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tv   [untitled]    November 3, 2021 11:30pm-12:00am AST

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when a snake, the band of local heroes, every one of us have got a responsibility to change our person, like fighting for their suburban drive on out to 0. 0, one north taylor and on top stories on how to 0. iranian officials say nuclear talks with world powers will resume at the end of this month. around deputy foreign minister says tear on his perpetual end to negotiations for us sanctions to be lifted. the state department has welcome to return to the talks. we believe it remains possible to quickly reach and implement an understanding on a mutual return to compliance with the jcp away by closing the relatively small number of issues that remained outstanding at the end of june. when the 6 round
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concluded, we believe that if the iranians are serious, we can manage to do that in relatively short order. but we've also been clear, including as this pause has dragged on for some time, that this window of opportunity will not be opened forever. earlier wrong said it foiled an attempt by the u. s. navy, to seize its oil in the sea of a man. it says its elite revolution regard. troops board the ship on october, the 25th saying the tanka was about to be taken by the us. the us denies the claims and accused the wrong staging. dangerous maneuvers at sea is also from to you as states to president joe biden easily, one in 2020 could signal trouble for the democratic party. heading into next year's congressional ballot. republican glenn young kin pushed a democrat out of the virginia governorship while the democratic governor of new
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jersey phil murphy faced a close and expected challenge you know, to state as i did these ready, spyware firms, the in a so group and can dearer to it. cyber activities, blacklist the commerce department says it's in response to their role in developing spyware and trafficking, malicious online tools. the move limits their access to u. s. components and technology. u. n. has found evidence that all science in ethiopia to gray conflict to violated human rights with some possibly amounting to war crimes and crimes against humanity. it describes a conflict as one man fight stream brutality. war broke out between the government and to grow and rebels almost a year ago, killing thousands of people and is facing more than 2500000. do say with us witnesses ups that up next to how we back one use after that? oh,
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seeing when we see countries around the world waiver up mr. prison back and forth rebate commitments to tackle climate change. and strider is one of those countries were recently, you know, windings back our al major climate trial policies, the outlines that didn't attend the summit. what do you say about that? i think i believe the people of australia, unlike normal human beings, they have compassion. they have conscience, and they have morality. rather unfortunately, sometimes government do not have them because they're not. they don't have
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a soul. they don't have a conscious, but they, they do have elections to deal with. but i think we're talking beyond political leadership. it's a cool, it's a very serious call and there are very serious, serious challenge to our even values. and so that is where i've been focusing the debate on the argument. you know, it's not about elections, it's not about the next 3 to be a term or whatever. 4 year term before the next election is about the future. oh, jane. you've taken extraordinary staff and purchasing land on one of the fe j islands. now that land could be used as a potential settlement feel paypal when an e q of bad things into the ocean. but that from life to island is the land is sacred and incredibly special to them. they don't want to within one to leave our homes. we want to be able to stay there as long as we can. and but the reality is this out of georgia. now beginning limited, so we have to find somewhere else to go. and it's not something that we want to do . but of course, something that we have to do, we have to face the reality. and the question you were asked to like,
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of course we don't for a long time. i said there is nothing we can do. i was very angry. i was, there was a deep sense of futility. that no matter what i said, that that nobody is listening. nobody's going to do anything. and there was, there was a time when there was a deep sense of the question. but i had to come back and to overcome that, you've got it really threw away everything. make it all up. think about doing something crazy like building a nightmare. here we, our technology is improving all the time. and what would it be in science fiction? some 1020 years ago. he's a reality of debate. and
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disco. the more michael, you mean your cover quote on, you know, think she's a move, who could more scream a see, let me know. thanks. i want you to click on the shuttle or she monthly for that not means that i almost got the money like some money, but a woman with a fucking couldn't pull no more money. then when you don't know that you with something, you go on to learn more about the lesson picture. what in the look when
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a man will nicole, the wound once of the brittle a key. now there until i know how to get a 2nd door. joe, do connect then on his own, the co, not to disconnect who all this good team that june the each of our talk to me and i think he must have told on local and most i thought it was. and i can understand that this hi colmerton, this get all article kid you muscles and i know more he's not most of them are full of air or my home more than a couple months more probably cost would come out. all right, but i won't come on up your shipment or move on to something along with a closely law, but the thought loon with you. sure papa didn't was with carpet this.
