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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 6:30am-7:00am AST

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his brakes, it minister, david frost, to set to travel to paris on thursday for more talks to revulsion. i think i hope that people will be smart enough to find than agreement. we are dependent on to politicians. we have nothing left to do by the way. but it hasn't already been 10 months, and it's a lot of fishing, makes up less than one percent of either country's economy. but for this community, it's vital, and they need answers soon, alexia bryan, al jazeera bologna. so now, northern france, ah, it's half past the hour and these are the top stories, 2 major agreements of the cop $26.00 summit leaders would agree to caps, emissions of the world's 2nd, vice pollution gas, methane by 30 percent. by the year 2030 and reverse deforestation by the same year as well. together,
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we're committing to collectively reduce our methane by 30 percent by 2030 and i think we could probably go beyond that. we just announced this package of the general assembly and back in september and the time was mentioned, 9 country shed signed on to day. it's over 80, it's approaching a 100 countries that are signed in on, headlines, ethiopians. governments declared a state of emergency after a sharp escalation and fighting in the north. rebels say they've taken 2 key towns on the road to the capital out of south above. that is disputed, though, by the federal government, prime minister abbey, as it is called on all the opium, to take up arms again to try and find that finance man opposition leader says the deposed prime minister could return to form a new government many. mon, now he has held meetings with de la hom dog who remains under house arrest. tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating against the military takeover. the international committee urging general abdul thought rober hand to restore the
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civilian governments. i, phil says it was behind the killing of $900.00 people in an attack on cobbled largest military hospital among those killed was the commander of the town of special forces who was also in charge of cobbled security or the election results coming in from the united states races which come a year ahead of crucial mid term elections. most voters are choosing mayors and other local officials. they're also they considering referendums on state policies . the most closely watched races, however, are for the state governance of virginia and new jersey. and the u. s. has given final approval to pfizer of corona virus vaccine for children. the f d a to for drug administration had already said the shot was safe for children, aged 5 to let you go up to they were the headlines on al jazeera, witness start right now. china has been very strategic in the way to expanding is sweet. she median. oh shit. what is it?
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and we bring you the stories of different plans that are rapidly changing the world we live in without the international aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghani common counting the coast on al jazeera a rental area. you need to be a supplier approach and protecting yourself away filtering it home i your bread. i do that, but it's going to come towards bread. but yeah, i mean, i talked with
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who knows why people need to see things to believe it. the thing is it's really hard to show contact. what is climate change? i
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i nash? i'm sleepy, so now i got a warning lot and yeah, yeah, i'll be got you. yeah. yeah. are you a little like amber flushing love thing. i'll give a call once i get to the wandering times, we're going to like, so i've been growing philosophy like at least 10 years or just struggle early in the last 4 or 5 years, i've been able to make a career out of it and to be able to pay my rent. this is my 1st by us citizen. really. there's a couple days was really started with our breathing was almost one dioxide part.
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it's like how to break it. my lungs is really scary, to be honest. but i just felt like had to be, you know, i had to work cuz it's the shoe store. so, so, so i didn't have a choice thing with an employer or chart that does look solid. yeah. ah it rings on his way to
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work with actually a great position right now with wasn't while i pull up
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a quote on moving to know a little bit more towards this one. it was like to do a good job. it was just the one else already built on it
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doesn't really, you know, doesn't feel like what you would think would fill this is probably the most extreme situation i've been involved in the last few months. so it was rural, so wake up call from a rural lesson quite light in the evening and the fire was bubbling behind these trees and everyone was pretty relaxed. mm. with that to me. it was a real lesson and how flies and how quickly things can change. we were for reference fives for 2 months,
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but it still was a scale that was shocking people in with like angela. it felt like frontline, the whole order of things with the wind are the neighbors on a slide were trying to defend their problem. did i say this kangaroo hopping towards me? mm hm. just ran right in front of this, this one holly that was brought in. what's up in the morning on the 2nd of january,
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the image was nearly every front page of the u. k. papers and being shared across social media wildfire featured on many pages around the world was taken by the photo journalist, matthew ab. he treated my last day the decade, felt like the apocalypse covering the whole the rest of the world. it was a clear top climate change in defiance arrived early in your even normal detroit in prime minister scott morrison counted claims. the consequence of manmade climate change will be destroyed. well, maybe like to say
