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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2021 5:00pm-5:31pm AST

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under a new constitution, and more than a year after the law o figured a political crisis in mercy at personal short documentary africa direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china marks $100.00 days until it hope the winter olympics. but how will that hon. debit and call for a boycott. impact this boating event, november on out just sierra, ah . leaders at the club, 26 climate summit promise, and you drive to n deforestation by 2030, and cut down on one of the most potent greenhouse gases. we're committed to collectively reduce our methane by 30 percent by 2030, and i think you'd probably go beyond that. ah,
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blow malcolm on piece. adobe. you're watching al jazeera alive from doha and glasgow also coming up. almost 20 people are killed and many more wounded in an attack on an afghan military hospital and cobbled ethiopia is to grow and rebels say they've taken cities on a highway leading to the capitol prompting and you call to arms from the prime minister. ah, well he does that the cup $26.00 climate summits are looking to build momentum after reaching agreement on 2 major greenhouse issues, deforestation, and the emissions of me. same gas on deforestation about $100.00 countries, a promise to stop and reverse it by the end of the decade. and they'll work to slash output of me thing. one of the most potent warming gases in our atmosphere for proposing to new rules one through our environmental protection agency that's
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going to reduce methane losses from new and existing oil and gas pipelines. and one through the department of transportation to reduce wasteful and potential dangerous leagues from natural gas pipelines, they have authority over that area. we're also launching a new initiative to work with our farmers and ranchers to reduce climate spart agricultural practices and reduce methane on farms, which is a significant source as well. if we want to keep the parish goal of 1.5 degrees in sight and support communities in the front line of climate change, we must protect and restore the world's forests. and i believe we can do it as we saw in this declaration today. let's also galvanize a radical shift in public and private finance. let's channel funds towards securing the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities and shift trillions
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towards supporting sustainable jobs. lima to our environment editor nick clark, who's in glasgow following everything that's going on at the culp 26. so we've got the 2 big announcements as shed jill to day. nick, what's your reading of them yet, 2 big announcements. the other day started with that one on deforestation, and then lastly, just the last hour. so the one on me thing, we'll start with that 1st, at methane, critical in the fight against climate change. it needs to be cut back radically. it is $84.00 times more powerful as a greenhouse gas than c o 2 is heat trapping abilities are much greater in the blanket of greenhouse gases that surrounds here. so any way that we can cut back on methane is, is a good thing. it comes from landfill from oil and gas at production from cattle, of course, and melting permafrost, which is happening to a larger extent, as time goes on, as of, on the land called, it's the low hanging fruit and fighting against climate change and so thoroughly
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supporting this implementation need more detail on how it will be implemented at, but we'll get that as the day goes on and talking of implementation. that's the critical thing. when it comes to this big announcement about financing d for a sexual stopping deforestation. $19000000000.00 announce at the start of the day. now how it is a great number and it's a headline grabbing thing, isn't it? but how you actually implemented as it is a different process altogether? how do you make sure that that money goes directly where it's needed and isn't just hired off by corrupt officials and so forth. both things announcements have been held outside of the formal talks of cop 26, but kind of reflect the efforts of the u. k. presidency to drive through a range of inside issues, important side issues, still critical, and the whole battle to keep one of the health re celsius within reach and attain. net 0 carbon emissions by 2050 on deforestation. the countries who say that will
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sign a pledge and clued canada brazil russia, china, indonesia, the d l. c, the u. s. and u. k. and to get a veil, cover, 85 percent of the world's for us. and again, important because for us to suck the c o 2 out of the atmosphere and put oxygen back into the mall for his company, you have the better it is for the environment. and in that flight, again, it's climate change. but whether we're talking to analysts, urine, nick, or here in doha, when someone like to bite and talks about climate forward working practices, use the expression there. the devil's in detail. one of our guest here on the news out in the last i was talking about not dotting the eyes and crossing the t's. we don't know how this is going to be implemented yet, because there has to be a conversation, say at a national level in the states between this president, mr. biden and farmers across america. and if they think that's going to hit their profit margin,
