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of well tough programming climate change is another principle issue of survival on al jazeera. ah oh ha. 80 countries have signed up? this is fantastic in the mood is out beat at the climate summit as world leaders pledge to slash methane emissions and reverse deforestation. ah, i'm come all santa maria here in doha. this is the world news from al jazeera. ethiopia is government sticklers. a state of emergency is to grind fighters, so they are advancing towards the capital. why the
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explosions, cobbles, military, also it'll kill 19 people, and i so claims responsibility and americans, public health agency, green lights, coven vaccines for children between the age of 5 and 11. president biden calls at a turning point ah, a game changing commitment is how it has been described by the u. s. president of pledged by dozens of countries to slash methane emissions by 30 percent. by the end of the decade, that agreement announced on day 3 of the cop 26 summit, the 2nd of 2 major commitments. the other was a 100 countries agreeing to reverse deforestation. by the end of the decade, our diplomatic editor james bay's reports from glasgow. this is one of the main causes of the climate crisis. humans have for centuries raised at the world's forests, which naturally protect the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide. bought an agreement
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to cop $26.00 if the words are matched by action could be a breakthrough. more than the 100 nations have pledged to reverse deforestation by 2030, for us to have a potential to reduce, reduce carbon globally by more than one 3rd, by more than one 3rd. so we need to approach this issue with the same seriousness of purpose. as d carbon eyes in our economies fraud, ellsworth, so important, but i me another leader, the president of brazil, the country with half the planets tropical forests. jerbill sanara also supported the initiative in a video statement. even though act of his say the destruction his sword. during his term, in addition to the announcement on forest, another important development, a new initiative to cut methane levels, again signed by over a 100 countries. by the year 2030 methane doesn't stay in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide. but it's 80 times more potent in warming the earth. despite some
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positive developments, there is still war is about a lack of ambition from those gathered here. frankly speaking, there is no dignity to a slow and painful death. you might, as obama island, instead of making us suffer only to witness our slow and fateful demise. leaders of the g. 20. we are drowning. and our only hope is the life ring you are holding. that theme of the western nations not doing enough was again reflected when representatives from more than 20 african countries called for more support for the continent. the un secretary general antonio good terrace, has warned. the divisions between the developed and developing world could completely derail this vital summit. james bay's al jazeera glasgow. one country on the front lines of climate change is indonesia, where the president says this country can reach its goals on time, but only if rich countries increase financial support joker, we don't,
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is one of the signatories committing to that ending of the 4 session by 2030 indonesia home to vast amounts force. he also said it might be able to reach its net 0 gold earlier than 2060 if rich countries pay what the promised in climate finance is jessica washington reporting from indonesia, capital jakarta. in terms of indonesia progress on stopping deforestation, it is rather a mixed bag. the government is quite optimistic that things are heading in the right direction and pointed to recent data which indicates that in 2020 entities. as deforestation rates fell by 75 percent to its lowest ever since they started monitoring those because in the 19th. but environmental groups will say that, well, it's really not that clear college. and in fact, they will point to some factors which may have led tooth that role in deforestation rates in 2020. but they do also have concerns that it's not so much
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a reduction in deforestation as a whole, but rather a shifting of the problem from areas such as cali mountain as to monitor where they have been long standing problems in terms of deforestation. to eastern indonesia. what, what is rather unclear is how this pledge will effects ongoing commitments that the government has already made in terms of infrastructure projects. we know that the government is came to develop what it calls a food state which would involve the conversion of millions of pictures of land into farmland. and some of that includes forested areas in pump. and it's for that reason that environmental groups in indonesia say that eastern indonesia pop. what specifically is the last frontier, if we're talking about this fight against deforestation? onto other news and p o. p, as government has declared a state of emergency after a sharp escalation fighting in the north. its been a year now since it launched a crack down on the ticker i region rebels their site. i have not taken 2 key towns
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on the road to the capital at south above, though that is disputed by the federal government. prime minister abbey matters, calling on all se opens to take up arms against the try and fight as the support from priyanka good to a new frontier. and if you appear, swore rebels, antigua, i say, be advancing. so the south towards the capital, addis ababa. the federal government has declared a nation wide state of emergency. but it might the decree or does the state to have the right to detain or arrest anyone suspected of working with or assisting the terrorist group. the emergency order dictates that without permission granted from a designated authority, there is to be no gathering or public protest allowed by prime minister. aubrianna has asked all if you appeal to mobilize and fight back against the rebels. and if it was little, there are many challenges, but i can tell you with certainty, without a doubt we will score a comprehensive victory in just
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a few days. the rebels from the northern t grey state say they have seized the towns they say on comm, bolger, which are in the neighboring i'm her estate. the 2 are on a major highway leading to the capitol. the federal government has disputed those claims. we have to make sure that our children, i'm not dying from hunger instead of issues. we have to make sure that the access to access the buyout. so we do what it takes to make sure that the cd is broken. if glad is managing it, is what it takes to, but we will. the united states has warned the trigger. i people celebration front old the t p left against any such move. let me be clear. we oppose any tpl, i've moved to adis or any attempt by the t p l f. to proceed to add us dell concerns that violence could escalate with the green rebels. joining forces with the oral more liberation army and arms group in the region surrounding the capital of this.
