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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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ah frank assessments is likely to change biking behavior at all. it's not going to change their behavior, they're going to continue to do what they do and in depth analysis of the data global headlines inside story on out just sierra, ah, the un security council of warns against escalating violence in ethiopia as 9 opposing factions. woman alliance against prime minister, i'll be up and ah, and i there, i'm associate a and this is al jazeera life from dog ha. also coming on the age are 228 in the maze, or 206, a long delayed. when's
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a president joe biden as the us house of representatives? paul says, his trillion dollar infrastructure bill cleaning out the devastation activists in india blame illegal mining said recent floods and lance lines plus. this exhibition is attribute to some of the more than 300 nicaraguans who have died opposing the government of president. daniel ortega coming up will explain how he has managed to remain in power so long despite dwindling public support. ah, now the un security council has called for an end to the fighting and ethiopia. but a meeting to discuss the crisis has been postponed until next week. ethiopia has a year long conflict with rebels from the northern te grier region has wesson's in recent days. and now 9 opposition groups abroad have formed an alliance against prime minister. i'll be off bed. mike. hannah has gone out from the united nations,
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fall from the fields of conflict, ethiopia and opposition groups gather in washington, dc. 9 group signed an agreement to work together with the expressed intention of removing the ethiopian government by negotiation or force. utopia has been doing this. has been carried out of she's dramatic richmond county, almost like our port type didn't circle fruit, but this is a tire where we need to recognize every human being in the country. the government has dismissed the alliance as a publicity stunt. but it comes at a time that armed forces from the majority aroma group have joined to gray rebels and advancing on the open capital. after days of private discussion, the ethiopian crisis was due to come under the spotlight and the security council.
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but at the last minute, the meeting was cancelled. the security council president reading out a statement. the members of the security council expressed deep concern about the expansion, an intensification of military lashes in northern new york. yet the members of the security council for their express serious concern about the impact of the conflict on the humanitarian situation unit, as well as the stability of the country and why their region. it's understood that this replaced the statement that island and kenya had been working on, which called directly for a cessation of hostilities. a phrase that russia reportedly objected to. the role of kenya is critical illness, waging african fears about western intervention in ethiopia. senior diplomat has told me there's a broad consensus that the african union,
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along with neighbors must take the lead in resolving the crisis. the prevailing view is that african problems require african solutions. but not all. we'll have to wait until next week to see what action if any, the security council takes in support. mike, hannah al jazeera united nations. well, that's nasty, ted. janice samuel gets to his in the capital, addis ababa, samuel kelly international pressure ad building as the security council finally managed to find some consensus that where are the regional act as like the african union on this? i know they've been very alarmed about all this as well to our future and union, hired had appointed a former head of for the nigeria president to try to sold the differences between the 2. but again, it was a difficult task for him. as you know, the t p left has been designated as a terrorist organization by they ethiopian government, basically, ethiopia,
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and parliament. it became a challenge to deal with the ethiopian government side in the tpr live side. but there has been war pressure for coming from kenya, for instance, a close friend of ethiopia, and they are the presidents have by the president of the children. prime minister have a very close relationship. and that you got done president has announced that he would be hosting a leaders, a leader summit to trying to solve the difference between the current between ethiopia and if you're going government and the t p, the forces. but again, there doesn't seem to be any compromised by that. from the 2. there is a sending allegations and all kinds of complications saying that you're been cited insisting there and this until the bay and to defeat the enemy with our bones and blood. that's what the, the prime minister said, and the other side is saying, there's no point of negotiating at this point. they're marching forward, then they're going to fight on until the very end. samuel guest share that with all
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the latest for us, from the ethiopian capital. thank he sent my son. thank you. on meanwhile, twitter has temporarily disabled its trends that section in ethiopia after threats of physical harm. in a statement, the social media site says it's monitoring the situation. it says, inciting violence, or dehumanizing people is against our rules. given the imminent threat of physical harm, we've also temporarily disabled trends alongside continued efforts to disrupt platform manipulation. we hope this measure will reduce the risks of coordination that could incite violence or cause harm. on our moving on and the u. s. congress has passed a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill central to jo biden's economic agenda. it had been repeatedly delayed by differences between moderates and progressives within the democratic party. how does your caster has more now from washington dc? the late night vote to pass president jo biden's trillion dollar infrastructure
