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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2021 4:00am-4:31am AST

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america held up a mirror to itself. what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera. ah, i'm down, jordan unto the top stories here on the al jazeera 120. we're leaders of gather and glasgow for what's being described as a make or break moment in the fight to contain global warming. they've arrived with messages making clear the severity of the climate emergency. but it's fall as certain whether they will deliver the action needed to stave off catastrophic levels of warming. and one early agreement. more than a 100 nations have agreed to end deforestation by 2030. well, you and she's not on
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a cottage, had a stark warning about what's at stake and i would addiction to fossil fuels, is pushing humanity to the body. we face us thought choice, either we stop it or it stops us. and it's time to say enough enough of boot, the lising biodiversity, he laugh of killing though ourselves with carbon. enough to thing nature like a toilet enough of burning and drilling and minding, go away deeper. we are digging out own graves o president your bible said the u. s. we'll meet its target of having greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and reach net 0 by 2050. we're planning for both short term spread to 3rd 2030. that will keep 1.5 degrees celsius and reach
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and for a marathon that will take us, take us to the finish line and transform the largest economy the world into a thriving, innovative, equitable, and just clean energy engine of net 0 for a net 0 world that's why today i'm releasing the u. s. long term strategy, which presents a vision of achieving the united states goal of ned 0 mission and economy wide by no later than 2050 any t o p. a rebel is on the to gray people's liberation funds. say they have joined up with forces from the most populous region. armina a t p left says it see the town of con boucher and it's a port in m holler region while fight us from army essay. they've seen the town of kimmy say both towns on strategic points on the highway 2 addis ababa. a 21 story building in nigeria has collapsed killing at least 3 people dozens of thought to be trapped in the rebel in lagos. it's not yet clear what caused the collapse, have been recent efforts to demolish or reinforce unsafe buildings in the city,
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but more than 80 taken down this year. my address is falling the story from neighboring chad. tossed on the scenes, why ambulances and emergency workers, but there was nothing much they could do. they tried to dig through the rubble without bad hands. heavy duty machinery started coming into that area of lagos, which is a high brow residential and commercial estate in may go city. and then the work started in earnest. looking at the rebel, the mountain of rebel, in fact, needed much more bigger heavy duty commit to move the rebel in order to access the people who have been trapped inside the building. now it's not clear exactly how many people have been truck and lagos is no stranger to this disaster. respecting the construction court has always been a difficult situation in lagos enforcement. despite enforcement such contravention, continue not only in lagos, but across switches nigeria, people bribe officials to look the other way. while the they go screaming things
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and making construction or constructing poorly built structures in leg was eventually these structures collapse and killed and lot of people every year. we read your stuff, such incidences. vote counting is underway for south africa as local elections. early report show a low turnout in monday's poll. it's expected to be the toughest conscious yet for the ruling african national congress party. it's been facing growing discontent of a rundown infrastructure and social inequality. the supreme court has hearing arguments about an abortion law in texas, which is seen as the most restrictive in the country. so regulation, effectively, bands, all semen nations out about 6 weeks, which is before many women are even aware that pregnant hundreds of thousands have protested against it. the justice department says he violates the law roe vs wade ruling from 973. so those were the headlines. the news continues here and algebra
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after witness stadium. thanks so much bye for oh yes. did you make a bundle with a little bit your a, a
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with, [000:00:00;00] with us is you know, they wanna go have you like there's no sad see, but i don't know what those book you have, you know, get a. c c loan, pretty big either it done. i let's be the most. they never got people even agreement already. so they sent me this was a lot of this year or later, but it, he's a, he's
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a maybe see and think that may be the other the ways. yeah. is, is well have you been able to get them out of a release for the unit? got everybody stuck as, as you know, i love him already. i think i'm you will never doesn't bother with . 3 me
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mm hm. so send you sent as it gets se minimum heavy. it basically bruschetta gunman, pacific of oven distance would out. so programmer the little eunice human event for money on his americans the me that it is contracting with . but i think that a competent medical more the emo's you left a message to kayla both of his and the other. listen. second thing, will you alice, but that content up with his grandmother? glad you got him. and have you go to the london dela,
