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what he's going to happen to us is going to be the fate of the rest. willful witness and mate. oh, now it's easier. ah ah, atheist, government declares the state of emergency is to grow and fight as say they are advancing towards the capital. ah, hello, i'm darn jordan. this is al jazeera live from dough are also coming up more boy explosions at cobbles, military hospital, kill 19 people. the taliban blames i sold for the italian over 80 countries have signed up. this is fantastic. the mood is i'll be to the climate
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summit as well. lead us pledge to slash methane emissions and reverse deforestation loss. i'm john henry in port a prince. were fuel is stairs in the gangs or hijacking trucks. ah, one year after conflict broke out in the northern region of tig ry, ethiopia. government has declared a state of emergency after shop escalation and the fighting to grow and rebels claim to have captured towns on the highway leading to the capitol at a suburb. but that's being disputed by the government. prime minister abbey ahmed has called an old ethiopians to take up arms against to grind fighters. bring a book to report a new frontier in a few pierce war rebels in t go. i say the advancing further south towards the capital, addis ababa, the federal government has declared a nation wide state of emergency. better to remind the decree or does the state to
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have the rights detain or arrest anyone suspected of working with you assisting the tow risk group. and you, the emergency order dictates that without permission granted from a designated authority, there is to be no gathering or public protest allowed. yet double prime minister abbey entered, has asked all, if europeans, to mobilize and fight back against the rebels, him in the 4000 all. there are many challenges, but i can tell you with certainty, without a doubt we will score a comprehensive victory in just a few days. the rebels from the northern te gray state, say they have seized the town, so they say and come bolger, which are in the neighboring i'm her state. the 2 are on a major highway leading to the capitol. the federal government has disputed those claims wells to make sure that our children are not dying from anger. understand it will help to make sure that the access to manufacturers to buy out, even though we'll do what it takes to make sure that the cd is broken. if flood is
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malik unplugged, it is, well, it takes to break the thing we will the united states has warned the t gray people celebration front all the t p a left against any such move. let me be clear, we oppose any peerless moved to us, or any attempt by the t p o to proceed down concerns that violence could escalate with the green rebels. joining forces with the oral more depression army and arms group in the region surrounding the capitol. of this, there is a new marriage of convenience alliance between at least a fraction of the liberation front. and a because the abby has managed to alienate the, almost the, including some has so he is really increasing the isolated and that you feel like he's trying to take advantage of that situation as well as the way. and it's found
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least like these well being the highest price for the shifting back lines of if he'll be us war. that's right. don't for nearly a year, more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes and around 400000 on the brink of funding i, bianca. i'll just hear. well, it's growing international pressure to bring an end to the, to dr. conflict us president joe biden is suspending ethiopia from a key trade program for what he calls gross violations of human rights. meanwhile, the un surging and immediate end to the violence to enable the delivery of life saving humanitarian aid. we have been in touch with the officials in ethiopia, and the secretary general himself has spoken repeatedly with prime minister abbey ahmed to see what can be done to bring the violence to a halt. and, and also of course, to allow for the full scale return of humanitarian assistance to the places
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that need it, including places like mikaela in a far. so let's remind you of the key events in this complex. it began last november, that's when prime minister abbey ahmed order the military offensive against the 2 great people liberation front. he said it was in response to attacks on army bases . the chief left says it was unfairly targeted. while later that month, abbey told parliament the military operation and to grow it was over. but in june this year to grow and fight as capture the regional capital mckelly. by july the t p l f and to the neighboring m hara and the fall regions to the south. in october the government lost a ground offensive to push out the rebels. and as we mentioned, the t p says that in the past few days, it sees 2 towns on the road that connects mikella with a capital at it's not about well catch one vote that professor oslo new university college. he says, well, he does need to be ready to deal with an ethiopian without prime minister abbey on
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it. i think we have to be realistic and, and just see the challenge ahead. even though p d f and all a might take are, these are bar the war will not be older. the unrest and, and the resistance particular from them hot political link will continue. and we do also have added korea, president of wake up north just waiting for the war to come on a train soil. so i think the u. n. and the us should be more realistic in their approaches to the situation. just to say that we are concerned and call for negotiations over and over and over again. doesn't really help the situation on the ground. we need to be much more realistic in the approach to the situation. and now i think that the national community really need to focus on establish haitian
