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everything in between. join me as i take on the lars. dismantle the misconceptions and debate the contradictions. upfront with me, working on hill on out 0. green understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter where you call home will, but you can use in current affairs that matter to years. ah, hello, i'm marianne demising, london with a quick look at the main stories now or than a 120 well beat as are in glasgow, scotland hearing about the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency. the delegates had u. k prime minister bars johnson say the world has was strapped to a doomsday device. you and general secretary, antonio, the terrorist, told the cop twenties his conference that by failing to respond to the crisis, countries were digging their own graves. oh,
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it addiction to force him fools. you splashing humanity to the body. we face us thought choice. either we stop it or it stops us. and it's time to say enough. enough of built the lising, biodiversity, it off of killing go ourselves. we have carbon. enough of thing, nature like a toilet enough of burning and the illegal minding. go away, deeper we are digging oh it own grapes. despite the urgency of the message, not all while leaders are made the journey to scotland among notable absentees. judging pain from china. well, speak as polluter and russian president vladimir putin. our environment editor nick clark is following the summit from glasgow. the leaders of russia and china may not be here by the hundreds was the other world leaders on they've all been giving a variety of impassioned speeches to try and keep that one and
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a half to read 1.5 degrees celsius. a goal within reach we heard from forest johnson, of course, his favorite mantra of coal cars, cash and trees phase out coal ramp up the transition to electric vehicles, a provide climate finance and, and deforestation. of it. we're going to hear a big announcement, deforestation in the coming hours, perhaps tonight or tomorrow, and then the indian promise, or 9 remote a he took to the stage. remember the target here? one of the target here is to be for all countries to be met, 0 by 2050. he came to the stage and said that he wasn't gonna do that. he was going to 2 decades later by 2070 listen to this part of india will fulfill 50 percent of its energy requirements from renewable energy sources by 2030. between now and 2030 india will reduce as total projected carbon emissions by $1000000000.00 tons by 2030. and you will reduce the carbon intensity of its economy by 45 percent and by 2070. and you will achieve the target of net 0 emissions warranty part is up in the
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air causes the welds. 4th largest emitter in getting them on board is, is crucial if the world is going to reach this at 1.5 degrees celsius target. but made his view is that this is a, a realistic target even that 2 decades after everybody else's that will enable india to transition smoothly and efficiently to renewable energy. and he did say that india will get half its renewable energy, half its energy from renewable sources at by 2030, and will reduce cost intensity of economy by 45 percent. but quite what all of this does to the effort to reach one half degrees and to a cub neutrality by 2050 remains to be c, colon avenues, more than 5000000 people have now died from color that 19, according to the johns hopkins university tracker. the many acts that's been the actual number could be much higher. elandis the vaccine roll out to poor countries, particularly those in africa are only 5 percent of people have been inoculated as a global shame. in yemen, government sources are saying that to the missiles,
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strikes of killed 8 people and injured 22 others in the province of marin strikes a religious school. and i'm in a mosque south of the city. the strikes on sunday. follow an announcement from the saudi led coalition that killed more than 200 who sees in march this week. 21 story building in nigeria has collapse. dozens of people of thought to be trapped in the rubble. one person was killed reported to have been under construction, and it's not yet clear what, who is the collapse and the right to an abortion in the united states is in the ballot. supreme court justices here argument of the near total ban on the procedure in texas democrat let justice department is bringing the challenge against the republican controlled senate. they're coming out next. a 2 part documentary marking the 25th anniversary of al jazeera from its modest beginnings to an international broadcaster.
