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hans from the truth, as a task, some press freedom escalator. i work the al jazeera because i hold the line. i'm drew ambrose mm. we understand the differences and similarities and cultures across the world. so no matter what movie we've been using, kind of for that matter to you, ah, at least 20 people killed and hundreds injured, often. earthquake hit southern pakistan. ah, i'm to clog this is out there a live from to her also coming up. this long awaited my letter of back seen these a breakthrough for science, child, hell, and malaria control. the development being dubbed a game changer against disease,
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it kills hundreds of thousands of people every year. we believe it, your piece, violating international law. in doing so in iraq moved the un secretary general demands evidence from ethiopia after expelled 7 officials. accusing them of misconduct. we joined the police on petroleum, one of our gen tina's busiest ports, as they crack down the drug and gun trade. ah, 2nd earthquake is killed, at least 20 people in southwest pakistan. the worst hit area is reported to be the city of hon. i am baluchistan province. rescue efforts are underway. samples ravi has more. sure, most people were asleep in the early morning hours when a shallow earthquake cause of death and destruction in southwestern pakistan. there's the girl put your bike out, you know, but that is say, it was
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a $5.00 magnitude quake, but i would say it was more than that. lots of lives lost and damaged property. the main mosque of the town was also damaged badly. him offer, believe was v budget, every one, including women and children were run here and there we will skin didn't know what to do. later. ambulances arrived and took the injured to hospital with other people in rural baluchistan, live mostly in mud brick homes. and as has always been the case across earthquake prone pakistan, poor communities that lack modern construction methods were high build, quality is unaffordable. those are the places where earthquakes exact, their highest cost or do under say is yes so far we manage more than $200.00 injuries. we have received 15 dead bodies. we sent some severely injured by abroad using ambulances and private vehicles to gret duffel, better treatment. those who are in serious condition like via shifting them using helicopters. oh, despite access roads being cut off by sunrise rescue cruise had reached the town of
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her knight and begun sifting through the rubble this earth greg, it may not seem very large, but it was shallow. this, the shaking was very strong in the of the center area. hannah is very close. the only about 15 kilometers away from the abbey center. and so if you add that to the construction of the hands and structures in the area that will unfortunately cause large damage. the fact that it happened at night when people are sleeping, that even exaggerates the damage and the injuries that would happen in the area. the quake was felt as far as the provincial capital, quito aftershocks. continuing for hours, the area is mountainous and prone to landslides, that poses another threat that could hinder rescue and recovery operations. rescuers are also trying to reach more than a dozen coal miners trapped under ground. provincial government officials say as
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many as 100 homes have collapsed so far. and with most people at home in their beds at the time of the earthquake, the number of dead and injured is expected to increase is in basra village is here . around for a minister is in beirut for talks on lebanon's spiraling economic crisis. a month after the formation of a new government. there are st. amir of de la young met with liberties president, you shall own, to run as an important factor has bella, which is one of the main groups in lebanon's government. iran has been sending fuel shipments to lebanon as a country experiences of what the world bank calls one of the worst economic lapses anywhere over the past 150 years. on wednesday, the lebanese army prevented angry crowds from storming a bank after being unable to withdraw cash supplies of fuel medicines and basic necessities are running critically low. and hotter has morner from the roof. it's diplomatic language or the iranian foreign minister saying that they're ready to help lebanon break what iran and its allies in lebanon consider the siege on this
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country. but in reality, what he is doing is asserting iran's present asserting iran's control over this country because he is building on what happened just a few weeks ago. it's ally, has bala managed to import sanctioned iranian fuel through us sanctions. syria in the country now has been saying that the aim was to alleviate the fuel shortages in the country, but there is no doubt that this was a diplomatic and propaganda victory for hezbollah and the iranian camp in a lebanon. so basically this is that this is the message that he, he is trying to give us that the government was not involved in the importance of a fuel. in fact, the newly of the new prime minister even said, i'm sad that this happened and that lebanon's sovereignty was a, was violated. there were some protests against his visit for some people or even saying that this country is occupied by iran. it's interesting timing. there's
