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tv   [untitled]    November 1, 2021 8:00pm-8:31pm AST

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ah, ah, ah, all be the hero, the world news washington . ah, we can do this. we just have to make a choice to do it. so let's get to work. turning challenge into opportunity. you as president joe biden works to reshape the fight against global warming, while other leaders are much more stark. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock, and we meet to act now. ah,
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hello there, i'm how am i here? the, this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up, the world passes 5000000 recorded cove at 19 deaths. less than 2 years after the pandemic was declared. also this our fears for many traps under a high rise building that is collapsed in the nigerian city as illegals and a quarter century milestone al jazeera celebrates 25 years of giving a voice to the voiceless. ah, you as president joe biden has told the cope 26 summit that the us is committed to action on climate change, not just words. biden is working to prove. washington is able liable partner the u
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. s. left the 2015 paris agreements on a former president, donald trump decision reverse spine, joe biden. we're planning for both short term sprint to 3rd 2030. that will keep 1.5 degrees celsius and rich and for a marathon that will take us, take us to the finish line and transform the largest economy the world into a thriving, innovative, equitable, and just clean energy engine of net 0 for an a 0 world that's why today i'm releasing the u. s. long term strategy, which presents a vision of achieving the united states goal of ned 0 mission is economy wide by no later than 2050 was making before precedent by it's an un chief antonio, good terrorists, yankee k prime minister boris johnson. if not stock or warnings, arch, what's at stake?
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o it addiction to fossil fools is pushing humanity to the bidding. we face us thought choice, either we stop it or it stops us. and it's time to say enough enough of boot, the lising biodiversity enough of killing though ourselves with carbon enough of t thing nature like a toilet enough of burdening and drilling and mining, though it weighed deeper, we are digging out own graves. the longer we failed to act, the worse it gets, and the higher the price when we are eventually forced by catastrophe to act because humanity has long since run down the clock on climate change. it's one minute to midnight on that doomsday clock, and we need to act non. if we don't get serious about climate change to
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day, it will be too late for our children to do so. to mora, on the habit at o. s. live and glasgow for is with the latest her habit. we're hearing there about doomsday clocks and digging our own graves. it doesn't signs much like the leaders themselves think this conference was, could achieve anything, hasn't did holla, this speeches had to be made to try and show the world that the clock is ticking. and that not much time is left because the united nations is already predicting a $2.00 increase in global greenhouse emissions, which could be catastrophic if not. and i'm in a reduced of course the over arching m goal of these $26.00 is to a lower and global
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a greenhouse emissions and also slowed down the global warming phenomenon. that has brought us here to a situation where as some island states are facing extinction, with rising sea levels. and some of the delegates we spoke to after those 1st speeches were made have been telling us that they expected these peaches to set the temple at this a conference so that the negotiations over the next 11 or 4 days could be done with the seriousness that they're supposed to be held with and then they're more than almost $200.00 countries are represented here. and most of the big world, big names the world lead us, i hear say, for the russian president vladimir putin and the russian leader. should jim being present, joe biden is here,
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and his presence alone at the summit at together with most of his cabinet ministers actually is a welcome relief for many people. because as you know, donald trump had taken the united states out of the parties agreement and now, and the message here is that the united states is back at the table and ready to deal climate change. because these, the other issue of funding for poor countries who are at the front lines of climate change and hope is freezing the brunt of most of these effects of climate change and the message just a few moments ago from the president of the e. u commission. or seller von the land, or will come as that a live to them, that the eel is ready to fund efforts in combating climate change. the 12 years ago, they were promised the 100000000000 by 2020. that was not the children that go post
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has not been moved to 2023. and leaders from the least developed countries of the world have been really shall think themselves hor, saying that they need climate financing to ensure that they have to offset all these issues. that they have because of climate change, that funding promise woocommerce that a lift of them and to mom, if you're in glasgow, there you are, the hearing from people and said, seeing higher expectations are effectively at being managed. what do you think we should be looking out for in the days ahead? ah, it's hard to tell at this point, because there are many days of negotiations left it, but the scene has been set and all that's also very strong and passion. it's pictures we have had a lay the ground for city us negotiations in the days i had a to model will be
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a day of speeches as well, from world leaders gathered here. and then the negotiators. then there were shades as will huddle in groups at walk on texts in a bit to try and come out with a bill at the end. ready when the conference closes on the 12th of november, up until now it's very hard to tell what will come on. we also saw some attempt at managing expectations, particularly from the secretary general of the united nations. when he's safe, if we do not achieve what we came here for, then individual countries will have to look into their plans, not just every 5 years, but every year to ensure that fossil fuels are faced out to us. so us a call as well. and then add the acceleration or to electric cars and also putting a hold to deforestation. so you know,
