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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 8:30pm-9:01pm AST

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and that he got union said has been no transparency about the deal with even cabinet ministers. still unaware of its details. one and a half months later, this was made clear when 11 governing alliance partners made scathing remarks against those behind the deal. you see my father not gonna enter. there was no discussion at all. don't lie. it was brought surreptitiously by force. we will not tolerate and watch these things happen. we will not accepted, ignoring our conscience, just hold on to ministerial posts. people of this country did not give president, call to buy a raj, a box or the mandate, and trust him for someone to steal our power. galaxy umbrella for years worked in the energy sector for more than 35 years. we asked him about the implications of the deal. i would ask everybody to exercise extreme caution, extreme caution one because this was, as the media says, it is around solicited proposal. we should also not forget that the electricity act
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of the law in the country says electricity should be procured or committed to reduce electricity should be procured on a competitor, missy. so therefore, that means the frames should be procured on a competitive basis. symbol appear says the take or p terms where sri lanka is locked into accepting a fixed amount of gas regardless of how much it needs is not good and even dangerous. for long guns are hoping it's not too late to ensure the deal is in the country's best interest. but more pressing is avoiding power outages. let me plunge the country into darkness. minnow fernandez, r 0, colombo. ah, this is al jazeera, these are the headlines. iran says it has defends it a vietnamese flagship carrying iranian oil, being seized in
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a sea of oman. it says this revolutionary guard troops bordered the ship late last month because the tanker was supposed to be taken by the us american defense officials of disputing to ron's version of events. the un has found evidence that all sides and ethiopia as t gray, conflicts, violated human rights, and some may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. it's report says the conflicts are seen. extreme brutality for us is added. the israeli spyware firm and esl group russian software company to other foreign businesses, to his entity list for threatening cybering activities. the move restricts their ability to access american products. and those are the headlines to keep it here on al jazeera. then use continuous after insight story, which is coming up next. i ah,
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ethiopia is year long war marked by extreme brutality from all sides involved. a un probe finds evidence that may amount to crimes against humanity. as a nation, it is a new state of emergency. what actions will be needed to bring an end to this conflict rather than further escalate the situation. this is inside story. ah hello, welcome to the program. i'm adrian finnegan, a new turn it ethiopia as year, long to gray conflict is threatening to tear the country apart. rebels from the
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northern region say that they've teamed up with a small faction within the ethnic group, the aroma, and a threatening to advanced towards the capital, addis ababa. the central government warned that the country is facing a grave danger to its existence and unity. it's announced a 6 month state of emergency and urged people to take up arms and defend their neighborhoods to grind, faces, impressing on with their campaign since they took control of the region in july. the government is launched a ground and air offensive and a bit to push them back. as we see here on the map, we're about to show you they're making their way from to gray, into the neighboring regions of how to and a far and down the highway running south. and it's about 2 grand fighters say that they took control of these towns this week, including come butcher. it sits on a supply line linking the landlord nation to the c port of ju booty. but in all of this, the u. n. has found evidence that all sides and ethiopia to guy conflict have violated
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international human rights. there are some indications that those actions may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. the un human rights chief said that the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. we'll get to, i guess in just a few moments. but 1st, a report from al jazeera is priyanka. go to these mark graves in my car, draw in northern if you appeal on earth, what the un says could be war. crimes committed in the t guy conflict a joint if you will be an an you and human rights investigation says rebels from t grey killed more than $200.00 ethnic. i'm horace here in november last year. the country has no expanded will be on t grey. its neighboring, i'm horror and off our regents and it's been devastating for civilians. the un report found the yellow long war editor and soldiers who backed, if you'd be as federal army, as well as if you've been guffman soldiers. anti grand rebels have committed
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widespread crimes including rape, torture, and killings of civilians. all parties to the conflict have committed violations of international human rights, human italian, and refer to law. some of these may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. if you will be, as kaufmann has largely welcome to report while expressing its serious reservations about aspects of the findings, its promise to set up a task force to investigate the allegations. while rebels antigua i said, the report is flawed. citing the involvement of the tube in human rights commission, but on the ground, the conflict if intensifying, tiguan, rebel c, b have captured to northern pounds and a major highway leading to the capital, addis ababa prime minister abi ama has urged if your pins to unite and fight against the rebels and has warned that attempts to make a few appeal like libya and syria will not succeed. abi amad was re elected in
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a landslide victory and june is facing mounting pressure to end the war from his he'll be as largest humanitarian, a donor, the united states. as the war approaches this one year anniversary, united states and others cannot continue business as usual relations with the governor of the the o p. the extraordinary partnership we have enjoy is not sustainable. while the military conflict continues to expand, threatening the stability and the unity of one of africa's most influential countries. the body and ministration has suspended if you appear from a crucial crate agreement with the u. s. router over a significant decision by the united states. it is important to understand that it hasn't happened yet. in other words, as of july, there's a january 1 day at which it may become effective if there is no movement towards he's in ethiopia. and if that happens,
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i think he is. ready likely to lose about a quarter of a $1000000000.00, and that could mean hardship for a few pins. the un investigation only looked into reports of abuse until late june, when the rebels regained much of t gray. it does not include any attacks or civilian abuse since then back of the inside story. ah, alright, let's begin. i guess for today's discussion from addis ababa were joined by a family or get a to he's. an independent journalist in nairobi is william davidson, senior ethiopia analyst at the international crisis group and from amsterdam, were joined by gabby kissed os garris lassie, who manages a website that documents the warranty guy, and tell us the to grow and story welcome to you or william let's start with you just how dangerous is the current situation for a few years?
