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so impacting a swat teenie into su 2 and for port elizabeth, 18 degrees, looking toward botswana habit, are only $36.00. her textures have been close to near record values for november, but thunderstorms or cool the atmosphere to a high of 32 degrees on monday. that's it, that's all see soon. ah, the end of the country with an abundance of results for the trade already won indonesia whose firms for me, we move pool to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest, let be part when denise is growth and progress in either media now 25 years ago. and a new era in the television used in the middle east began with
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a 2 part documentary series, mocking the 25th anniversary of al jazeera, telling the story of the channels logged. and now it became a recognized global brand. ah, the story of al jazeera, the unique puff, lou. lou, how are you watching out here? i'm emily anglin, a reminder about top stories this. our climate campaign is around the world are rallying and what they are calling a global day of action. and the cup $26.00, some as in glasgow activists have expressed their disappointment the promises being
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made a note ambitious enough us president joe biden says he's one trillion dollar infrastructure bill passed on friday. will create millions of jobs. it was repeatedly delayed because of differences among democratic party members and syria. lee owings, deputy health minister says at least 99 people have been killed in many of is severely burned after a fuel tank explosion in the capitol free town. ok, let's return to our top story now on the global climate change protests. alexey o'brien was at one demonstration in paris and filed this update. this 6 years ago, the paris climate agreement was raised. there was a lot back then a lot of the celebration maybe in the crowd, the promises that were made positive that deal every failed to come into any sort of a lot of anger here. i guess the government is big business. they say that really precious
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the actual change on the climate is actually being done here at a grass roots level. now president macro, he has tried to fashion himself as a global leader in climate change, but many here site actually he's a lot of talk and no action. we believe that the head of states, they don't do enough for climate. the switch of 26 and it's very scandalous for us because it's a crime against humanity to do and to do nothing against the restriction of life on earth. now some of the signs in the crowd, wednesdays any later will be too late. the be great, one up there actually says inactivity at com 26 will lead to day by 2050 is that nothing is done by some climate activists have taken the french sites to court. and in the rolling just 2 weeks before the com summit, this corporal then the breach state had actually failed to dig to its commitment
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the court giving it until next year to really repair the damage that had been caused by what it called it kept promises. now, protest is here in paris and at $45.00 other events around the country that they really need to continue to push in france and also in the movement of global solidarity. so that governments continue to be held accountable. patrons only make up 20 percent of the world's land mass, but still more common than all the worlds forest combined. the irish government has announced its phasing out the use of paint to as few to made its emissions targets me back and met ecologists embarking on a re wilding project in central islands, paint bunks in the holdings of island ecologists, a turning fact time restoring the country's vast people to what they were millennia ago. beats an accumulation of ancient vegetation, the when dog and dried burns for hours. for generations,
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the lambs being drained and harvested to heat homes and fuel power stations, with more than 80 percent of islands, boggs loft, and the process. but now the same state funded company board pneumonia that strip these bugs dry is putting up wind turbines. and steering this, the biggest ecological restoration project in europe. hey, plans are incredibly efficient, pulling carbonite to the atmosphere square meter per square meter. they pull the can pull more carbon i sent of the air than square meters are of amazon in rain forest. so when it's burned or when it oxidizes, the problem is it releases so much, but why is thriving alive? growing in the way it should be? it's incredibly efficient. in a few decades time, this lunar landscape will be the lungs of island. the scale of this project is absolutely meant in the next few years, and area of land,
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the size of the mold eaves will be restored. thankfully though the process is reasonably simple, the channels you originally drain the peak bugs for extraction, all filled in, allowing pools of water to form on the surface. and eventually all important masses to grow that will capture carbon within 50 to 100 years. and those most is extremely good job and that's all that has been close for the last 5 years. but the pace of change, his anger, traditional turf cutters, many employed and industrial extraction found themselves suddenly out of work. a member of parliament. michael fitzmaurice is defending what's seen as a historic right to continue extracting small amounts of pete for domestic use. in rural island, this remains the easiest and cheapest way of heating a home. offshore wind will be tune 1215 years. we're because you've got to kind of process and do all the things to for hydrogen,
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we're probably using to 20 years away. and we have got to make sure that while we are doing dash that it's a smooth transition. national roof see that we are face be used device to transition funds to help rural communities meet the challenge of going green, including financial compensation for abandoning pete extraction. but it's harder to abandon a way of life unchanged. for centuries. climate change though demand's immediate action and islands p bugs are one of our best lines of defense. the welcome al jazeera and central island to haiti, now we're gangs are increasingly targeting schools and students, the you and children's agency. unicef says the gangs are also forcing teachers to pay circle protection money or risk being abducted john hendrick reports from puerto prince. yeah, in haiti's capital. learning is
