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tv   [untitled]    October 26, 2021 10:30am-11:01am AST

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is the government claim that it is vaccinated? 80 percent of teachers. wow, the welcome return to school in venezuela is proving to be fraught with difficulties with the coven. 19 pandemic, highlighting and exacerbating many of the problems the country's education system was already facing. ah schindler al jazeera ah, but how fast they are? these are the headlines antique crew. protesters are on the streets of sudan for a 2nd day. at least 7 demonstrators were chilled after the military dissolved the transitional government. on monday, the un security council will be meeting to discuss the crisis. i have a morgan with more from cotton. people have called for the civil disobedience and general strike. that is to say, they have urged all civil or government workers at the federal and at state levels
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to stay away from going to offices and stay at home. and we've seen a protester setting a barricades on various streets around the capital, harder to him, to prevent people from going, but also to prevent the military from trying to force their way into neighborhoods for them that barricade that those barricade that they've been building up. and have been putting in place since yesterday, even before the announcement of general behind is a sign of resistance. in other news, se asia is most important. regional summit has begun without the military ruler from me and my leaders excluded ming on life for refusing to take steps to end the violence in his country. since the qu, in february, greenhouse gas evals hit a new record high last year, signed to say they are increasing at a faster rate than the annual average for the last decade. united nations, as the world is now quite way off track to cap rising temperatures. china's foreign minister has met members of afghanistan's taliban government and cutter. the 2 sides discuss security as well as trade and investment. trying to show the narrow
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border with afghan astronomy previously urge the taliban not to provide a safe haven for it called terrorists. diplomatic crisis between turkey and 10 western ambassadors over a jailed activist appears to be de, escalating the tension flight on saturday when the us and others issued a joint statement. calling for the release of oss, mon cabella. the embassies now say they'll abide by their diplomatic treaties with turkey. president odo unwelcome to move and told media they'll be more careful in the future. and japan's princess michael has married her non royal college sweetheart cake motor, formerly giving up her royal status. the capital held a low key wedding. after years of criticism and media scrutiny over their relationship. good luck to them. i say those are the headlines on our era inside story of the next lead us from the world's biggest economists will convene in rome this month to discuss the deteriorating economic situation in afghanistan. but all
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ice will also be on the g twenty's response to the climate emergency. can they find a way to prioritize the planets, health? oh good g d. p. special coverage on out yourself. after months, old building township between sedans, military and civilian fashions, a cool, the prime minister is one of many, a russ 3rd, a state of emergencies been imposed, and the transitional, sovereign counsel and government is all. so what does the road ahead look like for sedan? this is inside story. ah, ah, hello and welcome to the program. i'm hash m a had barella. many people in sudan have been expecting a transition to democracy. it was promised by the country's generals and civilian
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leaders who have shared power for nearly 2 years. but that's been thrown into uncertainty following a military coup sedans. army declared a state of emergency dissolved the governing council and arrested many political leaders. prime minister of the law ham duke is among those detained pro democracy supporters have called for protests, setting the stage for a possible show down with the armed forces, internet and mobile phone services were shut down and the airport closed ministry chief opted for to hannibal. hans cited political him fighting for the military intervention. his pledged to hold elections as shuttled in 2023. how much is this? yeah, i mean to god, we dissolve the sovereign counsel and the cabinet and we'll put an end to the mares jobs. and under secretaries and the state governors will revise everything and will take decisions to watch everything. we urge every one to abide by the agreement of
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job 2020. we stress and to affirm that some of our people in the east have their own sufferings. and we are quite sure that justice and peace must prevail with must work hard to reach last thing solutions for our people with it. so dan has been governed by a joint civilian military body known as the sovereign counsels. since long time ruler all martin bashir was ousted in april 2019. it was part of a power sharing deal that included holding elections and transitioning to civilian rule. but divisions have emerged in recent months between the military and civilian leaders. tensions grew after they occur. town bains on followers of bashir was foreign in last month than earlier this month. supporters of the military leaders took to the streets to call on the army to take back control. pro democracy gross said, it was an attempt by the military to retake power. on saturday,
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tens of thousands of people held protests to show solidarity. whither transitional government? ah. lettering in our guests from del, how we have. we're lead madiba, founder and president of the saddam policy forum in nairobi. jonas horner, deputy director for horn of africa and senior analyst for sedan or the international crisis group. and over in edinburgh, scotland, alex, the war executive director over the world peace foundation and research professor, either duff's, fletcher school of law and diplomacy. thank you all for joining us. will lead by dissolving the ruling council. the transitional government declaring state of emergency arresting senior government officials, including prime minister of the land, or what its army she's trying to say here. i will be composed and scrutinize the speech of mister con,
