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tv   [untitled]    November 2, 2021 6:30pm-7:00pm AST

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it's all china and in sport was legs for boston, a star. sergio. i blew his field health care. ah hello. we've got some wet weather. the forecast, the parts of the middle east general across northern air is little more cloud here, just spilling out to turkey, syria, iraq, seeing a few showers here. much in the region though will last per usual be dry. plenty of hazy, sunshine highs here and down of around $34.00 degrees over the next couple of days at weather weather that we have farther north, just running its way towards northern areas of iran. we'll see some west weather also into the northern half of afghanistan. some cloud and rain, they're just gathering around kabul. you notice further south it does stay dry, it stays fi, it stays lost,
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it warm and that dry weather that stretched its way down across the horn of africa . we have got some rather wet weather, just around western parts of can you can see some heavy showers, salsa dancing, some shower gander as well. seasonal res, stretching the way, right, the way through the democratic republic of congo. easing up towards the gulf. if kinney noticed much of angola, also seeing some very heavy showers over the next couple of days, botswana could catch a shower or to see some wet weather, just making its way toward southern parts of mozambique for a time. and notice how the cloud just gathers across that eastern side of south africa, to harrisburg, as see some rather lively downpours with a top temperature of 29. ah. tens of thousands of children were born into or lived under the iso regime in iraq and syria. now, many are in camps either often with mother rejected by their own communities,
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chicken. you're lying. so people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary, here's that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation coming soon on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results for the red bar and walk indonesia, whose turns for me. we moved full to grow and fraught. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part linda. this is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now, lou
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ah, this is al jazeera, quick reminder, all the top stories, those are ethiopians council of ministers has just declared a nation wide states of emergency. earlier, the prime minister had asked all ethiopians to mobilize to fight rebels in t gray had see they've taken control of 2 towns along a major highway to the capitol. world leaders have agreed to en deforestation by 2030, answering the un climate summit and glasgow. its 1st major deal as part of a greater push to limit the rise in global temperatures. to 1.5 degrees celsius in the coming decades and a large explosions have gone off their military hospital in kabul before runs gone far. at least 19 people are confirmed. debt has been no claim of responsibility for
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the attack so far. let's take you back to the top story, the climate summers in glasgow, or we can control go and i to cut the 26 and speak with francesca rocker who's with the international federation of red cross science. he joins us from the summit in glasgow as kids are happy, withers, your organization is often the 1st to step up when disaster strikes. so not just war and so and but often the remnants of climate emergency given what say coming down the line, do you think the world is prepared to deal with the extreme weather events we're likely to see or indeed are happening? no no, i didn't. the numbers are talking off of them says sir, a holler, this is a, this is this said, reality look for just giving 11 number. after this fact of the pandemic, we head says,
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then that more than 400 extreme wither of answer affecting the moral less 140 millions of people. no, we are not enough prepared. we do need to invest that community level. we do need to investor for the face shana and i to have the most vulnerable community. so more prepared because the number of extreme weather events are increasing the year by year and, and we can not go with this magnitude indeed. well you're, you're at the summit right now you're in contact speaking with the people there. is there a recognition from the leaders and the delicate sat, the summit that climate change is causing these problems which are going to cost money? has the penny draughts oh, in my opinion alco we, we have to wait till deanda so far, and by ward, sir, no, some one said by the blah blah blah. of course there is a strong rig lanesha about these need. but now we wait for fox. so we needful,
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we wait for a real invest mentor. as i said, that community layer the law, we are trying to bring to voice over that 1st responders. the 1st stage there's that guiding expression, ah, on the ground. when are these are sarah strikes and, and this is, this is why so important for us to be here in great doing gauge and to continue to advocate that. and i would like to remember and other aspect that most of the financing is focused on the, on the day the climate change is going go mostly through the middle and income countries. and very few resources are going to de least developed counties to the most affected community that, that the one that contributed delisa to the address to the guy my change it to the green gauss, abilene outside gas emissions. so, and this is, anna is another factor that we have to recall hearing these plays in these very moment. no. okay, francesca rocker, i am afraid we are out of time, but has been great to get your point of view. thank you so much for speaking to us . here at al jazeera, we appreciate it. i, as we reported earlier,
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ethiopians council of ministers has just declared a nation wide states of emergency. and let school live night to samuel gassett. she is in addis ababa, samuel ed declaring a state of emergency really suggests that she gray in rebels have real momentum here. just talk us through what's happening. well, the justice minister gideon, 2 more years, spoke to the media momentarily. and he said, the state of the merchant see that's going to be declared and approved by the parliament is going to tax. he said, safeguard ethiopians from what it was, a t p investment didn't 10 on doing to the public. they'd be not choosing the future of causing killings and raping and all kinds of stuff and i keep ation. so such have been going on between the 2 comes since the beginning of the conflict and
