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crisis, what crisis own al jazeera? if america held up a mirror to itself, what would it see in a sense, race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple frauds, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, ah, ethiopians government declares the state of emergency is rebels from to grice. they've taken 2 towns on the road to the capitol. ah, other i'm can vanelle. this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up after agreeing to come in methane emissions, worldly bits, discuss how about finance plants needed to slow down climate change. iso fez at
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carried out an attack which killed 19 people and wounded 50. others had cobbles, largest military hospital. the way it was and it weighs plainly a step in the back. and the french ambassador and cambra accuses australia of deceit. after the abrupt cancellation of a multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal. ah, in just over an hour, the un human rights chief is expected to release the result solve an investigation into possible war crimes. and ethiopia is nolan to cry reach. and it comes as the year long conflict is escalating sharply. the government's declare the state of emergency and told residents to be prepared to fight to guar rebels say they've taken to major towns on the road to the capitol. priyanka group begins our coverage,
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a new frontier in a few peers, swore rebel. can t guys say the advancing saw the south towards the capital? addis ababa? the federal government has declared a nation wide state of emergency. but it might the decree or does the state to have the right to detain or arrest anyone suspected of working with or assisting the terrorist group. and the emergency order dictates that without permission granted from a designated authority, there is to be no gathering public protest allowed by prime minister aubrianna has asked all if he pins to mobilize and fight back against the rebels. and if it was little, there are many challenges, but i can tell you with certainty, without a doubt we will score a comprehensive victory in just a few days. the rebels from the northern te gray state, say they have seized the towns they say on comm, bolger, which are in the neighboring um, her estate. the 2 are on a major highway leading to the capital. the federal government has disputed those
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claims. we have to make sure that our children, i'm not dying from hunger instead of issues. we have to make sure that the access to access the buyout. so we do what it takes to make sure that the cd is broken. if glad is managing it, is what it takes to, but we will. the united states has warned the trigger. i people celebration front all the t p left against any such move. let me be clear. we oppose any peerless moved to us. or any attempt by the t p o to besiege artis dell concerns that violence could escalate with the grain rebels. joining forces with the oral more liberation army and arms group in the region surrounding the capital of this. there is a new marriage of convenience alliance between at least a fraction of the autumn when the gratian front and a,
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because the abbey has managed to alienate the all mo, the, including some harass. so he is really increasing the isolated and that he'd be allowed to use, trying to take advantage of that situation as well as the way. and it's found lease like these who are paying the highest price for the shifting back lines off. if he'll be us war that's dragged on for nearly a year. more than 2 and a half 1000000 people have been forced to leave their homes and around 400000, or on the brink of famine, bianca kupta altogether. this growing international pressure to bring an end to the conflict and take roy u. s. president joe biden is this spending ethiopia from a trade program for what he calls gross violations of human rights. and the un is calling for an immediate end to the violence to enable the delivery of life saving humanitarian aid. we have been in touch with the officials in ethiopia,
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and the secretary general himself has spoken repeatedly with prime minister abbey ahmed, a to see what can be done to bring the violence to a halt. and, and also of course, to allow for the full scale return a of humanitarian assistance to the places that need it, including a places like mckelly and a far david chin is a former us ambassador to ethiopia. he says, revoking that trade agreement with him, he'll pay a, we'll have big implications for its economy. a very significant decision by the united states. it is important to understand that it hasn't happened yet. in other words, as of july, there's a january 1 day at which it may become effective if there is no movement towards he's in ethiopia. and yet that happens. i think he is. ready likely to lose about a quarter of
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a $1000000000.00 and potential exports to the united states. so that's a lot or come through like the p o p. and the reason now for this session is the situation is getting worse on the ground. what is driving us concern at this point? the magic area prices as clearly worse and worse and t gray region. it's now expanded into part of our region. the small part of our region was getting out of control and it absolutely has to be brought to a hall. are you going to have the death of many civilians, ethiopia, several countries along with the u. s. and e, you have pledged to come me pain emissions by at least 30 percent by the end of this decade. president joe biden calls the agreement a game changing commitment is the 2nd of 2 major commitments at the un climate summit. after more than 100 countries agreed to reverse deforestation by 2030. the magic editor james bay's reports from glasgow. this is one of the main causes of