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a new government to and as of late, the french, an envoy from france was here. the european union isn't talks with, with the lebanese government and eliminates government is in talks with the international monetary fund of, for a bailout package to resolve the deep economic crisis. so iran is, is kind of worried because at the end of the day, a deal with the i, m f at the state loses some sovereignty has, while a loses some control. so they're all vying for influence in this country. lebanon is the battle ground, and lebanon, really is a battle ground between the u. s. and, and iran is through their, their local allies in the country. the world health organization is backing a, rolled out to the 1st of a vaccine against malaria. it's a big step in the battle against viruses. one of the leading killers of children in africa is recommended. the job should be given to millions of children, rhetoric and b as this report. it's being described as a game changer for child health, a vaccine that could help save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children each year in sub saharan africa. monica has been with us for millennia. and the dream
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of my letter boxing has been a long held but unattainable dream to day. the r t s. s. money vaccine. more than 30 years in the making changes the course of public health history. the vaccine smith klein vaccine has been given to infants and gone at kenya. i'm allowing since 2019 as part of a pilot program, it was found to be about 30 percent effective at preventing severe cases of the disease which is transmitted through mosquitoes. but that figure raised to around 70 percent, when the vaccine was combined with all the treatments, i think eradication is still a quite some time of it. but i think the combination of benefits chemo relaxes. and dyslexia that may be other vaccines in the future will bring us malaria burden of disease down substantially and africa. malaria causes fever, vomiting, and fatigue,
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and kills more than full $100000.00 people each year. mostly children on to 5 as well as pregnant women. the r t s s vaccine, also known as most ski, ricks has been welcomed by researches as an historic breakthrough. but many on the continent worry about funding and whether a mass roll out will be possible in the wake of coping 19 and other competing priorities. we, roman i are being a disease boss specially i by and large and dizzy as far as sub saharan african a children. and given the digital geez, that our companies are facing, which will that be international? we're g r e is going to, i stand up and, and make dyslexia available to with children needed. the world health organization recommends giving the vaccine to babies in 3 phases, followed by a booster shot. but that may take time. the next step is for the global vaccine
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alliance known as gabby, to look at whether the vaccine is a worthwhile investment. if it's approved, gabby will buy it for countries that request it process that it's expected to take at least a year, victoria gate, and be al jazeera. well, malcolm web has been off from marbury. it kills hundreds of thousands of people every year, almost all of them here in africa, world health organization estimates that killed need 400000 people in africa in 2019. now, some great gains have be made in the fight against malaria, but they stoled, in recent years, it's important to understand is very unequal, disease in urban areas and wealthy areas, people are much less likely to get it and much more likely to be able to treat it, if they do, it can be as simple as going to a pharmacy getting a test, buying the medication and taking it now in poor rural areas. it's a completely different story. the may be no pharmacy, no clinic, people can't afford to go there. and in some of the most millerio regions in the
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continent, people are getting dozens of infected bites, bites from infected mosquitoes every week. and it's in these kinds of conditions where people are constantly fighting, malaria and other diseases, that is much more likely to be fatal, particularly to children in his, in these kinds of areas that the scientists hope that this vaccine could make a big difference. but of course, that depends on the extent of the rollouts and of course on how effective the vaccine actually is. security forces engine is you have rated the studios of an opposition tv channel and see some of its broadcasting equipment. just days ago, one of the channels main presenters was arrested for criticizing president, case studied live on a number of media outlets have come under pressure since the president to spend a parliament in july. the broke house regulated says the channels the to the tv have been operating illegally for several years. robbie louis is a chin is in jonas in the capital, and describes how the climate is changing for journalists. a station and i am who
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is a journalist working for it is that you don't have tv. i think i can say that the media and freedom of pres engineers are made to be threatened. and i may consider this as a state back to democracy. i mean, you can, you can agree or disagree with the journalist, but you cannot judge a disadvantage in front of military. it tries, i mean, personally and personally. and i think this is where the position of her assembly gave of the journalist we reject military a try use. a for civilians are over. they are, they are opinion or a requisition even political position. so that's why i, as a journalist, i would say right now we need to be vision and more for our freedom of speech and freedom of expression of expression, which is the retina today. still a head here are not 0 top officials from china in the us reach an agreement,
