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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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it was. 2 both populous democracy, diverse dynamic and undergoing momentous change. the context india takes an in depth look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the cobra, 1900 panoramic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me famous. those are for context india and alex is either the i'm alone condo, the top stories on our desert world leaders meeting at the g. 20 summit in rome, of the creed agreed to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius. but they weren't able to make a firm commitment on how to achieve net 0 carbon emissions by 2050 adam rainy ripples on the final day of the g. 20 summit leaders from the world biggest economies visited one of rooms, most famous tourist sites. trevi fountain,
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its beauty was one they all could agree on more difficult, was hammering out a concrete plan to tackle the climate crisis. the final communique characterized by compromise and vague language, stated that member countries are committed to reaching net 0 emissions or carbon neutrality. by or around mid century, they did agree to stop funding the building of coal plants and poor countries. they set no target. however, for phasing out domestic coal use, italian prime minister, who hosted the summit, tried to focus on what he saw as success, samuel you, she deep in this sense. so deep. we managed to keep our dreams alive, to commit to further measures and gigantic allocations of money for the pledges of reductions. and that's the success given that in recent months, it seemed that the emerging countries in particular, had no intention of making over the commitments. yona, british prime minister boris johnson,
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was clearly disappointed for the groups failure to make more ambitious commitments . the solution to climate change is clear. it lies in consigning dirty fossil fuels like co to history in ditching gas guzzling modes of transport. and recognizing the role that nature plays in preserving life on this planet, leaders acknowledged the need to close the covert 19 vaccine gap by helping to boost supplies with the goal of vaccinating 70 percent of the world's population by mid 2022 port and talks to place on the sidelines sunday, u. s. president joe biden highlighted the environmental benefits of a deal. he announced with the e u that rolled back trump era tariffs on steel and aluminum. the united states. the european union have agreed to negotiate the roles. first trade grant based on how much carbon is in a product. environmental groups are concerned that if the g 20 a group of 19 countries in the e, you can't make binding commitments,
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it will be even tougher for delegates from 200 countries. now, meeting in glasgow to agree on concrete steps to keep global warming at 1.5 degrees celsius site to say, that's needed to revert the worst projections of climate disaster. adarine algebra, rome, the sudanese teaches committee is called a 1st strike in all states of sued on a day off to hundreds of thousands people rallied to denounce the military takeover . at least 4 people killed in the protest on saturday. japan's governing coalition is projected to keep its majority in the lower house of parliament, but prime minister for me. okay. she does liberal democratic party is set to lose number of seats. it's a setback for the leader who took office less than a month ago. and 2 trains of collided in the u. k. with 17 people requiring hospital treatment. it happened in its 100 ne souls brightened southern england, a trained driver whose traps was treated by paramedics and friends
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with hundreds of pro democracy demonstrators in thailand had been marching to demand reforms to the monarchy. and they also want the prime minister to resign. the protesters defied current of ours restrictions on large crowds. together in downtown bangkok, hundreds of migrants of disembarked way turkish flag, cargo ship in greece. the vessel was carrying around 400 people when it sent a distress signal on friday. it's engines had failed in international waters, navy island of creek, white house press secretary, jens hockey assisted post. if a code 19, she's the highest ranking official, the white house to publicly disclose contract in the virus sac. he said she has not had close contact with joe biden. all staff members that since wednesday, those are the headlines. the news continues, hey, off to out. is there
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dollar nicky. myoshi nicholas, what in, in, in my sent him a like somebody, marco valenzuela. and emily gave he said to have a unit bus in by i'm john might have gotten it set up on my finger comedy will read him. talk to her with jenny. i mean, there's not one jump ship, maria de la, la premier, pop magnesium, bob, demi got jennifer boss, last case at the beginning, but our own up jacked and you don't only like rose badge she'd been out again. demila brought me. they are like, rush donna, just gone. every name is me de la rosa v, the cl genuinely lisa liz, i'm it is cable. and what can i say? she you brow bar on. but as on shackleton, it, the pieces you will, i bought the dishes copies on the medicaid, sheila, she did, it wasn't on the bus again. if you could drive,