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ah. 025 years ago. a new era in television news in the middle east began o a news channel was launched. reporting real news, rather than state propaganda. ah, providing a platform for a wide range of voices and opinions. telling all sides of a story. no fields is no censorship. no tattered
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bolts, john was a voice for the voiceless to day the name al jazeera is recognized throughout the world. this is its story. a quarter of a century ago in 1996, the tv station was launched from cutter in the middle east. al jazeera in english,
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the island was quite unlike any of its neighboring channels. for before the arrival of al jazeera tv news in our countries was largely state controlled and uncritical of those in power. as a result, many view as distrusted their media. they saw it is nothing more than the mouthpiece survey governments. the new channel set out to do things differently. to ask tough questions to see all sides of a story. to hear voices from the arab street. and to hold power, to account his article of love and cathedral menez m. allah, a mark on on, looked and ian been upon our, i'll be up. i'll bottom and dolah, philadelphia. what cool way of corn the dia, huddle, hamish mental health leo. what time will be shackle many? yeah. near con al cathedral chicken. the how the alignment couldn't. i don't think
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the shut up. not fun to little best degree be what couldn't our cannon and the fully unforeseen a has that with had the heavy hit. the girl is an i got was still margaret. well i'm not that it alena again at the dana above the shoe cook will i can, couldn't up. will damen, dylan the little had the knowledge al hoa. i'll in the emily opinion, the an old saw the copy, but then the government of canter funded al jazeera, vowing to guarantee the channels. editorial independence, such separation between state and media was unheard of in the middle east. shall multiple vision. daphne. well that, that couldn't all be glad i vocal she se oh yes. when ha ha ha ha ha ha, i don't is not detecting human. and i never made a mythology lawton, and harvey. i shall ability, i need medical miss at home get it will be the she the 3 been here or bob
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a there, a sure i lady your heard them linelle of burn. lisa hillard. this me it for land. what would i, as i share my fallen off with alley suck mcfarlane, and that he can literally by law about in the emerging al jazeera channel saw that the audience was hungry for independent, reliable news in arabic, to feed that hunger. they had several months of testing where initial teething problems were ironed out. in that time the t met constantly to agree. what exactly al jazeera stood for. they determined their editorial approach, how they would gather news, and how they would react. it governments placed barriers in their way over the new channel also needed a slogan, something that would encompass its values and identity. translated from arabic, the chosen tagline literally meant the opinion and the other opinion. hottest
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anna wilkerson, the shower, she ordered. napoleon, middle rocky, will she are all her back to it? can i'm missing wrath cooler. many yell, shaving hello. i didn't oper she badly. she are. all right, you are right. you love ha, foul quote. all right, and leave me a, a back grow little dear bab, your man helene, about little fear festival. are you what by ella? what a, what catch and your core? no. right, you were right. ya suburban? she, i love what i mr. mer loud, i'll be, will share, he did robert be the let it was here. it would be rule not robs telephone or the national talk about our study. so what is your wife and her mom and i got the bas malloy, albia, and destiny. the animal here muscular in that scene,
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fetterhoff my hoss up. if i thought the little boy left, if i to let the bus out. and jerry and the counselor had, is there a kind of 2000 and i'm, but we're just about how the shape or temple a smile did yet i must learn a little cut them by enemy on a savannah me yet. but i, after 5 months of rehearsals, the go live date was approaching. ah, the countdown began with november 1st 1996. the 1st global news channel from the arab world was launched by 4. looks like you really do want
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ah, on the national bar. but the album through our i see it half a can feed love without them culpable, i can the is i thought that it will therefore furnished silo shuts to the da 0, a colder i. lambie, graham, her viola, on a short in that very at them going up in just a lot. if you got out of can atlanta, daddy? he yet, what immense, he hate of the water a. well, gabriela, when will dea alicia, and jesse ivy habit and act as be how to santa victory her? oh, my last in the initial upon oh, read the child can't send. i am in any gallery can pacific, or a well, you must at that about can the stuck violin. lisa hattie lynn,
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willie sarah and a care of the delicacy of the launch of al jazeera was a huge technical and editorial challenge. however, none of those involved in the 1996 unveiling had any certainty about the reaction of views. there were fears that people would struggle to adapt to the new format. audiences were accustomed to the lead story being about whatever the ruler of their particular country did on that day. but on al jazeera, the news priority was quite different. news was presented on its merits. the status quo was sent for a shake um timbered hotly and that he also thought he has diarrhea was sofie little soften labilly in fig, 0 5th, annella hubbard, water to highlight and haggard. thanielle men, e o and copper only on his soften can. will that have been that he gave give them
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a daughter, a either will farmhouse family for, couldn't at all, and the mob all the ha ha exhilarating what all the little, the killer brianna lee than that heavy layla fee of all video. another key difference in algiers format was the presence of both anchors in the studio and journalists on the ground with it in the drama. one of the news of the day could now be reported from the studio to hadn't, while local correspondence brought balanced analysis to the story for zoer than that, i guess either he um have a mobile. that was 10. this very obamacare mckenna chima, will the phenomenon of seal hunted bottles have to buy them a consumer would fill out a lot of unclear little of his after a lot of a lot of if he, her for to hold was that he had the national tele which i didn't get um, a limbic on canada jersey if you got that book on the one i should at than moses early them back. one format new to the arab world was discussion shows. featuring