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viscous miss, emphasis. you'll make a nice mostly new systemic group. don't let me, never put it back to you and it pulled out of like this. it didn't go so ah. but the local local local said about it for this in the lowest, yet to spent in wavy meant the mendel, the precedent and put a 70 and approx macpherson oil in illinois. those made it pretty severe that will color put low, pussy soon canal will not sign you must out of the liver cadillac. here i lost caterpillars, a leather, olga level candle nesbit. i'll give you lindsay that melanie may he cough more. and beth is on the same as the one about you, lucy lisa. whenever you lindsey have a like a novel v marcella. base play in this. yes. pick that out. it indic navs are comments otherwise recorded when it up by the room was really global quality book. but of
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course for my little voice in those mendoza in particular, this jamara lord over at el paseo canal, apple, you're the own. she got them of yet tickle to lisa alto. the know me now the apostle from the lord and sort of guy little precedent. but i guarantee saddle, alexander can be that the pena law present that come with a little bit of pick up the little innovative electoral dilemma. another napoleonic that he's, that the libyan parameter that medical our la vio, lence. yet he committed a messy cooking at of his input dentist before the mask. and on pace. mother. oh no. oh. nicholas typical, breathless under his empty metamune in september. it was me cut dorothy may he quite his job nevertheless build his gra heavier as we stood here. what intake
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places to the enters campus you know say well foot on at the car though see this up at his heels pull up policy a leveling quin. sort of any server ah, in damascus pickup at a home and deliver this event, it equal will escalate the moral, the base, assess ability and government, the coin correspondence with a legal lack of a blank of angelica benito on his gun. the look at the level telemundo levelland alexi stance. have elements you and me, your nadia comes to either but a lot, but a couple of students yell boom consorts from michigan. i come to the own in order my contract a federal yet. this is lee story is to
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predict who had been mailed to lucy, that implacable numbers. john chin. beautiful intellus, scandal, banassi, vio. because we're counselor, logan. king corral will be at martine kendrick, le maddie own. in them, nissan on the 16th was me, john as a volunteer for thomas as his place and physical precedent opinion for him that i lack was tisha academy. yes. wiki policing. p v willingness will lack of you know, the last us your name is amy racy. says irresponsibly, please leave it at that. be breeza. if they can progress young, leave it up by this government. done by yourself. yeah. but a sierra scramble to leave it. that makes pretty soon. larry leigh feel that our goal at that. i mean, i will, they, they see almost boyden ashwood. oh, oh, this is a below these. again, not being admitted to i said look,
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is that as he in though this is i will home of these inc, gave amazon. i love about. yeah, that was all i know the st gazed is will not grow paid your lot, even better, but his young, he guy mobile won't though they either already. that is he does. he does. john is absolutely been jerry's apathetically loose. his foot has put a beat that look, he loves to synthesize feed my sexy kansas one. okay, so lapping c panel, both the content will go to the base this up at his your then his bus, who may be ethical when delinquent, 30, gotta bennington tub icon, difficult. davis burnett and kate were not picking up from chase. but i me sort of pesa glass hang 50 in the 1st book, his record. so see tech dsl this people, they him, if he say mean we're not just us,
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you on the proposal can cut that they're going to register in mrs. those mrs. classic one of those miss or can see if up you at the moment she loses the moustache with where you put a like a venus. he's just like he doesn't say lois where i was at this stage of what i usually was. no, you lose your list. i b as the lou. this is what the fuel federal is on foot was moved on. these both busy bump isn't there, isn't there was anesthesia the and me he call the ghost. is the monica see which in they those pushing woozy when bed frame 14th. i'm glad i was nothing be seen. go to the mega. got those amazing. didn't the single is that i let it. there is missouri . my son does this or john and say minister razor alison senior was a physician, and pest had a field medic, carmen in quite of
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a set of id from. but i live in america some aggregate oak of with lucas and diesel . don't have to look as usual, a committee appointed would have said a lady called madison. he lives so can also sort of his yeah, i mean i just keep the loan. he got regularly stack or nice. i get the name was in making going to more when we more list it come in and maybe one mega probably baby if you have been in the leader that actually for the material could be so they're going to be showing up the shift. amie will maybe look at the me, i'm going to be on monday now. mrs.