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a dangerous business. the education of the use of puerto prince occurs behind iron gates beneath spiral blades of barbed wire in an atmosphere of pervasive fear. i'm afraid that the gangs might come and kidnap me. i don't feel good, but i do it because i love school. principal vill dress older bear runs this school on a shortage of funds and students a few crisis leaves many out of work and unable to afford education nor even the commute said to everyone worries about kidnapping, but we keep working. we operate on fit for many of haiti's youngest and most vulnerable getting there is the most dangerous part of the day. i sometimes have gunshots on my way to school, although i'm for i don't have trouble going because i live close. okay. yeah. haiti's children has become a black market commodity. in recent weeks,
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the country's powerful gangs have increasingly used the vacuum of political and police power in the capital to rob teachers and snatch their students for ransom. a week ago this school was open, then some gangsters spotted a parent at the bank, followed in here, killed the parents in injured several others. now like many schools in haiti, this one is close. parents arrived to find uniformed children on stretchers, leaving teachers across the capitol, afraid to come to work, but often showing up anyway. i hope they'll be a change because the way we're teaching kids right now in the summer is not favorable. my hope is that the situation we have right now will change, so we can function where you will despite the dangers each day, thousands of children arrive in class after braving the capital streets. but for many, the price of education in haiti, his simply become to hi john henderson,
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al jazeera, puerto prince, the u. s. embassy in ethiopia, his capital is now ordering all its non essential staff to leave the country earlier in the week. it had advised its workers to leave on a voluntary basis if he has a long conflict with the rebels from an oven to dr. region has worse, and in recent days, the un security council has called for an end to the fighting meeting to discuss the crisis has now been postponed. there has been concerns about the spread of inflammatory language on social media in ac ip. yeah. that will lead to ethnically motivated violence. facebook has removed a post from prime minister, be on it, and now twitter has temporarily disabled its trends section in ethiopia, after threats of physical hum. in a statement, the social media side says it's monitoring the situation. it says inciting violence, so dehumanizing people is against our rules. given the threat of physical hom, we've also temporarily disabled trends alongside continued efforts to disrupt
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platform manipulation. we hope this measure would use the risks of coordination that could inside violence or cause hum, journalist samuel, get a job brings us the light is from addis ababa were al jazeera, has learned that the u. s. envoy to the horn of africa. geoffrey feltman had a meeting with the talk on actors in this conflict, and they were not able to agree on a roadmap on how to solve this conflict that begun a year ago and movie is fast moving forward. but this comes us opposition leadership as being assembled in washington dc. we've looked at some of the names and we have been, i have been checking of they are do have the support needed with the exception of the t p. a left which is represented by a former foreign minister, was a minister for 2 years. under the t p. left laid, coalition government,
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and oil left. there doesn't seem to have any support on the ground. and ethiopian government has highlighted their efforts as publicity stunt. instead of having a coalition to us, they said defeat this government. the government led by prime minister abbey armored. but the pressure to ethiopia is still growing. it comes as the canyon president in the ugandan president in particular, is trying to have a summit to trying to understand and solve the issue of conflicts in the country. and the u. s. government, which is threatening to consider trade arguments with the future, is also insisting on having some kind of settlement on this conflict. pakistan's prime minister in moran con has revealed a $700000000.00 relief package to support poor households. in asia comes after a huge champion, prices of fuel, food and medicine. come al. hannah found this report this la abad fay merits are
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barra market, which right now is full of hundreds of st. rendered. and more and more people are buying old shoes and old clothes, regard of bugger stones were economic war. the country has seen its fighter lane cost of living is central gum order did, which are the essential, what survival, such as flaw cooking oil. other, it's angelica mortgage and even medicine rich, i've seen a 400 percent right site that people out of got suffering dead m o proteins and the opposition parties of course are digging. i'd want edge of die saying that iran cons government edge phase. however, the prime minister has promised to try to hes daughter, most wondered about 50 percent of the population they think will be help read this new to leave back age by how many to leave baggage if can the government continue
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to off off i. d dimer in the countries economic is it getting worse by the day? the countries already and gallsworthy i medford wiping the 6000000008 baggage for whited by d i m f. but experts won that strict conditions from them will relate to even higher prices, which will put an additional burden on the consumers. so did a b. i had been able to help august on in the short term by depositing 3000000000 dollars in cash to products. and the country's prime minister of gods and hopefully that they will be able to revive the economy. but for tech swan, the government will after do much more. it will after improve its governance, also did a move in competencies and to in shaw the country is ford back on the road to recovery meal a month since major flooding in southern india kill dozens of people. the clean up still goes on in the past 4 years, more than $600.00 people have died in floods,
