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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2021 3:30pm-4:01pm AST

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through the eyes of those who are losing hope every day. oh james, i'm going to democracy. maybe democracy for sale on al jazeera lu. ah. hello again, i'm fully betty boy in dell. how, with the headlines on al jazeera, progress towards clean energy is far too slow. and government must triple their spending as the urgent call from the international energy agency in its latest report. as it stands, the world is 60 percent short of its target to cut emissions to net 0 by 2050. he i . e a says the use of fossil fuels like coal and oil is increasing. and as a result, energy prices have risen to record levels, or the e. u has been badly here. it's been laying out a plan to protect people facing huge bills or answer do what should be done,
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is to fault. first, our immediate priorities to protect your consumers, especially the most vulnerable. second, we have to make aware inches, is them better prepared and more resilient? so that we don't have to face a similar situation in the future. the short term member states are best placed and the crypt duct addressing. and i did my work done. protecting consumers is a longstanding your priority. so it means that our rules already are low, and in fact encourage the member states take action. schools and businesses in hong kong have been close as tropical storm compare. so sweeps through, bringing heavy rain and winds authorities of canceled morning trading on the stock market. forts in china's southern province of hanan, have been shut down in avenues of ghana sounds new taliban government is calling on the international community to end sanctions,
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which it says risk undermining. security. the acting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys in cut up pro iranian political parties and groups in iraq are denounced sir election results as a scam. early results show a coalition led by the influential shia cleric. martin are sutter one the most seats in parliament. the european union is to outline its proposal to address the northern island crisis. yuki has asked the block to rewrite the part of the brakes it deal that's created custom checks with northern ireland. island says the eel were removed, the majority of checks and a court in algeria has sentenced the brother of late president. abdulla as is beautifully coded 2 years in prison, said would a flicker has been charged with obstruction of justice, abuse of office, and inciting the falsification of official documents. those are the headlines. al jazeera world continues next. ah,
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a with with with a wrangler, sierra c, or to a corpus your nanny. i am gone, but they're got fox, me to nick, kill lin. what's on your leo or mental mac about
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a life auto confident jaden hadn't oh, we'll had thought i had a m a p. and she said he coaches that la bonnie mission and i found somebody step his class just gets i was dead. i long had it, dear leon, ah, in america, her seine will look around in hindu. yar karnicia, any madell or dol? oh, holy lenin has to be a money for the clocks stowed. st. about st. me as im venomous she. and i'm what i hope you haven't received them yet. okay. nice back and home. all cable hill, cinnamon, hindi, r. who is jeremy who when they say need back off, i see it in the clue. sharmen the car dime. and if you heard him gave him
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a great can g when you feel my america and he has me here. i'm also see a lot of the, i'm pushing, you know, mean i had them as, as does, she might be a my best sir, but she might be out of b. m. and that's a glass top cub, but i let she's the only and i had the martinez, teddy jelly and he needs oh, i like it 1st. a sure you're learning curve didn't commit from she to la pledge is intimate and shit. i'm home again. she says dearly, oh wow, how clear can access her. she explained, shook, couldn't some of them out. so she to, they need to learn a little muddy b o n. mm hm. at the shipper, lamar driver,
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and they let us know we had had these were her and, and my, as you did miss, miss lula. your mom for watching the lim clicks fled the little i met. and, and you know, what? so has been roughly certain will be sent to new lee more offensive he, let's see. and so that seems one minute limit. and yeah, i forget sam's more familiarly loves and i'm so what all clear to the view, it also does say more laughter. hookey nearly done, it was in mere inside the home. he my got it got no try. you. but a thought to who gave me a rough estimate is the to me for a
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. 7 0, glad b ovula. bah, google i do, blue one, new blue, google i, b b b like back back dark blue, blue, blue, blue blue. this will have to cover indio and know where he can denise and for tenure. why do too many mccracken cinema molly? tanya county of decisive of namely india. oh too much for us to be fema luez. isn't that a head count for german mccarty bar code becoming a troubled hey it lincoln da da, blizzard yellow. can that are the mahogany? were i'm say, oh, to math control for the in the nursing because in cinema companies can nuclear,
