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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2021 1:00pm-1:31pm AST

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ah ah, there is no channel that covers world news like we do, we revisit places the state i'll deserve really invest in that. and that's a privilege. as a journalist lou. ready this is al jazeera. ah, hello and welcome. i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news. i live from doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. more fighting in ethiopia as u. s. embassy officials leave addis ababa because of concerns. the violence could reach the capital. after a gap of 5 months,
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iran agrees to resume talks on reviving the tattered nuclear agreement. a government message about stock piling, food sparks pilot, can china after fuel and power shortages also multiple floods this year have dumped an immeasurable amount of earth and mud, sand and sylvan rocks, in large boulders, in valleys all across this area during the power where the changing climate is being blamed for a series of devastating natural disasters. i'm joanna roscoe, it's full, it's never pulls unbeaten. starts of the season, continues as they put their place in the champions league knockout round with the to know when over at let to go madrid. ah, the u. s. embassy, any nuclear is allowing non emergency staff members to leave the country as the
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conflict there worsens. the governments declare the state of emergency as the t p ela rebels claims were seized more territory on a major road to the capitol. priyanka group took with the latest it's not the 1st call to arms spine if he had been leader. but this time, it's against an enemy within the prime minister abbey amad use the 1st anniversary of the conflict, antique white to call on his citizens to fight and defeat the tiguan rebels. abram with africa until ethiopia is free and peaceful. this is the time every citizen has to say, i am in ethiopia and soldier to condemn this miss g. this plan, while standing next to the ethiopian national defense forces, to humiliate the enemy late last year. if you appear national all me, that a strength in numbers and significant err, paul pushed to t grind rebels into retreat. but since july the rebels had been making you gain,
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expanding the bottle from inside into me bring, i'm her, i'm of our region. be, have now entered an unlikely alliance with the oral deliberation army, a band flint to group from around the region home to few p as largest ethnic group when the federal military had to withdraw from pig right and june off to suffer insignificant battlefield losses. not really does seem to depleted the federal military. they've been on recruitment campaign since including and lifting these regional forces on militia. but ultimately that means sending quite roll new recruits into battle. and that seems to have contributed to the fairly consistent gain by the 2 great forces through east, and i'm hara, i think they launched their offensive in july. the rebels are threatening to move further south towards addis ababa after capturing to strategic towns on
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a major hiring, linking the northern pig i region with the capital where the teacher and leadership is highly unpopular. because i was sold, you the not fighting alone. we should know that for sure, our forces will never surrender despite all that you might see on social media on that like to tv. we don't need to heed the advice of foreigners about how to deal with this conflict. this is our rule against those who attempt to enslaved us. the us has been calling for immediate negotiations with our preconditions to end the conflict. it's allowing voluntary departure of some of its staff and their family members in the capitol because of escalating violence. washington has sent a special on war for the horn of africa to few up here. and there are also recent leverage to deescalate the guardian president has called a meeting of the east african block to discuss the crisis. for now, addis ababa remains on edge as neither side shows any sign of backing down. piano
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up there. i'll dizzier. ok, let's take a live update on the still developing significant story. joining us here on the news are the independent journalist, samuel ghetto, in addis ababa, samuel, we understand just in the past half hour or so, there may be turning to the ugandans. what would they bring to this process? whether ugandan president is seen as an elder statesman at within the region, the east african region. he is been president since 19 eighties. and he's looking at finding a solution to a conflict are begun a year ago as really are facing millions of people and, and as a test to its 1st anniversary, which was 2 days ago and i was expected. many people are predicting and my come to add the some about pushing much of the u. s. diplomats to even leave the yoga looking for some kind of safety. but this compliments they can't president who also
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issued a statement saying there has to be some kind of negotiation to put an end to what's happening in this country. and as far as what is going on there today, the government declaring this state of emergency does not give the government more power to do what it wants to do when it gives more power. this is comparable to the partial arctic act and the u. s. or the war measure sacked in canada in the ninety's seventy's, which grounds every human rights or rights of citizens to be given to the state. and to do what they need to do to bring the country, the foundation of the country intact. that present the prime minister of your bill, abbey ahmed, has been saying this is about keeping the independence of the country and keeping the foundation of the country intact. because the conflict are begun again. a year ago has really produced lots of victims, more than 2000000 displaced. people has been defined by
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a sexual violence that has been going on from day one, which is reflected by partially by a report that was but those done by the u. n. n. by the children human rights commission, samuel, thank you very much. as of a single, castro are talking to was the from at this up after months on hold talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal had been scheduled for the end of this month. negotiations between the secretaries in vienna stalled in june when the new president abraham bracy was elected. the u. s. is welcome to return to discussions and says it expects them to pick up where they left off. well, iran, once you are sanctions lifted in return for compliance with the agreements which were signed in 2015, it was designed to limit tehrani nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions relief . but in may of 2018, the then president, all trump withdrew the u. s. and began re imposing sanctions in november of last year. the i. e. a reported around stock pile of enriched uranium had reached 12
