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hello, good g d p. special coverage on al jazeera, teach, you know, you can watch out to see were english streaming live on like you to channels plus thousands of all programs. award winning documentaries. and in depth news reports. subscribe to you choose dot com, forward slash al jazeera english. ah, the roadblocks remain with tensions. hi, after the coo and see dad, the general who led the takeover says he had to do it to stop a civil war. we have witnessed political fragmentation and had prompted the armed forces to step out of them. ah, money, bob, this is al jazeera life of london,
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also coming up. the target is 1.5 degrees, but the reality is the well could warm by daily doubled that this century, the un warns more is needed to have a disaster. charging brazil as president, with crimes against humanity over his approach to the pandemic. the senate votes with the result expected soon. and ukraine last crimea, but it may get back some of its treasures, dutch museums told to hand back golden artifacts. ah, the other books are still in place. seems to dance capital a day after mounting political precious turned into a military coup. the scene in costume has been relatively peaceful after deadly protests on monday. the internet is still down, but military source is tell al jazeera, the prime minister has been taken back to his residence. the un security council is
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holding an emergency meeting on the crisis will have more on that shortly. but 1st, the man who led the co says he acted to avoid a civil war, as have been morgan reports from cassim, general abdel fatter albert m claims. it was a gentleman take over. oh, the level clinical uses. it was not a cool. that's the message from sedans, military leader who overthrew the interim government on monday, general abdel for the hon says he took power to help dance transition to democracy and avoid a civil war. but that's what we have experienced a bottleneck of occasions where we had to stand up to the prime minister and the factions who had signed our constitutional document. on these occasions, we had witnessed a great deal of disagreements. it was a struggle for power sharing, distribution of legislative council seats and offices of the executive branch. as a result, we have witness political fragmentation and it prompted the armed forces to step in at them to dance into government was created in 2019 after mass protests lead to
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the overthrow of long time leader on whatever she had. it was a combination of civil and military leaders as part of a power sharing agreement in response to the demands of protesters. analysts say it's not clear how general behind intense to address the many problems now facing for dam. with 3 huge challenges at placed one was the economy, the 2nd was actually putting in place all the institutions for folk democracy. and the 3rd was consolidating peace with armed groups. and it is entirely unclear what proposals general alper hand house for, tackling these problems. in fact, it would appear because he's just digging him so deeper into the whole. hundreds of people continued to protest against the power grab, despite a violent response by security forces on monday to dance economy has been struggling after years of conflict and uncertainty. but this grew could makes and
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even worse, the u. s. is reevaluating its relationship and has suspended a $700000000.00 assistance package for the now depos, transitional government. we firmly reject the assertions that this is within the authority of the military leadership and sudan. from our perspective, these actions are utterly unacceptable. they contravene the constitutional declaration, but more importantly they contravene the aspiration of the sudanese people. general hans, as many government institutions will be found in the coming days to steer the country until elections in 2023. the military stake over has sent to them back to 2019, when the army was in charge and the internet was shut down and processed as they are out in the streets. again, despite violence by security forces, promising that their demands for an enter, the military rule will be heard. he will morgan al jazeera, how soon? we can now go straight to hipaa who's live on the phone for us in carter ebert, please tell us more about the whereabouts, the prime minister. yes,
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me. what we do understand from sources is that the prime minister has been taken back to his house and his residence. and so that's another part of the topic where he resides. but there's also a heavy military presence in that area. so it's not clear that we had how much freedom of movement he had. and if he would be allowed to speak to the media or make contact with anyone at all in the coming days. but this come just hours after you know, not this at the han said that he has must be the president as a prime minister, but rather taken him to his residence, a residence of the general for his own safety because of the danger that he was facing now of course, people on the street has been demanding, there will be of the prime minister and the members of cabinets who have been arrested and the members of the council as well. despite the violence by security forces, we've seen people setting up barricades and road blocks on the road,
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burning tires, and many of them calling for civil disobedience. so things are developing and then we have more and more people saying that they want to despite the promise from general, not been back in the cabinet that he will on would be a civilian capital. he did mention in his press briefing earlier that he wants the prime minister to be part of that. and that could be a reason why we're being him, being back to his residence. but it's not clear yet what best cabinet would look like. and if the prime minister will be a part of it, have a, do you get the impression that this move may potentially take the wind out of the sales of the, of the processes like this or diffuse some tension due to. 7 well, of course this is happened, demanding is that they want to see him back at time. and they also want to be returned to the constitutional declaration, the foreign sharing agreement, that the line between the military and the force of freedom and change coalition.