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gets with wide ranging views. so could them look on better damage? i thought, well i, i said many topics what previously considered controversial or taboo were open for discussion and debate. marcia audiences welcome to the exchange of ideas. and they tuned in were in their $1000000.00 l. m. o ha, ha, ha, ha sham. landman for answer. i know we've been on island, however, shall there have been phenomena enemy, jerry taylor, salem, or the or were and miscellaneous, give our white glove the difficult heather button image. maria, on the end, the whole nadine about an image, a formula. al serra, health at hand balloon had the norman about amish galilee had the living read that knocked it off at the very 1st episode of the talk show called the opposite direction realty focused on the gulf cooperation council need. you will. and what i mean have measured sal a said the have the love shot i. so if anybody but fossil philosophy, ali,
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into west napoleon in idaho hosted an i'm no, i don't see it on the door. ha. i from it's space in don't hall county, the new channel focused on events unfolding, near and far? ah, in algeria the country was emerging from a decade of civil war with in egypt and sudan. it was a new wind of political change. tourists visiting egyptian heritage sites in luck, sought came under attack. don't have the bomb explosions struck the u. s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. i'll kaba claimed responsibility. america responded by attacking a pharmaceutical plant in sudan saying it had links without chi that the sudanese
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government vigorously denied. the claim also reported at the time was the aftermath of the oslo accords. agreements between israel and the palestine liberation organization. alger 0 reporting of the arab israeli conflict broke new ground airing, not just palestinian opinion, but also israeli views with but i don't know what the i do it bother with home to do anything. modern technology enabled al jazeera camera crews to be present at key events throughout the middle east, from southern lebanon to a rock where west and imposed sanctions were linked to increased malnutrition. among children al jessie regained prominence during the so called operation desert fox. the joint u. s. and u. k bombing campaign against iraq. alger 0 was the only news network to have
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reporters on the ground to leave a lot of this exclusive coverage from the at the center of an intensive 5 day aerial bombing campaign, introduced al to 0 to a wider audience. ah, i remember comments when i worked for some of the other leading global networks. there were times when, you know, my line managers would say, hey, switch on al jazeera arabic, see what they're saying. that looks like they've got into a place where we haven't been able to get into. i remember comment that my line manager made during the conflict in iraq. and he said, you know, i'll put it in slightly more flight terms that he was like, you know, al jazeera, they just whipped tar, behinds. they just whipped are behind on this story. algebra presence on the ground
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at the very heart of major stories. gave it many scoops over rival networks. i g 0 to assess it, while you're up fi fi, a little below market. a dolly it. her the alley by the that she said yeah. 0. be elaine. a 3rd valenzuela. what i love about one of the still up from said a young feller to gyla he up financially. were he than the teacher for about that to be locked and happy? that were why shot them, allen ha. al jazeera scored many successes in those early days. but its growth was anything but plain sailing. some governments in the middle east and north africa viewed the new channel with alarm al jazeera, provided a platform for the opinions of the man and woman on the street. their voices were unfilled, it prompting a harsh response from some governments in the region. so that certainly oh me. when will buy a possibility of salisa. fiona morrison and les malone. from accountable heart,
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a. g. a funded mccarter. bishop le animal stem metal manor. with the am and then a m and a suffered moment to hold the dumb aiyona zoom election may then cannot accept of all about them. with us as men as o mallette fee for sue then pilla home, and from the decor. twilio bolona shadow was sierra damon was out for obama. after though not for dom fi had this, i missed any missed out to go to see i see in is on it has in your not about the machine. another al jazeera bureau to full file of local authorities was in jordan, and i'll just he was office in amman was closed after a contributor to a 1998 program voiced criticism of king hussein of jordan. but a year later, the channel was back in the capitol. this time to report on the king's funeral than bella donna. later, that same year al jazeera office in algeria was also closed down. a abdel aziz,
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beautifully care one, a landslide victory in the country's presidential vote. and in a post election interview, he objected to al jazeera line of questioning. how though of a hid them, he shot her. but in alpha, to submit this out to the impact them on a shot at denny, i will tell it, live, live at an amick bill, a 100 a great the how are a man what a shattered s l. just a minute or many are baset at the agenda, would eyeglasses beautifully part about faster will act the had different shawanda romania were her ugly boot of nicholas check like me to get them and that that that him only them. yeah. not always will i around as not when i'm headed or more let out at the ballet head the hill cabella. now we're in the much the bill. yeah. 0 features that it will live off it by the has ill hobbling as one door closed. another opened in may 1999 al jazeera set up an office in cobble
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with a taliban was now in control. other networks steered well clear of afghanistan and an f. c. c. l 2. a shall see earth leader who merge with dare for after mac. the pico for a job can and no yeah, he her understand. yeah. and if you lose her whom of polly bern? there more thought of the half mint lindman virginia to allow them kind of still as doing that sort of b. how to polymer a high. the heel among the co harden ability of our am that amine bought would say in for jury omen, my national algebra read in the clinic and my actual delicate him for job. oh, good. i lou jazeera with unfair. it'll be a well, it's waterloo of judy them of me. in the occupied palestinian territories, the al jazeera journalists were on the frontline from 2000
