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tv   [untitled]    October 13, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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oh, lou ah, you're watching the news hour on al jazeera with me fully by table. a reminder of our top stories of danny's sons. new taliban government is calling on the international community to end its isolation, which it says, risks undermining security. the acting foreign minister is meeting us and european envoys in ca, top the united nations as recall to senior officials working in ethiopia because of security concerns. it comes after a very find recording surface in which to un workers say un officials sympathize with rebels intake, right and progress towards clean energy is far too slow and governments must
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triple spending. that's a call from the international energy agency. it says the world is set to miss its met 0 target by 2050 by 60 percent. well let's talk about this with cornelia meyer, who's the chief executive officer of my resources, an oil and gas specialists. thank you very much, cornelia for being with us. joining us from switzerland. so the i yay says 4 trillion dollars of investment in clean energy is needed in the next decade. first of all, what do you make of this are bought and how realistic and achievable is? well, i think, you know, it's a d, i a has stung the numbers on. if we want to get to net 0 by 2050, what it will take them, they have come to the conclusion. got 8. so that only about a 3rd of what is needed to be invested in renewable energy has been invested. so it needs to be up by 2 thirds to get where i look at it. it may not be,
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it may be realistic in terms of europe where, you know, with the, with the green deal it's, it's, it's very focused on being the 1st climate. the net 0 continent is much less real is the developing world where the money is just not there for these sort of investments. and it under estimates the importance of, you know, fuels like gas as transition fuels to get us over to hum until we have enough renewable energy. now let's talk about the high energy prices that europe is experiencing right now. you know, last year, the height of the current of ice pandemic, there was a surplus in oil where countries couldn't even find storage space. and today you have this crisis. what is it down to? is it just a supply and demand issue or the other factors at play here like the push for green energy, for example? well, i think it's, it's,
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it's many factors and was all yes with very high oil prices, but we still have sort of enough oil to go around with gas. we do not have enough gas to go around in europe and in china and asia currently. and part of that really is that we're not, you know, that, that with all of these e s d environment, social and governance point. it's not enough money flowing into gas and so on. we also had a very cold, cold winter last year. so storage was depleted, the economies turn around and is going gang busters again. so the demand is there. so we really are in a scenario of a perfect storm. and so for the time being only europe is affected, but do you see it having a ripple effect where other countries, other regions also be impacted? should we be bracing for wider economic damage beyond the energy sector and beyond europe? well, it's not just europe, it's also china and big china. it's
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a problem of coal, is a problem of colon guess. and part of the problem for europe is that for the liquefied natural gas, the l n g. china has become a major competitor. so far it was korea and japan were to import this, but this year, china, we will overtake a japan as the largest import rafael n t, so that the competition is there. so we see the china factors, they're rolling blackouts, rolling brown outs factors have to be closed down. so we see we see the across the board and we just need to make sure as we go through this very important energy transition. and everybody wants to get to net 0 and save the planet. but as we are getting there, we need to make sure we have the transition fuels ready. and we think very carefully on, on, on how we, how we make that transition. thank you so much for talking to connie,
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about this cornelia maya, joining us there from switzerland. thank you for your insight. thank you very much . now, hollywood saw how inspired generations with the idea of exploring other planets, soundtracks. william shatner is the latest celebrity to take on that mission. his on board, a blue origin spacecraft, which is due to lift off shortly from van horn in texas. a 90 year old is set to become the oldest person to go to space. his launch was scheduled for monday, but it was delayed because of strong winds. now the 19 year old. oh blade captain kirk, of course, in the series, will be on board a blue origin capsule, which is blasting off from texas, as we've said, is following in the footsteps of the world's richest man jeff bezos. he reached out a space in july which the world governing body puts at about 100 kilometers above earth. that same month entrepreneur richard branson also took off in his specially designed rocket, plain branson's virgin galactic mission, reaching out to altitude of 88 kilometers. now both commercial flights are still