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tomorrow is going to be its 1st year. what's your sense? because there have been these accusations coming from both sides, committing atrocities and all sorts. it's difficult to get the facts from the gardens because access is very limited, but you're in the cap. and so what's the sense that you get it but how the conflicts has shifted? because it's a grey and rebels of claims. they've taken these 2 times and they're heading to the capital. is that resonating for you or? well, you know, we've been hearing accusations once again. the keep said that the claim bessie and composure in the last 72 hours lead tide insisting there hasn't been quite thing, but they did no claim to 2 cities. one of them being unimportant, magnet for international investments. so and i've been to see in the last few weeks,
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i've seen thousands and thousands of displaced people riding away from the northern part, accusing the left of all kinds of violations. so again, this is one of those conflicts. we can't even verify because our movement who had to this conflicts are really and respected. and he looked at an airline suspended light a few weeks ago and composure. and even heading by road is really being a challenge. i think what we know of people are continue to be picked up and our people are really big in the capital. what's happening on the grains? i mean, our people in the capital alarms, by this declaration of a state of emergency. is there a sense that the wars getting closer to whom? well, the news is just getting to the people to the public. it was just breaking news that was announced. and the last dollar people seem to be concerned. the last
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merchant see that it was about 2 years ago and people really, really suffered there has been killings and all kinds of issues with any job. but going back to an emergency is becoming a reality field. but we haven't been, we haven't been told exactly what the state of emergency would include, but it would include, you know, the movements of people and giving more power to the police. again, that's heading back to on all the concerns. i'm sure not. so you feel i'm reminding them of the seem to have rejected. ok, samuel gets issue as speaking says live from the fuel being capital. we appreciate it. thank you very much in deeds palestinians fighting against force eviction in shift ra, a districts and occupied east. jerusalem rejected the compromise put forward by
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israel's supreme court. the court proposed that the families be allowed to stay in their homes for a period of 15 years, or recognizing that you're set, the organization of the owners of the lands. hurry forfeits is covering the story for as for the west, jerusalem, how would the families saying i was there saying no, essentially they're saying that this compromise deal or which the court was pushing very hard is not acceptable to them on the grounds that it would classify them as protected tenants in homes that they very much regard insists have fought for b, their own, awarded to them under jordanian rule, in the 1950s as palestinian refugees in east jerusalem at the time. of course, since then there has been the unilateral annexation of east jerusalem a by israel or since 1967 it's been viewed as occupied territory under
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international law. israel views as part of is ready sovereign territory, so it imposes israeli law there and under is ready law. a settler organization has had verdicts already in lower courts, endorsing its claim. as owners of that land. this compromise deal would have protected the immediate security potentially of the families up to 3 generations from now within those homes. and potentially crucially, this was the big concession that was seen to be made. and some of the family members were saying that it was a significant move towards their position. it would have allowed the families to continue their fight to be recognized as owners. but in the 1st instance, they would be seen as protective tenants and would have to paid a nominal rent to the 2nd organization. the families have said that that is not acceptable. after a months worth of pretty difficult deliberations, they decided to fight on. and this is a little bit of what mona l could, one of the leading voices of the campaign had to say
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a little earlier. what did it go and at the how did obama, we understand that the israeli courts a circumventing their duty to adjudicate the case and to forcing us to choose between being forced to leave. our hines are being submissive to an unfair agreement that represents colonial policies, which aim to create a fragmentation of social solidarity achieved recently by the palestinian people. a sorry, what happens now? well, it's now back in the course court. they have to make a decision. we don't know when that final verdict will be, but the signal is pretty clear that they were giving by pushing this deal so hard that they probably feel a lot of legal experts certainly interpret it this way that there isn't much room within israeli legal framework. and given the, the verdicts that have already gone against the palestinian families for the court to do anything other than to endorse those previous verdicts. so if they do rule
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that, the families must be evicted, which is that the phrase, these, right, a legal system uses the palestinians, and others would cor, was forcible displacement from homes. and then that will then be the, the job of the israeli government to decide exactly how to handle that. the israeli government is under considerable pressure from the bite administration to leave the families in their homes. and it had been pretty clear that both the government and the court really wanted this sit this whole situation sort of go away off to the very fraud tensions they were in april in may. that isn't going to happen now. so the question is whether the government will enforce this eviction or not, how long a delay that might be, and the setting of families calling for a greater public fight against it and more international pressure against these ready government to ensure that they are allowed to stay in the homes, in the 1st instance, and have their rights up held in the long term. ok,
