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to create quality jobs, invest. leslie park when the this is growth and progress in indonesia. now frank assessments is likely to change biking behavior at all. it's not gonna change their behavior. they are going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the days global headlights inside story on al jazeera, ah, he'll be, as government declares, a state of emergency after to grow and rebels advanced towards the capital. aah! for that, i'm how am i here, dean? this is al jazeera life from doha. also coming up with 20 kills and many more wounded in an attack on an afghan military hospital and council meeting at the top
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26 climate summit agree to n t 4 station by 2030 and cut down on one of the most potent greenhouse gases. we're committed to collect to reduce our methane march 30 percent for 2030. and i think that you're probably go beyond that. and palestinian families living in shifts gerra it occupied east. jerusalem. reject central for that. where kick noises? jewish settlers as owners of their land. ah, let's start with that breaking news out of ethiopia, where the central government has declared a state of emergency earlier rebels from the t cried people's liberation front said they've captured the 2 towns along a highway that runs from the north sea, the capital ada sapa, the government disputes, this are minister abbey,
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athens has asked o. e philippines to fights against the to grow and rebels. so growing fighters and the rebels, what the government's ends, what they call a seizures blocking aides in to t grey priyanka. dr. things us this report, a new frontier and if he'll pay us war rebels, antigua i say they are advancing further south towards the capital, addis ababa. the federal government has declared a nation wide state of emergency. we are prime minister arby amad has asked all if europeans, to mobilize and fight back against the rebels and the for the i was little, there are many challenges, but i can tell you with certainty, without a doubt, we will score a comprehensive victory in just a few days, the rebels from the northern t gray state say they have seized the town, so they say uncommon culture which are in the neighboring i'm her state. the 2 are on a major highway leading to the capitol. the federal government has disputed those claims
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. well, to make sure that our children are not dying from hunger and starvation, we have to make sure that the access committed to that was to buy out. so we'll do what it takes to make sure that the seas is broken. if in flood is monitoring blood is what it takes to break the thing we will do united states as warn the t gray people celebration front all the t p a left against any such move. let me be clear, we oppose any peerless moved to us, or any attempt by the t p l. f, to besiege out us del concerns that violence could escalate. what did grand rebels joining forces with the aroma liberation army and arms group in the region surrounding the capitol of this, there is a new marriage of convenience alliance between at least a fraction of the liberation front. and a because the abby has managed to alienate the all mo,
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the, including some harass. so he is really increasing the isolated and that he'd be allowed to use, trying to take advantage of that situation as well as the weight and its found lease like these. what being the highest price for the shifting back line. so if, if he'll be us war that's dragged on for nearly a year, more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes and around $400000.00 on the brink of famine, bianca alta 0. well, let's remind you of the key events in this conflicts. it began last november. that's when the prime minister of georgia, a military offences against the t gray people's liberation france. he said it was in response to the tax on army bases. the t p says it was unfairly targeted later that money savvy,
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told parliament the military operation in tea cry was over. but in june this year to grow and faces captured, the regional capital mckelly. by july, the t p l f entered the neighboring horror, and a far regions to the south tobar, the government launched a ground offensive to push out the rebels. and as we mentioned, the t p says that in the past few days, it sees to 2 tones on the road that connects mckelly with the few p capital as well. joining me in the city with al jazeera correspondence mohammed fall mohammed hi bads. can this get? well, it depends on 7 factors. the 1st factor is, but they are now the closest to the lifeline that links to celebrate and each okay . and generally with the port of g, which they have been trying to, to close this block. we service road for several months that have been attempts or