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cubby, covey, immediate in me to my got him to read you the out is, was word j, the wait out any out of doors in denison, of our time. and we could hook it up to the cinema and india kanaka also closer to many g discord on. so this could also to much i looked burroughs mitchell gravity did on some of the could be a did cinnamon india. i've gotten to bed a lamp cutter either you or when i had that craven been spent nerve for a deity to more look at what you may have seen him and him dio, all will hustle. bill. did incubate are typically have tell matter rocks, but he's off duck. duck. clean the body of thought. he, i knew he or my she some good all move to the i. e m. jennifer, when akin a 10 or 10 is met with or have your chances are going to who social center organ
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sharma to the all see, my name is joel. shall my lovely little i don't know the high school shanice if you are where the cool j. b f does number to the john ladonna hang on to national, attending to heaven, or to their wish, doing the labs in the my alleys to me while i'm you shall mother. good. yeah ha, ha, ha, ha ha. and dave, are home in my, i mean, who did they cut a m, i came in in a law a
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in a ah a. is it all related to the new i see a demo with you see the do you have any idea
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ramos i was guilty cuz heads, if you could send me a letter a a with
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a a yes. and you talk to him, if you could, recent soccer field india. oh. but i see her dad's i'm she far more senior. oh oh yeah. and here you got us and not the last. no fujitsu at madison as it was in the magazine when we moved a no. and the money be a little says it was a nation in center. that's of the high let's be you had in the yellow a man man won't see can a little in become a lot of the se newmellon lisa barber. i know we keep this on so long on the
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commission limit of only can how not only under control now. yeah. these as in. yeah, we can sure. my mouse watch anything on that. now come home. news young drove cleo walker shortly. i sorry to keep, and as the cannuck, as so many people can guess already could crack has been one of the consortia now, which i now wish could sell was she couldn't delagarza, but she couldn't with duty on the kitchen. debbie, the manager might be john john zebra and kim i knew. 6
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how to move that question. but she comes in the kitchen. she needs have been in this room fisma and have dinner with them. but confirmed the cabinet when you have to smile had de la la come with you. sure. montgomery wants you to look her soul unesco nick as the idea, looking out to the alley w. d called example, can you see top museums, you will, can us to power room. she was short as a mixture, which is not so much have a zip with
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or how did you get the video leader? so hanks aliya or bon bay dynamics? camps and cow carbajal. death 8. why fight hans? for elvis. co op than or equal and equipment full bone b that or alex had to put a lesson condominium on time on the n g b o me had already become than you were hands when are we going my session of see
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the project that only fission pits and higher search sheesh as an indian, i think there are so many story that we hear about morocco 1st, that comes to my mind. definitely my friend him on who is from oracle and in bombay . she's. she's a representative for morocco for me, because she tells me about her culture and what uncle about the food there about the indians there also about the beautiful places that one should visit the. and she insists that i should wizard morocco in the coming years. the nice when heard him, jim, what are be hand but he he'll hang cane. jack missouri. i remember when he became the spectrum bell at all kindly. bucklin secondino. mister total, missouri,
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bargaining live can gain lee. we know how to, to layer him, how your la matches we hand the many had you can see that she has her friend read. mr. becker, she thought of marriage. going to take the vice who live from home. oh no sir. no one else had she. he or rocky saw rocky, some jazz r, o, b, o, o, o, i didn't say i oh, cinnamon india is sydney met him. yeah. when a king
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a then the see me money. i'm going to be you or hold of, you know, we're that adams. why didn't reason venue matalin submitted little little. miss hillan seen him korean, will you on the scene to men came scene do come. i mean the alarm, what are we can? what is your mother and he been lee and do what had less a camille cinnamon and view of value to the in the senate. and what is the money became a carmel, and what he, somebody be some body and he can, they can't can't hold on seaman. and if so, cinnamon, what have you? should the jim i committed me to have you from who said may of corona california to come to us. ah, ah, i didn't see the new with that. it,