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joe biden choosing hold online talk before the end of the year. and a cobit 19 vaccination drive begins from migrants held in overcrowded detention centers in libya. ah, now the seasonal rains are on their way south. you like the monsoon char from india east was but it's still very active in the south china sea. there are 2 circulation, some major one here that might cause yet more flooding in parts of china and vietnam and another one in the philippines see which might develop into something that we could name. but i think not for that means all the initially atmospheres appeared less so for the sasser at most, malazan engineers uses daily, thunderstorms and showers. and the activity of spring is showing itself another cold front on its way through australia,
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which means places like sidney sea temperatures go up and down fairly regularly. sidney's at 20 to come friday on saturday of that $27.00. the main rain bearing cloud tends to die south. we got more rain coming in to adelaide during saturday. birds fil though, is enjoying the walks 40 degrees, not quite reco, but well above where the average is. and that won't spread, slowly sat what it misses perth, per se, hang on about 20. and sydney's forecast shows. it's not your loss for long or get too high. 27 or 28 down to 80 miles when you get to a nother wouldn't change. and that would be monday in new zealand. it's i thought and gets batted so by both rain and snow mostly during friday. ah. but in the country with an abundance of results. right. i really want him to leave here. he's firms for me. we moved full to grow and frank, we balance for real economy,
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blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let it be possible in his growth and progress in indonesia. now. ah ah, but again, you're watching out 0 reminder about top stories issa and an earthquake in pakistan's baluchistan province is killed at least 20 people struck in the early hours flattening houses. well, most worsley, around foreign minister, as in beirut for talks on lebanon spiraling economic crisis. a months after the
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formation of a new government, the st. emmy under lothian. met liberties of president michelle are the wealth holderness zation has endorsed the 1st ever vaccine against malaria is recommended . the jap be rolled out to millions of children across africa, vaccine as 70 percent effective when combined with other treatments. the un secretary general has demanded evidence from ethiopia after 7 un staff were expelled and accused of misconduct. tony could harris had a rare public exchange of words with countries ambassador his calling on its government to allow unrestricted access to deliver humanitarian aid to millions of people are diplomatic editor james bass reports now from the un. with the conflict in ethiopia, widening and the humanitarian crisis growing the un secretary general address the security council. the country is facing any mouse humanitarian crises that the man's immediate attention. all efforts should be squarely focused on saving lives
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and dividing and massive human tragedy. these makes law search those announcement by the government of ethiopia to expel 7th senior un officials. most of them you many darian stuff but equally disturbing. but the few pin ambassador then justified those expulsions with new allegations. he claimed that the 7 senior staff had falsified data, inflated humanitarian figures, and even had invented cases of death by starvation. they were looking to create a data for like situation. they suddenly, an overnight created 1000000 victims of held the disaster. the secretary general had taken the unusual step of asking for a right to reply and invite the sacred general of the united nations. he demanded that the ethiopians provide documents to prove their new claims. we believe it,
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europe is violating international law in doing so. and they are ready to cooperate with the government of each your peer in relation to any situation in which the government of utopia feels that any member of the win is not behaving in total impartiality in total independence as a humanitarian law, but describes as he left the security council chamber, he added this here my duty to defend the honor of the united nations. the secretary general has made it clear that he believes a humanitarian catastrophe, is unfolding in ethiopia and urgent international action is needed. however, the security council remains divided in almost a year since the crisis started. security council members have only been able to agree one joint statement. james bays al jazeera at the united nations president joe biden. she's paying a now expected to hold talks by the end of the year and mid rising tensions between
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the united states and china. a top advisors to both leaders agreed to the virtual meeting after 6 hours of discussions in switzerland. it's not clear what date the meeting will take place. washington and bay jeans ties have been further strained off to the chinese military flu. dozens of sorties net i one in the past week. mike, hannah has more now from washington, dc. this very significant and leaders have agreed in their phone call that they're held last month, that it's essential for them to maintain open lines of communication. because of the nature of this brought relationship, they've made very clear that it's necessary for them to talk to each other, to try and lower what has been an immense amount of tension between china and the u . s. at the u. s. phases at, in terms of competition. this is a word that china says it does not like it is seeking, it says, a good relationship with the u. s. as it stands at the moment. president biden has now made clear that he will continue the policies instituted by his predecessor,