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intervention post. i'll be awesome. and that's where the focus should be. sedans, main opposition to says depose, prime minister could return to form a new government. many monopoly has held meetings with dela handoff who remains under house arrest. tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating against the military takeover they call for civil disobedience on monday, after crock. down on ronnie's chuck gonna stop now where at least 19 people are dead and another 50 injured in an attack on cobbles, largest military hospital among those killed was the command of the taliban. special forces was also in charge of cobbled security. i saw has trained responsibility for the attack john bennett's report from cobbled oh, when a king consensual cobble and telephone security forces run towards the side of an explosion. smoke leads them towards donald han military hospital, across the road from the now abandoned us embassy. one device was detonated at the
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hospital interim, allowing attackers to move in. 20 minutes later, a 2nd exploded inside the compound. with this man, films from inside the hospital repeating, god have mercy on us. as he watches the attack take place. people shelter where they can is fire from the explosions, burn and gunman move between buildings. dozens of others managed to reach the back of the hospital compound, watch towers, insecurity, wolves that were meant to keep them safe in size. now the biggest obstacle to escape the above afghani was helicopters, circled, flown by pilots from the previous government were now part of the telephone's defense hello. responded by sending the special forces to the site of the attack after the 1st explosion created quite a large cord and around with the tech has taken places spread. it gum far has continued throughout the afternoon,
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so could have much of that with 2 explosions and 6 attackers and all of them were killed. one of the security forces of the tunnel banner in the area and our special boundary unit here who are very quick in opperation. the whole area is now under our control the taliban, nor houses secure the military hospital because they know its weaknesses. they attempt at themselves 10 years ago. i suffices also targeted the hospital in 2017. then they dressed his doctors to evade security. more than 100 people were killed and injured. i saw his challenge, the tele bonds hold on security since it came to power in august. the group is carried out 4 major bombings and killed hundreds of civilians. the worst was a cavalier port. tens of thousands of people evacuated. the last, foreign military forces withdrew. the main thing that people really much need and one from taliban was the grip over the security. and the last,
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if they lose that grip, if the end security increases, i think it will somehow a discrete taliban presents in the power to tell about his dom played the threat of isis. the group is getting harder to ignore telephone casualties and mounting as i saw targets its members, particularly in eastern provinces. still in cobble taliban members respond like the previous government would have just a few months ago. the sit up a large quarter to protect the public. special forces in a cover are deployed intelligence units, gather evidence that people here are hoping for more stop to attacks altogether. charlotte bellis al jazeera campbell. now us president joe biden cause it again changing commitment to the pledge by more than 80 countries to slash me fed emissions by 30 percent. by the end of the decade, the agreement was announced on day 3 of cop 26 is the 2nd of 2 major commitments,
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the other 100 countries agreeing to reverse deforestation by the end of a decade. on diplomatic editor james bay's reports from blocker. this is one of the main causes of the climate crisis. humans have for centuries raised at the world's forests, which naturally protect the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide. bought an agreement, a cop $26.00 if the words are matched by action could be a breakthrough. more than a 100 nations have pledged to reverse deforestation by 2034, i have a potential to reduce, reduce carbon globally by more than one 3rd by more than one 3rd. so we need to approach this issue with the same seriousness of purpose. as d carbon eyes in our economies. 4th, 3rd, 4th, but i me another leader, the president of brazil, the country with half the planets tropical forests. jerbill scenario also supported
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the initiative in a video statement. even though act of his say the destruction his sword during his term. in addition to the announcement on forest and other important development, a new initiative to cut methane levels again signed by over a 100 countries. by the year 2030 methane doesn't stay in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide, but it's 80 times more potent in warming the earth. despite some positive developments, there is still war is about a lack of ambition from those gathered here. frankly speaking, there is no dignity to a slow and painful death. you might, as obama island, instead of making us suffer only to witness our slow and fateful demise. leaders of the g. 20. we are drowning, and our only hope is the life ring you are holding. that theme of the western nations not doing enough, was again reflected when representatives from more than 20 african countries called for more support for the continent. the un secretary general antonio good terrace,
