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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2021 4:30pm-5:01pm AST

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invest might be part of his growth and progress in indonesia now. ah ah, hello again, the top stories on the news, our rock leaders have condemned what they're calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as a he knows and cowardly attack. arm drones targeted was the phone call them is resident and baghdad. the green zone in the early hours of thousands of people have rallied in if you get capital in support or government for says bad lingo, rubble of ground city. ryan rebels have captured strategic towns along the highway
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through the capital and threatened to move on. the south of libby as alex world commission says it would open candidate nominations for the presidential and parliamentary elections on monday. according to a un back plan, the vote is scheduled to take place on december 24th children under the age of 5 are set to receive polio vaccinations for the 1st time in 3 years. and i've done it's done. that's after the taliban administration launched a 4 day inoculation drive before returning to power. the taliban bar un medics from carrying out door to door campaigns in their territory, accusing them of being spies more than 3000000 children will not receive the vaccine. a series of attacks on civilians and indian administered kashmir as far as the fears of a renewed conflict in the region. authorities have stepped up security to avoid further unrest have nu, metal has more. the daughter family is mourning the loss of
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its eldest son. shy, the jaws was shot nearly a week ago. his brother is so overwhelmed with grief, he faints. his mother implores him to wake up. she says he's all she has left off to losing showerhead. i saw a gun when he was on his way from work at an apple farm. we had been waiting for him when we got a call saying he was shot dead at a checkpoint in chopin district. we don't know what actually happened. authority, sasha had was caught in the crossfire between paramilitary forces and what they court suspected terrorists that happened off the indian administered push me suffered it's was violence in month in october at least $33.00 people were killed like shaw head. 10 was civilians, government, in thoughts by india and pakistan. the disputed territory has long suffer attention and unrest indeed administered kashmir. has seen a decades long armed rebellion against new daddy's rule 2 years ago. the indian government revoked the regions autonomy and imposed one of the strictest lockdown
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in history for the feeling resentment. the recent incidents have triggered memories of the 19 ninety's when insurgency was at its most violent. the targeted killings of minorities was common and led to an exodus of thousands of cush meeting hindus. the government has responded by putting more soldiers in patrol and they often frisk people, members of prime minister in the reigns remote. these party john, the party denounced this comparison and insist the security measures will prevent further attacks through elko by the p. i go support back then separate houston militants roamed free me. that doesn't happen. no, because they don't have any presenter. you better to start becoming irrelevant, which is why they're targeting, unarmed to rylin's and border migrant. some political analysts accused the government of failing to stem a sense of alienation among the regions. youth that is fueling a separatist movement in the region. this is some work creating a huge sam, something's short, the among the masses,
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and they appealed that they are back to the situation that was within the valley and other parts of jr and kashmir. in the early nineties than in sojourn, she was acted to speak. a police investigation is underway into the civilian killing, and security forces have detain hundreds of people for questioning over the last few weeks. but shy family disputes the official version of the incident and wants a more thorough prob, they say they're waiting for justice and struggling to cope with the void left by his passing. pardon him at the al jazeera new delhi garza's main power plant is under threat of shut down due to severe fuel shortages. the energy authority says it will be forced to suspend operations if it doesn't get more fuel by the end of sunday. the supply of diesel stopped on tuesday and it doesn't know why. nearly 2000000 people in gaza will face a 70 percent fall in their electricity supply. if the plant goes offline,
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you must say it is there with an update. got a so power plant, it threatened to shut down in the next few hours as the energy authority of gaza has announced that the cut to refuel. supply has not been entering the strip for a week now and that it has been providing the plant to operate with fuel from the local market. but if it shuts down, it will cause a deficit of more than 70 percent in all aspects of life in the gaza strip, which means that residents, homes, hospitals, medical centers, and other aspects of life will only be getting electricity 3 to 4 hours maximum per day. does the officials have told us that they do not know the reasons why the country fuel is not entering godsa for almost 2 weeks now? where as the israel the side knew their cutter have made any statements clarifying or explaining why the fuel is not entering. despite the crossings being opened
