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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 10:00pm-10:31pm AST

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with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me park when the loses pro and programs invest in here now. ah, iran says is foiled. a u. s. navy attempt to seize its oil in a sea of m on the u. s. accuses iranian forties of dangerous maneuvers. ah, norm taylor, this is al jazeera live from london. also coming up every day, more people are suffering and dying. the un reports extreme brutality on both sides of ethiopia as war as taylor, i rebels say they're closing in on the capital. a major blow for us president joe
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biden, and the democrats in local elections entre surprised. victory by republicans in the state of virginia. and the 2 landmarks, climate commitments made. officials at cop 26 negotiate how they'll finance plans to slow global warming down. ah hello iran says it is foiled. an attempt by the u. s. navy to seize its oil in the sea of amman, iran's elite revolutionary guard says its troops boarded a ship, carrying iranian oil on october 25th, saying the tanker was about to be taken by the u. s. the u. s. has rejected delegations, and accused iran of staging, a dangerous maneuvers at sea. i wrong corresponded also. jibari joins us live from doha, da. so what's, what does the video that has been put out reveal?
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well, it shows a very, very dangerous situation that unfolded on october 25th in the seo vermont between the u. s. navy and the revolutionary guard naval forces. the rainiest version of the events that unfolded say that the oil, that was the iranian oil that was on another tanker was taken by the americans and placed on this vietnamese flag tanker. and that is when the iranians decided to seize this ship. now the americans have a very different story. they say that the iranians just decided to seize this vessel and we were just looking at what was taking place from a distance. we also see there are certain points in this 8 minute footage that the revolutionary guard media relations department has released that show how close the u. s. navy is to the iranian revolution regards who are armed in their vessels. they're about less than 200 meters away from one another. and it's very telling scenes that it was very, very indicative of if something were to happen even by accident,
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that could have been a very, very serious and dangerous situation. course this is not the 1st time we've seen these kinds of incidents take place in these waters. the radians have said that they see themselves as the guardians of the waters around them. the strait of har moves and the sea of them on being part of that, and that the americans have no business being in these waters. but the american say that they are patrolling international waters and spun point in the video. we also hear the iranians speak on the radio, demanding that the u. s. navy leave these waters and the americans respond by saying that they're not breaking an international law their and international waters. but it's a very telling that the, the iranians have decided to release this footage now, and they've clearly, heavily edited this and put music soundtrack over it as well. and there is for the scripts that goes over the various pictures to indicate the different players that are on the scene. and also understand that we just have some news breaking that the
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iranians are now prepared to return to the talks. does more about what you know about that. what we've just heard from the reading deputy foreign minister alibaba, connie, who has said that in a tweet he said in a phone call with enrique more, we agree to start negotiations aiming as removal of unlawful and inhumane sanctions . on the 29th of november in vienna, of course, this is the 1st time we are now getting a concrete date from the new ringing administration since being elected in june and taking office in august south abraham bracy. there was a lot of speculations back and forth and a lot of meetings between the officials and the u. officials to try and urge arena negotiators to return to the talks in vienna since the elections took place in iran . the last time there were negotiations was an early summer before their honey administration left office. this video being released is certainly not a coincidence at this time that we getting this announcement from the deputy
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foreign minister who will be the lead and go sheet are in vienna. the news is released as likely to send the message to the americans who left the nuclear deal in 2018 to try and reiterate their position that there are in the position of strength and that they are not fearful of the americans. whether it be their presence in the region or identical shooting table in vienna, it's very telling also tomorrow's, the anniversary of the u. s. embassy take over into her on, in 1979 november 4th iranians as students storm the u. s. embassy and took $52.00 american diplomats and citizens hostage for $444.00 days. so there's a lot of reasons why this video was released since they took this ship on october 25th. and now we're understanding all the different issues that are at play at the moment tomorrow. thank you very much indeed. buddy calhoun is that the pentagon were more on the u. s. response to the incident in the sea of amman. well, i've been speaking with officials and they're talking to us off the record and they
