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tv   [untitled]    October 15, 2021 7:00am-7:31am AST

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specific crimes. well, everybody will be safe. nobody's kid will be kidnapped again for rats. now together, they're feeling they way forward it to the new reality. ah . about the ground of babe, ruth 6 killed and dozens injured as liable factions open fine, the lebanese capital. ah! my money inside this is out. is there a lie from da? how's that coming up? who are can yonce? i becomes a 1st african leader to me. joe biden. at the white house is the u. s. pledges 17000000 vaccine doses for the continent. investigators in taiwan,
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look to see the file that killed 46 people was started deliberately and engineering a new life. we meet the girls in nigeria who sat on building a korea and also marriage. ah, a cautious com has returned to lebanon's capital ought to being rocked by gunfire and rocket propelled grenades for more than 4 hours. tension over investigation into last year's port explosion developed into the worst street violence in more than a decade. and the 6 people have been killed. then a honda is in beirut, she began sa coverage sniper fire, gunfights rockets fired in the city. a battle across the dividing line that dates back to the civil war that ended in 1990. 2 long time
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enemies turned part of a root into a battle ground. the bullets bounce from buildings as people ran for cover. and children evacuated from school. we need the children to low levels and then we waited until the parents came to take their children. the children were going to panic and fear they cried and screamed a large army deployment failed to control the situation. supporters of muslim she political groups and his beloved were hunkered down and she asked the neighborhood on the other side of the street where the supporters of the christian lebanese forces party, there were casualties. many of them civilians hit by stray bullets, some while hiding in their homes. the clashes are now in their 3rd hour. it is one of the most serious about the violence. in recent years, the tensions were over a judge leading an investigation into last 2 years. explosion at the report has
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belong, i'll say the confrontations began when the lebanese sniper ambush protestors making their way to the justice palace where they demanded the removal of judge tarik. because they blamed 11 his forces for the attack, a charge. the group denied. the real threat lies in the use of weapons and those who have targeted peaceful demonstrators. there were peaceful demonstrations everywhere during the past 2 years. but we have not seen such an attack against them. the dangerous escalation followed political pensions over the investigation which has already paralyzed. the government has fallen, are threatening to pull their ministers, which means an entire sect would be absent in violation of the country, sectarian power sharing agreements. the opposition, the choosing has below and of stating a coo and using arms to impose their will. ever since his beloved arms no longer had any function except fighting wars and syria,
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or assuming agenda, and now imposing on the new state, what the justice is allowed to do and not to do what a judge can decide or can decide. and they're drawing red lines around ministers who are caught up and accused, and they're saying they are above the law. the guns eventually fell silent, but it further divided and already polarized society, there appears to be an undeclared truth, but the crisis is not over. demands for the judges dismissal, have not gone away. those against him say he is politicized those who support him, and that includes the families of victims. so he is among the rare judges who aren't politically affiliated in a country where there is a culture of impunity and those in power act above the law. more than 200 people were killed in that blast that destroyed neighborhood. what happened today was
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a show, a force by has bella and its allies, essentially giving the lebanese public or false choice, either stability, ah, without justice or justice, but no stability. this is just the latest in a series of attempts by has by law and the ruling elite to undermine obstruct and block the domestic investigation into the lap. the balance of power is not in judge betters favor, but he did try to take on the powerful, which is almost unheard of 11 on history. it pushed the country to the brink and brought back scenes from a turbulent pass that may have been a warning of what might come santa claire, elisha zita, beirut, president, michelle, i own address the nation condemning the violence warehouse. i know you slowly thought the we will never allow anyone to hijack the country. what has happened to day one will be followed on both levels of the judiciary and the security and
