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ah bonnie skilfully knocked down 3 key areas of development who filling a promise of connecting the world, connecting the future. ronnie, carto cutters, gateway to whoa trade. ah, this is al jazeera. ah! hello welcome, i'm pete adobe. you're watching the news. i live from our headquarters here in doha, coming up in the next 60 minutes. the european union calls for an immediate cease fire, and negotiations is fighting intensifies in ethiopia. ron's president, demands us, sanctions be lifted as part of its return to the 2015 nuclear deal, an urgent morning on cooper 19 in europe. the world health organization says new
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cases on nearing record levels. a government message about stockpiling food in china sparked panic after fuel and power shortages. i'm going to get your scope with the sports as barcelona step up, that she to jaffe a club continued toast with kettles. al, sad to bring their former captain back to the new camp as couch ah, you go as president is calling for east african leaders to meet and discuss the worsening conflict in ethiopia, while the u. s. embassy and addis ababa is allowing some of its staff and their families to leave the ethiopian government has declared a state of emergency as to grind rebels claim to have made advances towards the capital. the european union is among those now calling for an immediate cease, fire is priyanka group talk. it's not the 1st call to arms spine. if he'll be
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a leader. but this time, it's against an enemy within our promise to abi amad, used the 1st anniversary of the conflict, antigua to call on his citizens to fight and defeat the tiguan rebels. until ethiopia is free and peaceful. this is the time every citizen has to say. i'm in the open soldier to condemn this miss g. this plan while standing next to the e. c. o. p. national defense forces to humiliate the enemy. late last year. if you appear national army with a strength in numbers and significant air, paul pushed the t grind rebels into retreat. but since july, the rebels had been making you gains, expanding the bottle from inside into neighboring. i'm her and of our region be have now entered an unlikely aligns with the oral more liberation army, a band flint, a group from around the region home to few p s largest ethnic group when the
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federal military had to withdraw and pick right and june after suffering significant battlefield losses not really does seem to depleted the federal military. they've been on recruitment campaign since including and listing these regional forces on militia. but ultimately, that means sending quite roll new recruits into battle, and that seems to have contributed to the fairly consistent gain by the great forces through eastern i'm hora. the rebels are threatening to move the south towards august of a box after capturing to strategic towns on a major highway linking the more than pig i region with the capital where the teacher and leadership is highly unpopular. because i was sold, you the not fighting alone, we should know that for sure our forces will never surrender despite all that you
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might see on social media on satellite t v. we don't need to heed the advice of foreigners about how to deal with this conflict. this is our rule against those who attempt to enslaved us. i believe the u. s. has been calling for immediate negotiations with our preconditions to end the conflict. it's allowing voluntary departure of some of its staff and their family members in the capitol because of escalating violence. washington has sent its special envoy for the horn of africa, tiffy up here, and there ought to regional efforts to deescalate the ugandan precedent has called a meeting of the east african block to discuss the crisis. for now, addis ababa remains on edge as neither side shows any sign of backing down. bianca group though, i'll 0 live our 2 independent journalists, samuel ghetto, in atis for us here on the news, our samuel, this coal for east african countries to get involved in. i assume some sort of mediation effort here, who's the coal coming from and how will it work?