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plan was the finale to a month long game of grandmaa's ship between opposing factions of the democratic party government. the motion is adopted. members of the democratic progressive parties dropped their resistance. after announcing a deal had been struck with motto, its hardings by talary and diversity is something that we all respect and admire. we are not a lockstep party. we are not just does because one person, nobody else needs to show up. and that exuberance is the vitality of our party. the legislation will fund upgrades to the nation's aging highways and airports, expand broadband internet access, and according to the white house create millions of jobs for biden. it was a significant when that's how you and some of the anxiety people are feeling about to come. that's how we give people some breathing progressive say in exchange for
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their support of the infrastructure bill. house moderates have agreed to vote for a 2nd pillar of the president's domestic agenda by mid november. that proposal would expand americans access to health care, child care and education, while tackling climate change and raising taxes on wealthy corporations. the plan costs nearly $2.00 trillion dollars. with republicans opposing president biden's social spending plan in mass calling it government overreach and siding its costs. democrats would have to be nearly united in order to secure its passage, but are ready to democratic senators have voiced concern over some of the plans proposals, and without their support. the bill will not become law. democrats got a scare earlier in the week when disappointing state election results exposed the parties vulnerability in next year's mid term elections. that's driven party leaders to push harder for progress in congress. in hopes of showing voters,
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democrats can move past intro party dysfunction to effectively gover. heidi jo, castro al jazeera washington. now a fuel tanka explosion and sierra leone capital is reported to have killed dozens of people. the mayor free town says as many as a 100 people and they have died. many others were severely band on pro democracy protesters and supporters of suzanne's military takeover are expected to rally in and around the capital cartoon. the pro military camp are seeking to endorse general abdel f. as albert handle authority, he's been under increasing international pressure to restore a civilian lead government. the french foreign ministry says it's now questioning an agreement that would have cancelled cartoons a $5000000000.00 debt to paris. or let's speak to wrestle soda. he's in the capital forest. i wrestle, they were tens of thousands on the streets last week. but ahead of that military takeover, we saw that breakaway faction protest in support of them to how divided are the 2
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camps now? well, up yesterday they a protest to place at el answer mosque in a cartoon lab by alabama party, which is one of the largest traditional party into contra, however, on the country of the expectations. it wasn't a massy one and people didn't spill onto the, at the streets that so there are calls for the effort to model particular on sunday to day and particularly tomorrow, for general strikes. the calls are come from the resistance committees and ad did that the, the call for the seeming obedience also are quite get an intensified for that many of the product that the experts here says that the protest on using the momentum. but whether that is true or not, there's going to be evidence, particularly at, on a sunday that but the union of bankers also have the clear that they are going to join this general strike and the that that, that the mass protest. and also the calls for the civil disability is, will be,
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this is quite critical here because they're aiming directly to this function, eyes the system and lock of the system itself, which is one of the main problem now in, in, in front of a getting the, the life into the of the norm of solomon oliver, the government says that despite the calls for the general strikes and visited civil disability disobedience, the government is going to keep the schools are open. on the other hand, there are that of the international forces that are had put in a huge pressure on the general army at hand. jeff huckman did that special invalid of the usa for the whole of africa is in addis ababa. and there are some expectations that he might, with cartoon, if he does that, that will be quite important because it will show the u. s. s. position regarding the developments in the company. yes. that they had their high commissioner for the human rights of the you and has strongly condemned the coo and asked the head the
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military a rule to immediately return back to the civilian government. and will hon. the that the military general has support with the state secretary jet secretary, antone bullying can and they have agreed that they, there are the needs to accept lee except a the, a force for a technocrat government also yesterday, ange. anyway, there was a critical meeting regarding the human rights violations in sudan. and a british lad resolution has been agreed on to condemn the military takeover and also to appoint an expert. this going to the, to, to monitor the rice way, nations in the company and back to the base that did that. the jenny bobby's counsel in meet 22. so this international support is quite important for mr. wood hahn because my expert says that whether the military rule or the takeover will survive or not, it's going to be determined by the position of the international community. and
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haley lots in less than that to wrestle said a there for us in cotton. thanks. hi, mantresa. i still had here on out as in 3 white man accused of marrying a black man while he was out jogging, go on trial in the last state of georgia. ah. hello there, hope your weekends off to a good start right off the bat. we got to talk about this disturbance in the western mediterranean. some torrential rain for the bally. eric's sardinia and into corsica is while i think flooding real risk of seen it over the next few days. that band of rain also stretching across central areas of italy, right into rome, where we have seen flooding up in over the adrian c into croatia and also bosnia.