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in particular that agreement that was reached in january last year. the so called phase one agreement, in terms of which china made certain commitments which president biden says, he is now going to insist that china meets also staying in place. so other straight tariffs that president trump, then president trump, imposed no sign that the u. s. administration is going to change that had, despite repeated calls from a number of businesses who called believe i'd be suffering from that particular trade tariff, a policy that was instituted by the trump administration. so very important though, from both leaders to keep the lines of communication open to avoid any of misunderstandings as it is put that might occur australia has welcome frances decision to return that sam baset her after weeks of strain relations over cancelled submarine deal. paris recalled it's envoy last month after cambra tore up a multi $1000000000.00 defense deal with france for one with the u. s. in
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u. k. the french ambassador says he's now returning to defend frances interest over the scrap deal. australia has said it understands the deep disappoint. welcome back to the french ambassador to to cambra, and hopefully we can move beyond our recent disappointments and, and obviously the 2 countries, her frances astray, a share and a number of common interests in particularly in our work together in the region so that so we can get that relationship back on track. the philippine vice president, lenny robledo has announced she's running for the top of us or read or is a human rights law and leader of the opposition. she's been a vocal critic of the president rodrigo de tirty, and his violent crime down on the illegal drugs trade a peruse president. petra castillo has replaced his prime minister and all as half his cabinet. i mean, 2 months after he took office because there's been under pressure from an opposition lead congress and now from members of his own party. marianna sanchez
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reports from lima. it's a lawyer who social media. they're ask, as a lawyer and former head of congress is appointed the new prime minister in one of the most politically unstable times he do. there have been 5 precedents in the last 5 years. what are the, are our god for this country of women and men every day, fight for a dignified life without discrimination and for real change? yes, i swear this could mean that feel her predecessor, either way, you a hard liner marxist was removed after major disagreements with both the opposition and allies, including president castillo, s d, u, has been facing pressure from party members like the outgoing prime minister d, the legal to follow on and popular measures like we writing the constitution and nationalizing the gas industry. elbow is bit modular, so believe it is time to properly above all ideology and isolated part as an position beside. therefore, i have informed the country that to day we have accepted the resignation of the
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president of the council of ministers. guido by you, duke. i say it's only been 2 months since rural primary teacher is august, the year to office at the political instability continues. su once to implement reforms that will favor will peruvians? the question is how can okay, how do you use it? i think castillo has done well. he's not disassociated himself from the discourse of change that peru liberate party has put forward. but he has decided to do it with people who make more conductive proposals. mister vast is, is clearly a more predictable and democratic left us who wants significant change and i believe she will achieve them. as the president's pay, members are not happy with the dismissal of be either and 7 of his ministers or 7 just the us decision brought strong witnesses some from extremists in his own party . they say gusio must reflect on his choices because they feel betrayed, and they warn, a freak middle party will not support him in congress. so now the question is, how will gusty of govern losing allies and with
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a strong belief amongst the opposition, nasty, using capable to preside over the country. medina sanctus. i'll just see that lima beetle, the wife of haiti's murdered president. jovan envoys has anyone with information about the killing to come forward, martine, moya says she won't rest until his killers are brought to justice. wednesday, she spent several hours and talked with the judge investigating assassination 40 people have been arrested in connection with the president's murder in july, including 20 police officers. the drug trade is booming in argentine at slums has been a rise in threats and shootings over the past year. federal forces have been sent into the city rosario, which is home to one of the countries busiest ports and a bid to quell the violence dresser. bro, company, pleased as they carried out raids in the city. oh, it's become one of the most dangerous cities in argentina. reciting nearly 300 kilometers northwest of when a site is shootings have become an everyday occurrence as gangs battle each other
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to control the drug. trade is a more feminine. oh, i'm okay. the lawyer. we just received a call that a woman heard 30 shots, so we came here as fast as we could. we're evaluating what's going on, checking on possible suspects with. we accompanied the police doing several raids across the city. they were looking for drugs, cache, and guns. one of our gen tina's most important ports is located here, or 30 say, it's a get away for drugs. and the violins here is all about control of the local trade. i go to their mcleana or the one i don't remember, we're seeing cocaine. marijuana drug trade has increased missouri area and we are trying to go to different areas like slums, where suspects are hiding. we are seeing lots of young people who are behind the attacks. they begin around 16 years old. many of them are responsible for several killings. big gangs are using teenagers and children
