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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 11:00pm-11:30pm AST

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changing the world we live in without being national aid. what do you think is going to happen? the afghan economy? counting the coast on al jazeera. ah hello, i'm lauren taylor, in under the top stories are now to 0. iranian official say, nuclear talks with world powers will resume at the end of this month, around deputy foreign minister says tara is prepared to enter negotiations for us sanctions to be lifted. the state department has welcomed a return to the talks. we believe it remains possible to quickly reach and implement an understanding on a mutual return to compliance with the jcp away by closing the relatively small number of issues that remained outstanding at the end of june. when the 6 round
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concluded, we believe that if the iranians are serious, we can manage to do that in relatively short order. but we've also been clear, including as this pause has dragged on for some time, that this window of opportunity will not be opened forever. earlier iran said that foiled an attempt by the u. s. navy to seize its will in the sea of a man. it says it's elite revolutionary gone. troops bordered a ship on october. the 25th saying the tank was about to be taken by the u. s. a u . s. denies the claims and accused iran a stage and dangerous maneuvers at sea. i ron correspondent, dosage of re explain the significance in the timing of terrans announcements. we just heard from the rain in deputy foreign minister, alibaba connie, who has said that in a tweet he said, in a phone call with enrique more,
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we agree to start negotiations aiming as removal of unlawful and inhumane sanctions . on the 29th of november in vienna, of course, this is the 1st time we are now getting a concrete date from the new ringing administration since being elected in june and taking office in august of abraham bracy. there was a lot of speculations back and forth and a lot of meetings between the officials and the u. officials to try and urge renegotiate as to return to the talks in vienna since the elections took place in iran. the last time there were negotiations was in early summer before their honey administration left office. this video being released is certainly not a coincidence at this time that we getting this announcement from the deputy foreign minister who will be the lead negotiator in vienna. the news is released as likely to send the message to the americans who left the nuclear zeal in 2018 to try and reiterate their position that there are in the position of strength and that they are not fearful of the americans. whether it be their presence in the
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region or identical shooting table in vienna, it's a very telling also, tomorrow is the anniversary of the u. s. embassy take over into iran. in 1979 november 4th iranians as students storm the u. s. embassy and took $52.00 american diplomats and citizens hostage for $444.00 days. so there's a lot of reasons why this video was released since they took this ship on october 25th. and now we're understanding all the different issues that are at play at the moment. you enter found evidence that all sides of the have years to grow conflict to violated human rights with some possibly amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity. it describes the conflict as one marred by extreme brutality. sabrina's integrity has been subjected to brutal violence and suffering. the joint investigation team uncovered numerous violations and abuses, including awful killings and actually show executions, torture,
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sexual and gender race violence violations again. so if you tease unforced displacement of civilians, results from to you estates, president joe biden easily, one in 2020 could signal trouble for the democratic party. heading into next year's congressional ballot. republican glen youngin pushed a democrat out of the virginia governorship while the democratic governor of new jersey phil murphy faced a closer than expected challenge. united states, as i did the israelis by where firms the n a so group and can dearer to its cyber activities. blacklist the comments department says it's in response to their role in developing spyware and trafficking, malicious online tools. as the top stories do, stay with us, witness is up. next, i'll have more news for you after that. i've now oh
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oh goodness isn't the 2nd to work? because he's the only country that is in the 4 corners store. it's in the north, at the south main street, and it's in the east and the west of the international. like what a country has that distinction. so it's right there. back in the middle of the pacific ocean was so far away, so isolated. we thought we were so isolated that we would be immune from the
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tribulation of this world. but no. despite of our isolation here we are subjected a global phenomenon with oh oh oh i
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under, i did not in body. i'm calling out a little low. albin or i need order one that of i bought it. i didn't i didn't use it on hillary. danny, at our new born or yeah, one was at the wadi and i'm not in body. i mean, i know how did i get it? i just around i seen as wonderful mattie. yes. why did i have old or die anyway? nobody ever that and only mine. i will not get into the body when i was to go be adding dine if there were money when yet i did on that one. are you again? if you, as always, i want to get the walk easy again,
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go behind it in and that i that your way, by the way, not even want to give them up. yeah. wonderful. people that on that he had low one and he then i didn't was out of my, i don't know what i know. i didn't even talk about the what year and i believe you only have any was your i'm yeah. are you going on again in the web a minute? are you any, would you like me about an hour? thought id? no way. they were not yet. he hasn't had any luck at ease. what did i never saw? so i've been in abilene and have been very well you don't we those have been in the don't normandy, the may as well. yeah. yeah. i love watching. i hear you on as in on he was, he doesn't, i want to get of it is then he and i did have war. oh yeah. i know that the young man and i'm donna gun. i and i get him. i all go, yeah, i mean, are you going to be able, what you're gonna, you're gonna get to that was what was the longest hold on day. anyone ever get are gonna become on a land. and when did all you have will know only the one or the animal will get
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over the weight on the young woman the already by me again. so i don't, we'll get you all at a high. yeah. what i, what i me, i want the one i you wanting and then on a day yeah, i like. you know, the way we're mean in ah, ah ah ah, well,
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i'm with my money and then about it. oh yes. when for my own experience and then my own mind i, i keep asking myself what is to become of my grandchildren? where will they be? what out of this, what us that's coming in? will somebody of find a solution for them to ensure that they will be safe, bye. we must no longer stand on the satellite because this is coming and it is going to destroy our lives. i want to truly emphasize that climate change is not