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does it pose a threat to its existence sovereignty? and unity as the justice minister said, was definitely we thing a serious threat to the federal government. and so dorothy here, and that is primarily because the continued advances by the great forces since july, primarily through eastern har region. as you've heard recently they've taken control of composure and dessie cities. this reflects just the latest in a series of battlefield victories, which obviously weakens the federal military considerably after the federal military was pushed out to grey and june. this now puts the 2 great forces in a position potentially had east to try and control that your booty, cargo is main trade route. they could then exec, significant economic pressure on top of our leadership there, as well as potentially rerouting a supplies directly to take,
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right. they could also try and push self was towards addis ababa itself. and then they have already established some sorts of operational connection with the remote liberation on the other movement, which is determined ready to force prime minister, be ahmed, and his government from power and response. we've seen a doubling down of physicians and from prime minister abbey from the horrid governments as well, all out mobilization, all citizens being called tom's to try and prevent this advantage. it's a great forces, but that is not a new tactic. we have seen this type of mobilize ation over the last few months and it is not been successful. there is no reason that that, or this very sweeping state of emergency that's being put in place, which may well result in the master rest. off to grand citizens who are increasingly seen as collaborators with it's a great forces. but there was no reason to think that that would actually turn the
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tide on the battlefield. and so really it is an incredibly perilous situation for the federal government. and i think, unless the federal leadership is able and willing to make some necessary can confessions, it's a grand demands, particularly on the issue of the blockade, which is preventing humanitarian relief fatigue. right now we are likely to see it continued advance and all the potential be stabilization and for the government and the country at large that comes with that. give kids those woods to grand forces. really march on the capital, do they have the military strength and the support to take at is what are the aims ultimately? well, they have stated their aims very clearly. i believe that the main aim is to break the blockade and they have been adjusting their demand is from the time they took
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it and the government had refused it. and if they said we, we're not going to just perish in block it. we're going to try whatever it takes to break the blockade. and i think now, i believe they have their, the ability to march on ideas, especially after the physical linking up with the are, or a more liberation army. and we have to remember that, you know, the, the military is really broken done. i mean, they have brought the strongest division to, to, to try and they were decimated there and now in dizzy and convert saw they have really, they thought that was the final offensive and they brought every force that they couldn't, they could master to, to this region is and they have been decimated yet. so really i don't think, i don't think there's much military resistance. of course,
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like the government is doing now they can fit, you know, the civilians, the asking them to really die in thousands and stop the advance. but in terms of really conventional military engagement, i don't think there with y'all, can government have any options anymore? so i mean, what are we to make of the callers call to arms by the government to the people of the capital? is it just scam mongering? what does the 6 month state of emergency mean for people, how their lives change under it? well, if you're going to begin are used to this endless state of emergency that has been implemented even before this prime minister came to our. so we know how to live and exist with endless excess of emergency. but what makes this different is the fact that the country is really, really hurting i. i was in a far, recently in a banner and some are and or i was also and i'm higher regions and i was in to
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grade previously before, you know, we were allowed to go and report from there, or what we're hearing. what amnesty international human rights watch weren't really expressing was the fact that this crimes were happening by all actors. we've seen it. it's like a uniform like allegations we've been hearing and, and i'm hire what, you know, you can meet a young woman and she can say, you know, she was abused or sexually violated. and you would, you, her voice will be a court when you go to our fire or to right. that's what scary about what's happening in ethiopia is not just the foreign investors that are fleeing from ethiopia, which were important to the nation at one point, or the u. s. embassy, saying all its citizens should leave ethiopia because of the ongoing conflicts in
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the country. everything that's happening in ethiopia at sub, and what's really, really overwhelming as where this country is heading at the moment. we'll have what we're gonna have to assume here, that people watching and listening to the broadcast won't know the intricacies of ethiopian politics. what said, go to take to diffuse the situation? what are the t p life's demands? and are they unreasonable? why is the government not willing to implement the demands where you can clearly the demands unreasonable from the federal government's perspective. but what are they done? online, william, but about what we have, we have the blockade issue, which the, you know, the to grey leadership, they went on ended 8 access the restoration of services to great banking, telecommunications and electricity. and then because of the way the war was conducted because of the intervention are considered an eagle bite leadership, they also want to remove huge security threats to pick right now really,
