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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2021 11:00am-11:31am AST

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for to itself, what would it see in the sense race is the story of america. what's working and what's not. a lot of people were only talking about that. it wasn't at the top of the agenda. if america can't handle multiple challenges on multiple fronts, we need to go back to school. the bottom line on al jazeera, ah, the un security council warns against escalating violence in ethiopia as 9 opposing factions form an alliance against prime minister. i'll be active. ah, hello there, i'm associate, hey, this is out 0. live from doha. also coming up. the jays are 228 in the maze, or 206,
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a long delayed wins. i president joe biden as the u. s. congress passes his trillion dollar infrastructure bill. we report from burundi with floods and rising waters of the space more than a 100000 people in recent years. and the political crisis facing bosnia herzegovina that could unravel the peace deal which ended the war that 26 years ago. ah, now the un security council has called for an end to the fighting in ethiopia. but amusing to discuss, the crisis has been postponed until next week. each year appears a year long conflict with rebels from the northern tiguan region has westland in recent days and now 9 opposition groups abroad have formed an alliance against prime minister. i'll be off bed. my counter reports from the united nations fall from the fields of conflict, ethiopia and opposition groups gather in washington, dc. 9 group sign an agreement to work together with the expressed intention of
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removing the ethiopian government by negotiation or force it to appear as been doing this. has been carried out, a systematic racism in the country, almost like appetite in the south africa. but this is a time where we need to recognize every human being in the country. the government has dismissed the alliance as a publicity stunt. but it comes at a time that armed forces from the majority aroma group have joined to gray rebels and advancing on the open capital. after days of private discussion, the ethiopian crisis was due to come under the spotlight and the security council. but at the last minute, the meeting was cancelled. the security council president reading out a statement. the members of the security council expressed deep concern about
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the expansion, an intensification of military lashes in northern p. o. p. the members of the security council for their express use, concern about the impact of the conflict on the humanitarian situation in it. yoga, as well as the stability of the country and the wider region. it's understood that this replaced the statement that island and kenya had been working on, which called directly for a cessation of hostilities. a phrase that russia reportedly objected to. the role of kenya is critical in assuaging african fears. about western intervention in ethiopia. a senior diplomat has told me this broad consensus that the african union, along with ethiopia, neighbors, must take the lead in resolving the crisis. the prevailing view is that african
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problems require african solutions. but now all will have to wait until next week to see what action if any, the security council takes in support. mike, hannah al jazeera united nations. well son, you'll get it to as a journalist in ada sedan. he explains the challenges faced by regional lead as trying to bring an end to that contract in ethiopia. the african union had had appointed a former head ofa, nigeria president to try to solve the differences between the 2. but again, it was a difficult task for him that she peer left husband designated as a terrorist organization by the european government, by the ethiopian parliament. it became a challenge to deal with that if you're going government side in the tpr live side . but there has been war pressure for coming from kenya, for instance, a close friend of yoga. and they are the presidents have by the president of the
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children. prime minister have a very close relationship. and the uganda and president has announced that he would be hosting a leaders, a leader summit to try to solve the difference between the current, between if yoga and if you're going government and the t p, the forces. but again, there doesn't seem to be any compromised by that from the 2. there is sending allegations and all kinds of complications saying that you're been cited insisting there and this until the bay and to defeat the enemy with our bones and blood. that's what the, the prime minister said, and the other side is saying, there's no point of negotiating at this point. they're marching forward, then they're going to fight on until the very end. oh, getting some breaking news now from the united states. at least 8 people have been killed during stampede at a music festival and texas. dozens of people were trampled when thousands of fans started moving towards the front of the stage. and panic,
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fastened around 50000 revelers were attending the astro love music festival in houston with anymore as we get in the u. s. congress has passed a one trillion dollar infrastructure about central to jo biden's economic agenda. it had been repeatedly delayed by differences between moderate and progressives within the democratic party. how does your custer has more from washington dc? the late night vote to pass president joe biden's trillion dollar infrastructure plan was the finale to a month long game of blankenship between opposing factions of the democratic party sentiments. the motion is adopted. members of the democratic progressive caucus throbbed their resistance. after announcing a deal had been struck with moderate hardings by caliber and diversity is something that we all respect and admire. we are not a lock step party. we are not just because one person nobody else needs to show up
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. and that exuberance is the vitality of our party. the legislation will fund upgrade to the nation's aging highways in airports, expand broadband internet access, and according to the white house create millions of jobs for bided. it was a significant when i tell you and some of the anxiety people are feeling about the economy. that's how we give people some breathing progressive say in exchange for their support of the infrastructure bill. house moderates have agreed to vote for a 2nd pillar of the president's domestic agenda by mid november. that proposal would expand americans access to health care, child care and education, while tackling climate change and raising taxes on wealthy corporations. the plan costs nearly $2.00 trillion dollars. with republicans opposing president biden's social spending plan in mass calling it government overreach and siding its costs.