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we'll just like a so give them a little sick, you know, just got there more. whoa, whoa, whoa. end of the snacking with when it took on trail, hoping to white again. who? who to get that in and i'm gonna, i'm gonna last all day. one. all the way to live in a good mason and when to michael, i am. what is if things are there could be any place in m. debit or one.
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what is in your own? go get america in what we and i told her that i did. i am in an online when i was the one that has what he had, who gave him it wouldn't go on to him and therefore to get me back. i ha, ha ha ha. i my m a. i know i am lamb. this is why. ready i
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one the one thing of course that's been very difficult for people in contemplating the possibility of moving and they can get home bad news, bad link and connection with the spiritual golf course. once we begin to build that fisher structures, you will find that people who left the engine in his homes and gone somewhere else seemed of lost that spiritual commission because they no longer regard themselves as being indigenous shoes. islands will be gone. and so we can not build drusilla's, we cannot build allens or find somewhere else to live. we have to go somewhere whether this is a good thing or not,
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but the reality will be if we need to keep this, then our ability to retain our culture as being distinct edition, as being distinct, will no longer be very easy and
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you know, you end up being, man, you know, we he, you know me ah, where can i find that?
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for the pregnancy to strips that means positive in ones, let's make it no more love to me from the b. c will service hello on russia. the planet and life itself around this rent. that's the dramatic rhetorical message. at the opening day of the climate change summit in paris, the un secretary general said the world needed to go much further,
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much faster. the president obama said there was now a sense of urgency about the task and that the meeting could be a turning point. we have come to paris to show our result. i've come here personally as leader of the world's largest economy and the 2nd largest emitter, to say that the united states of america not only recognizes our role in creating this problem. we embrace our responsibility to do something about for some particularly island nations whose leaders or me would tomorrow climate change is a threat to their very existence. and that's why today, in concert with other nations, america confirms, are strong and ongoing commitment to the least developed countries. funds and tomorrow will pledge new contributions to risk insurance initiatives that help vulnerable populations rebuild stronger after climate related disastrous monitoring
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. it's in my best not affordable contribution. my don't what you got to be. we got to have a legally binding in the band understand by hanging men or medical say and understand with money when he didn't have the special consideration the way it is, what it it them coming out with that made us an accurate and e that area. i'm gonna do it, it's hard to g 7 just sent us an academic choice. but at the conference jojo, they went to hear how to position and we be stupid not to come that day. and yet you know, yeah that, that was in the long can you look on this is a map divine. yeah. yeah. but no,
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it may not be to look with those children. a good a good go in the sun. do what good on it with the local, by the fuel, black girl, the world. but if, if it is a foregone conclusion, no matter what happens, what's the point of a deal? now? what's the point to where we need to survive? i think we are all dead by the international minutes, but you'll see you'll saying your audience will be overrun regardless of the deal eventually. but you're already feeling the effects of the sea levels. isaac, what you're saying is, why are we by dissipating in the whole process?