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investigations will reach the reality and the tooth. and the facts among those perpetrators will be taken to the court, the investigation of the boot port. bluffton will continue it because it's a commitment towards the lebanese people and towards the international community law. based on the independence of the judiciary. get on the violence unfolded as a senior us diplomats was in lebanon. the under secretary of state was meeting officials and announced $67000000.00 the lebanese military. but she said she was concerned about the worsting security situation in beirut. we stressed that a clean, impartial, independent judiciary is the guarantor of all the rights and the values that we as democracies hold dear and share again the lebanese people deserve no less. and the victims and families of those lost in the port blast deserve no less to day's unacceptable. violence makes clear what the stakes are. raman curry is
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director of global engagement at the american university of barriers. he says the president's speech was reassuring. the country's issues a deeply entrenched and will be extremely difficult to self. as comments are significant, they armies actions are significant. these are things that love these people like they want to have a decisive but fair government. but they can't unilaterally make decisions, they have to basically negotiate among the different sex area groups. and this is the weakness of the system that it's a perpetual bizarre, of political power and incumbency and influence. but the system has collapsed. it's failed completely. the 7080 percent of the little denise are poor. there's no virtual in all that tricity it's. it's unbelievable the degradation that has happened in lebanon to the governance system, to the society,
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and this interest structure, and to the psyche and well being of the average citizen. it's almost unprecedented . there's very few countries in the world that are suffered this while the people responsible say in power. that's why i thought it, because it's such a historic significant figure, the judge for him to pursue this investigation with the vigor that he has as really unusual. and when the president says we're going to catch the people and hold them accountable again, you have to kind of listen to that carefully because you had a special tribunal for 11. and that was set up by the un, hundreds of millions of dollars, years of investigations. they finally convicted for people, some of them length hezbollah and, and these people were never found, has below, would never allow their people to be arrested or convicted like this. us president joe biden says his country will donate millions of corona artifacts scenes to the
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african union. in the coming weeks. he made the announcement all hosting kenyan president, who can y'all to the white house, bought and says, washington, wilson's 17000000 doses of the johnson and johnson vaccine to help fight current of ours on the continent. climate change on security. we're also on the agenda for the to leader. we're continuing our, our shared fight against covert united states and donated 2800000 doses of vaccine to kenya as part of a 50000000 doses. we've donated to the african union. and i'm proud to announce that today that we're making an additional historic, one time donation is $74000000.00 doses. change a vaccine to the a you and are going to be standards more the by the end of the year. i was, i was corresponding kim, the whole kit is following developments from washington dc. we know that the can you, president did campaign against corruption?
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he is one of the high profile leaders that has been mentioned in those pandora papers that investigation that revealed that there are a number of world leaders as well as celebrities and the others who have significant amounts of money invested off shore. and the reason this is of concern is not just because of the corruption or anti corruption campaigning that a rou, kenyatta did, but as well, the fact that to kenya is one of the largest recipients of usa, the 5th largest, in fact, from the united states. so this is another reason now the white house has acknowledged this, they say that look at, there may be some concerns, but that won't stop the conversations in order to achieve the goal of financial transparency. so that's one key issue. the other comes down to security and a given geography and the fact that kenya is position so close to ethiopia, and the concerns about the warring factions of the t gray region. the u. s.
