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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2021 12:00pm-12:31pm AST

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some to seem united kingdom fail, it citizens, britons, true colors, part one on al jazeera stories that need to be told. find a way, oh, these are my babies. my students witness. showcase is inspiring documentary that changed the world on al jazeera, ah, who's with saddam's military leader, orders the release of 4 civilian ministers as international pressure amounts to restore the democratic process. ah, hello there, i'm associates, hey, and this is al 0 life and also coming up, international kohls grow for sci fi and ethiopia, the u. s. has peace negotiations should begin immediately. and without pre
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conditions. china moves to contain its most widespread coven 19 outbreak since the early months of this pandemic. one of last from americas longest rivers, is shrinking. the piano is an economic lifeline to millions of people that deforestation and dams, pushing mass in jeopardy, ah, now pseudo owns military leader has ordered the release of for civilian cabinet ministers who were detained in last month's military take over. that's all as international pressure intensifies to reach a deal on a return to power sharing with civilian leaders now and a phone call with the u. s. secretary of state antony, blinking, general adel fuss. albert han said he agreed on the need to accelerate the formation of government. un secretary general antonio gutierrez, he also spoke to behind on thursday and urged him to restore the transition process
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. meanwhile ousted prime minister della handoff remains under house arrest the both the u. s. and the un present is full release and reinstatement and more protests against the military takeover also expected later on friday. while i corresponding have a morgan is in cartoon. let's not forget that there were at least 6 ministers who have been arrested and one member of the sovereignty council. so those who were release or the minister information, the minister of trade, the minister of, of communication and the minister of youth and forth the minister, the cabinet minister in the office of the prime minister, is yet to be released, as well as the minister of industry and the spokesperson of the dissolved sovereignty council. so it's clear that there are still other officials who have been released, general abdel for the hunt on the day he took over when he addressed the media. and the nation said that those who did not face criminal charges will be released while those who are not really the ones who are potentially facing criminal charges that looks like those ministers who are yet to be need will be facing criminal charges.
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and this all comes with mediation, continues between the 2 sides, between general i've been put the hon and the military on one side and the prime minister, the la him who still under house arrest and yet to be completely released and free on the other hand. so the united nation, the, you and other diplomats here incident have been shuttling back and forth between the 2 sides to try to at least reach some kind of agreement and pay way for the restoration of the civilian government that has been answered when the military took over on october 25th. now there's been different statements coming out from both sides. prime minister of the lamb, duke's office has repeatedly put out a statement saying that he has conditions before he starts negotiating with the military. one of them is being the complete release of all the detainees who arrested on the day of the takeover. and the other is the restoration of that civilian government, which was the post m. he wants the status quo to return to the date of october 24th . that's the day just before the military took over. no international calls are going for a cease fire. and ethiopia,
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the u. s. secretary of state says peace negotiations should start immediately and without pre conditions, rebels from the northern te gray region say they're advancing south towards the capital. and it's also being reported that 9 anti government factions will form an alliance on friday. priyanka up to brings us up to speed. it's not the 1st call to arms spine if human leader. but this time, it's against an enemy within a person. prime minister arby am owed use the 1st anniversary of the conflict antique roy to call on his citizens to fight and defeat the tiguan rebels. abram with ask them until ethiopia is free and peaceful. this is the time every citizen has to say. i am in ethiopia and soldier to condemn this miss cheapest plan, while standing next to the ethiopian national defense forces to humiliate the enemy . late last year, if you appear national army with a strength in numbers and significant air,
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paul pushed the tiguan rebels into retreat. since july, the rebels had been making gains and expanding the battle from insight into neighboring, unheard of our region. the central day have now entered an unlikely alliance with the oral more liberation army, a band flint group from romeo region, home to few p s largest ethnic group when the federal military had to withdraw from pick right. in june after suffering significant battlefield losses. not really does seem to depleted the federal military. they've been on recruitment campaign since including and lifting these regional forces on militia. but ultimately, that means sending quite roll new recruits into battle. and that seems to have contributed to the fairly consistent gain by the great forces through eastern . i'm hora. the rebels are threatening to move to south towards addis ababa after
