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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2021 2:00pm-2:31pm AST

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whitney o, now j 0. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ah. more fighting in ethiopia as u. s. embassy officials leave addis ababa because of it concerns the violence couldn't reach the capital. ah, hello, i'm emily angry. this is al jazeera live from dough house are coming up. after a 5 month gap, iran agrees to resume talks on reviving the tattered nuclear agreements. a government message about stock piling, food sparks panic in china after fuel and power shortages. and
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a european delegation causes a stir in china after telling tie one's president. you are not alone. ah, uganda is president, is calling for east african ladies to meet and discuss the worsening conflict in ethiopia. in another sign of international alarm, the u. s. embassy in addis ababa is allowing some staff and their families to leave if you of his government has declared a state of emergency as to grind rebels claim to have made advances towards the capital brianca gupta reports. it's not the 1st call to arms spine if he'll be a leader, but this time it's against an enemy within our prime minister abbey amory. used the 1st anniversary of the conflict antique roy to call on his citizens to fight and defeat the tiguan rebels. until ethiopia is free and peaceful,
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this is the time every citizen has to say. i'm in the the open soldier to condemn this miss g. this plan while standing next to the se, opiate national defense forces to humiliate the enemy late last year. if he appear national army with a strength in numbers and significant airport pushed to t grind rebels into retreat. but since july, the rebels had been making you gain, expanding the bottle from inside gray, into neighboring i'm her and of our region. be, have now entered an unlikely alliance with the oral more liberation army. a band flint grew from only a region home to few p as largest ethnic group when the federal military had to withdraw from pick right and june after suffering significant battlefield losses. not really does seem to depleted the federal military. they've been on recruitment campaigns since including and lifting these regional forces on militia. but
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ultimately, that means sending quite roll new recruits into battle. and that seems to have contributed to the fairly consistent gain by the great forces through eastern . i'm hora. the rebels are threatening to move from the south towards addis ababa after capture to strategic towns on a major hiring linking. been more than pigs, i region with the capital where the teacher and leadership is highly unpopular. because i was sold to the not fighting alone. we should know that for sure. our forces will never surrender despite all that you might see on social media on that like to tv. we don't need to heed the advice of foreigners about how to deal with this conflict. this is our rule against those who attempt to enslaved us. the us has been calling for immediate negotiations with all preconditions to end the conflict. it's allowing to re departure of some of its staff and their family
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members in the capitol because of escalating violence. washington has sent its special envoy for the horn of africa, defi, up here. and there all to regional efforts to deescalate the you gotten in precedent has called a meeting of the east african block to discuss the crisis. for no addis ababa remains on edge as neither side shows any sign of backing down bianca group though, i'll 0. ok, let's bring in independent generalist sam. you'll get a cho in idea of, of a hello there. samuel, how are if you opens reacting to these latest developments if your parents are really concerned that the us, the bite and administration in boy is in town, saying that there has to be some kind of negotiation to and this conflict up begun a year ago. it was a court by the president of uganda, the president of kenya, putting so much pressure to the if you're going government, as well as a t p, enough to somehow find a solution to a conflict that started
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a year ago and has produced millions of victims from all sites, it's not just integrating. it's also and i'm hot enough for us reflected by the un report that came out yesterday with the support of leave you were going to human rights. the victims are just so overwhelming and mounting by that each day and one has really highlight, been highlighted about this conflict as the sexual violence that has been used by all actors. according to the report suggest, how critical will these mason bay, which will be held by the east african block later this month does, would be on november 16th. the ugandan president is seen as an elder. and the younger generation grant governments over in the horn of africa. and it's going to be one of the options to bring this to a conclusion. because once again, the u. n. a saying there's going to be some sore throat for famine. and if you're
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coming back to an older, and there's also for an investment and the issue of foreigners fleeing ethiopia, putting the image of the country in a very compromising position. thank you very much. fear inside samuel, get a char. let's bring in at tele masoud for his analysis. he's a retired lieutenant general, and a military analyst has been closely following developments in ethiopia. he joins us from islamabad. hello there. hello. thanks for joining us. our government forces strong enough to withhold the tpr laugh as they advanced towards the capital. well, i don't think that will end the conflict because it's that important that both decide to create a political pain. you know, the civil war will continue as long as well. so you can sort of clue, prison. i think you need a political solution for that. and you also need that sort of justice,
