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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 1:30pm-2:01pm AST

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also to the everybody, to acknowledge their personal civilities on this conflict. and that truth could come and they could have justice and reparation. michelle ashley many thanks for joining us from the you and buildings in geneva. still to come here on the news are for you will always child brides will look at what's causing an alarming rise and under age marriage plus this morse hughes. the men in green march on action from the t 20 will coming up in about 15 minutes. ah, with how i we got suddenly weight ins fading in across so southeastern parts of europe at the moment. so some warm sunshine coming through. that's the good news elsewhere. things like a little more unsettled. we have got
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a lot of cloud just coming into that western side of the mediterranean, other area of low pressure spinning in here, and that will feed some wetter and cooler weather up across italy and the balkans as we go on through the next couple of days as a warm sunshine across at east side of the mediterranean, pushing out through bulgaria, easing up towards s. sabby at 19 celsius. they have in belgrade on wednesday afternoon, picking up to route 23. on thursday. i was how we come to friday, 14 celsius and there's the taste of things to come. just 11th grade, about grade by saturdays that cooler in the cholera is across western parts of europe, temperatures here struggling to get into double figures and some rather wet weather that just coming in across the western side of the met. it's right is live the and foundry showers coming towards the italy or the side of the i drastic around that in there. count some really heavy rainfall over the next couple of days could lead to some flooding snow. they're over, they out small the same as you go on through where thursday at wet weather, stretching its way up towards the baltic, states some heavier rain coming in here. we'll see some heavy rain there. the
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eastern parts of germany and poland. ah hey a i guess with
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ah ah, welcome back 20 minutes to the hour these are you top stories so far here on the news are the un has found evidence that all sides and ethiopians to gray conflict of violated international human rights and some mamma to war crimes and crimes against humanity reports as the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. the diplomatic, falling out continues between france and australia, offer a field multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal. the french ambassador to australia has
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accused cambra, of course, intentional deceit when it cancelled their agreement. more than 100 countries of joining the u. s. and the easy felt methane emissions by 30 percent by the end of the decade. it's the 2nd big commitment from a you and climate summit. oscar com, 26th, or for an agreement yesterday to end deforestation by 2030 developing story for iranian state t. v saying tyrann has foiled an attempt by the united states to seize one of its oil tankers in the sea of oman. according to the reports, u. s. foresee is used helicopters and war ships during the operation, but to iran says the tanka is now back in its territorial waters. let's get details now from al jazeera alhashan. we joined us now on sat alley. this is a complicated story. what do we know? well, this is the 1st time since uh, president trump time when there is an american attempt to seize an iranian all thank are these, this is what the iranians are saying. so we only have right now, the iranian narrative on what's happening,
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an american attempt to seize an iranian old tanker in the sea of oman and then the iranians were able to thwart this attempt. this takes the confrontation, at least in this a medium in the novel. a battle that is going on that has been going on for, for, for quite a few months. now, it takes, it takes it to a new level. the americans trying to afford their, mary, the iranians from getting out of the golf to take their own oil. 2 countries where they're selling their own oil to, we know that they're taking oil to lebanon, selling oil to has will lined at, to get it delivered through syria. they're saying it also to syria and, and on several occasions, there were iranian oil tankers going to the atlantic ocean to convey oil to the venezuelans and there in august 2024 indian, all all tankers were seized by the americans at that time. and the old was sold
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back in october. so this is completely new level. and this confrontations as to this incident, does it have echoes of what happened when mr. trump was in the white house in that almost slightly choreograph lou level growling at each other. or is it potentially more combustible than that? well, it seems this can't be really disconnected or linked to what's going to happen in vienna or brussels, where the iranians, i'm, and the americans are going to me. now, this is one of the ways may be to create, to leverage a stopping their indians from getting their oil outside. and they've been under sanctions for all these years. they've not been able to sell their own oil in the, in the international market. so they're trying to that say sell it in a and different ways what it thought through the legal ways under the, a well known commercial or a ways they, they used to. so they're losing a lot of money. and it seems they want them to lose more money into it and to exert
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more pressure on them so that when they go to the negotiation table, they'll have, you know, less leverage to a negotiate or to talk with or many thanks a lot. and they're taking us through what we think is going on because of that relationship between iran and washington. thank you very much. okay, let's go back to cop 26. the climate summits in scotland where the focus is now course turning to money. john is now from glasgow. is ordeal. remo. barstow, president of the european bank for reconstruction and development. otherwise known as the e. b r d. a deal around a basset. welcome to the news out. so now they start the hard work of triangulating . the headlines, the photo opportunities from the politicians with the diplomats with the money. how much money is available and how's it going to be spent? so there is a lot of money available in a way because the m, as in nancy, this is
