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tv   [untitled]    November 4, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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[000:00:00;00] ah, re algebra with ah, this is al jazeera ah, hello there, i'm hello, am i here, dean and this is the use our line from dough home coming up in the next 60 minutes . sedans, military leader, orders the release of 4 civilian ministers and the year and chief calls for the return of the i stood prime minister. europe is beck at the epicenter or upon the mc. but if you were one year to go,
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the world health organization says europe is in the grip of a significant corporate 19 resurgence. the european union calls for an immediate cease far and negotiations as fighting intensifies in ethiopia. and iran's president demands us, sanctions be lifted as part of its return to the 2015 nuclear deal. and i am he to stand with your sports barcelona step up a pursuit of chubby. the club continued talks with cuff of all sud to bring their former captain back to the new camp as coach ah, when we begin this news, our way that breaking news sedans, military leader, has ordered the release of for civilian cabinet ministers detained in the military takeover at last month,
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that's according to see don state media roll up the sutter albert hans spoke with the un envoy for john about a potential agreements including the return of our prime minister of del humbug. they reported the disgust the release of more detainees, a technocratic cabinets, and the possibility of the listing of the state of emergency. let's get more now from hippa morgan, who had 5 for, as from a cartoon here. but this is quite the turn around distance it from just a few days ago. now apparently for cabinet ministers, civilian cabinet been says do to be released. what happens here? well, there has been a lot of mediation efforts going on. some of them local with prominent figures, non political figures, trying to mediate between prime minister, the lamb dog, and the head of the army,
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general abdel for the hon. there's also the un mission here and for the political mission unit, i'm the special envoy. the special representative of the secretary general has been conducting mediation between the 2 sides and he's been one of the few diplomats to visit prime minister abdulla him dog while he's under house arrest. so now we have the release of for political prisoners. they are full members of the civilian cabinet that has been dissolved by a prime minister by the general abdel albert han. let's remember that at least 5 ministers were arrested in addition to, to advisors of prime and isabella, ham dog and a member of the sovereignty council. as well as other politicians and activities who have been arrested since the military take over. on october 25th. now we have 4 members, really, the minutes of information minister of trade, minister of youth and sports, as well as the minister of communications. but those people have not been central to the, to the tension between the military and civilian that has been going on for weeks before the military take over. last month. now be
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a special envoy to the special representative to the secretary general has previously stated that the release of political prisoners is one of the steps that was condition by a prime minister of the lamb dog for him to negotiate further on forming a technocrat government. so it's clear that this is one of the steps taken by the general abdel for the $400.00 paid way for negotiation. but the condition that was said by a prime minister of them, of the lamb took, was the release of all civilian members who have been arrested. and this comes just an age of what the prime minister demanded general not them. hon had stated that those who are not wanted on criminal charges will be released while those who have criminal charges pending will be presented to court. so it's clear that those who are still to be released will be facing criminal charges in the coming future. and a habit, is there any indication of where this goes from here? what's the road ahead like what was
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spoken to the army on what they want and they've been saying that they want to form a civilian technocrats government talks between the, the, the prime minister, the, the post prime minister, abdullah ham dog and the general app and put the help on han now seems to be paving way towards that. the last statement we heard from the office of the prime minister is that he is still adamant that he wants to see the rest of the political prisoners release. but it looks like from what we hear from the un envoy that there are some kind of signs that there will be a government from the coming days. that will be an agreement reached, at least in the coming days between the 2 sides. now general had them for the hon had stated that he doesn't want any political affiliation or people with a political affiliations in the cabinet that that is to be formed. since the executive company has been dissolved following the military takeover. and it's not clear yet if that's something that prime minister of the lamb duke has agreed to. but it looks like with the mediation efforts ongoing between the 2 sides with the