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who was good coming from the president, refer uganda an elder statesman or within the horn of africa. it's also being echoed by the president of kenya. and his statement that the president of kenya, mr. kenyatta said he also was able to speak to the prison, the head of states from the united states, the u. k. and the head of the u. n. 2 tried to bring this conflict up, begun a year ago to a conclusion because it continues to affect thousands and thousands of people, if not millions, just at this dimension of the un. but 1000000 people are facing some kind of famine . good at showing you a glimpse of what the conflict has produced so far. is this a measure perhaps of the level of worry in ethiopia is neighboring capitals? well, it doesn't just worry. it's at the neighbor sofa, ethiopia,
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but it's also worries. europe yoga has a population of an estimate that 110000000 people. it fits yoga breaks down or goes the way. the former yugoslavia went or the sudan, or somalia. the population of ethiopia is huge and it won't just be content within the lawn. so faith yoga, it's with a fake other countries far away from this continent. and it understanding the way, getting to, pardon me for interrupting you this on your behalf. man has now got emergency powers. how do we think he might use them? when it said, you know, the emergency order that was endorsed by parliament as something that the u. s. high during the earlier sofa, george w bush, which is giving much of the power of the people's power to the, to the government. they have started shaking id s, knocking on doors, asking questions. there are checkpoints, but the government has also called the local government has called for each your
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best to be armed, to raise their arms and defend their interests against what they say. that t p a left which they claimed as a terrorist organization and tried to uh, you know, defend their neighborhood. should they come to? i'd be so, but if i go back to what sharefile feldman come seats, you'll bear with misgivings from the job and government the job and government continues to accused the us off supporting the t p a left. that's where we are at the moment. samuel, thank you so much, samuel destro talking to us the from addis ababa are, are the top story for either on the news are off to months on hold talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear deal had been scheduled for the end of this month. negotiations between the secretaries in vienna stoled in june the us as welcome the return to the talks and says it expects them to pick up where they left off. but speaking earlier, the iranian president outlined his demands for us sanctions to be lifted as part of
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a return to the deal. and rose nagondo, latin hip them, and i'll fill them in letter. today our government looks to protect the interests of the nation. we try to preserve the rights of the people in any situation to us talks should be result were in it should bear results that include the reduction of hardships for our dear people. as we have said before, we didn't leave and won't leave negotiating table, but will resist excessive demands and stand in the face of the african countries. we ignore the rights of the iranian people. we will resist the violations of international agreements. the rainy nation showed its resistance over the past 40 years. oh iran correspondent dorset jabari is here with us today in doha. so clearly, dorsal, lots of choreography between now ambient, the mom's all the areas. however, over which be both sides, all sides will not move. i think there's going to be a lot of obstacles along the sam these negotiations. the 1st thing is that the
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iranians or the americans are not actually directly talking to one another. the iranians earth and one hotel and the americans are across the street from them in another hotel in vienna and the europeans are the ones going back and forth. and the one thing we're hearing now from a number of analysts into iran is that these negotiations will be different than the previous administration at meaning that the windows are much more interested in making this a more linear format rather than air. the parallel one that was done under has andro honey, meaning that they 1st want to talk about what the sanctions will be lifted and when exactly. and then they will talk about what iran will do in return. instead of having the dialogue of parallel conversation of at the same time, what they can do back and forth, this administration of abraham racy is much more inter interested now with getting those sanctions lifted immediately before even talking about what the unions will do to go back to for compliance and we just heard from the president earlier today
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as well along the same lines as the other important thing to point out is that this could be a very telling for what is to come in the next few months and, and the next year or so at the iranians will be looking to see what the americans will do at what they will give them to have an incentive to go back with her on to say to the administration. this is what we can do. and this is what we have to give and return if they feel like they're not getting anything from the americans. this could be very much the 1st and last negotiation that this new team has with the u. s. administration and the europeans. so there's a lot at stake, and i think the tone that we hear are coming out of the meeting at the end of november. we'll give us some insight as to what as to what's to come in the next few months or so. thank you so much for that and i was just your search about iran correspondence here with us today though, i live now to washington and i white house correspondent, kimberly how kit. kimberly hi there. so the us strategy boil that done for us. how do we think is going to go all the state department spokesman net price really
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outlined this in behalf of the biden administration. that what the plan is for the united states going into these talks at the end of november as essentially to make one thing clear to iran. and that is that this window of opportunity for negotiations to see mutual or a compliance under the terms of the 2015 agreement to limit iran's nuclear program . 2 that that window of opportunity is not indefinite. in other words, this cannot continue and allow for iran, as the state department spokesman put it to push the envelope. so what we know, and what we've seen in the last week is the fact that the united states working with its european partners, met on the sidelines of the g 20 in rome. this past week. they compared notes, they sat down and now they are going to move forward with the unified voice. it's very clear that there is sort of any sort of tolerance for any kind of nuclear