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there is a new marriage of convenience alliance between at least a fraction of the liberation front. and the, because the abby has managed to alienate the all mo, the, including some harass. so he is really increasing the isolated and that he'd be allowed to use, trying to take advantage of that situation as well as o l. and it's found least like these. well, being the highest price for the shifting back, the lines of if you appeal, swore that throughout don't for nearly a year, more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes and around 400000. or on the brink of founding priyanka on his ear, but of international pressure to bring an end to this to guy conflict. he was president joe biden is suspending ethiopia from
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a key trade program for what he calls gross violations of human rights. and the u. n. is urging an immediate end to the violence to enable the delivery of life saving humanitarian aid. we have been in touch with the officials in ethiopia, and the secretary general himself has spoken repeatedly with prime minister abbey ahmed. to see what can be done to bring the violence to a halt. and, and also of course, to allow for the full scale returned a of humanitarian assistance to the places that need it, including the places like mckayla and a far when take you through the key events of this conflict cuz it goes back to last november when prime minister abbey had ordered a military offensive against the ticket people declaration front. he said it was in response to a tax on army basis. the t p i left that it was unfairly targeted. later that month i be tell parliament the military operation and ticket was over. but in june of this year to grow and fight has captured the regional capital mikella. and by july
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had entered the neighbouring horror and afar regions to the south. by october, the government had launched the ground offensive to push out the rebels. and as we mentioned, the tpl, i've says that in the past few days, it is the 2 towns on the road that connects mckellar and abas app about some thoughts from mcafee turnville. now as a professor also knew university college and his world leaders need to be ready to deal with an ethiopian without prime minister avia that i think we have to be realistic and, and just see the challenge ahead. even though t d, f and oil a might take of this other bar, the war will not be older. the unrest and, and the resistance particularly from them hot political link will continue. and we do also have added korea president of way of north, just waiting for the war to come on a train soil. so i think the u. n. and the us should be more realistic in their
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approaches to the situation. just to say that we are concerned and call for negotiations over and over and over again. doesn't really help the situation on the ground. we need to be much more realistic in the approach to the situation. and now i think that the national community really need to focus on establish haitian intervention post. i'll be awesome. and that's where the focus should be, would on sudan as well, with the main opposition lead to says the deposed prime minister could even return to form and governments mean even now he has held meetings with subbed alarm. dog remains under house arrest. tens of thousands of people are still been demonstrating against the military's take to afghan, astound, or at least 19 people are dead and another 50 injured in an attack on cobbled largest military hospital among those killed was the commander of the taliban
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special forces who was also in charge of cobbles, security, i felt claimed responsibility for that attack has shall a bill of reports from couple. oh wow. when a cool consensual cobble and telephone security forces run towards the size of an explosion, smoke leads them towards dalton military hospital, across the road from the now abandoned us embassy. one device was decent, aged at the hospital entrance, allowing attackers to move in. 20 minutes later 2nd exploded inside the compound. with this man, films from inside the hospital repeating, god have mercy on us. as he watches the attack take place people shelter where they can fire from the explosions. burn and gunman move between buildings. dozens of others managed to reach the back of the hospital, compound watchtowers and security walls that were meant to keep them safe in size. now the biggest obstacle to escape the above afghani was helicopters, circled,
