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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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ah, ah ah, mm mm mm, shoot gaze of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello, the i may have a more he had seen and this is the use our life from doe hub coming up for you in the next 60 minutes. iran says it has foils. the u. s. navies attempts to seize it . soil in the sea of oman, the u. s. accuses iranian forces of
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a dangerous maneuvers. every day, more people are suffering and dying. fear and human rights chief releases a report on ethiopian war documents and what she describes as extreme brutality. the local u. s. election results that have republican celebrating and president jo biden's, democrats, worries, and boys by major climate announcements. leaders had home from cop 20 sakes, leaving officials to negotiate the sticking points. like finance. hi, i'm side a hired at that. i'll have the latest on the atlanta braves when the old series in an epic style against the houston astros. ah, iran says it has foiled and attempts find the
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a snazzy to seize it. soil in the sea of oman, iran's elite revolutionary guard, says its troops ordered the ship carrying iranian oil on october 25th, saying the tanker was about to be taken by the u. s. u. s. has rejected the allegations and accused iran of staging, dangerous maneuvers at sea. well, joining me and i were in the studio as our iran correspondence door, cert jabari a door. so what exactly is going on here? well, according to the iranians, they've released this are footage which is about 8 minutes long, and it shows the events that unfolded in the sea of oman on that day. on october 25th, we see the iranians narrating the footage with farsi as script indicating which ships belong to whom. and also we hear audio of the iranian navy from the revolutionary guard speaking to what we can resume to be american and naval forces . and they respond as well. they're warning each other that they are in the wrong
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place and they should leave these waters and americans respond with that. they are in international waters and they are not doing anything wrong. it's interesting to point out that this video is now being released and very edited by the iranians. there is music that we hear in the background. it's a, it's laying out a picture of how these revolutionary guard forces managed to save it, nearly a 1000000 barrels of raining oil. the americans, however, have a very different story and they say that they were in the area and they would just observing the iranians carrying out this act, the seizure of this a vietnamese flagged vessel. and that the reigning version of the story is that the americans took this oil from another ship that belong to iran and put it on this vessel. and that is why the ranges took it and seized it and took their oil back. and it's a lot to process, and of course the question now is the or indians have released this, or nearly just over week after it happened. the question is, why did it take them so long? and the americans also have been very quiet and only in the past few hours have
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come out with their version of what happens. it say it is rather intriguing door. so just talk us through the timing. is there any significance to it? because like you said, it's been a week since the so suppose that incident happens. oh boy, no. well, there's a few reasons i think 1st is that tomorrow's, the anniversary of the u. s. embassy hostage crisis, which happened on november 4th, 1979. and the iranian students stormed the u. s. embassy at that time, just after the revolution, because the shah of iran was in the u. s. a. trying to receive cancer treatment. and the iranians wanted him dead to port it back to iran, where he could stand trial. so to show their dissatisfaction, they took, they, diplomats, in the embassy hostage for $444.00 days. also, we have the nuclear negotiations set to resume at some point before the end of november. and this can be seen as the iranians saying that we are in
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a much more powerful position than the americans would like us to be in. and that we are able to defend their interests than of course they have always said that their straight of her moves and their c. oman is very much at their, in their neighborhoods and it's therapy, her job to protect it. and the u. s. naval forces have no right being in these waters. the americans are saying now this is again dangerous behavior displayed by the iranians and it's a careless for them to have this kind of attitude. but if we see in this footage at one point, we see the u. s, navy coming very, very close to the reigning revolutionary guard forces. we see their guards pointing their guns at the u. s. naval forces. they're less than 200 meters away from each other. and that's the closest we've ever seen. them come within one another over the past few decades. do you do a very alarming as situation and deeds dorsey jabari following things for us here in doha or so. thank you very much in deed, let's get the reaction though from the united states. joining us from the pence