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i knew does unit met warranty by what um, products are needed to buy me from it. by the way, you some cry out you on board bought or now does that go to for like when the underdeveloped that there with that i did not put put, getting the police put in for the d. b, column, gifts handle. i put a little giddy to, to look on kilobit i. perry what that in the living room. i said that that occurred
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on a pallet 50 gully. the look. get to look glove. i'd have it mildly, the booty gig or some lan accessible quality might typically a claim as a gallon a little un 9010 guy. did you not villa they didn't put let me look a little bit of value valuable delegates that might do with them. see, because if someone got a bunch, bye, or london, nothing on them, but it's going to be opens up now who are not performing guidance on a monday. wow. then you get there. been reported you didn't,
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you come in today. i'm going to for being a new new, a direct, a common enough for your hold on. let me get that leg soon. i think he will best we can get this done. can you don mobile in the vin duncan john hollow point? give me a new lambert, that is what i'm going to go for. let him know about 940 when you're not going to get that. i've got what we have been interviews done. can i get that? i'm not going to be going to new natal. nobody leave and why now you're going to get new to even in a column sample. and there was some yelling us on the screen one dot one only gave me a crew,
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but i'm blue. forgot about it was the how it got my food. if i got a moment while while i was trying to fix i saying that the pink leg is the most salty lake in the war, even because they always used to say that the dead sea must 30 and according to the result of the sand fix in the pink leg, you have 380 gram liters. salt containing salt that is very different, which is very different from the dead sea, which is 340 graham later on.
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is on the particular market. if i see him all this charged me on this apple, and i feel you can hear me, i'm in it. when was she got out in the shop monkeys? still lucky. i think unique's the show london long shows me could you point to he to the stick, the book or the source like make the water changes, of hypertensive. it is difficult to believe to one because even people don't know what make the changes. some people say is, is because of the drought along the route because in the hell region we are in the file here, they have long successive drought. that makes also some such move on whether they make them very dry either spanish incentives, spanish and is they also said that there is a kind of reflection of the dunes you see behind visa photosynthesis. so they make also the color of the pink sand. if it wasn't explained about the bacteria,
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things it mcneish is to get back to off the me cool. funny submitted about 2 days. i don't hear you my contact the near the finance for the fish on monday. i feel like it was off there in the last month in the last year on the committee program in coffee. i'm sorry to bug me on for you. i just wanted to give you this in the long to see and also i think i think the winter and the summer as where the cars for is very visible. and i think the man explanation is a son. i think the son is playing a very big role in the thinking, in my opinion and functionality on putting penimen b center in for them and do a associate with
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will for little bit delayed. do you do? do tell him come when it comes out? chloe. clinically, when you get b, what do i put in the am a peach between what was for my, what do you live in a cell phone? i do go loading r y g m m a z. give i want to play. you can play that game of music news, observed jaguar, you are less, i says that area. wow. or will be a venue then every wy, mostly that you've got a lot to do about that, but getting up, by the way, i want to have them before i let america mom, dudgen o'clock design was i wasn't going to be with his young walker's mom. why, why did they do wandering? mm
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mm mm mm. he attended it would be any. you can look at him and tell them i like the cool, i'm quoting a monopoly game and i liked it with a lot of the bottom. that would lead me dig in a cute more than that. but they might, they might go to like stated home without them come pick it up. but if we're going to get in there to get a who put it in, you did it for me that way. hopefully it will have to come look, hold on, you got it. and when my with the bed,
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i didn't want to hold while i'm on the table with people who call them on with them at their medical. i didn't. ah, the mm. i bought a new enough during the day. yeah. that it would not project so long, but all yeah. you do see, i see it all like crazy. i've exhaust 2nd apple junk and all that, but i've got little i was his i meant not best. i love leanne, i mckinney bennett a day, but all new city guy i've been to new york, new york said as a john executive about dr. me now developing a while about g. i said, bill to up on you are going to measure proof a duplicate as you are going month. bhaskar just because it did a new grant bed. a bunk. your comments about