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a very good news because we all know that and we need money to, to move and, and we need, we know that there is a need for urgent action that i think that there is a clear understanding that on their current trend and with more ambitious, more ambition we, we all pass towards the $2.00 increase for some period. so we need to do more and to do more means more investment. morgan investments more climate finance. and i see that the good news is that there is some private sector mobilization. we will hear later today on the let's go finance alliance for mid 0, which is the commitment from the big financial institutions globally to commit to natural and fully private from the previous alignment. this is an important step
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and i think that what is important now you also to act on the project level because what he's missing it in a way bankable project that can be supported by the private sector. and that's where can i, can i just interested in it? it sounds like you're repeating what the politicians were saying yesterday and the day before. and i say that with, with total respect for you in your job, working with the b r d. it's very simple. it simplifies what all the people who signed up to cop 26 want to achieve. but the reality is when you have someone like re, she's tonight, essentially saying we have got to help a lot of, for example, the 3rd world economies, not just reinvent themselves, but completely turn around what they are doing. that's a massive undertaking that will cost an awful lot of money,
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perhaps more than the $100000000000.00 per year that they're budgeting on already. it will, it will it to that, to futon over and that it's a big transformation for all countries that developed countries and developing countries that the good news is that and also some very positive development. for example, when you look at the cost of renewable. so to move the energy towards renewable now in a number of developing countries, it's very cheap, can be very cheap. it, we've been financing as etiology, renewable project in my records, of course, with the lower cost of energy possible. so i think that there are some very put, if you didn't count on which we can be, these doesn't mean that it's not a huge transformation mean moving out, which of course means a big transformation for some key problem countries,
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important region and so forth. so they've been, it's big it for the end, it's not, i mean that's why i mean, they need some support developing countries need some support, and that's why it's important to deliver on the 100000000000 commitment. also to create confidence that everybody is doing each of the year for however many of the fact that we can move forward to understood doesn't that mean however, that the b r d has to use climate finance essentially as political leverage because your organization has now got to move as well from, say, underwriting new motor way systems in catholic storm. i know you were involved in what a decade ago now to say working with some of the big, massive producers like china, who publicly china has said we will be a net 0 contributor to climate change, which the huge plus. but you've got to pin them to the ground and say, okay,
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you've got to do it by our time scale. not your time scale because beijing reserves the right to do it to it's time scale, not your time scale. we are looking to renew in china, but what we are doing with the countries in which we interview with countries preparation is helping them to define their strategy. and so i think that we are working to define the national domain contribution their net to target and how to get from where we are now to where they want to be sure. i think that we use our financing capacity to our company. also the policy that, you know, get policy advisor when she pull in order to ensure that the strategies are consistent with the financing. and also lou to have to attract forgets investors. because if you have the right framework, clear strategy and then it gives the possibility gives room for private investors
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to step in and develop new project that will be that will head for is a transition. ok, we must leave it there or do you run a bus? so from the european bank for reconstruction and development. thank you so much for joining us here on the news. thank you so much. now i was the name suggests cop 26 is the latest in a line of many climate conferences. marconi come out and maria has been crunching the numbers and looking at what if anything, has improved since the very 1st climate meeting. the 1st comp summit caught by the way conference of the parties was in berlin in 1995. now obviously don't fix a problem like climate change in 26 years, but what you'd hoped to see us and positive trends. well, let's have a look 1995 to today. that's our range with our graphs from our world and date and have popped up a couple of sign posts in there just for reference. this is 1997. ah, that was called 3 in japan which produced the kyoto protocol. and this one here is
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2015 cop 21 in france. when we got to paris agreement, both of those landmark deals, even if everyone didn't sign up for them. so what you're looking at is global temperature increases. this line here is the 0 degree line. this line here is the one and a half degree line. you're looking at monthly intervals, which is why the graph is in a little erratic, but the trend mean that's pretty simple to see. it is always heading upwards towards that crucial $1.00 degrees. now what have we got here? annual c o 2 emissions, global c o 2 emissions again. pretty self explanatory on the up and up. we were at 25000000000 below 25000000000 tons in 1995 and now up above 35000000000. but when you start to look at the numbers by countries and regions, then it's not to get interesting. for example, who am it's the most c a t? well, it's easy, it's china, isn't it? big read block, clear? 27 percent of global emissions. the usa with 15 percent, and this yellow block as the a you with 9.8 percent,