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help of the united nations and with the help of neighboring south for them as well as with national figures here, it looks like there seems to be some kind of deal formed to try to form that executive cabinet. a technocrats, we've no political affiliation. there's been talks that they want to political parties, reply represented in the legislative assembly. that is again, yet to be fun. but it looks like so far with their release for political prisoners with talks ongoing with mediation ongoing. it looks like there is some kind of hope that the current classes of the country and will be eventually coming to an end. ok . but morgan, that is the very latest form at the sydney's capital cartoon here. but for now, thank you very much. indeed. europe is once again, the epicenter of the coven 19 pandemic. that's the assessments of the world health organization, which says recorded infections a higher there than those in asia and africa combines hospitalization, admission rates, duke of 19 more than doubled in one week, based on doubly sure,
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europe's latest data. according to one label projection. if we stay on this trajectory, we could see another half a 1000000. gov at 19 that's in europe and central asia by the 1st of february, next year. and 43 countries in oregon will face high to extreme stress on hospital bits. at some point through the same period, john hall has more from london 78000000 new infections currently recorded across those 53 countries. that number is higher than the cumulative total of southeast asia, east mediterranean, the western pacific, and the whole of africa. and those numbers mr. clue pointed out a going up by around a quarter of a 1000000 infections every single day and 3600 deaths being recorded every single
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day and half a 1000000 potentially by february. that's just 4 months from now. why is this happening? well, the w h o pointed to potential causal factors. the 1st he said was the relaxation of public health and social measures. you can take the u. k. as an example of that were mandatory precautions were lifted in july, much of the population here going about their lives as if the threat has largely passed. and secondly, he said insufficient vaccination coverage. now broadly, that's about 2 things. that's about people who had their vaccination 6 months or more ago finding that their immunization, that protection is now waning. and also the problem of vaccine hesitancy in some countries. russia is a particular example here with high levels of misinformation on social media and distrust of locally produced vaccines. rush of the worst country on the list, recording over
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a 1000 deaths every single day. the by net ministration has nines the deadline for it's called the 1900 vaccination mandates and heavy fines from january. 4th companies with $100.00 or more employees required to ensure staff for either vaccinated or tested weekly firms found to be in violation of the mandates could be fined almost $14000.00. while in the fisher joy smith, i from capitol hill, our focus through these new measures that is, president wants to bring it i think is safe to say we all knew the measures were coming. we just didn't know when they would be implemented. we now know the department of labor saying that these will go into effect from the 4th of january. that's exactly 2 months from today. if you've got company and you employ a 100, people are more than you'd expect it to have everyone vaccinated if people don't want to be vaccinated, they have then got to provide a test on a weekly basis. they've got to pay for that test every single week. the employers
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aren't liable for that charge and if they're in the office, then they have got to wait a musk. this has been absolutely clear through the mandate. the other thing, if you're a federal walker, that doesn't apply that all the exceptions are gone. you have got to be man, you've got to be vaccinated. if you're a federal walker, and if you're a health care worker, is there going to be challenges to this? absolutely, because it's america and 2021 attorney's general around the country already saying that the government has gone beyond the law here. they can't say that this is a workplace illness, a workplace incident. therefore, they can't impose this on people, so it will be tested in the course. but joe biden believes that his legal reasoning is on very, very firm ground. and this mandate will go into action on january the 6th 4th. and i know you're joining us from capitol hill. what's been happening that while there's been a hearing of a senate health committee, they're looking at how they can prepare ag get through this covered crisis. what
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the next steps are and how they can prepare for the next possible pandemic. there was, as we expected, a bit of fireworks when antonie fo 2 was questioned by ron paul, the republican senator from kentucky. the 2 of them had of a few exchanges, ran poll, demanded the unto me, folk chief resign over questions about the funding of the law. them will. hon would of course, many people believe that the cove it actually started. i am to the phone. she said that ron pole was wrong on so many cases, but a lot of the conversation was around mandates and a lot of republicans are concerned that mandates are being forced on to people and they simply won't. what will entity, folksy said the actually mandates do what and with the vaccine they are seeing the numbers improve significantly. he pointed to the fact that united airlines had told at staff you either get vaccinated or you get fired. 99 percent of staff took ed that picked up
