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tv   [untitled]    November 5, 2021 3:00pm-3:31pm AST

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the challenge of piloting, the 10 he secured the he seemed to be stateless people. what he's going to happen to us is going to be the fate of boris. willful witness. a new phone out there. mm. mm. shoot jason of the best documentary films from across the network on al jazeera. ah, i'm halima, he is in a doha, with the headlines on al jazeera sedans, military leader has agreed with you as secretary of state on the need to speeds up the formation of a new government. general abdel father, albert han has ordered the release of for civilian cabinet ministers detained in last month's military takeover. had been, morgan is in cartoon with more let's not forget that there were at least 6
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ministers who have been arrested. and one member of the sovereignty council, so those who were released or the minister information, the minister of trade, the minister of communication, and the minister of youth and forth the minister, the capital minister in the office of the prime minister, is yet to be released as well, as the minister of industry and the spokesperson of the dissolved sovereignty council. so it's clear that there are still of the officials who have been released, general abdel for the album on, on the day he took over when he addressed the media. and the nation said that those who did not face criminal charges will be released while those who are not really the ones who are potentially facing criminal charges. that looks like those ministers who are yet to be we need the will be facing criminal charges. and this all comes with mediation, continues between the 2 sides, between general abdel for the hon and the military on one side and the prime minister of the land, who still under house arrest and yet to be completely released and free on the other hand. so the united nation, the, you and other diplomats here in down have been chuckling back and forth between the
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2 sides to try to at least reach some kind of agreement and pay way for the restoration of the civilian government. that has been alfred when the military took over on october 25th. now theres been different statements coming out from both sides. prime minister and the lamb duke's office has repeatedly put out a statement saying that he has conditions before he starts negotiating with the military. one of them is being the complete release of all the detainees who arrested on the day of the takeover. and the other is the restoration of back to 1000000000 government, which was the post and what he wants the status quo to return to the date of october 24th. that's the day just before the military took over several anti government group city, few p r, reportedly forming an alliance in an attempt to push out for a minister of the government's international coals. growing for an immediate cease farm between federal forces and rebels from the northern t gray region, the tpr last says it's advancing south towards the capital. un security council is
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due to discuss the conflict later. on friday, samuel gets chosen independence journalist and the sub a. he brings us the latest one according to the un, 2000000 if your parents are displeased, and many people are facing some kind of famine and the conflict of begun and to grow has moved to am horror. afar. and there are rumors that it's heading to odessa, barbara, forcing marie of the embassies to take out their embassy personnel. but this pressure also comes on the hill. so for the president of, for you gone down the president of kenya who are insisting that this conflict should end before it gets out of control. china has reported 68 snoo cove with 19 cases as it scrambles to contain a new outbreak. more than 900 infections have been reported since the search began in mid october, spreading to half of china's provinces, officials have maintained a 0 tolerance approach to the pandemic. defending the use of severe and sudden
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locked ends and china says it will stop people who support tie ones and dependents from entering hong kong, macau, or its mainland. beijing says those who support independence will be held criminally liable for life. the comments come after us and european union delegations visited taiwan and recent days. china considers the island to be a breakaway province. and the top you an official and bosnia herzegovina says the p . still that entered the war 26 years ago, is under threats. the bosnian serb leader miller are dudek as announced, plans to so establish a separate army within the country as violates the 1995 dayton peace agreements which entered the 3 and a half year conflict. and climate activists gathering at the cop $26.00 summit in glasgow march crowds of joined youth day rally organizers save the promises made by leaders so far will be enough to protect the planet for future generations to stay
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with us. here on al jazeera, i ah, she will have your, i see the i galleries to comment ash. if you have place it data and do more of a day, how big a bought a secret is marcia to see at with it back to fort
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hood. give me a call that pleasant. ah, a chevy? don't i get it met? no. c, o ne, a helicopters flying over the ridge, spraying something. and they didn't even see the kids. and the kids were all fishing or just playing by the river. and the kids were all choking and gasoline that night. they were all really sick with diarrhea. they were having trouble breathing. we went down to the river that next day and that's when we found dead ducklings and dead crayfish, dead trout. we called the forest service and they said, oh no,
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it's perfectly safe. it was a mixture of $240.00 and $2.00 for 5 t agent orange that was banned in vietnam. and nobody realized that the same chemicals were being used here in a still going on with agent orange was a tremendously destructive omen of a tremendously destructive war. in its own unique way, agent orange was the most destructive instance with chemical warfare in modern history. when i was still 5 years old or something, i read everything. it was still during the war and i read something about all the