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which has been completely denied in this case. and there is so much of brutality. and that, you know, that is no humanity, any more in this company. and i think both the sides, but the government has to be more responsible. and they really think that's a bad stand in that. and the bread and brown this is, you know, is very adamant in trying not to be very conciliate. and he's been sort of denied the opportunity which is being up for the bar and his neighbors. and sort of come through some sort of a political engagement with the peer left, but he doesn't think look really agreed to. so it's a situation where i think that civil role that continue until there is some either change in the leadership. oh, there are,
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there are some compulsive forces which really prevent things you know, happening. but at this point in time with this president and with this policy and attitude, it becomes extremely difficult to find a way out of this group group civil war, which has really taken the lives of millions of people and not only the lights, but the quality of life and the future of that country and all the people of the region has been seriously impacted and at birth. tell it the un high commissioner for human rights is called for. com. is that enough is the international community in ethiopia. name is doing enough to call for come well i think that effort is okay, but the fact is i couldn't agree more, that it has to be greater and greater focus actually what happens is that
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the major powers are least interested in these areas. and they think that these are not important, and this is one of the service from entry that you can see what's happening in the sense that and that is not a realization that the global level, that even at the, at that what is happening in this part of the world, so i think and it's a fed reflection of the overall quality of you. and i think that you and also has to be more active. oh, do i think that un gina did? yes, speaking a lot of interest, but that does not. i think the united nations security council of the un openings ations, the african countries, i think they're all, it's really focus on that and should america. and also the major powers, china,
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and russia, also to take some interest if they are responsible, major borrowers to just how critical is this meeting to be held by the east african block later this month? what needs to be when is to happen in that meeting? yeah, well i think there might come out some sort of a conciliatory approach. my credit will be accepted by the parties concerned. that is a big question. well, we appreciate your insides. tell us my pseudo retired lieutenant general and military analyst. thank you for your time. thank to the rest of the days news, and after months on hold talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal had been shuttled for the end of this month. negotiations between the secretaries in vienna stoled in june, when the president abraham racy was elected u. s. has welcome to return to talks and says expects them to pick up where they left off. then a fossil bend is a former austrian defense minister,
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an expert on nuclear negotiations. he says iran is wary of trusting future us administration. the big question certainly will be. how long can detox last? when will they bring results? the big question for me will be whether the americans can give guaranteed that what will happen after the next with the next administration tool to the fact that by the term, by the term only will last 3 years at the moment. and nobody can tell who will be the successor. of course, the iranians, very suspicious way that they will get a clear solution for quite some years and not just a similar situation. as the last time when president trump canceled the program.
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this is the biggest question. on the other hand, we will be confronted, of course, with new questions from the western side, about secret places or whatever. and to baby also about additional programs in the new team. they probably will need some time in order to develop as similar trust of between them and also to get trust. what will bring the future from the american side. and iran is marking the 42nd anniversary of the u. s embassy takeover in a ron and 979 crowd gathered in the capital where the head of a runs revolutionary god has delivered a speech. students stormed the u. s. embassy, sparking a hostage crisis that lasted more than a year. still ahead on al jazeera conflict and climate change, i will tell you more about the twin crises. chad's cattle farm is
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a battling every day and the leader of the coalition of gangs in haiti asked the us to help to overthrow the government. ah, ah, look forward to brighter skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello, we've got a change of the forecast coming up the beijing over the next couple of days looking rather nasty here to make our way through the weekend for the time being high pressure in charge. so it's largely quite missed and fog some frosty year morning, sir. once again into our northern parts of china, up towards the korean peninsula, but some decent warmth ahead of that 20 celsius in soul. in the heat of the day on friday. similar temperature there too, for tokyo. what a to shouting to northern parts of japan. but the where to weather, as you can see, will be across central and eastern parts of china. easing up towards east china,
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see we could see some localized flooding as a result of that. that where to whether this easing its way over towards shanghai look further north and we're looking at temperatures falling way quite sharply in beijing on saturday last few days we be getting up into the high teams, sas de 13 sales. just see that areas snow which are slide it's way in for saturday . come sunday. well, temperatures really falling away. no higher than about 3 celsius there for sunday afternoon. meanwhile, we got some very heavy rain across the southern parts of her in the or more big downpours coming in here. it'll circulation in the arabian sea bringing some very wet weather across western parts of india, easing up all the way up towards mom by with a possibility of luckless flooding. out the weather, sponsored by katara always in the country with an abundance of results with i was wanting to receive his firms forming. we moved full to grow and fraud. we