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now when general to take over, he said that he was spending key articles, in fact occupational declaration which includes the formation of the council and the council. those are the council that were leading to previous transitional government. and he also suspended the authority and the powers that counsel patch. people say that if that is not returned back again, if those are the articles i suspended that says that the transition to council has been dissolved. they said that if that transition military counselors brought back and if the sovereignty council and the executive on not brought back with the power that they had as particular ration, then they will not. and then they will continue demand for leadership. hipaa. thank you for that update. well, let's, i'll bring in kristen salumi, who joins us live from the united nations. of course, the un as been watching. what's happening in sudan very closely. kristen, just how concerned is the international community?
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yes. well, secretary general antonio terrace was quick to condemn the moved by the military and call for the release of prime minister hom doc. the high commission of human rights michel boshoway was also quick to condemn the events on the ground in sudan . the reaction from member states here at the united nations, i has ranged from expressions of grave concern to outright condemnation. the concern coming from china and russia, more strong words coming from the united states, the united kingdom i and norway, which are the pen holders. so to speak on sudan in the security council, but they are meeting behind closed doors at this hour. some members of the security council have not even gotten back to new york from a trip to africa at this stage in the fact that their meeting tells you how seriously they're taking the situation and how concerned they are. russia's ambassador on the way in to the meeting stopped short of calling the situation.
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they are a coo and some of these differences, of course, in language can, can have an effect. but i think it's safe to say that the, that a you on is very concerned. the humans been very involved in the political process, moving towards elections in 2023 in sudan and the purpose of the meeting this afternoon, according to the u. k. ambassador barbara woodward who spoke on the way, ann is to see if there is more steps at the security council can take to help the situation on the ground there. given that it says that the officials appears to be playing catch up when it comes to understanding the full situation of force going on in sudan to expect any action from the council. we know, of course the united states yesterday decided to count 700000000 dollars in aid to sedan, a clear message from the u. s. what are the leave us? do you think name special committee? come pull if any well the problem is they can't do anything unless the permanent 5 members of the security council agree on a way forward. and that has been
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a difficult thing to achieve. and many issues in the united nations this year and sudan is looking to be the same as the secretary general would like to see a statement from the council that is unified. and he earlier today made the comment that there's been an epidemic of coups and he actually blame the lack of unity in the security council for leaders taking these outrageous steps around the globe. because there is no effective deterrence, that was the word that he used effective deterrence coming from the council because they can't speak with one voice. sudan has been an area where there has been more unity than in other areas, say like me and mar or a afghanistan so. so there is some hope that there will be a unified state from, from the counsel if not today in the coming days. human rights watch the humanitarian organization has called for the counsel to explicitly call and
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military leaders not to a to allow protests in the street. that's one thing that they're calling for an open meeting of the security council. so these things could be, discuss publicly, will be monitoring it here. chris and thank you very much. those christian salumi live of the united nations on the situation in pseudo. ah, we're just days ago before a major climate conference, the u. n. is warning the promise is already made to cut emissions aren't enough. even with many countries setting new net 0 emissions targets. it's forecast a cut in greenhouse gases, around 7 and a half percent by 2030. but the report says emissions actually need to be cut by 55 percent in that time. if there's any hope of sticking to the 1.5 degrees celsius, increase the supposed to stave off the worst effects of climate change. the report
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says there is a 60 percent chance temperatures will rise by nearly double that $2.00 degrees celsius by the end of the century. and the u. n warns that some nations, including brazil, china and india won't cost at all, emitting more greenhouse gases by 2030 than they did 11 years ago or anger. anderson is executive director of the u and environment program. she says they will hold nations to their promises to cut emissions when at this point right, countries have given in what are referred to us in dcs. these promissory note, national determined contributions where they said this is what we are stretching our ambition to do. and when we add it all up, it shaves off 7.5 percent of our emissions. if we want to land at $1.00, we need to be much more ambitious. we need to be 7 times more ambitious and reduced by 55 per cent. if we want to land at 2 degrees at the end of the century, and honestly we don't, then we need to increase on vision by 4 times and reduced by 30 percent our radar,