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that means on a decimating need to military which is being part of this offensive. there's also a very thorny territorial issue, as the federal government withdrew after these defeats in june, that left them har, region and control of western and 70 great. and they claim that as historic are aligned, it's been administered by 2 great. during the federation federal period since $995.00. now they have been pushed out in southern take re, but they remain in control of western right. and they take right, leadership is absolutely set on reclaiming that land from. i'm horror. there are also issues over the ability as a great to securely run a referendum potentially on, on a maybe on independence as a, as a nation state, which is a longer issue. so these are the types of demand. 5 but i think because of the ongoing conflict, because the federal government is classified as a leadership as a terrorist organization. therefore they can say that the, the, the regions being run by terrorists,
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they're not willing to deliver aid without the all these restrictions. they believe it may be diverted, babs, they're just trying to subjugate and weaken the region. and they've also not be willing to provide these services again because they consider the regional government illegal. and then obviously, you know, the great moves against the federal military to continue to try and weaken it is hardly something that the powers that be, and i just have a, a going to go along with. so these are the basic types of disagreements that exist . now that are driving the conflict and i think it's on the humanitarian aspect. if the federal government can lay prioritize that, which would also be seen as a concession, it's a great forces. and perhaps we could break this sort of dead law for the, for the escalade. tree dynamics, we have now was it to great forces continuing to push forward, increased the pressure on the federal government. but as i said in my 1st on so, so far there is no sign of that. we just have the federal government and its allies
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doubling down in terms of the all out mobilize ation. and that is only likely really to incentivize, that's a great commanders to push forward even faster than they plan. give to kids to us. we talked about how dangerous the situation is for you here. is it already too late for negotiations? is there anyone with the authority and respect to bring the 2 sides together or does the need to be some sort of military victory for one sided or the other before that can be talking? well, i think it's already too late. and i, because 1st we have to really understand what happened into gray. it is a donor side that have been planned for a long time. so really i feel in thought that when people compared to what happens in our far or in hot os, this is not the same case. this is
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a general site and block it is part of the genocide. in fact, they have told everyone that the plan is to wipe people not to go out. they have to, they cannot involving to the horn of africa. and this block, it is part of that they are actually now if they, if you, if we only prolonged the war, then they would just perish in this block. so we have to understand that context for the war taking the water id is now important because does not have planned and executed. just genocide must be brought to justice. so there is no, no, we should now perfect too late. we pay too much a 2nd negotiation mean there is no way that these people will be brought to just the stock. these are very important. the less active that the international community has failed to deliver its responsibility. it can't even force monitoring corridor for the grand people which we speak are dying, you know,
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every day from starvation. so there's no option now i think done to bring the gym by the way, we have to remember that these are games is allagard, you missed and you can make you an illegitimate party. and with that you can make the election. so it has no leg or right to rule and it had, it is a criminal click that had that had to be brought to get this. so these are important things to consider. and i think now it's already too late. in fact, the grand general, you're not going to say now what is all, but there's no point in negotiation, which really badly is idea of what they are trying to do in the client. sorry, what's, what's your view on that is, is it too late? i don't, i don't the accusations of genocide, the prime minister says the un report dispelled when he said before such as ations of genocide against his government. but, but the un says the philippine government tried to limit the investigation,
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which was which of course was carried out jointly with a few of his human rights commission. the victims of what the un says is extreme brutality of all sides. likely ever to see justice if you allow me to reply to your guest as the election need yoga as legitimate as he claims it wasn't perfect per se. i think the election and to guy pod, the same kind of standard where no position was elected. was one by 98 plus percent of the population or was claimed they took ben was 94 percent. so the 2 elections can only be debated. but if you could sizing one, you have to criticize both. but going back to perhaps a negotiation settlement, it's never too late. i mean, people are obviously dying. we talk about genocide and to dry dom horace are