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a political dish. it's not an entirely economic it's the issue of survival may be to day for countries like why, but in the future for the planet as a whole. mr. president, this i have, i lied to are numerous locations in the past. the issue of climate change remains the most pressing, single, most pressing challenge for us in cuba. i have just come back from the attic expedition to the north pole. and i am still overwhelmed to day with what i witnessed with my lomax. for those of us on the front line, it really does not matter what is a greek to win paris because we will continue to go on to what we would like to be able to revisit. if we could do it, we would like to be able to ask of go to global community. can we reverse climate change? but the reality is that it will not happen. so the next step is it's the global
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community, willing to come forward, is discounts or willing to, to make a contribution to what's that getting some real action on the ground so that we can give some sense of conflict, some sense of security to absolute. who do we appeal tool and tend to for our people try to survive and the challenge of climate change? and so let me post that question again because i don't believe there is any authority who can answer that question for us to be. and we need that authority. what is the future for us? or i'm pleased to walk into our 2 years, the president of the republic, a cure boss. i notice off the average a high elevation balance is a little more than 6 feet. i and rising sea levels have already taken a village on one of your islands. how threatened is curie boss? our source of water is from to want to linds any marginal rise. we're mean that,
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that what was available, i'm agriculture. land is no longer available, or what was 1st, what a source of fresh water will not be a source of fresh water. so it would affect the livelihood of people before it actually renders. it is totally inevitable, inevitable. how do you see the future a, do you see the possibility of all the people from care about one day having to leave we, we have to be realistic it's, it's very high. it's not easy to try and imagine what is coming, because nobody wants to admit that may be in the future. all of the land that we, which is a homeland will no longer be there. but the reality given the that the silence that's coming forward, the projections that be the scientist are giving us a rise and see a level of between point 6 to one meter within the century. or so. what me they certainly were most about vanish.
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wait with when slavery was the normandy did this 18th century, it was not regarded as being immoral. backwash i fade worse,
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accepted. i need to national community for a long time. so climate change would in my view was exactly the same thing. why did that would not seem to bother before? why did we not do anything about it? when we knew with old of the science and information coming forward, that did was wrong with it. to tell you the truth. i am very concerned i think you would receive and thank you for your support and pray for us to climate change is the greatest moral channels for you. we haven't written to the chance. ah. ready ah. ready ready ah, i
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a data got out when i'm gonna do it and i'm, yeah, yeah, we, i mean, i wouldn't on the back of that i'm, i'm with who ah,
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from which they have been in the solomon islands have already been badly damaged and now new zealand north islands is expected to be hit by sunday or monday morning. with a little
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bit of course coming up about to it and i can't give command or flight one or more kind of money one to close line to work with here the reason i mean yeah for that the flex a budget i'm with
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with. c made it a valuable and so i you ah, me, i didn't thought our yeah. like i said, no, i don't want to be it. well yeah. like my mike when you had any but that i gave i yeah, i'm out. why when i did one, know what i did,
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i get it to do it. a good that was sent. there were send you an idea. yeah. i know i might say why, what this might have been working on my my side with the media. they might have been better going to check with linda walker and that you a minute. i don't wanna work a lot a to one and i'm with god, the vision apple matter that about out of i think if i, if i don't want,
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i don't advocate on it any of the day to what to do with caution. you know what i wanna do a debit. the one i know it better. it is. it did i i see that x, y, z is already been kind of as a back order body. other than
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a log into a specific exit rep. get back. i'm going to get a somebody and get us get it as i was. why didn't? because the mag and i got to be back to back up with me. so you know, my name is enough given lesson and then i don't need anything. if i wanted a little here on the only in here, what was he? no, no one to that area or die in still done. and with a flip play with
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i i did that. well yeah, i mean my, when did that little? well you send me. oh, hold on a 2nd i you know what out of the way. the 2nd one is it a boy a sub on it the one thing i don't know i wouldn't take anyone. oh, what i'm looking to do with it. you know what, what do you want to know about what the how we might get about it or what?
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yeah, yeah. but i'm not gonna know what a wonderful with a i'm good. i mean, i'm not, i'm not in it. it, it was that, well my what i, what i'm about, what i do know i owe today. so if he feel between fuck rentals in the colombian government algebra examines white tensions and violence of rising once again, you award winning for flight investigates the untold stories across the us. millions in calgary. vote in parliamentary elections under a new constitution,
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and more than a year after the lat, pole figured political crisis. immersive personal short documentary africa direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers. china marks $100.00 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and quote for a boycott, impact the boating event. november on out, jazeera joint applicant launches, trade and investment in south africa into african trades. that gives you access to more than $1100.00 exhibitors and $10000.00 visitors and buyers and more than $5000.00 conference delegates, more than $55.00 countries, participate in trade and investment deals with 40000000000 dollars as business and governments come together to explore business ab networking opportunities at the international exhibition brought to you by the african export import back at the premium partners, the i 80 of 2020. what transforming africa in affluent distress. some neighborhoods racked by social and economic despair. why now what a fake the bad of local heroes,
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every one of us ever got a responsibility to change our person, like fighting for their suburban drake point out to 0, lou lou and learned adrian on them and chop stories on al jazeera. iranian officials say nuclear talks with world powers will resume at the end of this month. rounds deputy foreign minister says tara is prepared to enter a she ations for us sanctions to be lifted. the estate department is welcome to return to the talks. we believe it remains possible at to quickly reach an m.


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