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the climate crisis. humans have for centuries, raised the world's forests, which naturally protect the planet by absorbing carbon dioxide bots, an agreement cop $26.00 if the words are matched by action could be a breakthrough. more than a 100 nations are pledged to reverse deforestation by 2030. far as to have a potential to reduce, reduce carbon globally by more than one 3rd by more than one 3rd. so we need to approach this issue with the same seriousness of purpose as d carbon eyes in our economies fraud. ellsworth, so important, but i, me, another leader, the president of brazil, the country with half the planets tropical forests. jerbill sanara also supported the initiative in a video statement, even though act of his say, the destruction his sword during his term. in addition to the announcement on forrest another important development, a new initiative to cut methane levels,
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again signed by over 100 countries. by the year 2030 methane doesn't stay in the atmosphere as long as carbon dioxide, but it's 80 times more potent in warming the earth. despite some positive developments, there is still war is about a lack of ambition from those gathered here. frankly speaking, there is no dignity to a slow and painful death. you might as well bomb our islands instead of making us suffer only to witness our slow and fateful demise. leaders of the g. 20. we are drowning and our only hope is the life ring. you are holding that theme of the western nations not doing enough was again reflected when representatives from more than 20 african countries called for more support for the continent. the un sir, could general antonio good terrace, has warned the divisions between the developed and developing world could completely derail this vital summit. james bay's al jazeera glasgow.
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one country on the front lines of climate change is indonesia. it's president says his country can reach its goals on time, only if wealthy nations increase financial support joker. we're dodo as one of the signatories committing to ending deforestation by 2030. he also says indonesia might be able to reach his net to 0 goal earlier than 2060 if rich countries pay what the promised and climate finance. jessica washington has more from indonesia, capital jakarta, in terms of indonesia progress on stopping deforestation. it is rather a mixed bag. the government is quite optimistic that things are heading in the right direction and pointed to recent data, which indicates that in 2020 entities is deforestation rate fell by 75 percent to its lowest ever since they started monitoring those figures in the ninety's. but environmental groups will say that will, it's really not that clear cut. and in fact,
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they will point to some factors which may have led to that drop in deforestation rates in 2020. but they do also have concerns that it's not so much a reduction in deforestation as a whole, but rather seeing of the problem from areas such as cali month done as to monitor where they have been long standing problems in terms of deforestation. to eastern indonesia. what, what is the unclear is how this pledge will affect ongoing commitments that the government has already made in terms of infrastructure projects. we know that the government is came to develop what it calls a food state which would involve the conversion of millions of pictures of land into farm land. and some of that includes forested areas in pump. and it's for that reason that environmental groups in indonesia say that eastern indonesia help. what specifically is the last frontier? if we're talking about this fight against deforestation, i feel has claimed responsibility for the attack on the afghan capitals,
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largest military hospital. at least 19 people died and another 50 were injured in the explosion and cobble on tuesday. among rose killed was the commander of the telephone's special forces, who was also in charge of couples, security showing a balance report. oh, when a cool consensual cobble and telephone security forces run towards the side of an explosion, smoke leads them towards dallas, han military hospital, across the road from the now abandoned us embassy. one device was decent, aged at the hospital entrance, allowing attackers to move in. for a few minutes later, sick and exploded inside the compound. with this man, films, from inside the hospital repeating, god have mercy on us. as he watches the attack, take place people shelter where they can is fires from the explosions. burn and gunman moved between buildings. dozens of others managed to reach the back of the
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hospital, compound watchtowers and security walls that were meant to keep them safe in size. now the biggest obstacle to escape above afghani was helicopter circled, flown by pilots from the previous government. when a part of the telephone's defence hello, responded by sending these special forces to the site of the attack. after the 1st explosion created quite a large cord. and around with the tech has taken places spread. it gum far has continued throughout the afternoon. so could if there were 2 explosions and 6 attackers and all of them were killed. the security forces of the tunnel banner in the area and our special boundary unit here to a very quick enter opperation. the whole area is now under our control the taliban . nor houses secure the military hospital because they know its weaknesses. they attacked themselves 10 years ago. i so fighters also targeted the hospital in 2017,
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when they dressed his doctors to evade security. more than 100 people were killed and injured. i saw his challenge, the tele bonds hold on security since it came to power in august. the group is carried out 4 major bombings and killed hundreds of civilians. the worst was cavalier port. tens of thousands of people evacuated. the last, foreign military forces withdrew. the main thing that people really much need and one from taliban was the grip over the security. and the last, if they lose the grip, if the insecurity increases, i think it will somehow a discredit taliban is present in the power to tell a bond. his downplayed the threat of isolate the group is getting harder to ignore . tell a bon casualties and mounting as i saw targets its members, particularly in eastern provinces. still in carville taliban members respond like
