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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2021 5:30am-6:01am AST

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to day or to sell a network boasts 5 different channels. several websites and digital platforms all have cemented themselves as the leaders in the field. seeking the human story, and striving to speak truth to power. a quarter of a century has passed and what was once described by former egyptian dictator. symbolic as a tiny match box is now a global media empire, and a beacon of free expression in a region that has never needed it more hammered one. on the 0 though. ah tough. a quick check of a headlines here in our 0. we're leaders of agreed to n deforestation by 2030. it's the 1st commitment made the cop $26.00 climate conference in glasgow. the un secondly general is coding for systemic action to avoid catastrophic climate change. our addiction to fossil fuels is
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pushing humanity to the brain. we face a stark choice either we stop it or it stops us, and it's time to say enough enough of built the lising biodiversity. he laugh killing though ourselves with carbon. enough of t thing. nature like a toilet enough of burning and drilling and minding, go away deeper. we are digging our own graves rebels in ethiopia, northern tig, righ region say they've allied with forces from or amir, the countries most populous region. the t p left says it sees the town of comm boettcher while rebels an army. i say they've taken the town of. can me say both towns are on the highway to the capital, addis ababa? a 21 story building has collapsed in nigeria, lagos, killing at least 3 people, dozens of thought to be trapped in the rubble of the residential complex. that was
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under construction, french president, emanuel macros, delaying new customs checks against the united kingdom dispute of a fishing rights after briggs, it was threatening to turn into a wider trade dispute, but more talks have been planned to defuse the crisis. vote counting under way for south africa's local elections mondays, poland rapport response from voters. it's expected to be the toughest contest yet for the ruling african national congress party. it's been facing growing discontent of a rundown infrastructure and social inequality. a u. s. judge as dismissed all but one charge against a business man, accused of laundering money, venezuela's government. alex saab remains accused of one count of conspiracy to learn the money, which carries a maximum 20 year jail sentence. last month he was expedited to the u. s. accused of siphoning millions of dollars, then as well as presidents had saw, was kidnapped by the u. s. were those that were the headlines. the news continues
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here now to 0 after one on east state. you intend to watch it by from on counting. because billions and losses, bankruptcy and bailouts, when will the airline industry recovery begin? washington's diminished influence in latin america. tesla becomes the 1st one trillion dollar automaker where other de swapped us is the truck in the street counting the cost on al jazeera in south korea, online shopping is booming with close at $19.00 restrictions, keeping people at home. but delivery workers are paying a high price. well, now mine gotten their lot lower. on working round the clock, they raced to deliver packages on time. if they fall behind, they have to pay this, is that right? we are the one who 2nd, 5 5th for their 5th then the grueling conditions are killing them. amazon
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is homeless. a real one, a one east investigate why korean delivery workers are dying for the countries. convenience are 2. 0425
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. there's a time that i get into my truck. this sleepy, but i turn on my radio. usually i try to blister myself. why listen bill that all goodies like this? i myself with cheerful and then this fresh. so i can enjoy my full day in the fall. this is national anthem though is study over the day. this is a korean national anthem,
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61 year old delivery driver. how juan jay is a subcontractor with the korean postal service. he works an average of 14 hours a day or 70 hours a week. his shift begins at the regional distribution center. there are thousands of parcels here waiting to be sorted, not by warehouse staff, the by the drivers themselves. this is one of the major complaints of these
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delivery drivers. they spend hours the beginning of their shift, sorting and then loading the packages onto the truck. and nice se, then tie all those hours. our job is deliver the stuff. that's our job is really kidding our contract. but before that we have to spend like 4 hours every day before us begin our job. without payment drivers are only paid when night to live an item around. i could possibly the boom in online shopping to, to coven 19 means dr. is a spending even longer sorting packages, delaying when they can start their deliveries? since the pandemic began, $21.00 delivery workers have died. union say it's from overwork. it's not just hard to like that. it's as big as collect during the world.
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this is not right. this is my life. they claim that in all day the government says actually manage the defense, that refund application, which might be to them of who, who was the wong, whose 2nd 5 to support them. we had to walk. we are the one who, the 2nd 554 that says 10 south korea has the longest working hours in the developed world. hard work transformed these country from a war torn japanese colony into the world 10th largest economy in just a few generations. leaders promised the people that their sacrifices would pay off . the children would reap the rewards. but many koreans say they steal,
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paying the cost. death by overwork is so common. there's a word for it. clarissa. good. 2 0. 7 0, okay, delivery work is stage a rally in downtown sold in january the she logistics companies a great to hi and you stop to sol parcels to reduce working hours, and to stop deliveries after 9 pm. 6 months on union say the promises have not been on it. oh, i hear you, julian. well oh good. okay.