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again is patsy. co haine. patsy was being said, who are your well, i've been speaking with officials and they're talking to us off the record and they are confirming that the u. s. the 5th fleet, it appears to be from the video, the by guided missile destroy the u. s. as the sullivans that they were in the area, they're disputing everything. that ranch, as of course, saying that they were simply monitoring the situation and kept watching as the ship was brought into a radiant sovereign waters. now i think the bigger questions going to be as you watch this video, is the u. s. navy is not supposed to let small ships get that close to them, especially after the u. s. s. cole. they've taken up steps to make sure that they have measures to try and prevent that, but it really is striking video. if you see just how close those ships came to this u. s. destroyer, i spent a lot of time on a be destroyers, and that is by far their biggest concern is what small ships can do. again, we saw that with the u. s. s. cole. so we do expected about 25 minutes. that defense secretary john kirby is going to address this issue as well as the drone
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strike, the kill 10 people in afghanistan is true to withdraw him. we do expect they're going to have a forceful response. again, saying that this was out of ran provocation denying that the u. s. had anything to do with that oil or that tanker. but again, they're gonna be questions about how the ship captain, lunch, small boats get that close. whether or not his orders were to make sure it the escalated rather than escalated. ok while we wait to hear what comes all that press briefing, abernet, patsy. go haine. bringing us up to date that from the pants again. we appreciate it . patsy. thank you. my view and has found evidence that all sides in ethiopia is ti groin. conflicts have violates its international human rights and some may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. you as humans rights chief said here long conflicts as be marked by extreme brutality. bianca gupta reports
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these mass graves in my cottrell, in northern ethiopia on earth. what the un says could be war. crimes committed in the te gray conflict, a joint if you'll be an and you and human rights investigation, says rebel some tea grey killed more than $200.00 ethnic. i'm horrors here. in november last year. the conflict has now expanded well be on t gray into neighboring amarrow and off our regents and it's been devastating for civilians. the un report found the year long war editor and soldiers who backed, if you'd be as federal army, as well as if you been guffman soldiers. anti grand rebels have committed widespread crimes including rape, torture, and killings of civilians. all parties to the conflict have committed violations of international human rights in italian and refer to law. some of these may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. if he appears kaufman has largely welcome
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to report while expressing its serious reservations about aspects of the findings its promise to set up a task force to investigate the allegations by rebels him to guy said the report is flawed. citing the involvement of the fuel been human rights commission, but on the ground the conflict is intensifying in the capital, addis ababa? there's an air of tense come one year since the start of the conflict. playground rebels say the has capture to northern towns on a major highway leading to the capital. but somebody guesses it worries me a lot because death, a and compulsion are near addis ababa. they traveled many kilometers to get there. i think they will control addis ababa as well. so that's what i'm young. i will participate in the war and whatever way young people can. i'm planning to head to the front line. prime minister, i'll be, emma has urged, if you'll pin few night and fight against the rebels. you can recall what this
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pitch which is very deep, will be where the enemy is buried. not wary p, o p, a disintegrate. we will bury this enemy without blood. and bones and make the glory of ethiopia high up again. the u investigation only looked into reports of abuse until late june, when the rebels regained much of t gray. it does not include any attacks or civilian abuse since then. and now they are fears. the conflict could worsen putting millions of with europeans at risk, bianca goddamn of 0 united states as, as is the israeli spyware firm n s. so group to its cyber activities blacklist the commerce department says it's in response to their role in developing spyware and trafficking. malicious tools, malicious online tools, the move limits their access to us components, st. technology by requiring government permission for exports, a russian software company and 2 other foreign businesses were also added to the
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cyber blacklist. we'll even share assessor at large for see nets. he joins us now from silverspring in the us state of maryland. this is about pegasus, isn't it? this is about the pegasus software that gets on to people's mobile phones and, and, and can track everything the that they do isn't it? yeah, this is really related to what the washington post among other publications blue open recently, which was this revelation that the spyware made by this israeli firm. and so i was used by a number repressive governments to spy on journalists on a human rights and advocates on warriors on politicians, on all sorts of other people. and as a result, the u. s. government is essentially trying to make a political statement and saying what this is not okay. we're not going to support it. and, and i,
