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an indiscriminate in selecting his victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens britain's true colors. part one on al jazeera blue . it remains possible to quickly reach and implement an understanding on a mutual return to compliance with the j. c. p. away the u. s. welcomes iran's return to talks with world pals to salvage the 2015 nuclear deal. but tensions flare as iran accuses the u. s. made the of trying to seize its oil, but washington called it false and untrue. ah,
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hello, i'm down, jordan. this is al jazeera ly, from della also coming up to venus in tikrit, has been subjected to brutal violence and suffering. you and human rights to you for leases a report. blaming both sides in ethiopia as war for the killing of thousands of people. and 2 major climate deals done. now, officials at cop 26 get down to number crunching to plan the how to slow down global warming. ah, welcome to the program after 5 months of uncertainty talks to revive b. 2015 iran nuclear deal. a scheduled to resume again at the end of november in direct negotiations between all signatories in vienna stoled last june. after hardliner abraham racy won the presidential election, the united states as welcome announcement, but european allies reiterating the possibility of reaching
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a deal. we believe every means possible to quickly reach and implement an understanding on a mutual return to compliance with the jcp away by closing the relatively small number of issues that remained outstanding at the end of june. when the 6 round concluded, we believe that if the iranians are serious, we can manage to do that in relatively short order. but we've also been clear, including as this pause has dragged on for some time, that this window of opportunity will not be open forever. by tensions with a tear on in washington high after iran accuse the u. s. of trying to capture the tanka carrying its soil in the gulf of him on the u. s. denies the claims particle hanging as more now from the pentagon. at a briefing here at the pentagon, the spokesman for the department of defense, john kirby,
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was asked about these allegations for moran. and he, in no uncertain terms, completely denied it. he didn't leave himself any wiggle room calling these claims ridiculous. i've seen iranian claims. they are absolutely totally false and untrue . there was no such effort by us naval assets to seize anything with this refers to his back on the 24th of october. u. s. navy acids did monitor iranian forces, illegally boarding and seizing a merchant vessel and international waters in the gulf of rome. on united states. 5th fleet, directed to ships scenario assets to closely monitor that situation at no time. were us forces attempting to retake or otherwise engage in the situations. situation where you acted completely in accordance with the law. so it's a bogus claim. now kirby said that the us was monitoring the situation. they said 2 ships which appear to be destroyers and aerial assets. the big question is going to be just how close those small boats were allowed to get to
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a navy destroyer ever since the explosion on the years as coal. small boats have been a huge concern for the u. s. navy, i asked kirby about that and he said that the captain has at his disposal the right to defend himself and his crew. he didn't say whether or not the captain thought about taking any sort of steps or if he did take any steps. but he said that they do reserve the right if they feel that they're under threat, philip l joins us live now from washington. d. c. field for the us state department says it welcomes the return to nuclear talk. so what will have the americans been saying? i mean, they're pleased are and they are relieved. they finally got this concrete date because we were due date was coming. we were told that the deputy foreign minister would announce one by the end of the month. but now we actually have that date to put into the calendar and they, the americans are welcoming this. they are cautiously optimistic. i mean they sort of given a run, a very gentle warning, but they put it in different matic language because they talked about how great
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results are achievable. but it also says that window will not remain open forever. and that is their way of saying, look, we will talk, but you cannot stall because that is one of the concerns around might try to store things here. now in terms of what else is happening, we, there is also this kind of discussion over just where the talks will begin as it will a begin from the beginning or will a resume. now the deputy foreign minister talks about how these were going to start and use that specific. what he said, these talks will start, where is the state department said that these talks will resume. they say there's no point to go back to the beginning. the talks way at a good place up until the us walked away. so it would be counterproductive to go back. but in terms of what both sides, once the radians want the americans to give them a cast iron guarantee that they will not walk away again. whereas the americans are saying, well, we are very committed to this, but we reserve the right. so my explore options if we a given evidence, clear evidence that you are in any way violating this agreement. also they want