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so pretty much from dubrovnik to mo star, getting into some of this what whether further toward the east, the easter med think looking good here nicko see a 32 degrees that's 10 above where you should be for this side of the year. a bit more in the way of cloud cover for is stumble and breezy at times with a high of 20 degrees after northwestern europe. and we do have a run of rain for the united kingdom that will eventually find a home into the western portion of norway, otherwise, temperatures pretty well where they should be for they some of the year north africa. so all of that wet weather round the western med diving down into northern algeria and to nicea. so we've got a few days of rain to come for elders risk of seen some flooding here as while wendy conditions in store on sunday with a high of 17 degrees. so temperature is pretty well where you should be, but a lot of rain coming your way season ah, in the country with an abundance of resolve. already one
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moment we move to grow and fraud with balance for real economy, blue economy and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let it be possible in his growth and progress in here. now, lou ah ah, hello again, i'm this nancy tando. huh, that's remind you about top stories here. the seller, the un security council, has called for an end to the fighting in ethiopia. but a meeting to discuss the crisis has been postponed. 9 opposition groups in
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washington have formed an alliance against prime minister. i'll be offered to you as congress has now passed a one trillion dollar infrastructure bill. it had been repeatedly stalled because of differences within the democratic party. it now goes to president biden, to finance supporters and critics of saddam's, military take river are expected to rally in and around the capital cartoon. the military is back as are endorsing general abdel foster albert hans authority, whose facing pressure to restore the civilian led government anal nicaragua as president, is running for a 4th consecutive time despite widespread criticism. the campaign has been neither free nor fan. dozens of opposition figures have been arrested, and daniel ortega is running virtually unopposed in sunday's vote or latin america . latin american editor, lucy newman, explains just how will take it has managed to stay in power. despite his dwindling popularity. it was long ago, 1979. when
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a revolution in nicaragua, over to the countries, then dynastic dictatorship, when one of the revolutions leaders was daniel ortega, he went on to become president amid a bloody counter revolutionary war financed by the united states. the conflict ended with a new election in which would take a last. he promised to return and he did on bath this time to stay 14 years after returning to the presidency than usual, data is going for a 4th consecutive and contested term. it is from exile, human rights advocate, gonzalez, guardian explains how he achieves it through absolute concentration of power. he made a pact with the church, the business sector, and some opposition parties, his former enemies, and ended up controlling all the institutions, including the supreme court and the electoral council. therefore,
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after returning in january 2007, he swore in the armed forces and police reminding them of their routes that they were sandinista party institutions. but 3 years ago or take us alliances began crumbling when mass protests led by students turned into a national uprising and cause for the restoration of democratic institutions. even his wont, staunchest allies had declared him a dictator and demanded he stepped down. he refused saying his adversaries would have to settle their differences peacefully at the ballot box, but to wait hasn't been peaceful. this exhibition in costa rica national assembly is a tribute to some of the more than 300 nicaraguans who were killed by ortega, security forces and paramilitary groups in less than 2 months. they include student shop owners, farmers even children, and they become a symbol of the government's determination to crush descent. but they aren't the
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only symbol. this is a replica of what they call a punishment cell, where hundreds of political prisoners in nicaragua are taken sometimes weeks even months. that includes the majority of the mainstream wouldn't be opposition. candidates for sundays presidential election or take claims the united states and certain european countries are instigating unrest. earlier this month he boasted support not just from cuba and venezuela, but also russia. a lot of them boom. but in the loop of it is offered us in valuable support in the area of defense, to defend peace in our country. so thank you. prison. vladimir putin, our respects and affection. we are together in the struggle for peace and sovereignty and justice of our country's leper. a recent gallup poll among others, suggests ortega has less than 20 percent support. but he continues to receive financial aid from the i m f. the inter american development bank and the central