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flown by pilots from the previous government were now part of the telephone's defense hello. responded by sending the special forces to the site of the attack after the 1st explosion created quite a large cord and around with the tech has taken places spread. it gum far has continued throughout the afternoon. so could if there were 2 explosions and 6 attackers and all of them were killed. the security forces of the tunnel banner in the area and our special boundary unit here to a very quick enter opperation. the whole area is now under our control the taliban . nor houses secure the military hospital. they know its weaknesses. they attacked themselves 10 years ago. i suffices also targeted the hospital in 2017, when they dressed his doctors to evade security. more than 100 people were killed and injured. i saw his challenge,
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the tele bonds hold on security since it came to power in august. the group is carried out 4 major bombings and killed hundreds of civilians. the worst was a cavalier port. tens of thousands of people evacuated. the last, foreign military forces withdrew. the main thing that people really much need and want from caliber was the grip over the security. and the last, if they lose that grip, if the insecurity increases, i think it will somehow a discredit taliban presents in the power to tell about his dom place to 3 of i. so the group is getting harder to ignore taliban casualties. and mounting as i saw targets its members, particularly in eastern provinces. still in cobble taliban members respond like the previous government would have just a few months ago. the sit up a large coolant to protect the public. special forces in
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a cover deployed intelligence units, gather evidence that people here are hoping for more stop to attacks altogether. charlotte bellis. osha's era. campbell will check the world whether next. and then americans go to the polls in 2 key states and dozens of local elections. all being seen as an important test to president biden's, popularity, fishing and troubled waters. the sea food industry fee is what's notes on the menu . talks to resolve a dispute between the u. k and france continue ah, ah, look forward to scores with sponsored point cutter. it weighs hello there. we're seeing more unsettled weather effect. northern areas of the middle east, thanks to a weather system that's pushing east out of turkey, bringing some of the heavier rain to northern areas of iraq and iran. by the time
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we get into thursday, we will see those intense down ports around coastal areas of the caspian sea. but further south of this, it is looking at finer and dryer. lots of sunshine coming through. we have seen some heat building across the gulf states, but temperatures are going to come down for dough her and to buy in the next few days. it remains rather clear and bright for omen and much of yemen. and as we move over to northern areas of africa, it's is pretty similar picture across central areas. it's up around coastal areas of morocco, algeria antonio, within the showers, come in with a weather system, and that's going to bring the temperature down over the next few days. much of a heavy rain can be found to the west of africa, some of those showers getting rather heavy around gabon. and we've got seasonal rains kicking in for much of the democratic republic of congo, pulling across into uganda. and some of that rain is going to trickle down further south into zambia and zimbabwe for south africa remains rather clear in cape town.
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but the rain will kickin on thursday for johannesburg. oh, the weather sponsored by casara always pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy. i know that i might go to prison, so i will join the brand new episode of democracy, maybe expose the struggle if those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to cold winter fruit vendor is going to emulate themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy on al jazeera with the me.
