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never stop. we haven't for 25 years, we've never stopped on our journey. never stops with our commitment to you. al jazeera, 25 years, a unique path. in affluence, a strength, some neighborhoods are racked by social and economic despair. why now what a fake the band of local heroes, every one of us have a lot of responsibility to change our person, like fighting for their suburban drake. point out 0. ah, this is al jazeera, ah hello and welcome. i'm peter toby. you're watching the news. i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. every day, more people are suffering and daring. the un human rights chief releases a new report on the war and ethiopia,
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documenting what she describes as extreme brutality. boyd, by major climate announcements, leaders, head home from cop 26, leaving officials to negotiate the sticking points like finance the way it was and build world plainly as that in the back. the french ambassador in tambra accused australia of deceit in a simmering dispute over a cancelled submarine deal. plus i'm john hendern and porter prince were fuel is stairs and the gangs are hijacking trucks. i'm. we are hardy. men all have all the sport, including how the atlanta braves won, the world series, an epic style over the houston astros ah, the u. n. has found evidence that all sides in ethiopia is to grow conflict of violated international human rights,
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and some may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. the yearns human rights chief said that year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. priyanka good to start our coverage. these mass graves in my car, draw in northern if he appear on earth, what the un says could be war. crimes committed in the t grey conflict, a joint. if your piano, you and human rights investigation says rebels, some t gray killed more than 200 as think i'm her as here in november last year. the conflict has now expanded well be on t grey into neighboring amarrow and off our regions. and it's been devastating for civilians. the un report found in the year long war editor and soldiers who backed, if you'd be a federal army, as well as if you've been guffman soldiers. anti grand rebels have committed widespread crimes including rape, torture,
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and killings of civilians. all parties to the t re conflict have committed violations of international human rights, humanitarian and rest you law. some of these may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. if your be us government has largely welcome to report while expressing its serious reservations about aspects of the findings its promise to set up a task force to investigate the allegations. while rebels antigua i said, the report is flawed. citing the involvement of the tube in human rights commission, but on the ground, the conflict if intensifying, tiguan rebel, see they have captured to northern town for the major highway leading to the capital, addis ababa prime minister abi ama. has urged your pants to unite and fight against the rebels and has warned that attempts to make a few appear like libya and syria will not succeed. abi ama was re elected in a landslide victory and june is facing mounting pressure to end the war from his
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he'll be as largest humanitarian, a donor, the united states. as the war approaches this one year anniversary, united states and others cannot continue business as usual relations with the governor. of the extraordinary partnership we have enjoy is not sustainable. while the military conflict continues to expand, threatening the stability and the unity of one of africa's most influential countries, the body and ministration, has suspended. if you appear from a crucial create agreement with us, it is important to understand that it hasn't happened yet. in other words, as of july, there's a january, 1 day at which it may become effective if there is no movement towards he's in ethiopia. and if that happens, i think he is likely to lose about a quarter of a $1000000000.00. and that could mean how she foresee opens the un investigation,
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only looked into reports of abuse until late june, when the rebels regained much of t gray. it does not include any attacks or civil in abuse. since then bianca group though, i'll 0. well, the reward has been released as ethiopia enters a new state of emergency with to try and rebels moving towards the capital at this app. and they say they're pushing from to gray into the neighboring regions of am hora, and a far and done the highway running south to adis to grow and places say they took control of these tons this week, including combo chop. it sits on a supply line, linking b, landlocked nation to the c port of djibouti live. now to sign, you'll get to choose an ad is for us again this our so samuel, what should we make of the prime minister's response to all this so far? well, he has written again, he likes responding by social media. he has said that he takes the report as an
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important document to bring some kind of accountability to what happened and to great. but he also said he has serious reservation about the report. again, this report was done just by the un, but in the support with the support of the children, human rights permission, which is any children government agency. so again, this report highlights what, what we've been hearing from a distance. we've traveled to the area. this is not just happening. integrating. i know the importance is focused on to guy but has happened and i'm hot out a flyer. it's like a uniform like allegations we've been hearing from a distance. but this is one of the more serious report to come auto for the conflict of begotten in november and just celebrate march 1st year. and what's your reading? some of the latest developments when the government,