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that will at least raise eyebrows and somebody some place has got to say ok, this is got to come down to government legislation wherever you are in the world yesterday. right. that's. that's what people are saying. here that the, the overall reaction has been will as good news, this announcement, deforestation for how you can implemented if you could leave them into the toll. there has to be some sort of legislation to back it. we were speaking to somebody from global witness a little bit earlier, gave us some interesting figures and they say that since 2015 banks and investors in the u. k. united states e u and china cloud $157000000000.00 into agri business firms, linked to tropical deforestation. so they have, have a $157000000000.00 and you have $19000000000.00. somehow that balance is going to be equated and the only way really to do that is due to enshrine this in law and to make sure that it is then illegal. if you, if you allow deforestation on your own land, nick will talk to later. i'm sure,
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but in the meantime, many thank thanks, nick clock there and the team in glasgow bring us more from corporate 26 to big explosions. moving on, have gone off near a military hospital in cobble before runs of gunfire were heard at least 19 people confirmed that another 50 were injured has been no claim of responsibility for the attack. so far. charlotte bellis. as more details from cobble, the 1st explosion went off just before 1 pm local time, outside donald han, a military hospital, just a few 100 meters behind us. and if you 100 meters from our offices, we understand it will help you to gain entry to the compound and then it was a 2nd explosion. about 20 minutes later we understand that from a suicide bomber being the has been for read. it gunfire throughout the afternoon. we understand for witnesses that gum and we're going room to room inside the hospital. the telephone say that they responded by seating the special forces into the hospital to try to stop the attack. they've also had helicopter,
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circling about the area using africa and air force helicopters, williamson african pilots and actually flying pilot from the previous government folded into the telephone. i think it was like in terms of injuries, most people looking for the hospital was a han and a separate hospital that specifically treat trauma victims off to attacks like this . now this is not the 1st time that this hospital has been attacked twice in the last decade. the 1st and 20 live in by the telephone actually themselves, and then the 2nd 2017 by iceland. quite a similar stylus. heck, i feel is proven to be one of the biggest problems for the taliban in terms of security across the country. since i've taken over the ice and was conducted for quite severe attacks. one at the, at the airport as evacuations were taking placement was one of the worst attacks
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that cobble has seen and many years. and then other attacks that happened in mosques across the country. if you have been state media today, forcing the people living in at the supper and been asked to register their weapons, as the prime minister makes a call to arms to confront, to grow and rebels. the rebels say they're in control of 2 towns on a highway leading to the capitol. though the government disputes that priyanka group to report. there's the new frontier in if he appears war rebels antigua i see the advancing fir, the south inching closer to the capital, addis ababa in just a few days. the rebels from the northern te gray state say they have seized the town, so they say, and culture which are in the neighboring amara state. the 2 are on a major highway leading to the capitol. the federal government has disputed those claims. we have to go to this stage on to glazed, broken well, to make sure that our children are not dying from anger. and is that what is it?
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we have to make sure that the access limited access to buy out, even though we'll do what it takes to make sure that the seat is broken. if looking plugged in, smart, implanted it, well, it takes to break the thing we will. prime minister arby amad has asked all this europeans to organize and fight back and up at our was no, there are many challenges, but i can tell you with certainty, without a doubt, we will score a comprehensive victory in the last 15 days when keep your left was crying about being attacked, i was overwhelmed with pressure from the world phone calls. now that they are advancing, it is seen as normal and no one is callings to go foot in. the u. s. has been calling for a ceasefire. secretary of state antony blinking, tweeted saying the u. s. is alarmed over the t p, a less takeover of the towns to say and culture and is urged both sides to stop fighting but down concerns that violence could escalate. what did grand rebels joining forces with the oral more liberation army,
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and armed group in the region surrounding the capital on this, there is a new marriage of convenience alliance. between at least a fraction of the autumn were liberation front and the alaska because the abby has managed to alienate the all mo, the routing some harass. so he is really increasing the isolated and that you feel like he's trying to take advantage of that situation as well as olay. and it's found lease like these, well being the highest price for the shifting back line. so if, if he appears war that's dragged on, for nearly a year, more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes. and around $400000.00, on the brink of famine, bianca though altogether, palestinians fighting against forced evictions and shake gera a district unoccupied. east jerusalem have rejected a compromise,