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so group are allowing their software to fall into the hands of people who would do this is also not ok. and will you send them making a political statement? i mean, it is rather unusual, isn't it for you? for the u. s. to sanction a cool satellite company? i mean, is the it, is this going to do anything to hurt the company itself? or is this just a statement that will be brushed off? well, in theory, it could hurt the company, right? because it makes it harder for them to get access to american goods and whatnot. but the reality is that there are ways to get around that. i think what's interesting is you're right, it is unusual to see this kind of thing happen and we especially don't really see it very often when it comes to the tech industry. the other times that we've seen direct action from the us government has related to companies like walkway and china and vp, both of which have been accused of helping with potential spying in the united
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states. this is a very different type of situation, although it involves this form of spying as well. so it will be very interesting to see how the israeli government respond. thomas, i imagine that they already probably knew this was coming, considering how much the israeli, from the american government speak to one another. but also it's kind of under scores that we're living in a world where the tech industry comes under a lot of pressure and criticism quite often. and that's possibly something that they see separate from regular international. c relations, do you think there is going to be a move to, to, to tackle bought this pegasus by where other similar types the self, where it or the going to be any move sits to regulate the can be regulated. you know, that is a key and tough question. and part of it is because there's no real law thing. you can't build software. the challenge is when it's being used to hacked into
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a device. and there's been several different angles on this right. if you think about it, the f b i, for example, went up against the apple a few years ago. because the f b, i wanted to break into a terrorists, i phone and be able to read information to be able to go through their case. and they tried to force apple to build software to hack into that phone. apple refused . well turned out that the f b i went on to look into the public market and found a company to help them hack into the phone. so this is a kind of tough situation, and i don't know really where it's going to end up. but it's very clear that the government has kind of 2 different things going on, right? it wants to have access to devices where it needs it, but it also doesn't want repressive governments to hack into other people's devices when it doesn't want to. okay, and share a great to get your thoughts as always. thank you so much for joining us on the i'll just even use our thank you. fancy more
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a still ahead on this news our including amazing india cove at 19 vaccine gets a note from the world health organization. the 8th annual palestinian film festival kicks off in ramallah and his sports easy little to stay on track to reach the t 20 world cup. semi final is feel half the latest. later in the program there's an upbeat mood after leaders reach to landmark climate deals. at the top $26.00 summit in glasgow, they include agreements to reverse deforestation and cut leafy and emissions. by the end of the decade, meters flow nights leading officials are not sticking points like finance or how wealthier countries are going to help others adapt to climate change and move to renewable energy. over the next 5 years, we will deliver
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a total of $500000000000.00 of investment to the countries that need at most. and we can do more to day. i can announce that the united kingdom will commit a 100000000 pounds to the task force on access the climate finance making it quicker and easier the developing countries to access the finance they need. and we're supporting a new capital markets mechanism which will issue billions of new green bonds here in the u. k. to fund renewable energy in developing countries. well as an suggest, cup 20 sakes is the latest and a line of many climate conferences come all santa maria has been crunching some numbers and looking at what if anything has improved since the 1st climate meeting . the 1st comp summit caught by the way conference of the parties was in berlin in 1995. now obviously don't fix a problem like climate change in 26 years, but what you'd hoped to see us and positive trends. well, let's have
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a look 1995 to today. that's our range with our graphs from our world and date of popped up a couple of sign posts in there just for reference. this is 1997. ah, that was called 3 in japan which produced the kyoto protocol. and this one here is 2015 cop 21 in france. when we got to paris agreement, both of those landmark deals, even if everyone didn't sign up for them. so what you're looking at is global temperature increases. this line here is the 0 degree line. this line here is the one and a half degree line. you're looking at monthly intervals, which is why the graph is in a little erratic, but the trend mean that's pretty simple to see. it is always heading upwards towards that crucial $1.00 degrees. now what have we got here? annual c o 2 emissions, global c o. 2 emissions again. pretty self explanatory on the up and up. we were at 25000000000 below 25000000000 tons in 1995 and now up above 35000000000. but when you start to look at the numbers by countries and regions,