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especially if we look at articles 11121516. when he 471 and 72, that with eliminated from the new constitution or document the he's, he said he is ready to abide with. there are 2 categories here that are 3 article that has to do with seem issuing decrease. and there is the other category which has to do with he has done away with the article that had to do with dismantling of the flemish states and combating of corruption. and the other beginning had to do with he had done away with the article that dealt with investigating the crime. and at which
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point we ought to remember that about $1800.00. that's when attacked. use it using the ssl whip on and we don't know there are some that are missing. so if, if you look at him removing those 2 arctic, it's thought those 2 important arctic is, it seems that the army was pushed to the corner since there was no discourse between disobedience and the army office of the sovereign council. it seems that there was no room for compromise. it seems that the officer was freed. this the whole thing of investigating the crime. and they didn't want to go with his mind getting that missed which is going to weaken position in politics as it is saying. the military establishment is trying to prevent any prosecution in the near future, which was the power sharing with the civilians about the atrocities committed and
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particularly those that were committed during the absolute for the the after 2019 join us. is it fair to say that all the power sharing deals and all the architecture that was a started post april 2019 out of now scrapped? are now that part of the past. i don't think that necessarily has to be the case and you know, it's, it's all up until now there has been considerable effort from, from all sides in many ways to, to somehow stay within the norms of the constitutional declaration. and also that uber agreement, even though there was very little in the way of, of implementation. so, so, you know, i wouldn't say that this is, this is an entirely over and there have been efforts even before today to broker the sort of piece and, and, and a court between the 3 components of this 3 main components of this transition,
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which are the arm groups who came in for the job agreement, the military and etc. but they, they've all there been efforts to try to put together a deal that would allow everyone and have a little bit of walking once. but what we've seen this morning is the tearing asunder of that effort. i wouldn't say these institutions rover, but there they've certainly been rocked. alex, when you look at the of the announcement. so basically i've had to have 100 saying that the sovereign counsel goes along with a transitional government by the transition admitted to council, thus thought the queen, 2001900 stays impala. which means that the book will remain the ultimate authority in sudan, and he says that he will form a new government who will also a full the just the logistics of counsel and who ensure that the lectures will be held into 2020 we. i mean, it could be
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a clear message that you know what you have to do with me from now onwards. it's a naked, brutal power crowd. and no language that comes out of our hands mouth can mask the basic reality that what he is trying to do is to tear up the aspirations of the sudanese people as expressed in the 2019 revolution. the revolutionaries, the democrats were ready to compromise with the military. they were ready to allow the military to, to, to retain a considerable share in power and also very programatically they were unable to, to roll back the military's control over many commanding sectors of the economy. and when they tried to do that, and when the prospect on the head of the sovereignty council being rotated as was it agreed from the military to the civilians. in the coming months of our homestead,
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he basically wants to see quite what he expects to achieve with this other than returning sudan to the status quo ante before the revolution. i really don't know what to do. you think that the co arbitration bit when the civilians and the army in sudan is over by the decision made today by the hon. absolutely. i think the except for the eastern i missed some cycle funds. he did. i don't think that any, any individual was from create that be the amount that he would be willing to work with with, with this military don't. and if we were to critique the tactic, i mean, no one would have imagined that i'm away adopt that i speak methodology
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knowingly. that he is just using the name of the army. it was basically that the r f, the rapid or says that secured the area that we have sensitive and and, and made an attempt to secure other facilities of critical importance to the government . it is basically the r s f that has held both on succeed in his this could be done. so should, should, that could fill in an or in kevin pressure. i think that are going to be some baby serious the regions within the army. which boring date is going to be some very bloody confrontation between the army and delicious that's already already encountered. so god forbid that this, this could be tough in there is going to be
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a confrontation between the army, which we expect much subside. ok, and the militia that came from abroad journal, it seems that the army and the civilians out on a collision course by the question is, what kind of leverage does the civilian establishment hobbins so that in the near future to reverse the decisions made by the bible by the humble hon. well, very few, you know, obviously people have come out very speedily on to the streets to express their opposition to the military's unilateral takeover of power. and it really is, you know, this all began with collective action in late 2018 and moving into 2019 and, and deliver, you know, the inspiring and, and prehistoric removal after 30 years over, over sheer. so, you know, those tactics have worked before they also rely heavily on non violence and which confounded the military in many ways. and so along with collective action and then
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return to some of the proven structures such as the soonest professionals association. you know, there's also a need for a real championing, of other sorts of messaging and, and the coals is that the people on the streets are going to want to see, you know, they have also avoid quite clear leadership throughout the revolution. and, and they may pursue this approach again, you know, especially given that the, the, the, the talisman for the revolution. today's however strong or weak you may have been to, the prime minister has been, has been, goes to the way honest. i mean, it was not a secret, a tool that the military takeover was just going to be a matter of time. you look at the protest pro, a military protest of the will choreographed by the establishment. you look at the statements made by the ministry following the attempted coup last month, but the question is, why would a boy, hon, go for this drastic measures when he knows that no one in the international