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iran to, to fulfill its obligations or to comply with this agreement before sanction lifted . so now we're in this position where there is a little bit of posturing. we've had the secretary of state anthony blink, and talk about how there are other options. if the talks file read into that, what you will, and we have this video that the radiance of released for this incidents, their accounts of what they say happened just over a week ago. obviously this has been released on the day that they have also given us the state. so i some analysts wondering if this is perhaps tara and saying, look, we are a strong nation. we are not scared of america. we are going to come to this table as a proud, strong nation. we will not be bullied. we will not cow before you. alright, philip lives there in washington dc. phil, thank for mark. it's patrick is from the international institute for strategic studies. he says the timing of iran's return allows it to avoid a review by the international atomic energy agency. the reason they timed it this way is because the week before that there is
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a meeting of the board of governors. and the board really should criticize iran. the lack of cooperation with the id investigation. so there should be a sense, your motion at that point. but by scheduling the talk after that, iran is trying to avoid that since you're meeting. so i don't, i don't think it's a big step forward. it's, it's a part of the runs stalling tactics. really. on the one hand, they said they're going to go back. they want to go back if you're going to start negotiations and it appears maybe conciliatory, and then they release the video accusing the united states. so maybe they're telling the people that there are no passes here that they're strong guys, they resistant united states, and they're going into these talks from a position of strength. i think that's the posture that they're trying to assume. they talk about legal assurances, every other country in the world was satisfied when the president biden said that
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he would continue to abide by the deal as long as iran did. but for some reason that wasn't the way they want, you know, some kind of legal guarantee that just possible in the us situation. and then they also want to see some verification that the united states is back in. they want to see it implemented for some period of time. this is tricky because under us law the united states can't make unilateral return. iran is still not abiding by this part of the. the automation says, is found evidence that all sides in ethiopia is to grow conflict of violated international human rights and some may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. the u. n's, human rights treat said the year long conflict has been marked by extreme brutality . brianca got her reports. these smart grieves, in my car, draw in northern ethiopia on earth. what the un says could be war. crimes committed
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in the t gray conflict. a joint ethiopian, and you and human rights investigation says rebels. some t grey killed more than 200 as think i'm her as here in november last year. the conflict has now expanded well be on t grey. it to neighboring amarrow and off our regions. and it's been devastating for civilians. the un report found in the year long war editor and soldiers who backed, if you'd be as federal army, as well as if you've been guffman soldiers. anti grand rebels have committed widespread crimes including rape, torture, and killings of civilians. all parties to the conflict have committed violations of international human rights in italian and rest you law. some of these may amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. if you're p as kaufman t has largely welcome to report while expressing its serious reservations about aspects of the findings. it's promised to set up
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a task force to investigate the allegations why rebels him to cry said the report is flawed. citing the involvement of these have been human rights commission, but on the ground, the conflict is intensifying in the capital, addis ababa? there's an air of tense come one year since the start of the conflict. playground rebels say they have captured to northern towns on a major highway leading to the capitol. but somebody guesses it worries me a lot because death a and composure are near addis ababa. they traveled many kilometers to get there. i think they will control addis ababa as well. so that's what i'm young. i will participate in the war and whatever way young people can, i'm planning to head to the front line. prime minister, i'll be m o has urged if you'll pin few night and fight against the rebels. you can call this pitch, which is dug very deep, will be where the enemy is buried. not wary p. o p,
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a disintegrate. we will bury this enemy without blood and bones and make the glory of ethiopia high up again. do you investigation only looked into reports of abuse until late june, when the rebels regained much of t gray. it does not include any attacks or civilian abuse since then, and now they are fears the conflict could worsen putting millions of the europeans at risk. bianca gupta al jazeera. ah. officials at the cop $26.00 un climate sites are focusing on ways to finance the battle against global warming and move to renewable energy. most world leaders have now left glasgow after landing several agreements. a may name of the top says to secure enough commitments to keep the rise and the average global temperature to 1.5 degrees celsius. exactly how pledges will be met, particularly in the developing world, is still being worked out above all. it'll require