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capturing to strategic handler on a major highway linking the northern region with the capital to go with the teacher and leadership. it's highly unpopular mixed up because i was soldiers are not fighting alone. we should know that for sure, our forces will never surrender despite all that you might see on social media on satellite tv. we don't need to heed the advice of foreigners about how to deal with this conflict. this is our rule against those who attempt to enslaved us. the us has been calling for immediate negotiations with our preconditions to end the conflict. it's allowing voluntary departure of some of its staff and their family members in the capital because of escalating violence. washington has sent especially on war for the horn of africa to few pierre, and they're all to reach left to deescalate the yukon precedent has called a meeting of the east african block to discuss the crisis. for no addis ababa remains on edge as neither side shows any sign of backing down. bianca group the
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i'll to 0. while samuel gets a true is an independent journalist in addis ababa. he brings us the latest. the u . s. invoice. jeffrey felt man cylinder. d'silva trying to have a meeting with the prime minister. he spoke with the head of the african media and last night, again, insisting that the conflict of begun a year ago should end. because it's to begin with, it's creating lots of victims and the millions according to the un. 2000000 if your parents are displeased and many people are facing some kind of famine and the conflict of the gun and to guy has moved on a flyer. and rumors that it's heading to the sub, a forcing money of the embassies to take out their embassy personnel. but this pressure also comes on the heels of the president of uganda. and the president of
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kalia were insisting that this conflict should end before it gets out of control. but so far, the 2 sites, the prime minister has been saying from the get go, they're about to finish the mission. they started a year ago and fight them, fight the enemy. he said, fight a terrorist organization that the t p, which the fuel and government insist has endorsed them as a terrorist organization earlier this year. and the t p. f is saying they're not willing to compromise that at this point, and they're coming to the south of moving on. and china is battling with its most widespread curve in 1900 outbreak since the virus fast arose in hand. last year, the countries recorded more than $900.00 cases since last month. officials have maintained a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic defending the use of severe and sudden locked downs. katrina, you reports from beijing. it's supposed to be the happiest place on earth. but earlier this week, the dizzy land, the park in shanghai became
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a temporary prison. authorities promptly shot exit after a visitor from the previous se tested positive for covered 1934000 guess to prevent it from leaving before being tested for the virus. china is battling to contain its most wide spread outbreak since the epidemic began last year. hundreds of cases of the delta varied have been reported in more than half of the countries provinces. despite many of china's neighbors opening up pages, maintaining a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic, just a few cases, a met with rapid mast hasting and sudden locked downs. health officials have defended. what critics say is a costly and unsustainable strategy to go. so i think the policy of putting the people's large 1st is a guardian principle for our country. so although you'd have some impact on the economy, the health of the majority of the people comes as a top priority. and everything here starts from that. on monday,
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hundreds of young students were prevented from leaving that beijing primary school . after a teacher tested positive. some children were separated from their parents overnight . conditions for entering the capitol have been tightened, travel from affected areas suspended. some districts are under locked down and entertainment venues have been closed. china's playbook for getting the virus under control doesn't seem to be working as quickly this time. and infections are rising during a sensitive period. next week, top leaders wilmington bay june for a crucial meeting. and the city is preparing to host the winter olympics in just a few months. port authorities are in high alert for imported cases. the outbreak has affected both domestic and international supply chains. chinese officials say more than 76 percent of the population is vaccinated. a 3rd booster. doris is now being offered. but regardless of vaccination status, chinese residents are warned against any non urgent travel. their absence has left
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a $255000000000.00 hole in the global tourism market. they may not return until the end of 2022. katrina you out a 0 paging in this big city is often struggle with poor air quality, particularly around the festival of lights or to wiley. this year, firecrackers have been banned to help reduce pollution levels. but still in the capital, new delhi, it's difficult to see more than a few meters ahead. having metal as there was standing outside angel, good that he learned from the short distance. you can been the imposing wall memorial and that's because off the air pollution levels in the city in the body. whenever pollution levels do tend to be up, there was yes. what did he did from cynthia has this and the concentration of pollutants, which basically shows up how dangerous we a, for our health it completely off the job. in fact, it hit the highest level that can be recorded,
