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tv   [untitled]    November 6, 2021 10:30pm-11:01pm AST

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beds and a series of other objects including ceramic pitchers and the chamber pot. researchers say the room is in an excellent state of preservation when pay was home to about 13000 people when it was buried by a volcanic eruption in the year 7980. the site wasn't discovered until the 16th century. ah, and our reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, large demonstrations, have taken place in cities around the world, calling for urgent action on climate change. millions of activists rallied in what they're cooling. a global day of action for testers are demanding governments and big business do more to limit global warming. at the top 26 summit in glasgow. demonstrators of expressed disappointment over the pledge is made. they say the promises so far are not ambitious enough. the climate summit runs for another week
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. some of you tuesday, just as a result, they have been highlighted many a shirt by the thousands of people who'd march her to father square in the center of london. a lot of the concentration here has been on how the whole a movement to reach met 0 targets on to fight climate change must be linked. so the theme is climate justice. we've been hearing a lot about how black community been here in the u. k, particularly in london and around the world are being hot is hit by may climate change. at least 19 people have been killed. and many others severely burned. after a major fuel tanker explosion in sierra leone, the blast happened after the tanker collided with another vehicle at a busy junction in the capitol free town. authorities say the fire spread into nearby traffic. the country is vice president has visited a hospital treating the injured the number of bed is expected to rise. the united
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states embassy in ethiopia, capital are the sub about, is now ordering all non essential staff to leave the country. so only being a couple of days since it only advised its workers to leave on a voluntary basis, ethiopians year long conflict was rebels in the northern t g right region has worse and then recent days, an international mediated plan to gets to that and back on the road to democracy appears to be in deadlock with both sides, rejecting proposals. pro democracy activists called nationwide strikes against any power sharing arrangements with the military sources say the generals who lead last month's armed takeover have also refused the plan. those and thought stories that stay with us, the listening posts is coming up. next i'll have more news for you in half an hour . thanks for watching the bye. ah.
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we have a responsibility to get the climate stormy. dis, november leaders from around the world and gathering glasgow. scotland come 20 some international climate. we are facing a global klein. i mean the well, the biggest pollutants have left for 13 years to change that a waste. hello richard ginsberg and you're at the listening post where we dig into the coverage and look at how news is reported. here are the media stories we're examining this week, climate change, news organizations, fossil fuel companies, and audiences all need to do better on the story that could mean the end of us. ethiopia enters
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a state of emergency and the government's controlling of journalism, there has turned aggressive violence against muslims filmed by the perpetrators, the latest ugly trend among india's hindu vigilantes. plus the chance roaring in downtown pale al jazeera turns $25.00. we looked back at a quarter century of a different kind of news coverage. we begin with the biggest story on the planet, which is about the planet and climate change. a topic that somehow still doesn't get the news coverage it deserves. there are plenty of news cameras at the cop $26.00 climate conference taking place right now in scotland. our focus is on the coverage at other times when world leaders aren't gathering. among the issues, the privileging of perspectives and interests of wealthy nations and big business over those of poor countries on the front lines of climate breakdown. news organizations, many of which remain dependent on the money that big oil advertising provides. and
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some of which, like rupert murdoch's platforms in the u. s. and australia are resistant to the story. fossil fuel companies, masters of the art of quiet persuasion. now using platforms like instagram and tick tock to sell their green washed, such as to younger audiences. and the audiences themselves, how is it that the prospect of our imminent destruction is not the ultimate in news? click bait. our starting point this week is glasgow. leaders gathering it's got the time to tackle this live in a last can't to control global warming for journalists in search of an assignment that matters. the cop 26 climate conference in scotland provides one. they're covering the story of our collapsing ability to sustain life. and it being paid the last name to start gas traffic, climate change for such a slow moving story. it's taken the journalism a long time to catch up,
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to find the right story, telling formula to all from the reporting still struggles to see beyond the science . to get at the bigger picture, how the topic they are covering connects to every aspect of our lives. it's not a science story at all. it's a story about college him. it's a story about how power is distributed, how governments decide what their interests are. and if you tell this story as a story of people, you will have readers and viewers because everyone wants to know what powerful people are doing and how it extends. and you can tell that story every single day when you're talking about the climate. chris, if you just trying to treat it like another news item. oh, and by the way, the, the planet's rapidly sliding into the dustbin. then we're not going to reach people in the way that we need. and this is fundamentally an issue of injustice. this is
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so important that voice is from the global self her present and being and given faith. because we are the ones who are experiencing the climate crisis. we need from all really hammering home the message that it the, the rich nations who are overwhelmingly causing this problem. but it's people who bear almost no responsibility for it. the poorest people on earth who had being hit 1st and worst by it as compelling as that narrative should be the climate change story is up against it. part of that has to do with resources and the principles involved. fossil fuel companies have more money to shape news coverage than media outlets have to provide or than activists have to contest it. and their corporate propaganda has changed with the times until they weren't given her to