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harry fall said that lie from west jerusalem ery. thank yahoo has made the decision to pull their operation from china. they join a long list of other social media sites and search engines like facebook and google . there are blogs in china company statement, fence at both, and increasingly challenging business and legal environments. after china's personal information protection law that came into effect on the 1st of november. well, alan fischer is ly for as in washington d. c. allen, why has this happened? well, some people would say this is more symbolic, but it is quite significant as well. yeah. who has essentially been running donuts platforms and china since 2013. if you go back to 2005, they created a partnership with ali baba. and at that point yahoo started to be phased out. but because of the change in the law, on the 1st of november, yeah. who decided that the environment there was simply too difficult to operate
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any more. and so about 2 weeks ago, user started to see a message saying that from the viewer, the 1st, all of these platforms, all of these yahoo sites will simply disappeared. as you see, they're not the 1st to do that. in fact, linked in just a couple of weeks ago, decided that they were done with china as well. this is a pretty big decision when you think that there are 1000000000 users on the internet and mainland china. so that's a big market. that essentially you're putting on your caught and walking away from but linkedin like yahoo have said it's simply becoming much too difficult to operate in china because of the business and the legal environment there as well. and that's beginning to spook investors. a lot of americans who are invested in tech shares in china, they are seeing what these big names are doing. and they're beginning to reconsider the possession of fact. a number of investors have started to pull their money out of tax stocks and china. and that has led to significant dip in the market. the
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worry for the chinese authorities in the chinese business community will be that there will be more to follow at yahoo. and certainly investors will be keeping a close eye on what happens over the next few days. cale and fisher in washington d. c. thank you, ellen. the reopening of the pedestrian border between columbia and venezuela has brought some relief to the sizes of venezuela. lindsey cross daily for essentially like foods and health services, but the lack of that for me as it relations between the countries as worsens and already people tell security situation at the border of the center reports from quarter when the columbia inside phillip interest in his family fled their mother's farm in the rural area of the border city of cook with a few months ago when a group of 100 armed men set camped there. after philip asked him to leave, he says he received threats and then was shot 4 times. and alternately,
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most of them are just ask them to move away from the house, not the entire farm or the area because as i told them, if you are here is because the army allows you to them. instead, one of theirs was killed. then they came after me, thousands of columbia farmers were displaced from the north eastern countryside surrounding cuckoo last year as a part of military group entered the area, fighting with communist e. l. n rebels. they're battling for control of cocaine production and the contraband routes along the border with venezuela. it will be the major the during the last 20 months, 22 community leaders have been killed in north fountain to our region. in the last 45 days, 20 leaders, 14 of them, women have been displaced. this is a true humanitarian disaster. in the past, the city of cuckoo was mostly spared the worst of the conflict that affected remote parts of this region. the thing that changed about hope is ended in june
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a car bomb exploded in the cities military base, injuring 36 people. a week later gunfire helicopter, carrying colombian president even do k, as it took off at the beginning of october president who can answer deployment of a new military unit of 14000 soldiers to address the situation. but 3 weeks after the announcement, local say nothing has changed. in their communities repeatedly asked the new unit commander for an interview, but so far they fed, they have nothing new to add lawn lucky discipline. as one local official say, increasing troops on the ground alone will not solve a situation that requires real alternatives for poor coca farmers. and that to lack of diplomatic relations between colombian, venezuela, facilitated the expansion of criminal groups to the city, latino mika, the most would be most anya's enough to record border dynamic. the last few years
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with closures and the lack of communication between the states has facilitated the group of these criminal activities offering them the best possible environment for their rocks is full cycle. it would allow me horror and an explosive cocktail, the leaf people like philippe, wondering if they will ever be able to get their life back. allison, that i'm 50, i'll jesse dakota, whatever. phil had here on al jazeera england charged toward the semi finals that the t 20 won't come off that story for you after the break. ah 25 years ago. and you are in television years in the middle east began. ah, a 2 part documentary series mopping the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channels logged. and now it became
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a recognized global brand. ah, the story of al jazeera, a unique pav in the country with an abundance of results. right. i really want indonesia, his big concerns. for me, we move to growth and fraud with balance for rena economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest might be part of his growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah.