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electricity crisis in the gaza strip or not can you and have been going on for decades, while international interventions have been able to put an end to these crisis for a while until they are renewed again because of the shortage of fuel which affects every aspect of life in godsa. photos in nicaragua are going to the poles and elections widely described as illegitimate. both thought home and abroad. president daniel ortega set for a 4th consecutive term after opposition figures were jailed or banned from running . international observers have also been prevented from over seeing the vote or latin america editor of the sea and him and reports from san jose in neighboring costa rica after al jazeera was denied entry into nicaragua. as usual, dick rob was armed forces distributed and guarded ballots ahead of sundays presidential elections. but there is nothing usual about this. one. most noteworthy is who is
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not on the ballot, not a single competitive candidate from nicaragua, mean opposition parties. in the lead up to the poll president, daniel ortega, who's running for a 4th consecutive term imprisoned 7 mainstream opposition candidates and disqualified the rest, accusing them of everything from money laundering to treason. ac is as that who's gone go. what we are doing is trying criminals with bloated, again, as the country, the security of our country by trying to organize another uprising. another could deter it not known as the crackdown opposition. candidates and activists ahead of the elections, forced architect maria ankle is still gallo to seek refuge in neighboring costa rica. conger lincoln, a man thought the latter basil, but without a when the repression increased. i started receiving direct beth threats while police surrounded my house and refused to let me leave a managed to escape before we had corruption and irregularities. but these elections ridiculed the wells electoral system of democracy. daniel is laughing at
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the entire world by holding this type of vote on the e. u and international human rights organizations are calling the election of farce . the biden administration has already announced it will impose new sanctions, but there are a hand bullet candidates on the ballot besides mr. and mrs. ortega, who is the vice president, san puter movers, come and see us, and they are very unknown figures in the country, very little known. and they run for parties that a widely perceived as collaborators with the government. so i'm blaming this video posted on social media networks, calls on nicaraguans to protest against what is being described as a fraud by staying at home. a catholic church has also joined the campaign. been, are in good. all city are so blessed, they would be if they had been witnessed reconditioned for every one blow participated and free, just transparent and competitive presidential elections within special
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a pollution and want to highlight. but president ortega is going ahead with the election overseen only by his close allies and in another unprecedented move. he has band foreign correspondents from entering the country while hundreds of his critics have gone into hiding or into exile here in neighboring costa rica. ah, there are reports that ortega loyalists to going house to house, to intimidate voters, to cast a ballot that could make a difference in the turn out, but not in the outcome which is already a given. she and human al jazeera sancho st. costa rica, at least 2 investigations are underway to what cause they stampede at a music festival. in texas. 8 people died and dozens were injured after crowds pushed forward during a performance by robert travis scott on friday night. witness to say some people were forced together so tightly, they started hyperventilating hydro,
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castro reports. it was supposed to be a night without worries and escape from the stress of the pandemic. as 50000 people . mostly youngsters in their teens and twenties, gather before an outdoor stage to watch houston warm wrapper, travis scott. oh, but the energy quickly turned to panic. the minister abstract performing is what people liked. but there's something in front of them. they're running, they're going crazy. and pushing and everything, i don't know. i guess like a group of people or somebody just fortunate and everything just like you. it was compressed like you were just compressible born. oh, oh, witnesses reported being squeezed to the point of suffocation. and for some victims, cardiac arrest, all of the identify deceased were under 30 no parent, no friend, no sibling should see their loved one off to a concert. why a world are known artist and not be able to expect them to come home safely. and
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when we read these ages, 14162121232327, just breaks your heart. even as victims were being treated, the concert continued for another 40 minutes. according to police. the performer paused several times to call for medical attention for ailing fans. it's wordpress already bought. oh, gotcha. gotcha. and this young woman frantically tried to alert a camera operator to the worsening crisis. houston police have opened a criminal investigation in the cities mer, has offered condolences to the victims, families would vows to find answers. this incident is being thoroughly investigated and reviewed of thoroughly. it is important for us jas. attain from last night. what took place? what happened? oh, where miss steps may have occurred?
