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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2021 1:00am-1:31am AST

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dixon, in that look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context india. on alex's eda ah! a global day of action against climate change. as the cop 26 climate summit continues protest, her se in action is still the biggest threat. ah, hello barbara, sarah, this is al jazeera life from love that also coming up, a fuel tanker crushes in sierra leone triggering and explosion that has claimed
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dozens of lives. a call to action in sudan activists prepare for nationwide strikes as both civilian and military officials refused to compromise. and we visit the ancient city, which doesn't even have a hotel that wants to become one of the world's premier tourist destinations. thank you for joining us. in cities across the world, tens of thousands of people have marched to demand urgent action on climate change . that included huge crowds in the scottish city of glasgow. just miles from a you and climate conference that they say is coming up short, it may still have a week to go, but protested from london to paris and sold to sidney. se the delegates and war leaders need to do more. experts say the pledges they have made from deforestation
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to the use of coal, still aren't enough to prevent disaster. andrew simmons reports from glasgow a mass expression of alarm from cities on every continent, demonstrators, from all walks of life, calling for immediate action, not just promises in the crisis over climate control, all over the world. there's outrage that in the past. so many pledges to cut emissions and provide funding to create clean alternatives to fossil fuels. haven't been honored. it begs the global question. it stately does renee god promises in the past, then how can they be trusted now? yeah, disillusionment about cop 26 fill these glasgow streets just a short distance from a summit venue here. an indigenous guardian of the amazon rain forest from costa rica. are you angry? see if they in ohio, per kilo m was yes,
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i'm angry saying this for years i knew the point of no return back governments and just not listening or thought. i'm not getting this with a nearby a mother who works as a clerical assistant or generation in previous generations. it created such issues with the world that my children are going to end up inheriting. so if we don't try and start i, we're just going to leave the future children with major problems and it will never be overcome. this 8 worker was trying to be optimistic. we have the answers to this climate crisis. we've got the money, we need to support vulnerable communities. we just need our world leaders on the negotiations, the claimant's on the hunting right night to do the speed we needed. but such optimism, low was in short supply generally called $46.00 is now halfway through under pressure on world leaders in their representatives. the climate diplomats couldn't be greater the message from the streets here. and cities across the globe is quite
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clear. they must do better. demonstrators turned out in australia where forest fires at the end of 2019, at the beginning of 2020 killed 33 people. a more than a 1000000000 wild animals. and south career protest has expressed doubts about whether the government would own a promises to phase out coal fired power. when this award, i think it would be difficult to south korea to stop it acts as a climate villain ah glasgow. some complex negotiations will be on the way in the coming days to try to find a solution to this climate crisis. no war in the meeting rooms only reminding the huge level of pressure upon andrew simmons, al jazeera glasgow. while even the room, thee is one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gases, it's one of the worst to suffer. the effects of climate change recurring floods are
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causing growing humanitarian crises. thousands of people have been displaced by rising water levels in the capital, bush and border from where catherine sawyer and this, this report. this is the rue caesar river in broody, it flows into lake tank. anika africa's deepest and shared between bruni, the democratic republic of congo, tanzania, and zambia water levels of both the river and lake have been rising largely because of unusually high range for the last few years. they facts here have been disastrous. the beeble hockey's mana, now needs a boat to take her children to school on what was previously a rude, every rainy season. an overflow from the river floods this road and the houses. she says it's been a nightmare to none. envoys. it's another rainy season, and we're afraid we might be displaced again. we normally leave our houses in april during the long rains, but everything has become so unpredictable. in another area,