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talking about genocide that me half up into them in their own regions are far is are saying the same thing. there has to be some kind of understanding that too many people are dying. and if yoga, whether you call it genocide or i've not genocide, the people on the ground just don't, i mean, did their focus is to survive. people are still being killed. where the difference between one to the other is in terms of numbers. but again, i, i like, i've always enjoyed traveling outside of isodora. i've seen, i was able to speak to lots of victims and, and they, they a called the same kind of allegations. and this kind of report is a down payment of the kind of report we need. i don't know if you'll be out of the u. n or, and donors will or will find enough resources to investigate. but all kinds of allegations, whether you call it the genocide, it comes from all sites. william,
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is it too late for negotiations? what do you make of the you ins, findings? what i think in terms is and negotiations. the issue is, as i said, it's as described really, you know, you just put articulation of the ticket to grant positions. i'm good because to us . so, you know, unless there are other types of really significant concessions from the federal government, which, which might serve to pause to, to great advance or confessions in terms of the, particularly the humanitarian situation. the restoration and services may be the beginnings of a political amnesty for pick ryan and remote needed unless we get that. then i think that's a great 4th is going to push forward. and indeed some of the commanders and leaders have said that there is no negotiating to be done with prime minister abbey now. so it's certainly very late in the day. and i don't think that i don't think without those concessions, we're going to move to negotiations. but it's certainly the right thing to call for
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because there's all sorts of reasons to be concerned about what could result from a great push combined with the remote liberation army to, to add to something we should look at the state of our power region. i mean it's, i'm our region would basically be in total rebellion to any new interim government that was formed of the great leadership in the remote liberation army with regard to genocide, i mean, we will read the report. now we've seen the media reports. we know that severe abuses have been commissioned by the era trend forces by federal forces, by the horror, the report talks about 600000 to grand leaving west and to great. it also talked about abuses by gray and militia as well. i think, you know, clearly there's been very severe restrictions placed upon the region in terms of those services, trade and a that seems to be a deliberate policy by the federal government. but i,
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in my organization and not in a position to call genocide that is up to the human rights investigators and up to the international noise. deborah kissed us. what's it going to take to end the suffering of people in the field? i like to say a little bit on a report they call it the joint event gets in by the get the human rights commission and you in in my commission, i think from it to grand perspective, i find the thought and it is because you don't allow the very perpetrator of the crimes, to be part of the investigation. nowhere in the water should you do something like this. this is what they have done. so it's really wrong on methodology. it faded, the bare minimum, kevin casters as i understand it. the only way that the un could get in there to
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investigate was to have it as a joint investigation. otherwise they wouldn't have been allowed to get to go in. well, i mean that's, i think that's the valid point. but just to me, to, for that point, you don't to make and report that as you please, white watches the crimes of the gym and also really, really how does the victims, again, we feel like the gramm really being hurt again by this investigation. okay. well, it hasn't, did you do really the main math seen. right. and this is very, i'm sorry. are you sure? i'm sorry to cut you shall. we're, we're almost out of time. i just want it or want to get fabulous. a reply to what you just heard, that you know, going back to compromise, ethiopia, us has been highlighted by the spokesperson of the, for in the state, the state department in washington dc. it's an in poor condition. it need,
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we're little leadership to and what's been happening in this country cancelling a trade agreement with the u. s. is going to wipe out hundreds of thousands of jobs . ah, people are dying. there has to be an international leadership to and what's happening in yoga to many people are just being killed and everybody is cheer leading from one side and just focusing on this ethnic warfare we've been seeing the fuel bear for many, many years. we are out of time. many thanks. indeed for being with us gentlemen, samuel got a chew, william davison and get the care source. deborah, selassie, i'm thank you for watching. don't forget, you can see the program again any time just by going to the website at al jazeera dot com for further discussion. join us on our facebook page that's at facebook dot com forward slash ha inside story. and you can join the conversation on twitter or handle at ha, inside story from me, adrian finnegan, the whole team here. and, oh, thanks for watching. we'll see you
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ah, ah, i care about the pacific island nation rapidly, fully victim to rising sea levels. and the president skilfully commanding the stage of climate change. diplomacy, whom do we appeal to for our people to ride, to survive and the challenge of climate? but can he security? but he seemed to be stateless people. what he's going to happen to us is going to be the fate of boris winful, witness,
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and so on al jazeera with
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mm. mm. showcase of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello the i am a how am i he had seen and this is the use our live from doe hub coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. iran says it has foils. the u. s. navies attempt to seize that soil in the sea of oman. the u. s. accuses iranian forces of a dangerous maneuvers every day. more people are suffering and dying fear.


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