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times the permitted levels in april, in direct talks began in vienna to bring the u. s. and iran back into compliance with the j. c. p. o. 8. the next day iran began enriching uranium up to 60 percent . 6 rounds of talks were held in vienna. they concluded in june to allow president gracie to form his new government. joining us now in the studio is our iran correspondent, door search bar door. so you've been there in vienna, the not the last time. the time before that. i think it was how the optic shifted to, how are they changing? well, one of the main issue is, is that the iranians are not directly talking to the americans. they are in one hotel and the americans are across the street and another adult. so the europeans are moving back and forth between the 2 sides. and one of the reasons, certainly such delays between these talks is that they are not talking directly to each other. and the main issue now is with the new angle she eddington going from to her on to vienna, is that there is talk from
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a number of analysts have spoken to that. the are looking to shift the kind of negotiations they've been having until now. the previous negotiating team was talking in parallel about sanctions and their nuclear program. now apparently, the iranians are looking more towards just a linear format of air sions, rather than discussing things in parallel, meaning they 1st will want to talk about lifting the sanctions before they will discuss the country's nuclear issues and how they will go back to for compliance and we've also heard from the reigning president racy this morning, who also reiterated this point. he said that the whole point of these negotiations for iran is to get those sanctions lifted. and of course, the number one priority for them is the oil sanctions, the u. s. has imposed on iran since the u. s. withdrew from the deal in 2018. so there is a lot at stake here in the new team will certainly be a difference team for the europeans. and americans in its time will tell whether or not it will be another route after this 7th round,
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later this month. and usually it takes about a week. and then the foreign ministers, the deputy foreign ministers, go back to their capitals and discussed what had been said, and then they have another round of talks. but really, at this point, we're going to have this 1st round will dictate whether or not they'll be future rounds. okay. sounds like a long processed or so. thank you so much. jose, docile jibari. there are 2 wrong correspondence. let's say without storing brigand verna fast le band, he is formerly the austrian defense minister, also an expert on the iranian nuclear negotiations who joined us from vienna verna fossil and welcome to the news out. so we're talking about linear talks. we're talking about proximity talks. it sounds like a long drawn out process. yeah, the big question certainly will be. ah, how long can detox last? ah, what and will debris in results there each question for me will be ah,
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whether the americans can give a guarantee. ah, that what will happen? ah, after the next oh, with the next administration, due to the fact that sir, by then term, but by then term only will last 3 years at the moment, and nobody can tell who will be the successor. of course, the iranians are very suspicious whether they will get a clear solution for quite some years and not just a similar situation as the last time when president trump canceled the program. this is the biggest question. on the other hand, ah, we will be confronted. of course, we're with new questions from the western side, about secret places or whatever, and to baby ours or about additional programs. but i think there will be no
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additional progress if they cannot concentrate right arctic. but with some point, just put you there for a 2nd. so at some point, even if the iranians get the guarantee they want and what you're essentially saying there is they want guarantees from the bite administration which say no future us administration will ever walk away from this process. we get that. we understand that that's, that's a demand, i guess, on the part of the iranian government. but when the europeans, a shuttle cocking literally across the street from one hotel to another, at the end of this month, the europeans have got to say to the iranians, what the united states will be believing, which is the iranian government have made strides between june and where we are today, well beyond the original structure of the 2015 deal. oh, well i think it all. this is just for the moment. oh,
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so normally of course there will be diag context between the american cynthia iranians. ah, and they will fix it also, or in respect of for the past or t c, p o e o. the past agreement where even than our days american, our fire minister lincoln was involved ah, very deeply. and in so far, oh for me it's all that the question when ah, well they reached a point where diag contact and a dialect agreement aah! will be on the table. is the big variable here, mr. fast lab and the so called breakout time, that every one must have a slightly different interpretation of breakout time. is that the difference between the technology that or the time difference between the technology that iran has at the moment and how long it will take it to turn that technology into
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something to be used for a purpose completely different to generating electricity? i don't think that's a technology question really is the big question because i mean if you follow reports from the last decade you will see already 10 years ago, people were talking the wrong is only half a year or a year before being able to, to have bombed into father, i don't think that this really is the question, but when people can follow the program, the limitations, this will be ok. the big question is whether the 2 teams really can get closer. because iran and have it completed your team, you must not on the estimates that the pass team conclude is not only the foreign