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lana bender shows us where she lived before the water came. about one and a half years ago this neighbourhood was thriving, but many people have since left. they've been displaced by floods. some of those who spoke to say they've tried to come back, but it has been difficult because every time they do and it rains, their homes get flooded again. bruno is government has relocated some people to dry areas, but those who need the help are too many yeah. bend that and her family and now crowded into this makes ships tense and a comfort displaced people alongside thousands of ivers grab gahan i. i live here with my 10 children. it's difficult sharing the tent when drains water gets in and destroys our belongings. sometimes my children have to go to school with weird books and uniforms. ya might be door. since 2018 there have been dazzles of natural
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disasters that have affected nearly 300000 people. agencies say up 210000 people have been displaced in the last 2 years. scientists call this a climate change crisis is sorted, fits responsible for number of catastrophes caused by floods and abnormal dry seasons, especially in the north. i cannot even begin to explain the magnitude of this problem and the impact walk sectors. the government needs to educate sensitive communities to prepare themselves on how to deal with these disasters. nearly 1000000 peruvians live along the coastline. others in rural areas prone to land life, many told as they continue to suffer the devastating effects of a climate change related phenomenon. that is not their doing. they say they're trying to survive the best they can. catherine saw al jazeera but jim bora, bruni. ah,
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at least 99 people have been killed in sierra leone and many others severely burned in a fire that followed a fuel tank or explosion. it happened in the capital free town after the tanker collided with another vehicle. authorities say that the fire then spread into nearby traffic. dorsen jabari has more. oh, a crowd of people had gathered near a fuel tanker that had been involved in collision. unaware of what was to happen. moments later, dozens of people were dead or badly burned. when the leaking fuel tanker ignited a huge fire and explosion, it happened in wellington and eastern suburb of sierra leone capital free town. according to local media, a bus full of people nearby was completely burnt. the fire also incinerated shops and market holes in the neighbourhood and caused extensive damage. omar for fauna
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is a journalist who has been at the scene late yesterday evening. i'm off the ross show up one heading home. most are being around the m local time. when the, this bank right behind me, all the children 0 was run into by the truck, which you can also see just by the don't think about the want to talk want. there was some pets or leakage from the talk. and then some motorbike almost almost about trucks, right after the thought is coping the fuel from the truck, from the tanker rolled up and then there was a topic caught up in this area so that when that was the 1st ball, i mean wallace demo stopped after was we don't know, but what was the, what once it happened, then those what chops in the truck picking up because that was on hit them to far balls. wallace, noble, good area on many of those who died or there were bones. weapons inside. yeah, because i'm looking for those who robin motor bucks read us was hoping fuel from bunker president julius mother b o,
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who is in scotland attending cop 26th climate talks on saturday. called it a horrendous loss of life. the head of sierra leone, national disaster management agency echoed the same sentiments, saying it was a terrible, terrible accident. the port see of free town, which is home to more than a 1000000 people has faced several serious disasters in recent years. in march, more than 80 people were injured during a major fire in one of the city slums that this place more than 5000 people. the government has brought in the army to assist local police and medical personnel. enough in the door such a ari al jazeera, an internationally mediated plan to get sedan back on the road to democracy. appears to be in deadlock with both sides, rejecting proposals. pro democracy activists called nationwide strikes against any power sharing arrangement to the military source to say the generals who lead last month on the takeover have also refused the plan. general update factor are good on
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is under increasing global pressure to restore this has been the lead government. after leading the takeover. he'd been, morgan has more from have to well talk between the military headed by general abdel for the album han and the civilian component. or rather the efficacy. the civilian coalition has so far failed to produce any results, despite mediation efforts by the united nations, despite called by the united states for with the ration of the civil transitional government. and the release of prime minister of the land has been detained since october 21st. when the military took over. now that law has resulted in type of security for prime minister abdulla from the who is under house arrest, aspirate to of his age. he has been demanding the military return back to the status quo before the military takeover, which was on october 24th when he had a civilian government, which he was the prime minister of general abdel at. the abraham says that he will appoint a civilian government, made up of technocrats,