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has warned. the divisions between the developed and developing world could completely derail this vital summit. james bay's al jazeera glasgow. let's come here and i'll just area including we'll have reaction from aki bodies, jerusalem off this range supreme court. what's called a compromise for residents facing forced addiction and fishing in troubled waters. the sea food industry fears. what's next on the menu stalks to resolve a dispute between the u. k. and france. continue all of us. ah hello there, let's got in north america and it's been a chilly start to the month for many central areas in the u. s. we've had temperatures below average across the great lakes. the states like illinois,
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iowa and missouri. we've also seen some snow fall in michigan, and as we had for the easter eastern parts of canada, quebec has seen a bit of a wintery mix linger now to the northeast of the u. s. it has dried up nicely now that that storm system has moved away, but quite a bit of cloud cover remains along that east coast. but for the wet and windy weather, we have to head to the west coast. we've got a weather system that's brought some really wet and windy conditions to western areas of canada. british columbia, seen some torrential downpours, and that system is going to pull into california, oregon, and washington over the next few days. so it is looking rather wet here. but down in the southwest is, is looking dry, a breezy, lots of sunshine coming through. it's down in the deep south that we are seeing those severe storms rolling across texas. pushing across into louisiana, we could see some flash flooding as those rental rains continue. now as we move to central america, it's looking a lot finer and dryer for mexico. the heavy rain can be found in belize,
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costa rica, and panama. ah . the climate has changed every year for millions of years, decades of talk. but the little action is all about distract, create confusion to crate, smoke and mirrors the shocking truth about how the climate debate has been systematically supported. the oil industry was a made bank roller or opposition to clock back to campaign against the climate. do you think that's a bad thing more shoot to have did was furious? absolutely. on all 0. lou. ah,
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welcome back or could remind about top stories here, this, our ethiopians. government does declare a nation wide state of emergency has to grow and rebels advanced further south u. s. is calling for an end to the conflict on dow suspend the b p. o. p. mckee trade program? i so says it was behind the killing of 19 people in an attack on cobbled largest military hospital. among those pill was the command of the taliban. special forces was also in charge of cobbled security and more than a 100 nations of pledge to reverse deforestation within the next decade that the you and the climate summit in glasgow. leaders also agreed to cut levels of methane emissions by 30 percent electrons are taking place across parts of the united states a year ahead of crucial mid terms. voters are choosing mazda and other local officials . they're also considering referendums on state policies. but the most closely watched races are in virginia and new jersey to decide on who becomes governor. i
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think it's gonna be very close, i think is gonna get down to as you all know, turn out. and i think that based on what i have heard so far, ah, it's awful hard for me to be prognostic. katie, which i don't like doing as president anyway from overseas. but, but i think i hope that every eligible voter in virginia, new jersey shows up in votes and the more of the do, the better off i think our chances are and i think i think we're gonna, i think we're going to win what fillable joins us live now from washington, d. c. phil, so polls of just closed in virginia. why is this boat being what so closely? and how important is it that ours muscle important and it's been watched very closely that for a couple of reasons. we festival, we just type president bite and this is being seen as a referendum on his presidency so far at a time when his approval ratings will not in a good place what small it's also being seen as an indicator for what we might see
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on the mid terms next year, because virginia is a swing state, you never know how it's going to turn out. but if you look at the last 11 tauriel races there, 8 of them have seen that candidate then go on to do all that candidates party going through very well come the midterm. so those are a couple of the reasons that this is really being focused on, but you've got to candidate, she's got time a call if who is on the democrat side. you've got gland, young kid, who is on the republican side and glen young can. is it a very strange position here because he's been endorsed by president trump? obviously president trouble. former president trump has a huge level of support within some members of the co pay. so he needs that support . in fact, president trump, oregon for president trump held a telephone last night in which he sought to get some backing for glen young can. but at the same time, there are large elements where the former president is not popular. so he has to take that support but also take it from a distance resorts as thank you, but also not be too closely aligned to the former president. and that said, terry,