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close attempts, but now they are the closest to that about life. if they can block it, then it yup. is on the seat economy, and remember the economy factory is very important. at many indications that the country is facing a huge number. 31 embassies and constantly having closed down, the government decided to close them down last month across the world. that's a huge indication. if you see the footage of the, of the soldiers and the paramilitary, they send to the front lines, some of them, they don't have shoes, they don't even have little issues. air, lots of reports about economic problems. so this case is can only worsened because of the cost of the, of the fighting the equipment of the army. it's on the other factor is that now because we have also the or more harvard liberation front. the british, an army in the south, south of addis ababa, a west west of to killer. and they have,
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they have struck an agreement with the tip your life. and now the problem, they have been divided geographically. they, they couldn't reach each other and, or become a contiguous font. now they can do that. the reports say that they have now, that the approach of the typical of has allowed them to meet with the, with the normal fighters and your off fighters have been trying to even reach are the suburban from the, from the west and the southwest. so if the 2 fronts come together, that city does not sit very dangerous because it's, i mean, it can, yeah, well, this year, okay, could represent something of a turning point really in this conflicts which let's face, it has been ongoing for a very close to a year now, do you think that's perhaps why the, the government has declared the state of emergency. they recognize the fact that the momentum is shifting in the conflict. there was no doubt about the state of emergency means the government can do whatever once they can force people to, to, to carry arms sick of arms. and they have actually called to the,
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on the population, you know, people to come and register the weapons. so that any time i mean they can be called to go to the front line. and so we have seen waves and waves and waves of civilians, even very young people being sent to the front line. thus that's been a pattern over the last several months. and now it's like every one in our to celebrate, is called on to, to come and register their weapons. maybe they will also give them weapons. and thus that's an indication of how dangerous his tuition is him at this level by itself. and also remember that there is a political factor, which i didn't mention in my 1st light, this government that has just come to, you know, talk to all after the elections. remember he or who will sworn in only last month, i think. and this government is very loosely connected. it sir, is sir, it's he promised ob yakima the prime minister, he promised a national dialogue. and he promised that after the elections, there will be a government of now strong governments of national unity that will come as a result of a national dialogue and
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a national process. or that didn't happen. there was not, no national ballot copied. no, it's so it's a, a bunch of individuals who say they represent different areas of the country. they came together to earth to create this prosperity party. but actually, there are doubts about there. are there the loyalty of, of their wider population to these individuals? it's not like before, before it was a coalition of parties, each party represents regent from each other. now it's a coalition of individuals. and there is a lot of, you know, a lot of opposition within the constituencies of those individuals. and also there are 2 poles in the government, the or, or more, the or, or more, the creator, a strong block is government. who are, of course, against obama, the think because he has prevented them from having their right. and so they think they are the majority of population, the country under our ruled by minority the america, and you have the i'm horrible. so the government itself is under threat. because
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according to many observers, it hasn't been founded on strong, busy on the, on, on a strong and stronger principles of foundations. ok, so very complex situation. and of course, a few of your very complex country with many different se, nationalities, nath miss cities, rather ethnicities. and groupings within that country, and we'll keep a very close eye in as mohammed fall though, thank you so much for talking as through the various dynamics at play in this changing situation. though to a large explosions have gone off near a military hospital in kabul before rounds of gun fire. at least 19 people are confirmed. there's no the 5th c, r insurance. there's been no claim of responsibility for the attack so far. that the taliban is blaming iso linked fighters. charlotte bell, a sophomore from campbell. the 1st explosion went off just before 1 pm local time. outside donald han, a military hospital. just
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a few 100 meters behind us and if you 100 meters from our offices, we understand we help you texas game entry to the compound and then it was a 2nd explosion. about 20 minutes later we understand that from a suicide bomber. and then there has been for red, it gunfire throughout the afternoon. we understand for witnesses that gum and we're going room to room inside the hospital. the telephone say that they responded by sending the special forces into the hospital to try to stop the attack. they've also had helicopters circling about the area using african air force helicopters, winston african pilots, actually flying pilot from the previous government voted into the telethon to help terms of injuries. most people looking for the hospital and was hon into a separate hospital that specifically treat trauma victims off to attacks like this . now this is not the 1st time that this hospital has been attacked twice in the