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community, the main back as the main donors, reject military takeovers that is the big puzzle, the one legitimate criticism that he may have heard of the civilian government was that it had failed to deliver on the the promise of economic stabilization. the economic crisis ensued on remains dyer. and that's actually very largely the responsibility of the international donors who are very, very slow in, in providing the necessary assistance to stabilize dawn. but they have been doing that over the last few months. the now we have had that rescheduling debt relief, the lifting of the state sponsors of terror designation, the beginnings of economic normalization. and that can be credited to the civilian leadership and especially to to adela dock. now there is no chance that the united states, the urban union, the world bank, etc, are going to come in and say,
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we don't mind having the democratic transition torn up. the other option that the albert hand might have is to get some cash in hand from the saudis and the moratti's for that is not either. and it's striking that the ira believe, came with a statement that didn't just corporate dialogue, but cold for a return to the constitutional agreement of 2019. and i think it's not likely of the arab league would have got very much out of step with the, with the egyptians. so it is quite unclear to me where possible, foreign financial support for alper homes poach is going to come from. well, it, we, we've seen all of those statements coming from the us from the, from a different keep play as denouncing the decisions made by hand. but do you think that this could be translated into sanctions targeting the military regime?
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its its own unclear if we investigate the your graphic landscape. your i think on would not have attempted this. it could detach with, without getting approval from a deep sions or from you eat. but if you look at the situation of so that it's, it's a company that is trying to make a transition to democracy. and it's in the midst of a region that is dominated by autocrats so in they don't like democracy, but they do have a space for miss. so it's not clear if one is just going to in the absence of any political and social grounding, it's not yet clear that he will just go back to the next thing was that you missed . if he does such a thing, then that is that different it's suicide. but let us be in mind that the american,
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i mean the american especially boy, that some of the piano is spread especially invoice when it comes to only 48 hours a normal. so if we don't know if they have given on behind the green light or whether they, they just stipulated some conditions here and there. but i think what is i to stay is, is the economic situation is the, the situation now is where sitting the dishes are bad. there is that economy prices and these any 4 guys to come in already. $3000000000.00 coming from the, from the world bank, but it was, it's not clear if the civilians now have the institutional capacity needed to prepare projects for such for such dusky video dots. join us about hand made it
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clear that who will preserve who wants to preserve the job agreement. that was fine with the 2 key factions operating into 4 unsolved cordova. but do you think that these factions will be willing to be part of an establishment when we know from the beginning that we're always skeptical of the military jones, of the soul, of them as reminiscent of the old order. and they were only encouraged when they said, you know what, a house with the civilians. so that would be a different country to live in. well speaking with essentially all of the commander suit signed onto the agreement back during the talks in, in june. but what i found was, you know, a set of gentlemen who were in many ways much more concerned about ending up on the side of the winter. you know, there was real concern that the civilians had the strengths and capacity and wherewithal to actually deliver this transition. and in many ways, as you've seen the split of the force,
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freedom and change in sudan revolutionary front, just new 2 or 3 weeks ago. you've seen the finance minister and head of the justice and equality movement, job really raheem and many monopoly of the city liberation army. take off in their own direction and essentially in the direction of the military. because they feel that where they to be faced with the sort of elections and an open or test of their popularity, that the transition is meant to create that they would lose very badly that they would not be competitive candidates. and so they have decided to, rather than standing behind the sorts of values to put them in the bush fighting against the government for 20 years. and so they decided to, to, to, to hue much more closely towards the military who they do see as much more likely to be able to deliver them more sustained around an hour. it was alex, it was quite obvious for quite some time in so then that the military establishment is trying to cope the lead to brian tribal leaders to try to influence the decision
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decision making process in the country. but to what extent that could be helpful in the near future, we're talking about a country that has been beset for cent, for decades and decades by instability and dictatorship. well that was absolutely the, the method that was used by omar alba, she had to stay in power. we call it the political market place just buying off the the provincial a leads a tribal. ready elders, the militia commanders, rebel leaders, etc, etc. and many more now we and you bring that he brought him what, what also players in this game. and yes, i'm sure that his walk to albert han is going to try and do in the short term, but he faces not only the problem that he cannot buy off the international community and cannot buy off the street. but also, there are the 2 most significant rural provincial armed groups, the sudan liberation movement of up the life of nor endorsed for and the s p l. a.