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our, our emissions. so there is a to do item here, and the g 20 countries east 20 large economies are responsible for 78 percent of all emissions. so the to do item lies with them. and within the g 20, obviously the developed countries have a special responsibility to really step up. but actually everyone does all 193 member states of the united nations must step up as best they can. we obviously are going to hold every one to their words. these, these net 0 pledges have not yet been formalized in the submission to the convention for climate change. but when we take these net 0 pledges into account, instead of hitting 2.7 degrees at the end of the century, we had 2.2 degrees. that's still too much, but it shows what is possible. in other news, brazil, senators voting on
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a set of 9 criminal charges against the countries president on his handling of the pandemic. if it passes, the attorney general will have 30 days to decide if you are both on our ocean. freight charges, including crimes against humanity, is also accused of misusing public money and being a charlatan for puddling. the improve and use of hydra clocks are called flor queen sen say many of the countries, 600000 corona virus, deaths could have been avoided. well, let's go to monitor yet a care of his in gwinnett, sir, is monica rives. quote, a long list of 9 charges, including, as i mentioned, crimes against humanity and peddling these a proven medicine. what more does the report say about balsam are, is humbling of the pandemic. well, this is likely that these are the final moments now of the road that that's been going on since or early morning and on the new thing that was added to this report . which wasn't there before, was
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a that they decided to ask for me to ban prison bull so narrow from social media. they're going to ask the supreme court to do this. and why are they asking this? because since last week, when the report was issued, i and until now, presidential so not a went live on the social media and made allegations that aren't true. and he linked the vaccines against corona virus to aids. he said that people that had been twice vaccinated. i had received 2 doses of vaccines in the u. k. ah, had acquired aids at a faster pace than expected. so this is something that he has been accused of doing before also of all of giving of some spreading. i doubt of doubting of his vaccine of giving misinformation. so now at this report
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has added this charge, which is that they're going to ask the supreme court to ban him from the social media. although you tube has already taken down the video and so has facebook. ok on a curve in bonus, harris. thank you. still to come on al jazeera, very different image from the traditional taliban fighter, the but the 313, are the taliban special forces kid out in uniforms. north american accessories, also a change in p. r. wanting to move away from the idea of an insurgency and being an official for jury arm of the state. i'm stephanie decorate. hobble will have that story. i mean boeing out of your life. japan's princess marco marries her comment. boyfriend of to years. media scrutiny. ah.
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hello we got more stormy weather. churning away across central parts of the mediterranean still clutches. storms remains in place. more very heavy downpours into southern parts of italy pushing over to ward. so some areas of grease, sand. but for many, for europe as you can see, large fine and dry, we have got that atlantic feet of wet weather. and at times windy weather, pushing in across the north, whether the lease is balled, whether it's coming in from the, at the tropics. at the end of the day, 16 celsius in glasgow getting up to around 17 celsius there in london. but it will turn increasingly wet across ireland across much of the u. k. as we go on through a wet and stipe tick across northern areas of england, pushing across into scotland and more of the same as you go on for a thursday. possibility of some localized flooding coming through here. it'll grassy turn, some wetter, across wiles and the southwest approaches of english. for many, as i said is fine and dry. lots of lovely sunshine coming through. well, quite
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a lovey into the magic sea, we still have that little circulation there. more heavy downpours coming in across sicily, pushing into the far south of italy, easing across into southern aries, a great creek. for example, seeing some live the shares wanted to showers, also affecting northern areas of to nydia, northern calls of algeria staying, went through the gulf, guinea, and back to west africa. ah, ah wilhelm into a world of confidence, service excellence. without you business class, which way your privacy is paramount and your experience can sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera weighs the airlines you can rely on lou
