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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2021 8:00am-8:31am AST

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people are going to welcome the master that, of course, and you documentary his, that chilling and traumatic stories from the children throw stones at me. iraq's last generation on al jazeera, unprompted, and uninterrupted discussions from our london broadcast center on al jazeera. ah, the yeas are 228, and the mays are 206. a long delayed wind for president joe biden as the us house of representatives passes his trillion dollar infrastructure though i i money cited this is al jazeera life from dough or so coming up,
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forming an alliance against the government. ethiopia is opposition vows to bring down the prime minister by force if needed. clashing was security forces demonstrates us in iraq, ronnie, against the results of last month's election celebration, as usual, and the blah, blah, and young climate activists march through glasgow, demanding radical action. well, lead us ah the us house of representatives has voted to pass a one trillion dollar infrastructure bell central to jo biden's economic agenda. it happened repeatedly delayed by differences between moderate and progressives within the democratic party. hardy, j. castro reports washington, dc. the late night vote to pass president joe biden's trillion dollar
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infrastructure plan was the finale to a month long game of blankenship. between opposing factions of the democratic party . gentlemen, the motion is adopted. members of the democratic progressive caucus dropped their resistance after announcing a deal had been struck with moderate hardings by television. diversity is something that we all respect and admire. we are not a lock step party. we are not just because one person, nobody else needs to show up. and that exuberance is the vitality of our party. the legislation will fund upgrade to the nation's aging highways and airports, expand broadband internet access, and according to the white house create millions of jobs for bided. it was a significant when i tell you, and some of the anxiety people are feeling about the economy. that's how we give people some breathing progressive say in exchange for their support of the infrastructure bill. house moderates have agreed to vote for
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a 2nd pillar of the president's domestic agenda by mid november. that proposal would expand americans access to health care, child care and education, while tackling climate change and raising taxes on wealthy corporations. the plan costs nearly $2.00 trillion dollars. with republicans opposing president biden's social spending plan in mass calling it government overreach and siding its costs. democrats would have to be nearly united in order to secure its passage, but are ready to democratic senators have voiced concern over some of the plans proposals, and without their support. the bill will not become law. democrats got a scare earlier in the week when disappointing state election results exposed the parties vulnerability in next year's mid term elections. that's driven party leaders to push harder for progress in congress. in hopes of showing voters,
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democrats can move past into a party dysfunction to effectively gover. heidi jo, castro al jazeera washington. eric ham is a political analyst based in washington. he says the passage of the bell has delivered a major when the president biden. this is a huge victory for the president considering that all week we have been talking about how much the democratic party is in disarray, how they have lost the lost of virginia governorship, as well as narrowly kept control of the governorship in new jersey. president biden desperately needed to change the narrative and he needed a when to 9. he finally got it. but clearly there are a lot of bruised egos tonight as progresses. wanted to see both to build back better act as well as the by infrastructure plan pass at the same time, they didn't get what they want it, but the president most certainly the president has made clear that the bill back better act, which is the larger social my for structure spending package was something that was
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a cornerstone of his agenda and what he wanted to get done. remember when he went to the hell a few weeks ago to meet with house democrats, he made clear that he wanted both pieces of legislation to pass at the same time. which is why progress was we're actually holding the line because this is what the president indicated that he wanted. after that last in virginia all bets were off. and what we saw today was the president was willing to actually get at least something out of this deal. and what we're told is congresswoman joyce betty, who is the chair of the congressional black caucus progresses, literally had her waiting outside their meeting for more than an hour. president biden had to call in and give assurances. that moderates would actually sign a letter saying that they are committed to bringing the bill back better act. so the floor for a vote, and all of this was held up because they were waiting for congressional budget office to provide scoring. and so clearly this has been something that's been going