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put forward by israel supreme court. the court proposed the families be allowed to stay in their homes for 15 years while recognizing a jewess settler organization as the owners of the land harry force. it joins us now from shake dro in occupied east. jerusalem was the reaction from the families been like harry they've had several weeks now about a month to, to think about this offer, which even at the beginning of this process, some of the families were saying was the sort of most significant move in their favor for some time the offer was that they would be allowed to stay in the homes for a minimum of 15 years, but they would be given this protected tendency status for up to 3 generations worth of these families, starting with a 1st generation as of right now. so it could have given them the relative potential security in some people's estimation of being able to stay in their homes
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. however, what it didn't give them is what they've been fighting for in the israeli courts for so long, which is recognition of their ownership of this land, of these homes that were awarded to them by the jordanians. in the 1950s. these are refugees from historic palestine that left that homes and what is now israel during the creation of the state of israel, known as the knocked by the catastrophe for palestinians. and so the principle at stake was such that they didn't see the security is really worth what they were being offered and be it would have been too much, i think of a capitulation. the statement they said was that they would not accept being termed protected tenants. in line, which they insist is their own. now there was some pretty intense debate and discussion between the families. the positions that were being at the message that would be given at the start. they weren't all coming from exactly the same him. she but it seems those who are in favor of
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a strong line against israeli supreme court against the occupation, they're the ones who prevail. and what do we think happens now? well, the supreme court was obviously very keen to push this deal because it appears not to want to make a decision. everyone is aware of the political sensitivity surrounding this issue. it was one of the driving sort of ingredients in the fighting that we saw in may and the tensions around here and in jerusalem more broadly as well. at that time, the united states is pressuring these ready government against any forcible evictions of palestinians here in check. sure, because of the very sensitive nature of it. however, legal analysts say that because of the previous existing decisions and lower courts because of the stretches within the israeli legal system, which as far as the international community or most of it, a consider that shouldn't apply here in occupied land. israel does apply its own
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law in east jerusalem because it sees east jerusalem as part of its own territory. and so the supreme court doesn't have much room for maneuver. it seems to do anything other than the award the ownership of the land to the or recognize ownership of the land as being that of the israeli settler group. and therefore, enforcing an eviction if it does rule in that way. the bull is then in the israeli governments court, it may wants to put off any forcible displacements for some time. but from that moment on, the families really will be living on borrowed time. they say that it will then be up to the popular existence of popular movement and international prussia to ensure that their rights are with upheld in this very contested parts of occupied east. jerusalem. harry, many thanks, honey forces to join his live there from occupied east jerusalem. still to come here on al jazeera, meaty work has stage their own tribunal symbolically holding governments to
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accounts over the killing of journalists, plus catholics and voodoo believers, unite in haiti to pay tribute to the dead at a time of christ. ah, hello. the weather's low as he sat there for northern parts of chide or at the moment we have got some wet weather, just pulling away from met japan. having said that, sally, larry flow pressure, not too far away. chart is fine to dry because we have high pressure in chart here . it means light winds. it means largely clear skies. it also me some mr. fog overnight to watch out for she clear through as he go on through the mornings though, and temperatures getting up to around 16 celsius in beijing. a similar temperature . therefore, sol, see some wet weather just coming across the korean peninsula as we go through way
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to stay on into thursday. pushing further eastwards and running across northern parts of japan, i think sheltered by the mountains not badly tokyo temperatures here at around 20 degrees celsius with a fair amounts of sunshine the shower. so sunshine is jasmine, southern parts of china, sunshine, which has cost much of south east asia as well. some lively showers there into the philippines. see some recent flooding around borneo southern parts of smart dressings from heavy showers. they'll stay in place over the next few days. a seasonal showers really doing quite nicely as they sink my way further southwards into indonesia. plenty of showers across southern parts of india at the moment. we have got some nasty weather just around the southwest. in particular. further north, it stays fine, dry and sunny. ah ah, well it into a world of comfort and soon i sank solice. without you business class,