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the local government city hall has said it yoga as should be armed and tried to defend themselves. dis com, sassy tilbury government hasn't even acknowledging or what happened and dessie and in composure. they have said there has been fighting, but they haven't really acknowledged the takeover of the cities. but they also say that g p a left soldiers have killed more than 100 young people and come watch on lawn. but again, a controlled chart is an important city. again, lots of investment from other countries, china, turkey and so on. and many of them have really not only have nef propulsion, but they've always also left the country and they use the united states embassy and id say. bob also told it's at citizens to leave it yoga because of the ongoing conflicts in the country. is it possible to speculate for samuel if the momentum is still with the to grow and rebels if they choose to? if they want to carry on pushing down the key highway towards addis ababa,
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it's hard to know, but their success in the last few months have really surprised all of us, including it seems the children government, they children, government continues to make allegations ethiopian side, saying that the u. n. is somehow supporting them, giving them strength to fight on the accused a t p, a level of all kinds of why a nation so of human rights and die. the site is doing the same. again, in a conflict that's hard to verify because of lack of communications and we have many parts of the country that's not accessible to us. it's really hard to verify, but they're a partnership with oil. the auto liberation front is really surprising and something to acknowledge. okay, samuel, thank you so much. so you just to the talking to us from addis ababa? well, earlier i spoke to michelle personally about the findings in her un report. she
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told us the situation and to cry has shown no signs of improvement. we don't see evidence of that, it gets better, take the conflict unfortunately, and they will mean that they will continue the suffering and grievances of people and probably also violation of human rights by both by old bodies. but on the other hand, we today asked the report the prime minister ivy has said that they recognize that probably the troops did violate human rights and that they will make them accountable and that they will use the national institutions to do so. of course, we want to see them to justice as soon as possible. that's what we are calling all parties to do, you know, to festival, to stop hostility, some violence to stop the payment rights and, and to also start with the process of accountability to bring perpetrators to justice and to have them a counselor, we are calling all parties on that and particularly of course, the government,
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the government to retire because government needs to are the ones who has to be responsible to protect, promote, and ensure human rights. well, i think is really important. international community can really commit to do as much as possible act they have been trying to now to try to bring peace, to try to produce a situation where dialogue is possible to, to look what could be the incentive incentive for both sides of the old sites. to be able to stop this terrible conflict and terrible and devastating impact to so many families and so many victims and be able to stop once for all the hostilities and, and big piece. because what big things to want is to be able to leave again in a normal way to, to get back to their livelihoods. they're what, everything that have lost. and of course, they want also to everybody, to acknowledge their personal civilities on this conflict. and that truth could come and they could have justice and reparation. plenty more ahead here than usa
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for you, including the taliban saying it wants to end afghan astounds dependence on opium. we'll hear how it could take a global effort and rise in sea levels, throat and coastal communities in the philippines on scoring the need for urgent action on climate change. there is an upbeat mood after leaders reach to land, while climate deals of the cop $26.00 summit in glasgow. they include the agreements to reverse deforestation, cut methane emissions by the end of the decade. leaders have flown out, leaving officials to iron out the sticking points, such as finance, how the wealthier countries are going to help others adapt to climate change and move to renewable energy. over the next 5 years, we will deliver a total of $500000000000.00 of investment to the countries that need at most. and we can do more to day. i can announce that the united kingdom will commit a 100000000 pounds to the task force on access the climate finance making it
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quicker and easier the developing countries to access the finance they need. and we're supporting a new capital markets mechanism which will issue billions of new green bonds here in the u. k. to fund renewable energy in developing countries. now in just a moment, we'll talk to our environment. edison nick clark, who's in eagle, sham. he's there to tell us about what the host nation scotland is doing to promote green energy 1st through our diplomatic, out at a james base for the latest from the summit. so james, now they really have to get down to the nitty gritty, the financing, and who spends what money where to turn around and kind of reinvent global economies. yeah, it's fine on say here, and the words all sound very promising. indeed, really soon at the u. k finance minister talking about rewarding the global economy, saying the london will be a test case. the net 0 financial capital is the aim. and we also heard from janet,