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people not affiliated with any political parties, and talks by various size and various mediation teams, including south sedan, including national figures here in the country, has failed to try to bring the 2 sites together with each side, adamant that they want, they want their position to be the one that that is dominant over the talks. now this all comes as a food, nice professional association, call them people for more strikes. so tonight on saturday, they have called on civilians to set the barricades on the neighborhoods and on the main street to encourage people. and also it is the number of people who would go to work on sunday and monday they say that the best way for them to show them military, that they don't want a military rule or an army. that taking over the transition period is to to go to go on general, strikes and civil disobedience. the united states embassy, uneasy of his capital. either saba is now ordering all non essential staff to leave the country. it's only a matter of days since it had only advised this workers to leave on
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a voluntary basis. if europe is year long conflict with rebels in the northern te great region has worse, and in recent days, the united nations security council is called for an end to the fighting. but a meeting to discuss the crisis has been postponed. journalist some we'll get the chew is following the story from addis ababa were al jazeera, has learned that the u. s. envoy to the horn of africa. geoffrey feltman had a meeting with 8th yoke, an actors in this conflict. and they were not able to agree on a roadmap on how to solve this conflict that begun a year ago and move is fast moving forward. but this comes us opposition leadership as being assembled in washington dc. we've looked at some of the names and we have been, i have been checking of they are do have the support needed with the exception of for the t p left, which is represented by a former foreign minister. was
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a minister for 2 years under the t p. a left laid coalition government and the oil left. there doesn't seem to have any support on the ground. and ethiopian government has highlighted their efforts as publicity stunt. instead of having a coalition to us, they said defeat this government, the government led by prime minister abbey. ahem. it but the pressure to ethiopia is still growing at comes us, the canyon president in uganda. and president, in particular, is trying to have a summit to trying to understand and solve the issue of conflicts in the country. and the u. s. government, which is threatening to consider trade arguments with yoga, is also insisting on having some kind of settlement on this conflict. still to come on al jazeera, 8 people are dead after a text and music festival leads them to a fatal crush. and for centuries is provided on irish homes
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with could help the country matching alignment goals ah is diverting to court a wet spring, it australia virtually everywhere, to be honest. and the story continues in much the same vein was temps going up and down in response to that. been somebody recently at the center of australia and given the forecast is going to be more now back queens than a new south wales. it's rather sunny a picture in adelaide and it is still in purse, but further in lannie west australia, there's rain on george's welcome. say was true and nolan territory, but obviously the folks is bit further east. a heavy stuff going off shore, maybe on monday. but that's just because we're waiting for the next lot to come in . in victoria, the sun should be at melbourne,
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and gibbon in new zealand is now dry. this is unusually warm in southern china. hong kong average is about 23 so well above that, i mean land. this is the wind to front coming down. so spell of wet weather will go . sas temperature will drop when turns round to the northeast again. and the concentration of rain will end up being somewhere, once again in central vietnam. west of that, where we got the ne monsoon set up. once again, it's somewhat like tell nodded or swelling to which you'll get the heaviest right? this is seasonally know, but the amount is for you have to sky is a bit heavy. the might like. hence the recent floods and future thoughts ah, with to years of over grazing the damage caused to the precious gross lance of chile is being reversed with one of the world's biggest ever conservation projects. they're pretty emblematic of the pedagogy and if they're plentiful and
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they're calm like this one is, then you know that the system is coming back and that they feel no threats. and that's why you know, i, for re wilding patagonia on al jazeera. ah ah, welcome back. as a reminder of the top stories on al jazeera, large demonstrations have taken place in cities around the world, calling for urgent action on climate change at the climate summit in glasgow demonstration is expressed disappointment at the pledge is made. at least 1009 people have been killed than many others, severely burned after
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a fuel tanker explosion in sierra leels capital pre town. it happened after the tanker collided at a busy junction and an internationally mediated plan to get sudan back on the road to democracy, appears to be in debt block with both sides, rejecting proposals for democracy activists have called nationwide strikes the police are still working to determine what caused the stampede that a music festival in texas that killed the 8 people? hundreds more were injured after a crowd surged during a performance by rapport travis scott on friday night. witnesses said that people were so cramped together that they started hyperventilating, practical haine, reports. in outdoor music festival quickly turned into a mass casualty event. the problem started early in the day when a security checkpoint was over run, these people rushing, toppling over each other to get into the sold out. concert officials aren't sure if