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it is. could this it 1st get it and i'm not sure. but that i think of that for, but after jimmy didn't disco dancer, she's had to think his math conscientiousness of a starting to look ha, with savannah for so many nuts. and they would also be to see them in the a clue. and a know we did a lot of the film will go off if you don't feel just like is hazy meeting yesterday afternoon at some beautiful ladies could also seem dear. you're cutting will to ward. ha, ha ha ha roughly, much harder. okay. so heather, in has got actually had extra, was it harder because they couldn't was of a 0 law bassetti are well it will, it will, it will the will of some of the up i just come in can in any she and not the initiative yellow when he got shot, he does, he did yoshika or if you can shop civility coordination only was any thought push it out for less money, whatever just as well if he im and well, if it was a lot you could look in had a hold of her duck not or it was you,
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tammy mitchell murray. put off mr. at a for a few minutes. if suzetta n e l had holder had near smith's dominion, it's commodity. if islam the legend give the dane one 0, i need those mahogany means when i'm in an integer to cinema in asian of young women, v me has cinnamon, india viet had another, another lou henley's madelo, amelia dini hall and marriage and s f. as in the csr. awesome. yeah. you do. the
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madi, vio, anakin, and pill academy in wyoming. my regina's while she had medicine, rakish liddy, could remar, ma'am. in missouri. her seems. you've seen him in india, you had a minute for them of. so let us when, wherever i love to see her, i'm calling miss ellen. as all of you, nod, we're feeling that it can take a 0 melody. you can, i mean, we'll talk a through with a handy. well, you look at it at the india method. okay. the holding a date, i thought it was it a lot to level below the level to waive
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a when i had to when lately will leave you work at bentley leeway italy we're a national have been seeing with
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like i said, i'm really thankful to the people there morocco, it'll, they've shown us great love, great affection, great respect. thank you. i reciprocate, december, rob, but any noise it is so shocking. and it is such a big surprise that indian villains, you know, so far away from you, traditionally and culturally so far and, you know, yet you people have, you know, embraced as you, people have given us so much a love just to lagrangian phones. i mean the proof, it was last night, you know, when i went to the premier of student of the year, there were thousands of people just standing in the cord standing and seeing the film in total silence. i mean, this shows how it, engine venzano and captured an enraptured a d audiences. so that's, it is the magic of cinema. you know, it's not only indians in my, the magical all kinds of sort of with
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a ah, ah, it didn't matter english for the little things. a really good you rich ah ah ah
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ah ah ah ah news news
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compelling we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances arrive at the explosion in spite. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fashion with life, unequal to broadcasting thumbnails have been august and i bought a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. ah, hello everyone. here's her headlines for the americas on wednesday. we've got pamela making landfall in western mexico sooner. lower state land slides and mud slides are going to be a big concern here and nearby her lisco state. we've also been dealing with some flash flooding. okay, so from hurricanes to some snow north of phoenix, a hole over here isn't so sure about it. but flagstaff actually gets about 4 centimeters as snow in october,
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about 2100 meters above sea level. so we got all these cold there in the west. it's colliding with warm air in the east ahead of this disturbance d. c at 26 degrees. but the front we're looking at it from the dakota is right down toward the southern plains, anywhere along here. the threat of tornadoes does exist. we go in for a closer look right now, toronto, almost a good 10 degrees above average, some showers for ontario and quebec into the maritimes. and there's that violent weather. the dakota is midwest, straight down toward the southern plains, out of cool air across the west. as mentioned calgary 4 degrees, a really raw feeling day when a pig that wind out of the north and you're going to get drenched with some rain. now for the top end of south america, columbia, the rain starting to back off, but we've got a vigorous disturbance. it's going to slide into paraguay as sasan. that's going to drop down your temperatures. big time as we head toward the end of the week soon. ah,
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ah ah, this is al jazeera ah hello, this is in years are on al jazeera. i am fully back to go live for my world headquarters in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. a warning about our warming planet, c, international energy agency says trillions must be spent now on clean energy to limit climate change. taliban officials fell. western envoys using sanctions to pressure them poses a threat to afghanistan. security.


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