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it's still unclear what caused the crowd to search. the police say there was a credible report of some one injecting a security officer in the neck with an apparent drug. the officer fell unconscious and was revived with nar, can a medicine to treat opioid overdose, a lot of narratives out there right now, a lot of our social media and even last night i think that all of us need to be respectful of families that make sure that we follow the facts and evidence. investigators say at this stage, nothing is confirmed and nothing is off. the table, heidi joe castro al jazeera of scotland is a world leader and the transition to renewable energy. but plans to develop a new oil field in the north sea are still going ahead. even though many platforms are unused. mcclark reports from northern scotland. it's not
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a view you'd expect from a village, high street, 300 kilometers north of the climate talks in glasgow. a vision perhaps of the future. unused oil and gas rigs park top in chromarty, furth, not pumping fossil fuels from the depths of the north sea. the perth is a barometer of the state. if you case oil and gas industry, when there's a downturn, it gets pretty crowded. these platforms are awaiting new contracts. the contracts will be few and far between as the move to renewables gathers pace. at the end of 2019 the oil and gas authority estimated there were between $10.00 to $20000000000.00 barrels of oil still to be recovered in the north sea. in fact, as i speak as a bit underway to open up the john combo oil field, about 250 kilometers to the north of it, around the shetland islands. but the reality is says the move away from fossil fuels gathers pace. sites like this will become more and more common. whitely
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wind farms, south of glasgow, the 2nd largest onshore wind farm in europe. across scotland, wind power is a big part of the energy mix in a country that's aiming to be carbon neutral by 20455 years ahead of much of the world here. 215 turbines generate enough power 435-0000 homes. in 2020, nearly 100 percent of scotland energy came from renewable sources. which raises the question why the need to invest in new oil field at all? this is about all of us getting on the same journey. okay, and getting on the revolution because it's more of a revolution than a journey. in all honesty, i'm to 2050 and that's the target is to get us the 2015. net 0 by 2050. so you can't just switch everything off immediately. so oil and gas production is still a massive part of the economy. it's a massive part of how we, holmes, i hope, the fuel or transport system. so we need to go in that transition,
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we need to go and not revolution. and that will happen over a period of time, back in chrome, etc. the yellow stanchions of offshore wind turbine. stan sentinel, ready to be deployed out at sea, where the petroleum platform has rained for decades. and as the all rig becomes slowly redundant, the renewable sector is expanding a pace. 3 plans here in the 1st for a hydrogen hub. and to create a base for floating wind farms. but the transition away from fossil fuels needs to be carefully managed to make that a success for everybody involved, including the workers. we need to make sure there's good quality jobs for them to move into. that means that renewables need to be trading enough jobs and that she has to be a pathway set of people can move from the fossil fuel jobs to the green jobs. there is no doubt about the direction scotland is heading in. the question is, how far behind will the rest of the world b, mcclark al jazeera, commitee furth, scott, inventors from more than 40 countries are in katara for
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a week long for him on technology, supercomputers, cloud technology and robots are among the innovations on display. victoria getting be reports from dell. ha! oh, ask middle must re his come from garza to cat are looking for investment. he's invented a robotic glove that is designed to help palestinian people. his hands are paralyzed through injuries sustained during conflicts with israel. i hope we can come out with this as a brought a time. i hope there is any company or any agent can support this project. then we can make our multiples of this robot to come to glove and to provide it to the mission to him for his find specially in gaza. and we have a little bit on with but allies and ambition class after that ugly war, having their competitors for more than 40 countries taking part in the 1st ever challenge and innovation forum. incatel judges will evaluate the best ideas over
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the next 2 days and award cash prizes for those placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd is up to $250000.00 of prize money to be $1.00. once the one is from here, have been chosen, the participants will be divided into teams. they'll then compete to design, build and test an idea from scratch over a 48 hour period. one of the organizes is an inventor himself. he knows 1st hand how difficult it is to get investment for new innovations. normally for as an inventor, it's very hard to start up your company. so what we are doing here, we bring the inventors and we call a lot of research and starts up companies to meet them. and we hope it will be sort of a new business for them. it's hope this will become an annual event. the winners will be announced in a weeks time, victoria gate, and be al jazeera, doha,