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a long way from the international space station which orbit around 400 kilometers above earth. but all our major milestones, of course, in the push towards private commercial space travel live to andy gallagher, who's in miami for his lunch time for william shatner's is what 20 minutes away. andy, it's been a long time coming for shot. and i have to say, can you tell us about what's going to happen and you know how this is all going to unfold? well, we're about a half an hour away from launch. everything looks good. that should have been in launch on tuesday that was delayed because of high winds. but look, captain kirk is going to the final frontier. that's all anyone cares about. on this particular 2nd man mission of the new shepherd rocket. this, i think will mean so much to so many people around the world. remember william shatner 1st hit the tv screens in 1966 up 3 years before we landed on the moon. and here we are more than half a century later. and william shatner,
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also known as captain james, ty, barriers kirk is about to learn shop to the edge of space. now some space, know that there might say, look, he's actually go into space. he's just going outside of the atmosphere. but nonetheless, this is a 90 year old man who is taking this risk because of course there are dangers involved, but i think the public speak who for blue origin project phase off in this 1000000000 as boys club race to space, you know, can't be underestimating star trek as a tv show, how a huge influence on many of the people that are working on the blue origin project . i've seen them saying that very thing. so the fact that william shatner is about to blast off. remember, this whole trip will only last about 10 minutes. they blast off to about a 100 kilometers above that. let's say they go through about 3 minutes of weightlessness before parachuting back down to worth. but in terms of putting a related person on this new shepherd rocket, you can't really get much better than captain william. there is something i think
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that will renew interest in private space travel and you know, we're seeing the democratization of this. hopefully the costs will come down and maybe one day you and i probably will be able to do the same thing. i don't know if i want to go to be honest. thank you. thank you for the moment. and gallagher will come back to you. of course, when william shatner blocked off in just a few minutes from texas. in the meantime, let's move on to other news. more than 250 policy and prisoners from the islamic jihad movement have started hunger strike, prisoners say they have been facing for the punishment after 6 inmates tunnel their way out of a maximum security j a last month. you know, abraham has more from my last islamic jihad saying that this batch will be joined by more and more prisoners. and some of them are even from different political parties, with a 100 of them intending to stop drinking water athletes, or sage. in addition to that hunger strikes 30 man is that they want their situation inside this prison to return back to how it was in september before
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6000, you prisoners escaped. and his winn prison. 5 of them are from the slam, had movement. and members of that movement say that they've been singled out by israel, by solitary confinement, as well as interrogation. now, over the years since the 1900 sixty's, we are talking about more than $23.00 hunger strikes and a 70 percent of them according to observers, have been successful. now the success is very when it comes to how much of these demands were much by these really present service. and sometimes the is ready for the service back trucks on those demands that were agreements that were made earlier, prompting more prisoners to go into hunger strike. and it is still seen as the most powerful tool prisoners have inside this room prison. now when it comes to this strike, this time, prison, the say that israel is affecting the way prisoners,
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specifically those from atlanta to had, are dealing with their live inside prison and organizing their life. they are. and this has been one of the demands that was met, intrigues, hunger strike, the secretary said, he said to meet the foreign ministers of israel and united dr. emery on wednesday. they are expected to discuss their progress in strengthening relations. the u. a. along with a few other nations began normalizing ties with israel last year, rosalind jordan has moved from washington while they're going to be a couple of our bilateral meetings as the secretary of state, antony blinkin will meet with his as really counterpart mr. lockheed. and then he will also have a separate meeting with thought his i am radi counterpart, then they'll have a trilateral meeting, all 3 men in the same room. they're going to be discussing of the raft of issues confronting middle eastern countries. everything from the political and economic instability in lebanon to the ongoing,
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a civil war inside yemen. the ongoing situation with libya, the ongoing, a civil war in syria, as well as looking at the ongoing efforts to broker peace between the israelis and the palestinians. but a senior state department official did indicate and a background briefing worth reporters on tuesday afternoon, that the bind administration is interested in seeing whether more countries in the middle east would be willing to open diplomatic ties with israel. certainly from a regional security standpoint, the more hours you have, the more treaty partners you have, the lower the chances there are of a regional war and certainly given that to both the u. e and israel are concerned about ongoing efforts a suspected within the iranian government to develop a nuclear weapons program, if it's in washington's benefit, to have more countries on the same page, diplomatically and try to confront