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a tyson's food. one of the biggest food manufacturers in the united states, 96 percent vaccination rate. so the experts believe that mandates and vaccinations work, even though they're concerned that the death rate isn't going down quite as much as they would like. republicans are concerned about the idea of mandates, but of course everyone is wondering how they prepare the united states for the next big global crisis. because many people believe that they were caught unawares. but what happened over coven? 19 k. allen fisher. their live from capitol hill allen. thank you. uganda as president as colon for east african leaders to meets and discuss the worst and conflict in ethiopia. jamar the u. s. embassy and addis ababa is allowing some of its staff and their families to leave. if you appears governance as declared a state of emergency as to grey and rebels claim to have made advances towards the capital, the european union is among those now calling for an immediate cease far brianca
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gupta reports. it's not the 1st call to arms spine ethiopian leader, but this time it's against an enemy within a person. prime minister abbey amad use the 1st anniversary of the conflict antique white to call on his citizens to fight and defeat the tiguan rebels, the grammar basket, until ethiopia is free and peaceful. this is the time every citizen has to say. i'm in ethiopia and soldier to condemn this miss cheapest plan. while standing next to the ethiopian national defense forces to humiliate the enemy. late last year, if you appear national army with a strength in numbers and significant air, paul pushed the tiguan rebels into retreat. since july, the rebels had been making new gains and expanding the battle from insight into neighboring, unheard of our region. the central day have now entered an unlikely alliance with
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the oral more liberation army, a band flint from romeo region, home to few p as largest ethnic group when the federal military had to withdraw from pick right in june after suffering significant battlefield losses. and that really does seem to depleted the federal military. they've been on recruitment campaign since including and lifting these regional forces and militia. but ultimately that means sending quite roll new recruits into battle. and that seems to have contributed to the fairly consistent gain by the great forces through eastern. i'm hora. the rebels are threatening to move to south towards addis ababa after couching to strategic handling on a major highway linking the northern teacher, i region with the capital to go with the teacher and leadership. it's highly unpopular. nicole churchill, i was soldiers are not fighting alone. we should know that for sure,
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our forces will never surrender despite all that you might see on social media on satellite tv. we don't need to heed the advice of foreigners about how to deal with this conflict. this is our rule against those who attempt to slave us. the us has been calling for immediate negotiations with all preconditions to end the conflict . it's allowing voluntary departure of some of its staff and their family members in the capitol because of escalating violence. washington has sent especially on war for the horn of africa to few appear, and they're all to reach left to deescalate the you got precedent have called a meeting of the east african block to discuss the crisis. for no addis ababa remains on edge as neither side shows any sign of backing down plank or group the aisle to 0. plenty more still ahead on this news are including under pressure lebanon's, private affairs facing
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a difficult decision to heal the countries risks with saudi arabia. a jury has been selected in the us for one of the most controversial cases in recent years. find out why race has become a major issues. and the key 20 world count, the strictly move closer to the semi finals. we'll have more for you. ah. after months on a home talks to revise, the iran nuclear deal have been shed yields to the end of november negotiations between the signatories in vienna, solvent june u. s. as welcome the return to talk. so says that expects them to pick up where they left off will. speaking earlier, re runs, president outlines his demand for us sanctions to be lifted as parts over return to the deal. m rose nagondo. let them have them in our family left here today. our
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government looks to protect the interest of the nation. we try to preserve the rights of the people in any situation. to us talk should be result oriented. should bear results that include the reduction of hardships for our dear people. as we have said before, we didn't leave and won't be the negotiating table, but will resist excessive demand and stand in the face of the arrogant countries ignore the rights of uranian people. we will resist the violations of international agreements. the rainy nation showed us resistance over the past 40 years. what can be, how can as lie for us in washington dc. kimberly will fill us strategy going into these talks. the body ministration has been working with its european partners in recent weeks and especially to make sure that when the united states is a barking on these discussions with its partners at the end of the month and with a rod that it will be with a unified voice, so what we saw in the past week,