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yes. so let's go to. 6 the protest comes just days off the yet and now the driver collapsed. on june, the 13th i 48 you wrote father of 2 named him, guam soon suffered a massive brain hemorrhage and fell into a coma. turmalia to who's in scotland. you get the wrong, you know, you know pimlico lease young walk worked side by side. we've gung soon. he knows how easily it could have been him. today it was on the law as y'all little was it goes. you want to bill gift, chisel? yes. there do that's all right, there it was. i me tell you a wonderful he's always heard that i ok is a little joke long ago. real quick jolanda long as you, as
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a total. did it over here. i don't room. i one doesn't cause local to the single person. yeah. that way it's highway always knew tears. will you leave it on a sunday? there's a long hold on. yeah, i get there wasn't a good option, honey clears because i'm going to love to be done in total solution with like long su, young walk is in his fourties with 2 kids and works around 90 hours a week. his workload means he rarely sees his children. sir, it hung down. we'll have to do after sorting packages all morning. it's afternoon before he can make his 1st delivery. will she online and it's for syria a a
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whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, the little girl with
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ah oh oh sure surely. ally boucher ship window oftener. trouble shiver. just before 9 p. m. after 14 hours on the job, sean will get an automated message from the company. ah. yes, i thought it was our window renella. oh she you personally couldn't g dish jones with hon. dish. she turns on. oh she you. prison can get on and get on off,
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but you, unless you're doing that through our wall is i was one of them will just on rule will care. all plan will call only. you ha ha. each angler damien we would enter under. we're not hearing a diamond bears. when you june, you can, you can. if i was it you, she knew you do what you. she point amanda, his wife and i looked at her. so young walk keeps working. it will take at least another hour to finish. for the fresh food he delivers after 9 p. m. he'll pay penalties are pushing her as you get to wow, she you live it a bill for you. it was only told you they told you i didn't want you to know. the town that you give is always up there. who with my leg or you get woman, we thought she coming there one with one of his own tongue. you that there were
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that's a fine of roughly $40.00 for an item. he's paid less than $1.00 to deliver a whole lot. i'm willing to she only will finally wraps up around 11 pm for a 16 hour day. he's and around $130.00. that's before he's paid tax. he's petrol, all phone bills, or any penalties for light deliveries. or i think they're gonna call you marty. what's a fee schedule noted during the week? um, bookshelf or you know, id probably more reasonable than what's hong kong. whoa,
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whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, hulu. polaroid, any yeah, i want you to put a 10. okay. i speaker one of my p a a 2 door has it on the other if you don't got in get tommy is i get you done this from allan, you did not work on da da da t v on yesterday and i made. mm. since i was on hold all cheers on the it along with the law. we were watching on
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net blue 27 year old jang duck. john returned home from a night shift at 6 am on october. the 12th 2020. ringback he went to the bathroom to shower when he hadn't emerged an hour later. his father opened the door. is that it? okay, so no cousin waited from all gall assumable sequel york. john, it would have her put on salary in critical care if that were the county cook dinner. oh, good afternoon. we got bailey pagan. i was able to to oh, that's a man buried in hudson young. who knew opa others who is an in vic. doc john worked for the e commerce giant cru. pang often described as korea's amazon. he worked in one of the fulfillment centers,
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preparing items for delivery. prepaying manages its own logistics and has used artificial intelligence and real time productivity monitoring to make its distribution chain the fastest in the business. ah, full coupon. it contained dental care based on the time i saw it always ortega, owner to know how to work. i mean there's how big it alicia can ruin it while he or calgary is on the is a pushing on about sugar? yes i'm, i'm it. okay. and did okay. people now. yeah. i'm sure on the quiz you'll get on pushing on don't go to whom up i'm it but you one i'm in. ok. look to one in that oh yeah. right. kimberly jonathan you know chris, christina allison is another carrier more than yeah. okay. he corolla?