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the previous government would have just a few months ago. the sit up a large colon to protect the public special forces in a cover deployed intelligence units. gather evidence that people here are hoping for more stop to attacks altogether. charlotte bellis. osha 0. couple still head on al. jazeera, fishing and troubled waters. the sea food industry 1st waltz next on the menu, despite the french government backing down. ah, hello there, there's a bit of an east west divide when it comes to temperatures across europe. at the moment. we've got warm conditions being felt across eastern europe, stretching up into scandinavia, where the temperature is sitting above average. but in the west it is feeling
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cooler. we've got a northerly wind blowing down and that's bringing temperatures down with it. but there's plenty of wet and windy weather to be found. we've got this band of rain pushing up across the baltic states moving in to sweden, bringing rain to ukraine, as well as belarus and western parts of russia. now further south across those central areas, it is looking lot finer a lot dryer, but it's the south of europe. that's once again, been battered by the wet and windy weather. fast low pressure. we got heavy rain moving into france, snow for switzerland and severe storms once again across italy, around those central areas as well as in the northwest. by the time we get into thursday, it's going to be croatia and bosnia and herzegovina that see some of those torrential downpours. and we could see some flooding from that. whether that is working its way further east across the balkans. it's not any here that we are seeing the heavy rain northern areas of germany getting a real drenching. it's going to be a wet. we can't in berlin at 7 degrees.
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ah. in the country with an abundance of results with great power and walk indonesia whose turns forming we moved full to grow and frock. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me park linda. this is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now, lou, the me
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watching hilda vieira reminder of our top stories. the thought i thought says it was behind tuesday. the time on i've gone on biggest military hospital and cobble 19 people, including the commander of the telephone, special forces, killed or the 100 countries adjoining the us and the e. u to companies, emissions by 30 percent, by the end of this decade. it's the 2nd big commitment from the un palm. it's solid pasco, after a patch to and deforestation. by 2030. the un human rights chief is expected to release the results of an investigation into possible war crimes in ethiopia as northern to region. year long conflict is escalating, and the government has declared a state of emergency. go live out to samuel, get a true he who is an addis ababa. mister, get it, you will get to this un report in a moment. first, i want to ask you about recent developments. several towns being taken by the t p l
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f on the road to the sub boss. so it says, it seems like the stage is being set for further escalation. will the job on government declared the state of emergency our sofa and last night? there seems to be some kind of scare readiness, perhaps, according to the job and i meant to prepare for what to come, but they've told each your best to be prepared to defend their interest, their neighborhoods. again, this is what they call a terrorist organization, which is according to them. what does that say to you? i mean, leaders and other type of i have also asked residents to register their weapons. and as you said, the federal government has asked c p o p, and to fight, what does that say to you about the state of the military? well, it case that the t p left seems to be advancing, and the government knows they've claimed different towns including dest income butcher, but the job site is assisting. they haven't claimed those towns,
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but we are able to see images. so showing soldiers roaming the towns. so they seem to be coming to the capital in the government is literally reacting to, it's one of the t p l f. want when do they want to be able to, i think have some kind of respect to the open government and give them access to monitor and issues including protect their human rights. they seem to be the claim to have been taught by the children in their tree and site and that's, i think they want to highlight those. and that's why they're proceeding to the sub . and according to the government, they're trying to place their own government. and i'd be so by that's going to be like, respect that wishes more of highlighting what's been happening, a un inquiry into human rights violations. integration is coming out in about the
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next hour or so. how extensive is it likely to be given? the issues with actually getting access to take will be, are being criticized including that needed not include the ox to allegations where many people have been killed allegedly but obligations are going to be going back and forth. and if he did a story saying that the government puts planning to hide some aspect of the report . so we're going to be watching as closely i samuel get a chew in addis ababa and we will be taking that press conference from the un live when it happens. now, the diplomatic pull out continues between france and australia, after a failed multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal. the french ambassador to australia has accused canberra of intentional deceit when it cancelled their agreement.