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still ahead on the news. our panther's match and any shall record with very latest when my voice is ah, in affluent distress, some neighborhoods racked by social and economic despair. why now what a fake the band of local heroes, every one of us have a lot of responsibility to change our personal place. 5 for their suburban drake on al jazeera. ah, you want to help save the world? sneeze into your own? ah. the karone of virus has been indiscriminate in selecting its victims. it's devastating effects of plague, every corner of the globe, transcending class creed and color. but in britain,
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a disproportionately high percentage of the fallen have been black or brown skins. the big picture traces the economic disparities and institutional racism that is seen united kingdom fail, it citizens britain's true colors, part one on al jazeera. ah ah. hello again. libby, as government is leading a campaign to get african americans to come and settle their historic buildings, are being torn down to make way for new apartment blocks. but local architects wants to protect the old properties to preserve the country's troubled history. because hark reports on the capital, monrovia online barriers providence island,
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an african american is in search of her past. who are a prichard from michigan, is stepping in the ruins of the 1st home built by freed. american slaves brought to africa some 200 years ago. it's on providence island that they founded the republic of liberia. providence island feels like liberty proud as island feels like healing um providence. highland feels like joy and anticipation in providence island means is a place where i can remove. i can take the chains from my neck. i can shake the dust from my feet and i can start new. that's what i feel. in the countries oldest church, the young gather to celebrate thanksgiving. we tradition brought by the free slaves, supported by the american colonization society. the founding settlers became the country's elite and they kept many african needed in servitude transforming their
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traditions, culture and architecture. according to the truth and reconciliation commission, this helped fuel liberia's civil wars. a quarter of a 1000000 people died during the 2 decade long conflicts were in downtown monrovia from where during the civil war snipers which shoot at people. and it's in this neighborhood that yet again, a 100 year old building is being torn down to make way for you apartment blocks. now for some, this is library moving away from its past, looking towards a future for others. preserving these old buildings, it is an essential act of remembrance of le bear as troubled and divided passed by this is like there was the end, the book so much alike. a shack that the owner richard tolbert wants to tear down, but architect, joseph jones, sees history worth preserving. you cannot forget about your pass. we will wall, the kids, the big the duke kiss. will study architectural to understand how houses are bill
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in liberia before and why. almost all of the free sleeves came from america, southern state of south carolina. this of us came here trying to simulate a margaret called shaw their bread, american culture, back to liberia. very industrial. we're not to be africans. laborers, history does not start for the arrival of african americans. jones believes some of the street names should reference the nation. 17 indigenous groups and efforts be made to preserve the diverse architectural history of the country. as an increasing number of african americans make labor at their home. laura pitcher believes there's so much to learn from the past in order to build a better future for all liberians. nicholas hawk al jazeera providence island, liberian time for an update on the sports news series. drama. thanks during at mexican bucks i can nelly alvarez has showed why his regard that is the best pound
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for pound fighter in the wild by the coming to sports fust undisputed as super middleweight champion alvarez and knox out. caleb planned to the 11th round of their unification bout in las vegas. he dropped the american with a left hook and even though his opponent got on his feet canal, they sent him back to the phil, the referee, then stopped the fight with another adding plants. ivy f bout to the 3 he already had. he's the 1st box or from latin america to be crowned an undisputed champion in the full bout era. we will need them. we put that big one. i've always had a connection with the mexican funds. i'm really happy, but mexican funds were able to witness this fight and shared the success with me. it mean for low to be a mexican undisputed champion? uneasy land. how secure the last semi final water, the sea, 20 cricket world cup that softer, dominant, 8 wicked. when i wrote down the black cap sofa, the restricted, their opponent, 200 and 28th and helpful, i am beat and 40 from the captain. it came,