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which is at least 2 time limit set by the world health organization you all to walk up to its worth incidence or more. now this is one of the most polluted cities in the world, but even by those standard quality today, is it personally terrible? it's was blame based on various factors, including the onset of winter, possibly burning from the neighboring regions, which is exacerbated by the practice of bursting. fire blockers on the body to stem this, the deli government, dig van, all fire crackers in the city. this are reduced but did not eliminate the practice of buffeting fire. the med department predicts the quality may only improve marginally and that to, in a couple of days, i told you an official in bosnia herzegovina says the p steel that ended the war there. 26 years ago is under threat. the bosnian serb leader miller daddy has
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announced plans to establish a separate army within the country that violates the $995.00 days in peace agreement which ended the 3 and a half year conflict. still had here on out as yet we hear from some of those displaced multiple times by the shifting front lines of civil conflict and climate change will tell you more about the twin crises that chance cantavon is battling every day. ah, how i once again them welcome to another look at the international forecast will start to southeast asia where we have the usual seasonal storms rumbling away, more big downpours coming in across malaysia, in particular, sliding down towards a indonesia rush of showers there to enter the philippines and we're seeing more in
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the way of where to where the coming in, across southern parts have been there, china, a cambodia, thailand. seeing some wet to whether she go on through the next day or so. more showers come back into southern parts of vietnam. why we share was to into that western side of borneo, we'll see some possibility of some localized flooding here. and there is a possibility of flooding just about anywhere in australia over the next couple days and very unsettled weather coming through. we have seen some live storms recently, around that se inside of us we seen some very wet weather into new south wells, into victoria. more weather coming out of south australia, pushing down towards port ferry towards melbourne as we go on through saturday. and no showers long, a spouse of rain, they spread right up into central and northern parts will straight it is just about anywhere. could see some very wet weather over the next couple of days. that could cause some problems. shes becoming more widespread still as we go on through sunday with some heavy showers all the way up towards the top end. ah,
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the end of the country with an abundance of results for the trade far and wide indonesia, his friends for me, we moved before to grow and fraught. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs through invest. let be part when the lease is pros and progress, invest even easier. now, hulu. ah ah hello there, i'm associate
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a and on that to remind you of our top story is the salad. sedans, military leader has agreed with the u. s. secretary of state on the need to speed up the formation of a new government. general, i believe, as albert hom has ordered the release of for civilian cabinet ministers detained, and la sponsor military take over. the un security counselor said to me to discuss the escalating conflict of ethiopia. there are growing calls for an immediate cease fire and the u. as in boy is in addis ababa to push for de escalation. in china has reported 68 new cove at 19 cases as it scrambles to contain a new outbreak. more than $900.00 infections have been reported since the search began and mid october, spreading to half of china's provinces. while agencies and yemen have raised serious concerns about the humanitarian situation in the central province of marin, dozens of people there have been killed and recent fighting and nearly 37000 people have been displaced just this year. her mar, chandry reports. mohammed hardy,
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i'll har, molly is in his eighty's. he's been uprooted for times by the shifting front lines of humans, civil war. out of money am bedridden. he's now confined to a tent and a makeshift camp outside marin city. east of the capital center. i'm not gonna want to mr. winter has come and we have children. large families are poor families. many blankets, mattresses, shelters, ways to keep warm, blankets and bedding beneath tents. i may need places to live. of the estimated 1000000 displaced people in marin city, 80 percent of women and children agency say that humanitarian needs for outstripped the capacity on the ground. the city has crowded camps and overstretched public service and health care system and an increasingly vulnerable host community. in a step back, me tell me what is going on. if you receive 200 to 300 patients and all the
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patients need to full free services, this leads to big pressure on the hospital, especially with the lack of medicine. i'll tell you that medicines are in great demand. in addition to laboratory solutions for examinations and other things. world powers have struggled to engineer the truth needed to revive talks to when the conflict that has displaced millions and left them with little or no food. as winter settles in, doctor said they have reached breaking point and are concerned about the rising number of flu and coven 19 cases. i will not, but she did. while there's a high demand, a mid week and scarce capabilities of the hospital treat patients, especially as we are head of winter. and in this season, the diseases increased very significantly, as it is well known, displaced people live in camps. and this leads to an increase in the number of cases, especially in the current state. aid work has worn an escalation of violence in marriage could lead to further displacement. they are urging government and leaders