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australia signed up to a security patch with the u. s. and the u. k. instead, under that deal, australia will get its 1st nuclear power submarines. finally, mr. scott morrison has denied lying about his intentions. that the seat was intention. and because there was far more at stake and providing submarines because it was a common agreement on sovereignty. sealed was a transmission of highly classified debtors. the way it was ended was plainly as tab in the back palestinians fighting against forced eviction shake, drop and neighborhood in occupied east jerusalem have rejected a compromise put forth by israel supreme court. it proposed the families be allowed to stay in their homes for 15 years, but it also recognized a jewish setting organization as the owners of the land higher force. it has more from occupied east jerusalem. the families of shakes, jerome had been given a month to consider a compromise deal on their fate. on tuesday,
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they returned the decision. nothing to do with that. how you said that we rejected the proposal by the israeli supreme court, which would have rendered us protected tenants at the mercy of several organizations. we stamps firm and refusal to compromise on our rights. the homes were awarded to palestinian refugee families under jordanian rule in 1900 fifties. but a jewish settler organization claims it has ownership rights over the land. a claim endorsed by israeli court rulings rather than issue a final verdict. the supreme court had wanted the families to accept protected tenancy status for up to 3 generations while they continued to make their own ownership case. some saw it as worthy at least of consideration. but the final decision is to fight on. in a case that's become emblematic of the palestinian struggle to nominate money. we hope that everyone who supported us for the beginning will keep doing so, so that we don't end up on the street. if the court rules that we will be evicted
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the several weeks in april and may this year, it felt as though the small neighbourhood was the epicenter of the palestinian israeli complex. the case was one of the triggers for the round of hamas rocket fire that marked the start of this year's garza war legal experts say that the fact that the court was pushing this deal so hard is the signal that it's aware that a final verdict is likely to go against the palestinian families and such a final decision is one that would come with huge political sensitivity. the question now if such a verdict comes down, will it be enforced by is really government on the significant us pressure to leave the families in their homes. inevitably, there will be a coalition crisis that will be a change in government, or there will be a terror attacked with double digit casualties in which the blood lust of certain elementary israeli society we'll see or. and they will be of victor.