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in carola elizabeth per annum. is there the western gods mountain range running parallel to india's western coast is a unesco world heritage site. the u. n. calls at one of the world's top 8 hot spots for biological diversity older than the himalayas. the western gods act as a barrier intercepting the rain laden monsoon when that sweep in from the arabian sea. but climatology said those rings are becoming more extreme while the mountains being weakened by construction and illegal mining. and that's leading to more landslide. nearly half of the $46.00 victims of october to renshaw, rain in the southern state of kettler, died and lance lives that includes all 6 members of the martin family. the neighbor thomas opera is living in a relief camp. after his home was damaged lamentable to the union. we could see the
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water level rising and suddenly heard a loud noise. when we looked out, we could see a huge piece of land falling gum. we couldn't imagine that the neighbor's house had just washed away. lily, half of kettler is prone to lance lives for the state is also vulnerable to extreme weather events because it sits along the arabian sea. the intergovernmental panel on climate change says the indian ocean, which includes the arabian sea, and the bay of bengal, has warmed faster than the global average. and that means cadillac has to brace for another crisis. the rise and sea level, which is expected to contribute to more frequent and severe coastal flooding in low lying areas and coastal erosion. normal temperatures from the arabian sea, more moisture being carried in land and up to the west and guts. it's been more than 10 years since an expert panel recommended that 75 percent of the mountain range be declared an environmentally sensitive area. this would mean that no mining illegal quarrying or other polluting activities would be allowed. their license for
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chorus can only albrighton this origin. illegal recording is banged and the goldman will surely deal them shabbily in length. there is a, there is, but many in cadillac said the damaging activities haven't stopped most of the coding happening all the best in gus. they're more than 50 both than bigger out of illegal goodies. so that means that the regulations and ram and the law, everything is in place. that is that i am, we are experiencing this because there is no stringed and weird to him. both those environmental laws there has been a threefold rise and extreme rain events over the western gas in the past 70 years . environmental is safe, the mountain range isn't protected from human development. it can't protect the 50000000 people who call it home. elizabeth per annum al jazeera kettler
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is coming up after the break. as manchester united school, the opening goal and the darby again city, but it was into their own net. ah a ah
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. ah, hulu. ah, if turnip is for his patient, emily, thank you very much. it was darby day misery for manchester, united who were beaten to know at home by their local rivals, man city property. all aside, went into the game without a premier league when over united for more than 2 years. and they were gifted the lead at old trafford. when united defender eric bye not to slice the ball into his
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own net just 7 minutes in said he got a 2nd just before half time bernardo silver beating united keeper david hare at he's near post said he up to 2nd in the table while the pressure increases on united bos olay gone, a soldier of lawful defeat in the last 6 league games. barcelona, i have confirmed a former captain, shabby as their new head coach. he'll be presented at the club on monday. having signed a contract until 2024, the spaniards said good bye to his club and cutter. i'll sud. on friday he'd been with them since joining as a player in 2015 before taking over as coach 2 seasons ago. chevy returns to a trouble. barcelona who are struggling in the league, but fans are hoping the man who help them win 25 titles as a player can help them regain form despite a tricky financial situation. at the league aside. one of the greatest t 20 batters whole time chris gail may have played his last match for the west indies. even though he has not officially announced his retirement. the signs are
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certainly there against australia in abu dhabi. gale any made 15 at the wendy's posted 157 for 7 in what was definitely dwayne bravo is last match for the caribbean side. it was just enough time for gail to pick up a wickets before the of these wrapped up a comfortable victory. right now in charge of south africa have posted $189.00 for 2 against england. sell africans have to win by at least 57 runs to qualify for the semi finals. otherwise, the australians will advance to the final for new york city is new. mayor eric adams is confirmed. he won't be changing the city's coven. 19 vaccine requirements . they takes office in january current rules, prevent brooke lynette, still carry irving from playing home games for the n b a side because he's not had the jab, murray or she was no surprise and i didn't expect the mare to change the mandate. oh, no worries. can talk with archie if we could have carrie back. we'd all be, you know, ecstatic, but we're focused on our team. we keep older,
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we keep growing and hopefully will be a really good team at the end of the year on the courts. burnett stern seem to be missing. irving too much. kevin duran school, 29 points to become the 1st play in brooklyn. history to school, at least 20 points in the 1st 9 games of a season. they held off for a late rally by the detroit pistons to win 9690 and extend they win streak too for game is what of mexico's biggest sporting superstars is in action on saturday night when soul other is at steps into the ring for it's much anticipated fight with caleb plant alvarez is hoping to become an undisputed will champion in the super middleweight, unification bout in las vegas. and my tyson was there to watch the way in and what does it mean to have this guy right here? what did you say? means a lot is he wasn't gonna play. i wouldn't be like him. i mean, do you roller being the underdog and having everybody gets louis?