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what, what is to be gained from this process? if that's going to happen anyway away with, when did that application funding? when it resources not to be able to build hours in years. but i think what you're saying is, why argue for 1.52 degrees or whatever it says. well, i think it's important to do that because what he's going to happen to us is going to be the fate of breast will follow. mary. sweet said, oh, what did you say your husband 3 weeks ago. oh, i see at the moment he's working. where does he get back? he's been 2 years. yeah. the one track. yeah. i wouldn't be able to get back in but easy. my way. if we can come, oh,
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when you go into labor, we're going to give him a call and just to so you got somebody other than just me. and on graybar i viewed my g swanson, bay l's to hold your hand and share it with oh ah wow. oh oh oh yeah. oh yeah. yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. there than a the tenant a the tunnel that's not campus that's murdered. what it means is,
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what is the most important thing in this world? it is people, it is people, it is pure. and let me share with you, i have a number of drafts. and eventually i ended up with my final draft. and it has nothing on me. and the reason is because i didn't know where to begin, how to stop to share this with you. so this morning i, i think my staff where i've been trying to do this for me and i said that missed it from the hat. and i remember speaking at the united nations because because there was such a lot of focus on the polar bears and from trouble with the melting of the ice. and so i said yesterday we wish you, but that's where the polar bears, but don't hold your don't forget about us because we're down there as well. and we
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really have to deal with this and i've been talking about been screaming, trying to stimulate some kind of humanitarian reaction from people. but there's been none coming forward. nobody has ever often. oh cannabis. when if and when the islands are flooded, we will take you we, we are talking about the humanitarian response to crisis. don't don't do it. just men of us here or anywhere. you see mune from the forces of nature. i think last year having me lost whatever the one thing that nobody
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could ever take away from you. you see what dignity i am not structured to withstand storm so that if ever that kind of a storm were to hit one of the islands, there would be nothing left countries which are burning coal which are bidding high very high copper footprints. i don't
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get a down costs if the countries know that direct is detrimental due to health and life, i guess they continue to do it. what is there? this is a neck of war and we don't have the means to construct mm i hear you. i know that i have another with like a buck 50, but if i got you, what i have left i again about a little to spend
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a minute. it was out and i don't read to you i whole but what did it go receive? do i go back with about faith than what i've done on it a day that media and so on? i'm a no, i'm one. yeah. how big feeds on a audio on demand? well, with that i was, i sent you a, did it again in french. are you going to worry about that or get the border? i was wondering, i got when it gotten weapon, i'm not,
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i think i'm an anyhow renovate, i'm going to worry about shit. i'm going back in that it isn't that wonderful right? now. when you about the mental it already on biting wouldn't be available. i can get it done by a lot going on with a man. kill healey. okay. will you guy?
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no, she doesn't miss a a a with him by the way. i am now a community in my me hearing the reason they get along with it though what
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i was meaning a lot on the video and i mean ah ah ah.
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a with a with
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with hello there. let's start trailer and we're watching this band of rain push east across the south east of the country taking storms and showers to places like new south wales and victoria as well as tasmania. and we've seen some significant rain here. white cliffs, the town in new south wales for the heaviest rainfall in 4 years from tuesday to wednesday. much about what weather pushes further east. it's going to be a wet. we can for sydney, an brisbin, a lot of those storms are expected to last well into next week. but it twice up for adelaide, we are going to see the temperature recover and it remains while the dry in those central areas. it's looking, what are the western got some storms and showers popping off and some of those
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coastal showers will intensify up in the north as we go into friday, a lot of heat remaining in darwin. now would you hop across the tasman see to new zealand, we will high pressure in charge for the south island, leaving things fine and dry. but up in the north, the wet and windy weather continues. we've got some warnings out and the weather is expected to last route to sunday at least. now as we move to south east asia, it's looking like dry of indo china, but it is picking up that rain once again across parts of indonesia and malaysia with western borneo. see where the heavier falls in the days to come. ah, the climate emergency is upon us, but why have government left? it's so late to act. we've allowed climate change to get out of control. people empower investigates why so little has been done. a systemic threat. requires
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systemic change and asks what either inaction could meet the rob, annoyed by 20. none of them have a syrian how to do it. crisis, what crisis own al jazeera? ah, this is al jazeera. ah. i know norman taylor, this is down to 0 news. i live from london coming up. iran announces it will return to nuclear talks with world powers by the end of the month. every day, more people are suffering and dying. the.


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