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are confirming that the us the 5th fleet appears to be from the video. the guided missile destroyed the u. s. as the sullivans that they were in the area, their disputing, everything that ran says of course, saying that they were simply monitoring the situation and kept watching as the ship was brought into a rainy and sovereign waters. now i think the bigger questions going to be, as you watch this video, is the u. s. navy is not supposed to let small ships get that close to them, especially after the u. s. s. cole. they've taken steps to make sure that they have measures to try and prevent that, but it really is striking video. if you see just how close the shift came to this us destroyer, i spent a lot of time on maybe destroyers and that is by far their biggest concern is what small ships can do. the u. n. is found evidence that all sides in a few years to grow conflict to violated international human rights. and some may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. the un human rights chief said that the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality. the reports been
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released as ethiopia enters a new state of emergency with dry rebels moving towards the capitol. they say they're pushing from decry into the neighboring regions of m herrera and the far and down the highway running south to i just have a book to grand rebels say they took control of these towns this week, including combustion. it sits on a supply line, linking the landlord nation, to the nearby port, city of 2 booty group to report these small graves in my car, draw in northern if you appear on earth, what the un says could be war. crimes committed in the t grey conflict, a joint if your piano, you and human rights investigation says rebels from t grey killed more than 200 ethnic, unheard of here in november last year. the conflict has now expanded will be on t grey. its neighboring, i'm horror and off regents and it's been devastating for civilians.
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the un report found the year long was it you in soldiers who backed if you'd be a federal army? as well as if you had been guffman soldiers, anti grand rebels have committed widespread crimes including rape, torture, and killings of civilians. all parties to the conflict have committed violations of international human rights, humanitarian and rest you law. some of these may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. if you're p as kaufman t has largely welcome to report, while expressing its serious reservations about aspects of the findings. its promises set up a task force to investigate the allegations by rebels him to cry said the report is flawed. citing the involvement of the fuel in human rights commission, but on the ground, the conflict is intensifying in the capital, addis ababa? there's an air of tense come, one year since the start of the conflict. playground rebels say the has captured 2
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northern towns on a major highway leading to the capitol. but somebody guesses it worries me a lot because death, a and composure are near addis ababa. they traveled many kilometers to get there. i think they will control addis ababa as well. so that's what i am young. i will participate in the war in whatever way young people can. i'm planning to head to the front line. prime minister, i b, m o, has urged if you'll pin few night and fight against the rebels. you recall what this pitch which is very deep, will be where the enemy is buried, not wearing the disintegrate. we will bury this enemy without blood and bones and make the glory of ethiopia high up again. the u investigation only looked into reports of abuse until late june, when the rebels regained much of t grow. it does not include any attacks or civil in abuse since then, and now their fears the conflict could worsen putting millions of the europeans at
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risk, bianca. gov though i'll de 0. ah, has been a major upset for you as president jo biden's, democratic party in local elections. after a surprise, victory by republicans in the state of virginia signals, trouble for democrats, as they head into next year's congressional elections. american glen youngin has been elected virginia's next governor with his democratic opponent conceding the race. youngin had distance himself just enough from former president trump to win back moderates who supported biden in 2020 in new jersey. considered a strong blue state. democratic governor phil murphy faces a closer than expected challenge. the results are res red flags with democrats for the 2020 to mid term vote, which could see them lose control of congress. make it harder for biden to advance his agenda. in the 2nd half of his presidency, me too,
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and pressure his live at white. i say about night political venture? pardon exactly a year after the presidential election. it's not exactly what he wanted to see when he returned from his trip abroad. he was hoping to be a much different political landscape. he landed just about the same time glen youngin was making his victory speech in virginia. that's a significant blow. certainly he thought that terry mcauliffe who used to be a governor in virginia would edge that out. but he lost the race in the last few days and he lost the race because he lost independence and he also lost white women who voted for joe biden. exactly a year ago. at the, the noise you can't hear are the alarm bells ringing in the democratic party at the moment because they realize that if you take this result and extrapolate across the country, then they are going to lose control of the house. and they are going to lose control of the senate. and that means, as you pointed out, lauren, that it's going to be difficult for joe biden to his advances agenda in the latter