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it contributed to what came later. 050000 people. watching reber travis scott. the crowd surged for unknown reasons. and cameras caught what happened next. people collapsing the show when the star seems to realize something's wrong, but he just wants to get it in to get it in the scenes of concert goers climbing the stage in an apparent attempt to stop the show ignored. then finally, police stepped in based on our latest information. know, 8 people reported a reported dad from, from the ben last night in terms of their ages. one is 141 is 16 to 21 years of age. to 23. 1 is 27 and one remains unknown at this, at this time,
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the more than a dozen said to the hospital, hundreds treated at the scene. and now the investigation. how did this happen? why were there not more security officers, police officers, medical personnel for a crowd of at least 50000 people they knew would come? patty gall haine. al jazeera president joe biden says, is one trillion dollar infrastructure bill for the united states is a once in a generation investment that will create millions of jobs. the bill was finally passed on friday after repeated delays because of differences among members of biden's democratic party. yesterday i don't think is, the exaggeration suggests that we took a monumental step forward as a nation. we learned that our economy created 5600000 jobs since we took office in january 20th recent unemployed rate of 4.6 percent. 2 full years earlier than the vast majority economist projected that would happen. and we've
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just, we're just getting started. we did something odd that's long overdue. that long has been talked about awarded, but never actually been done. iraq's prime minister has ordered an investigation into the violent confrontations that it's feared may have turned deadly. several people were injured when security forces tried to disperse protests in baghdad. on friday. there is be no official confirmation of casualties, but a funeral procession sold to be related was held in the city of jeff demonstrators where challenging the results of last month's election insisting the vote was rigged. macklin, with a delaware heat, has borne out from baghdad. this is just a new location that the anger put us to have just occupied near the green zone. and about that they have set up tense and they are now receiving
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condolences for the victims of fridays glasses between security forces and the protective leaders and military commanders of the popular mobilization forces attended today's sit and they say that they will continue receiving condolences for 3 days and after that they say they will have an open sit in how you as john lee hooker to security forces said, are tense and fire. he the government and parliament just watching this is totally unfair. how these young, brave, popular mobilization force individuals rescued the country from iso as these protest others are protesting against their the results of the legislative elections. most of these professors are members of the popular mobilization forces there, which is the military arms of their previously dominant political parties got lost in the election. the government has opened an investigation into friday's
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violence, but these professors say that they do not trust the government. they do not trust the electoral commission on the other hand, then if not a commission that it has conducted a manual recount of about 25 percent of the votes. and that included that included the disputed disputed bullet to stations. and the election commission says that there is no difference between the new results and the old results of the outcome. this is just one location of a couple of locations occupied by dangler protested as near the green zone, the green zone and baghdad. a highly sensitive eddie had that includes international missions, had quoted as of international diplomatic missions. alongside government
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offices, heavy rain has caused flooding and landslides, in bosnia rising waivers in the center you ever reach and i forced hundreds of people to evacuate their homes. as jamal shall reports now from the capital. torrential rain and severe weather has caused widespread flooding across several parts of bosnia herzegovina, varying cars, houses, and damaging roads and priscilla cheese. the country is no stranger to clouds and lance lives, but people see the sheer amount of rain that's fallen and the pulse 48 hours has been unexpected. noise have orders for all of a sudden the rain started falling in. within 10 minutes, cars were covered by water, and all of this, the breeze came in in the towns of con, it's on the south of the capital, sorry val. heavy machinery was brought in to clear the streets, but many roads will still need to be repaired before they can be used again.