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last decade. the 1st and 20 live in by the taliban actually themselves. and then the 2nd 2017. by iceland. quite a similar style attack. i feel is proven to be one of the biggest problems for the taliban intensive security across the country. since i've taken over the ice and was conducted for quite severe attacks, one at the, at the airport as evacuations were taking place. and that was one of the worst attacks that cobble has seen in many years. and then other attacks that haven't been mosques across the country. stella had here on al jazeera, what's making the security situation at the columbia, venezuela border worse. and we're in the poll, the people are trying to pick up the pieces such a catastrophic slots. ah
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hello, we've got some wet weather. the forecast parts of the middle east generally across northern there is little more clout here, just spilling out of turkey, syria, iraq, seeing a few showers here. much of the region know will last per usual be dry. could have hazy sunshine highs here and die of around $34.00 degrees over the next couple of days at where to weather that we have farther north, just running its way towards northern areas of or iran. we'll see some wet weather also into the northern half of afghanistan. some cloud and rain there, just gathering around kabul. you noticed further south, it does stay dry, it stays fi, it stays largely warm and dry weather that stretched its way down across the horn of africa. we have got some rather wet weather, just around western parts of kenya could see some heavy showers, salsa dancing, some showers, gander as well. seasonal rays stretching their way right. the way through the democratic republic of congo, easing up towards the gulf of kinney noticed much of angola, also seeing some very heavy showers. over the next couple of days,
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botswana could catch a shower or to see some wet weather, just making its way toward southern parts of mozambique for a time. and notice how the cloud just gathers across at east side of south africa, to harrisburg, as see some rather lively downpours with a top temperature of 29. ah, most people will never know what's beyond these deafening silence. 100000 forms. how it feels to touch danger every day. most people will never know what it's like to work with. every breath is precious. with is not an issue. but we're not most p lou
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ah, this is al jazeera, quick provider of the top stories. this are a few peer has declared a nationwide state of emergency earlier, the prime minister had asked all ethiopians to mobilize to fight rebels antique right and said, they've taken control to tons along a major highways of the capital to large explosions. have gone off near a military hospital and cobbled full runs of gun farm. at least 19 people are confirmed dead. there's been no claim over sponsibility for the attack so far. leaders that the cop $26.00 climate summers are looking to build momentum muster of reaching agreements on 2 major global warming issues, deforestation,
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and me think gas emissions on deforestation around. $100.00 countries have promised to stop and reverse it by the end of the decades. and they'll work to slash output of methane, one of the most potent warming gases in the atmosphere together, we're committed to collectively reduce our methane by 30 percent by 2030. and i think we could probably go beyond that. we just announced this package, the general assembly. ah, and back in september at the time was mentioned, 9 country shed signed on today. its over 80 approaching a 100 countries that are sign in on if we want to keep the parish goal of 1.5 degrees in site and support communities in the front line of climate change, we must protect and restore the world's forests. and i believe we can do it as we
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saw in this declaration today. let's also galvanize a radical shift in public and private finance. let's channel funds towards securing the rights of indigenous peoples and local communities and shipped trillions towards supporting sustainable jobs. palestinians fighting against force eviction in shakes tara districts in occupied east jerusalem have rejected a compromise put forward by israel supreme court. the court proposed that the families be allowed to stay in their homes for 15 years will recognize energy or set the organization as the owners of the land. nor did it go. and at the 100 obama, we understand that the israeli courts circumventing their duty to adjudicate the case and to forcing us to choose between being forced to leave our homes are being submissive to an unfair agreement. that represents colonial policies. which aim to create a fragmentation of social solidarity achieved recently by the palestinian people.