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ah, a month in the local tv. a hello litigate. always good to me and you get it over to a my dad. they look it up. i'm gonna put them on a call a hold me up, but video for i've got a 50 for i'm water bill. if i buy a box and put that on there. privy, boom. like midday i'm please get by the shuttle. demick of demi gaz. james,
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at that a month. yeah. but when you shed boscus i said was that they possibly available? yeah. lapreet if, if i've been in the shell, she's up new book can get up on the shelf. that's going to like, i don't believe you. do i get up with you about it? yeah, by the way, but i did it crash initial demo. a 100 i will already tell him the luck. june, identical us. and it is your down go. our body said ah leg. we are pretty concerned including them in any one like the mom. i'll 100 i've been, i exact, you can please num the i'm a different duty, a law it we what, what, what the gate you can come on. i'm on min down love his little minor league. what is it got on to come monday and wanted to get some kind of yep. do you want to get one to mac? well, i want to, michael was
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a d. i went to what did you to anybody did you month to my basic like a really good up in the letter because like with our buddy not look lot ah, in due to the fact. but i knew he did them. why do you call it up? but what's the value of what do we have hard enough him on to leave me up with a little bit. you will receive
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a quite a bit of money not, not, not, not to pull out to get an a. when would you be? what happens when you start looking at lee? you know, mean bottom well, if they knew that he doesn't like, we'll do it, but it would good with i'm not gonna go well, we would have to do with the guy i a, i think it, i'm do i wouldn't i did it. i did. it did minnow after the light of oh oh
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li domain that i've been met when again i give you a new one. ah, ah, a value of his new suit, digna. with whom yeah, i put in my content whenever, what were you asking you to look on the app and then i come in and out of what he did, let him know what operating on what i've been contacting. i think there was a demand on the site, not putting up with putting you. ah, [000:00:00;00]
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ah, if i'm up, you know, generally not always you want to fact found planned to mean. not that i mean the quote, a little bit new. want to lose. but as you do best to think busing, suck voyage. got the right to saw the best thing bouncing back in sac west. if i drive, well, if i guess while they're getting busy, if i do, you don't need to for aren't you don't think, think less you stuck was it? but then what good thing, what guys it won't go a lot. when you get off the bus $130.00
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a year as you go around or looked at, then glad about the end of our platform, daniel as well. so when you're really blanket about daddy daddy daddy, best friend that way. i know that about i got out of my little room, you got a front with a fis on about, about one of them, i clarified with what i somebody, what when you go with it was i was really on up progress on by with a get into what would your end of that i'm going to, i'm going it that it turned to relate earlier. i think they are gonna open up
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a callback if you want to back up where we've already been member would have a new one. i'm a i'm a vendor with a wouldn't really agenda about a year for a wednesday. we're going to go back and forth. hello my name. ah, my oldest mister undertaker's working here is 7 days a week job that's growing with a community. my father purchased
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a black and blue sky and started to do the funeral in london and a family. we saw a stop being father and daughter and began. is this partners the stories we don't often hear told by the people who love them? jeff is such a level of life super east and undertakers. this is europe anal to sierra compelling journalism we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous . ambulances about the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your bro in delay? rent and late barbara? al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy. i know that i might go to prison,
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so i will join the brand. new episode of democracy maybe explores the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to come. when a fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on how to 0. lou. i mean we're on cotton tow the top stories on al jazeera. well ladies meeting at the g 20 summit in rome have agreed to keep global warming a 1.5 degrees celsius. but they weren't able to make a firm commitment on how to achieve at net 0, carbon emissions by 2050. the head of the world meteorological as an organization is warning,
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the planets is headed into uncharted territory. these make up you've been been in a climate will continue for the coming be gauged anyhow. so we will see more of the


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