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i love it. you can hear it from. are you want you can move for me. are you what? hey, remember, it's easy to say no. see. it's easy to say no. see in easy to say it. remember that i could join now by form a super middle way champion, rocky fielding. thanks for joining us. rocky. you lost your title. fight to over is almost 3 years ago. why is he so tough to beat? am function on the me on m e. e, just the a complete fights at the many seems to be. no each fighting seems to be, am getting better. things like that of these you sam troll 15, so he's been, it's been around for ye and for all the best them am i think the fights galani want to late obviously makes yesterday, with all the titles, all the belts and i think each i say fight at home, she looked bethany each better,
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better he's so difficult. and to nail down what shots he select paid. so i buried self. so how do you see the fight unfolding? g, g, b and b or no. you start to appliances. you could fight him. you know, each for the combs away looks like he's upset kind of in the bill for the few few words am. looks like he's very often like, you know, always even in movies or some of the things the plan says book i think we've sticky for the 1st few rather than think once, once it gets into the rhythm, i think you pick the shots and then you know, open the pace towards round a not a and then obviously i think we'll get to some plans later on. maybe round rock. you're back in the ring later this month. 2 years after your last fight. how are you feeling feeling goes late. i'm feeling good them chains. goal, well, you know,
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i'm often do by and know the weather's grades shane's goal. well, i've been saying them for the last 4 or 5 months now, and i tell you the feeling of being a been during that long. so everything's for me to come in a comment the right time. lot of things in there to go. well, so before we go by and then i'll in 3 weeks ago. and so for your 1st balance in the middle east, do you think it might be the 1st of many? oh, definitely. yeah, definitely. you know, i'm based out the, you know, and, and called fish fight to them. by the way, i want to move on the next one and it's going to be here to get to do by so yes, he's more of the call. i think i think the boxes build the p. m. in the glove to be a part of the expenses, launch a big make the boxes in do buy in the show lunch next time the big show. got some big names on it so we definitely definitely be about how to get him next year
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over here to do by or rocky fielding. thank you for your time. much appreciate it. thank you. in for me one wolf cabbage of lead a max. the stop and we'll go for pole position in mexico later of the setting, the fastest time in practice on friday for stuff and see my pet is recovered from a crash in the 1st session. finish for the quickest local hopes rest on the mexican shoulders and the red moon team boss is not ruling out, fluffing the drivers around to give fans what they want. i mean, our preference would be to see if check a were in that position for him to, you know, to when, when his home race of it's no big result for any home driver. but as a team, you know, we have to keep an eye on both of these championships and know, you know, what's at stake in this race like any other has the same amount of points. tribute attributable to it, and therefore we treat it like any other race. the peace cup football tournament in
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afghanistan kicked off on friday in kabul. 6 men's teams will play for the trophy of the next 10 days. but the issue of women's participation in sports under the taliban won't go away. after about australia's decision to postpone the 1st cricket test against gunny stone in protest over women being banned from sports, the head of the football federation had this to stay. with the corner hall model, the care villains, spotty, suspicion, and sports depends on the policies of the slamming state. but the policy to regarding women's education is announced that women will also participate in sports . and over in the states baseballs newly ground world series champions have been parading their trophy in atlanta. it's the braves 1st title in 26 years. thousands of fans lined the streets to party with the team who clinched the trophy with a 7. nothing went over the houston astros earlier this week. and a short time ago. no bakovich booked
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a spot in the final of the paris masters more on that. a little bit later on when i see you again, emily, thank you very much paid am. thanks for watching this news, ella. i'm emily anglin. don't go anywhere. i'll have more of the day's news in just a moment. in the meantime, he to our website out is there a dot com ah into a world of comfort and sunny sex without any business class, which way your privacy is paramount. and your experience
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comes relaxing your own private space and let us take care of everything. catera always the air line you can rely on the climate american sea is upon us. but why have government left? it's so late to act. we have allowed climate change to get out. control. people impala investigates why so little has been done. a systemic for act requires systemic change and asked for further. inaction could meet next. and now the cabinet by 20 brittany. none of them have a syrian how to do it. crisis, what crisis own al jazeera? compelling? we keeping our distance because it's actually quite dangerous. ambulances continue to arrive at the scene of the explosion. inspire, i still don't feel like i actually know enough about what living under fascism was life unequalled broadcasting. some nelson have been august 9th news for
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a happy al jazeera english proud recipient of the new york festivals broadcaster of the year award for the 5th year running a lot of the stories that we cover heidi complex, so it's very important that we make them as understandable as we can as al jazeera correspondence. that's what we strive to do with oh, tens of thousands of people around the world protest calling for urgent action on climate change. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish. this is al jazeera live from doha, also coming up a fuel tank. it explodes in.


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