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american bank and has been able to enlarge the paramilitary and police forces in nicaragua, the 2nd poorest country in the region that has allowed him to stay in power through terror and guns for the last 3 years. there has been systematic repression and crimes against humanity. ortega's closest advisors are other ortega's, including his children, who run a multi media empire and large family business holdings. the national chief of police is his in law, and then there's his powerful wife and vice president rosario moody. you. meanwhile, opposition television print, an online outlets like confidential had been rated and confiscated, and mainstream political parties declared illegal with good reason. ortega is confident that he will remain in the presidency, at least for the foreseeable future. to see in human al jazeera sanklo say costa
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rica. now, one of brazil's most popular singers has been killed on a plane. crash marilla men dancer dies alongside her manager and an aid. both pilots were also killed in the accident and a rural area of the southeastern states of miniature ice. the 26 year old performed country music called so to naval. present variables narrow has said the entire country isn't shock. on the trial, as 3 white men accused of killing a black man in the us state of georgia has begun. i'm at aubrey was shot dead while he was out jogging after being chased by the group and pick up tracks last year. but even before friday's proceedings even started, now accusations of racial bias and gallagher. hm. ah, when a mod aubrey was killed last year, his family compared his death to a modern day lynching. now 3 white men are on trial for his murder in a case being seen as racially charged. but even before opening statements were
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heard controversy over the almost entirely white jury sparked accusations of racism . this court has found that there appears to be intentional or discrimination in the power. despite that statement, the judge is pressing on with this high profile case, saying there were no legitimate reasons for not selecting black jurors or whether the prior festus. some of what we've already been faith in, in this case is another part of the injustices arm that we see here. england county, i'm not just with this case but with many. so it's just another part of what we face every day. it was only after this video became public that gregory mcmichael had son travis and william bryan were arrested. all 3 men claimed they were trying to make a citizen's arrest a law abolished since mister aubrey's death. suspecting the 25 year old of stealing from a nearby house, the prosecution say all ahmad abra did was run away. finally tried to run around their truck as he saw me get away from the strangers. which street could
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already fall and they would come and get me on what aubrey's death in the subsequent killings of george floyd, brianna taylor and other african americans at the hands of law enforcement, led to a wave of national protests against accusations of racism. all 3 men of entered pleas of not guilty saying they were acting in self defense. the defense team says travis mc michael, who fired the fatal shots, was protecting himself and his father. it's tragic that a matter of re lost his life. but at that point, travis mc, michael is acting in self defense. he did not want to encounter a mot our bri physically. he was only trying to stop him for the police. for
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once again, race is on trial in the u. s. with an outcome that will be closely watched the time of ahmad aubrey's case. georgia was just one of 4 states with no hate crime laws. that's now changed and all 3 men still face federal charges and the gallagher al jazeera. now hundreds are rallying and sydney against the us, trailing governments refusal to reduce methane emissions, and their continued use of coal prime minister scott morrison, and veiled his decision. earlier this week. at the cop $26.00 climate summit and glasgow, australia has refused to cut methane emissions by 30 percent mistaken, and is also pledged to end the use of coal power by the 20 forty's. while many other nations announced an end to use and coal power, many as aaliyah. and meanwhile, major flooding in bosnia herzegovina has capital, has caused widespread power cuts including to an oxygen filling facility used for covered 19 patients. the plant was completely submerged,