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even the leaders themselves know that they won't be able to achieve everything they came here for. and that's one of the reasons why they were trying to manage expectations. i came at that our, their life, or as at the current 267 in glasgow, moore, thank you very much. in deeds 5000000 people have no died from cold at 19. that number comes from johns hopkins university, but the world health organization estimates the actual figure could be almost 3 times higher than health authorities suggest viruses. first identifies in the chinese city of war, hung in december 2019, almost 250000000 infections have since been reported globally. when a statement, the un secretary general, antonio good terror said this devastating milestone reminds us that we are failing
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much of the world. while wealthy countries are ruling out, thirds doses of the cool with 19 vaccine, only about 5 percent of people in africa are fully vaccinated. this is a global shame group to has this reports. people gasping for air, families torn apart, and governments forced to close borders and order. millions of people to be confined to their homes. the coven, 19 pandemic, have now killed more people than any other viral epidemic in the 21st century. but almost 2 years since the 1st case emerged in china's one province and a new coroner virus spread rapidly across the globe. effective vaccines, developed at a record pace, seemed to be having some impact. at the moment, that average number of daily depths worldwide is lower than what we were seeing
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last year. and a lot of that could be attributed to a combination of vaccination people. understanding how cobit in fix people and what they have to do to control it. but in russia, which produced the world's 1st domestically developed over 900 job, many people are reluctant to take it. and that's leading to a record number of deaths. and after the initial optimism of a fast maxing rule out, if you are the parts of western europe and china infections arising, it will be very interesting to see what happens in, in the northern hemisphere as by and large, many countries have no restrictions at all. now and back things, obviously the whole population is not vaccinated and, and as they go into winter, people are closing the windows and doors and, and there's a higher risk of transmission. and in both households and businesses and social
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social settings. so i think where we're about to learn a lot and that is how much we can rely on the vaccine on to why richard nations are racing to give booster shots. poor countries, particularly in africa, are struggling to get supplies of maxine leaving millions of people, fundable conflict and poverty have already devastated health care systems in syria . yemen, haiti on the craddick republic of congo, which have yet to vaccinate. even 5 percent of the populations. the lack of vaccination in the poll world has a huge impact in 2 ways. first up, many, many people are dying today that don't need to die. getting very, very sick and losing relatives. we still have a situation where nurses and doctors in some of these countries are not even protected against this kinda disease. the pandemic seem far from over.
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but some countries like australia, thailand, uncompleted, you are preparing for a new way of life. reopening their economies with more vaccines and fewer restrictions. priyanka the as 0 you have many government sources say, who's the missile strikes of killed at least 3 people. so the wednesday tellers, appropriate the attack targeted the job a district size. so the city of moderate who sees began their push to take control of the oil rich province 2 months ago. martin is the stronghold of the internationally recognized government the strike zone sunday, follow an announcement from the study led coalition that it had killed more than 200 who face in merit this week. phil had here on al jazeera, the supreme court here is arguments on texas. schools of bands, abortions, face can be detected, keeping the band in place and floods 95,
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kill more than 100 people in the home. we have the latest rescue at ah, ah, look forward to burritos guys. with sponsored by cut on airways there watching for the seats. no change at the moment. rain could start to fall before she has any child really in the baby influence. but it's nothing obvious that would, it's all been happening for the know we've had the flash flooding in the mountains in northern iraq. we've had, we have the full cross, the potential for more of the same, i think. but these things look rather more dispersive straw, the quieter, but there is a change bounce. take place. look at this. coming out of the central part of asia. russia really took through catholic spam. this cold front bring snow onto the western tibetan platter. was a mountains 1st and then it brings it all the way down towards normal chemist in
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the tempest behind will drop. but this is a hint of a change that could go a lot further south. by the end of the week, reaching the gulf states maybe already showing shares in western iran. however, we may leave it there for the surf tropical africa has seen the change in the wind direction or the east coast no longer. the southwest monsoon driven on shore breeze, a few light shouts, vainly the rainy's feather west. more or less from kenya, uganda, through burgundy, and round to was the congress is where the rain is concentrating. this is also correct for the season and rank own, of course it is welcomed and so far south is come at the moment. beyond that, a dry looking picture. oh, the weather sponsored by casara ways in the country with an abundance of results with great power and want indonesia, his friends for me, we moved full to growth and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy,
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and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when denise is broke and progress, invest indonesia. now, with the me this is al jazeera coming to all this help stories for you know, president joe biden has told the cop 26 summit. the u. s. is committed to action on climate change, not just words. in the print world, leaders, the washington is once again a reliable partner. us temporarily left the 2015 parish agreement under former