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a lot of money. over the next 5 years, we will deliver a total of $500000000000.00 of investment to the countries that need at most. and we can do more to day. i can announce that the united kingdom will commit a 100000000 pounds to the task force on access to climate finance, making it quicker and easier the developing countries to access the finance they need. and we're supporting a new capital markets mechanism which will issue billions of new green bonds here in the u. k. to fund renewable energy in developing countries. our diplomatic editor james base has more from glasgow. its finance stay here and the words all sound very promising. indeed rashid soon as the u. k. finance minister talking about rewarding the global economy, saying the london will be a test case. the net 0 financial capital is the aim and we will so heard from janet yellow and the us treasury secretary, calling for
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a wholesale transformation of the carbon intensive economy, saying that has to happen now. we're not preparing for future generations. the climate crisis is with us right now, but i can tell you some developing countries are a little skeptical that those very strong words are going to be matched by action because they've heard all of these words before. they've heard words. busy for example, back in paris, and particularly the commitment of a $100000000000.00 every year from the developing developed countries to the developing world. that was commitment 1st made in 2009. it was supposed to stop that annual payment in 2020. and it hasn't happened now they're talking about 2023 . and i think that the tension between the developing and develop world is one of those tensions that you will have below the surface. now, as this conference moves to a slightly different praise, the leaders have done that bit. they've started events, they've given it a boost at the beginning. now it's the hard detailed technical negotiations that
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are going to go on in all of the many meeting rooms with the many thousands of people that are here comp. and then by the end of next week, that's well when will know whether those negotiations are born through. and i suspect get near near the end to give them another extra push. you're going to see many of those leaders flying back in last month. so to come here and they are including, we report from a fishing village in ecuador, that's not what the center of south america is war on. drugs and art on the occupation will be the annual palestinian film festival in ramallah, moore in the thank the ah ah, look forward to skies with sponsored cutoff at ways hello there. let's start in south asian. it's a divided picture. weatherwise in india,
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it's dry up in the north, but weather down in the south, you can see that dense cloud cover showing where the rain is going to fall heaviest . we've got amber alerts that continue for corolla. we could see some flooding here, but showers in storm so much of the south and for sri lanka. the rain picks up across that eastern coast as we go into friday. but i'm also trickle up in some of by it's going to be a wet weekend here. but further north, it is looking fine and dry lots of hazy sunshine coming through from new delhi. and a lot of heat building in that northwest corner pakistan will see the heat around coastal areas. but the further north we go, it is going to cool down thanks to a cold snap that's blowing down from kazakhstan. and as we had further east, it is looking lot finer and dryer, but it is going to get rather cool for more than parts of china. we've got siberian cold wind blowing down across mongolia that's going to knock the temperature down. and beijing, if we have a look at the 3 day, we'll see about quite a dramatic drop by the time you get to saturday and no wet weather comes into play
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. for southern areas though, we are seeing that rain pickup is going to be a wet. we can for shanghai, but it dries up to the korean peninsula and southern japan, that sure weather for the weather sponsored by katara always. ah, 25 years ago, a lease or 2 part documents with the story of the channel became recognized global brand. ah, story of al jazeera, a unique path. ah
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ah, welcome back or could come out of our top stories here. this our talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear de la shuttle to resume at the end of november. in direct negotiation stole in june off to iran, held elections, and wrongs accused the u. s. navy of trying to capture tanka carrying its oil in the gulf of them on the u. s. denies the claim and the u. n. says has found evidence at all sides, and ethiopia has to great conflict of violated human rights and some amount to war crimes and crimes against humanity. it's report says the conflict i've seen extreme lieutenant new jersey democratic governor phil murphy has narrowly won reelection murphys these states 1st democratic deb not to win a 2nd term in 40 years to slim victory on the lost in the virginia governors race. a being widely seen as ominous for the democrats president biden has responded to the setback, saying he would take people's concerns seriously. didn't want to,
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we are the people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things from covered to school. 2 jobs to a whole range of things from the cost of the gallon of gasoline. but i'm not sure that i would be able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out and read districts who were trump voters. but maybe alan fisher has more now from the white house. joe biden was hoping you'd return from his foreign trip to a completely different political climate. but it's not good news. one year on since his presidential election went 1st of all the party last virginia, he thought the democratic candidate there would win comfortably, but he lost and he lost by losing important independent voters and also white women voters, part of the coalition that propelled joe biden to the white house now joe biden