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o residence in the slums of those ideal i struggling with poverty and difficulties that have been exacerbated by their pandemic. their scarcity of food and jobs. families, especially children, are intimidated by the strong police presence. the gang leader of a group known as law monarch was recently put on trial for using children to sell drugs and for threatening judicial authorities. he was sentenced to over 80 years in prison. when his power and influence go beyond the prison walls, the police says that one of served persons being held here has close links with one of the gang leaders that is currently in prisons, operations like this one having almost every night as the security forces here in ross audio are trying to tackle violence last week, the government of alberta, the fernandez,
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agreed to send federal forces to help in the fight against gangs after a protected witness was executed. a 100. congressman calhoun freely has been receiving threats for months. he has been denouncing for years, the system that has allowed the drug trade to flourish for law school at the mostly lawana, there are local drug sales, but above them you have criminals in the police, in the justice system, among businessmen who are not appearing anywhere. the real delinquents and not being touched, the gains can by everyone. increasing government forces is only a temporary problem. they have to control the money and nobody does that. oh, so for now, the focus is on the slums and on its people. it is here when criminal organizations find the foot soldiers, they need to continue with their trade. they sell under cedar or sadie migrants being held in detention centers in libya, getting vaccinated against covered 90 libyan officials launched the drive this week
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backed by the u. s. migration agency early trina reports from for the 3 as sick girl detention center, more than 10000 migrants and refugees are held in centers like this across libya. it's one of 4 in the capital tripoli, and it's where a campaign is being launched to vaccinate detainees against coven, 19 norma, and the hamlin a day. we started our campaign against covey. 19 varez will be given. the vaccines at 823 immigrants who are being held here. the vaccination drive comes less than a week after security services carried out in operation. and the town of good, girlish a few kilometers was it's known as a hub for migrants. and it's where authorities recently detained thousands of people and what's been described was the largest crack down on migrants and refugees and libya in years. we are extremely concerned about ha, ha, ha, indiscriminate attention of our more than 5000 people over the last few days.
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ah, we are extremely concerned about they are excessive force that was years. ah, one migrant was killed. ah, several others are an intensive care unit. and ah, now they're all in detention in not terribly overcrowded conditions. libya has long been a transit hub for african migrants trying to reach european shores. more than 44000 migrants arrived in europe from north africa and 2021 alone. but more than 25000 have been returned from the mediterranean sea by the libyan coast guard. and are put in centers like this. most of the migrants being held here in this detention center. i've left their countries of origin due to poverty or war. while some of them have been returned to libya from the sea, others tell us, they have no ambition to travel to europe. they tell us they are interested in
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getting the vaccine, but are less concerned about cov 19 than when they will be released. corner says she doesn't want to go to europe and came from liberia to find work and provide for a child to family back home. she says she's been in this detention center for more than 6 weeks. for others. it's been years on that on the vast and before i took it as an administrator vehicle minute that they got my husband that took the vaccine day. it scheduled me to go back on the 20 of august for the supple one and says dallas info like last monday, i don't have just to go back. no man to talk to my family that don't know them yet in crazy, many migrant say they appreciate being protected from the corona virus. but without knowing when they'll be released, it's difficult to express any gratitude malik, trina, elders, era, tripoli, a massive chicago ship is reported have made a series of unusual movements while anchored near
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a pipeline in california. that later ruptured war than half a 1000000 liters of oil have spilled into the ocean off the coast on saturday. as believers ships anchor may have hit the underwater pipe pipeline company amplify energy copays under scrutiny for taking several hours to report the link to the federal authorities. ah, so this is our desert. these are the top stories and an earthquake in pakistan's baluchistan province is killed at least 20 people. it's struck in the early hours flattening houses while people were sleep. rescue operations are underway, but the hardest hit areas are difficult to get to. iran's for a minister is in beirut for talks on lebanon's spiraling economic crisis. a month after the formation of a new government, there are st. amir abdullah young met lebanese president. we shall own her on. it's an important backer of his fellow. that's one of the main groups and lebanon's government. philip has more from beirut. iranian foreign minister saying that
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they're ready to help lebanon break what iran and its allies in lebanon consider.


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