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tv   [untitled]    October 28, 2021 5:30pm-6:01pm AST

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campaign is, i'm the authorities in the united kingdom on the progressing as fast as they wanted to. they said that they had several problems, several hobbles to try to get them back. they also worried that thousands of us may not be finally returned home, simply because they are in the hands of private collectors. they want to ensure that these artifact i brought back, but they also warned that this could take a very long time before they finally reclaimed. ah, hello, this is al jazeera and these that help stories this hour. you as president joe biden, is expected to announce a new framework for his social spending plan. senior administration official said you're buying a blaze. this version can win the support of all democrats to revise due will now come in at $1.00 trillion dollars. allen fisher has more from washington dc. there's going to be clean energy tax credit,
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which he hopes will boost manufacturing in the united states. and there's going to be an increase in the well, a continuation of the child tax credit which has been going on through the pandemic . it gives families about $300.00 a month per child. that will continue for at least a year, although not indefinitely, as he had wanted. and there's expansion of health care coverage at the white house believe because i was going to bring 7000000 people who don't have health care at the moment back into the fault and give them some sort of cover. the un security council has just issued its 1st statement expressing serious concern about the military takeover in sudan. the u. s. has cold for the release of all of those detained by the military. it's ami later has sacked at least 6 ambassadors as international pressure grows against mondays code. the u. k. has rejected threats from france to block its boats from french ports, saying that's the branch of international law. the french government says it needs more licenses for a fisherman in u. k. waters,
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or it may impose sanctions. pakistan's government is threatening to crack down on a band group after full police officers were killed at a rally near the whole members of the 2 re key le, back party demanding the release of their late india has successfully testified an intercontinental ballistic missile. the acne 5 has a range of 5000 kilometers and is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead is believed to be able to strike nearly all of china. and farmers in sri lanka, protesting against a lack of fertilizer as the cultivation station gets under way. that shortage follows a government decision to ban all agro chemicals. the ban is part of the government clamped down on what it calls non essential imports during a foreign currency crisis. those are the headline states you now for this string. world is experiencing unprecedented extreme weather. record temperatures have been said glass years and i feel for deteriorating false. remember the quote running
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down world leaders are moving laws, go in the u. k. in a bit of fresh out of a deal to slashing machine to port to late all over you and climate summit on al jazeera. i anthony ok today on the screen we are looking at see dance transition to democracy. other on this week the power sharing agreement between civilians and the military and did abruptly. now general abdul fata alba had is in charge. if you're new to right now you can be part of our discussion. what would you like to know about the military coup? what would you like to share about military coup? the comment section is right here. be part of today's program. earlier on today, i ask hippa morgan, she's out as he was corresponding his county in how tune in, sudan, i asta, can you show us an idea of what it is like to be in how to right now, just to dale,
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to after a military coup? she standing in the middle of the street, the camera personally standing in the middle street in the middle of the day in the middle of the week. it gives you some indication as to things aren't quite normal. here's what him told us. now we're on one of the street that normally around this time of the day around mid afternoon, is very busy with all the shops open. but right now it's the complete opposite. many business owners say that they're not sure what impact the military tick over will have on sedans, economy her values her team a few hours ago. hello. have us take it to have a sense of being part of our program and sama, please introduce yourself to stream audience. tell them who you are and what you do . yeah, thanks for inviting me. my name is selma de la la. so the nice political scientist on research show was currently busy molly, so some are welcome. have
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a good feel for the last couple days you've been trying to help us understand on the audi 0 news, what is going on? what triggered what seems to need to be quite an abrupt change from this power sharing agreement to just the military empower hipaa well, i think the military basically fine opportunity to take over from the civilians because of the decisions that's happening. i think it could be followed from the very beginning against the here and when the change or listen when you are there are differences between the were and before and civilian political parties. and i think with the vision and the difference between the wider and wider as an opportunity,
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knowing when they come to power actually. and that they're interested. i think that was even with the information that we had the knowledge and following up the 3rd from the very beginning, i think the fact that you know, prior to the military people, but there was a presidential policy where some groups are actually off a little bit of a shock, you know, again these are people who over place that they wanted to talk with you on. this is democracy by ownership for years. and i think we'll wrap my head around the fact that, you know, your political parties were an on who, who was one of the military facilities. right. and now here they are taking this money back to that 11 time. and once again,