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gimme a you know him that as you all local funny that get paid in our full pony. so he didn't. and allison on money in there while you got is a lot of i saw it come up. it came out of funds. honey volume i look when i look at his men, i wasn't 100 others here. melissa, the commander on israel tell you those, how should i change or wish if there wasn't a good shift it over to avoid a new car. turn on to new jersey man and go back a peeling golf. so your resume, your tongue for tomorrow. a hung cuz i'm that he hunger only mother, bobby. bon gates. young kid he's had on the church. i war or he or she crissy, ninja daniel quarter had she duck, john died of a heart attack. crew pain insisted it was not work related,
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but his parents refused to accept the denial. they travel to fulfillment centers all over the country with a delivery truck bearing the slogan, crew, pang, killed my son. finally, after months of campaigning, they received an official ruling. their son's death was caused by overwork, cable and don't like husky the other got. she could get eaters why, what she wants to buy in the new initiatives. you package that room by me on the wall. so we thought that he could do when it is so tingle has it. and i mean, he won't be in the room. i'm missing with respect to observe to help us out. none that he could get me on the game tonight and get your high and even g, a diesel turned on so sure of
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his daughter. wish to go over in the morning as much human is vision. know me i know the human mom are sincere condolences go to his family. they have our
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deepest sympathy. you know today coupon is the 3rd largest employer in korea and, you know that's, that's about 50000 people. and if you think about 50000 people over the course of a year, you're going to have any number of personal medical conditions from within that, that population. so it's a company like, well, you believe this was a personal medical incident or this was a work related death, a death because of overwork at the government rule this to be an industrial incident and we do accept the logistics industry in korea averages about 80 accident related fatalities a year and you know coupon from the start. i has prioritize the health and
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safety of its workers. i do i came during they saw i keep doing this auto started a saw that the long for i'm back with how one j helping him. so apostles at the distribution center in, in john turn, did you know that i'm not getting paid for this right. that seems crazy to me. i wanna say that so i won't be able to pay you. 0 one jay never plan to be a delivery driver. he holds a master's degree in english and ran his own language schools in canada and japan.
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he moved back to korea to be close to his aging mother, who has early stage dementia. despite his qualify occasions and experience, he struggled to find work. i still thought at the time that i could get some positions in sunken and some university because i used to teaching universities as well. but. busy so i have to support myself and then all shocked to support my mother. she is so sort of handicapped because of a illness. so i visit my mom as often as possible whenever i can.
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oh, oh the i v o. a ma and yale, almost any dinner on those hanging g o t or non. yeah. cake, cake guys. how gods they all been. i received some tay. i'm the parent that i'm been a day when a yankee canoe. i'm not even though i know they cut, does i, lana my o. j. while with him, filming this story. covert infections have sword in south korea to day highest level yet as restrictions begin to tighten once more. so does the strain on delivery workers or cloth in take wrinkle. bon, i go get them. yeah. it's you would have to run on. oh i even
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i'm going to work with and when i have to i, i either alternative level training or even told or even in the district id, young walk is separated from his wife and lives alone. it's been 6 months since he's hogged his daughter's well. now i bought him lower nickel. ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. well now, but then we're on weather. oh, dear g mail in there. there. yeah, no,
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i'm good on my whole detailed, really about all i given you. if you didn't know, you didn't hear that when it got huddled off. now you're on hold for one. 0 yes. hello. last one i was on the walk, turning on. turn of your toner. wow, michael. now, the language of that it isn't that love to know yet, how's it a thought and we're in the war. i know we ended up there during world war i'm really of us, which was like a channel . i know it. wow.
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i was at a low, you know, what does your to, what are we mean? yes, i don't think it was get up also i would, you know, i know applica know what i knew about i'm i'm in with
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mean affluence of strategies. some neighborhoods racked by social and economic despair, one 0, what a fake the bad of local heroes. every one of us ever got a responsibility to change our personal biking for their suburban drake. point out to 0, tens of thousands of children were born into or lived under the ice will regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans, all with the widowed mothers rejected by their own communities. shaking your length on people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his,
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that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me, iraq's last generation coming soon on al jazeera, the stage is set and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamond hill on al jazeera. ah, if that sales done wildly does it, the you and the climate summit agree to end deforestation by the year 2030. there's no more time to hang back or shoot an offense or argue amongst ourselves. and while there are urgent colds or action at cop 26, some of the worse pollution of pushing back ah,
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bureau wanting to jo hobby when on camels, santa maria, this is the world news from al jazeera. it's been another building collapse in nigeria.


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