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then it's not to get interesting. for example, who am it's the most c a t? well, it's easy, it's china, isn't it? big red block, clear? 27 percent of global emissions. the usa with 15 percent, and this yellow block as the a you with 9.8 percent, but who has cumulatively emitted the most c o 2 over the years. while america has, the grain has now switched, in fact, with china. and you've now adding the e u in with about 22 percent of emissions in between the us and china. and while all these big industrial nations are trying to blame each other, the rest of the world, only small countries down here they sang, hold on, you guys have and polluting a lot more and a lot longer than any of us. you've built economies on that. but now we have to make the cuts and miss that on that growth. you've got to help us out what's in climate finance, you and you get a different picture again when you look at c o 2 emissions on a per capita basis. now remember we had the g 20 in rome last week. well,
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what i've created here with all these countries and regions is it's basically a g 10, including the european union. now the united states, clearly the biggest emitter, but to be fair as well. it has been bringing those levels down since the 1st cop in 1995 china with its population of 1430000000 has been doing the opposite. and in fact it's emission. pete is still years off, but india look at this almost the same population, but look at its levels so much lower the lowest by far of these 10 countries in regions. and yet it's been maligned for not sitting ambitious enough targets as ever. it comes down to perspectives, rich and poor, big and small old and new. he said, she said the problem is, there's no choice when it comes to the planet. we all live on and 26 conferences later, but it isn't the time to argue about it. results from local votes in the us, kids signal trouble for president joe biden's, democratic party, as they has into next year's congressional elections. republican glen young can as
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push the democrats outs of the governorship in the state of virginia and a new jersey democratic governor phil murphy's face. a closer than expected challenge and st. the tends to vote for his party. while these results in states that present job right one last years, just democrats, tight majorities and congress are vulnerable in 2020 t. loughlen, fisher joyce, and i live from washington, d. c. allen, a politically bad night for joe biden. he is now back in time and though can he use his influence to push through the 2 big bills, he won seeds, congress to deliver squarely touchtone washington just as glen young can was making his victory speech in virginia the noise you can't hear at the moment or the alarm bells that are ringing for the democratic party. they thought that they were going to win virginia. they thought they were going to win it quite comfortably. that was
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the state which in the last 2 got notarial elections has voted for the democrat and voted for joe biden overwhelmingly, just a year ago in the presidential election. but the last and the last by some distance . and the last because they lost the vote of many independence and many white women, part of the coalition that propelled joe biden into the white house. and the reason those alarm bells are ringing is that there are mid term elections just a year away. and that will dictate who controls the house and who controls the senate, and that could well dictate whether or not joe biden becomes a lame duck president. there some bright news for joe biden. in the last hour fillmore fears the democrat in new jersey has pulled slightly ahead. 80 per 60 percent of the vote has been counted there. but if they also lose new jersey, this will be a very bad night for joe biden, and he's got to use the power and influence that he still has to try and make sure
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that the democrats can start to do something before those mid terms. ok, alan fish of their life from the white house. thank you very much, alan. when the 1st coven vaccines were all days at the start of the year? many in germany hopes it was the roots out of the pandemic, san munson and you infections are again high on the vaccinated supply till to 17 thirds of the population is dominic cane reports from berlin. ethan, the booster shots are now available. there's still millions of people who refuse to have a 1st one seems like these have become commonplace over the past 2 years covey patients in hospital beds being treated by medical staff facing rising numbers of new patients. and all this, despite the wide availability of vaccines across much of europe, in germany, the number of new infections is much higher now than it has been for many months yelling either for i might have found that we are currently experiencing a massive pandemic of the unvaccinated the number of infections is increasing as
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the number of deaths from cove it, and especially the number of patients in intensive care units, and some regions of germany, regions where vaccination rates are not as high as in others. the yawn in deutschland, those regions include 4 states in what was the old east germany, where the uptake of vaccines is as much as 10 percent below the national average of the number of new cases is above the national average. despite urgent calls from some senior politicians in those states, but such warnings do not sway people like bodies lava kids. so she's just one of tens of millions of people yet to be vaccinated in germany. i will just confuse that and for the ones of us who are night are really excited about getting vaccinated just now and would like to think about it get more informed about it. and there's so many people, there's professionals, there's doctors and it, there's,