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emergency services have been deployed across this municipality, as well as other areas of the country, not a log on systems. people and machines are working hard to repair the damage. this is only one of the many effected locations along the red river, a popular tourist location, restaurants and businesses have also been hit hard. despite having a robust drainage system built to weather storms. the amount of water proved too much. the entire drainage system has been plugged up. we cannot clean it fast enough. what can you do? thankfully no one was hurt and thank god, it's only material damage that can hopefully be repaired. the local mayor who was on site monitoring the situation told al jazeera that by friday afternoon, some 60 truckloads of debris had been removed, but several towns in the area remained cut off with roads leading in and out of them unusable from the amount of rain that fallen in the last 36 hours
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equals the amount the usually falls during an entire month. many businesses of homes have been damaged, but it's too early to assess the full extent. on the national level, the government has stopped shorts of announcing a state of emergency, but phase the situation is serious. people here are taking it upon themselves to fortify their homes, stacking some bags and other objects to friend off against the floods. was the most severe damage caused by the flood has been outside of, sorry, a vote here in the capital. the rainfall has been consistent, raising the river of olsen as a result, fears that unless the weather improves parts of the city to could be flooded. jamal i'll show you, i'll, i'll just 0, sorry, 0. t plans make up 3 percent of the world's land mass, but store more carbon than all the world's forests combined. it makes for a cheap fuel to burn, but the irish government is phasing it out to meet its emissions targets. need
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barker met ecologists embarking on a massive re wilding project in central ireland 11 lives of island equality for turning fact time. restoring the country's vast people to what they were millennia ago. beats an accumulation of ancient vegetation, the when dog and dried burns for hours. for generations, the lambs being drained and harvested for heat homes and fuel power stations with more than 80 percent of islands, balls lost in the process. but now the same state funded company board no motor that stripped these bogs dry is putting up wind turbines. and steering this, the biggest ecological restoration project in europe. hey, plans are incredibly efficient to pulling carbonite through the atmosphere square meter per square meter. they pull the can put more carbon i sent of the air than
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square meters are of amazon in rain forest. so when it's burned or when it oxidizes, the problem is it releases so much. but why is thriving ally growing in the way it should be? it's incredibly efficient in a few decades time. this lunar landscape will be the lungs of island. the scale of this project is absolutely amazing. in the next few years, an area of land, the size of the mold, eaves will be restored. thankfully though the process is reasonably simple, the channels you originally drain, the peak bugs for extraction are all filled in, allowing pools of water to form on the surface. and eventually all important masses to grow that will capture carbon within 50 to 100 years. and those most is extremely good job and that's all that has been close for the last 5 years. but the pace of change has angered traditional turf cutters. many employed and
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industrial extraction found themselves suddenly out of work. member of parliament, michael fitzmaurice is defending what's seen as a historic right to continue extracting small amounts of pete the domestic use in rural island. this remains the easiest and cheapest way of heating a home. offshore. wind will be 101215 years. we have a good call to kind of process and do all the things to for hydrogen will probably using to 20 years away. and we've got to make sure that while we're doing dirt that it's a smooth transition. not a roof seed. we're a 5th. we used device to transition funds to help rural communities meet the challenge of going green, including financial compensation for abandoning pete extraction. but it's harder to abandon a way of life and change for centuries. climate change though demands immediate action and islands. pete bogs are one of our best lines of defense. the broker al
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jazeera and central island. archaeologists have unearthed a new discovery near the ancient roman city of pompei. they found the slave room inside a villa containing wooden beds and a series of other objects including ceramic pitchers and the chamber pot. researchers say the room is in an excellent state of preservation. pompei was home to about 13000 people when it was buried by a volcanic eruption in the year 79. 80. ah, and now the top stories on al jazeera, large demonstrations have taken place in cities around the world, calling for urgent action on climate change. millions of activists rallied in what they're calling a global day of action protests. those are demanding governments and big business do more to limit global warming at the cop 26 summit in glasgow. demonstrators of
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expressed disappointment over the pledges made they say the promises.


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