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ah, one of the top stories here on the al jazeera, the general, who led to dance qu on monday, says he did it to avoid a civil war. comes as sources in his office, say the prime minister has now been taken to his residence after being detained. un climate report says global promises to cost emissions aren't enough to beat the paris agreement targets of a $1.00 degree temperature rise. it says there's a 60 percent chance temperatures will rise by nearly doubled that brazil senate is a voting on a set of knowing criminal charges against the countries president on his handling of the pandemic. scientists are site many of the country, 600000 corona virus deaths could have been avoided if his government tackled the
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pandemic. effectively. normal operations are slowly resuming at cobble airports more than to bounce off to chaotic western evacuation efforts. as the taliban took control, aid is now being flown in how long with a few charter and evacuation flights with security managed by an elite taliban unit . stephanie deca has this exclusive report patrolling cobbles, international airport, the badge we 313 especial unit of the taliban. they didn't look like your traditional taliban fighter. out of the boundaries gets elected. you know, who are they? the most important collisions. number one, be off against no one from my other country can be for the number 2. they are muslims, of course, on number, free or healthy strong. and of course, the most important is to be
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a market and seeker, the units members have been responsible for some of the deadliest attacks against us in nato forces and the afghan national army. during years of conflict badge we 313 is seen as one of the most elite and hard core units of the taliban. yeah, we can go. we come got. we were given rare access to them at cobble airport. it is the only part of the capitol where it's being deployed. we're told one of the things that distinguishes the battery 3. 13 visually from other taliban fighters is their uniforms also wearing american accessories like sunglasses, face moss, and night vision goggles. this is also part of a p r change moving away from the idea of being an insurgency. and our being a very well trained official security arm of this day. we meet the airport commander mohammed salim side is in charge of the battery, 3131 at securing the airport. the hyperbola comics from the airport to represent the whole country. so most important point to show that our country is functioning
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as security and flights are operational. so to maintain this, we needed a loyal and well trained unit. the troops that are station here are the suicide unit of the battery, 313. and whenever the security situation becomes more stable, they will go back to their camps and the previous governments police force will come back and maintain the security, the job by the, to with this getting thought from here. securing the man in france, the front door and looking safe and warm and those who are being sued away. and since i the important because a concern is a, is car bombs. yes or so. so to kind of concerned that still exist and we cannot ignore, done professionally, we are 2 or 31 you see here they are checking the people who are getting fed just the drivers being checked here, all the people are checked, the inside inside. there's a body check. it remains mistrust between the people and the taliban. for many afghans, years of conflict are not easy to forget. mobile, oh,
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or message to our country men is don't fear these lie mc emirates of afghanistan on the 20 year fight was to defend your rights. we are not your enemies. we are, your friend was up and we will secure your life and your belongings on the streets of the capital. we want to get a sense of how people see them. well, as the security is better than before, but welcome the economy are in a very bad state. i'm asking the world why half a block have kind of stones money. it's not the taliban. so i sals, it's the money of the afghans they need to release it. i love it, i'm all here. rather they see they'll ensure security, but they can't because there's no work, no jobs. people are exhausted. they can sure security like this. it is one thing to talk about change to give assurances that things will be different from the past. but after decades of conflict, it will take time for trust between afghans to be rebuilt, stephanie decker, al jazeera, cobble. iran soil ministry is blaming a cyber attack for knocking out
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a large number of petrol stations across the country that have been long queues to get fuel in the capital, terran and other cities. according to state media, people trying to buy fuel with a government issued card are receiving error messages. most iranians rely on subsidies to fill their vehicles. an explosion on a bus near the ugandan capital compiler on monday has killed at least 2 people. police say a suicide bomber was responsible and was a known member of the allied democratic forces. an armed group linked to iso, the attack comes after one person was killed by a bomb at a restaurant on saturday. i saw has claimed responsibility for that attack. well then, a dozen tornadoes have been reported in the us state of missouri and illinois. the storms, tor roofs, off buildings, up rita, trees and destroyed power lines and vehicles, cru say will take some time to fully assess the damage. the storms dropped heavy rain in some areas leading to flooding. despite the damage there have been no