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but who has cumulatively emitted the most c o 2 over the years. while america has, the grain has now switched, in fact, with china. and you've now adding the e u in with about 22 percent of emissions in between the us and china. and while all these big industrial nations are trying to blame each other, the rest of the world, only small countries down here they saying hold on, you guys have and polluting a lot more and a lot longer than any of us. you've built economies on that. but now we have to make the cuts and miss out on that growth. you've to help us out what's in climate financier, and you get a different picture again when you look at c o 2 emissions on a per capita basis. now remember we had the g 20 in rome last week. well, what i've created here with all these countries and regions is it's basically a g 10, including the european union. now the united states, clearly the biggest emitter, but to be fair as well. it has been bringing those levels down since the 1st cup in 1995 china with its population of 1430000000 has been doing the opposite. and in
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fact it's emission peak is still years off. but india look at this almost the same population, but look at its levels so much lower the lowest by far of these 10 countries in regions. and yet it's been maligned for not sitting ambitious enough targets as ever. it comes down to perspectives, rich and poor, big and small old and new. he said, she said the problem is, there is no choice when it comes to the planet. we all live on. and 26 conferences later, they just isn't the time to argue about it. okay, let's wrap up some other top stories where you, poland, reporting more than 10000 cubic 19 cases as infections continue, that spike. it is the highest number of daily infections since late april, according to johns hopkins university, poland has more than 3000000 confirm cases in just over 77000 deaths. its health ministry is considering tighter restrictions. infections on the rise to in the
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netherlands prompting the reintroduction of face masks. the government is also expanding use of a corona pass showing proof of a covered 19 vaccination or a negative test results. it'll now be needed to enter many public spaces, such as museums and jims. infections have been rising since most social distancing measures were dropped in late september. the u. s. is given a final approval to face as curve 19 vaccine for children from the ages of 5 up to 11. president biden has called the movie turning point in the fight against the virus, the f. d. a had already said the shot is safe for that age. group a similar dose smaller, those rather than normal, was recommended. now, officials at the cdc have given a green light for it to be administered to 28000000 children charts. you say the corona virus pandemic has led to a rise in child marriages around the world. and parts of malawi, the number has nearly doubled, but there it is, not just the pandemic to blame for young girls becoming victims of early marriage
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as harrow metasource no reports from bengal. she when the sun rises over lake maloney africa's 3rd largest lake, it usually means early morning chores have to be done out here washing dishes and doing the laundry is generally a job for young women and girls. when they finish, some of them will head up to school. but she's sally at a jew massey's every year. many girls drop out and become victims of early marriage, locked on measures to prevent the spread of clover 19 in her community. didn't help . zona, mat in them in either the children had nothing to do our home. some got pregnant and got married. usually one girls missed school. the teachers tell us and we found that why, but when the schools close, it was hard to keep a check on them. now the schools have opened, we see that some girls aren't in cross country. community leaders managed to persuade these teen mothers to go back to school. one girl says she wants to become a journalist. the others, nurses, i know
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d. m a move at 1st my husband didn't want me to leave him in. he ordered me to stay . when the police got involved, he got scared and let me go. now he has found another wife, ingenuity. for even before the pandemic milan, we had one of the highest rates of early child and teenage pregnancy in the world. one out of 2 girls are getting married before their age of 18. then it defeats the problem, isn't it almost like a half of the women population, which is 51 percent over, the mallory told her population is becoming or dropping out of school number one. and secondly, becoming more mud. or if the poor age over the 18 teachers, rising poverty could force more girls out of school and into early marriages, especially berries. they also take, but in those marriages, because they go to you via children who get molly, saw that the,
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the gun have something to any from those men allow. he is one of the poorest countries in the world. most of his budget comes from foreign aid. jobs are hard to find. the only real option out here is farming and there isn't enough work for every one. some young people would try to get to south africa to find work they, for those a con, do that getting married? seems to be the only option. the law in malawi forbid, marriage for both boys and girls under 18, but without proper enforcement, it still happens. how much us out to sara man got she marashi most living people have been killed in the south west of columbia where homes collapsed because of a landslide. it followed heavy rain in the marino region, rescue teams to pull dozens of people out of the rubble. but many more remained on accounted for operations was suspended on wednesday morning because of the danger of moorland slides. 4 year old girl has been reunited with her parents almost 3
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weeks after she went missing in the australian outback. cleo smith respond by the police in a locked house almost 100 kilometers from where she disappeared. she was last seen by her parents in attendance that they were sharing in a remote western australian area. they work one morning. if a girl was missing a spot to nationwide such an fee as she had been abducted, a 36 year old man is now in custody. coming up in the sports news with leah, a nights all massive hits as the world series came to an end baseball action. when we come back ah