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will tell democrats that they've got to do something to get winds on the board. he was hoping he come back from glasgow and have 2 bills sitting on the old resolute desk in the oval office, ready to same one. the bipartisan infrastructure bill and to the bigger spending bill, which increased the social safety net there. the democrats can even agree when to bring that to a vote. we were told at the weekend it would probably happen on tuesday, a check the calendar today's wednesday, and there's still no sign of that vote being scheduled. in fact, one senator said, possibly they might get a vote before thanksgiving that still 3 weeks away. joe biden needs the winds because he knows that if you repeat the results from last night across the rest of the country, when you lose important sections of the vote, then he is in big trouble because the democrats could then lose the house and also lose the senate and that essentially makes him a lame duck president for the last 2 years of his 1st term and then puts and risk
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any possibility of a 2nd term. he's got to use as political influence, no, to bring the democratic party together to get those votes, to get those bells and to get some political momentum. because at the moment he simply spinning his wheels in the oval office. now ecuador once had one of the lowest crime rates in south america, but the situation is rapidly spiraling out of control arise and drug trafficking and gang violence forced the government to declare a state of emergency. theresa reports from one of the worst effected problems. it's become one of the main drug trafficking boots out of the quarter, the pacific ocean via this more fishing villages that line the coast. it's through here. we're around 70 percent of the drugs produced in cologne. the emperor all are smuggled out of the country. jolanda may just, son is serving a prison sentence for drug trafficking in order. he's a fisherman and was caught when attempting to move. go came out of the country
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aboard his boat. i didn't know where he was and then i heard he was in prison in the united states since then it's been a nightmare. i'm poor and i'm not ashamed to say it. i've taught my children to work to earn their meal, but my son was weak and he allowed himself to be convinced. after serving time in the us, her son was transferred to prison in a while or 4 years ago. i with him. today i regret asking my son to be re patch created. i am seeing the killings happening in al prisons and i don't want my son to be there. he was a victim of the situation here. he is not a drug trafficker, prison, riot scenic weather would have left dozens of people dead in the past month. the violence is the result of conflict between rival criminal organizations. the government has declared a state of emergency response, but it's in small coastal towns like crew feeder, where the conflict is ongoing when
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a daily basis killings and robberies around the rice rock trafficking organizations use local fishermen to move drugs out of the country where being told that in many cases, they're forced to work for them. there's thousands of fishermen who are currently detained in central american prisons and d them in the united states. this man is a local fisherman. he says he's concerned about writing crime and how it's affecting their ability to make a living. he's afraid to show his face. but i mean with my son, it has increased a lot. the people who will approach, you know, lots of young people who are getting involved in crime who want the easy way out. it was a dollar raised economy, points and lack of government controls have lowered criminal organizations. and the reality is the mayor of 2 feet death. she believes it's her job to protect the 20000 fishermen that live in her hometown. because she says the government is not doing enough laws billing. when this is,
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the criminals are better prepared than the government, better equipped with better technology. the state of emergency has a political angle. it's not being done because of delinquency. delinquency has been ongoing for a while. many years we have been begging for assistance, help to combat crime and stop drug traffickers. and then, i mean, i mean it, while the order is in the middle of a social and political crisis, which makes it easy for drug trafficking to flourish. local fishermen are caught up in the fight, leaving their families desperate and in need. it is i will as cedar gr, cedar wild challenges say the corona virus pandemic has led to a rise in child. marriage is globally in parts of malawi. the number has nearly doubled, but it's not just a pandemic to blame us. how much house are reports now? from on? got you. when the sun rises over lake malawi, africa's 3rd largest lake, it usually means early morning chores. have to be done out here washing dishes and
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doing the laundry is generally a job for young women and girls. when they finish, some of them will hit to school. but chief sally at t juma says every year, many girls drop out and become victims of early marriage locked on measures to prevent the spread of coven 19 in her community. didn't help. zona mat in them in either the children had nothing to do our home. some got pregnant and got married. usually one girls missed school, the teacher sell us and we found that why, but when the schools closed, it was hard to keep a check on them. now the schools have opened. we see that some girls aren't in cross country. community leaders managed to persuade these teen mothers to go back to school. one girl says she wants to become a journalist, the others nurses already i'm a move at 1st. my husband don't want me to leave him in. he ordered me to stay. when the police got involved, he got scared. and let me go. now he has found another wife really enjoyed. even
