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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2021 10:00am-10:31am AST

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barshan for they said to have a drink on al jazeera, all in counting the colt who all the western bank is, enabling big oil through exploit. the arctic is asia fi fins. it's relying on coal is buying and shutting down poll power plants. the best use of, with counting the call on out there. ah thing. an armed drone attack on the residents of iraq's prime minister was sofa cutting me condemned z, assassination, attempt to as cowardly. ah, hello there, i'm, this is your day and this is out of their life. and our ha also coming up on the
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bones cause and our bodies on the needle. a national disaster declared in sierra leone. nearly a 100 people have now died in the fuel tank explosion. these 2 investigations are underway into a stampede that killed 8 people and injured thousands more in the u. s. as he houston plus. the girl was president. daniel ortega is going for a 4th consecutive term in infections that are being wired and described as fraudulent. the question is, how many people will actually go to the polls? ah, no rocks leaders have condemned what they calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as a heinous and cowardly act. ah, andirons target said mister val hatamio residence in my dad's green's own. he's safe and appealing for a calm restraint as tensions escalate across the city. security forces say they are
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tracking the drones movements as part of the investigation. it actually you a happy moment to all of those who were worried. my residence was targeted in a cowardly attack. thanks to god and his grace, all of those working with me and i are doing well. i would like to inform you that our heroic and courageous armed forces a working non stop for the stability and security of the country. these cowardly rockets and these cowardly drones do not help in building nations, nor can they be part of any future. we are keen on building our de nation with respect to the state it's institutions and also establishing a bright future for all iraqis. i call upon every one for calm and constructive dialogue for the sake of iraq and the future of iraq. well, that speech are corresponding with one other, why it is in baghdad for us modeling
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a drone assassination attempt. that seems fairly unusual. dewey yet have a sense of potential who is behind it. well, this is the, the main focus right now. the, according to the operation, the joint operation command that as a now said that it has open an investigation and the focus now is to know to try to collect evidence to get to know where the jones were to launch it from. now, the spokesmen of the prime minister must have called me also announced that 3 drones were used in the attack. 2 of them were shut down by anti craft weapons and following that attack. a lot of the statements condemning the attack and expressing sympathy with prime minister must have called me from local, regional, and international institutions, including the state department,
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which also offered to take part in the investigation. the gulf corporation council condemned that tech alongside the civil political parties inside iraq, including the political read. the leader looked at the now that is also on the other hand, skepticism the position party. namely, those political parties was posing, causing me hold of posing cause any government, including the, has below brigades including gas help. they still use, you know, these, these political parties, including their military autumn as the popular mobilization forces their pro, iranian, and they, some of them say that this could be some kind of scenario made up by the government of cause me self to play the role of a victim and also a couple of days ago,
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some leaders of political parties who support their protests in need of the green zone, which is rejecting the results of the election. they wanted of what they consider a conspiracy, a 3rd party intelligence that is planning to attack begins on so that it can be blamed on the protest as, as you know, that this attack or is it following the upheaval and the violence that happened on friday between the security forces and their protest us and in fact that protested was out of a blaming and causing me as caught them himself and his government for what they considered crag down on the protesters matter at all. i had to there with all the latest for us, from baghdad. thank you so much, much more and are with those competing narratives. let's hear from randy slim. she is from the middle east institute. she says academy has long had issues with paramilitary groups, backed by iran. they had lots of resources and they have the manpower they have
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what they re, they had lots of financially, sofas, resources. after all, you know, billions of dollars are located every year in the rocky budget for the has the shabby which is the umbrella for a lot of these militias, in addition to whatever they get from iran, also what they get from other illegal activities that they are engaged the relationship between called me and the iran back. your occupation has been tense for the long time. you know, one of the, i mean, recently some of these malicious people have been handed indictment in a tribunal of having kill some of the processors during the process last 2 years ago. so the problem is advisor, the lead doctor and he showed me and how she me was estimated by what the expect it to be members of these it on back militia. so they have been, you know, in this, in this w ward, them and called me and, and,
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and they stand to benefit the mold from basically, you know, forcing causing me out of the picture. so this is an attack not only against causing me. it is an attack against the whole political class. it really amounts to a coup, attempt targeting a prime minister residence with the intent to kill him is in my opinion, a cool attempt. it has failed. thank god, but it's still cool at home living on and as a dispute in libya after the presidency council announced that it was suspending the foreign minister, it says no longer she's accused of administrative violations. and she's also been bogged from travelling. but libby is transitional government has rejected that decision. it says, i need the prime minister has the mandate to appoint counsel or suspend members of the executive ah, sierra leone guzman, it has to count a fuel tank explosion and free town,