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without the were, these are the top stories. there have been 2 major agreements, made it the cop $26.00 summer leaders of agreed to healthy missions of me thing which is the world's 2nd most polluting gas by 30 percent by the year 2030 and also to reverse deforestation by the same year. government declared a nationwide state of emergencies to grow and rebel bomb further south. the u. s. is calling for an end to the conflict and has suspended ethiopia to mckee trade program. and i thought that it was behind the killing of 19 people in an attack on cobbled largest military hospital among the kill was the commander of the taliban special forces who was also in charge of cobbled security. now the united states is given final approval to find the current of respect seen for children. the food and drug administration had already said the shop is safe for children aged $5.00 to $11.00. there was smaller doses recommended, but now officials at the cdc have given at the green light for it to be
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administered to $28000000.00 youngsters that saved from ali, thought them as a vax and ologist, an adjunct professor at michigan university. he says it comes as a huge relief as there's been a rise in the number of children contracting, new covariance. i had said, gave my response actually to an achievement that we are getting to the point where we are immunizing the little kids. and that's probably measure that going back to normal life and specially schools and elementary schools and middle schools. so it's really great what she meant by that is a great job by cutting down in the dose dose that has been shown. and those little kids, 5 to 11, was one 3rd of the those given to the sort of the younger adults on the previous explanation. so basically we're getting these kids receive only one of those and
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they're immune response was in fact equal and different compared to the older kid and adults, which is a great good thing. so basically, when you did use the dose, your due side effects, you reduce any other issues that might be with the vaccine, would be, ah, coming off the different variable, especially the, dealt with the high efficiency and infection. we seem that more and more kids are getting infected. so therefore we think that this is a great achievement. and this is a little bit back on the election results are coming in from the united states. these races the year ahead of crucial mid term elections. most voters, the choosing males and other local officials. they're also considering reference on state policy. but the most closely watched races are in virginia and new jersey to decide who becomes the state governor phil available this update now from
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washington dc. earlier when the house closed, it looked like the democrats were, were in the lead, according to the exit polls for virginia. and then that gap went the other way and it looked like glen young. can the republican was was way in the lead back up at one point was 10 percent. it's now narrow, it's about 3 or 4, but it's going up. it's going down and you know, until we get near it to the result because this is a swing state. we're not gonna know really what's happened there because it is a, it is such a tight race. but we've got these 2 different battles going on. we've got virginia as a say, a swing state, and that could be a huge problem for joe biden. we'll get out about the minute. but also we've got what's happening in new jersey. we've got the incumbent democrat who was hoping to be the 1st democrat to be voted into office twice in 40 years. it looks like, according to the current trajectory and the current polling and the current numbers that the republicans are just going to inch that want ahead. and you know, when you look at the kind of policies that they've been looking at,
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the jack sheets around here is the republican has really been pushing some national policy policies. we've been talking a lot about abortion. he's been talking about schools as well, especially single critical race theory, which is a controversial election issue to get through with how racism is taught in schools . and those appear to be playing has advantages. but like i say that, that race, in particular, new jersey is much, much tighter and, you know, anything can change in the coming house. certainly can. we're going to talk to lincoln mitchell about this. now, political analyst who teaches that the school of international and public affairs at columbia university, he's got from san francisco today. thanks for your time link. and so the update right now is that in new jersey, the gap is about $10000.00 votes. republican candidate in the ascendancy, but that it's deaf has been closing and closing and closing, and the gap closing to in virginia, but still a stronger slate and not as many votes to count there on those 2 races, are you surprised they are looking that tight in the 1st place i am surprised by
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new jersey. this should be a solidly blue state where murphy should have one. but you know, for a point pretty easily or junior we always knew was going to be closed. turn the call up, the democratic candidate is simply not a great candidate. he's been around a while, who's a buying governor, but he's not inspiring. he's got a whole bunch and type in a party that's really changed and young can ran a good rate. and it is a reminder that the drum force is still very strong in the united states despite the from the last presidential election. so i'm not surprised by virginia, but if the republican went to new jersey, that is the story that is a huge story and that is a real crack. and the kind of the democratic wall is a north east of the united states. but there seems to be a lot of sort of wailing and gnashing of teeth from some analysts and pundits. it was sort of thing, you know, building this is the, not the end of the democratic party or the end of job items, presidency. but that it spells real trouble for this democratic party and,