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a security threat than it is to have lots of countries looking at each other as potential enemies, the u. s. as it will open its land to borders with canada and mexico next month for fully vaccinated foreign nationals. the restrictions are non essential. travelers were put in place at the sound of the covey. 19 pandemic. economies of many border communities were badly hurt by the closer chili's president has impose a state of emergency in response to a recent conflicts where the country's largest indigenous group armed members of the my put j have been fighting to recover ancestral land. troops are being sent to southern regions hit by violence. our latin america to lucy anymore, reports here come up, never get them for chillies government. this video posted on social networks by an indigenous my put rebel group was the last straw because we warned that whatever happens will be the sole responsibility of the forestry institute and the government accounting oscio and city held presidency by stamping. yet i said he had
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no choice but to declare a state of emergency in south central chile is a bully. cook, honestly me because of the grave and reiterated acts of violence linked to drug traffickers, terrorist an organized crime committed by armed groups in the be of you and how can your region go my feel for these violence events have not only taken innocent lively, which is the most painful, i feel that they have their houses, churches in my industrial, our cultural field, uncommercial installations on a great deal of public infrastructure for chillies, largest indigenous group, the my purchase. this is the latest chapter in a 500 year conflict for control of their ancestral land. in the late 18 hundreds, the chilean state took away most of it and gave it to chilean and european farmers, planting them approaches into poverty until this day. now younger, more radical map witches are taking up arms to expel forestry companies and large landowners. highways are no longer safe. countless agricultural equipment has been
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destroyed while my poor communities take over land. a trillion farmer was the latest to die last week after his house was set ablaze by an armed group. conservatives applauded the state of emergency saying it was long overdue. good air muscular fibro situation in south central chile can wait a minute more. there are thousands of people who can't sleep at night because the state has abandoned learning because it doesn't have the operational capacity to guarantee their safety. but government opponents say dialogue is the only solution level in seattle violence is the last resort of the incompetent. when a government responds with violence to a political problem, but we know the result, the same one we been seeing for years, the president is allowed to impose a state of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days. without congress's approval, it will allow. * the army to provide transportation communications,
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and the district will support to the militarize police that's already there, as well as patrol with them while many a demanding the restoration of law and order, and what they see as a lawless region. others fear that sending in soldiers will in fact escalate the armed conflict even further. the sea and human al jazeera santiago protesters in pro have gathered around a statue of christopher columbus in the capital to call attention to the treatment of indigenous people. they say colonization created deep inequities on the continent. another group gather to protect the fact you. the demonstration comes during spanish hispanic heritage month, which commemorates the arrival of columbus in the americas. i still ahead on al jazeera atlanta on their way to the next round of major league baseball. playoffs, jolts show you how they did it in school stelis ah
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whole ah ah, now the war in syria has created a diaspora of refugees who have taken their talents and dreams with them to new countries in jordan. syrian artisans have found a way to preserve a traditional type of wood working, reviewed through the middle east. tashing, her name has his story from a man just as trunks and a branches are 2 trees. traditional middle eastern woodworking has formed and guided the direction of abdel rough men to banishes life. from the age of 10,
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the syrian artisan has been fine tuning his craft in the techniques of mother of pearl and wood mosaic in lay. 8 years ago, the war forced to banish, to close his well regarded store in damascus and moved to a man. even as the country he knew was disintegrating, he was determined not to let his life's work disappear. wazoo, girl, yarmouth lou louis. when i'm walking and doing something new, the memories fill my mind. i keep remembering the old days when i was young and working with my teacher older than i was in my shopping, damascus. especially when i need the materials, it was easy to find them because they are originally from syria. a non profit organization founded by the prince of wales, called turquoise mountain, is reviving handicrafts of the past. and providing artisans liked to bandage with