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to do this is all the time government that need to power the partially agreement and trying to leave the transition made so many women have much more right before the economy is improving for them to look at out of the list of state carriers in the us all that for people to do from the government to keep anything and know why mason over and ok will practices if something is wrong. let me just bring in the general with us. this is a general speaking on october, the 26 tom, i'm going to play this to you. i would really love you to respond. here is a lot is a prime minister. abdullah humbug suggested an initiative in order to unify all parties. and we sat to discuss it with himself and the freedom and changed forces, who suggested an initiative, and we agreed on it. it had 6 points,
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but the freedom and changed forces refused to sit with us or even discuss the matter. they replied with a written document including 9 or 10 points. oh yes, i said. and one of that in the 2nd initiative, we told the prime minister that there must be a solution adopted by both sides. we said in our discussions with the prime minister that we need to speak to the political parties in order to extend the basis of participation, which we were discussing up until the day before yesterday. from a, what do you make of the acceleration? yes and is for me. oh, the 1st thing after listening to general burton will harm, i immediately could detect that he is not a creditor. he do nice to describe it. he thinks what, what he has them is a form of trying to save dilution and try to bring that illusion back to the,
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to the right off. and of course, he's talking a lot about his effort. but despite all this stations, which has been between the military, under senior members of the government, i don't see this justifies this move that he, he did by you dissolving and the government under constitution declaration. and i think minister that is what they did. he was me with this and we question is obviously a response of the days to get it. it will re coming out to the streets and listing it by on using various techniques to do to yesterday and try to bring back better civilian government. there is a mystery that happened earlier on this week in that mystery is about the whereabouts of the sudanese prime minister, abdullah ham dog. i will look here on my laptop to tweet,
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so i wanted to share with you. i wonder whether he can clear up the mystery family sources say that they can't reach the prime minister or his wife on the phone. we don't know what the circumstances are currently. and then this is the general again, general alba had he. he was saying that the prime minister was at his home, but white that he would face harm. so he's now with me at my home. that's the general was home in the guest house. i was sitting with him last night, his living life normally in the guesthouse of the general, once threats or harms of sides, he can return to his home. hey beth, where is the prime minister to die right now? well, he is back. but you know what? i mean, he fell, you feel the media there are actually met him and spoke to him and check with his health. but you can talk to people for them. the fact that it is not
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the are prime minister, the way they used to him event going to work around the world that receiving of that is not there. then he's being moved from the house to another. especially because of the way the tuition on the internet should balance. so people didn't know initially where it was they knew that family members from the leasing office that he was in the morning in the early hours with me in 5 minutes. and then they gave you then again, even back in his residence where people are not okay with the older tuition, the fact that he's under the fact that he can move we and the fact that every single movie is right now in the military. and so
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the government that they're talking about, so yeah, everything serial to be honest. you know, again, i'm sorry if i may. yeah. yeah, i see her dad had that, but the people also didn't know the way out. most of them, of the prime minister, this was a source of for get anger for the public. i mean for many children or of course, asking and worried about about team and, and this is especially that he presents kind of the sequence of the seen one of the, of the pollution from them. so yeah, so many, it was really disturbing news to me. so then he's not to get to know where the prime minister and then when general one mission that
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he's how this was a kind of slow mix of fights for the people. i mean, usually in, in the middle you can now at the prime minister will team in j o in the prison or anything, but you cannot kind of kidnap human keeping in your house. so this was a quite a astonishing moment to hear the general one thoughts about them keeping them by anything in his house. what do you think? yeah, we'll see if i, if i may, i'm just gonna jump in here. and you mentioned that there was some difficulty with the internet connections, and we're still hearing that with the connection that we have review. we hear you is a little bit tricky audience. thank you so much for your patience for that. i'm going to move on a little bit cuz i don't wanna spend the whole whole program talking about the mystery of where is the prime minister? why can't we see, i mean, see that? i know that's important, but there's some other thoughts for you summer. this is john on twitter. he says