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president expect to also discuss that as well with the canyon president. how the leader can work in his government can work to try and resolve that conflict. we also know the u. s. president has it through executive order ready, possible sanctions, but not yet implemented them. former us president bill clinton has been hospitalized with a suspected blood infection. in a statement, clinton spokesman says he's currently on the meant on in good spirits. doctors treating the 75 year old with antibiotics. they say he is responding well to treatment. a taliban delegation is in turkey, as it continues a diplomatic push for support and international recognition. i've met the turkish foreign minister in ankara and comes a day to talk some cattle where the group appealed to us in european officials to end afghanistan's isolation. the taliban wants the west to east financial restrictions that it says on crippling the country. acilo dablin,
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we advised the taliban administration once again that they should be inclusive for the unity of the country. we told them the importance of including all ethnic and religious groups in the administration of the country. we've underlined one thing and do not see this as a request from the west, but an expectation from the islamic world as well. we told them the importance of allowing girls to go to school and giving women the right to work. still had on al jazeera, thousands and georgians descend on the capital to demand the release that former president from prison on the northern ireland board at challenge high level talks in london to discuss suggestions from you and the u. k. on how to fix ah, it's another beautiful sunny day at 35000 feet. the weather sponsored by cattle airways voted world's best air line of 2021. now looking down from space,
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she might say, oh, something going on in the re b and c. but there isn't, i'm afraid now is a false hope is very quiet over there. a vincent now does not much of a breeze or is something of a breeze setting up very active up here in the aegean cbre between the 2 areas of revolving cloud. nothing much, but we are picking up more of a shamal, a breeze down out of iraq and through the gulf. sometimes it brings dust with it, and it might be a little bit on the eastern side of saudi arabia. basically, it's rather quiet picture or a hot and quiet picture. yes. i know it's the middle east, you think it's got to be hauled, but look at the temperatures here. they are well above well, this time the a should put the baghdad at 41 is 8 degrees above normal and you don't even reach normal or average while tommy get to monday. despite the fact that shamal tends to pick up, temperatures are really a big thing at the moment in afghanistan or beyond racing. the rise to whether it should be the per a few snow shout up the mountains in north afghan,
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for example. otherwise, it's a dry picture, the fairly warm picture, almost normal and till you get back to the active bit. now this is stormy, increased at legend to western turkey jury. friday remains the levant, the wind is light, things are quiet. the weather sponsored my cattle airways voted wills best air line of 2021 on air or online, be part of the debate or pacific people. the ocean is our identity and the source of well being. we are the ocean when no topic is off the table. it's a shooting site atmosphere. people are demoralized, they're exhausted, and many health care workers are experiencing p t s d like symptoms jump into this dream and doing a global community. if you're on light on you to right now, you can be part of those conversations. well, this 3 on out is era. ah
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ah, welcome back. you're watching out a 0 mind a far top stories. the sour bear where it has been rock spines worse day of st violence in more than a decade, leaving 6 people dead and dozens injured protest, as were targeted by unidentified slip is positioned in building u. s. president joe biden says his country will donate millions of corona virus. vaccines to the african union made the announcement while hosting the kenyan president award kenyatta, the 1st african leader to visit the white house since joe biden, to corpus former us president. bill clinton has been hospitalized with a suspected blood infection. doctor say he is responding well to treatment in a statement, his spokesman says he is on the meant an inconspicuous taiwanese authorities are investigating whether
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a fire that killed at least $46.00 people had been started deliberately. dozens of others were injured in those days blaze as a 13 story building which was made up of small shops and apartments lore bed and manly reports. it was a run down building and a working cloth neighbourhood. now it's a bone tilt shell. the clean up continued throughout the night after this block and tie one's port city of gauss young with engulfed by a huge fire resident say with home to poor elderly and disabled people. many who survived and now left homeless. so through chin had managed to escape the flames. we owe you of what i have never seen of fire. i pressed on the elevator button when i got downstairs, i saw the building burning. the fire was way big, there was no power. it was a scene of chaos. merkel say they heard an explosion at 3 am, followed by
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a fire that raged out of control. daybreak people were still being pulled from the building. it had taken hundreds of fire crew and rescue workers more than 4 hours to damp and the flames. and most the day to confirm no more people were trapped in fight, play, and sunshine regarding the serious human losses caused by the fire at the building and young chang district. i feel in comparable pain, and i deeply blame myself to all the wounded people. the dead and their families as well, the citizens of gosh young, i want to express my deepest sorrows. now quiet so many a grieving the loss of life and a building that was standing tool for decade. resident say it was once driving hosting restaurants, shops and a cinema. but over years it became partly abandoned. while businesses moved