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part of his presidency, essentially. after 2 years he will become a lame duck. so he wants to avoid that. the democrats want to avoid that. there's one slight glimmer of hope in that phil murphy, the democratic governor of new jersey, has edge, slightly ahead. 86 percent of the votes counted in new jersey and they will be hoping that they can eat out a win. but the fact that they lost so much of what was the political coalition that propelled joe biden to the white house will be deeply concerning for him and also for the democratic party. and allan, given all that, do you think he can still use any inference? get congress to pass and the bills he pushed, if we had enough of the furniture. well, of course, part of the political landscape was he was hoping he'd come back and find that there were 2 bills on the old, resolute desk in the oval office that needed his signature. one for the bipartisan infrastructure bill, and one for the much grander, much more expensive spending bill that would include many,
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an increase in social safety nets. neither of those have happened does not even the sign of a void, certainly. we were told, possibly tuesday, last time i checked the calendar, it was no actually wednesday. and so it means that they're not getting round to the work that joe biden really wanted them to do to try and give them a political advantage. not least in virginia and new jersey, but for the next year, he's really got to try and bring the 2 desperate parts of the democratic party together. those who described themselves as progressive and those who describe themselves as moderate and see, look, they've got to get a win on the board. in fact, a week ago, i said he's got to unite his party before he a can consider seeing to the rest the while. look, we're doing a big job on climate in the united states. he hasn't delivered on any of that. meanwhile, demick republicans are just standing by watching all of this, looking at the results from tuesday night and thinking things are looking really good for them in 2022. and for sure, thank you very much indeed. still come on algebra. 2 is ready,
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spyware companies and 2 other foreign firms added to the united states, sondra blacklist. and india is 1st homegrown covered 90 and vaccine is approved for emergency use of the world health organization. months off to be rolled out. ah hello there, there's more unsettled weather on the way for southern and central parts of europe over the next few days. and that thanks to low pressure that's pulled away from the iberian peninsula, moved across italy, and it's on its way to the balkans. if we take a closer look, we can see those severe storms rolling away from italy, up into croatia across the drastic sea. and we're going to see some heavy rain strong winds, rough seas, bosnia and herzegovina going season to rent shall downpours as well as montenegro.
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we're expecting around $200.00 millimeters of rain to fall over the next 3 days. and of course that means we could see some flooding. but that system is also going to bring significant snow to switzerland and wet to weather, to places like hungry and austria and to eastern europe. but on friday it pulls across the balkans and we're going to see the temperatures come down in places like so. be a belgrade we'll see about a 10 degree drop in the temperature is going to feel cooler, but it's gonna warm up for places like grease and go to study the wind blowing up. and that's gonna push the temperature up to $26.00 degrees in athens. farther north of this, it does get wet and windier up in the north east. it remains rather mild for the north west. however, but for the iberian peninsula, we are going to see some heavy rain in the north of spain. ah, well in to a world of confidence,
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so i say without you business class, which way your privacy is paramount and your experience can sit back, relax in your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera weighs the airlines you can rely on oh i want on top stories here, 0 iranian officials say nuclear talks with world powers will resume at the end of this month. iran deputy for mr. tyrone is prepared to enter negotiations for us
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sanctions to be lifted. the state department has welcome to return to talks to you and is found evidence that all signed to vpn is to grow contract to violated human rights with some possibly amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity describes the conflict as one mart i stream brutality results from to us states president joe barton easily won in 2020 could signal trouble. the democratic party heading into next year's congressional ballot. republican pushed the democrats out of the virginia governorship. the democratic governor, new jersey faced a close expected challenge. united states is added is ready, spyware firms, the n. s a group and can directly to its cyber activities, blacklist. they also added a russian software company and one other foreign business commerce button says it's in response to their role in developing spyware and trafficking malicious online
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tools. the move limits their access to us components and technology, by requiring government permission for exports. wallace can speak to marla, but after the middle east and north africa policy 100 access, now sean is now live from berlin. thanks for being with us. what's your reaction to the u. s. decision to blacklist these companies think this is a major win, an a major victory in the fight against surveillance access. now in many other civil society groups have been sounding the alarm for years on the breach of human rights violations. been committed and facilitated by the n s o group and the the, the u. s. decision today send a strong message to the nfl group, but also other surveillance companies that are profiting from human rights violations. that it's no longer business as usual. so we commend that us for making and taking the lead towards accountability. and we also urge the european union and