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back and forth all day. and the president even delayed his trip to going home to delaware this weekend to work the phones and get members to go along with this package. the political crisis in ethiopia is deepening as 9 factions form an alliance against the government. they want to bring down prime minister, be met and say they'll do it by force if necessary. un security council is calling for a peaceful resolution. my counter reports fall from the feels of conflict, ethiopia and opposition groups gather in washington, d. c. 9. political and militant group signed an agreement to work together with the expressed intention of removing the government by negotiation or force it to appear as been doing this has been carried out, a systematic racism in the country, almost like appetite in the south africa. but this is the time
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where we need to recognize every human being in the country. the government has dismissed the alliance as a publicity stunt. but it comes at a time that armed forces from the majority aroma group have joined to gray rebels and advancing on the open capital. after days of private discussion, the ethiopian crisis was due to come under the spotlight and the security council. but at the last minute, the meeting was cancelled. the security council president reading out a statement. the members of the security council expressed deep concern about the expansion, an intensification of military clashes in northern p. o. p. the members of the security council for their express use concern about the impact of the conflict on the humanitarian situation in in yorba, as well as the stability of the country and the wider region. it's understood that
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this replaced a statement that ireland and kenya had been working on, which called directly for a cessation of hostilities. a phrase that russia reportedly objected to. the role of kenya is critical in assuaging african fears. about western intervention in ethiopia. a senior diplomat has told me this broad consensus that the african union, along with ethiopia, neighbors, must take the lead in resolving the crisis. the prevailing view is that african problems require african solutions. but now all will have to wait until next week to see what action if any, the security council takes in support. mike, hannah al jazeera united nations, one of brazil's most popular singers, has been killed in a plane crash. maria mendoza died alongside her manager, an an aide. i pon it's what was it kills 26 year old. perform country music calls
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at the nail. she won the latin grammy for her album and 2019 president variables in our says the entire country is in shock. protests in iraq against the results of last month's election, half turned violent. demonstrated clashed with police in bagdad, angry about the outcome of the parliamentary pole and insist that the vase was raked. security for this find in the air and use tear gas to try to disperse. the crowds and 100 people have been injured minute and thereby heat has more from the wrong account of the situation remains tense, near the dad's green zone. after friday's clashes between the protesters and security forces. now these protests, those who are supporters of the political parties that lost in the legislative election say that friday was the last day for peaceful protests. they say that they
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are going to escalate because their part is lost in the, in the election, when they say that they're going to escalate until and unless the election commission conducts a manual recount of all the votes. on the other hand, they let the election commission says that it has conducted a manual recount of 25 percent of the votes and the results are identical. they're not different up from the old reserves. now, the violence on friday has been condemned by officials of political parties across iraq. and in fact, the political court is or accusing the government forces of are cracking down on the protest. us, papa joe knob would have been attacked by right police and other government forces to be shooting line bullets from tier jazz sent us. this area is very sensitive
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because it's very close to the green zone. the green zone, a very important area that has headquarters of a diplomatic missions, the headquarters of the us embassy and government offices. these protesters have been occupying this area for 3 weeks now sitting up tense, and they say they will not leave this area until the election commission response to their demands. least 11 soldiers have been killed by gunman during a raid on a military outpost in the year. it happened in the south western country near the border with molly days, early a gum and killed $69.00 civilians, including a mayor in that same region. africa's white as to how region has suffered repeated attacks from armed groups linked to iso a fuel tank,
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a explosion in serial he owns capital is reported to have left thousands of people dead. the mayor free town says as many as a 100 people could have been killed, many others were severely band. a husband of nasa named zachary ratcliffe, who's detained in iran, has been holding a candlelight vigil to malt 2 weeks of a hunger strike. richard ratcliffe is protesting outside britain, his foreign office in london, he began to strike. last month of the court ruled his wife be returned to prison. she was arrested into iran in 2016 and convicted of plotting to overthrow iran's government. i intend on going on until next week, not least because to them to send the delegation to glasgow. you could on london. well, and i, yeah, i just think they shouldn't be able to sort of one and i'm kind of like normal