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north of the lazar in lieu in the mountains and south quarter from they had not yet bought into the jupiter agreement and the very railroads that the active and conflict with these 2 groups will resume at scale. so albert is actually not only risking the entire democratic transition, but he's also jeopardizing the completion of an incomplete piece process in in quarter plan and are for i have very few questions left well need 1st of all and briefly if you don't mind those moderate civilians who had hopes that this could be conducive to a genuine democracy and said that when they saw what happened when they saw the describe as a betrayal by the army chief, do you think that this could lead them to more of an aggressive stance in the near future i believe that the needs are going
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to maintain peaceful tactics. attempted again, is that with any and now again is on. however, my feet, some comes from the track that people are already out in the streets and they are adam and again, is this and should things where to say that is going to be a confrontation which may need to some bloodshed. right, yes. i mean, during june of 2015 at the sit in some 1800 interview protesters were killed. now we're not talking about a protest in a very concise place. we're talking about the protest a nationwide and,
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and i think that i just prayed to god, that things won't go through to this extent, jonas, the army is not a cohesive entity in sudan. you have the professional soldiers, you have those who are loyal to the l bashir. you have committee who is widely considered as an outsider and do think that this institution itself will be able to move forward united under the command of hon for as long as it takes i think the current dispensation and certainly the events of the last few weeks have been incredibly short sighted there and they're based all on very short term interests. once those short term interest do not serve the stakeholders who are part of them anymore, and they will have to go on for new partners. so, you know, i think, you know, those, those divisions are destined to, to, to, by the military back ultima, i think, you know, one, you know,
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under appreciated component here and, and a catalyst for today's events really was egypt integral role in bringing the rapids for courses and the sudan armed forces back together in early june to force very close to, to baffled themselves inside cartoon. alex, this is exactly the dream that albert han and the t m. c. was trying to sell to the people of sedan under our control. if you go along with us for the transitional period, we will offer peace stability, and we will be a much stronger nation for the near future. those people who are. so what happened with those announcement? do you think that they would feel that everything has been completely shut, living the country in a total limbo? i think elbow hong's. credibility is an all time low. it's. he really doesn't speak with authority of a man who can be trusted or a man who commands the political landscape. and one's hope
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in the coming weeks. is that actually the military having shown it, it will be unable to accomplish any of the tasks that it has promised for itself. and the revolutionary aspirations of those sudanese democrats of 2 years ago cannot last before built their revolution can be, can be accomplished and the military can be reduced to it's much smaller. i wrote her role in sudanese society and this is all happening with african youth has been basically saying that it was hoping to silence guns and to put an end to a long era of military coups and dictatorship in the continent. bye. see that we have to wait and perhaps is going to be a long way to go before we see more peaceful, civilian government, preventing a part of the world. what is the medical john us horn alex to wall. thank you very much for your insight. looking forward to talking to you in the near future. and thank you for watching. you can see the program again any time by visiting our
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website. i'll just the law dot com for further discussion. got our facebook page about facebook dot com forward slash a jane size story. you can also join the conversation to what al 100 is, add a jane size story for me, how to move about i and the entire team into bye for now. if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in the sense race is the story of america what's working and what's not a lot of people, we're only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, compelling, we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continued to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was
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life, unequal to broadcasting. some nelson have been on august night, he was born a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running from talk to al jazeera, we ask, how would you describe taliban relationship with the us? we listen copied. mancini is not told for covered 90 nesbitt terrible demonstration of the failure of human solely that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera. ah, confronted with some of the worlds was des quality, mongolia government has begun shutting the nation's polluted capital. cities, coal mines. ah. but as the struggle rages to save the environment above ground, what does the future hold for the men who earn their living beneath it?
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a witness at the coal face on al jazeera ah, a protest is returned to the streets denouncing monday's qu in sudan, while the u. s. suspends millions of dollars in 8 ah, uncommon santa maria, near in doha, with the world news from al jazeera southeast asian leaders are meeting for a summit, focused on me and mob box having excluded the country's joan to lead it from attending. all. so australia commits to a 35 percent emissions.


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