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minister, but also the chief for the of the nuclear program, the around the nuclear program. this was the previous sense of, of cover if and in so far, this was a very clear team and they had a clear consensus in the new team. they probably will need some time in order to develop a similar trust between them and also to get trust. what will bring the future from the american side? ok, we'll leave it that then a fast levant. many thanks. 15 minutes past 10, gmc still to come here on the news are india's investing heavily in wind and solar power. so why can't it when itself off? coal will tell you why you are not alone. the message to taiwan. that's causing a big stir in china and
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a barcelona legend edges ever closer to becoming their new coach. joe will tell us how why and more in sport in about 30 minutes. ah, and he's one person has died in iraq are from an outbreak of food poisoning that's made more than 500 people sick. it's not yet clear what caused the outbreak in the province of may. sam, so far tap water and sanitation services have been found to be clean. one fast food restaurant has been closed as a precaution and samples are now being analyzed. mackwood abdulla her choices lie from the iraqi capital bank that mackwood. what else do we know about this? this sounds significant. 500 people being made very ill will, according to their health, director of my san province in southern iraq investigations are underway and the
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whole case has been referred to the criminal up corps. now, the initial causes are biological. that's related to a germ bacterial infection, according to medical tests that have been conducted in air mason. and that shows that the, the patients, all the patients including the one that passed away. they had the same food from the same fast food restaurant in mesa. her security measures had been put in place up several other restaurants along with this, their son to have been closed down patients, families stormed into that rest and destroyed part of it. restaurant owner and along with 6 other restaurant workers have been detained. now, health officials in my san province say that they have also referred the results of their tests of the analysis to both their to the forensic team. to also verify
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the causes of the infection. they say that they have conducted several checkups tests. i turned out that there is no chemical substances involved in the case. but biological and germs are bacteria infection. these also say that all the patients, including the one that passed away, they showed symptoms of food ah, or food poisoning that includes up vomiting, high fever, nausea and diarrhea. now, as you know, peter, that may st province is just like other provinces in southern iraq, under privilege, it very poor are provinces that have been suffering from it. negligence and mismanagement by consecutive or a government. this case is not the only a case as you know that officials, health officials in my sand say that in the regular days,
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in normal days before that incident, they receive several food poisoning cases on a daily basis. ok many thanks to that margaret abdullah heard reporting life than usa from back. that is really a media to date reporting the boss of the n r. so group has step done after the us added the is really tech firm to it's trading blacklist. it's behind the controversial pegasus spyware that's reported to have been used by foreign governments to target journalists and human rights activists. among many others, the n s o groups, as is dismayed by the decision, a russian software company and 2 other foreign businesses have also been added to the u. s. list. ah. the case as the quotes end of coal is insights. as the cop 26 climate meeting in glasgow begins its energy date talks. britain's government says it's secure to
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coalition of dozens of countries, pledge and clear commitments to face out coal power. but there are noticeable absentees, the 3 biggest consumers of coal, india, china, and the united united states. well, they haven't signed up. and today, i think we can say that the end of coal is in sight. the progress we've seen over the past 2 years. would it seem like a lofty ambition when we took on the court presidency back in 2019? who to thought back then that to day we're able to say that we are choking off international co financing. or that we would see a shift away from domestic co power under simmons joins us live from glasgow and root. so on coal, what are the agreed well, there is an agreement. so this involves. busy more than 40 countries, but excludes the big players as you are just pointing out there. and that includes
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china, the united states, and india. now, the position is this, that coal is actually the single biggest contributor to climate change. and more in a 3rd of the world's electricity is fired by coal. so we have a situation now where they want to set out on this, which is deemed energy day, a plan to bring in a whole raft of commitments right across the board. and it doesn't just include the countries 40 countries of that that i mentioned. it also includes financial institutions, dozens of them, and, and also other organizations all over the world to try to get the whole issue of coal being used to power up uh the, the pollutants that sweep a global warming across the whole world. now not only that,
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that the day is also going to be committed to effectively at talking about coming off the addiction to fossil fuels. so right across the board, but lots of commitments, no solid guarantees. that's one of the problems here. briefly, andrew, can this be described as a success? if you're missing the 3 biggest users generators of carbon into the atmosphere i uses of coal. if they're not signing up to this, how can it be a success? well, the, the o, the view is that that moves are being made in a gentler way with a really big consumer such as a china, for example, china is, is now agreeing at no longer at to export the power to actually have a coal at used overseas. and to power energy and also a to actually use the u. s. as a means of bringing down its commitments. but no,