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the military, especially general bra han was never going to hand over leadership of the sovereign counsel to civilians in november. that was on the schedule right. november was when the, when the council or civilians were going to take over. as it was supposed to be, the crew was expected. it was a matter of when summer is not in your head articulate the not summer guide. i totally agree with was john or dissimilar? critical is no surprise for many students who have been following the events on daily basis. now we have seen the tensions between the civilian and military, a function of the government. we have seen a lot of firm statements and counter statements, and it was also clear that the general with hon was fed up with their civilian government and he's a fantasy thing to bring his on cabinet and already now we hear a lot of news that he started to our up what are kind of select his home on
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a comp competent terms? yeah. personhood come feel learned in the positions of the cabinet. yeah. and now yes, true. he is, there he was, he what he didn't want to give up a po on hand in the port to the civilian as it was said, should you ever if i, ma'am, i'm just going to dip into your twitter account and you shared you retreated a come out from david, mal pos, he's the head of the world bank group. the world bank group has pores disbursements in all of its operations. you suzanne on monday and stop processing any new operations. i'm gonna ask him why you shared that, but also via this comment. this question from one of our audience miss fin says i do believe that sydney's was so of the problems by themselves. no more interference of any countries at all. bearing in mind the stopping of disbursement from the world bank group a mess fin, saying sudan, we've got it. we can handle this,
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we don't need international interference. hipaa thoughts? well, it's one issue of international affairs thing that has been under economic action for more than 10 years and it has had impactful economy. so the reason why we treat david needs, because, you know, it's only the time where world back of the by and actually and in the phone book program for the families and the government, the government to fix it. that wasn't really the living public life. so that's, that's just significant the fact that these have been you know, the fragment of right and you committed to how to places and
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that's support that will affect the very crucial many families and with that policy number families in meetings. and that's if one of the side effects of the military people are having impact the african center on wednesday. but i think the biggest concern there, that's the reason why we decided because i was trying to let people know that this is probably in fact in the country. you know, if people outside will not be able to see that. but if it happens. ready to be because genova. hi it's, so some of you guys, as aga said, yeah it, i may, i just to learn a little to, to these. i think also for that, for many should any people. and it's really important that to, to, to see, do the international community support or that the buck, but the buck up there is a distance of discern liturgical. so this kind of his statement makes
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a lot of fun. yeah, it means a lot for many sudanese, also now to today we are also hearing a lot of firm western countries on oswald, our leg, the african union, and many other international institutions that aren't working, or unquote condemning at least them that the medical was that one for what the difference is that make tear sunday his cedar nice summer. how does that make you fill out? what can you can, can you, are you needing a just listing that that the number of international organizations bodies he was saying that this is a military coup. and that the civilian arrangement, the power sharing agreement should return as soon as possible. as somebody who is sydney is watching what's happening to your country from outside of your country. guy. yeah, of course, only minister then easily alive that it is upon the sudanese themselves or tool to change a yellow city. and it is damned that to love to bring back there before you turn on
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to to bring back the civilian girl. but of course, it would and cannot, is not, i isolated country and, and, and under pressure from the outside is crucial. are for these, i mean objectives to be realised, especially in the distinct community. so the string did aston or alba hand if he would be part of today's program. he didn't decide that he wanted to do that. but we have got a comment from him just early on in this meets trying to understand the military perspective and why the takeover has happened. this is what he said on october the 25th so that i will know got a sooner globe, a competent, an independent government will take care of the country until the upcoming elections. it will be formed, respecting and representing all sudanese people. yeah. so
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that it was the general on october the 25th. and this was ishmael. who is a journalist just a few hours ago, have a lesson a military coincident october 25th. and the development of the sovereignty council is a big setback for the democratization process. and should i'm following the december revolution, it raises fears that she ran maybe returning to this vicious cycle of civilian war . follow benwa's, hey, will followed by a popular uprising. this is not to say that there are no legitimate criticism. so that form is at the transitional government in the past 2 years, but also raises questions as to why the manager thought it was say to take such an action that this time spike to declare conditions of conscience like united states . and more importantly, the, she turned out that his posters on october 24th, when he 1st. yeah, rosie at the october revolution, indicating that the overwhelming majority should and he's no longer accept