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for example, on the sidelines of the g 20, the united states meeting with its european leaders and allies to discuss not only runs nuclear program, but to compare notes on where things stand so that they can go into this in a coordinated fashion and to that end, we know that one of the message, those that will be sent is that the united states and, and others are discouraging, any provocations on the part of iran. they believe that this is counter productive to the stated goal, which is to see, not only iran returned to the 2015 agreement to limit its program nuclear program, but also the united states in terms of making sure that both countries are compliant under that agreement. and to that end, we should also say that the deputy secretary of state, wendy sherman, has also said that one of the additional messages will be that the time for negotiation is not unlimited. take a listen. the hope that iran comes in good faith to those negotiations because i
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think we could make very rapid progress. if indeed they don't, since their program has continued to move forward, of the window will close on whether the j c. p away is the best vehicle and whether we have to look at what people call generally the plan b, how as we can ensure that iran does not get a nuclear weapon as well as address all the other areas of concern there. now, one thing that the united states and others in the international community are watching very carefully, is for any sort of tension that might be calculated to potentially provide leverage . going into the talks on the 29th of november, for example, in recent weeks, the narrative coming from iran, alleging that the united states detained a tank or something that the united states denies. a just underscore is not only how fragile things are in terms of the stability and security in the region, but just how each side is lining up with the narrative heading into these talk. so
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again, the united states very clear in its message that any sort of provocation on the part of iran or others certainly is not going to produce the desired effect when it comes to bearing fruit out of these negotiations at the end of the month. okay, kimberly whole could 3rd bringing up sustains from washington. d. c. kimberly, thank you. well, iran wants us sanctions lifted in return for compliance with the agreements. the original agreement assigned to 2015 and was designed to limit to her on the nuclear ambitions in exchange for sanctions for these but in may 2018 then president donald trump withdrew the u. s. and began re imposing sanctions in november last year. the i. e abel postage around stock, pile of enriched uranium, had reached 12 times the permission levels. and a pool in direct talks began in vienna to bring the u. s. and yvonne back into
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compliance with the j. c. p. u a. the next day wrong began with enriching uranium. up to 60 percent was 6 rounds of talks were held in vienna. they concluded in june to life a presidency for him. right. you see to form a new government's will. joining us now from fairfax virginia is treated policy. he's executive vice president quincy institute is good to have you, withers, given the situation with do you think any kind of breakthrough in this next round of talks is even possible because the 2 sites seem really far apart. prospects for a breakthrough at the end of november, i think is rather slim. however, at some point there has to be a breakthrough because despite the talk of a plan b, there is no plan b. there's either pursue diplomacy until a deal is reached or the 2 sides go back to what trumps in which was maximum freshen,
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which is exactly why we're in this very dire situation. we're in today with the iranian program, restarting and advancing. while the united states is continuing to impoverished iranian people to the sanctions, eventually, if this continues without any diplomatic solution, war will be to like the out. well, a diplomatic solution is always preferable, but from ron's points, if you why on earth sheet they trust the us this time around. after all, it only takes one election to undo everything once again. unfortunately, you're quite correct that there is a very, very significant problem here, which is that the united states is so divided that it's almost certain that if the republican president wednesday elections in 2024 united states will, once again walk out of the nuclear agreement. this is a major problem for the wrong list because it's not just that sanctions relief is needed. sanctions relief needs to be stable in order for it actually to be
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beneficial. if the united states imposes lift re and poses lift sanctions off and on again, it actually is even more d, stabilizing to the morning economy. then for sanctions not to be listed at all. and this is a major problem for the american side, because there is a major loss of credibility for the united states because of what trump did. and because of what republicans today are saying they will do if they come back to the office as it is. so given that situation, is there any kind of i come that can be reached at this stage? you said there's no plan b because plan b is basically reverting to the, the status quo. because the way out of this i think there are ways and i think there is a need on all sides to be more flexible and be more creative. keep one thing in mind, for instance, this idea of a snap back. this mechanism that ensure that if the vaughan is pull out of the deal, sanctions will automatically be stacked back on them is