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it has to be said, this is not an all out solution. and furthermore, the of the complications with, for example, deforestation, you have, you know, these pledges that are given and now we're already seeing a deputy foreign minister and indonesia questioning the ethics of using european standard sir to try and get do frustration. a push through it is it easier or by 2030? so that's an example of the type of queries you're going to get with any pledge or any commitment as it's cold. and we have here a situation with coal. busy that it is not just an addiction in terms of the wealthy countries served in terms of using it for power. it's also something that poor countries absolutely depend on, on the cold to actually grow their economies. and that's why you're getting more more and potency to the argument from the poor countries. that the wealthier ones, it's fine for them. they've made their billions of dollars. we have to survive,
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we have to grow, we need the power, we have to go for the cheaper solution. so where is the money? it's all comes down the money we've. we've seen that whole debate going on as does a trillion dollars going in the right direction. but still you have this question from the poorer countries. what about us? it's all very well to see the countries that were responsible for the industrial revolution here in the u. k. are to be blah blurring. but what about the real estate? what a, getting the power where it's needed to poor people in this world. under many thanks, under simmons took interest from ca, 26 in glasgow. well, as we were hearing there from andrew simmons in india has not signed up to the cold deal. and while renewable power generation has tripled there in recent years, the coal sector is also expanding. elizabeth moran and reports now from come home to india's biggest coal reserves. these fires have been burning across the
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jody a cold field in india's eastern state of johnson. for more than 100 years, they've destroyed thousands of homes and made much of jody a town uninhabitable. the bowery is now a single parent. after his 30 year old wife call jani baby fell into a pit while taking the daughter to use the toilet. the ground he often caves in the cause of the fires. my daughter came running and said mommy has fallen into a bit. i rushed to the fort and i pray to god that no one has to ever see a site like julia is india's most lucrative coal field, but also the sight of one of its biggest environmental disasters. underground fires were 1st detected in 1916 and abandoned mines, which went decommissioned properly. more recently, 2 decades of unrestrained open cost mining has brought the fires to the surface,
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but the indian government is pushing ahead. the plants expand the sector in jargon and beyond is developing. it's in the industry, it's just realizing and for that we need power. more and more power is needed for the end. 70 percent we depend on this. india is already the world's 2nd largest producer consumer and importer of comb, jock and is home to the country's largest coal reserves, but also to forests rich and bio diversity. the coal block under these fields. and that forest was auction to one of the biggest companies nearly a year ago, but no work has started. that's because the state of jack and as challenging the central government's plans and the supreme court on environmental grounds, there are plans to convert these fields and large tracks of forest into mines. displacing tens of thousands of people who often belong to indigenous tribes.
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politicians and jobs can say any expansion must take people into consideration. the problem here is we want, everyone wants school gorman, one school, we want expansion. but what does it cost? people are paying for it. the truth is that there is an expansion, but people are not getting the view. you want to have a cold dock. you want to have to call what, what about the people living about the service? like thousands of others billet bodies says he won't leave judie because the government has provided proper accommodation elsewhere. as india's electricity demand grows with its economy, environmentalists say it must prioritize clean energy. any development to be beneficial in the years to come. elizabeth per annum al jazeera jargon, eastern india. lots more ground still to cover for you here on the news are from al jazeera, including these ones will report the fishing village in ecuador. it's not at the center of south america's war on drugs. the leader of
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a coalition of gangs in haiti asks the united states for help to overthrow the government and the real buzzer. peter in the n b a for the brooklyn jets jewel, explain what i just said in the sports news in about 15. ah hello, we got another spell, a very nasty weather developing cross central parts of the mediterranean, the pair of low pressure pushing in across italy at the balkans and that will cause flooding as we go through the next couple of days. damaging windsor swell winds getting up to around 90 kilometers per hour around the a drastic coast over the next a day or 2. she is area of low pressure here, where the systems to the east of that bringing some warm air in warm, suddenly winds across the southeast corner of europe. so still see temperatures in
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belgrade, getting up to 23 celsius on thursday afternoon, then things turning much cooler as we go through the next couple of days. and on into the weekend 11 celsius, the top temperature here by saturday. and that's because we have that cloud and rain, which is pushing in across the western half of the mediterranean, into italy, into the bulk is big down. pause could see a 100 to 150 millimeters of rain in parts of further director alps. as we go on through the next couple days, just along the adriatic coast there, same line of cloud and rain pushes right up towards the baltic. states hooks back into that western side of poland, east in areas of germany, still seeing some wet weather to have continued make his way further east, which as we go on 3, friday with more rain coming in behind. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results, trade and walk indonesia, his friends for me,
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we moved full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs, investment. let be part when denise is growth and progress in indonesia. now, the corona virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain, a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens, britain's true colors, part one on al jazeera. ah.


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