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israel's legal and political establishment had been keen to turn the temperature down and shook, draw at least for a while and stirred it me about to start heating up again. hurry, faucet al jazeera, occupied east. jerusalem sedans main opposition leader says the deposed prime minister could return to form a new government. many men are we has held meetings with adela hum dock who remains under house arrest. tens of thousands of people have been demonstrating against the military's take over. the international community has also pressured, general abdel father alber hand to restore the civilian lead. government france appears to have backed off from sparking a full blown trade war with the u. k. about fishing rides it suspending a series of sanctions that would you to take effect this week as the 2 nations prepared to meet in the next few days or so as the lexia brian reports from northern france. many in the industry are struggling with the uncertainty mid morning and boulogne you, sir, mayor, and the fishing boats returned with their catch. but for many,
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it's smaller than usual. yes. would you please or chuck fish ward lives? but we have to put up with this. we don't have any choices for the past 10 ones. we have not been able to make a living. get all wasn't given a license to fish in british waters, even though he says he's been working in them for years. his boat didn't have the required tracking equipment to prove that, and the paperwork he provided was rejected. french officials are infuriated saying dozens of vessels weren't given the licenses expected by british authorities. president emmanuel crohn threatened a series of sanctions if the dispute wasn't resolved, but hours before a deadline, he said he held off, negotiations are continuing. some here are frustrated by that decision saying france should have been more aggressive. others believe the measures could have backfired. oh, it will, their fishing here is often a family affair, and patience is wearing thin passmore, as i'm honestly,
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i don't understand them the give me a license, but i don't go often to their withers. i would've prefer them to give it to my brother who actually spend 80 percent of his time there. it's means i have the right to it, but my brother doesn't. it's estimated solomon. frances biggest fishing port have lost half of their income. you some apply more. were at a dead end in relation to fish. we've been living with this uncertainty for years while the british decided to stay in or leave the european union solutions need to be found and they need to stop playing with the economy and the lives of those who work in the fishing industry. like the u. k. denies, it's acted unfairly. it's welcomed frances move to pause sanctions calling it a major de escalation. the you case breaks it minister david frost to set to travel to paris on thursday for more talks. rubashaw. i think i hope that people will be smart enough to find an agreement. we are depending on the politicians. we have
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nothing left to do by the way of one, but it has already been 10 months, and it's a lot of fishing, makes up less than one percent of either country's economy. but for this community, it's vital, and they need answers soon, alexia bryan al jazeera, the loan, you so mer northern france. as the cock, 26 talks continue in, glasgow, fishing communities around the world are often the worst affected by climate change . in the philippines, rising ocean, temperatures, and sea levels are having a devastating effect on marine life is jemila island organ reports from manila, this is having a huge impact on thousands of families who rely on fishing to survive or yogurt as there's been a fisherman all his life, he grew up in started his own family in this coastal village in manila b. what life has been hard over the last few years? and now he's thinking of moving somewhere else. that may have been, as i was with a young and only catching fish for us,
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no feels more lake funding. luckily we have to head out fargo, etc. popish all the hoping to come back to read the liquor harbor. that means that we also need a bigger boat, which consumes more fuel here, and there is not much left for us after that. more than 2000 families live on this part of manila bay. many of them have been living here for generations. and almost all of them are dependent on fishing for their livelihood. people here tell us the sea level in manila bay is continuing to rise and have had to reach the floors in their homes to avoid them the submerged b. c. this rise in sea level is due to climate change pricing by point $30.00 millimeters per year. and if i'm not mistaken, but global average is a little bit higher than 3000000 countries in the middle of the planet, will have a different number. and for the philippines,
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it's 4 times the philippines accounts for less than one percent of global greenhouse gas emissions. but it's among countries most at risk from the impacts of climate change and like other poor nations at risk. the philippines says finance from wealthy con cheese is essential to deliver on their climate plan for the poor president rodrigo, the 3rd to says that the poor are always playing catch up with a rich with no hope of ever succeeding. in closing the gap, he says that's because developed countries who remained the biggest supporters choose to do business as usual, develop boundaries must, will build a long standing commitment to climate financing, technology transfer capacity building in the developing we're, this is a moral obligation that cannot be avoided or yell,
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cortes says he may not fully understand the science behind climate change, but he lives with its effects every day. jim l as in dog and al jazeera manila, and you can is find much more on our website. the address for that is al jazeera dot com. ah, this is al jazeera and these are the top stories, the u. n's human rights chief is said to release the results of investigation and to possible war crimes of ethiopia, northern to gray region. the year long conflict is escalating and the government, st. claire, the state of emergency, to guy rebels claim to have seized strategic towns on the highway leading to the capital and isabella. more than 100 countries adjoining the u. s. and the e. u to cut me thin emissions by 30 percent this decade.


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