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escalations or any sort of tensions or provocations by iran is not something that the united states or its european partners is willing to entertain. and so, going in this strategy is going to be to convey that message to convey that the united states believes that still in its national security interests in that of its european partners to see a return to the terms of this deal. but that also iran needs to understand what compliance looks like and the expectations of the international community. kimberly, thank you very much. kimberly hallett. i correspond to the outside, the white house, plenty more ahead here on the news for you, including you are not alone. the message to taiwan is an eyebrows in china. and india is investing heavily in wind and solar power. so why counted when itself off? coal will tell you why. and liberals on beat and start the season continues as they book their place in the champions. the knockout round job will have action in sport
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ah, europe his back at the epicenter of the global pandemic corona, virus infection rates a higher than in asia and africa combined. that's according to the will health organization's director for europe. doctor hans clerk says, european governments must act now to avoid catastrophe. hospitalization, admission rates due took over 19 more than doubled in one week based on doubly shall europe's latest data. according to one, the label projection. if we stay on this trajectory, we could see another half a 1000000. gov at 19 that's in europe and central asia by the 1st of february, next year. and 40 city countries in oregon will face high to extreme stress on hospital bits. at some point through the same period,
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life to london now and our correspondence their journey haul. so joanna, the numbers across europe unpack them for us. how do we think we're going to be shaping up? it's pretty good news, isn't it? from the w. h o, talking about you were talking about the european region in particular how they defined that is 53 countries. it takes in a large portion of central asia as well. 78000000 new infections currently recorded across those 53 countries. that number is higher than the cumulative total of southeast asia, east mediterranean, the western pacific, and the whole of africa. and those numbers mr. clue pointed out a going up by around a quarter of a 1000000 infections every single day. and 3600 deaths being recorded every single day. and you heard his predictions there, of the possibility of all those new deaths, half a 1000000 potentially by february. that's just 4 months from now. why is this
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happening? well, the w h o pointed to potential causal factors. the 1st he said was the relaxation of public health and social measures. you can take the u. k. as an example of that were mandatory precautions were lifted in july, much of the population here going about their lives as if the threat has largely passed. and secondly, he said insufficient vaccination coverage. now broadly, that's about 2 things. that's about people who had the vaccination. 6 months or more ago, finding that their immunization, that protection is now waning, and also the problem of vaccine hesitancy in some countries. russia is a particular example here with high levels of misinformation on social media and distrust of locally produced vaccines. rush of the worst country on the list, recording over a 1000 deaths every single day. how are the numbers in the u. k, looking well, the u. k. is pretty bad,
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much higher infection numbers than it's western european neighbors across the water . something like one intent of every new infection being recorded globally is happening here and more than a 1000 deaths a week. so pretty bad the situation here in the u. k. and again, as i said, the u. k is a case in point of a country where mandatory restrictions were listed in the sum of people going about their business more and more people back in offices back on public transport, fewer and fewer of them wearing mosque. so taking any sort of precautions at all, and the deputy chief medical officer warning that hard months are ahead. jonathan fan runtime, speaking on wednesday, saying that winter could be extremely bad with flu on top of cobit and warning. as indeed many active, many scientists are actively calling for warning of new restrictions having to be reintroduced, potentially by christmas. jonah, thank you very much. john hall that joining us from london will staying in the u. k
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. regulated they have approved merck's anti viral pill to treat cobit 19. it is the 1st oral drug to pass scientific checks and is being held as a major breakthrough in the fight back against the pandemic. the pill will be used to treat patients with mild to moderate symptoms. it's been shown to half the rate of hospital admissions and death. let's bring in, but pun connie, he's a senior clinical lecturer at the university of exeter medical school. he joins us from barf in the u. k. but pen county, welcome to the news. how does the pill do what it does? so this bill interferes with the viruses replication mechanisms and by interfering with how it reproduces, it makes it make many mistakes. and by making many mistakes, it stops it from being able to reproduce properly. and that's how it works. why is it only to be used in people with mild to moderate symptoms? i mean, people who say are presenting, looking like they've got
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a really bad dose of the flu, but they've actually got covered 19 yes. so the 2 hurdles that we have to get across is make a accurate diagnosis. make the diagnoses early and then treat early. so those are really important hurdles, so why it has to be taken early is because act back early point the viral load is low and it has and set into motion a cascade of immunological responses that make you very ill and end up in the hospital. and some people die. so the earlier you get in the smaller the viral road, the smaller the number of wires amount that have to be neutralized and the better it works. as soon as your wire load is very high, of course are the triggers have happened, and then the racks and the, the, the, the medication does not work as well. does this mean that we've all got to get used to strengthening or growing calls to be tested on a regular basis?