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a complete invention that was created for the j c. p way. it did not exist before it prior to that any measured by the us security council to impose sanctions on the chapter 7 would have to go through several steps in order for it to happen here. a very clever mechanism was invented in order to make sure that my uncle side step all of those steps a similar measure can be created and put into place to make sure that it doesn't necessarily guarantee that the united states will always stick to the deal. but it will make it dramatically more difficult for the united states to just go in and out of the deal in the matter that it has. and ultimately that is good for the us itself. because if the united states under the bible ministration believes that this is imperative for us, nationalists interest that is also imperative for that solution to be durable rather than to just laugh as long as a democrat is analysis. okay, it's, it's a policy that joining us from the quincy institute, great to get your thoughts. thank you very much. indeed. thank you so much. still
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had here on al jazeera, multiple floods this year have dumped in immeasurable amount of birth and mud. sand is stilton, rocks and large boulders in valleys all across this area. we are in the pool where the crew changing climates being blamed for a series of devastating natural disasters. and we'll tell you why political opponents in nicaragua are encouraging voters to stay home during sundays election . plus a skiers dream run in the swiss alps. we have more on that ah hello, boise sunshine across middle east as per usual. but we have got some way whether in
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the forecast northern areas will cease and cloud and right. sherry ranges pushing over towards northern parts of around western areas over the high ground. also seeing some unsettled weather. we'll see some bits and pieces of burkland and range every damp was just moving away from north in all parts of afghanistan as we go through friday. and on into saturday we will see temperature falling back to around 11 celsius into round. so a little cooler than it has been recently a shower still very much in place here, but for most as you can see, it does look fine and try a pleasant 32 celsius here in doha, about where it should be over the next few days. then the central parts of africa, the showers continue quite nicely, some larvae, showers there into uganda, pushing across that western side cans near democratic republic of congo. see the usual heat of the day, showers a seasonal downpours, some wet weather, stripping its way down. now across a good part of angola might just see a shower or 2 into western areas of zambia as we go through where i had
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a possibility of want to shout to went to botswana and it's eastern parts of south africa. but i think for east to south africa, she grad sheet on little dry. as we go on through the weekend, with tens of thousands of children were born into or lived under the i school regime in iraq and syria. now many are in camps either orphans, all with that. we don't mothers, rejected by their own communities. she could do like people are going to welcome them after that. of course, mom and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories for the children throw stones at me, iraq's last generation coming soon on al jazeera pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy. i know that i might go to prison, so i will join the run. and you episode of democracy maybe explores the struggle of
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those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when an opening is going to cold winter through vendor is going to emily themselves and say enough is enough. my life for democracy. on al jazeera lou ah, this is al jazeera, quick reminder of the top stories. the sar sedans, military leader, has ordered the release of 4 civilian cabinet ministers detained in the military takeover last month. as, according to state media, general abdel fattah albert hans spoke with the un envoy forced to don bye to
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potential agreements and credit your return. as i said, hi, mr. abdullah, humboldt. europe is once again the epicenter of the pandemic. that's the assessments of the world health organization, which says the quarter infections are higher there than those in asia. and africa combines and talks to revive the 2015 iran nuclear dealership, to resume at the end of november. in direct negotiations between all signatories and vienna stole last june. after abraham racy won the presidential election. let's take you back to that breaking news story out of see don. joining us now form cartoon is colored hair managing partner at insight strategy partners as a policy think that is good to have you. withers and boise you think has been this dramatic turn around in events. why neither has the have the military
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agreed to release members of the civilian governments? well, to think me one, i think that they needed to show a gesture with will entering into and some of these nations. there are 7 parenting, several mediation tracks taking place and they needed to show that they were going to be meaningful. engaged in 2nd thing is that when a lot of statements coming out wrong, for example, the quad, are you, katie, repeatedly eat and is well also indicating that it's reviewing and stands towards the coo, who needed a new political reality still with me in terms of their support in that region, and so those would be, i think, pushed 2 to reconsider their stance and to meet many sort of it. i really think some of these detainees. but of course not all the trainings had been relieved there. activists,


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