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president, donald trump. in chief antonio with tara she also spoke at the opening of the summit morning that the world is seeking its own grade. he said, promises made by government so far, it lacks credibility, and 5000000 people have no died from who, with 19 that number comes and johns hopkins university. but the world health organization estimates the actual figures could be almost 3 times higher than health authorities suggest. let's take you to night jiri a now or at least one person is dead. after a 21 story building collapse in lagos, it's believed 50 people are trapped inside. the officials have been trying to demolish retrofit unsafe buildings, and more than ac buildings have been some bush this year so far. and the traces following the story from neighboring chat. what we know so far is that 2 people
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have been pulled out a lie 1st on the scenes, what ambulances and emergency workers, but there was nothing much they could do. they tried to dig through the rubble with their bands until this hour, 1518 minutes ago. when heavy duty machinery started coming into that area of lagos, which is a highbrow residential and commercial estate in may go city. and then the work started in earnest. looking at the rebel, the mountain of rebel, they in fact, needed much more bigger heavy duty commit to move the rubble in order to access the people who have been trapped inside the building. now it's not clear exactly how many people have been trapped and emergency workers are really silent about the number of people who've been killed because of this disaster. lagos is no stranger to this disaster. respecting the construction code has always been
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a difficult situation in lagos enforcement, despite enforcement such contravention, continue not only in lagos, but across the switches, the nigeria, people bribe officials to look the other way while the they go skimming things and making construction or constructing poorly built structures in lego, eventually these structures collapse and killed and lot of people every yeah, we regular stuff, such incidences. u. s supreme court is hearing arguments suffice an abortion law and texas the regulation effectively bands terminations. once a fetal heartbeat is detected, it's been an effect since september, but hundreds of thousands of people have protested against it across the country. the justice department says it violates alons mot ruling from 1973 or classical hate as life or as outside the u. s. supreme court patsy, what's happening at the supreme court and how does this feed into the voyager to
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base a bite abortion rights in the united states? exactly, i just wanna give you a sense of what's happening. the court arguments just wrapped up when almost 3 hours, which is a little bit on an unexpected. now you see the attorneys, the just argued before the court. those are those representing texas and the texas law talking to their supporters. we expect the other lawyers to come out very soon . basically the texas law aims go round roe v wade, which makes abortion most abortions, legal in the united states by not using state officials to enforce it. basically, anyone who thinks somebody's gotten an abortion. can sue anybody who helped facilitate that from driving them to a clinic at the doctors involved, then they can face up to a $10000.00 fine, and they can be sued multiple times. so the question before the supreme court is not, is that constitutional. the supreme court rushed this case up after allowing twice
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for the law to go into effect, because they want to find out if people can sue texas over this law. so there are 2 cases. one is the one is providers that the court seemed more willing to say yes, they can probably suv state officials in texas. the other is the, by the administration. can the federal government to, to basically stop texas for, into implementing this law. so the supreme court and not going to decide the fate of abortion on these cases. what is to come up is in december a law in mississippi that benz abortions after 15 weeks, the supreme court has agreed to take that up. so that could be a pivotal moment in the history of abortion rights in the united states. now, we're not going to hear anything for a while. the supreme court usually doesn't issue injunctions quickly, or at all, it's probably going to be a few months before we know which way this conservative court is leaning. ok, patsy, go hand lie for as i fight the supreme court. patsy. and i thank you to napoleon,
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i was just struggling after several days of flooding and devastating landslides. well, the 100 people have been killed in homes and crops have been destroyed, expert se, landslides, the more common in the him, malay and region. this range become more intense and glare. serious males, same, the thriving, has more from one of the areas that's been affected. i want to start by giving you sort of a broad sense of what it looks like here on the ground where east have cut my do about 2 hours and send to paul chart district. and i just want to give you a sense of what it looks like. you're right now. we're just going to zoom in here and i want to show you the river valley basin here. now all the areas that you see, the gravel bed, the gray rubble and sand, that whole space, right there was covered in water up until a few days ago. now what we're seeing here, all of that, that was, that is now grey sandy rubble used to be rice, patty, field. all that's left now is that small green space of farmland that we see in
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frame. now everything else was washed away by the flood waters. now, what this represents is a loss of economic income for the people who live in areas like this all across the country. it represents a loss of food security, those for agricultural crops that will grow not just to be sold, but to be consumed by these local communities. we have a more than 100 people dead on the new policy side of the border from these floods . another $100.00 plus deaths on the indian side of the border. this is effected the country in almost every region that we can think of. and it's not just a $150.00 dead end or missing. there's bridges that have been destroyed, at least 5000 building structures, homes, roads, land slides are now threatening people's lives and livelihoods. greece is registering nearly $400.00 migrants rescued from a turkish flood cargo ship after its anti distress signal. it was allowed to dock