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prompting fears at hospitals will run out of vital supplies. just as corona, virus cases rise. rescue as, as you can see, that had to use inflatable boats to move people to higher ground and authority. the warning, the flooding could get even worse with more heavy rain forecast for the weekend mall to the aftermath as flooding. now, nearly a month since major flooding and southern india kill dozens of people there. the cane up still goes on over the past 4 years, more than 600 people have been killed in floods just in corolla, environmentalist, blame climate, change and say more needs to be done to protect people. elizabeth per annum reports from carolyn the western gods. mountain range running parallel to india's western coast is a unesco world heritage site that you when calls at one of the world's top 8 hot spots for biological diversity older than the himalayas. the western gods act as a barrier intercepting the rain laden monsoon winds that sweep in from the arabian
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sea. but climatology say those rings are becoming more extreme while the mountains being weakened by construction and illegal mining, and that's leading to more lance lives. needy, half of the $46.00 victims of october, torrential rain in the southern state of kettler died and lance lives that includes all 6 members of the martin family. the neighbor thomas app from as living in a relief camp after his home was damaged a little more to the yogi. we could see the water level rising and suddenly heard a loud noise. when we looked out, we could see a huge piece of land hauling gum. we couldn't imagine that the neighbor's house had just washed over. nearly half of kettler is prone to lance lives for the state is also vulnerable to extreme weather events because it sits along the arabian sea. the intergovernmental panel on climate change says the indian ocean, which includes the arabian sea, and the bay of bengal,
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has warmed faster than the global average. and that means cadillac has to brace for another crisis. the rise and sea level, which is expected to contribute to more frequent and severe coastal flooding in low lying areas and coastal erosion. normal temperatures from the arabian sea mean more moisture being carried in land and up to the west and gods. it's been more than 10 years since an expert panel recommended that 75 percent of the mountain range be declared and environmentally sensitive area. this would mean that no mining illegal quarrying or other polluting activities would be allowed. their license for chorus can only albrighton this legion, illegal recording is banged and the government will surely deal them, chevrolet and then there is a dairy, but many in cadillac said the damaging activities haven't stopped. most of the, according happening, old livingston goes there. more than 50 boston, bigger out of illegal goodies. so that means that the regulations and raymond law,
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everything is in place. that is the time we are experiencing this because there is no stringed and we're doing both both environmental oath. there has been a threefold rise and extreme rain events over the western god in the past 70 years . environmental is safe. the mountain range isn't protected from human development . it can't protect the 50000000 people who call it home. elizabeth per annum al jazeera kettler ha pakistan's prime minister emron khan has revealed a $700000000.00 release package to support poor households. the measure comes after a huge jump in the price as a fuel, food and medicine. low income families have been under strain with inflation rates currently at a 70 year high. come on high to has this report if, if la abad famous of barra market, which right now is full of hundreds of st. rent dead. and more and more people are
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buying old shoes and all closed because of bugger, stones, worsening, economic ward. the country i think it's wider, lane cost of living is central gum order. did. which is central. what's the wyvern? such as flaw? cooking oil, other? it's angelica margie's and even made it don't reject seen a 400 percent. right site. the people out of got suffering that i'm all for or day . i'm the opposition parties of god are digging. i'd want edge of died saying that emron cons government had failed. however, the prime mister has promised to try to hes doors. gotcha. most wondered about 50 percent of the population they say will be help reduce new to leave back age. but how many to leave baggage if can the government continue to all fall at a dime or in the country's economic? is it getting worse by the day? the country is already in gallsworthy,
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i medford wiping the 6000000000 it baggage for whited by d. i. m f, but experts won that strict conditions from them will relate to even higher prices, which will put an additional burden on the consumer. so did a b. i had been able to help august on in their short term by depositing 3000000000 dollars in cash to products. and the countries prime minister of god is hopeful that they will be able to revive the economy. like critics won, the government will after do much more. it relieve dream drovers. governance also did a move in competencies and to in shaw the country is ford back on the road to recovery . ah, hi, this is al jazeera and he's in the top stories. the un security council has called for an end to the fighting in ethiopia, but a meeting to discuss the crisis has.


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