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we understand the differences, americans have cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it out to 0, we're bringing the news and current affairs that matter to you. counter 0 ah, a hello, i'm down jordan in doha, about the top stories here on al jazeera, ethiopia government has declared a state of emergency after a sharp escalation and fighting in the north. it's been a year since that launched a crackdown on the 2 grey region rebels. their say they've taken 2 key towns on the road to the capital, addis ababa, but that's been disputed by the federal government. the prime minister abbey armored as called an all ethiopians to take up arms against to grind fighters.
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frank, a butcher reports a new frontier. and if he appears, swore rebels antigua i say, the advancing further south towards the capital, addis ababa. the federal government has declared a nation wide state of emergency, but it might the decree or does the state to have the rights to detain or arrest any one suspected of working with or assisting the tow risk group. the emergency order dictates that without permission granted from a designated authority, there is to be no gathering or public protests allowed. yet double prime mister abbey entered, has asked all, if europeans, to mobilize and fight back against the rebels and the fidel was no. there are many challenges, but i can tell you with certainty, without a doubt we will score a comprehensive victory in just a few days. the rebels from the northern te gray state say they have seized the talents of deceit and culture which are in the neighboring. i'm her estate, the 2 are on
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a major highway leading to the capitol. the federal government has disputed those claims wells to make sure that our children are not dying from anger. instead, we'll have to make sure that that has access to medicine access to food by out. so we'll do what it takes to make sure that this is broken. if this molecule planted is what it takes to break the thing we will do. united states has warned the t gray people celebration front all the t p a left against any such move. let me be clear . we oppose any 'til if moved to us, or any attempt by the t p l f to besiege out us down concerns that violence could escalate. what did green rebels joining forces with the oral more liberation army and arms group in the region surrounding the capitol of this, there is a new marriage of convenience alliance between at least a fraction of the or i'm a liberation front and
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a laugh. because the abby has managed to alienate d o the including some em harass. so he is really increasing the isolated and that he'd be allowed to use, trying to take advantage of that situation as well as the way and a sound least like these. what being the highest price for the shifting bat lines of if he appears war, that throughout dawn, for nearly a year, more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes. and around $400000.00 or on the brink of famine, bianca gupta altogether. sedans main opposition leader says the deposed prime minister could return to form a new government. mindy monopoly as held meetings with adela hm. dog remains under house arrest. tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating against the military takeover. i so says it was behind an attack on cobbles, largest military hospital. at least 19 people have been killed and dozens more
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seriously injured. one of the dead is the command of the taliban special forces. more than a 100 nations of pledge to reverse deforestation even the next decade of the you and climate summit in glasgow. leaders all said rita cut levels of methane emissions by 30 percent palestinians fighting against forced eviction in a neighbourhood in occupied east jerusalem represented a compromise put forward by israel supreme court. the court proposed the families be allowed to stay in their homes for 15 years while recognizing a jewish settler organization. as the landowners and electrons are taking place across parts of the united states a year ahead of crucial mid terms. voters are choosing mares and other local officials. they're also considering referendums on state policies. but the most closely watched races are in virginia and new jersey to decide on who becomes the next governor. well, those are the headlines. news continues here in al jazeera,
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after the campaign against the climate statement. thanks a lot, jim. ah, georgia or you want to talk to me right now we're doing a documentary about climate change. well, this is simple science look up. the higher c o 2 levels are leading to a greening of the earth. and so i don't, you know, do you think that's a bad thing? so so mold you too, and dead with fear is a good thing. yes, i think so. absolutely. with imagine a world where you can't trust science. let me tell you about
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a group of men who's tried to convince you that just that a group who wants you to doubt climate change. ah, this is the story about how these men would promote it by the world's largest oil companies. ah, the story of a campaign is impacted our world forever. oh, this is a scientist from nasa who's come to the american senate with a message to the world which you here in a moment while you hear it, try to guess what year it's frank. dr. hanson, if you started off,
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would appreciate it. okay, thank you for the opportunity to present the results of my research on the greenhouse effect. the global warming is now large enough that we can ascribe with a high degree of confidence, a cause and effect relationship to the greenhouse effect. ok, this is from 1988. that was when a phone look like this, the internet look like this. and it was when the world realized that climate change had to be taken seriously. that's what side is called the greenhouse effect, and i have a long rod at good me, devastating changes to all life alter. it's largely a problem of our own making. we're running out of time to bind a solution. scientists predict arise in temperatures that will eventually melt, the polar ice caps forest fires in the west. food riots as the sahara desert spreads the land of if it's been prevented code if it cost and to play who defeated