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whilst holding the just but shouldn't hostage still ahead on out there for a white man accused of murdering a black man while he was joking. go on trial in the u. s. states of georgia and cleaning up the devastation activists in india. blame illegal mining for dental implants, atlanta. ah, hey, there, hope your weekends go and well we've got temperature is above average for the levant. so bade root at 26 degrees aleppo also 26, but we've got cool air digging across the iran fed on 10 degrees that is below average the struggling to get to double digits. and then we've got that energy toward the west also impacting a t. ron, so some showers in the forecast for you and there is the risk of seen some showers around the golf us specifically for doha. so i'll have to keep our eyes to the sky
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for that of the pakistan. things pretty settled, sir. karachi, $33.00 degrees islam, about $25.00 wall to wall sunshine also in store across most of turkey, a bit more in the way of cloud cover for is stumble breezy at times as well. and on cyprus, nick o. c, a 32 degrees, that's 10 above where you should be for this and the year for our equitorial countries in africa, central africa as well. some storms, western areas of the democratic republic of congo are bungie. still. what, whether you picked up almost a month's worth of rain and were what $516.00 into the month. year unsettled conditions around our port. elizabeth, as we looked toward durbin and also the su to an s. what, but more so towards the west, we've got settled conditions, capetown at 19, inhabit eroni at $39.00 pretty close to a record on saturday. that's it. ah, the pro democracy activists risking their lives fighting autocracy. i
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know that i might go to prison. good. so i will join the run a new episode of democracy may be exposed, the struggle of those who believe democracy is worth dying for. we never know when a note with a new spirit, a cold winter fruit vendor is going to immolate themselves and say, no fuson, not my life for democracy on al jazeera. ah ah ah, you what? she al jazeera melinda on top stories this hour. the us house of representatives has voted to pass
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a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill. it happened repeatedly delayed all differences within the democratic party. another vote on the social welfare bell will be held late in the month. ip factions have formed an alliance against the government of joint forces with rebels from the northern tiguan region who are threatening to advance on macau. iraq's prime minister has ordered investigation off the security forces injured more than a 100 protesters. crowns rallied in the capitol. angry at the results of lost mountain elementary election. the bodies, a full women said to have protested against taliban bull. enough. comstock happened, discovered off to being shot dead. they were found close to the northern city of mazar, e sharif, dumped in a ditch with multiple bullet wounds. one of them has been identified as frozen sophie, a 13 year old university lecturer from the region of all the says she left home suddenly 10 days ago to receiving
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a phone call was hoping to leave the country was my frog is the founder of the women and peace studies organization in afghanistan, she says, abuse to as women is getting worse, many on living in fia with each of them. and we have a good open, we have a contact on daily basis. and what i hear is from each of them is heartbreaking. children, you know, they have to, we talk to their children crying. so one is that everybody is grappling with this huge level of poverty right now. people are not able to even bred for the children by the, on top of that the c, n has added. so that they are, there is so much despair. i cannot tell you the messages that i get, for example, from women who say that will you at the stake, my children, that if, for example, i'll be killed or something that had happened to me, at least somebody would, would actually look after my children. this is the level of, you know, at the sped among the women and the caea to that that's death. one of our members
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actually gone to the passport office yesterday and to get the, to apply for passports. she, she went there at 3 o'clock in the morning because the line is so huge, so people have to go very early to take that thought. and then she was kicked in the stomach by a, you know, that this whole general fight that whoever was there to was connecting def, don't the documents from people and, and they, we, she was like, and she was crying and telling me that, you know, like we don't know what does our like flaws why are being punished. we don't have our jobs. we have lost our job. been income is gone. our bank accounts are not working. we do not have money in our children are hungry. we. our kid cannot go to school and on top of that we had being beaten. we are being, you know, facing a faced with so much violence. so is no mercy. a tron of 3 white men accused of killing a black man in the us state of georgia, has begun as men are very,