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the future. there's a dwindling number of skilled craft workers and a declining interest in this most arab of styles. so designers recruit and work with artisans, to re imagine creations more palatable to contemporary consumers in the region and beyond. i'm had think that sustained their businesses and developing the new products, but putting into consideration the importance of a like the significant elements and our country has it in terms of teaching craft into it. and so it's a and it's very satisfying, actually seeing for that's come to life, to protect what turquoise mountain describes as endangered handicrafts is ensuring a new generation learn centuries old skills from wood and metal working to basket weaving since 2019 it is trained about 250 people and paid both artisans and apprentices. mohammad ibrahim is
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a palestinian refugee who has been training for 3 years. have been a few hun. hm. small. good. what attracted me most is that this skill is rare in jordan makena. gonna dud master craftsman abdel rock man to manage hopes to reopen a store and damascus with his sons one day. but by coming to jordan, he has already created a legacy. he may not have anticipated. he sharing his rarefied skills and cultural pride in a country where there's never been a history of this kind of woodworking. natasha, her name el jazeera, i'm man jordan. time force his jo, fully thank you very much. the international limbic committee says it will not pressure the winter olympics, host china about its human rights record, test events taking place right now ahead of page in 2022. it begins in february that have been growing called for the games to be postponed or boycotted unless
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china ends its cracked down against muslim week is. several countries including the united states have called that genocide. china denies any wrong doing the i see vice president john coat says human rights are important. but outside of the olympic movement, it is not their responsibility. the i sees remit is to ensure that there is no human rights abuses. in respect of thee, the conduct of the games is within the national, limpid committees or within the olympic movement. when you have no ability to go into a country and tell them what to do with all we can do is to award the olympic games to a country under conditions set out in a house contract on to people now in denmark have booked their place alongside hosts, cattle and germany next years, well cup finals, they beat austria,
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one mill in copenhagen on tuesday. you can marla got the only goal of the game in the 2nd half as the euro. 2020 semi finalists progressed in spectacular style that say, 8th when the out of 8 qualifying games, they've scored 27 goals and conceded none a look. christina, rinaldo scored his 10th hat trick for porch girls they beat luxembourg. he put away 2 penalties in 5 minutes. as his side went to up, rinaldo got his 3rd of the night late on as it finished 5 know, he sits on a 115 international goals well ahead of any other player. the result also keeps portugal point behind group a leaders, serbia, albania could face punishment over crowd trouble. that mod they qualify with poland . carroll, sri data sky gave the poles the lead with 30 minutes to go in toronto. but as he celebrated, he was hit by a bottle thrown from the stands he and his teammates, with and pelted with more bottles, prompting them to walk off the pitch. the game was suspended for around 20 minutes
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before resuming it. fish one knell to poland. birch tree that a skis post match interview also had to be cut short. as more bottles were thrown at him. or fever is also likely to open investigation of to hungary. fans clashed with police for around 10 minutes inside wembley stadium at the start of their game against england. please say the trouble started when they entered the away end to arrest a fan. suspected of ration abusing steward on gary and fans were allowed into this match out a sitting out last saturday's game bout bonia as a punishment from braces to abuse. targeting england fans, ange players, and at another game in september on the pitch it was hungry who took a surprise lea jones stones equalized for england with his 1st national go for 3 years as it finished 11 in the top of the standing. despite the roll, the crown trouble which mazda starts, the games at the full front of the play is mine. every time we speak of our racial abuse, the punishment then follow,
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never seem to quite be in line with what's happened, but i guess i can't speak to fredy unless i know the fact. and i sincerely hope that if that was the case, then the punishments. this time, say what happened in african woke up qualifying morocco and sen ago have made it into the play off having secured top spots in that groups with 2 games to spare tomorrow. did you school to us then ago his goals? helping them 2 or 31 went over namibia, again, was played in south africa because nobody at home stadium was declared on the host kitchen. rocky be guinea for one place in the m. b a. the brooklyn nets have decided that curry irving won't play with the team until he's vaccinated against coven. 19 current of iris restrictions in new york. mean the next players must have had at least one job to play that home. games of english played to train at home as it's considered a private building. he's eligible and he's also eligible for some away games. but