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birds being killed like oil spills. from ships being bolona and that's what i worried about during the war was all those birds come in like that. he helped me in i started reading letters, i'm not sure who i sent them to or wanting some. what did take care of those birds please? maybe that was the beginning of my active fisma noon . we moved here and 74. the kids were just part of this landscape and they were down among the river. they knew everything that lived down there. my kids loved it. i mean, they were part of it. there were beaver's daughters in the river then to yeah, of course all the fish and harrison i sprays some they were part of that they
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loved it was nothing to worry about. mm hm . clear heading is one of the most insane things you could ever do. it's like strip mining a living organism which a forest is they weren't required to replant. and most of those clear cuts developed into huge brush fields then all of a sudden they were faced with this law that says, you can't clear cut unless you replant within 3 years. so then they had to clear all the brush on these old clear cuts. so they could replant them and just all
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coincided with the end of the use of agent orange and vietnam. michael newton from oregon state university was getting surplus barrels of agent orange that dead air force couldn't use any more in vietnam and was praising the use of these things and how they were going to transform forestry forever. thing they started to split blanket. these huge, clear cut with a lot of major orange and drift. some we could smell it and her within a few days our garden was dead. the kids were all sick again and the dog got so
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sick he died. carol has been just a tireless champion for uncovering true, factual, scientifically based information and trying to get that for decision maker. oh, these people are just liberally there. woodson and i'm a member senior thinking, bruce you somewhere you got it. you've got to help these people. they are literally they, nobody's willing to help them. and i said, you've got to produce the experts that if you can produce the experts, i'll take your case on and we'll go, we'll go to battle over the whole suby, milan flew down from your mission levels.
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when it did it, not her e d o g said sylvia, not battery will not have that seat in his your all day of your america a bombay jim should can't be landed married guys to for a martin. jessica knows your new movie said gola oh marsha, leavin mckee po served on his elbows on the home. don't get on our maggio nor booty. you play longer. she i, stella barza, do torn. i should not of the lily be as young law shall certainly place g,
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clearly no veil and is actually gave them more money have a year ago miss your day dollars latasha with a jimmy's or more the murphy list. so our dis halter sure. we know, saw some city government and crazily bivy to monet, golden made no partial, a flap or grandma sir nath. ashy or lumber, or morsel 07. back. of course, don't i tell my latecomer linda we song maker in gammas and a blip over our leafy cinema vice billy. oh, nice shift to like be nic and many good. so go and get on the get. oh, she spoke of was i really gum am. i can cancel it. should my mom kiera?
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so for me, our phone gated have godaddy. mm. mm . jesse too. so to her portia moody santos, your good. my. she, she learn laurie gene is that melody, doggie sheen. to sandy c. m m. c. shameed result was offered. the seller disaster did a map of myakea, i found caydan. da da, dominic m a n c o. paula should have brought the bond up blue to downtown. she scores savegaugh scared, da murphy. phillip poison, seattle. ah, does your via nail down and lucky? oh, so don't, don't the piper de la papa color melody this asa a
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la melanie. i go have an appellate langford, the a did a now come see a lot. i did i a yes, ma'am. i did my man ah japan, but that's like, oh my do need me seal ankle in in
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this only swab with me. yeah. to per se elect gala said don't be sure. do not good. you did this. you get enrolled because they're good. each food may cut them, i said turn this show dice, state it, and then i finish it. then they know you guys for some 76. want to comment in 60 k to know these wonderful has a bottle of so it's opposition process who we apply the how call hi victor, liam lou. sample. so c pesky is a big of a year. i see says he has your vincy fioma selected. ready all the devil got gold. ha, look i've been able know ah,
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look on back of marcy. a did just say she felt that made a fire of the fat lazy stay continent melody at the white house. the stage of history is that when a 1st meeting between president eisenhower, i am senator kennedy's has the leg. when eisenhower passed over a national security apparatus to john kennedy, how scared we had to be that communism was on the march. and we had to stop it wherever it was. kennedy loved the idea that american ingenuity, not just big, scary bombs, but different. more surgical kinds of technologies could be used to defeat these
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insurgencies and agent, orange, or ur besides, in general was part of that strategic view. the here at the chemical company in midland michigan, revolutionary chemical killers are being produced to help us of these costly pess. one of the newest and most versatile weapons and dollars, arsenal of chemical warfare is to for dial. we'd killer to 4. d is a growth regulator type of we'd kill it. the action is illogical, appearing to upset the plants growth processes and causing gradually, but certain death. ah, the saigon government in 1961 was a vociferous proponents of the use of, or besides, in vietnam,
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in the, the government was fighting a communist insurgency in the south. that was supplied by and they felt that the insurgency was a major threat to their existence. ah ah, in the, ah, this is in october 19. 61 thanks. haven't really gotten started yet. these are telexes. it's a message from ambassador noting, but basically saying, present dam is begging people to spray crops and there's so much doubt
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it confusion washington about whether to do this or not. ah operation ranch and had multiple components to a food denial component. but the most notorious was the use of agent orange to take away the forest cover. take away the insurgence capability to hide and conduct gorilla ambush operations. but once the overall war escalated, the deflation program just sort of followed rather mindlessly right behind it.