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to 2005 algebra. closely covered. the 2nd intifada, or palestinian uprising, israel accused the channel of fanning the flames. of public outrage, al jazeera responded that its role was like that of any media organization to report, not support one side or another. ah, not up to flood for this to leah father the look san jose, gena, i luck on with the what did i not have a single thought that his idea that the relative in or out on with edge media. i'm a good with locals to have in the middle the but it does yella diploma. it had to have had the it in domestic america, man rhodium. as ilda alcaraz both sides to the arab israeli conflict, criticized al jazeera is reporting its office in ramallah in the occupied westbank
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was shut down by the palestinian authority for 5 days following a report about alleged corruption generally come to court. armand must have a reason for the sunni arrived, yasser arafat. well that it could be. so bobby sula in law to bramble li, it silman canada, and one of them at the, at that the of the new millennium marked several major events, both in the middle east and in the world at lunch. in may, 2000 al jazeera was the 1st to report at the collapse of the s l egg and militia, known as the south lebanon army. this followed, the withdrawal of his ready forces from lebanon. al jazeera was the 1st media to enter the s l. a. controlled detention center in al key m palestinians were outraged by the visit of his railey politician ariel sharon, to the alex and mosque compound in occupied east jerusalem. ah,
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now the one that can be and how about elijah and how come the honeymoon? i saw them a fight after mitchell abbey at manic as if he had a delay. let me see new york. but one days from that period will be for ever invented on a generation to witness the attacks of september, the 11th of 2001 daily. i gladly appreciate the attacks resonated long after the terrible events of that september morning, global geo politics pivoted from that date. the west looked to the east both for answers and is a military target for its response. $3000.00 civilians died on the ground and in the 4 hijacked aircraft, the world held its breath awaiting america's response. had the had that's ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! a lot eva m e l a donia or
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a suburb motor adida. what about an agenda tacoma for that is bush and a deck settlement? what asia al jazeera is reporting of the events after $911.00 or a key part, the channels history. the attacks had been orchestrated by the al qaeda leader. osama bin ladin who became the world's leading fugitive within weeks of the attacks are kinda left to take the video message at the doorstep of al jazeera cobble. often the 19 hijackers responsible for the 911 attacks in the united states all came from the middle east. as a result, the political military and media spotlight fell on this region. the us president george w bush, place the blame for the attacks on al qaeda. at 1st, they denied responsibility for the last 9 days. some journalists from other media networks based themselves in the audience. the renews are in teams again and ed
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john, any breaking news. and though if he, cnn can in the wasa market of his own, etc, and harlem, who saw sophie monk, cheryl, also william, and then i'll follow the how to, how the shot and will not feel it out at them. lemme as here are best fit cabella mom and landon will on the best fit video said he'd been led and all my b day it'll head about for understand will fax been lab in the charlotte mac, the hum, adjust similarly. hey, the lee the far and the muscle in clue, you should have mug moved into the min america bond, or the lobby could have mileage a 0 last year could be what it hundreds is he,
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he covers that bus on but missed about studies. he enough the story was in afghanistan, where been lot was believed to be in hiding algae 0 with the in the foreign t v broadcast at incompetence, at the sound of military operations on the 7th, october 2001 as with operation desert fox, 3 years earlier al jazeera, his presence on the ground, gave it a head start over. it's competitive bad than was it a believe with the a little so kind of a little bit of the stand of methodical fair, but the other butterball a little before. so what if movie the female dog little boy, it off turn the feeder? a lot of them above a willard fell illegal monona county. the i need to know until how to fully, wa, hill him to work for them. but if you 0 going to long, but as it have no one predicted in 2001 that the us operation in afghanistan,
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but last a further 20 years. know that one of the early bombing targets would be the al jazeera bureau in the capital reporting was entering at dangerous new face. twana would be part of the greatest global gathering in history. the expo 2020 dubai would wanna will be there to showcase her investment opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economic diversity and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out for woods, wanna add that expo, 2022 by spectacle, where we will unleash our potential boats. wanna all pride your destination reason to stand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that mattel, to you joy africa's largest trade and investment in south africa. intra african
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trade for it gives you access to more than 1100 exhibitors and 10000 visitors and buyers and more than 5000 conference delegates, more than 55 countries participate in trade and investment deals with $40000000000.00 as business and governments come together to explore business and networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import back at the premium partners. the i 80 of 2020 was transforming africa lou lo and marianna mozy in london at quick look at the main stories for you now and more than a 120 world leaders are in glasgow. scotland, hearing about the urgent need to tackle the climate emergency delegates had you k prime minister boris johnson say the world was strapped to a doomsday device. new and secretary gentle antonio the terrace, told the captain he sits conference that by failing to respond to the crisis. countries with digging their own graves.


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