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in 1988 the you and established the climate change organization i. p. c. c. where scientists from the whole world agreed with james henson with and welk lead as listened. those who think were powerless to do anything about this greenhouse effect, or forgetting about the white house. and then the evidence is that the damage is being done. we can just do nothing. this is more than 30 years ago. the only the world was ready to act on global with what something happened at dublin to the seo to counter to the atmosphere will produce
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a tremendous greening of planetary in the years following james hanson's speech, critics appear on tv. the theoretical speculations about future warming a have no good scientific basis. we would like critics who question climate change the average weight of this global warming thing? it sounds like a scam. well, i think you're seeing it now. we told you this was, this is one of them. i spent most of my time in newspapers and magazines, and on t v and radio to argue against climate action against panic. the economy would actually improve if we have a doubling of background. greenhouse gas couldn't improve well, because we might have a longer growing season. i'm fairly glue, i'm fast on my feet. cool on tv, and i also do my homework. in the years after james hanson
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speech, jerry taylor was hired by the think tank kato, my name is jerry taylor. i'm the director of natural resource studies here at the cato institute, kato hired people like me, primarily to change public opinion. and that's what i did. there may be some extreme events that occur down the road and we don't know what the chances for that might be. the climate skepticism is entirely dependent upon the promotion of doubt about the underlying science. james, hans and it nasa thinks it's maybe 710121520 percent. other scientists think there's probably more like 0.3 percent denial about the underlying sciences. the critical is the critical juncture that event while taylor takes a sip of water meat mock marano, what i'm going to like, yeah, i'm going to be looking at you can be sitting there. so i be like, my job essentially is covering the global warming movement. and communicating to
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the public, the latest findings. you look at the, the satellite data we're, we actually had no significant warming since 1998. actually no warming, we've been cooling and recent years. you had a background as a salesman, can just how? well that was. i was adored. i worked at the door to door salesman, which is a actually a great background to build narratives in the meat. now, when you only have 1520 seconds, you gotta work on your sound bites and you've got to work on your you're building a narrative to a customer. i. that was a great training ground for being and media and communication. marana is communications director for the committee for constructive tomorrow, for c fact an organization whose focus is on communicating that climate change. isn't that big a problem? so how does it do that time? i believe that without a television in the base, as you have to make the other person defend their stupid idiotic comments. bill nye
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say global warming will cause many bad weather events. and guess what? bad weather events happen all the time? and then i also go in with rapid fire facts, bottom line, we've done the longest period without a major u. s. category 3, your larger hurricane hitting the us since at least 1900, maybe the civil war, bottom line, new study in the journal nature. peer reviewed, no change, and you, i believe in what bill nye just did was waste everyone's time explaining that c o 2 is rising. i believe you should get some crush your wait a minute. are you a scientist? i'm not a scientist, but i do play when on tv. occasionally the people don't take positions because they find themselves reasoned into those positions. they take positions that they want to take for emotional or india, logical reason. and then they mobilize their reasoning power to justify taking the positions they want to take. we can only make and this is jerry taylor's recipe for
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doing just that. today's a lot of people who don't know what to think about climate change are being told by people like me. there's a relative non event is the same sort of wolf crime that the environmental movement is done from time immemorial. you know, 1st we were told there was a population bond that was going to wipe out humanity and that bomb never went off and we were told we're going to run out of fossil fuels and agricultural commodities. we're all going to start that never happened. and this is just the latest iteration of the usual story from environmentalists that if we continue to go down laws, a fair capital is roads, we're going to blow up the planet and destroy mankind. ah, there's something in the pictures you can't think it's essential to live and breathe it out. breathe it in o. d o 2. now some politicians want to label
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carbon dioxide a pollutant. imagine if they succeed, they call it pollution. we call it life. this tv commercial is from the think tank competitive enterprise institute. and so is myron ego. it's clear that the earth is granny and so i don't, you know, do you think that's a bad thing? competitive enterprise institute is a conservative american think tank and myron eagle headsets department on energy climate and environment, iron able beliefs. the climate debate started like this. global warming as a political project was initiated in sweden, in early 19 eighties. they needed a recent, essentially to increase tax revenue. i mean, remember, i think you're aware of this and in denmark that the welfare state at needs
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a lot of money and it needs more and more money as it goes on. ah, oh, that climates, skeptical pundits, you've just met, work for interest organizations and think tanks. think tanks are like the arsenals for the war of ideas. there are the places where ideas are then weaponized and public policy terms. and then they are vigorously argued and promoted on capital hill on on t v radio. and so kato was extremely influential because it was one of the largest right of center thing tanks of the united states still is i had a lot of visibility because again, invested in communication. so taylor is spreading climate skepticism from one of the most influential think tanks in the usa. jerry taylor tells us that his arguments build on calculations from research
