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tv   [untitled]    October 8, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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o, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from a london broadcast center on al jazeera. ah ah, hello, i am emily ang window her. these are the top stories on al jazeera. the u. s. senate has paved away for a temporary deal to stave off a possible debt default is voted to pass a bill to raise the debt limit by $480000000000.00. it'll now go to the house of representatives without raising the national borrowing cap. the treasury would not be authorized to pay the bills in less than $2.00 weeks. let's take a closer look at the political and economic situation or significance rather of this so called debt ceiling. this is a limb imposed by congress own that the amount of debt the federal government can
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accumulate. its been set at $28.00 trillion dollars since august 1st. and let's say the debt ceiling is important because if the u. s. to folded on its debts, it would damage the country's credit rating. they say it could also planned the global financial system into turmoil and possibly lead to a recession. the agreement by senators to raise the debt ceiling until early december needs to be passed by both chambers of congress and legislators. will still need to address this issue again in 2 months to avert a default by the government. for more on this story, let's bring in mike hannah, who joins us live from washington, d. c. hello there, mike. can you give us an insight into exactly what this all means? well, the senate eventually voted by 50 votes to $48.00 to raise the debt ceiling from $28.00 trillion dollars to 28.7 trillion dollars. meaning the government can pay
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its debts up until the december 3rd. and also moving away from the threat of a government default by october 18, which was a deadline. but this followed weeks of wrangling, and only came about because of the deal by the senate minority leader mitch mcconnell, with the democrats to give some republican votes in a procedural motion to remove the filibuster. that means to move away the 60 votes that would be needed for this type of legislation to a simple majority which is 50 and which was passed by the senate. but the republican still making very clear the democrats have got to find a way to raise the debt ceiling finally on themselves without bipartisan support, which is the way that these matters are normally dealt with. remembering to that republicans when they were in power. 4 raise the debt ceiling on at least 3 occasions, and then president trump. the ball will now go to the house next week, or which will vote on it, and then pass it on to the president for signature. but to repeat again, this is
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a temporary stop back early for democrats now have a couple of months in which to find a way to raise a dead ceiling by themselves. watch the space. thank you for the update to mike hannon for a live in washington day say to rest of the days, news and rescue as have been searching for survivors in southwest pakistan, where an earthquake has killed at least 20 people. the strong but shallow tremor has left hundreds injured invalid. she stands harness city, their worst hit region. it's food many and buried under the rabble trucks in eastern sudan carrying medicine have been allowed through a blockade that's causing a supply crisis. demonstrators from the b. j tribe had forced port sudan to close, as part of a protest against the government. they are angry about the regions wake economy. the former us special envoy for haiti says security in port princes to tear ranking
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and massacres in kidnappings. and now part of everyday life, daniel foot said america's policy of deporting thousands of haitians would only make things worse. and abortion clinics in the us state of texas have reopened following a federal court ruling. suspending a law that effectively banned the procedure. wednesday's temporary judgment criticized the legislation as an offensive depravation of such an important rise. some takes his abortion clinics, a wary they could be shut down again with the possibility of an appeals court reinstating the law in the coming days. the texas legislation imposed last month is regarded as the most stick, restrictive on abortion control in the country. those are the headlines i am emily angland. the news continues on al jazeera, after witness by finance. ah
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barometer, of course, in please with miss
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with, with with france once had a vast empire spending several continents. but by the 1940s, the french were forced to confront reality and demands for independence. in the 1st part of a documentary series al jazeera and looks at how the colonial unrest grew conflict
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and algeria, and full scale war and indo china, blood and tears, french di colonization on al jazeera, one half scottish, and half lebanese. so diversity is really important to me and al jazeera is the most diverse place i've ever worked. we have so many different nationalities and necessities brought together in this one news organization. and this diversity of perspective is reflected in our coverage, giving a more accurate representation of the world we report on, and that's a key strength of alpha 0. the venezuela, colombia borgia has become a stamping ground for trespasses as desperate people transgress and illegal passage to feed in emerging fuel trafficking market. we follow that perilous journey unguarded through the line of fire. risking at all
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venezuelan columbia on al jazeera lou. hello, i'm emily anglin, in dough. how these the top stories on al jazeera, the u. s. senate has paved the way for a temporary deal to stave off a possible debt default is voted to pass a bill to raise the debt limit by $418000000000.00. it's now it'll now go to the house of representatives and is set to be a reprieve until at least early december without raising the national borrowing cap, the treasury would not be authorized to pay its bills in less than 2 weeks. senate democrats won a long term solution to the debt limit.


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