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democrats would have to be nearly united in order to secure its passage, but are ready to democratic. senators have voiced concern over some of the plans proposals, and without their support. the bill will not become law. democrats got a scare earlier in the week when disappointing state election results exposed. the parties won't ability in next year's mid term elections. that's driven party leaders to push harder for progress in congress. in hopes of showing voters, democrats can move past intro party dysfunction to effectively gover. heidi jo, castro, al jazeera washington, a fuel tanka explosion and sierra lauren's capital is reported to have killed dozens of people there. the mayor, free towns has as many as a 100 people may have died. many others was severely band and will bring you more details later on at least 11 soldiers have been killed by gunman during
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a raid on a military outpost in new zan. it happened in the southwest near the border with molly. you were cold days early. a gunman had killed 69 civilians including a man in that very same region, nature and africa as wide as the hell region has suffered repeated attacks from armed groups and linked to iso i'll try democracy. protestors and supporters of sedans, military takeover are expected to rally in and around the capital cartoon. the prime military can bow seeking to endorse general at the facet out their hands authority. he is then under increasing international pressure to restore a civilian that government and french foreign ministry and now says it's questioning an agreement that would have cancel. it contains at $5000000000.00 debt to paris. i'll wrestle said it is in the capitol with this update. there are calls for the for to morrow, particularly on the to there and particularly to morrow for general strikes the cause or come from the resistance committees and at the da da da da da called for the senior obedience. also are quite get an intensified for that. many of the pro
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did the experts. he says that the protest on using the momentum, but whether that is true or not, this going to be evidence, particularly on a sunday the but the union of bankers also have the clear that they are going to join this general strike and the that that, that the mass protest and also the calls for the severe disability is, will be, this is quite critical here because they're aiming directly to this function, eyes the system and lock of the system itself, which is one of the main problem. now, in, in, in front of a get him did that, the life in to the, of the norm of solve it all over. the government says that despite the calls for the general strikes and visited, civil does avoid the disobedience. the government is going to keep the schools are open. on the other hand, there are that of the international force that are had put in a huge pressure on the general army at bull hon. jeffrey pokemon,
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that special in lieu of the u. s. a. for the horn of africa is in addis ababa, and there are some expectations that he might, wizard. cartoon. if he does that, that will be quite important because it will show the u. s. s. position regarding the developments in the country. a title sinner ross against the results of last month's election have turned violent. demonstrate has fought with police in baghdad . they're angry about the outcome of the parliamentary pole and insist the vote was rigged. security forces fired into the aarons tear gas to dispatch the crowds that more than 100 people have been injured. but otherwise it has more from the rocky capital. the situation remains tense near the dad's green zone after friday's clashes between the protesters and security forces. now, these protests of his who are supporters of the political parties that last in that it is live in action, say that friday was the last day for peaceful protests. they say that they are
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going to escalate because their part is lost in the, in the election. but they say that they're going to escalate until and unless the election commission conducts a manual recount of all the votes. on the other hand, they let the election commission says that it has conducted a manual recount of 25 percent of the votes and the results are identical. they're not different from the old reserves. now, the violence from friday has been condemned by officials political parties across iraq. and in fact, the political court is or accusing the government forces of are cracking down on the protest. us was ha ha, we have been attacked by right. police and other government forces. they were shooting live bullets from tier jazz set us. this area is very sensitive because