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ah ah ah ah ah
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ah. okay, let's wrap up your international sports news here. thank you peter. well, let's start with some baseball in the atlanta braves who won the world series. they got the job done away at the houston astros with an emphatic display. so hm. alex reports. oh, it's been 26 years in the making. but the atlanta braves, the world series champions, once again, and they captured the title in style by destroying the houston astros on the road in game 6. or if the leg getting the scoring going with a 3 run. homer atlanta gave up a for nothing lead and choked and game 5. this time however, they were ruthless. dan's be swanson's massive hit was testament to just that
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astros fans could hardly believe what had hit them when perch. freddy freeman also got in on the home run action. by which point the celebrations were almost in full swing credit. and when the title clenching moment came, the brave didn't hold back. ah, to learn to winning the world series with an emphatic 7, nothing demolition. i'm still nom, so i really don't have emotions. i'm just kind of turn tell you guys things of how i feel, cuz i don't really show anything yet. so it's gonna hit hard concern. surreal . i'm i spent the whole game now. let myself special we scored runs not let myself get ahead of things because knowing how quickly things can change or
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not, it's really, really good. brave fans will hope they won't have to wait another 26 years to enjoy . seems like this once again. well malik ology 0 christiano, rinaldo rescued manchester, united from the brink of defeat, and the champions league on tuesday. after falling one mill behind a way to launch the portuguese star, rounded off a great move to get the red devil level just before half time. and with united down again and the dine minute, he produced some more magic to save him to the final course. i mean the united top group he does provide those moments and, and i'm sure chicago bulls didn't mind having michael jordan either. so, you know, sometimes teams have they have the plays they have and that's why they are at monday night. and that's why they are champions at chicago, chicago bulls, you just come up with those moments barn munich have booked their spot. in the last
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16, the german side hammered. ben speak of 5 to robert louis dusky was the star of the show. byron's number 9, getting themselves appeared worse alone. our 2nd and group e. a goal from andrew fox. he got them a very much needed victory over dynamo. this was their 1st champions league match since run a common was fired as their coach. holders. chelsea beats me decide. well no one mill in sweden, chelsea is how can the yes scored the only goal for the game. the blues are 2nd in group age behind you ventures who advanced with victory over 5. well, we got to job done. i think that maybe now we get judged by results but, but who doesn't? we wanted the results. we needed the results we expected to results from us and we delivered well pakistan or the 1st team to reach the semi finals of the t 20 world
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cup. they beat namibia to do it, know how much of it is one and by each for half centuries to lift pakistan to a $45.00 run victory. it's their 4th street when and puts them on top of group to pakistan could enter the semi finals unbeaten if they b. scotland in their last group game will south africa who boosted their chances of reaching the final form by crushing bangladesh in abu dhabi the pro tiers one winning by 6 wickets with 39 balls to spare. the result means they're 2nd in group one behind england, the top 2 teams advance to the semi heading into the england game. we know it's going to be a very tough game. that's an interesting question, but i think we just have to come up with our game plan that we see the the most effective to win against england. then do all best to implement when i was going to be off. well, let's see if they can do it. that's all your sport for now. be back with you shortly. and you back over to peter. leah,
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thanks very much. we'll talk to lisa 2013. she lost my news on the website al jazeera dot com. when we come back, came up more up for you on that developing story coming to us out of the see all of mom, stay with us here on out to sierra will season. ah mm hm. ah, 25 years ago and a new era television used in the middle east begin a 2 part documentary series marking the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channels logged in. and now it became
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a recognized global brand. ah, the story of al jazeera, the unique puff, the latest news, as it breaks the president is allowed to impose a state of emergency for 15 days, with the option of extending it for another 15 days without congress's approval. we detailed coverage with his rights group in southeast asia say they confirmed about the rise in reporting cases of working conditions from around the world government, unsecured agencies that describe the recent incident as planned with the aim of this stabilizing the country. the climate american sea is upon us, but why have government left? it's so late to act. we've allowed climate change to get out of control. people empower investigates why so little has been done a systemic fret. requires systemic change and asked what by the reaction could meet
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that now. the carbonized by 20 brittany. none of them have a syrian how to do it. crisis, what crisis own al jazeera? ah, holding the powerful to account. as we examined the u. s. whose role in the world on al jazeera, ah, every day more people are suffering and dying. un human rights, she produces a report on ethiopia as war documenting what she describes as extreme brutality. ah, i'm kimberly al, they says alter their ally from doha. also tracking a breaking story in the sea of oman, but iran says it stopped
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a us attempt to seize one of its tankers. other stories coming up void my major climate announcements. lead is.


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