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daniels, this is bassio's video, paternity and glen only to complain of ac d as in the form. so municipal court activity with tci later on, gravy. first, for felicia to put your left, you'll not only would expect to get them and save you a much better. i live that money that in business will not be less. it was on this incident base. isn't it? it doesn't give us a bonus for still spit on it. seeing that, who's this this, this the c c hours?
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he asked almost for ya. so yeah, of course one telling me he could pop up to the media to protect journalists. because when i, when i, when the hacker acidic, i like the fence, i know that al deli without explanation, you know that and focusing me a 2 car. so even to cut them in the discipline, you own l. e, a feeder, this is the algebra. feel welcome to fulfill cubicle komatsu to class for that unless you don't get the anger. emily as an o t she has clinical benefited. are let ellis uncle michelle look else at and thought you end up with santa de la, and i guess, okay, i see them will be us and latisha vienna. they will be in a federal, out a kiss or kisse. i will sound okay. okay. i'll put you down to the republic i started yahoo! sandal a. so is thought blynn identical means that they get gay, all gum bone in the living guns. they live on j. e. they knew this young didn't pull their political and going through this, but he's this going to be some of the busiest young velocity he brought on the,
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the, the value, the government de la cecil. as use the lumina denila owner, there was marcel to promote it. my, your rating curtailment, the it up on exit 2 of so little barbara, maybe you approve brace or k, neither ye, i am the double government americans comparable model establishment, but more noble and dirtiness avenues. young be worse. the fact that if it were al, is their birth, is 2000000 to results. if that will result in a bit of eustace global garner is preserved, mentor, our current of street theater. mistress political sen. he's a computer. i mean take, i mean nobody ask a better deal any question. so look, tina beneath diversity maintain this trust that if it will require that see that the left the movies,
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channels with that the ladies union but the it but the let the lady soon back her wedding good and the and and beside local admin la beloved event on us se they look up a see that they for the more let us see kinda late deck with you on the late there . look here this was he still not 100 bit people come up or looks yes me most book i will explain. but fever and we've seen necessity that his adolescent fever the same as with other put symptoms, family, invoicing, petty, little cindy, fabulous evils, common grandmother mosquito, i'll exclaim in putting say to the head either will doubleclick ottoman
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no soviet they've always been up a lava. no. so be a chill, conscientious and most was startling. flemish june no soviet, his spirit, double the nostril corrected. obedient. opinion lemetre. they 6 annually been in the men to leave union to sing for them in those entirely style . it also proceed. dodie says what a for america tv level said government. no. suppose e as in tony said, be who asia, the ceiling dependence. yep. little. they see view up, which hadn't momento thou had elastically this, but i continued to have a handle mentor split but overlap, relax. you in the program and before putting that mit where does he as early as good either that was out where those of us are, lola? otherwise you got to be all all by visual i'm going to go
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with a aleck, come of a, b. c. what do you see? well, with wendy wendy, wendy, is they are the one is the more she goes to look at their mom and was menorah chapel who had trouble with this. you know that there was an incident with them. are supposed to go to a bonus division, and this isn't going up. why is it under package already been in yet, though you will know you misty as young as he don't remember. maybe she'll kaziz or this with this is the the center today. e. establish on this with this is, this is up to, there were several hall, natalie. they go look, there was a $1000000.00 to come on. we as the person that the black is think of the in the graphical. know, so i love. a the but it's on argue give, is it on political mindy m. o me. the unknown is disabled with 10 percent. a michigan ill report. that head lobe, i must have been out of the i have done to the lawyer. the deal is fails. that
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hello miss maria. this them no job again. this is william joke. okay. what is the one beside the melinda? bear with me as you really are that legally a if you can, i get senior with it. they may. no, no, no the the sell to list i wrong. a more out of the local role with louis him to go inside unicoi in. they can benito for the simple. so this is part of the $92.00 low the li since hear them very to put it only where she left. but i meant that the glue pressure is haley's mom. we cannot yet about anybody who will be soon. and if you didn't stick a group illustrative because every kiko black,