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other governments to take similar restrictive steps to make and hold surveillance companies accountable. what does it mean in practice to, to be on this particular entity list? i think we're not clear yet what that entails and what that means in practice. it, what we know is that it makes business or making business difficult with those companies in the us. any company that is providing services or products to be so group and kangaroo would need to, to, to receive a license. so that's, that's what we know so far about the, the implications of the blacklisted decision. how confident are you that will actually make a difference to anybody who wants to get hold of a truly spyware tools or whatever, and then use them with, with the wrong kind of intent. you know, just just put them on the list mean that people weren't trying get hold of them or do you think that once they're out it's kind of hard to put the genie back in the bottle? yeah, i think the, the decision today is narrow and scope, but as i said,
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it's a step in the right direction. but to ensure that the surveillance industry is ryan down and held accountable for m a facility, facilitating human rights abuses. and as you said, ensuring that they don't fall in the, in the wrong hands. we are calling for enforcing a global moratorium on the sale use and transfer of these as surveillance technologies until there is a human right. respecting regulation and framework in place. my raft, after thank you very much indeed for your thoughts. thank you. ah. officials at the cop $26.00. you and climate summit are focusing on ways to finance the battle against global warming and move to renewable energy. most world leaders have left glasgow after landing several agreements. a may name of the talks is to secure enough commitments to keep the rise in the average global temperature to one
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and a half degrees celsius. exactly how pledges will be met, particularly in the developing world, is still being worked out. above all, it will require a lot of money. the money is here, the united states also, when tends to fully support the climate investment funds, capital markets mechanism. through an invading invade of leveraging structure. this initiative will help attract significant new private climate finance and provide $500000000.00 per year for the clean technology funds programming that includes the new excel, the reading, coal transition investment program ought to promote together to jamie space has more glasgow its finance say here and the words all sound very promising. indeed, richey soon as the u. k. finance minister talking about rewarding the global
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economy, saying the london will be a test case. the net 0 financial capital is the aim. and we also heard from janet yellow in the us treasury secretary, calling for a wholesale transformation of the carbon intensive economy, saying that has to happen now. we're not preparing for future generations. the climate crisis is with us right now, but i can tell you some developing countries are a little skeptical that those very strong words are going to be matched by action because they've heard all of these words before. they've heard words. busy for example, back in paris, and particularly the commitment of a $100000000000.00 every year from the developing developed countries to the developing world. that was commitment 1st made in 2009. it was supposed to stop that annual payment in 2020. and it hasn't happened now they're talking about 2023 . and i think that tension between the developing and develop world is one of those tensions that you will have below the surface. now, as this conference moves to
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a slightly different phase, the leaders have done that bit. they've started events, they've given it a boost at the beginning. now it's the hard, detailed technical negotiations that going go go on in all of the many meeting rooms with the many thousands of people that are here comp. and then by the end of next week, that's well when will know whether those negotiations are born through. and i suspect get near near the end to give them another extra push. you're going to see many of those leaders flying back in algeria is 3. it's nationals have been killed in an ass trunk near shack happened on the board of june. the dispute territory of western sahara and mauritania. video, posted on twitter, appears to show to bombed out trucks in the sahara desert. ontarian state media is blaming rock and forces and describes the drive as deaths as cowardly and barbaric . well, house organization has approved the indian kovacs in crone of ours fact seen for
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emergency use. it's produced by barrack biotech. more than 10 percent of vaccinated indians have taken the kovacs in job w h o prove means they are not. tradition is much more likely to be accepted as a valid in other countries. michelle is in yesterday. she says a decision is a boost to india. credibility in the fight against the virus. a huge relief for the government as well as the people you know as us now, around a 120000000 doses of school vaccine have been administered. and in just for those people, the w h u approval basically means so they can travel to countries that have a backseat mandate. now, a dozen all countries, including australia, mexico, yvonne, a pause, have recognized callbacks in but most countries are still only accepting vaccines that have the w h o approval. it's also huge of a push for push against throughout the vaccine hesitancy. you know callbacks in has