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mcauliffe the democrat has really been pushing that saying if you are for glen young, can you get president from to they come as a pass. so it'll be really interesting to see how this pans out, because it blend young can does when. and he winced by a majority. does that mean that there is more support for donald trump? and what does that mean? come a potential re run in 2024. on top of that, we've got another governor's race. it's being held that one is in new jersey, where the current governor democrat is seeking to become the 1st governor, democratic governor in more than 40 years to seek be been given the office again. they're also looking for a new man as they are in boston. now this one in boston is particularly interesting because whoever wins that merrill race in boston, they will be 2 things. they will be a woman and they will be men of color. so that is an historic election. and they're also looking for a met in minneapolis, but the big thing in minneapolis today is a vote on changes to the police because we've seen these talks, are these claims that the police needs to be the to be defended. any 3 radicalized
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following. the murder of george floyd, one of the things that they are voting on is whether or not the police departments should be replaced with a new department of public safety. and that would come under the guys all the guides of the mare and the city council. effectively at supporters say, you know, say somebody calls the police because there is an issue with somebody with mental health problems. you don't want to cops with guns to turn up. you want a licensed health professional to turn up somebody who is a qualified to deal in that scenario. so there were lots of questions or who, whether or not the police should be replaced. some of the critics say it's too vague. it shouldn't happen, but they need 51 percent for it to be carried and if that happens, it will take place in 30 days time. so a lot of attention on politics here today darn are i feel will be watching those results full of life. was there in washington dc, feel? thank you. now, field drivers in haiti off considering further strike action after several workers were kidnapped by gangs this week, the union's insisting on their release. but a strike is likely to compound a fuel prices that has bought much of the country to a standstill. john henry reports from puerto france,
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idled lines of cars snake through haiti's, capital drivers, biding their time till the pumps come to life without fuel. the porter prince economy is, is motionless, is the cues. vehicles as police protect the tanks and the haitian he the frustrations run high. we've got to try to do the work, but we get there is nothing. we don't want anything to do and he is a budget. i wonder pierre, who drives a taxi. locals call a tap, tap his waited 3 days a week out. someone was beat up monday. i am still here. this is where i sleep. i can't get fuel. i can't do anything. i can't work. i haven't in the money in my pocket is only for gas. the fuel crisis that is paralyzed,
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the western hemispheres poorest nation follows a political crisis after the assassination of the nation's last president and an earthquake that killed 2000 people earlier this year. fuel is slowly starting to trickle into port a prince when the lines are along and it runs out fast. when that happens, drivers, you have to wait for the next shipment, hoping it will be hijacked by gang. over the past several days, a number of trucks have been commandeer, the drivers have been kidnapped, and what fuel the gangs don't use for themselves. they sell on the black market. the lack of diesel fuel that powers hospitals throughout the country, leave some in the dark with no lights, women at this hospital try to wait until daylight to give birth. as tanks across the nation, sit empty upward. what we mean this has to and we just need few. we don't need violence. i think gotten busy despite government promises,
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the fuel shortage shows no sign of improving, leaving many to wonder how much worse the situation in haiti can get. ah, john henderson, al jazeera, puerto prince gunman and bettina faso, have killed at least 10 people. it happened near the border with najia, where that where government is fighting groups linked to iso. hundreds of people have been killed in the area to see if in nigeria for members of staff and that children have been kidnapped from the university of a buddha, abductions from schools for the north of happen. frequently, a kid nothings in the capital, a ref. tears is not a sign of weakness yet is a sign of pain and got escal, shuttin paint. i dont know how to express and nobody should take that for granted. because every month, every month, huss to no matter what fight for your rights is you speak out like the wall here
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and i'm sticking up. and i'm sticking out lady wall, know that security is a problem in this country. certain rescue teams in nigeria say the death toll from the collapse of a high rise building in lagos has now risen to 16. 10 people are still missing. the 21 story structure came crashing down on monday. please say it's too early to determine why the building collapsed. tech company, yahoo says it's pulling out of china because of what it calls an increasingly challenging environment. the move is largely symbolic. as many of yahoo services are already blocked by china's digital censorship. is the latest tech firm to leave google left years ago and microsoft, linkedin said last month it would close it's chinese site france appears to have backed off from sparking a full blown trade war with the u. k. of a fishing in person tools will be held this week with the french holding off on imposing a threatened series of sanctions. but the lexia brown reports of northern france