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it's very close though the green zone, the green zone, a very important area that has headquarters of the diplomatic missions, the headquarters of the s embassy and government offices. these protesters have been occupying this area for 3 weeks now sitting up tense, and they say they will not leave this area until the election commission response to their demands. mostella had here on al jazeera, 3 white man accused of murdering a black man. while he was out jogging, go on trial in the us state of georgia and the new cove at 19 pill advisors hes can cut the risks of hospital admissions and death. i nearly 90 percent ah,
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ah, look forward to pearly to skies the winter sponsored my cattle airways. hello there, welcome to your worlds weather update will start in europe, or there has been flash flooding in the bosnian capital of san diego driving rain producing this we saw water levels pretty much to the tops of cars being the boats out to rescue people. i think another place we'll see some flooding is through the valley. eric's into sardinia, when you consider over the span of an hour, we could pick up about 20 millimeters of rain. but it's not just the rain. those winds will crank up to about 90 kilometers per hour. that band of rain also stretching across central areas of italy hopping over the adrian sea into croatia and bosnia. so call it pretty much anywhere from dubrovnik to most star getting in on this. what weather for the storm bed? we're in the clear and temperatures on cyprus. at least wall above average, nicosia getting up to a high 30 degrees north western side of europe. we do have
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a run of rain for the united kingdom. heaviest pockets toward the north winds. are also going to be a factor here is while for the top end of the u. k, got seen to about 80 kilometers prone is that is that is on saturday. i think it will be worse on sunday. now for the top end of north africa, all of that weather in the western med diving down. so rain for northern morocco, algeria, and to nice. and a few days of it to come. that's it. see you soon? ah, the weather sponsored by katara ways. question the narrative. you don't have ways to check whether this information is real or not. you don't have any way to verify, identify who is telling the story. then those debates and these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this mit. i'm here to tell you that i think that many people die because of the listening pace,
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deconstruct the media on this era. ah, ah ah ha. they are watching out his era. that's my job on top stories here. the seller, the un security council, has called for an end to the fighting in ethiopia, but a meeting to discuss the crisis has been postponed. 9 opposition groups in washington have formed an alliance against prime minister. i'd be off bed. in some breaking news from the u. s, at least 8 people have been killed during a stampede. at a music festival, in texas, dozens were trampled when thousands of fans started moving towards the front of the stage in panic setting. u. s. congress has now passed
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a one trillion dollar infrastructure bell. it had been repeatedly stalled because of differences within the democratic party, but it now goes to president biden to sign into law how hundreds are rallying and sydney again sees trailyn government's refusal to reduce its methane emissions and the continued use of coal prime minister scott morris and unveiled his decision earlier this week at the club, 26 climate summit and glasgow. australia refused to cut methane emissions by 30 percent less decade, and only pledge to end the use of coal power by the 2014. while many nations announced an end to use and coal power years earlier, burundi is one of the poorest countries in the world and also one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gases. but most of its humanitarian needs are now caused by recurring climate related disasters. flooding there has gotten worse. tens of thousands of people have been displaced. well, let's now speak to catherine, so she's in catawba, that's one of which embarrassed flooded neighborhoods. catherine, it's obviously still looking very wet there. how are people holding up?