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and administration. is it, is it that bad? no, no, absolutely not. you know, new the read you're paying attention to new jersey and virginia. notice that because you know each state changes when to have it cycle of election. these states always go the year after the presidential election. they're the only ones to do. so everyone pays a lot of attention just for some context, other than the 2017 election. when 2013, pardon me, when there's a democratic president and a democratic candidate, one and one in virginia. for the last 40 years, the president's party always lives in the virginia governor's race. so this is, i think, a general reaction to what sets in, during about a year into any presidential ministration. it, i think means nothing for 2022. although the democrat, chances are great in 2022, and it was less than nothing for joe biden presidency, his chances of reelection. now there will be something else that will take over the media narrative very soon, and glen young can. after scoring this, the victory will fade into the relative obscurity of the 1st governor who will
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probably only draw attention for, you know, banning books to the schools or, or some other one of the other education policies in which you can. yeah. so let me build on that from what you think from these 2 races, which is still to be decided. and then there are other local elections, merrill elections, where results have come through. is there any picture emerging about, you know, rejection or otherwise, of, of, of certain policies of certain parties, anything you're seeing from all of this? you know, there's an easy political analysis, say, which is always to over to over determine the last election. this tells us everything, this revealed something but elections are very clumsy instruments. so i am very hesitant to do that with the possible exception of new jersey, new jersey, who said that should be easy. rates are going to be an easy rates for democrat. and this day and age running for reelection and if he loses there, that is a sign that the democratic party has really, really, really failed to get this message out. but moreover, that without donald trump personally on the scene,
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it's hard to mobilize voters to be afraid of donald trump. it was a big reason that you're bite and got the math and turn out is a 2020 election. so new jersey for me is actually more important. so if you want to understand what may happen in the future, virginia virginia is about the ro, if murphy list, that's a big problem, just quickly, lincoln relentless, isn't it? we have presidential elections every 4 years and we have mid terms in between that, but the electoral cycle never stops for americans. does it? it's not a cycle, it just goes on and on and it never stops and already be taught already. we're talking about, you know, how does young convicts 3 effective primary be able to 2024 if from doesn't when. and how does this affect the chances of why does one again, disease, doable heresy, denominate it is never. andy, it's a multi $1000000000.00 industry. and an increasingly really undermined efforts to strengthen american democracy. it's a distraction when it should be at the heart of the democratic process. i can michel, always
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a pleasure talking to you. thank you for your time today. thank you. let's go to france now, which appears to have backed off from sparking a full blown trade war with the u. k. of a fish in person talks will be held this week with the french holding off on imposing a threatened series of sanctions, but as alexia bryan reports from northern france, many in the industry are struggling with all this uncertainty mid morning and below you, sir, mac. and the fishing boats returned with their catch, but for many, it's small of unusual research fish. what we have to put up with this, we don't have any choice for the past 10 months. we have not been able to make a living, get all wasn't given a license to fish in british waters, even though he says he's been working in them for years. his boat didn't have the required tracking equipment to prove that the paperwork he provided was rejected. french officials are infuriated saying thousands of vessels weren't given the
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licenses expected by british authorities. president menu, my chrome threatened a series of sanctions if the dispute was resolved. but i was before a deadline. he sit, he held off, negotiations are continuing. some here are frustrated by that decision saying france should have been more aggressive. others believe the measures could have backfired. maybe the fishing here is often a family affair, and patience is wearing thin passmore. honestly, i don't understand and to give me a license, but i don't go off into their weathers. i would prefer then to give it to my brother. let me spend 80 percent of the time. that means i have the right to it. but my bosom doesn't, it's estimated psalm and frances biggest fishing port have lost half of their income. some mo, were at a dead end in relation to fish. we've been living with this uncertainty for years. well, the british decided to stay in or leave the european union solutions need to be
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found and they need to stop playing with the economy and the lives of those who work in the fishing industry in the u. k. denies. it's acted unfairly. it's welcomed. france has moved to poor sanctions, calling it a major de escalation. the u. k. brakes administer david frost to sit to travel to paris on thursday for more talks. i think i hope that people will be smart enough to find an agreement. we are depending on the politicians, we have nothing left to do by the way, but it has already been 10 months. it's a lot of fishing makes up less than one percent of either countries economy. but for this community it's vital and they need answers soon. alixia bryan l g 0 bologna, so man, northern france. just a bit of breaking news in the world of sports, the atlanta braves have won baseballs world series 1st title and 26 years for the
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braves. the 7 nil victory over the houston astros, which gave them a 4 to win. and a best of 7 championship home runs by jorge solaire and dan's b swanson brought atlanta the title. so they also named the series m v p. the most valuable player. ah, exactly how possibly our analogy are and these are the headlines. 2 major agreements sat the cop 26 summit to tell you about leaders of agreed to count emissions of the well 2nd most polluting gas methane by 30 percent by the 2030 and also to reverse deforestation by the same year as well. together we're committed to collectively reduce our methane by 30 percent by 2030 and i think we could probably go beyond that. we just announced this package, the general assembly and back in september.


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