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spring, millions of gallons of highly concentrated herbicides indiscriminately over vast areas of forest. many times over is chemical warfare. it was highly destructive, and it was massive. it was a weapon of mass destruction. frank's hand was c name for the herbicide to fully acer program. run by the air and i was sent over to vietnam and may of 9071 to do the final historical right up of the ranch and program
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i had made friends with the young army lieutenant over there, and he came to me one afternoon and said we have received orders from headquarter, vista, 1971. we are to adopt a computer, an eraser not downloaded and shipped to wash. gov t said he said if you want any of that information for your report, you gonna have to come with me tonight and move over to my fi headquarters. well, get you into my office and we'll print them out. and he turned on the machine and we printed out a stack like that. my report indicated that that there were some real problems developing from people exposed to asian, orange. ah, i finished my report and it was immediately clashed fi secret.
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and the government kept it locked up or 35 years and denied didn't even exist. it the federal government basically federalized all the chemical companies to do nothing but produce a generic and other chemicals for the war to vietnam. and they knew that the more they produce, the more money they with me. so they, in order to deliver as much as they could as quickly as they could. they violated then existing industry standards for the production of herbicides by using a process that was much shorter at higher temperatures. that was responsible for the presence of the of docs in, in the ultimate chemical substances that were created. and they knew that a post risks to individuals, they knew that in post risks to the land,
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they knew that it was contained a poison. and they knew that that the effects to be devastating. while i was preparing my report, i came across the documents that indicated confirmed that we authorized production of the asian, ours, which is a mixture 24250524245, g with the higher concentration of di auction as the contaminant at your contaminant in the 245 t compact. we knew di auction is an extremely potent carcinogenic mutagenic meaning it causes chromosomes to mutate to ratty, janet, affecting the fetus of a woman. very potent compound national
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hero standards estimate and the half life for a dioxide molecules. 2000000000 years. that's why ha, regards it as equivalent to clue tony. both in its toxicity and in its longevity, how long can persist. so it doesn't go away. it goes away politically. this is the 1st time that the scientists have ever created a molecule, this toxic and, and that they, they know that even, you know, just one to 2 parts per trillion can cause birth defects, mutations, cancer, ah,
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seeing a larger number of defects than we would've expected we saw a number of congenital hearts and i think it was 978. i delivered and, and, and safari child, that's a child that doesn't have basically the normal brain. in my lifetime of delivering babies, i would not expect ever to see one. and about a year later, we delivered a 2nd. allen's appellate child. those odds were just astronomical, but a small practice like ours would have to allens valley children. it made me realize that there was something going on sediment and development have altered the course of the ribbon. it no longer flows
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to the sea. and around 10 years ago, it became more susceptible to red tights. the boom of elk a calls as discoloration in the water. i'm going to scoop some of this water out. and you can see there's a rust colored tinge to it. tests by the fisheries department show, the al he in the getting river is of the alexandria species which produces toxic ra . sleep in a bra him is a fisherman from malicious don't. but district in collecting. in the 1990s the giddy reba was clear. you can see the said, we didn't have any problems here. now the river is polluted and it smells bad. fisheries officials have a should notice this banning people from selling or eating malice found along the getting river. the area affected by the red tide is small, but news of the algae blue has affected seafood trade is in the area. talk to alger see ruth rios,
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how would you describe valuable relationship with the us? we listen copies. one tedious not told for coffee 19 has been terrible demonstration of the failure of humans so that we meet with global news makers and talk about the stories that matter on al jazeera lu . i'm her mom. he didn't go home with the headlines on al jazeera sedans, military leader has agreed with the u. s. secretary of state on the need to speed up the formation of the new governments. general abdel fattah albert han has ordered the release of fort civilian cabinet. ministers detained in last month's military takeover. hipaa morgan has more from cartoon those who are relieved are the military commission.


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