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yes it is. and sat is environmentalists. here are also saying that what is happening in burundi is a climate change. crisis. ruined is ill prepared to deal with the effects of climate change here. and we don't have to go very far to see the devastating effects of climate a relate to climate change related disasters. they've been flagged a here in boone, william were at the capitol of booley. we are at a neighbourhood. arrived on the outskirts, a lot of people have already moved up from this area are near by a river who sees. he broke its bags in the last a long rains in april, and people are afraid to come back because now we are on another rainy season, the shot rains and they're saying that everything is so unpredictable. many people are now in a nearby camp for the displaced. others have moved to other neighborhoods. the people who however, living with a neighbor are within or with their relatives. now they say they are worried
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because like i mentioned, everything is so unpredictable. and as we go away from william bora, in more mountainous areas in the country, with seeing more, ah, mat slides increasing our mat slides. we are also a seeing particularly in the north are more dr. spell seasons. so people very worried about what's going on. so this is the ro, caesar river in broody, it flows into lake tang anika, africa's deepest and shared between bruni, the democratic republic of congo, tanzania, and zambia water levels of both the river and lake have been rising largely because of unusually high rainfall. the last few years, they facts here have been disastrous. the beeble hockey's manner now needs a boat to take her children to school on what was previously a rude, every rainy season. an overflow from the river floods this road and the houses. she
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says it's been a nightmare. none on vanessa. it's another rainy season and we're afraid we might be displaced again. we normally leave our houses in april during the long rains, but everything has become so unpredictable in another area lanyard bender shows us where she lived before the water came. about one and a half years ago. this neighbourhood was thriving, but many people have since left. they've been displaced by floods. some of those who spoke to say they've tried to come back, but it has been difficult because every time they do and it rains, their homes get flooded again. ballooned is government has relocated some people to dry areas, but those who need the help are too many near bender and her family and now crowded into this mix ships tense and i come for displaced people alongside thousands of ivers reba i. i live here with my children. it's difficult sharing the tent when
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a drains water gets in and destroys our belongings. sometimes my children have to go to school with read books and uniforms. jamante. since 2018 there have been dozens of natural disasters that have affected nearly 300000 people. agencies say up 210000 people have been displaced in the last 2 years. scientists call this a climate change crisis. his sawdust that's responsible for number of test refers caused by floods and abnormal dry seasons, especially in the north. i cannot even begin to explain the magnitude of this problem and the impact all sectors. the government needs to educate sensitive communities to prepare themselves on how to deal with these disasters. nearly 1000000 bruno leave along the coastline. others in rural areas prone to land flight, many told as they continue to suffer the devastating effects of a climate change related phenomenon. that is not their doing. they say they're
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trying to survive the best they can while government officially spoken to say that they are trying to help that relocating people, for example, to dryer areas. but the resources are limited. remember, this is a country that right now is facing a serious of cash flow of flow of foreign currency. it is also suffering from sanctions that was imposed on it back in 2015. when there was a political crisis for the government is also trying to deal with that and many other priority that it has to deal with, but environmentally. so many people here in bologna, we've spoken to say that this issue of climate change needs to be a big priority for the government because it, it affects every other sector of the society from agriculture to house, to the poverty levels. and so one and like i mentioned before, people are worried now it's another rainy season and they're saying that they are afraid that they have to flee from their homes again. katherine sawyer, they're on the ground for us, inward jamboree. thank you so much,
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katherine. while speaking of the impact of weather disasters, major flooding in bosnia herzegovina capital has caused widespread power cups there including to an oxygen filling facility used for curve at 1900 patients. the plant was completely submerged prompting fears that hospitals will run out, revival supplies, just as corona, virus cases rise. as you can see, that rescue has use and flexible boats to move people to higher ground. well thing in bosnia herzegovina and the top un official that has warned that the p steel, that ended the war 26 years ago, is now under threat. the bosnian 70, the miller da dick, has announced plans to establish a separate within the country. jamal al chow reports from sorry, april plans by the bosnian serb leadership to exit some of the country's tripartite institutions, including the military and judiciary, are described by the international communities. hi, representative christy schmidt is tantamount to sensation. the constitute,