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the next one irving fully involved. so until he gets the job all rules and you change, he isn't allowed to take part in any team activities. will you not covered carissa 2013. when he was a member, the cavaliers have a lot of mutual friends and family and we know each other as well. so knowing kyrie and the type of person he is particularly as it relates to not necessarily subscribing to think and moving to the beat of his own drama and really analyzing things and not jumping to something just because everybody else is doing it. my gut says no, but i also think that what, what happens with mere de blasio as well as kyrie and the nets and everything going on with the mandates could, could dictate change. so from our perspective and cover inquiry and knowing the type of person he is and i say no. but if he can't play because of various mandates, even traveling or what have you, it leaves his trade value kind of obsolete. so i think kind of similarly the been
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simmons who's now returning to philadelphia after sitting out training care, if you play your value can go up, but carry situation is a lot different. i think it's a matter of whether he gets the vaccination or not. and like i said, knowing him, i don't see it happening. they learn to braves a through to the national league championship series in major league baseball, atlanta tech on the milwaukee bro as in game for on cheese day, holding a to and lead in the match up. broo is came into this game knowing only a win with it. as you see here, they were more than happy to put their bodies on the line, but it wasn't to be there night braves. eventually coming for 40, down to in 54, they'll play either the los angeles soldiers or san francisco giants next. in the american lake, the houston astros have made their way into the championship series of the 5th here in a row. he's been getting the better of the chicago white folks and came for here. it wasn't even close $101.00 on the night, the australia who play a boston red sox next. the new
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n h l season has started on tuesday. the current champions, the tampa bay lightning host to the pittsburgh penguins for the game, began the stanley cup with display tampa bay had hoped to match the peasantry. but when the action did get going, it was the penguins who are the better team pittsburgh spoiling the occasion. for the lightning, i think goes to 2 and it was a special evening in las vegas as to seattle kracken became the lead newest team. they would love to win against the team that was previously the latest vision that goes night. why and, and also thought ever goal is they fall back from 3. nothing down to tie the game, but it was not to be and vegas eventually one for 3. all right, this is for with gemma later. thank you very much joe. for that, we want to show you some live pictures from the us state of texas, where canadian not to william shatner is about to blast off to space shot in there . and the blue origin crew arrives just a short moment ago at the launch site. the 90 year old's best known for his role in
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stock, drake is said to be the oldest person to go to space and we'll have that live for you when it happens here on. i'll just here to stay with us way back in just a few minutes stripped of their citizenship, thousands of haitian dominicans, a penalized for the heritage. as state sanctioned races enforces them into legal limber. a young attorney mats, a grassroots political campaign, advocating for social justice. but can she shine a light on the racial hatred and institutionalized depression that lakes the dominican republic, stateless. a witness documentary on al jazeera people, a much more goes to the communities they live in. no matter how much i need to present titian as much as anyone else's or going to like the main one of the most popular police that's part of the night a delta. and now it's people say they want
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a clean up of their destroyed embodiment. but with the media lance, the coverage or covers you just when you suffer calamities. i don't think that's right above is what i wanted to change. i wanted to go further to cover stories that impact the lives of people to truthfully tell the story. but i was really passionate about stories with fox, the government would rather keep him in story stuff, drop the fixed narrative, and all depend on the reality on the ground. but is why i became a journalist and mm hm. and i book on an online be part of the debate for pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table, it's as children side atmosphere, people are demoralized. they're exhausted and many health care workers are
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experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into the stream. and julian, a global community of here on right on each and right now you can be part of those conversations. wealth this stream on out is ah, a warning about our warming planets, the international energy agency says trillions must be spent on clean energy to limit climate change. ah, they're watching al jazeera live from doha with me fully by table also ahead. taliban officials urge west an invoice to unfreeze funds which they say pose a threat to afghanistan. security, more conflict around ethiopia to gray region.


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