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william said it easy to reach that target and 11 bulls to spare. the victory beings, one of the pre torment favorites india, are eliminated. mercedes, dr. 3, both asked as who support lewis hamilton's formula? one title chase by getting maximum points for the team. the fin took a surprise opposition to sundays next to the ground water that locks out the front right with hamilton. he finished 2nd quickest in qualifying hamilton 12 points behind the max assessment and the championship standing with 5 races left his red fools. i've only been quicker awake. we'll stop from fed on the bridge. chelsea boss thomas t cole says bunny, we're lucky to steal a point against his side as they came back to draw one all against the premier league leaders. chelsea went into the break with a one new lee. i have had a new front just off that half an hour dominated the game, but they couldn't keep me out. a full i think for the wayside on 79 minutes never pulled. i can these with an appointed chelsea in the table if they beat west. i'm
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a little bit later was a fantastic effort and fantastic performance. i'm super happy it can happen in football. sometimes unfortunately, somebody else steal some points which and and, and it's lucky to chelsea. well anyone to throw away a lead, baffling it was the rena left at half time again south of ego and seemingly in complete control. so they ended up drawing 3 south to school to neutralize, almost 6 minutes. and docusign is now for games without winds off. and any time you go straight to work, floating his arrival back in spain, in the sand, watching the boss planet beating on saturday. patsy was picking up some fit from the youngsters. have gone 5 games about the feet offline, down in night, around with it back on top of the spanish laid off to see what the victory over via goals came from. craig and kevin bens, the season from 11 mounted in france. it was a little messy,
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no problem. so how response allowed the auction sign was out in did, but i name all you can if he goes again, all day visit in combined with killing him back, paid for his 2nd. see hold on for 3 to win in germany. bon me to have extended to the top of the going to go to 4 points. that's after they beat tribal to one to end the digital 5 and be to start the season rather 11, to be $4.00 to $6.00. the goal is coming via the to highest rank flyers in men's tennis. no joke of it. and daniel medford esco heads the head in the find that the paris moth is later in the rematch of september. us opened decider. they must of the outcome. joke of it will and the as well, number one, it's a huge achievement, obviously. very, very proud of it and grateful to be in this position. once again, to make the historic 7 time and surpass my childhood hero b. tempers is incredible. in obviously overwhelmed with all the beautiful positive
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emotions. it's difficult for me to understand the magnitude of this achievement, not just for myself, but for the sport. while i'm still active player, probably when i retire, i'll be able to reflect on that a little bit more. in the m b a, the dallas mavericks. i became the boston celtics, thanks to a buzzer. beta lee could on church made a game winning 3 points as time run down on the clock. he finished with 33 points to hold off the cell 617-2184 in the n h. how the florida hunters match the best thought received any team in history is around 21 points off the 11 games and ended on a hurricane street with a 5 victories and re things. $6000000.00 breeders, cup classic was won by a horse called nick go. it was written by jockey, jo resario, in the shape piece race in del law. california. next, k b can saki
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w when medina, spirits and gave china broad cox victory in the classic aston villa sat there had keisha dinsmore on that in sport. later to peter. thank you so much, john. thanks for watching the news. our or back in just a moment with much more of the days. ah. question the narrative. you don't have ways to check whether this information is real or not. you don't have any way to verify. identify who is telling the story their motivation. these are multi national corporations that are interested in profit, anticipate the consequences. the media was complicit in perpetuating this myth. i'm going to tell you that i think that many people died because of the lifting pace, deconstruct the media on out to sarah serious, dorcas days with one man leading the country through us. present our side as lost
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legitimacy. he needs to step how has he retained control through over a decade of war. we examined the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? when the reason that could effect any human asset master of chaos, coming soon on all jazeera the stage is said, and it's time for a different approach. one that is going to challenge the way you thing. we're ditching the sound bites and we're digging into the issues from international politics to the global pandemic and everything in between. join me as i take on the lars dismantled misconceptions and debate the contradictions. upfront with me, michael, my help on out 0. my life load on one documentary is that nice. i'm was guy on al jazeera on
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counseling, the cold, who all the way and find his enabling vague oil to exploit the arts. it is a had thiessen's, it's reliance on coal, is buying and shopping down poll power plants the best keep up with counting the call on algebra. ah, calls for com as us sun regional leaders condemn may drone attack targeting the iraq. a prime minister is residence ah, you're watching all 0 live from a headquarters and so high and dirty you navigator also coming up.


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