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sir ed. the front door he the stairs went up, went out that day. went out to timber lot. all right, so emotional bad. her account . thank you enough that i thought i just nice to look at them when you want to think of something over there. i. yeah, rand r discreetly. okay. yeah. just cuz i want to show you everybody that was on the side of the way actually to the same bath was cuz we didn't want to be near the
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bush. and to do now we're having to the higher the point now. now we had, i connect with the boys, i didn't even know they're all right. god, i was terrified when we had 4 as before, but there's nothing. what is the image which? no, i can't get out of my mind is burning wallabies desperately running to find water to merge them. so if i would have perished at any rate, but by running the actually accelerating spread of the far end, like you know, i didn't even have a scary discount. the only one middle dies, a trick. human error is only axis. so she is fan data from the
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blue and i have been crying before. i'm going to come down to the 3 quantity in he to i know no, i want to know if there is so. i mean, i've heard terrible with or should i come to when george
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colorado i live there, but i wasn't here for it was a boy sometimes question rather than to hi. good awesome. busy awesome, i'm heading to our tournament now. we're close to where the toilet has crushed. which means that there's a good chance i'm not going to harm denied a. i'm sorry, i just just thought funny. ok now for this plan was one of it was on the american plan with american for i don't know. i mean if confirm as promised, but i don't know any of it. know, it would come to the level if i don't know who
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. ready i'm actually in exactly so, but i'm, i'm on my way and i'll be there as soon as possible. we do. here we go to cover her and i already had her. i on we were especially with assign garza has about time before and i said pretty cool with us to be able to to head down what it was. shut down like with the
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press are totally promising. fuller, crumpton couldn't possibly like hungry, stressed, tired, giving you the wrong and healing you in the morning on contact with the air tanker while at a time in our original aircraft had no contract getting around that american company. ah
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ah me. ready how did i before your mom is getting a logo for the pot towards her. so yeah, i've also found out i've got a baby on the way you know to be bringing your life into the world. when a future is so uncertain, it definitely makes you think about those things. so this is what she be doing with not mom would be fast asleep, but she get out of the patch and just sit on her belly. and just do this. since you know something, so you don't, you know, be nice. be nice. one that's con
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sweat account. concert consulate. nothing. so heat kills him. or would you do in a for ah, what i find hard for someone who's actually been in the phi grounds. every majority of things burned. my business partner, phil, he does all the euthanize him. so he gets called a lot by the walls. i've groups to euthanize sick one that's um, but most of those are getting put down cuz there's no way for them to go. that lot of one that's have survived, but will they survive until it regenerates to actually be self sufficient again as a natural bushland, i dont know. hm
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. hello am i speaking with oh yeah. well those guys were oh, i don't think many did what. what was on board, you know, you can make it kind of range. oh region. there is an image warning for the clear right? if you in the areas around bread but you agree to like to the park today, our attic and volatile. this is out of scale that we can't even imagine
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the challenge is getting people to engage, make people realize, or make people care about climate change and have that emotional connection. i want people to see these things for themselves and make up their own lives. or even if you guys right to me voice. yeah. i mean with, in the flies i'm stuck with the site that would be more serious or is likely going to connect with you. so he wants to go to that. but what you're going to work with coming behind behind the rust, much of it was coming to was, was edgy back to what brought to think about the how it is up for the
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records as the roster. really potentially kaiser as a as a whole lot.
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it's inevitable that we will experience more extreme events lock black summer in the future that's confronting bought we hot turned away from this reality. i want people to engage with that and to be challenged by that think. what if that was me, was that was my family to make people feel it's always useful. and the rest is up to them. in
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a fearless mexican journalists side lying for taking on a precedent under corrupt system, ruled by a single party for over 70 years. only to then establish an investigative platform, determined to break through a poisonous media landscape in search of justice. an epic saga of truth seeking and a refusal to be gagged. radio silence, a witness documentary on out to sara. setting the discussions, what is green washing is when an oil company talked green, but ex, 30 unflinching journalism. are you committed to building a vibrant democratic afghanistan, sharing personal stories with a global audience? our ministers had no idea what was happening on the shuffle, but i could see the body bag explore and abundance of world class programming.
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climate change is another political if an issue of survival on alger 0, ah oh ha. 80 countries have signed up. this is fantastic in the mood is up beat at the climate summit as world leaders pledge to slash methane emissions and reverse deforestation. ah, i'm come all santa maria here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera.


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