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which way your privacy is paramount and your experience can sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera always the air line you can rely on ah ah, 18 minutes past the hour, your top story, so far today? worldly does have agreed to end deforestation by 2030, handing the you and climate summit and glasgow. it supposed big deal. that's part of a great to push to limit the rising global temperatures to 1.5 degrees celsius in the
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coming decades to large explosions have gone all from the a military hospital and cobble before rounds of gunfire. at least 19 people are confirmed that has been no claim of responsibility to the attack so far. and ethiopian state media is reporting that all residents of addis ababa have been asked to register their weapons in the next 2 days. is comes as rebel forces from the to cry, region capture several key tons of the capitol at the sapa and attack in burkina, faso has killed at least 10 people. it happened near the border with nisha for other people may have been kidnapped. troops have been deployed to the area of search is now underway. nicholas hawk is following the story from liberia's capital monrovia detective place early on monday morning when villagers were on their way to a regional market, attracting people from neighboring countries. when armed men in on motorcycles attack them, killing most of the villagers and robbing them of their cattle and the cyril's that
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they were going to sell. so much of the attacks that we've seen in the last few months is fuel by food. almost a 1000000 people are displeased in this a hell and are suffering from acute mound nutrition. no one has claimed responsibility for this attack, but it has the hallmark of the isolate affiliate dislike state in the greater sahara that has increased attacks, particularly in brooklyn and faso. ever since the government has been arming civilians to defend themselves, they have become legitimate target for arm groups. and most of this fighting is less about gaining territory. more about trying to gain access to food. and the month of the rainy season has been particularly bad in burkina faso. and that has seen the displacement of people and attacks coming closer and closer to the capital . now the government of ricky natasha has responded with an operation that is
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underway and using helicopters, they say they've killed at several of the several assailants. and they've said they've lost several. our men, they had announced just weeks ago in operation in the north of the country to try to regain control of the northern borders. nick hawk reporting that the fiance of jamal ha showcase is among those, testifying before a people's tribunal on the murder of journalists. cody j gen jess says she wants to make sure the will does not forget her children. he was killed inside the saudi arabian consulate in istanbul, in 2018. the tribunal in the hague has no legal standing, but it is hoped it'll put crush on governments, which are accused of turning a blind eye to the murders of prominent journalists. step boston is at the hague step. yes, i'm very compelling. testimonies here and they have got the people thrive, you know, among other from the fiance of jamal casual g i was actually standing out is that
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you can feel their hopelessness and also frustration by pursuing justice many for many, many years. and they have faced this wall of faith and governments who are not waiting . and that's exactly what's on trial here. it's the impunity. it's been sat here also that a out of some cases are going on. punish killings of journalists. and it's the easiest crime in that sense. and sadly, most of us journalists know, personally someone, a colleague, a friend who was murdered for just doing their job. the testimony here are the most important, and one of the people testifying here today is also you have a lot of stuff not to have a lot of multi journalists was killed by a column in 2017. thank you for joining us here today. this is an occasion to speak out, right? you don't really often hear from the ones who are left behind when the journalist
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is killed. how important is it that you can give this testimony? well, it's important for us, the family members who are left behind to constantly revise the memories of our that derivatives. because as you mentioned so many janet so mad that every year with impunity that we risk being forgotten. and my mother risks being for delta and john, my gosh, all g risks being full of it. so we really have to do this. continuous work can be out there for free event to make sure that the victims are not for all actions, all taken to drive off sort of justice. but it must be, especially for you as a son, emotionally burdening to be in this position that you constantly have to find justice . yes, i mean it's our lives were already rec to my brother's, my dad's my mom's family's to constantly have to relive everything day off so they
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offset a huge. so boss, we're, we're just face to no choice. i mean i, i really don't know what i can do. we all have this need, this, this drive to speak out there to keep out the killing of tomato really cost a shock, cried throughout europe. you can say, how hopeful are you that there will still be justice? it's cause no shock because the europeans assume that the european union was a safe zone for journalism bottle was my mother's murder shows. that was corruption, has become such a problem as freshmen in europe in union. not that this is leading to the murders of journalists and within europe and union. that was eon, quincy, cause murder, just a few months off. my mom and this really created an emergency situation and i guess