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was sauce and killed last year while jogging. and even before friday's proceedings began, there were accusations of racial bias, and he gallagher reports. ah, when a mod aubrey was killed last year, his family compared his death to a modern day lynching. now 3 white men are on trial for his murder and a case being seen as racially charged. but even before opening statements were heard controversy over the almost entirely white jury sparked accusations of racism . this court has found that there appears to be off intentional or discrimination in the power. despite that statement, the judge is pressing on with this high profile case, saying there were no legitimate reasons for not selecting black jurors or whether the prior festus. some of what we've already been faith in, in this case is another part of the injustices arm that we see here. england county, i'm not dis with this case, but with many. so it's just another part of what we face every day. it was only
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after this video became public that gregory mc michael had son travis and william bryan were arrested. all 3 men claimed they were trying to make a citizen's arrest a law abolished since mister aubrey's death. suspecting the 25 year old of stealing from a nearby house, the prosecution say all ahmad abra did was run away. finally trying to run around their truck, he saw me get away from the strangers. the retreat could already fall and they were gone. and they told me what aubrey's death and the subsequent killings of george floyd, brianna taylor and other african americans at the hands of law enforcement, led to a wave of national protests against accusations of racism. all 3 men of entered pleas of not guilty saying they were acting in self defense. the defense team says
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travis mc michael, who fired the fatal shots, was protecting himself and his father. it's tragic that a matter of re lost his life. but at that point, travis mc, michael is acting in self defense. he didn't not want to encounter a mot our bri physically. he was only trying to stop him for the police. or once again, race is on trial in the us with an outcome that will be closely watched the tom of ahmad aubrey's case. georgia was just one of 4 states with no hate crime laws that's now changed. and all 3 men still face federal charges and the gallagher al jazeera nicaragua has restricted campaigning for sundays elections sizing. pandemic restrictions, dozens of opposition, figures were arrested in the run up to the vote. president daniel ortega is running unopposed for his 4th term. the u. s. says it's prepared to impose father's
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sanctions to increase pressure on ortega under the protesters have rallied in sydney to call on the government to commit to further emission cuts. australia has refused to sign up to pledges made at the cop 26 climates summit. dozens of nations agreed to cut me vain and the use of coal planet. activist gretsch's in bag has branded this. he has called 26 summits, a green wash campaign she was addressing. young protest is out today, march 3 central glasgow anderson intervals. why don't we, why? why do we want voices of a generation that will live to see some of the worst effects of climate change? unless there's more progress in the cop 26 venue a few streets away. the protest is demanding to know why diplomats and politicians have failed them for 26 years since the 1st cop summit. in 1995 scottish
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families and school children joined the crowds among them protested from some of the worst affected countries devoting all their time to climate activism, all ugandan, edwin akwanga, and pheasants for root do move, who's from bangladesh? they arrived here at the beginning of the week on board the greenpeace ship rainbow warrior and their messages are simple, but serious is not our job still. we have to be here. we have to as our goldman to action, which is there were given a lot of hopes up in england over 25 and then we are demanding. let this be the last scope of auction non just words. you can see so many forms of activism within these demonstrations. there's anger, there's awareness. there's also a message being spread to communities all over the world. one of realization that
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the moment is now, that's what the swedish activist greater tom berg is saying. there's no time left, she blames it all on world leaders. this is no longer a climate conference. this is now a global north, green washing festival. a 2 week long celebration of business as usual and blah, blah blah. that's been a contrast to the approach from another climate activist brianna bruin, who's from samoa in the south pacific. she had this direct address to world leaders . you, we own the weapons that can save us or sell us out. you don't need my pain or my tiers to know that we're in a crisis. brianna believes would leaders need to listen closely to what protest is . i'll say, the fight for climate just as of the fight for family,