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around the world to help the people of yemen. a marriage, audrey, which is era home in law, the biden administration has approved its 1st major on sales, a saudi arabia. congress now has 30 days to review the $650000000.00 sale of it and missiles that has been criticism from both democrats and republicans of saudi arabia in bozeman, in that war in union. and they've attempted to block on sales to the kingdom. the state department says the deal is meant to help defend itself against cross board attacks from hooky rebels. while the u. s. congress is now planning to vote on too long delayed spending bills. late on friday, there's renewed pressure to pass the bills off. the democrats suffered a state level election defeat in virginia, close call in new jersey. the economic plans are vital to jo biden's domestic agenda that have also faced drawn out talks because of disagreements between progressive and moderate democrats. now china says it will stop people who support
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taiwanese independence from entering hong kong, macau, or it's mainland. beijing says those who supported independence will be held criminally liable for life. the comments come after us and european union delegations visited taiwan and recent days, china considers the island to be a breakaway province. anomaly has sworn in its 1st member of parliament with albinism over stone condo. it is an activist for people with the risk and condition . he's also been appointed as a presidential advisor for years. people with albinism in mala we have been subject to violent attacks. at least a 170 incidents of violence had been reported since 20147 of them in the last 4 months. ah, ah, large demonstrations are expected in glasgow laser on friday at the club $26.00 climate
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summit. organizers of the fridays for future global strike movement are preparing for thousands of people to attend their youth day rally. environmental activist get a ton bug is expected to be among them there wanting that the climate promises made by wild leaders so far will not be enough. on speaking of climate change, the water levels of latin america's 2nd longest river are now at their lowest in 72 years. and there's no sy in the parent river will rise again any time soon. daniel shiner reports from the northeast of argentina, or charles says he's catching less fish and he used to go to levels in the barren a river or at their lowest since 1944. they've been declining for 2 years to singular hunger logo. one more dog. sure. the water keeps going down. the region is in a critical state. what we need is rain for the rain to fill the creaks and ditches because it's all turning to swap. the pattern are run south the nearly 5000
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kilometers from the center of brazil and empties into the atlantic ocean between argentina and uruguay. it provides energy in drinking water is a major transport route. it's life for millions of people, only now it's dying tissue properly. my lower gay so many problems, they not using the parent properly. it's been badly mas treated, and now we're living with the consequences. ah, the residence a st. bedroom watching development at the cop $26.00 summit in glasgow, but a little time for the so called experts. they say they know what needs doing with a frustrated that money and politics seem to talk louder than common sense. i game is that i read one or j get that much in normal, but we've got to start looking at what we're doing wrong before we can put it right . governments need to apply laws regarding the use of land, the way we treat nature. always looking to defend the environment to the rainfall
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has diminished the locals blame hydro. electric projects built upstream and ill plan bridges, but mostly massive deforestation. to make wafer cattle and soil production, fast flowing streams become stagnant puddles will dry up altogether unsettling the delicate ecosystem. the waters of the barren i used to reach here. now they lie on the other side of those trees behind me with the residence, asking not just when, but if what they once knew was normality will ever return. now the very industries blame for the crisis rule so suffering. these vessels transporting agricultural produce from paraguayan argentina must load less cargo or risk running a ground. more journeys mean higher costs and increased pollution under this bill. yet mobile can also are shallow with fight to get rid of the big landowners because they want this region to plant soya and mays will try to warn people so they don't ruin this region. if not with dead,
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will have nothing. these are river people watching their way of life on the threat shouting, to be heard. but in the meantime, surviving we give away they can and praying for rain. and we find their al jazeera, some federal argentina, all tens of thousands of nicaraguans are crossing and neighboring costa rica to escape poverty. and what they say is political repression. they'd hoped upcoming elections on sunday would bring about a more democratic government, but that appears unlikely now with the imprisonment of nearly all opposition leaders. a latin america editor, lucy newman, reports from costa rica. this rule region in costa rica, near the border with nicaragua, is to day home to 70 nicaraguan farmers who had to flee their own land. they were lucky to be able to rent this farm to raise and sell pigs in order to feed their families. there among the thousands of poor nicaraguan farmers who began protesting