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a national disaster at least 99 people have now been confound dead, and scores of others who were severely burned and the accident are being treated in the capitals 3 hospitals. now as wound hasn't a latch reports all that remains from the devastating tanker explosion in the free town sub above. wellington, the blast happened at a busy junction after a fuel truck collided with another vehicle. witnesses say crowds of people tried to collect the leaking fuel before it suddenly ignited the resulting fireball incinerated shops and market holes and engulfed near by cars and buses. they are bonds, cars and our bodies underneath. we cannot give them one full access in 2nd decency . so with an answer this morning for us to get fill final body counts, of all those affected scores of burn victims are being treated at free towns. hospitals, the number of patients to overwhelming to allow families inside to relatives wait
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outside for news. scanning a growing list of victims. altima timbo lost his younger brother. he left tom and said who was going to buy bread for us to eat. when i heard about the explosion, i went to the scene and i saw my younger brother lying down. he was burnt all over . i felt so bad. i loved him so much. the government has promised the best care for those affected. thank ye. yes, that is what we had additional doctors in the ground and sufficient nurses, government pharmacy was open or medicines and the pharmacy was used to treat the wounded for free. so far they have resources to stabilize them. we have people seriously wounded in the intensive care unit, sierra leone underfunded health services, last hundreds of experienced workers. during the 2016 ebola epidemic. the world health organization says it's now dispatching supplies and burned experts to help the west african nation. yet even as the clear up continues,
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authorities warn the death all is expected to rise. alexander, lurch al jazeera. now pro democracy activists ensued on have called for more days of civil disobedience against any power sharing arrangement with the military. they rejected an internationally mediated plan to get the country back on the road to democracy. so say in the generals who lead last month on takeover of also refused the plan. general abdel father alber honda is under increasing global pressure to restore the civilian led government. hey, morgan has more on those talks from, from cartoon while talks between the military headed by general, and then put that hon and the civilian component. or rather the efficacy, the civilian coalition has so far failed to produce any results. despite mediation efforts by the united nations, despite called by the united states for with duration of the civil transitional government, and the release of prime minister of the land has been detained since october 21st
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when the military took over. now this, that law has resulted in type of security for prime minister of the from the who is under house arrest. ask for 2 of his 8. he has been demanding the military return back to the school before the military takeover, which was on october 24th when he had a civilian government, which he was the prime minister of general abdel at. the abraham says that he will appoint a civilian government, made up of technocrats, people not affiliated with any political parties, and talked by various sizes, the various mediation teams, including south sedan, including national figures here in the country, has failed to try to bring the 2 sites together with each side, adamant that they want and they want their position to be the one that that is dominant over the talks. now this all comes as a food, nice professional association, call them people for more strikes. so tonight on saturday, they have called on civilians to set a barricade on the neighborhoods and on the main street to encourage people. and
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also it is the number of people who would go to work on sunday and monday they say that the best way for them to show them military, that they don't want a military rule or an army. that taking over the transition period is to to go to go on general, strikes and civil disobedience. mostella had here on al jazeera kidnapping. kids and hazy has become big business for gangs, making learning a dangerous activity. and heading in the right direction, we take a look at the scotlands transition from oil and gas to renewables. ah once again, the wet is weather near has been driven by the still relatively warm waters of the central mediterranean, this cloud bass. he was what caused trouble, and it's particularly sorry or just to the south in most, our 3 quarters of the months average fell about 24 hours,
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maybe 2 days. and the potential for more rain exists not in the immediate future, but it's not gone away. the stormy weather when i'm talking about stormy, i mean wendy, this case is further north in europe as it usually is. and it's a cold wind running across scotland. down through the north sea towards denmark, and the flat lands of the coast of the netherlands. that's cold air, talk to them scandinavia. the wind itself will ease come monday and they swings round to a warmer directions as mile for ireland to scotland if rather wet. during monday the sun comes out in a rather cold picture, for example, in copenhagen. now the rate of the med, what is really the west, 1st of all about the arc. so see a dry weather on sunday is at rain risk goes towards corsica and even the cut does urine, south of france. and then of course, that winds obese on the north coast of algeria at the moment, the adrian rec and to the east is dry. but watch what happens on monday, yet again, rain develops and in much the same area as has just seen the floods.