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been mired in a lot of control. the see from the one for one. the government started ministering the jobs in january even before the results of the child were in. on top of that, you know, the w h u approval process has taken months. all of the meetings onto today, always ended with the w. h o asking the company and the government for more data. so that raised a couple of eyebrows on top of that, there was some international embarrassment where it came to callbacks and you know, because it wasn't talks to hold callbacks and trials. it was also and talks to place an order for about $20000000.00 doses. that's a huge order to each pull the plug when there were activations of graft and corruption. so this approval means a lot for the pride and credibility of developing countries that produce its own coven 19 vaccines. the world health organization says crone of ours cases have risen in europe for a 5th conception of week,
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making it the world's only region. where could be 19 is still increasing. poland reported more than $10000.00 cases on wednesday. and infections continue to spike is the highest number of data infections since late april. the country also reported was $120.00 death in the past 24 hours its health ministries, considering title restrictions, masks being re introduced in the netherlands after rising current of ours infections there. the government is also expanding the use of a corona pass. people now need to show proof of a vaccination or a negative co test to enter many public places like museums and jims. infections have been rising since most social distancing measures were dropped in late september. when the 1st covered, 19 vaccines were rolled out in germany, many hoped it was the path out of the pandemic and several months on infection rate . so up again, while vaccinations, plateau booster shots are now available, but millions of people remain unvaccinated. don't cain reports from malin seems
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like these have become commonplace over the past 2 years cove. it patients in hospital birds being treated by medical staff facing rising numbers of new patients . and all this, despite the wide availability of vaccines across much of europe in germany, the number of new infections is much higher now than it has been for many months. elim, guided, for i might have found him. we are currently experiencing a massive pandemic of the unvaccinated. the number of infections is increasing as, as the number of deaths from covert. so, and especially the number of patients in intensive care units and some regions of germany, regions where vaccination rates are not as high as in others, yawn and door flung. those regions include 4 states in what was the old east germany, where the uptake of vaccines is as much as 10 percent below the national average of the number of new cases is above the national average. despite urgent calls from some senior politicians in those states. but such warnings do not sway people like
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bodies lava kids. so she's just one of tens of millions of people yet to be vaccinated in germany. i will just confuse that. um for the ones of us who are not, oh, really excited about getting vaccinated just now and would like to think about it get more informed about it and there's so many people, there's professionals, there's doctors on it there's, it's just endless. how much information you can get that doesn't really support these. these are, these vaccines. official figures suggest around one in 3 people here remains an vaccinated summer that number include those ideologically opposed to the process. but for a wider section of society, especially younger children, the mere option of having the shots has not yet been made widely available. despite that vaccine centers like this one in berlin,
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offering boosters to the most vulnerable people. it's thought around. 2000000 such doses have been administered across the country so far. at the same time, the previous social distancing measures to curb. the virus are being strengthened in places, is big numbers into that yawn through those by we have introduced 1st measures in southeast and bavaria. for example, only vaccination people, or those who have recovered from coven 19 will be admitted to clumps, discos and similar locations. let's. although that view has not been endorsed at the federal level, yet, many of the medics and ministers say covert is not going away any time. soon. dominant came al jazeera berlin, a 4 year old child had been missing for almost 3 weeks in a remote part of australia has been reunited with her parents. clear. smith was found by police in a locked house, almost a 100 kilometers away from where she disappeared. she was last seen by her parents in the tent. they were sharing on
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a camping trip in canada and western australia. they worked one morning and clear was missing, sparking a nationwide search. a 36 year old man is being questioned by police. and remind you can always catch up with all the stories on our website. the rest of that is our da 0 dot com. he tells thereof for iran, so conversation with the u. s. navy, in the see of him on ah, the top stories on how to 0 iranian officials say, nuclear talks with world powers will resume at the end of this month. rounds, deputy foreign minister says tara, on is prepared to enter negotiations for us sanctions to be lifted. the estate department has welcome to return to the talks. we believe it remains possible at so quickly reach and implement an understanding on a mutual return to compliance with the gc p.


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