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the reopening of the pedestrian border between columbia and venezuela has brought some relief to the fashions venezuelans who cross every day for essentially. but the lack of diplomatic relations between the countries as worsens and already volatile security situation at the border center, i'm here to report from quota on the columbia. inside phillip authorise in his family fled their mother's farm in the rural area of the border city of cook. with a few months ago, when a group of 100 armed men set to camp, they're, after philip asked him to leave, he says he received threats and then was shot 4 times. and ultimately, most of them are just ask them to move away from the house, not the entire farm or the area. because as i told them, if you are here is because the army allows you to instead one of theirs was killed . then they came after me with thousands of columbia farmers were displaced from
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the north eastern countryside surrounding cuckoo their last year as a paramilitary group entered the area. fighting with communist e. l. n rebels. they're battling for control of cocaine production and the contraband routes along the border with venezuela. they will do more make their measures during the last 20 months. 22 community leaders have been killed and north of founder region. in the last 45 days, 20 leaders, 14 of them, women have been displaced. this is a true monetary and disaster in the past, the city of cuckoo, i was mostly spared the worst of the conflict that affected remote parts of this region. the things have changed. but we'll get on mirabelle focus in june a car bomb exploded in the cities military base injuring 36 people. a week later gunfire hit early quarter carrying colombian president, even duke. as it took off. at the beginning of october, president duke announced
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a deployment of a new military unit of 14000 soldiers to address the situation. but 3 weeks after the announcement, local say nothing has changed in their communities. we repeatedly asked the new units commander for an interview, but so far they fed, they have nothing new to add la on docusign as one local official say increasing troops on the ground alone will not solve a situation that requires real alternatives for poor coca farmers. and that lack of diplomatic relations between colombian, venezuela, facilitated the expansion of criminal groups to the city lobby. now me got the most with the most anya's in the front, that i could a border dynamic the last few years with closures. and the lack of communication between the states has facilitated the group. these criminal activities offering them the best possible environment for they arise as source i country wouldn't let me horror in an explosive cocktail. the leaf people like philip wondering if they
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will ever be able to get their life back. i listen that i'm pretty al jazeera cook with the rural communities in the paul are struggling after a series of major floods left with nothing after the water and not received it. the government's disaster management team says these kinds of natural disasters make it even worse in the future than the survey reports from one flood ravaged district. it may have been a hole where children once played or perhaps a roadside business that helped parents put food on the table. maybe a guest house for passing tourists, whatever it was, it is now and forever part of a massive debris field that runs the length of the beloved she river. instead to pulse our district in valleys, across nepal, homes and businesses have been swallowed up by major floods. 3 times this year, we saw from the latest delusion, october, the number of dead and missing is still rising. and the list of damaged or
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destroyed buildings is getting longer. many nepalese have been living in limbo for months. now, nadia is a mother and a grandmother. she and her husband invested everything they had in trout farms that sat at the river's edge a trade they had hoped to pass on to the next generation. what they spent years building was gone in a day for i bought my son and husband were trying to save the farm. but then we had to run as we were watching the flood waters came and swept away all the trees. and we took the kids and escaped the next morning. we came back to have a look and everything was gone. her daughter bmo read the family cafe, which also became a casualty of unseasonably extreme. whether she says she now feels lost. did hear that for me. so i gave him your data the i could not have even imagine
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what happened. we sacrificed a lot to build that place and it didn't even last 2 years. i'm very sad about that . my thousands of people across nepal just like bema, have lost everything, and they're trying to rebuild their lives from scratch. families displaced by the floods are living in these make shift camps for now, but they're waiting for more semi permanent housing to be built further up hill. now that's going to be made out of corrugated metal sheets, not necessarily the best protection against the coming winter cold. but even though the river has receded, the idea right now is to get as far away from the water line as possible and onto more solid ground. but even uphills, that may not be so easy to come by. disaster management experts are warning that areas in the himalayan region that saw heavy rains are now at greater risk from landslides. zane basra, the old jazeera cindy, paul chug district. nepal. search and rescue seems in no jury or say the death toll