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ah, in the country with an abundance of results for the road all over and walk indonesia, firms warmer. we move to growth. i'm fraud. we balance for reno, economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia use, progressively ensure the policy reform to create quality jobs invest. let me pause when this is rose and progress in indonesia. now, lou ah ah,
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hello again. i missed audio jane door hall, that's remind you about hope stories here. the found the rocks leaders have condemned an assassination of talent on the prime minister as a heinous crime and cowardly act. arms drones, talking to myself. alcott amuse residence in baghdad, screens, or in, in the early hours of sunday. the number of people killed off to a fuel tank exploded in sierra leone, and it's now at least 99. the blast happened when the tanka collided with another vehicle, has a busy junction and the capitol free town pro democracy activists answer dawn of court for more days of civil disobedience against any power sharing deal with the military. they rejected an internationally mediated plan to defuse the crisis. and generals who lead last month on take over, i have also rejected it or nicaraguans are going to the poles and elections that have been widely described as illegitimate, both at home and abroad. present,
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daniel ortega is set for a 4th consecutive term after opposition. figures were jailed or banned from running . international observers have also been prevented from overseeing that verse and latin america editor lucy newman reports now from san jose's and neighboring costa rica because our de 0 was denied entry into nicaragua. as usual, dick rob was armed forces distributed and guarded ballots ahead of sunday's presidential elections. but there's nothing usual about this. one. most noteworthy is who is not on the ballot, not a single competitive candidate from nicaragua, mean opposition parties. in the lead up to the poll president, daniel ortega, who's running for a 4th consecutive term imprisoned 7 mainstream opposition candidates, and disqualified the rest, accusing them of everything from money laundering to treason, argues, as thou, who's gone, go, what we are doing is trying criminals with bloated again as the country,
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the security of our country by trying to organize another uprising another could deter it. no, no, no. the cracked down on opposition. candidates and activists ahead of the elections, forced architect maria ankle is the little to seek refuge in neighboring costa rica gong a lincoln, a man thought the latter basil marbury. when the repression increased, i started receiving direct death threats while police surrounded my house and refused to let me leave and managed to escape before we had corruption em irregularities. but these elections, ridicule the world's electoral system of democracy. daniel is laughing at the entire world by holding this type of vote on the e. u and international human rights organizations are calling the election of farce . the biden administration has already announced it will impose new sanctions. but there are a handful of candidates on the ballot besides mr. and mrs. ortega, who is the vice president. some people are more disclosures in they are very
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unknown figures in the country, very little known. and they run for parties that are widely perceived as collaborators with the government. so i'm liam in this video posted on social media networks, calls on nicaraguans to protest against what is being described as a fraud by staying at home. the catholic church has also joined the campaign benign, but all city are so blessed they would be if they had been witness reconditioned for every one blow participated in free dust plants threatened and competitive presidential elections within special operation. but president ortega is going ahead with the election overseen only by his close allies and in another unprecedented move. he has band foreign correspondent from entering the country while hundreds of his critics have gone into hiding or into exile here in neighbourhood costa rica. oh, there are reports that ortega loyalists are going house to house to intimidate
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voters, to cast a ballot that could make a difference in the turn out, but not in the outcome which is already a given. she and human al jazeera, suncoast, costa rica and tow investigations. one of them criminal in nature, are underway and to what caused a stampede atom music festival in texas. 8 people there died and dozens were injured after a crowd pushed forward during a performance by rapid travis scott on friday night. witnesses, hey, people were so crammed together that they started hyperventilating. how these are castro reports? it was supposed to be a night without worries and escape from the stress of the pandemic. as 50000 people mostly youngsters in their teens and twenties, gather before and outdoors stage to watch houston warm wrapper, travis scott. oh, but the energy quickly turned to panic. diminished i've tried to forming. it's like people like top tea in front of them. they're running,