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yet in the us treasury secretary, calling for a wholesale transformation of the carbon intensive economy, saying that has to happen now. we're not preparing for future generations. the climate crisis is with us right now, but i can tell you some developing countries are a little skeptical that those very strong words are going to be matched by action because they've heard all of these words before. they've heard words. busy for example, back in paris, and particularly the commitment of a $100000000000.00 every year from the developing developed countries to the developing world. that was commitment 1st made in 2009. it was supposed to stop that annual payment in 2020. and it hasn't happened now they're talking about 2023 . and i think that tension between the developing and develop world is one of those tensions that you will have below the surface. now, as this conference moves to slightly different phase,
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the leaders have done that bit. they've started events, they've given it a boost at the beginning. now it's the hard detailed technical negotiations that are going to go on in all of the many meeting rooms with the many thousands of people that are here at comp. and then by the end of next week, that's well we'll know whether those negotiations are born through and i suspect get near near the end to give them another extra push. you're going to see many of those leaders flying back in on to james many thanks, james. bass met together and glasgow while the host nation. scotland has made a major push on renewables, renewable energy over recent years. so more on this, our environment. adamson o'clock. is that the quite the wind farm on eagle, sham more? nick. good. see, wrapped up against the cold scottish wind there. how have they done it because it's not cheap, putting up those wind farms. is it and no, certainly not, but it's is lot cheaper than oil and gas that's ashore at you join us here about 15
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kilometers. also from the conference holes in glasgow over a difference, but all very relevant because if you think about it, you k is just a bunch of very windy islands, huge potential for wind power and they're making the most of it across the country . and here in scotland, this, as you say, is a whitely wind from 215 turbines at it generates 539 megawatts of power. that's enough for 350000 homes. it's a huge sites, 80 full square kilometers. if you picked it up, you could plunket on top of the city of glasgow and, and cover entirely. and scotland has very impressive renewable credentials. it set a target of 2015, a creating energy from new, from renewable sources by 50 percent. and it hit that target last year in 2020, it went up to 97.4 percent, nearly 100 percent. so it's pretty impressive. but what happens when the wind doesn't blow very pertinent this year because it was a lease when to years since 9061. and that coupled with soaring energy prices
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across your river, really crippled the energy sector and it hits scottish powers profits. very harden's got his power and the people who run this wind farm. so what you have to do is upscale different types of energy sources, right across the spectrum and here, but turning into a giant energy park, there's gonna be a solar farm here too. or they're working on hydrogen utilities and john batteries that store the energy from wind and solar, and they will be used into the future. 2050 as we've been hearing it caught 26 is a big target. the u. k. was a 1st major economy to enshrine that in law, scotland has gone one better, it's going for 2045. but there's a lot of criticism here because there's a big oil field up north of shetland, about 100 kilometers north of the shut the mountains called the camber oil field that they want to develop. and it's a lot of people at caught 26. so very critical of that. so we spoke to keith anason,
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who's the chief executive of scottish barron, his what he had to say. right now, this is about all of us getting on the same journey. okay, and getting on the revolution because it's more of a revolution than a journey in all honesty and to 2050. and that's the target us to get us the 2015 net 0 by 2050. so you can't just switch everything off immediately. i saw oil and gas production is still a massive part of the economy. it's a massive part of how we holmes are who we fuel or transport system. so we need to go in that transition. we need to go in that revolution and that will happen over a period of time. but, and it does need to happen. i think the positive thing is you're seeing, oh, big oil and gas majors come to play in the renewables field because they know this is the future. i keith anderson, their chief executive of scott is part is james was saying finance day at cop 26. did a him, it's not just about seeking finance for developing nations from developed countries