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for example, if one gets the cold or the flu or one assumes, it's just the cold of the flu. one should very much be aware actually it might be corona virus, therefore i've got to get tested. i can't just write the wave and take near a fan or piracy to more than hope it'll go away. well, actually a better strategy than regular testing is to be 1st and foremost be immunized, because immunization is prevention and it is better to prevent illness than to take the risk off. i have got a pill that may make me better. so the 1st strategy is immunize. second strategies don't get infected, where a good quality must 3rd strategy. if you got signs and symptoms of cause, you must eliminate, could this be coded and don't take it to your friends and colleagues at work. and if this is early on in your infection, and you have got risk factors like diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure,
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then you will benefit only if you take the pill early in your infection. if this pill is good for people who are little sick or medium sick, not big sick. why not just give them more pills as they are getting big sick? no, it won't work like that. first and foremost, you've got to identify that this is an infection and then, and then only do you take it. and you can't just give these pills and hope that we caught a, you know, a infection anger against which it will work. so really you have to diagnose it and then take it, but there is a delay in between doing all those things. can i just ask you one final brief question? so what's your reading of the figures for the infection rates across europe and in the u. k. the numbers seem to pressingly to be going in precisely the wrong direction. yes,
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so the united kingdom picture is not nice. it's not rosy at all. out 40000 new cases. i'm sure the case numbers is lot higher than that. and we have at least $200.00 that's a day. it's unacceptable. and now is the time to bring in measured infection control measures like award crowds, yet your immunization where your mask wearing properly. okay, we'll leave it there, but it's uncanny. thank you so much for joining us from barth there. in the u. k. thank you. competitions from the european parliament have told taiwan leaders quotes, you are not alone. a delegation made the 1st visit of its kind to the island meeting, president, sighing when in taipei, tensions are already running high with china, which claims taiwan as part of its territory. we came here with a very simple, very clear message. you are along. europe is bending with you.
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value is a defense of freedom and the defense of rural and you man, game here, with the delegation with values political rule. we are very foamy for us, is between us. but we are all here united industry for, for one in democracy. and we came here to thought the agenda of math in your relation. it is high for the union who ever if corporation, with in response to the e, you visit the chinese foreign ministry spokesman wine. when been warned that europe quotes shouldn't be sending the wrong signals to what he called taiwan separatist. he also said the european side should correct it's mistake. i noticed by chinese government asking people to stockpile daily necessities, the spot panic buying and if it online debates, it follows weeks of supply disruptions caused by cubic 19 outbreaks and extreme
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weather. katrina, you know, from paging in recent weeks shopping at this, bating fresh food market has become more expensive. a true. yeah, surprise has gone up. we can't afford it. we had to buy some vegetables from the dealers on the street. the prices of common vegetables such as cucumbers, spinach and broccoli have doubled. some have become more expensive than pork, the staple meat and china. so when on monday, the chinese government issued a notice advising households to stockpile daily necessities. it sparked panic and heated discussion online. some posted about rushing to buy essential goods. others speculated that increasing tension with taiwan were the cause. but analysts say the announcement has been misinterpreted. that the reason that they put that notice out was basically, you know, routine, winter season preparedness for making sure that there's a good supply of fruit and vegetables on the market and normal daily goods. and
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that some of the reason that language was in there was due to, you know, the potential sort of ongoing risk of coven locked downs. the pandemic has led to a renewed focus on china's food security. regional lock downs have disrupted food supplies to affected areas. and there have been other challenges last month crops in china's ne, a major food growing region were destroyed by unusually heavy rains. a nation wide power shortage has pushed up the cost of operating greenhouses. and a shortage of diesel fuel has delayed cross country deliveries, expert, se, tanya's emergency food reserves and mechanisms are generally in good shape. but while there isn't a shortage price hikes and supply disruptions hadn't hurting those who can least afford it. laura's in china's lowest income bracket living in small cities and rural areas. officials have moved to stabilize vegetable prices. also the bomb local governments will be instructed to ensure market supply and the prize