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they're going crazy and pushing and everything. i don't know where i guess like a group of people or somebody just version and then everything just by you. it was compressed like you were just compress the whole point. witnesses reported being squeezed to the point of suffocation and for some victims cardiac arrest. all of the identify deceased were under 30 no parent, no friends, no sibling should see their loved one off to a concert via world are known artists and not be able to expect them to come home safely. and when we read these ages, 14162121232327 just breaks your heart. even as victims were being treated, the concert continued for another 40 minutes. according to police. the performer paused several times to call for medical attention for ailing fans. by the fact
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that in this young woman frantically tried to alert a camera operator to the worsening crisis. houston police have opened a criminal investigation, and the city's mayor has offered condolences to the victims, families with vows to find answers. this incident is being thoroughly investigated and reviewed. certainly, it is important for us jas. obtain from last night what took place? what happened? where miss steps may have a or it's still unclear, would cause the crowd to search. the police say there was a credible report of some one injecting a security officer in the neck with an apparent drug. the officer fell unconscious and was revived with nar, can a medicine to treat opioid overdose, a lot of narratives out there right now. a lot of them are social media and even last night i think that all of us need to be respectful of the family. make sure
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that we follow the facts and evidence. investigators say at this stage, nothing is confirmed and nothing is off the table. heidi joe castro al jazeera while staying in the u. s. and president turbines push their to require employees of large businesses to be vaccinated against private 19 is now facing a legal challenge. a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked to move the mandate require companies with more than 100 employees to ensure that they install for vaccinated. those who haven't received the job require them to be tested weekly . the pandemic has came to more than 750000 lives in the united states so far. at least 15 people have died in a crash on the outskirts of mexico. his capital and transport truck collided with 9 vehicles, had told the east on one of mexico cities busiest highways. already say it appears the trucks break, failed. 5 others were injured and
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a number of vehicles. as you can see, that caught fire or gangs, and haiti are increasingly targeting schools and students, and the un children's agency. unicef says criminals are forcing teachers to pay so called protection money, or risk being abducted john henry reports from puerto prince. emma in haiti's capital learning is a dangerous business. the education of the use of puerto prince occurs behind iron gates beneath spiral blades of barbed wire. in an atmosphere of pervasive fear. i'm afraid that the gangs might come and kidnap me. i don't feel good, but i do it because i love school. principal vill dress older bear runs this school on a shortage of funds and students. a fuel crisis leaves many out of work and unable to afford education, nor even that commute said, kitty, everyone worries about kidnapping,
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but we keep working. we operate on fit for many of haiti's youngest and most vulnerable getting there is the most dangerous part of the day. i sometimes have gunshots on my way to school, although i'm for i don't have trouble going because i live close. okay. yeah. haiti's children has become a black market commodity. in recent weeks, the countries powerful gangs have increasingly used a vacuum of political and police power in the capital to rob teachers and snatch their students for ransom. a week ago this school was open, then some gangsters spotted a parent at the bank, followed him here, killed the parents in injured several others. now like many schools in haiti, this one is close. parents arrived to find uniformed children on stretchers, leaving teachers across the capitol, afraid to come to work, but often showing up anyway. i hope they'll be
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a change because the way we're teaching kids right now in the summer is not favorable. my hope is that the situation we have right now will change, so we can function where you will despite the dangers each day, thousands of children arrive in class after braving the capital streets. but for many, the price of education in haiti, his simply become too high. john henry, l g 0, port prince on morocco as king says, control of western sahara is not negotiable. as tensions flo with algeria about the disputed territory. king lamb and the 6th says moroccan sovereignty in the region would never be up for discussion. rocker claims that former spanish colony as its territory, but algeria bags western towers policy, mario front independence movement in the conflict and protesters and georgia. i'm calling for the release of former president miguel psychos philly. ah. so who's really was jail last month when he returned to the country?
