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the taj mahal smith wanted because of his earliest confed la box miss l manager. she passed him about a butcher. the quote to you should be fixed to some some abs, britain. all highly quote book and motion capacitors affair. i reference ball. i pasa, deuce, and missile pajama, we've got him in the video. and here's what's bias. one, producer to to reduce content. but on my cindy who said to use it and you know, much sort of his and engine. mm. oh, yeah.
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i'm willing to insure a box is would be on dog cell mileage on william bigs. the survivors are a contract with la books with the fusion is all about a man of about a man can walk with best i was at a more in a day my mom sent out some really dry b, y in vickers. this is i was my pin of this one of them. it's the on the support. so when i spawn she, them a little girl is a type of all national, skipped on that issue. i said mom,
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i just don't know. i don't can only because in her come what can i say is it comes to the bumper is present coming from it. not showing up in court strickland my coach or who quite soon the suit. would you please papa more poem. why? like she's to ha, a good one. a good one. yeah. very similar with the sushi i glue move. the missile just said to more to ship. may she said to them about the ship may see a competition. my box with energy. we're developing that go muscular box on them on the glass of them on the console case and bonded out to you just a moment. let me to lucy, a dog, a piece of the call. she gave us a few, i think on the money i will try to call a little less this katrina,
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all about school to be on the books when it moves it on a for the much to the other 4 legs all due to a more dubia is it gonna be $232.00 little. so lucas is not an intimate image piece to talk about tops, cuz i guess i will tell you that they are the salary. they are cur, like when a quiz, you appoint kasheila. nursing has some alarm checked. anyway. she's a she, she'll now, could you see? so mom is above this, she's always your scope of the meat is. so soup and if you do quit adjourned to be bill with levied. don't go above the total mort for enough of to keep people was vision key, so new was that make?
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oh ha. last since she did talk to resume or to get my resume did vent and to give. so the money to deciding us you wanted a suit in the lane foot, the main focus on clear enough. ah dang! it will get us on children within the budget. for last i should all look like the upcoming discussion about caused lucas with with
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looking at the village. this is dr. perkins. when i look away up with his of tea, lafleur simplicity of own ela, but which i missed sort of the want that blue, like for the, for some why edge wait angle did wishes. equity is opposite, like he saw eskegal won't get shot again. this a w. yeah. moment unusual time in don't assume something shallow. me for people to repair. go away. prim. i'm going to need everything you do to. she can also set quite of that done. let them know all the measures if you,
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if you sort of is really simple to don't want to sure what to sell. she knew me to privy to come along with not your record to receive a producer. want to purchase a look much. i commercial contingent math a . she said it was it by the mission. a secure saw some popular joomla lose. all supposed to be model is a good machine learning curve. and so i can i shows mom was
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company 22. he's one of the brand to please if i put in i thought i would was on charlie john smith. yeah, it was offered me. what college patty somers was want to put on his hips commercial office. i need someone to visit with me comes up as a month or so, so he supposed to listen to in the got you all and make what was going to see him can commute them all can give you a. ready good comment, small can a who, a, a skill set in community very
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a and i to send a note in action at the suspect there was no surgeons book. so the shinall miss engine on, on or consider conversion are new and since it can stand on book sale and that the fear, so we don't have a j a m a n. as in frank, which might not be surpassed kicks those are bunny self decision searches on a donkey of area can i can i mean in the sample,
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not just the mall rule. ma collision is all the principals are, are canoe federal news up and be sure that the top i have a good man look on. so i like the monastic a tony. so now do you speak? you saw, it said there's a new teachers to be offered up for just keep us in a central cell. natalie. set up a larger machine on the quantity because they knew this most of the day, but they did last a city. so if i seem to deal with the office or what do they show me some of the why fi so? so i bought a,
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a, a
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joke mister by with a lead, a want to book a book a room with a new something on the floor, a a glove box in the car so you see the box. it's more that i speak to the more the cost be a little suv. it's all. some is on regard. so they perform payoff,
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dental sandwich. so she knew america. soleah. alba. sherry. i do miss irvin. shopping at him on the box impala baby. i'll have a more mad tom is on co most it is rachel. i've ipad called kind of a follow up on punctual. luckily television. chim, looking john, some mark sensors among the following r. e o h r meeting khaki. my deal are finished. i saw that via or soccer palmer. there's dental fiddler clip was he says the bus mom passed tom associate out there for the e commerce as he don't. if you celebrate the, don't think it. i mean, she'd like to get a little bit of a battery to suit their sample too. so i will approve with this and i will send it along slowly problems. she knew the look what i so saw missing
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a puzzled about because she's having to face of i only show somebody will call on the parking lot over to john. keep a one song, double polo with also reach roy color falls, brookside city. ah, i need to come danny mo, mo, over cindy. i shan't say school love to lose it in for c r. * a r a. oh,
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good god. god, god. god dawson mosley combs him afy mafia that computers securely. there are more flexible, explosive bell sonoma to support a lot cheaper to work and you books, of course. so thought you got it yourself here for come. so if you gosh to secure what a web are going to try to go to what she
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wants to control the quality circle. on the 3rd, i said, daniel called the policy of several different colors to speak with
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both with law but
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there was a little bit of turns on it don't course it bhaskar not as a bloody reason why did it was oh, mystical shipper to tell them off to somebody who's using it to send me a new one. you will find me
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a kid that brought something local to the key yankee, a gentleman that it wasn't at all. so let's just say that you know, the got a seat you want to do is skim a sick, basketball guy, jimmy christian never met whole song a song at night in as possible. somali mums patrol the streets bully, ski and low among ohio. all of them tired of gang violence, they use
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a maternal approach to prevent time a what a do that will help with the stories we don't often hear told by the people who live them mothers of ring to be. this is europe on al jazeera. ah it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. hello there. the unsettled weather continues. the southern areas of south america, you can see from the cloud cover, we've got weather systems pounding patagonia, a wet and windy weather,
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the southern areas of chile, an argentina, but it swirls out to the east taking are those conditions to burn on said as we are going to see the temperature come down here or the next few days as that. what were the pushes further east now to the north of this was these them really what whether indeed for parts of uruguay and paraguayan coastal areas of brazil. we are going to see a lot of that heat knocked out of sao paolo and rio de janeiro. if you look at the 3 day for sal powder, we are going to dip down to 18 degrees by tuesday. as that wet weather comes into play, no further north of this. for the amazon basin, we are seeing scattered showers and thunderstorms mothers, heaviest, a rough northern areas of brazil and northern areas of peru as well as columbia, where we could see some further flooding in that wet weather. pushes into panama and costa rica as we move to central america. it's looking rather wet across much of me goes scattered showers in storms. heavier any eastern areas and as we move farther east to his panola, we are seeing some very wet weather coming in to play over the next few days. those
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rough seas will ease as hurricane sam moves off to the northeast. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best airline of 2021. ah, this is al jazeera. ah. hi there. i'm can vanelle. this is the news are live from doha. coming up the next 60 minutes. $4000.00 refugees and migraines are detained during raids in libya. authority save all the port as many as possible. the taliban says.


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