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denials of the science have been replaced by softer, subtler forms of disinformation through messages spread by influencers on platforms like instagram and tick tock. the oil and gas companies are obviously no longer denying that the climate crisis is real. to do that at this point, would be utterly absurd. so now what they've done, they rebranded themselves to become an integrated energy company. scaling up renewables is a major focus. they're painting themselves as trustworthy partners in the clean energy transition. over the last decade, chevron has been to for $1000000.00 on carbon cab your projects, who are committed to $90.00. and you are leading the research into new technology, and that will help us solve the climate crisis to provide the energy solutions and advanced modern life. now neither of these claims are true. they pay
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instagram influences, they pay for content and take talk and many other platforms, and often in ways which are really subtle and insidious. yes, it's a reality that we need to drive to experience many. jason, a thanks to shell. there's a way to both explore nature and to reduce carbon footprint at the same time is all about aspiration. it's all about, you know, you can lead a good life and we can help you to lead that good life. and hey, look at this fantastic car. you can have an industry has a huge amount of money, and it's also kind of bills in the romance of travel. we're also coming out to pandemic. so a lot of us missed travel. we want to travel mold, and the oil industry is been very good at kind of using marketing and using fluid says to tap into our design to get on the road essentially. and, and they're constantly trying to persuade us that they're on our site,
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that they're helping us to, to lead a better life. whereas in actual fact, they are pushing us towards oblivion. with nancy, when the fossil fuel lobby relies on news organizations, some of which remains supportive of the industry, many of which have simply grown, dependent on it. because no matter what the natural disaster is, hurricanes, tornadoes, acne, whatever climate change did it, are you getting the supporters like the outlets. rupert murdoch owns in the u. s. and australia fight the consensus on what changes. societies must make how quickly it must make from the dependence include legacy outlets like the washington post and the new york times newspapers that produce quality journalism on climate change while pocketing significant ad revenues from oil companies. this network al jazeera benefits from guitars, gas, and oil reserves,
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and even relative newcomers to american journalism, political axis and punch bowl news all have their political newsletters, sponsored by big oil in the united states last week, they called the ceo and the heads of the killed train groups to testify before congress and the chairman asked. do you believe that it was ethical for exxon to run a new york times advertisement that down played, downplayed the riff. is it ethical to spread these lies when they all know full well that climate change is real and the science is not uncertain. and there was one study that showed that there were 5 times as many fossil fuel ads on cnn as there was climate code by vehicle, strong gas. if you look at the murdock empire room, fox news folks here focusing on president biden after transit atlantic flight, seem to close his eyes for a few minutes during one of the speeches all claim in the situation on planet earth
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is show dire president binary, acting by appearing to take a nap during a climate speech. crisen tom sworn such shows that by these really is seriously climate and he really knows his hoax. i mean, what can you say about that? what it means to be a journalist and put out that kind of crap ah, for a story as existentially, critical as climate change, audience interest has been oddly lacking and for too long that is change surveys and country after country indicate news. consumers say they want more on climate change. and reader engagement is trending up. platforms like bloomberg the financial times and gives moto, are all responding with new, specialized content. but check out the top 10 most popular story list on the b, b, c, the washington post or the guardian on any given day this week. other topics like politics,
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crime, even celebrities proved more popular with readers than a climate story that could change everything. we've been very well trained over the years to respond to trivia so much political journalism is basically just who's in, who's out like a soap opera. so we expect the news to be a soap opera, june inter at him station on a day of climate disaster and listen to what people are talking about. and it is the most ineffable trivia. the whole world is going to hell in the hancock and say, wait a minute, short, he's actually the central to he trusted needs is fairly low. i do think the solution lies possibly in rethinking what news is all who expires on climate journalists. i'm holds popsicle key to this. there's a way to ask me to do a generation amtrust group of society that feel very much that uses the, the lease. it's nothing to do with them. and if anything at all style to that values, i'm say no. this is
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a story which affects everybody the audience for climate stores is definitely increasing because so many more people are being affected by climate catastrophes. we have to reach people who are not necessarily affected directly by her is floods and wildfires. for to explain how all of us are going to be affected. if parts of the world are no longer livable, people need to understand that they're being manipulated by large corporations who have a self interest, which is contrary to the self interest of all of us as members of the human race. exactly a year after war broke out in the northern te grey region of ethiopia, prime minister ob eoc. net has declared a 6 month state of emergency flow. phillips is on this flow. why the state of emergency and why now the ethiopian cabinet made the decoration after that, take away people's liberation, france