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it's just endless. how much information you can get that doesn't really support these. these are, these vaccines official figures suggest around one in 3 people he remains on vaccinated. some of that number include those ideologically opposed to the process, but for a wider section of society, especially younger children, the mere option of having the shots has not yet been made widely available. despite that vaccine centers like this, one in berlin, offering boosters to the most vulnerable people, thought around 2000000 such doses have been administered across the country so far . at the same time, the previous social distancing measures to curb of virus are being strengthened in places this week. home in the attic, yawns, we always entities 1st measures in southeastern bavaria. for example, only vaccinated people or those recovered from covered 19th will be admitted to clubs, disco sublet, and similar location and in the wrong with it. although that view has not been
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endorsed at the federal level, yet, many of the medics and ministers say cove, it is not going away anytime soon. dominant came al jazeera berlin. the world health organization is approved. india's co vaccinate vaccine for emergency use. it's produced by birds biotech, 10 percent of vaccinated indians have taken the kovacs and job w h o approval means they're not kill ation against cova 19 is more likely to be accepted in other countries. shaheed jameel is a religious and fellow at the university of oxford green templeton college. he says he's not sure if the move game changer, vaccinations worldwide. it's not very clear at this time whether it's going to really benefit the callback's program, which the w. a chill set up for supplying vaccines to low and middle income
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countries. just to be clear, india has exported a little over $60000000.00 of faxing this year, out of which, you know, roughly $20000000.00 have gone to the call x program. but what is not clear is how much of dark was callbacks in andy, and how much was go the sheet. it certainly is going to help of india's exposure to other countries, commercial exports. there are already agreements between the company and borrow biotech and several countries. argentina, for example, has booked $10000000.00 of dyslexia, and there were some agreements being talked about with, with hungary, countries like morisha for it on they have received distraction. so yes, it bill or help some other countries. but i don't know whether it's really going to
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be a game changer at this point fall and has reported more than 10 thousands. you covered 19 cases, infections, spike sized number of daily infections since late april. it's health industry is considering tighter restrictions if the daily figures stays above $7000.00 infections run the rise to in the netherlands prompting the reintroduction of face masks. government is also expanding use of a corona past show proof of a coven, 19 vaccination or negative test. that will now be needed to enter public places like museums, engines. so heads on al jazeera, i, one american artists, is putting a new spin on ceramics to the cell history. and rinaldo, to the rescue, once again from manchester united will have the champions league action for you later this, these are ah
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hello. the weather's starting increase the unsaid lacrosse parts of the middle east, like a northern parts of the middle east. at that we have got cloud and rain spilling out a turkey, some lively showers coming through here. eating over the caucuses, easing over towards southern parts of the caspian sea, northern areas of iran, seeing a scattering showers. the showers extended the way to western parts of the country, linking back into that wetter weather that we have, making its way across afghanistan temperatures. in kabul at around 14 celsius, you can see the rain becoming a little more widespread over the higher ground of iraq. as we go on through friday, south of that fine anti more sunshine here in dark temperatures at around 33 celsius. similar value therefore, do buy more hazy sunshine. 80 sunshine stretches down across the gulf of aidan fine and dry, then into somalia. scattering
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a showers into tanza near just around lake victoria. big down paws all the way across into the gulf of guinea. the seasonal rains really have set in now and go to sing some lively showers, see some wet weather into zambia chassis, some shouts to creep in the way down into that eastern side of botswana. he surpassed the south africa, says some heavy rain for a time over the next couple of days. does gather a little more to go on through friday to hattiesburg with the top temperature of 30 . ah, the karone of virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens,
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britain's true colors. part one on al jazeera twana will be part of the greatest global gathering in history, the expo 2020 dubai woods. one, i will be there to showcase her investment opportunities, her unique culture and heritage, economy diversity and pristine wildlife and natural resources. so look out for woods, wanna add that expo, 2022 by spectacle, where we will unleash our potential botswana, all pride, your destination ah ah, this is al jazeera my to over. so stories this are iran says it has falls and
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attempts for the u. s. navy to seize its oil in the seas of oman. it says its revolution.


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