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balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively insuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let me pause when the lease is growth and progress invest in the next year . now. ah ah, hello, are you watching out a 0? i'm emily angland, a reminder about top stories. the sour uganda and president is called a meeting of the east african block on november 16th to discuss the conflict in ethiopia. the long conflict between the central government and northern chico rebels has escalated sharply prompting the government to declare
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a state of emergency talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal. i scheduled to resume at the end of this month in direct negotiations between old cigna trees and vienna. vienna stowed last year after abraham racy won the presidential election. at least one person has died in iraq after a mass outbreak of food poisoning that made more than 500 people sick. it's not yet clear what caused the outbreak in may sound province. several fast food restaurants had to be closed as a precaution and samples of being analyzed. mama to abdel why head is following the story from back to at. the initial causes are biological. that's related to germ bacterial infection, according to medical tests that have been conducted in may st. and that shows that the patients, all the patients, including the one that passed away, they had the same food from the same fast food restaurant in may send her security
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measures. had been put in place up several restaurants along with this restaurant to have been closed down patients. families stormed into that restaurant and destroyed part of it. restaurant owner and along with 6 other restaurant workers have been detained. europe is back at the epicenter of the pandemic. current virus infection rates are higher than in asia and africa combined. according to the world health organization's director for europe, dr. hans krueger says, european governments must act now to avoid a catastrophe. hospitalization, admission rich due took over 19 more than doubled in one week based on doubly sure, europe's latest data. according to one label projection. if we stay on this trajectory, we could see another half a 1000000. gov at 19 bits in europe and central asia by the 1st of february,
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next year. and 40 city countries in oregon will face high to extreme stress on hospital bits at some point through the same period. ah, the u. k says the end of call is in size. as the cop 26 climate meeting in glasgow begins its energy day talks. britain's government says insecure to coalition of dozens of countries, pledging clear commitments to phase out cold our. but there are noticeable absentees are the 3 largest consumers of coal, india, china, and the u. s. have not signed up. and today, i think we can say that the end of coal is in site. the progress we've seen over the past 2 years. what it seemed like a lofty ambition when we took on the court presidency back in 2019 good,
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a thought back then that to day we're able to say that we're choking off international co financing. all that we would see a shift away from domestic co power. andrew simmons is there for us in glasgow. hello there, angie. so we're hearing the end of call is inside it. is it really and what's been a great on to actually make this happen? when it may be in sight, the question is when will it be out of the way altogether? it is the biggest single pollutant or causing a global warming on the planet. and the idea is to stop its use for generating power. now there are the usual suspects as i called us china or india as well. the aunt, sunny on for this deal. there are varied targets, 20 thirty's,
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20 forty's. but there are interesting developments. countries such as poland, vietnam, canada, chile, morocco, egypt, countries that are very reliance on coal field, energy planning to face it out for other power sources. now here right now with me and is at someone quite esteem when it comes to clive climate activism . it is the former president of my half of the mold eaves my habit nationwide. welcome to al jazeera. thank. thank you very much, sir. thank you for having me. now you have campaign tirelessly on the issue, simply because the mold eaves is only a few, a meter or so above sea level. its existence is that threads. when you hear about the, the large countries not facing out, coal is quickly enough. what goes through your mind, but we are now living am on a planet which is heat at $1.00 degrees. and we know how the
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rain said change is more rain. there's more the summer's and longer the, when the stronger the waves are higher and therefore our costs are getting it ordered of water is contaminated, the reef is bleached and we are losing the bio diversity and therefore the bait fish. and therefore, our fishery industry, we're losing a livelihood, we're losing a community and we are losing the country. now. it was in 2009 just ahead of the of the, the cop in copenhagen. and when you did that, what some regard as a publicity stunt, but it was an incredibly serious one when you went under water for a cabinet meeting when you were president. now, since then, what's changed? but we wanted to impress the gravity of the issue. did people to the road and people everywhere? it's been a long while since then. but since then countries have come to understand the
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gravity fall ball than they used to in 2009. this is probably because the bad weather days already upon us. dense flood, said van, you open up divi. any time you always see the tundra burning, you see fine grease. you see water and strong winds. everywhere. the planet is changing. the planet is losing its balance and we will come to keep in point and it is looking like it's going to be very soon. the climate one hon countries, countries like the mold dibs, are far more vulnerable than many, many, many other countries. but of course, it's not on the gets the motives. everyone is now feeling the heat. the bad weather is upon us. we have to make sure that the planet does not heat above 1.5 degrees.