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stability for bailey necessities. coming winter and next spring, we will establish and improve the relevant safeguard and supply mckenneth, m. c, and release governments. reserves at the appropriate time dating has also issued an action plan to reduce food placed in the restaurant and closer industries. meanwhile shelters are hoping that skyrocketing prices will soon return to normal. katrina, how does irritating not to nepal, which is struggling to rebuild and the aftermath of catastrophic natural disasters across recent months. hundreds of people have died in flooding, triggered by mom soon. range experts say climate change may be making those weather events even more extreme. soon. bas robbie has more now from mel m. g. in the pals, cindy pol chuck district. and i don't want it in one of the poorest and most polluted countries in the world. everyone is saying the same thing. climate disasters with intensity that has never been seen before,
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are piling up faster than ever. nipples cascade of crises began in february with country wide forest fires that blackened the skies. mountain glaciers began melting faster, meaning more run off. then came intense rains and floods in june, august, and october. now from all that water, a higher rate of landslides, blocking mountain passes faster than road crews, can clear them throughout it all. ongoing manmade soil erosion to meet the demand for building materials. climate scientists worn conditions are worsening across the himalayan region and are unprecedented. most of these events that we've, we've just explained, are very much actually been able to what, what we see is given by climate change. and so more such events are likely to be experienced, especially in the mountains, toppled and buried buildings dot the himalayan foothills. ominous reminders of what
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happened here. multiple floods this year have dumped in immeasurable amount of earth and mud, and sand, and silt, and rocks and large boulders in valleys all across this area. and just to give you a sense of how deep this debrief field is, where i'm standing right now, i'm standing on the roof of what's left of someone's home. in the town of milan, she questions of public safety still hanging in the air. and on one of the course until she took alone to build this now partially destroyed like block of shops, she says it would have been better if the water had just washed the whole thing away. she still paying it off, but now has to take another load. just a habit torn down. what is her father? damn nobody. another genius or even if the government gives his money, it's not possible to come back and stay here. we're scared of the river and there's no guarantee the same thing won't happen next year. it's all about nature. and what can we do against nature?
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a lot of his nipples. carbon footprint is relatively small, but it sits between giants, china and india. 2 of the world's biggest polluters. it's topography also makes it more vulnerable to overall shift in global weather. nepalese in rural communities are frustrated and say what's happening to them is not their fault. that it concerns everyone. and countries like nepal should not be left alone to put out fires being fueled on a global scale is in basra, the ultra 0 them alum to river in nepal. will update the headlines for you in a couple minutes between now and then your world, whether with everton. hello there. welcome to another look at the international forecast. we have something to change the weather, taking place so much of china over the next day or so at the moment. it's largely dry and quiet. some missed and fog and some frost to watch out for. he comes at chain central air is seeing some very heavy re where to where the pushing a, which was at eastern side of china. and then as we go on into saturday,
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looking at snow approaching bating out of act, there is some warmth around. find a try for the korean peninsula. and also for good part of japan. wanted to shout coming instantly passage bank and see some where to where the through the weekend. and if you go through the weekend, like a look at what happens to beijing. the 13th celsius here on saturday as we go on into sunday, temperatures go wash, some very heavy rang turning to snow as we go on through sunday, a top temperature then of only 3 degrees celsius. so i suspect you'll notice that one when you're showers. meanwhile, across se, asia, some live shows there into the philippines, southern parts of indo, china usual splattering of showers there, across malaysia and on into indonesia. it's a very heavy re, me while across southern parts of in the us and big downpours coming through here. the eastern areas of the country and little circulation in the arabian sea telling a wet to the west. still to come here on the alt 0 news, i will tell you about a major new breakthrough in the fight against cervical cancer. and the leader of
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a coalition of gains in haiti asks the us for help to overthrow the government and a real buzzer better in the n b a for the brooklyn. let's joe will have all the sports coming up. ah. healing the debate, 90 percent of the wards. rickie geez. have come from a common impacted country. the climate emergency is putting more pressure on across the world and amplify your voice. it's not really the future. it's now is not a lock can get is this completed. we cannot lose hope. we know what to do, and we have the tools to do to get the master bill. pay for the stream on al jazeera in the country with an abundance of resource raid. byron walk.


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