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a patrick michael's also employed by kato, any one who goes around and says that carbon dioxide is responsible for most of the warming of the 20th century, hasn't looked at the basic numbers, the climate, skeptical pundits get bare arguments from a group of climate, skeptical scientists, physicists and climate scientists, fred singer, is behind the organisation science and environmental policy project, s e p. p. s e p. p. is behind the so called leipzig declaration, where some 100 scientist raised doubts about global warming, some 100 a. so climate scientists actually signed it appealed, put their names down and warned about taking hasty steps against global warming. and global warming was still an o they phantom problem,
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the global warming no more. oh, so on one side we have james hanson and a lot of un scientists. and then we have a number of scientists and pundits who say the exact opposite of these things in olive. how is that possible? be naomi arrest gus harvard professor decided to investigate just that. so in the early, 2000 at the american media were presenting climate change is a big scientific debate. and that struck me as weird because none of the scientists that i knew thought it was a debate. so i decided to undertake an analysis of the peer reviewed scientific literature. the i p. c. c. had already stated that most of the observe warming was likely to be due to the increase in greenhouse gas concentrations. so i posed the
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question, how many papers published in peer reviewed scientific literature? this agree with that statement? i'm to answer that question. naomi arrest his looks up, research papers for global climate change. the words appear in 937 scientific papers to arrest his read them all and what i found was none. there was no dissenting public publish sanctuary. period literature on the basic question of whether not men may climate change was happening. and i'm a professional historian of science, so i thought, well, if i don't know this, then probably a lot of other people don't know it too. and so i wrote a small paper in 2004 called the scientific consensus on climate change. that paper changed my life because immediately the paper was published, i started getting hate mail, threading, phone calls, people filing complaints against me to my university. people accusing me of being
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a communist. a stalinist beraskigy comes on a huge criticism and she doesn't understand why, until she's at a conference in germany, shortly after over beer after the sessions. one day i was just chatting with some colleagues. i mentioned how this very strange thing had happened to me. and one of the people there was eric conway, i mentioned the name of one of the people who was attacking me. and eric said, when they only, you know, is the same person who attacked sherry roland over the ozone hall. and he told me this amazing story that i knew nothing about at the time that the scientists who had worked on the ozone hole had been the target of attacks in which people had claimed that there was no ozone hold that the science was wrong. that the scientists were fraudulent, that the scientists were communists. all the things that i was being accused of
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these great nobel prize winning scientists had also been accused of. and so eric said to me, yeah, when we get back to mark, i'll send you. i'll send you an envelope with a bunch of stuff. so he sent me this package arrives a few days later and i take out these papers that he sent me and it was like you could take out the word on hole and put in climate change and you could take out the word roland and put an rascal, and otherwise it was identical. mm hm. awe on a spring day in 1998, a group of men meet at the oil industry organization, american petroleum institute. with
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a number of oil companies are represented. companies like exxon. let's see exxon c e o at the time. explain who they are. we are the largest private company in the world. our company sells a 1000000 barrels a day of product. that's a 1000000000 gallons every 3 dates, back to the american petroleum institute, a p, i. where some of the biggest players in the oil industry meeting one of the participants is myron able, they solicited advice because we had certain kinds of expertise that they didn't have a, it was an industry effort with some help from people like me. in documents from this meeting, you can see a clear purpose victory will be achieved when average citizens understand uncertainties in climate science. and when these uncertainties become part of conventional wisdom, according to the documents big oil,
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once the public to doubt the science behind climate change. in and it wasn't scientists who invited to the meeting. i'm not an energy analyst expert, and i'm not a climate expert i, i have a certain amount of experience in translating a policy into into action. and i suppose that was what they're interested in. be at the meeting, a strategies worked out that paper was lay to leaked and it shows how the oil industry plans to spread doubts about science. ah, i strategy paper describes a national media relations program, which in 8 different ways will influence the media by recruiting and training scientists. it also explains that they will try to influence journalists. this one,
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john stossel is even mentioned in the paper titled as program chill out, because after i researched the global warming scare, that was my conclusion, we ought to just chill out them. the paper from the meeting shows the mind set of the world's largest oil companies. despite the fact that the un, several world leaders and most scientists clearly point in another direction. the oil industry wants to raise doubts about the science behind climate change. me the strategy paper explains how schools are to be influenced by an initiative called national direct outreach and education. ah, many universities like harvard regularly receive funding from private companies.