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commercial. this is the question mark her many people watching from outside of see dan anyways. so now what happens, what will happen with the protestors who are out on the street. i know that you are doing some of that reporting today. what are you seeing? what is the sense the atmosphere that you're getting from them? lots of people, that's very fun. so if you see more and more verities quite shocked by viruses earlier because they were just a few meters away, longer and out in the 3 to 5 canceling. and you can see, and you know that the material since monday has been very over already people who have been killed. i'm one of the people have some interest. so there's violence and resiliency theory. and i feel like again theme or the father
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around the feed. every single time, the minister or any fight to get back from somebody, they come back with more that you need to come back with more than the standard population is that they're the ones who are producing it still surprises me. and i don't think i'll ever get over a violence situation to each one will probably provide health care invitation everything that a lot of people who use the buying to be to asian brown, you still seem even saying no, we are. so we one thing, a lot of resilience and i'm all of our shop by, by asking the state. so i got some, some,
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let me just bring in some of those voices. this is just last night in see dad, these are some of the young protest i have a look. hello sheila, serena me, the youth insist that there should be a civilian rule, but it gets are everywhere. this is one of the things that are sure us, that we are still committed to the streets, to our principles and protecting that evolution are bugging. i mean, the head of the people are mobilizing by themselves because there is no internet, no phone communications. nobody is leading us, not the freedom and change horses or the professionals association. the people in the street are leading themselves. we are not removing the barricades because the military, general abdel fata bur, had speech was not convincing. we will protest on october 30 at a blow job. some are, i'm seeing a lot of that defiance against the military on i you chief comments as people are
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watching the show. i'm gonna bring in one more voice and i'm going to go right back to you. this is how made he's a researcher, a policy analyst. he see. denise, once again, this release from commercial, the word and could that would resilience and unbreakable determination to financial and can source in the country where people, saddam it out in the streets, hiking peacefully without arms on using data forces and protecting themselves by using better case and little and set on their neighborhoods. however, the people of sudan are being blocked underwood because internet services were shut down in the country who needs to come to them quicker, people, sedan and protect civilian. gould and viewership in sudan military does not belong to government. should love be empowered, i should not be in church so called the cindy's people. yeah, for me i feel very powered on a yeah. here the statements, especially from the
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a young people getting their st. swire, or resisting or up facing a bruton military on the interstates of horton or they have been cut out from telecommunication and num, oh, there is a lot of pressure on done on them despite that you can see them are in high moral arm and even they're much more calmer than as for me personally, for example, i was sorted under well modeling of the, of the political one. i managed to call my family a completely, it completely changed my, my moral and a good feel that it did. it did me notion of them, of the people to bring back their around their civilian government. so as you could hear from their various reports, idea of using various tactics, sir, old and new tactic, saw specially em protests in the seats and civil obedience and. and now they are calling for discern big and protest under 30 years so far of october and,
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and here i would like also to, to mention that even that they're needing their dashboard are now are organizing and similar are protest in the response on or to in support of them are protest in sweden are which quite or so on. encouraging young ladies, we've got about one minute left in our discussion today. it's not long enough to talk about what's happening in sudan, but we got started. this is dan dan. dan had a, an epic question for you, and i want an instant response. some a ye start, dan says, do you think the school will be reverse? i think the people of sudan are determined or to i to stop the sun, move by, by a button. and also they are very patient and using various tactics. a, please do not busy. it will not be easy for the dinner on a stool to take over the de paula as the people will not accept it, sir,
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easily. what a terrible question to ask a corresponded will of this kindly reverse. i didn't ask the question, i'm just sharing it with you from dan a. but go ahead. i wait on what i'm seeing on the screen from the people hearing from them. they're going to have to be way out to the military. i'm just being charged on to use force. ringback against something, i don't thing either. yeah. people off to that are they to not with that it has to be taken back to be able to find out that your situation. thanks heather. i have a morgan. it was fun of i guess today have a look here on my laptop. i know you will see how we're going forward. yes. get off the video, get back to my laptop. here we go. hey, beth morgan on twitter and sama abdullah was also, i guess sound like hipaa. you to comment is thank you so much for being part of today's program course. the news about c down will continue on out is there. but
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for now, thanks for watching. see, next time in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi talks to cover side with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance a
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ah ah. in the next episode of planet as soon as the head of the upcoming un climate conference will be heading deep on the ground and up into the air given you.
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