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before the pandemic, malone, we had one of the highest rates of early child and teenage pregnancy in the world. one out of 2 girls are getting married before their age of 18. then it defeats the problem, isn't it almost like a half of the women population, which is 51 percent of the mallory total population is becoming or dropping out of a school number one. and secondly, becoming more mother before age over the 18 teacher said, rising poverty could force more girls are to school and into early marriages, especially varies. they also take, but in those marriages, because they've got to you via children who get molly saw that the, the gun, how something to any from those men, malawi is one of the poorest countries in the world. most of his budget comes from
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foreign aid. jobs are hard to find. the only real option out here is farming and there isn't enough work for every one. some young people would try to get to south africa to find work they. for those the con, do that getting married seems to be the only option. the law in my life would be the marriage for both boys and girls under 18, but without proper enforcement, it still happens harder. matessa al jazeera maniachi maloney gunman of attack the capital of south tv province in eastern democratic republic of congo, killing 3 soldiers heavy fighting broke out in the early hours and continued throughout the day. on wednesday. officials say the previously unknown on group targeted several police stations and an armory, 6 attackers were killed and 36 others were captured. israel has cost electricity in a number. there is an occupied west bank. these rain electricity company says it's
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taking action against the palestinian authorities. failure to clear its debt. it says the palestinians are $127000000.00 in unpaid bills. the blackouts affect areas near jerusalem ramallah and bethlehem. eight's annual palestinian film festival has kicked off in ramallah it showcasing more than 60 fiction documentary and short films across the occupied west bank. or dr. hamid has more it's the latest palestinian film to be internationally acclaimed. recently receiving an award at the venice film festival and nominated for an oscar ella that eve or the stranger is the story of a man returning to his village in the occupied golan heights. but after so many years away, he feels like a stranger among his own people. the movie is the brainchild of army of buffalo d. like it's giving voice to the voiceless at some point and thinks a spotlight on this area. i'm a syrian air director from the golan heights. but for me be,
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i'm also palestinian in this case because this is like my home as well. i am a, we are an extension to the, to the palestinian case and to do the best bless to me and feeling making a move in palestine is not easy. it took me of 7 years to put the already put together. there is no shortage of talent or ideas. the problem is finding the resources needed and like much of the palestinian economy, most productions rely on international financial support. directors have to rely on co productions, mostly with european companies. but the money comes with conditions. do government had some real numbers, part of the funds go back to the europeans because those are the co production conditions. and then there's rental equipment or crews from abroad to pay for. locally, we have real problems. we don't have an industry every films of personal initiative . you're on your own from conceiving the idea to the final cut her the long before
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the high. regardless of these difficulties, filmmakers say it's important to keep on creating movies and present the palestinian narrative to the world. but making way then, industry dominated by hollywood blockbusters is difficult, especially when it comes to reaching a wide audience. that's why having a presence on online streaming platforms is a good start may all day has curated a collection of palestinian movies for netflix. that's like really a great opportunity in a good museum to, to have this audience for palestinian funds. because we know netflix when they came to the middle east or do they start with netflix, they funded a lot of as really funds and that is and this full dance it is. it was a speaking in arabic. so it's was a kind of a really and it's there and it has a lot of audience. so it's great to have the palestinian narrative there for the
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audience to, to compare. and at least to that what, what they like, what they don't like. netflix is new collection is tied to palestinian stories is made up of 32 award winning films that were either directed by palestinian filmmakers or tell palestinian stories. it also makes movie accessible to palestinian themselves, were often restricted in their move with or simply don't have access to a cinema. but for palestinian filmmakers, the dream of seeing their film coming soon in a theatre near you is still far away. without that hamid elders either from allah, ah, type of creature headlines here on al jazeera talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear de la shuttle to resume at the end of november. and direct negotiations told in
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june off the iran held in action. while the announcement of more talks happened, the hours after, after iran reported a naval incident.


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