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after being convicted in absentia of abuse of power? he's currently on a hunger strike and demonstrate as a demanding his transfer to a private clinic because he's getting weaker, but already say the 53 year olds are vital signs and normal home in, while thousands of people in poland have taken to the streets and renewed protest there against the nation strict abortion law. the rallies were sparked by the death of a 30 year old, pregnant women. doctors didn't terminate her features despite determining it wouldn't survive. the woman's family says she was denied life saving treatment because the doctors were scared to break. the abortion dor, poland began in voicing and near total ban on abortions back in january on terms of other protest energy. workers rallied outside the european union's office in the polish capital, warsaw, and they say that use attempts to discourage cold use are to blame for soaring energy prices. and they say that will hurt jobs. the call industry is
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a major employer in poland, which gets more than half its electricity from coal. well elsewhere in europe, that scotland is a wild leader in the transition to renewable energy. but there are still plans that develop a new oil field in the north sea in the many and the platform still stand unused. nick clark reports from quantity fath in northern scotland. it's not a view you'd expect from a village, high street, 300 kilometers north of the climate talks in glasgow. a vision perhaps of the future. unused oil and gas rigs parked off in chromarty furth, not pumping fossil fuels from the depths of the north sea. the perth is a barometer of the state of the you case, oil and gas industry. when there's a downturn, it gets pretty crowded. these platforms are awaiting new contracts. the contracts will be few and far between as the move to renewables gathers pace. at the end of 2019 the oil and gas authority estimated there were between $10.00 to
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$20000000000.00 barrels of oil still to be recovered in the north sea. in fact, as i speak as a bit underway to open up the jaunt, combo oil field about 250 kilometers is to the north of it around the shetland islands. but the reality is says the move away from fossil fuels, gavers pace, sites like this will become more and more common. whitely wind farms, south of glasgow, the 2nd largest onshore wind farm in europe. across scotland, wind power is a big part of the energy mix in a country that's aiming to be carbon neutral by 20455 years ahead of much of the world here. 215 turbines generate enough power 435-0000 homes. in 2020, nearly 100 percent of scotland energy came from renewable sources. which raises the question, why the need to invest in new oil field at all?
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this is the, by all of us getting on the same journey. okay, and getting on the revolution because it's more of a revolution than a journey. in all honesty, i'm to 2050 and that's the target is to get us the 2015. net 0 by 2050. so you can't just switch everything off immediately. so oil and gas production is still a massive part of the economy. it's a massive part of how we, holmes, i hope, the fuel or transport system. so we need to go in that transition. we need to go not revolution and that will happen over a period of time. back in chrome, it's either the yellow stanchions of offshore wind turbine stand, sentinel ready to be deployed out at sea, where the petroleum platform has rained for decades. and as the all rig becomes slowly redundant, the renewable sector is expanding a pace the replant here in the 1st for a hydrogen hub. and to create a base for floating wind farms. but the transition away from fossil fuels needs to be carefully managed to make that a success for everybody involved,
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including the workers. we need to make sure it is good quality jobs for them to move into. that means that renewables need to be trading enough jobs and that she has to be a pathway set of people can move from the fossil fuel jobs to the green shops. there is no doubt about the direction scotland is heading in. the question is, how far behind will the rest of the well be? the clock al jazeera quality for school. o archeologists have unearthed a 2000 year old room near the ancient roman city of pompei. the well preserved area is believed to be part of a villa that was one's home to slaves. as you can see, there had contains wouldn't beds, ceramic pictures and a chamber pot. it's believed about 13000 people lived in pompei when it was buried by a volcanic eruption in the yet 7980. 0 .


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