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that $100000000000.00 that james is talking about. but also seeking investment for big projects like this to take us into a sustainable future. nick, thank you very much. nicholas. they're talking to us from eagles from more, china's defended it's climate record after the u. s. accused of lacking leadership, the u. s. president joe biden condemned his chinese counterpart shooting pings absence from the summits. katrina, you has more now from begging. china has hid back at us criticism is by saying that what is needed a concrete actions rather than empty rhetoric. on wednesday, china's foreign ministry said that on the same day that biden referred to president, she jan ping's absence. china increased its amount of re forested land as well, its as its capacity for renewable energy. the official also highlighted that the u . s. had walked away from the paris agreement under the trump administration and has only recently returned to it. now pages, foreign ministry for comments reflect comments made earlier by china's investor to
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the united nations who said that who would choose washington of back pedaling and empty promises previously under previous leadership. now president, she jan ping did not attend, has not is not attending cop 26. he sent in a written statement and he did not even send in a speech via video link. now speaking on tuesday, china's foreign ministry said the statement was sent in instead of a speech, because this is only what was provided by the organizers. now, china does have a delegation, currently attending cub $26.00. but it is fair to say that aging is on the defensive. they have not at this summer delivered, and the new targets any new outcomes. all concessions aging has simply elaborated on its plans of achieving its earlier targets that have already been said, which is to achieve carbon peaking by 2030 and cover neutrality by 2060
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the diplomatic fall and continues between france and australia after a failed. multi $1000000000.00 submarine deal. the french ambassador to australia has accused camera of contention on the seat when it cancelled the agreement. prime minister scott morrison denied lying about his intentions, his heir o'clock. i will note here in or in the 1st it was the french president taking a swipe, but he is struggling prime minister over his decision to suddenly scrap a $60000000000.00 contract to build nuclear submarines. now it's the french ambassador to australia lining up with the next round of accusations that the seat was intentional. and because there was far more to take, then providing submarines. the way it was ended was plainly as that in the back france had the agreement to build conventionally powered submarines for 3 years. navy. in september, the united states and great britain announced their own deal with the strata. that
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surprise announcement triggered an angry diplomatic exchange. the french ambassador in camber recalled to paris. now back in australia, he accused scott morrison of putting political interests ahead of astrology, diplomatic relationship. it says the leak of a private exchange with the french president represents anew load ccs. an unprecedented new low in terms of our to proceed in though so in terms of truce and trust, you don't be a luxurious on personal exchanges of leaders while allies, diplomatic tensions were on full display at this week's climate summit in glasgow. but scott morrison defended his actions. guiding the scrubbing a sub steel with france was a strategies national interests not his own. i'm not going to cut fledging at
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a strider. i'm not going to call that on behalf of the strident i can do with whatever people try with me, but astride it has a proud record when it comes to our defense capability. that's why we were building these mobile building. i was this diplomatic style has redefined the bilateral relationship between these 2 countries. france says scott parsons behavior and the scrapping of his contract doesn't just affect this alliance, but has far reaching consequences for other countries considering future partnerships with strayer, france says it wants a concrete effort made by structure efforts to get the relationship back on track. but neither side showing any sign of backing down that could take time here or clock out a 0. queensland, australia, field trunk drivers in haiti, a considering more strike action after several workers were kidnapped by gangs this week. a strike lo is likely to compound a fuel crisis that has brought much of the country to a standstill. john henderson has more for us. from puerto prince idled lines of
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cars snake through haiti's, capital drivers biding their time till the pumps come to life without fuel. the porter prince economy is, is motionless, is the cues of vehicles as police protect the tanks in the haitian heat, ah, frustrations run high with doors to try to do the work. but we did. there is nothing widow would of any thing to do. then it is about going to wander, pierre, who drives a taxi, locals call a tap, tap his waited 3 days. yeah. about i fight wick out. some one was beat up monday. i am still here. this is where i slip. i can't get fuel. i can't do anything. i can't work. i haven't it in the money and my pocket is only
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for gas. the fuel crisis that is paralyzed, the western hemispheres poorest nation follows a political crisis after the assassination of the nation's last president and an earthquake that killed 2000 people earlier this year. fuel is slowly starting to trickle into florida prints when the lines are along and it runs out, bath. when that happens, drivers you'd have to wait for the next shipment, hoping it won't be hijacked by gang. over the past several days, a number of trucks have been commandeer, the drivers have been kidnapped, and what fuel the gangs don't use for themselves. they sell on the black market. the lack of diesel fuel that powers hospitals throughout the country. leave some in the dark with no lights, women at this hospital try to wait until daylight to give birth as tanks across the nation, sit empty upward. what vinny? this has to and we just need few, we don't need violence. the guns busy despite government promise is the fuel