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b t p. i left gain some strategic ground and threatened to close in on the capital, addis ababa. the government's messaging has relied on the state affiliated outlets like fun, the t b y, one security official, urged ethiopians to arm themselves. well, it's not a good list. watch but not touch on the side of it go much. the prime minister's office also tweeted a call for all capable ethiopians who are of age to join the defense forces, special forces, and militias and abby all met himself, used facebook to all citizens, to quote barry, the terrorist t p l f. now that post has since been removed by the platform for inciting violence from the outset of the fighting. we are, the government has had issues with the news coverage. so what kind of report and conditions are journalists working under? now, various blackouts and bands continue to make it very difficult to get the stories out, but the committee to protect journalists has documented the arrests of several reporters
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accused of having links with the t p s. now those charges tend to be vague to journalists at be privately owned, a hall, do radio and television have been under arrest since last month after airing an interview with a t p. i left official who was contesting the government's narrative around territory. and what are the authorities doing about the international coverage of this story? recently the main broadcast regulator ordered ethiopian channels to stop transmitting content from foreign media. so how do radio and tv which is affiliated with voice america can no longer at any v o, a international coverage and of b o. a put out a statement saying that the order restricts the free flow of information to the citizens and it undermines press freedom. and it sent a chilling message to all john, this in the country. and not just john, this richard, this is a chilling message to all anything. okay, thanks. our next report comes with a viewer warning. some of the images are disturbing,
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which is why we're doing the peace. india, whose population includes around 200000000 muslims, is seeing more and more videos posted on line of violence against muslims in more than a dozen incidents this year alone, mobs of mat, calling themselves protectors of the hindu face. have targeted st. fenders, rickshaw drivers, even children, those videos of the violence they meet out and film often get millions of views ever since prime minister and arrange remoting, and the b j. p came to power back in 2014 a tax against muslim indians and other minority groups have been on the rise. and if you think that committing a violent crime on camera must mean jail time for the perpetrator. think again, the listening posts mean obviously robbing now on the wave of anti muslim viral violence in india. and the journalists out to expose it. ah,
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i spent the last few years why? seeing so many videos of why it was in school, while in india, the videos are filmed by the indians. and they can watch that check, but anybody or anybody in their life, belinda scott, that used to be produced and distributed in america picture, the black people being beaten, humiliated, and even kid died on the postcards was normalized violent minorities and to make sure that those minorities know they could be attacked with impunity any day. the videos get being in india, all muslim is doing the same job as belinda post in the video that in india, especially in this year, have been servicing with regularity. that is shocking. in june, a group of men crash and elder muslim man and cut off his beard. in august,
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a muslim to truck driver is assaulted as his daughter holds on to him. terrified. oh liter that same month, there's a video of self proclaimed hindu activists. beating up a young muslim man selling bangles. yes. before long the video is up online. read it buys foot attention with other variations on the same pin, all racking up views in the millions. there was another video, all off men walking up to a man silly. those songs, which is o food item in india, which is an open stole. and because a stole her doll, he lou li are you was also door to bring down his door and he did not sell whom i saw was soon. it's now become a dark done or you see or video with disturb you night after night. you know, so you're only living toward an eat off of it,
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where the politic feel is defined by this kind of triumphalism of the section of indian society when they beat my notice, do you have this premeditated act fast performing the violence, recording the violence and then broadcasting the violence, that video is then posted on social media as sort of to garner community to garner likes, but also to call to violence. the extremists responsible for these attacks are part of the broader hymn book or hindu nationalist movement, which has grown in prominence since prime minister, not in the movies might appear janet up id the b g. b came to power in 2014 the act of his claim to the protecting what they call the hindu rushed. the hindu nation in which muslims, by definition, do not belong. we contacted some of the men behind videos. we managed to speak with one. he insisted he didn't want to be interviewed on camera. up here videos,
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cuban audi. he had a mock set, get a real di labounty about him about good help on kick, which normally blue circle might the head or beat the head or a p. he could a hannah, matt, a phenomenal of committing a hit drive and recording it has grieved right now because they're all korea avenues for those who do thought within the sort of vigilante, hindu, rigid on the group that are mushrooming all over the healey speaking pod window the
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videos are made by the perpetrators of these crying, and they are sharing it with a lot of bright, we witnessing and india, a moment of absolute nationalism. yes. and to identify once over 2 or awful ones. so as a foot soldier is also to claim a leadership position. many of these activists are also a members of internationalized organizations, switch career advancement in terms of being taken care of. if one performs who lives through these a mob outfits a vigilante outfits. but it is also claiming a leadership position and then having a following up the budget and a hindu supremacist organization cleaned responsibility for one of those attacks. groups like be, has become increasingly embodied in recent years as have officials of india leading