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reports of serious injuries or fatalities. more bad weather is expected across the midwest later this week. our dutch appeals courts as a collection of ancient crimean gold artifact should be returned to ukraine. both russia and ukraine have claimed ownership of the collection dating back to the 2nd century. the pieces were on display in amsterdam museum when russia annex crimea in 2014. for crimea, museums launched a joint legal bid 7 years ago to reclaim the historic treasure dub, the city in gold. the museum can still appeal to the supreme court. said parson, as more from amsterdam for the past 5 years, judges. and then abilene have tried to find an answer to the question to whom belongs to crime me in gold collection has been stored here at the museum and i'm so them ever since. and exhibition was held in 2014, and a collection was borrowed from mia. not realizing that only
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a few months later crimea would be an x by russia. and the ownership question became an issue of a long legal debate. the appeal court has now decided that the ownership lights with ukraine upholding an earlier further from 2016. the judges see that the artifact, hundreds of them, and also a sense of peace, which dates back to 2 centuries before christ are of national interest to ukraine. and only a sovereign nation can lay claim to its cultural heritage. crimea is not considered a legal part of russia by most countries, including the natalie and the crimea. museums were already had to feel the earlier for the appeal. again, the supreme court, they say the artifacts were found, inclined mia and belong there. while waiting for the supreme court verdict, the collection will likely remain here and answer them. japan's princess marco has given up her royal title, but gained a husband and
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a low key marriage. this dividing public opinion a call it's sweetheart. k. camaro is a commoner. and along with the financial scandal, the relationship generated years of media retention. but the couple may now be hoping to get away from it all by moving to the u. s. s. husband and wife branca gupta reports the asteroid japan's princess mako didn't bow to criticism or intense public scrutiny about her marrying the man she loves. instead, with a symbol farrell, at the doors of the period residence, the emperor's niece said good bye to a family and her royal title. it was the typical fairy tale japanese roy reading. mark okamuro as she is now known, and her husband keiko morrow skipped the wedding ceremony and rituals. instead filing marriage papers before making a media statement. what actually thought dick case our k, to me, k is an irreplaceable person. and for us, seek marriage was
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a necessary choice to live while cherishing our hearts was ox you are. mac was all i story, must. i love marco. i want to spend my only life with someone i love until now we have shared and encouraged various feelings. both when we were happy and when we do not you more prince to smuggle, grew up in a roy system that heaps extra pressure on its fema members. and are engaged, been brought an even more intense media spotlight, including around a financial scandal involving her husband's family, docked to see she still recovering from a form of post traumatic stress disorder. but despite her personal struggles, public opinion remains divided on the marriage bank. now, i am very much against those who are against this marriage and sincerely wish mekaux to be happy. the most important thing is that she is happy in the future, made the n cut on the media coverage of the story was it seems to me exaggerated
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and i feel sorry for her in that sense. but on the other hand, she had a symbolic status, a pillar of our country. she was a public figure. japan's mean voice can marry outside freely, but for women, it means forfeiting their royal status. japan is also one of the few monarchies with only a meal line of succession in a country that already ranks poorly engender quality. the latest departure least imperial family with just 17 members. only 3 are as to the throne. many want to set sustained a status quo, especially amongst the emperor in his family. ah, the fact of the matter is, is that although the japanese emperor or the royal family do not have any autonomy over political issues, are you gonna mc issues there still remained to be a very strong symbol of the japanese. and for that reason, a lot of japanese walk to somehow keep the image that they want to keep.
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for some princess macos tumultuous engagement is perhaps a missed opportunity to mix symbolic changes to old traditions. as a couple prepares for new life abroad, bianca altogether. don't forget that you can find out much more about the clerks of japan's royal household and other of our top stories, including the ongoing qu, in sudan on our website. ouch is 0. dot com. ah, the reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, see dance talk general says he dismissed the country's transitional government to avoid a civil war. general abdel fatter album hand claims it was a legitimate takeover as protest continue into their 2nd day sources from bro hands office, say prime minister abdullah. hum dog has now been taken to.


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