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on the island of course, on sunday, athens this accused on ker violating a deal to stop migrants crossing to its islands. greece is one of the main routes into europe for asylum seekers arriving from turkey. shone surplus half more from cos. i'm standing in front of the reception and identification center on the island . of course, this is where 375 people rescued on the high seas and the last 3 days have been brought and they are being held in quarantine for 2 weeks after which time the camp commander here tells me they will be free to apply for asylum here in greece, most of these people are male and young were told roughly in their twenties and largely from pakistan and afghanistan. although there are other nationalities as well. the entire group that was rescued were consisted of 382 people. one woman was hospitalized on route here on the island of carpet sauce
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. and 6 people have been arrested as potential collaborators in the smuggling operation. according to some reports on stemming from conversations with people on board, the turkish flagged murat 729 vessel that are written when to drift in the high seas. these people were all headed for italy. they had been boarded on to that vessel on turkish shores. and they broke down somewhere south of crete. and now it is a question for the greek authorities, of course, to process them in accordance with international law, media tycoon, jimmy lie and other pro democracy activists have gone on trial in hong ko, lie and to others to pleaded not guilty. he charges relating to their involvement and a band gathering last year. they attended a vigil commemorating 1989 gentlemen square massacre police bands the annual event
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last year. due to the pandemic. the critic say that was a ploy to silence a critics of the government following anti government protest sin 2019 and will finish with the celebrations here in doha marking 25 years since the launch to serum will began as an arabic language satellite news channel in 1996. it's now a global multi media network with the owner and online in multiple languages. jamal al, shall take a look back at the history of the media network, and they don't circles and dangers. it's faced. well, the time of its launch in 1996, all jazeera was seen by many as merely a drop in a media ocean dominated by mostly western news channels and outlets 25 years later that drop has caused ripples the world over forcing a synonymy of change across the globe, before al jazeera launched,
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the arab world enjoyed little if any media freedom citizens from iraq to martini, were told what to think and say, through state own channels that focused on, glorifying their leaders. whilst ignoring the concerns of ordinary people. but when the channel began broadcasting under the slogans of the opinion and the other opinion and the voice of the voiceless, it's on the respect and recognition of millions and it's viewership rocketed. while most media outlets were embedded with american and british forces during the occupation of iraq odyssey were reported, the otherwise untold story of the human cost of the war as it had done before and a gun is done. but this came at a heavy price. odyssey ra journalists were injured, arrested, and even killed. among them thought of a you who was killed by us strike on the capital. baghdad illegally occupy palestine al jazeera has always been present. it's cameras broadcasting the daily
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struggles of palestinians living under is radio occupation, correcting a narrative that had previously failed to tell that side of the story killed by the israeli army. from the 2nd intifada to the attack on an 8th flotilla headed to the besieged, gaza strip. and until the recent war in 2021, the network has reported the story from all sides and angle. again, this resulted in its offices in gaza, being bombed this time by the israeli army, live on t v. in early 2011, the networks motto being the voice of the voiceless, crystallized arab capital of the arab capital, erupted with anger. and millions of people took to the streets, demanding freedom, justice, and a better life. these are the people i'll do. 0 was on the ground reporting live while local, regional, and even some international channels failed to acknowledge the historic protests that became known as the arab spring. all the while the network remained loyal to
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its other motto, giving maritime to everyone, including the regimes that were cracking down on their own people. in 2017, and a testament to how influential al jazeera had become a blockade on that was imposed by egypt. saudi arabia, bahrain, and the united arab emirates, they insisted the channel must be shut down for the blockade to be lifted. a demand rejected by cutters leader whose country hosts then that's work. so you're not going to shut down. i'll just know when i the country's ruler sticking to the commitments made by his father on the day the channel was launched back in 1996 and rest assured the channels freedom will not be restricted politically. it'll be a platform for every opinion. what started off as an arabic language channel 25 years ago is now a global media network that includes 5 different channels. several websites and a plethora of digital platforms, all have cemented themselves as leaders in their field. all of them seeking the
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human story and striving to speak truth to power. a quarter of a century has passed and what was once described by form, adrian dictates. office knew about it as a tiny much box is now a global media empire whose flame continues to burn as a beacon of free press in a region that has never needed its more dramatic. y'all, i just know ha ah, faces al jazeera, these are the headlines president joe biden has told the cop 26 summers us. his committee to action on climate change, not just words by him as proved world leaders that washington is once again, a reliable partner. us temporarily left the 2015 paris agreements under former
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president. trump were planning for both short term spread to 3rd 2030.


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