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for loved ones for friends, for joy. those are all the things that young people are striking on the street for . those are the things that people are in this huge conference building for cop 26 has already made some progress on reducing methane gas emissions facing out coal fired power and reducing deforestation. but it's not deemed enough yet to make the difference that really needed. the pressure will increase on saturday. with global demonstrations planned, andrew simmons al jazeera glasgow. major flooding in bosnia capital has cause widespread power cuts including an oxygen filling facility used for coven 19 patients. the plant was completely submerged prompting fears. hospitals will run out of vital supplies. just as corona, vars cases rise. rescuers hunter used inflatable bose to evacuate. people to higher ground has been almost
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a month since major flooding in southern india killed thousands of people and the cleanup is continuing over the past 4 years. more than 600 people have been killed in floods in corolla, environmentalist, blame climate, change and say more needs to be done to protect people. elizabeth per annum reports . the western gods mountain range running parallel to india. the west and coast is a unesco world heritage site that you went calls at one of the world's top 8 hotspots for biological diversity older than the himalayas. the western gods act as a barrier intercepting the rain laden munson wins that sweep them from the array b and c. but climate ologist say those rings are becoming more extreme while the mountains being weakened by construction and illegal mining and baths leading to more landslide. maybe half of the $46.00 victims of october,
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torrential rain in the southern state of carola died and lance lives that includes all 6 members of the martin family. the neighbor thomas up from is living in a relief camp. after his home was damaged. we were looking to do what we could see the water level rising in suddenly heard a loud noise. when we looked out we could see a huge piece of land falling down. we couldn't imagine that the neighbor's house had just washed away. nearly half of cadillac is prone to land slides for the state is also vulnerable to extreme weather events because it sits along the array be and see. the intergovernmental panel on climate change says the indian ocean, which includes the arabian sea and the they have been gold, has warmed faster than the global average. and that means kayla has to brace for another crisis. the rise and sea level, which is expected to contribute to more frequent and severe coastal flooding in low line areas and coastal erosion. mo, temperatures from the arabian sea may more moisture being carried inland and up to
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the west and guts. its been more than 10 years since an expert panel recommended that 75 percent of the mountain range be declared and environmentally sensitive area. this would mean that no mining vehicle, quarrying, or other pollution activities would be allowed. their license record is can on your bread in this region? illegal coding is band and the government will surely deal them. chevy and there is, there is, but many in cadillac said the damaging activities haven't stopped. most of the coding happening over the rest in goes there. more than 50 percent, they go out of illegal cortex. so that means that the regulations and raymond, the law, everything is in place. that is the time we are experiencing this because there is no string generated to in both those environmental laws. there has been a threefold rise and extreme rain events over the western god. in the past 70 years
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. environmental is safe. the mountain range isn't protected from human development . it can't protect the 50000000 people. who call it home. elizabeth per on him, al jazeera kettler. drug make a pfizer says a new coven. 19 pill is developing counts the risk of hospital admissions or death by almost 90 percent. trying to be experimental drug was stamped early following the positive results. the company plans to ask regulators to authorize its use as soon as possible. us has already secured millions of doses of the drug within 3 days of the symptoms, you have now 89 percent protection from disease leading to hospitalisation with our medicines. and the data indicate 100 percent protection from there. and even if you start the medicine fire based off having contract,
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it is see if we live in which symptoms you have. now. if your 5 percent protection spanish for both john barcelona has appointed club ledgent. javi hernandez as head coach of 41 year old had been manager at a katara club outside since 2015. you helped barcelona when 25 titles as a play. chavez, replacing ronald comment, it was 5 last week following a string of defeats. a traditional who was rising festival has returned to the northern syrian city of rocca, former iso strongholds. it is the 1st time the event has been held in a decade. rock is slowly being rebuilt off it was left in ruins, falling years of fighting. it was, i suppose defact to capital until being recounted in 2070. ah,
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this is out as era these your top stories, the us house of representatives house voted to pass a one.


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