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out. many homeless moved in my grandson there. i feel quite sad. used to be very affluent here and then it somehow just turned into this. my family used to live here downstairs, used to be quite fancy. there was an ice rink. even carry okey really nice and now it's all gone. i was living in this building where mostly homeless people of the ocean. you're poor people, elderly people, and some disabled people. normally don't see people in or out. there will be 5 or 6 drinking their van arguing. as authorities clear, the glass from the street police are now investigating whether it was often that it started this fire. many look on a tragedy that is left of port city grappling with the immense loss of life lore about a manly al jazeera, the un envoy to yemen. as warning the fighting. the city of marie has taken an
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alarming 10 more than a 100 people have been killed, and hundreds of civilians are trout as fighting intensifying this week. but who the rebels expanded offensive against saudi by government forces last month? or which maria as the internationally recognized governments last stronghold in northern human, then sacramento, the district and south america has persisted for almost a month, leaving thousands of people in a desperate situation. i repeat that they stated, in this council of military escalation in moscow. the secretary general himself is following the developments and the closely and i reiterate the un, it's called an old part, is to facilitate, save timely, and sustain humanitarian access to the affected areas. georgia is opposition and has had a rally in the capital tbilisi to protest against the imprisonment of the former
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president mchale. because really, the government says he entered the country illegally from exile. that was really now facing 6 years in prison. robin force walker reports from tbilisi. they came to the capital from the cross ga, for a jailed president who continued to command their respect. they gathered in the capitals freedom square. mon me, her 2nd liberty. his team read his letter penned from jail. i while i'm chad, bob star, that's what i am here. i'm firmly determined to contribute to the defeat of the regime to my cold confusion, to the flight of the children people again, poverty, corruption, injustice, destruction of the suckers really was swiftly arrested after he secretly returned to georgia last month found guilty in absentia of abuses of power in office. he
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faces 6 years in prison. he's been on hunger strike for 2 weeks. to his supporters. he's a political prisoner of george's governing party. they remember him for what he achieved in office. i got the country and misha time made an unprecedented economic and social leap in 10 years. this is what people remember. the opposition united national movement has been, boyd bite suckers, feelings returned from exile. they hope this rally will give them the medicine in forthcoming marrow elections. oh, they keep asking. what is your plan? how plan is only one and there will be no 2nd plan. it is victory, victory, and nothing else. but the party still lags behind the government's in poles. there are many georgians who would rather forget
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a sacrifice really. but his supporters want him forgiven. even from prison, he retains a powerful influence over this country robin 1st year walker. ouch is here to believe a judge in rome has suspended the trial, a full members of egypt, security forces for the cannot matter if an italian academic julio began. his body was found in a ditch outside cairo in 2016, and at which helps he showed he had been tortured and for security agents were due to be tried in absentia, the trial was suspended when the judge found, it was unclear whether the agents knew about the charges against them. no ways intelligence agency says an attack by a man using a bow and arrow appears to be terrorism. 5 people were killed and 2 injured in the town of cones big south west of the capital. also, 37 year old danish suspect has been arrested. alexia brun reports an arrow.
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pierce's a wall in southeastern norway. part of what police say as several crime scenes, after a man armed with a bow and arrow roamed through the small town of cones berg about 80 kilometers from the capital oslo. over 30 minutes, he picked out targets, killing 4 women, and a man age between 50 and 70. 2 others were injured, including an off duty police officer. the attack and its aftermath overshadowed noise, new prime ministers 1st day in office. jonas gas, dora called it a cruel and brutal act, or a dogwood loom in the 1st doctor, did my 1st thoughts ready go to cons bag and those affected their, those who have lost their lives were injured? and was shocked by this horrible incident that has hit this beautiful town. i am a messenger police of arrested and charged a 37 year old danish man named and local media as espen. anderson broughton. the
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muslim convert earlier posted a warning on twitter intelligence agency, se the attack appears to have been terrorism of u. haul field of african pop from one earlier had been worries of the man having been radicalized, which to police have followed up. but as previously stated, no reports from 2021. there from 2020 or earlier here. police in the scandinavian country and normally armed, but officers nationwide have been temporarily ordered to carry firearms. no way suffered its worst pace, time their shooting and july 2011. when a far right attacker and as private killed 77 people, many of them teenagers at a summer holiday camp. now flags flying at half mast and cones berg and the attack is being felt across all of norway. alix o'brien al jazeera, an e u delegation is in london to discuss proposals to reform the cycle northern