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he sees the greatest existential threats of the postwar period. he's talking about bosnian serb leader miller, a dick who's threatening to former militia in the serb run entity of republic. us serve sca and force out the bosnian national army if necessary. he sees the serbs will call their friends to help a presumed reference to serbia proper and russia. i'll you to beauregard. gotcha. the republicans epsco will control its own affairs in a legal constitutional manner, including by having its own army judiciary, fiscal administration, as well as intelligence and security agencies, hima, we will reestablish all these institutions. we are here essentially being blackmailed. i would say both politically, i and in all other ways by a corrupt elite in bosnia and herzegovina succession is the lead who is willing to star the conflict and the war in order to prevent themselves from going to prison cell. this is not an ideological question. this is not a political debate,
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this is not a constitutional debate. it is a desperate attempt by those in power to remain in power under any costs. last month, the training exercise by bosnian serb police was denounced by muslim bosnia can pro what leaders the other members over 3 way power. sharon government formed by the 1995 dayton peace agreement. they took place on the mountain overlooking, sorry, evolved from where serb snipers and artillery laid siege to the capital. beginning in 1992 thousands of civilians were killed in a war that culminated in what has internationally been recognized as a genocide. when more than 8000 muslim men and boys were massacred by serb troops in the eastern enclave of sir beneath saw the high representatives report to the united nations this week seized. there's a very real prospect over returns, armed conflict in bosnia. despite this, there appears to be no obvious appetite on the part of western powers,
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including nato, to increase their security presence. they are, we are disarmed. sylvia is armed and the international interlocutors are asking us for concessions, appeasing, appease in the same policies that resulted in genocide here. mineral godek has 4 years called for the separation of the cerebrum, part of bosnia, from the rest of the country. yes. and just weeks ago, he shared these scenes on social media, he and colleagues singing serb nationalist songs in their cerebral headquarters. it was a reminder that the u. s. sponsored peace in bosnia did not bring ethnic harmony, nor did it come with any long term guarantee. on the ground in the capital life goes on as normal. there's no physical evidence that an armed conflict is even
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possibly looming. however, when you do speak to people, there is an almost tangible worry that unless the international community intervenes and stops not ex separatist plans. the bosnian serb leader back by his allies in belgrade and muscle, could force the country into a potentially deadly scenario. jamal anti al jazeera sarajevo. while the drug make a pfizer says a new coven 19 pill that its been developing cuts the risk of hospital admissions or death. i nearly 90 percent and trial of the experimental drug was even stopped early and after the encouraging results. the company plans to ask regulators to authorize its use as soon as possible and present biden says, the u. s. has already secured millions of jason's are saying in the u. s. and the trial of 3 white men accused of killing a black man in the usa of georgia, has begun. and that aubrey was shot dead while he was at jogging after being chased by the group in pickup trucks last year. but even before proceeding started,
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they were already accusations of racial bias. and gallagher has been when a mod, aubrey was killed last year, his family compared his death to a modern day lynching. now, 3 white men are on trial for his murder and a case being seen as racially charged. but even before opening statements were heard controversy over the almost entirely white juries box acquisitions of racism . this court has found that there appears to be intentional or discrimination in the hell. despite that statement, the judge is pressing on with this high profile case, saying there were no legitimate reasons for not selecting black jurors or whether the prior festus. some of what we've already been faith in, in this case is another part of the injustices arm that we see here. england county, i'm not dis with this case, but with many. so it's just another part of what we faith every day. it was only after this video became public that gregory mc michael had son travis and william
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bryan were arrested. all 3 men claim they were trying to make a citizen's arrest a law abolished since mister aubrey's death. suspecting the 25 year old of stealing from a nearby house, the prosecution say all ahmad aubrey did was run away. finally, trying to run around their truck as you saw in the get away from the strangers, which street could already fall him that they were gone. and they held on what aubrey's death and the subsequent killings of george floyd, brianna taylor and other african americans at the hands of law enforcement, led to a wave of national protests against accusations of racism. all 3 men of entered pleas of not guilty saying they were acting in self defense. the defense team says travis mc michael, who fired the fatal shots,
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was protecting himself and his father. it's tragic that a matter of re lost his life. but at that point, travis mc, michael is acting in self defense. he did not want to encounter a mot our bri physically. he was only trying to stop him for the police. or once again, race is on trial in the u. s. with an outcome that will be closely watched the time of ahmad aubrey's case. georgia was just one of 4 states with no hate crime laws that's now changed. and all 3 men still faced federal charges and the gallagher al jazeera. ah, that this is al jazeera and these are the headlines. at least 8 people have been killed during a stampede at a music festival. in the u. s. state of texas dozens of trampled when thousands of
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fans started moving towards the front of the stage and panic set in the un security council is called from.


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