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in 2013 against president daniel ortega's plan to expropriate their land and build a multi $1000000000.00 trans atlantic canal. by doing so, they became enemies of the state, along with tens of thousands of other nicaraguans who crossed into costa rica in the last 3 years to escape reprisals for taking part in anti government protests. no miracle nicaraguans are emigrating as never before because the repression is continuing. and so does the migration to costa rica span the united states. people can't live with the psychosis, the fear that they'll be imprison, beaten, and tortured. and then there's the economic situation on record numbers of nicaraguans are leaving their country, the 2nd poorest in the americas, after hating ah, since president daniel ortega launched a new crack down against opponents. earlier this year, the number of nicaraguans attempting to reach the united states has more than quadrupled according to the u. s. customs and border patrol. but the vast majority
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come here to costa rica to work in the fields, like the cassette his family. they to say they had to abandon their farm in nicaragua because their protested against would take his plans to take their land. now they're struggling to afford rent and food. so 2 of their 4 children are helping them pick coffee. oh, margaret there. even though we were poor in nicaragua, we were in our country for, but the fear that bill suddenly come and kill you while you're working. we're walking down the road is too heavy. because that's what they're doing. it's hard work when the beans are still green and even with the whole family working all day from 6 in the morning until 2 in the afternoon, they'll be lucky if they make about 8 dollars to date. yet as difficult as it is for people who work here in the countryside to make a living, it's much more difficult for the nicaraguan exiles when economic migrants who go to the capital. the la cantfield neighborhood in san jose is where many of the more
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than 130000 nicaraguans have asked for refugee status, are living being the majority in overcrowded dwellings. they can't afford the very end of the minute. unemployment, soaring and costa rica and the nicaraguan migrants who work in construction or as housemaids are the 1st casualties. what i ain't got a little mess because i used to work as a made well. but since the pandemic, they don't give us work because they say they don't want any one in their homes. and they also ask for documents with their main opponents. now imprison ortega should easily win sundays presidential elections. and that said, these migrant will likely only increase the exodus from their trouble. torn country and see a newman al jazeera at equilla costa rica, while peruse. congress has confirmed a moderate left when cabinet. after 3 months of political wrangling,
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president pedro castillo has been struggling to get the opposition that congress will prove his choices. but the line up has alienated some of his allies, and several ministers voted against to the new cabinets. i am parts of chad. conflict is growing as fertile and grazing land, their strength, dry zones expanding and the changing climate and making results as ever more precious. i'm an adjustable, another victim of climate change. a prized horse, sir, comes to the searing heat. here an exhausted lamb was left behind by a migrating hood for wild animals to deval as his losses pile up. i do muhammad rounds of his cattle and family, and head towards the border with kimbrell. me well, laugh, we'll know buffalo would. we are leaving to had a past years, greener and the weather's more bearable. the migration will save what's left of my cattle, the drought and the rising heat had taken so much away from me. far removed from
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what world leaders are doing of the climate change summit. his just trying to cut his losses and recover. even if that means risking attacks by bandits book or arm and corrupt officials as he crosses the chide come road border. mom would you bring expects the dry period and his losses to continue. al serra them has have in his by the rains have failed us and the unbearable heat is drying up the little water that we have. it's painful to watch your animals die and there's nothing you can do about it is not sure if you will have any kettle left before the rain return. while politicians and expos discuss how to slow global warming, actors say people in this a hell already living, the gloomy future. the leaders are talking about. they say the region continues to see arise, and temperatures. in fee 8 could get worse. if it to them also gone to the desert, i can definitely tell you that in this region was time has in fact run out to the
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store. it's up to us to act and mitigate the impact. walton reverse. hello. i'm grew still occupy like suite of territory, farther limiting access to water and land for agriculture. as the impact of climate change becomes clear, pos to reduce are forced to make a difficult decision to solve their animals are very low prizes. all of them die. and when they bring them to markets like this, they find few people can afford to buy them. ahmed edris al jazeera jemina. ah, hello there. this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. so don's military leader has agreed with the u. s. secretary of state on the need to speed up the formation of a new government general under father, albert ham has ordered the release of for civilian cabinet ministers detained in last month's military takeover. still more protests are expected. later him,
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morgan has more from cotton. those who are released are the military information, the minister of trade, the minister of our off community.


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