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from the collapse of a high rise building in legals has risen to 16. 10 people are still missing. the 21, the story structure came crashing down on monday. the say it is too early to determine why the building, which was under construction and affluent neighborhood collapsed. the manager of the legal emergency office says the construction company had previously violated codes. government and nigeria have kidnapped for members of staff and their children from the university of boucher, the previously been abductions on the outskirts of the capital. but a tax on major institutions like universities and much more rare over the last year . gangs yvonne's men have launched a series of kidnappings from schools in return for ransom. the un mission and central african republic has accused security forces of opening
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fire on unarmed peacekeepers. the un says egyptian peacekeepers suffered heavy, far from presidential guards. when they arrived at the airport in bond key on monday, at least 10 of them were injured, the government has denied the accusations will joining us from a bond. ye is a vladimir at montero, a spokesman for the un mission in the central african republic as good to have you with as what happens here. then the ag government says they didn't do anything of the sorts. and you are claiming you are attacked by the presidential guard. wow, as you said, sir. usually peacekeepers are rotated, rama time to time. and it is what happened or is the egyptians peacekeepers? they arrived yesterday, 1st november a convoy your 4 buses or was underway to dare basis. one of them
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missed the dirt roads. and once they realized the was in the, in the missing in the wrong roads, do try to turn back. they were close to the her presidential residence and without any warning shot results. any ward, the residential guards starts her or shooting her out to add to the bus. and the driver immediately tried to escape or to place an a while trying to leave the scene . here are women. oh, unfortunately, passed away. this was what happened there yesterday. and he's peacekeepers. as you said, her just landed in in bungie. they were unarmed, and he didn't a sure to add the presidential guards where the bus they were travelling in did it have the un logo on the site deal where the presidential guard aware that they were
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shooting and un peacekeepers? deserted is the question and the the investigation to be conducted by. yeah. do you and mission and we are so called for the government investigation will show what the, what are what happened. but the boss is the word clearly identified with the you are no longer an as a set result. any a warning shot, resolved any explanation. and these are presidential guards or should it, are that at our boss? do you think it was deliberate? because the reason i ask is because the, the un has a certainly come under attack in the, in the c r before. and there is a certain degree of resentment for the presence of foreign forces in, in an increasingly complex country. do you feel that this was deliberate and racist? bigger issues. well did the investigation will will explain everything. but
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what we say to day is there is no words to explain. what happened? it is, sir. there were peacekeepers in a un no vehicle. oh, clearly identified. and as a result of these shooting, 10 of them were injured. and there is no words for that. this is why you yesterday do you animation leadership, contacted the government to find out how to proceed. an airport every seeing her on the table and, and, and bring her lights to dis, unfortunate event. okay, and thank you so much for coming on the program. sent to explain this situation there. that's vladimir at montero joining us from bungie in the central african republic, where as some members of the un mission now have come under attack by the presidential guard. thank you for your time sir. tech company,
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yahoo says it's pulling out of china because of what it calls and increasingly challenging environments. the move is largely symbolic. as many of yahoo services are already blocks, fine, china's digital censorship. but as the latest tech firm to exit google left years ago, and microsoft's linked in said last month, it would shatter its chinese site. and, and fischer has more from washington d. c. for some people would say this is more symbolic, but it is quite significant as well. yeah. who has essentially been running donuts platforms in china since 2013. if you go back to 2005, they created a partnership with ali baba. and at that point yahoo started to be phased out. but because of the change in the law, on the 1st of november, yahoo decided that the environment there was simply too difficult to operate any more. and so about 2 weeks ago, user started to see a message saying that from the member, the 1st all of these platforms,
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all of these yahoo sites will simply disappear as you see. they're not the 1st to do that. in fact, linked in just a couple of weeks ago decided that they were done with china as well. this is a pretty big decision when you think that there are 1000000000 users on the internet in mainland china. so that's a big market. that essentially you're putting on your coat and walking away from, but linkedin like yahoo have said it's simply becoming much too difficult to operate in china because of the business and the legal environment there as well. and that's beginning to spook investors. a lot of americans who are invested in tech shares in china, they are seeing what these big names are doing. and they're beginning to reconsider the position. in fact, a number of investors have started to pull their money out of take stalks and china . and that has led to significant dip in the market. the worry for the chinese authorities in the chinese business community will be that there will be more to
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follow yahoo. and certainly investors will be keeping a close eye on what happens over the next few days.


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