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forward here sarah. thank you very much. hello. well, for must be for present set plaster. and formerly a for president michel cassini have been charged with fraud by swiss. prosecutors foster a 6 year investigation into controversial $2000000.00 payment that was made to see me in 2011 pastor, had authorized fee for to make the payment was still president both denied any wrong doing and face trial within months at the criminal court in switzerland if found guilty, they could be jailed. now told them have got them on the london club of landed antonio contact as their new head coach, the italian assigned in this initial rather 18 months deal and replaces new. no, it's pretty so santo who lost it just for months in the job. conte though has his work cut out was supposed languishing and mid table in the english premier league over the weekend. they were crushed. 3 know by manchester,
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united contain most recently helped in similar to this barrier title and the 52 year old also guided chelsea to the premier li crown in 2017. while we've been speaking through pain football rights have been haywood, who tells us just why suppose fans are so excited about content taking over because there is a when, you know, i think looking back to the summer thing he's, he's the one that talking fans. majority of the fans would have wanted to come in after the marina was sacked and you have proven track record that chelsea did a magnificent job. you ran into most recently when the screwed up over there. and you know, he brings intensity and just, you know, i think the striking football winning football and he, he wants the absolute maximum from those plans. i think we've seen them lately. some of the place appeared disinterested, barcelona sauced,
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i guess. where will miss 3 months of action, the origin time forward had chest pains and breathing problems during most barcelona match on saturday. now medical staff treated the 33 year old on the field off the he fell to the ground. he was hospitalized and is now receiving treatment. one of i's hockey's most high profile officials is under pressure for how he allegedly handled a sexual assault case more than 10 years ago. an independent group release documents last week accusing and h o plays association executive direct. so direct or other don't all fit of not protecting a former player now call beach is 31. he says he told the organization that he'd been sexually assaulted by a chicago black coats coach in 2010. the n h o p a will now vote on whether it's a commission external review into how the body handled the case. fair though, so the can't remember being told about the matter at the time. well, last week's investigation has already has some implications in a child. find the black hawks, $2000000.00 for dealing with
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a case. and i quote and i took 3 the time in recent days though, took black hawks official. stan bowman, whose picture had also an al mike, i'd rather have also stepped down meaning there are no executives from 2010 still on the team. on the black horse coach from 2010 job crime vill is now without work . having resigned, as for the pumps, his head coach as to the alleged sexual assault perpetrator, and former video coach brought old rich. well, he's never faced charges in connection to the case. well, we've been see him for american sports boy casa micro call center, explained to us the magnitude of the scandal. i think it's one of those things that it is going to snowball as it goes along because as bad as the original case was, it's the cover which is even worse in 2010. kyle beach was a young player. chicago brought him to play on their minor league team, which is just outside chicago and put him on the roster for the stanley cup
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playoffs, although he never actually played. but during that time, the teams video coach invited him to dinner at his house, showed him videos and then eventually eventually sexually abused him. the team did not want the bad publicity, which was inherent, so against their own internal rules. this was not referred to um, the teams human resources department until well after the event when, when they were acquired by the teams, internal rules to refer it almost immediately. and aldrich then got his stanley cup bring he celebrated with the team and, and with beach. and went on, he resigned and went on to a number of jobs in collegiate hockey and with the us amateur olympic khaki team before he was eventually at a high school of finally arrested for abusing a young
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a young man and served actually served in prison. because of that, south africa base of their chances of reaching the semi finals at the t 20. well, comp bay cross bangladesh. i will not be protest winning by fix wickets. the 39 bulls to spend their is out means a 2nd in group one, england have all but qualified for the semi finals after losing 3 early wickets. england recovered a 163 runs from the 20 over. but soon, just putting the code is 1st century and 20 and national and the with the milestone with a very long pool of the inning and replies lank. we're looking okay midway through the run, chase until they lost their final 5 wicked in just 13 deliveries england, winning by 26 run. well, that's where your sport for now, but i'll be back lisa. thank you very much indeed. sorry for this and you started to keep it here on alger fair. i'll be back with you on the other side of the break,
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spoke a ah. with
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is said, and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you think from international politics, to the global pandemic, and everything in between. upfront with me, mark lamond hill on out 0. ah, if you, if he has government declares a state of emergency after to grow and rebels advanced towards the capital. ah, that i'm had the my, he didn't, this is al jazeera life and go home. also coming up, who was 20 killed and many more wounded.


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