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within your feeling the things were out of control, which is good because they really are getting out of control with respect to corruption on the organized crime. i remain hopeful, we will have justice because over time in europe we've developed institutions allow us to get to justice, but it's really hard to work. unfortunately, there are people speaking here today who as you said, speak with hopelessness because they're outside the zone where they can get justice within that life science. thank you so much. i'm afraid i have to leave it here. there is a trial probably happening next fear in the case of matthew, smarter for many others who have been here talking their loved ones have been gone for 10 years. and the only way to find some kind of justice and recognition might be just people's tribunal. that many thanks. the white house says
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welcome day, private mission to me and mark by a former us ambassador to the united nations. washington is not sponsoring bill richardson's trip, but says it hopes his efforts will help get aid supplies in to me in the un says about 3000000 people are in need of assistance. florence louis is following that story from qualon path. so the richardson center has said, this is a humanitarian mission, and the focus focus of this is pandemic support. now a press release by the richardson center for global engagement says the purpose of this trip is to hold discussions to facilitate the delivery of covert 900 supplies, medical needs, and other public health needs. earlier this year, me on my experienced a search increment of virus cases and authorities really struggled to cope. patients will being turned away from public hospitals. family members ended up killing for hours just to get enough oxygen for that for their loved ones. now it's
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also possible that richardson will be seeking the release of an american journalist, danny fenster, who was arrested earlier this year. a lead for allegedly spreading false information. he's in charge with incitement. now the spokesperson for which it's declined to comment on this. it is quite telling, however, that the press release from the richardson side did not make any mention of the qu, who richardson, roby meeting while he's in me or not. and i think it's also possible that the fact that he's been granted access to the country, he may have had to make some promises that this is going to be a purely humanitarian mission. now if you remember, the june test position is that it stepped in because that been electro fraud and it also takes the position that political opponents to the who are the terrorists who are intent on stoking violence in the country. so i think on the political front, we shouldn't expect much from this mission. it is a purely humanitarian mission. christian and z to worshippers have gathered at
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cemeteries in haiti to pay tribute to the dead. all saints day is a catholic holiday, but has been heavily influenced by voodoo traditions. john henderson has morn out from pull to prince. ah, follow a parade through port. a prince cemetery on all since day this year and you'll reach the cultural crossroads of a country in crisis. as the faithful make their way through the maze of crits, a voodoo band leader dances and pours out a mixture of rum and bell peppers to please the spirits. no, ma'am, your civil doretha. we are of would use some people believe it's for sit in about we consider it our culture. that's our symbol. today. it's our ceremony, our birthday celebration a on his day of remembrance for catholic saints believers of 2 faith celebrate together bringing candle it offerings, flowers, and sacrifices of food to the graves of family and friends. it's
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a day to leave momentos and beautify the resting places of those they've lost. celebrants, one with a human skull in hand oversee attribute of candles, coffee, and hope in hard times. with every new demand i reach for our country to move forward. we want our country to be free, so every young man and remain can have a job. so all the video people can have anything to do. ah, it's a rear cause for celebration nearly 4 months after the assassination of the countries president. all saints day is a mixture of traditions, christian and voodoo, rum and reverence. but this year it's happening in a haiti that's more in chaos. and at any time in recent memory, they come for the ceremony for much needed inspiration and a promise of better times to come. get me by god, kansas monkey fit. there is no change without problems. and no change without
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suffering. just as the woman has to go to label pans before everyone can celebrate a baby's birth. even though we have a lot of guest as and gods in the ghetto. ah, this will end. ah! the tribute continue for a 2nd day of celebration on tuesday. all souls day a day to celebrate not just the saints, but all the dead. a number that seems to be growing at an alarming rate. john henderson, l g 0, port prince haiti. ah, exactly half past the hour. let's update your top stories here on al jazeera. well leaders have agreed to n deforestation. by the 2030 handing the you and climate summit in glasgow, its 1st big deal, they'll work to slash outputs of methane. one of the most potent warming gases in
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