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island protocol. the protocol outlines what checks should be carried out on goods moving between the british miles and northern ireland. restoration is growing on both sides about how trade across the border should be controlled. on tuesday, the u. k. the brakes administer talked of tearing up the protocol. so in the hall is in london with more on the talks. this is a piece of legislation governing trade between great britain and northern ireland. while northern ireland is allowed to remain part of the single market, the single market. that was a way of avoiding a hard border on the island of island in its place. a customs divide between great britain and northern almond with the e. u, levering levying checks on goods flowing from the mainland to know not well. the u . k. now says that deal is not working. the checks of being too onerous the applied, it's creating havoc in the northern ireland economy and they no longer want to abide by will be overseen by the european court of justice in this protocol. well, the e u earlier in the week went further than most people expected putting together
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a proposal to drop. many of those checks up to 80 percent of the most contentious ones on food and negotiators in london in preliminary talks. now the expectation is their expectation is that the british side will reject the proposal. why will, because it doesn't deal with that much more political question of the european court of justice. ultimately this could go on for weeks. what is at stake is the possibility that the u. k. side institute article 60 proceedings to suspend the protocol, the e u, then retaliate. ultimately we're talking about the possibility of a trade war between these 2 sides. girls and nigeria from poor and more conservative communities are being taught for box 6 in the hope they can build careers in software engineering without the skills organizers say, most of them will end up in early marriages, ahmed address reports in the ancient city of connor. ah,
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15 year old kadijah ripe you comes here to learn how to build robert. she has big dreams that one day she will design and build more complex machines that helps save lives and protect the environment. khadija is from a conservative society, northern nigeria, at i age many girls here, condition to think of starting a family. but the aspiring engineer says that can wait in a 2nd. i want to be an engineer to build as many different devices as i can, and particularly interested in solar power devices. fellow student fatima zachary says she is drawn to renewable energy and wants to excel in the feel. she's already help build some prototypes, has in any way i came, you to learn. and i had been taught a lot about how windmills work and how to replace their various components. all the girls here are from poor families who can't afford private tuition. and the skills
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they learn aren't available in government drug schools. what y'all, why she may another conference, the cobra community development initiative and, and governmental organization is empowering them with life changing skills. they need to realize their dreams. the objective here is to create an opportunity whereby we're able to leap frog into the future and teach these young women principals that around fires technology months, how they afford in practice with interaction teaching, basic programming skills, learning a to fun activities. community leader humbert nasa. what runs one of the training centers, he says the idea is helping to end all traditions that hold back girls from attaining their full potential. the 1st change you see is the psychological change. when they came in, they were drooping,
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their heads were down. but after a few weeks, they were all so to hold in their heads up high with pride. and that also affects the whole community as well because the defense of robotics aren't the only skills the students get to learn. in this crammed classroom model, 70 goes learned, computing was support from the microsoft cooperation. trenice holder was kim's, these girls get here will help them gain financial independence. in this part of northern nigeria most goes, i expected to get by there trying to harvey. but many get divorce before they even settlement legal. that's one organizers believe their training would be useful, but a lack of resources are threatening to drain the program. there's always that challenge of funding or funding i'm funding is a major, major challenge because we also have to put pottery and as an equip our teachers
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with as much information on as much training as possible with money drying up whilst i beautiful idea to help disadvantage teenagers may soon feed into oblivion along with the hopes of many goals, who dream of changing their society and the world. i'm a decrease algebra couple. nigeria. ah. as is out there are these, you top stories. a cautious. com has returned to lebanon's capital aren't being brought to buy gun fine rocket propelled grenades for more than 4 hours tension over an investigation to launch his port explosion developed into the worst st. on some more than a decade. the 6 people have been killed. present. michelle, i one has the destination condemning the violence whereas i, nor your side is that the we will never allow anyone to.


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