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you will, amino super annoying place you the better the post below say, seem pollutant. they those can figured out and fixed. if it's you guys, he'll be the new policy goes federal welding the so but as we all through. so course bill have you been a few other in the company i need to speak with somebody at schools including the scandal. like i said, blanca bully me. gosh, for too much, wanted to get feedback. elaine etiquette look can also cannot see other looking man that, that it is a similar way. still you have to look much like, well, nobody could put up a suffer. lucky at all. i proceeded it appreciate that too. i simply made the noise it can make you go, mr. is it harder here that i'm more interested in them? and again, as it goes through that, i know so that was sent in the black. of course it present any cookies a kiddo cuz he did have olive hasn't got us. the lesson is doing it as a millennial that on any of the binders while receiving them. and again,
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when you need the blanket, this is this. i will the board, the present, the again, or to give it any of the blood, your gushing that it has this been say all you never this, if you want to be pretty of them again or to get rid of the black here. this raises me again, was on it was, i presume, very giving you the black you didn't display more than it is to pick up was is then we will have raising dollars announced unity. and for those ala as universe, for me, gives me leave you. are you with a let him is of the demo with others would have been with them know that most when you're you're listening to me there we will stand. is your unit up? i do less. i mean people money sticky. if him i'm not sure. now this is when,
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when the number anything he always it will be the one the one then to give out of the no, but the seller put the local communities to you could okay click start. i'm gonna start but i'm in one of the launch of the almost me the ticker. but i said this kind of guy will company this jessica. so must broken, you know, or must i pull that i'm which has been done, but i'm not to commit an order much meaningful for the governors date, but i got
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a lot of money to get into. so if thing will be in will be keeping any of the defense manidez. i assume we're no care person to help us. well, not really sure. but one in law and then not a lemme keenness younger. see is the less your but i 7, was the lavario e. this was not going to be that he made up. is that get him which will give me leo . nice to be me. he go to concerns. yeah. in the this will my, it was expressing muscle probably coming down this can the law give you a service in the back our central but as we can open up the piano going into the lunch comalla via them granddaught granddaughter's. but to get them was a,
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me leave you daycare in terrific people. i phone system under here on the inside his extraneous look at the most value for get. i mean, zach is a gay a was you live in novelties you have the most or whatever the values for game, none of the most current then and put it in a room into the get thomas, a guy in the malware. kin. instrumental loose attack is the big houses in, in the left y phone. they will call whenever listen, the is to the end though in a 1000 years. for several of the luna, though not perverse yet, they mean the per k. glenn, i'm in de la gay. was calendar i will give annella mama hey, brenda, me. john is a the lettuce gas doyle will be at another pena but a competitive stay mother. he learns happy glasses kisses to pony. so to lisa,
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but i can empty. sadler so good. he better not sooner. bow so low he can get him in said young nevertheless, but as soon as must believe it as a base w pettis could have you painlessly, he minister tele thaddeus, a pretty sick will soon commenced a complain the vigour sized levels azteca rather well, minty. i'll cancel up a belly them she said it had been the poor guy to be he like most at those. don this pendleton think what camille is up at his heels. jack also the lucky content medical. oh, so he must go spend he put again, i must believe and contact alice. why didn't they dress as to the i'm to say? well, i think lake nitika attract tourists and under pins the local economy.
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thousands depend on its precious souls. al jazeera well explored the major environmental issues above and below the surface that threatened lake red bus very existence center goals. spring plate on al jazeera, compelling journalism. we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous ambulances about the explosion inspire program making. i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was light. how much money did you make for your role in deliverance? i made bad al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running. the climate is james. every year for millions of years, decades of talk, but little action is all about distract, create confusion to crate,
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smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically subverted. the oil industry was a made bank roller or opposition to climate act. the campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing? more shooting did was fewer 60, absolutely. on all 0 lou . wow. hello, i'm down jordan tow the top stories head on al jazeera, a 120 will leaders of gathered in glasgow for what's being described as a make or break moment in the fight to contain global warming. they've arrived with messages making clear the severity of the climate emergency, but it's far less certain whether they will deliver the action needed to stable of catastrophic levels of warming. in one early agreement, though, more than
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a 100 nations signed up to an deforestation by 2030 u. n. chief antonio british had


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