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it is very important, but there is a slippage from this. is there not there we're hearing from of the words of the presence of australia that the roster alien saying that this could change that. you mentioned coal. and now, and you also mentioned portland of the week it is now time that we leave. is it nuclear technology, nuclear power. poland is coming up, i think with the nuclear program that would allow them to switch from coal. no, this is very, very different time. these small reactors, i am told, are far, far more safer days out one megawatt small the actor. now that could be the size for many, many small small villages and towns. and i think also that is the near technology of hydrogen. feel again coming up because they can heat up and produce hydrogen
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cheaper at through nuclear technology. and therefore the airline industry can go carbon neutral and may be carbon negative. the shipping industry can go carbon neutral. i think there's enough technology now, and i think there's enough reason and also in, of understanding for us to change. and i believe that we will change and, and i am i and still counting the numbers crunching it to see where we it's done. when we came to the cobb, the numbers suggested the nationally determined contribution from countries suggested that the temperature rise wouldn't go beyond to 2 degrees. but now it's looking like after india submission. it is looking like that the bullet planet can maintain, can come down to $1.00. thank you very much indeed for your assessment, the and your insight on this crucial something. thank you very, very much indeed. and so energy is what it's about today at cop $26.00 and
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not just coal. other fossil fuels, the addiction of the west to fossil fuels, is what some people are terming it. and not only are countries signing on 40, at least to this cold deal, but also financial institutions are vowing that they will not get involved in any coal projects. dozens of those. so this is a very big development. but of course, the larger countries, the big consumers of cold, cannot commit fully to watson store. thank you so much for that. inside their entry, simmons lie for us in glasgow and in pads of chad. conflict is growing, is fed, our land shrinks dry zones are expanding in the changing climate banking resources, even more precious armies. interest reports another victim of climate change, a prized horse, succumbs to the searing heat. here an exhausted lamb was left behind by my
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greeting, heard 4 wild animals to deval. as his losses pile up, i go muhammad the rounds of his cattle and family, and had towards the border with the cambro. me, well, i filled out of buffalo wood. we are leaving 2 pastures, greener and the weather's more bearable. the migration will save what's left of my cattle, the drought, and the rising heat taken so much away from me. far removed from what world leaders are doing the climate change summit. his just trying to cut his losses and recover . even if that means risking attacks by bandits, bo quorum and corrupt officials as he crosses the chide come road border, mom would you bring expects the dry period and his losses to continue and have her add them has have in the rain to failed us. and the unbearable heat is drawing up the little water that we have. it's painful to watch your animals die and there's nothing you can do about it is no sure if you will have any kettle left before the
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reins return. while politicians and expos discuss how to slow global warming at to a say, people in this a hell already living, that gloomy future, the leaders are talking about. they say the region continues to see arise, and temperatures. at fi, i could get worse if it took them all to come to the desert. i can definitely tell you that in this region, which time has in fact run out really. so it's up to us to act and mitigate the impact on people's hello. i'm grow still occupy like sway of territory, father, limiting access to water and land for agriculture. as the impact of climate change becomes clear, pasta really is, are forced to make a difficult decision to sell their animals at very low prices or let them die. and when they bring them to markets like this, they find fuel people can afford to buy them. how many increase al jazeera, jemina,
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politicians from the european parliament have told ty, one's late as you and not alone. a delegation made the 1st visit of its kind to the island meeting, president, sighing when in taipei. tensions are already running high with china, which claims taiwan as part of its territory to haiti. now we're a gang later once the us to help him overthrow the government. jimmy says a effectively controls most of haiti's, food and fuel. john hendrick reports from what a prince helped with haiti's most powerful gang leader says the prime minister must resign peacefully or armed militants will remove him off. the phone at jimmy share is a known throughout haiti by his nickname, barbecue, made his threat in a letter to the u. s. ambassador, asking for american support. shears, a leads, a group of gangs known as the g 9. he read the letter to reporters at a news conference surrounded by armed men with della at the cost of blood. we are going to dislodge mister arial henri from the prime minister's office. and
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afterwards, the key to the country will be handed over to a new class of men and women of civil society who will have to govern responsibly to get the country out of the quagmire in which it has been stuck for so long. although shares is one of hades most wanted men, the country's out gun police force made no effort to intervene. the man known as barbecue might be the head of 9 gangs, but he says he isn't a gangster. he's not a politician. he is the leader of a political movement that is launched a revolution here in the streets of the western hemispheres were as country. we asked the prime minister's office for a response and they told al jazeera prime minister ariel only doesn't deal with guess. shares aces haiti is dominated by an elite 5 percent that he calls the real gangsters. he says he wants to turn haiti into the u. s. style liberal democracy over the the so we'll follow fairly far from terrorizing the population. we are fighting to get haiti out of the yoke of systematic poverty based on
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a plot hatched between traditional politicians and this corrupt rotten, perverted was. was he more than 200 haitians deported from the u. s. and cuba returned on wednesday to a capital in crisis. the basque 11th message of it and the other. my life was in danger, so i fled. now this sent me back. i ran from hell and now i am back. if anything haiti's condition has worsened. it's economy crippled by a fuel shortage it streets ruled by gangs. it's government under threat. john henderson. l g 0 port a prince. ah and are you watching out his ear? and these are the top stories this hour. he gant and president is called a meeting of east african ladies on november 16th to discuss the conflict in ethiopia. the yield on wall between the central government.


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