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shortage, shows no sign of improving, leaving many to wonder how much worse the situation in haiti can get. ha, john henderson, al jazeera, puerto prince. now it's the middle east because israel has cut electricity in a number of areas in the occupied west bank. the israeli electricity company says it's taking action against the palestinian authority's failure to clear a $100000000.00 debt. the black house effect areas near jerusalem ramallah and bethlehem is abraham is ramallah correspondent, but today she's joining us here in the studio need at weis the black out happening right now. so it's an issue that many pastors suffer from. they cannot generate their own electricity. so they buy 90 percent of power from israel. but unlike other places in the world where the bit is one central grid, palestinians have dozens and tens of electricity distribution companies. but these companies cannot collect all the depth. the collection rate as best is at 85
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percent and the palestinian authority can have control to go and get people to pay . so eventually what happens is that israel is saying that we're going to deduct that money from the tax revenues they collect on behalf of the palestinians. if israel is threatening to cut the money, it gets when it comes to tax revenue. why is it also cutting the supply then that that seems to be counter intuitive? so they will be cutting some of the money to cover for some of the debts for, for some companies. but there's one important element here. there is a company called the jerusalem electricity company. it's based there and israel, where to cut money and directed towards that company. that sends a message message as if this company is passing in. so as if they recognize that this is a passing and company in jerusalem, recognizing jerusalem as a passing. and this is not going to happen. this is why they're going to relate to power cups as well as threatening to cut money from the taxes they collect on
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behalf of the past thing. does this have a time scale attached to it is, is there a point when the relevant israeli company slash authorities will say, we will do this for the next month or 2 months? say they will keep doing that property until they collect all the debt? the problem now becomes for the past in, in authority that uses that money to pay it's public service. and without that money, there will be a lot of their employees not getting their own salaries. and we've seen some of that happening in the past where public servants are not getting any salaries. and already palestinians have been suffering from a very deep financial crisis. and that will even deepen their prices even further. okay, we'll leave it there in the air for him. thank you very much. time he will weather forecast, his everton color. we've got something of a chain to the forecast for beijing over the next couple of days is fine and dry at the moment as is the case across a good part of china high pressure in char. so keeping it settled and sunny
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overnight missed and for a problem at present. having said that, we are going to see some showers coming in to southern parts of china. some longer spells of rain in those shows really popping up as we go on into friday. could see some localized flooding easing over towards that eastern side of the country. little more the way of cloud also pushing up across northern parts of china by the state. beijing, around 18 celsius on friday. do make the most of it because as we go on through the weekend, it will cool down rain coming in here, right initially as we go on through our sat day by the end of the week and we are struggling to get above freezing. so you can see that re grassy tourney to snow. big change coming in for you, then we are liking, it's a scattering of showers across sir se, asia, as per usual, philippines sees some lively showers, heavier showers, western parts of borneo. he's in the where the southern parts of sumatra, more heavy showers continue across southern parts of india. we have warnings in force, her round better southwestern corner of in the, into a corolla. looking at that where to whether making his way right up the western
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gets through friday still to come here on the news are for you while always child brides. we look at what's causing an alarming rise and under age marriage. and in the sports news, it was rinaldo to the rescue. again for unites the champions league action coming up later in the ah, the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture trace is the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens britain's true colors, part one on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of results for the red
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bar and walk indonesia whose turns forming we moved full to grow and frock we balanced for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy. with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. investment. let be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now lou ah, welcome back. it's 1330 gmc, precisely, these are your top stories. the un has found evidence that all sides in ethiopia to
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cry, conflict of violated international human rights, and some man to war crimes and crimes against humanity. his report says the long conflict has been marked.


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