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hindu nationalist party, the b, g. p. many have been cited off, condoned anti environment in 2018. a b t p minister publicly honored 8 men who had been convicted of lynching men to death before having their sentences suspended. then they stayed, you'll be added in chief minister of india, most popular state that the dish in september on the campaign for the election. he said muslims had been monopolizing government food in law. son in law did not i bought another. got it up. it just you the b g b reprimanded officials for anti muslim statements, but it's leaders have been conspicuously quiet about this years. spirit of anti
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muslim violence when they have got involved in some cases it's been to blame the victim. like the bangle cellar, the slim ali, once the video went white and there was a lot of outrage and a very strong public bush punish the aggressors. however, because the next the login is not by the college game on camera guilty, but it regales public school sample bargaining mother wall. read the large rocker belyea to bug her badge. i'm sure i could come got wrap up and he made some ways he does allegations against us the money. you said it does mean what he was pausing as a handle. and he had fig. his identification papers suggesting already semester approach on your programming for quality of a lot of beauty, police have at times been bystanders to violence and failed to take action. and at other times, police have actually turned on the person who is victimized, but reciprocally. if you look at the kush, me re muslim, who posts
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a video of how they are being brutalized. steve action has been taken against them so that people who are perpetrators are going free. they are being encouraged to perpetrate people who are victims who are coming forward seeking justice are being further victimized. oh kathy, my lease keith is a prime example of that. the men who attacked him out on bill while he is in jail charged with molesting the daughter of one of his aggressors. a complaint that was only lodged after his assault. his trial could be months if not years, we are kept your shops, nana butler. okay. it was got months, spoke to someone over the past few years in the news outlets. how ramping up is lama phobic invective, manufacturing use cases of hubs or holy wars being beached by india's muslims against the nation yacht. but for us, i want to be a god love jack in the sky,
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so much extra trouble was going to make you saw this big pool jazz get into that. but, but he talks about on the other side of the rising leave of media, incitement. journalists, listening and non muslim alike, doing their best to spend the time, investigating each attack and the complicity of those in power. some way very many people tell me their concern for me, i bite me not to go with the story. then we could not be that wireless because in a way the thing that these stories has the b, j. b, in that i've been that, that message and that i didn't know they say that the, that the but i don't think that we can see that anymore. this is getting mainstream and as a journalist and it's my job to chronically what is happening. and it's also a documentation of history for the next generation of indians to see what the country was like in 2021. and
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finally, this past monday, november 1st marked the 25th anniversary of al jazeera. it 1st started broadcasting through its arabic language, news channel based and guitar, which launched in 1996 riding the wave of growing satellite technology. at the time, the outlet quickly turned into a new source that people across the arab world tuned into it changed the way news was covered in the region. the network now consists of multiple channels in various formats, viewed by millions, it made its news reputation through its coverage of the invasion of iraq in 2003. the recurring wars on garza, the arab spring uprisings of 2011 and this year, the taliban recapture of cobble will levy now with a sampling of some memorable al jazeera coverage. and we'll see you next time. here with the listening. ah,
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mostly he didn't get madam become having a shuttle what he said is so in this with helping to get a niche medical records, as you know, physical photo. one lack of a faithful uncle for him will have use of inc and will highlight with gabby and customer. i'm in the how. yeah. and yeah, i live in. i've been live at them. emily? yes, i've been with their asthma. well, had a parent there. i'm you know, your hand well, i'm think that, i mean i agree with him about it that you, i hear that guy bad. and i also making the points, but no amount of tear gas, no matter that thanks, guy made the attack i, he can hear the woman mean. he just said you here, just aiden here. here to save me. i'm trying to get out. definitely found a black yell here. oh, this is a good chance, warring in downtown trail. the hundreds of people walking to the street. the unprecedented. the trial of 9 al jazeera journalist is said to begin in cairo on thursday. peter greystone mohammed, fuck man. bah,
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mohammed have been in prison for 53 days. chaotic scenes outside bay reports as ambulances arrived, to evacuate the dead and the wounded. they're also requests on social media for people to donate blood because really dozens and dozens of people were entered in this massive, massive last step. so the lebanese capital, we're just going to bring you these live and exclusive pictures here. what you are looking at right now is taliban faces inside the presidential palace. ah
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a fluid to stretch some neighborhoods around by social and economic despair when i, when i make the bad of looking here right. every one of us ever got a responsibility to change our personal life for their suburban drake on al jazeera . ah, hello, i'm barbara sarah london. as these are the top stories on al jazeera, large demonstrations have taken place in cities around the world, calling for urgent action on climate change. millions of activists rallied in what they're calling a global day of action. professors are demanding governments in big business, do more to limit global warming at the club 26 summit in glasgow. demonstrators of expressed disappointment over the pledge is made. our environment editor nick clark is in glasgow around the world. we've seen this kind of mass mobile.


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