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this is a perfectly legal, common practice many prestigious universities. jeffrey superman is a ph. d. student will join him at a film, screening in $21700.00 bill for kennedy center announced screening of a film time. and so essentially, it'll tell you about how for the foreseeable future, we're going to be relying on fossil fuels, how renewables are way off in the distance. not right now, not really reliable. and frankly promoting hoss truth at best about, you know, it's ability of continuous fossil fuel usage grange them. what are what we're seeing or right? well with your students, if you has the permit, you hover. surely, this is a reason we're film until we dug just
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a little bit beneath the surface the academic talking heads, the ones that were presented as professors universities, without exception actually will have deep ties to the oil and gas industry from consultancy relationships to running sensors, reliance, and fossil fuel funding to literally been on the boards of natural gas companies. on the producer of the film was shallow company, the director of the film. here he was a v p of known gas company that's taken $300000.00 from shall oil company. and so you see a pattern emerging head episodes like the film screening prompted jeffrey superman to write a ph. d was naomi a rescues as his supervisor about the connections between the oil industry and academia. let's see what he found out. harvard receives massive funding from several oil companies. stanford's energy department also gets millions from the oil
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industry. the university denies that sponsors control its research, and on its website, the university emphasizes its academic independence. but a few lines later, it's described who really decides what research to fund. final decision about funding is made by the management committee, which includes one person from each of the sponsors and the main sponsor. who has a say in what research is funded, is exxon mobil berkeley birthplace of the 1968 student uprising as an energy research center in which the oil company be p as invested millions. according to jeffrey super and b. p has a say in what will be researched. exxonmobil says it funds universities to promote green technologies. and shell tells us it
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wants to help solve the serious climate challenge. why is this a problem? i mean, if they use their money for doing some research for good, what was when the very people, the very institutions, the supposed to be solving the climate crisis, a fundamentally reliant on the industry that has the most to lose from their work. that's a pretty big conflict of interest. jeffrey sprint thinks that the many millions are intended to influence students, teachers, and scientists. this strategy come straight out of the playbook, the api i strategy paper also states informing teachers and students about uncertainties in climate change will erect a barrier against efforts to impose kyoto like measures a measure put in place to limit the emissions of c o 2. and that's why in the medical research community, there are a stablished practices there established rules by which one must disclose these kinds of conflicts of interest. many universities used to receive millions from the
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tobacco industry. but in 2131 universities including harvard, decided not to let tobacco companies sponsor health research. we have nothing like that in energy and climate ah, november on al jazeera, by years after the historic t feel between fog rebels in the colombian government algebra examines white tensions and violence of rising once again. emmy award winning poor flies investigates the untold stories across the us, millions encompassed on boat in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the lat, pole figured
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a political crisis in mercy. at personal, short documentary africa direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china marks 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic improve for a boycott? impact the sporting event november on out jazeera i had a bigger than as australia burned, a photo journalist ran towards the flames to document the destruction. what does climate change look walking claim with the guy all that we part of a witness. comparing change on al jazeera, the challenge is getting people to engage the climate american sea is upon us, but why has got the links left? it's so late to act. we've allowed climate change to get out of control. people
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impala investigates why so little has been done. a systemic threat requires systemic change, and asks what either inaction could meet with or not by 20. none of them have a crisis. what crisis on al jazeera lou? hello, i'm john jordan and tom with a quick reminder of the top stories here on al jazeera, ethiopia government does declared a nationwide state of emergency as to grind rebels advanced further south. the u. s . is demanding an end to the conflict and has suspended the government for a key trade program. the u. s. envoy for the one of africa is quoting for restraint from all sides. and the u. n. 's urging an immediate end to the balance to enable the delivery of urgently needed humanitarian aid. we have been in touch with the
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officials in ethiopia, and the secretary general himself has spoken repeated.


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