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many in the industry are struggling with the uncertainty. mid morning in bologna, sir mayor and the fishing boats returned with their catch, but for many, it's smaller than usual. yes. would you please are chip fish ward, let us, but we have to put up with this. we don't have any choice for the past 10 months. we have not been able to make a living, gets old, wasn't given a license to fish in british waters, even though he says he's been working in them for years. his boat didn't have the required tracking equipment to prove that. and the paperwork he provided was rejected. french officials are infuriated saying dozens of vessels weren't given the licenses expected by british authorities. president emanuel crohn threatened a series of sanctions if the dispute wasn't resolved, but hours before a deadline, he said he held off negotiations or continuing. some here are frustrated by that decision saying france should have been more aggressive. others believe the
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measures could have backfired, real mangled on it with the fishing, here is often a family affair, and patience is wearing thin passmore on honestly, i don't understand them to give me a license, but i don't go often to their orders. i would've prefer them to give it to my brother. worked rece been 80 percent of his time there. it's means i have the right to it, but my brother doesn't. it's estimated solomon, frances, biggest fishing port. i've lost half of their income. you, some of my mo, were at a dead end in relation to fish. we've been living with this uncertainty for years while the british decided to stay in or leave the european union solutions need to be found and they need to stop playing with the economy. and the lives of those who work in the fishing industry, the u. k. denies, it's acted unfairly. it's welcomed frances move to pause sanctions calling it a major de escalation. the you case breaks it minister, david frost, to set to travel to paris on thursday for more talks is report. i think i hope that
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people will be, is smart enough to find an agreement. we are depending on the politicians. we have nothing left to do by the way of one, but it has already been 10 months, and it's a lot. liberal fishing makes up less than one percent of either country's economy, but for this community, it's vital, and they need answers soon. alexia bryan, al jazeera, bologna, so mer, northern france. palestinians are marking the $100.00 and 4th anniversary of the balfour declaration that laid the groundwork for the creation of israel. hundreds gavin in garza city for a protest against the documents signed by britain. it supported the idea to grant land in palestine to jews. they could establish their national home palestinians fighting against forced eviction in shakira, a neighborhood and occupied east. jerusalem have rejected a compromise put forward by israel supreme court. the court opposed the families be allowed to stay in their homes for 15 years, but it also recognized
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a jewish settler organization as the owners of the land, or the force of reports occupied easter islam. the families of shira had been given a month to consider a compromise deal on their fate. on tuesday they returned the decision. no, i help you with that. how you said that we rejected the proposal by the israeli supreme court, which would have rendered us protected tenants at the mercy of settled organizations. we stamps them and refusal to compromise on our rights. the homes were awarded to palestinian refugee families under jordanian rule in the 1950s. but a jewish settler organization claims it has ownership rights over the land. a claim endorsed by israeli court rulings rather than issue a final verdict. the supreme court had wanted the families to accept protected tenancy status for up to 3 generations while they continued to make their own ownership case. some saw it as worthy at least of consideration. but the final decision is to fight on in
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a case that's become emblematic of the palestinian struggle to nominate money. we hope that everyone who supported us for the beginning will keep doing so, so that we don't end up on the street. and if the court rules that we will be evicted the several weeks in april and may this year, it felt as though the small neighborhood was the epicenter of the palestinian israeli complex. the case was one of the triggers for the round of how much rocket fire that marked the start of this year's gaza war. legal experts say that the fact that the court was pushing this deal so hard is the signal that it's aware that a final verdict is likely to go against the palestinian families. and such a final decision is one that would come with huge political sensitivity. the question now if such a verdict comes down, will it be enforced by is really government under significant us pressure to leave the families in their homes. inevitably, there will be a coalition crisis that will be a change in government, or there will be a terror attacked with double digit casualties in which the blood lust
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of certain elements in israeli will sore and they will be evicted. israel's legal and political establishment had been keen to turn the temperature down and shake, draw at least for a while. instead, it may be about to start heating up again. harris will sit al jazeera, occupied east, jerusalem. ah, don't forget, check the headlines here on the al jazeera ethiopians. government has declared a nation wide state of emergency as to brian rebels advanced further south. the u. s. is demanding an end to the conflict and has suspended the government from a key trade program. the envoy for the want of africa is calling for restraint from all sides. we have consistently condemned the keep your lips expansion of the war upside to grow.


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