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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2021 6:30pm-7:01pm AST

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give a follow is a speaker of the eastern base parliament. and really this is where we're going to start to see divisions. i mean, it was a very long and difficult process for the united nation support mission. to come up with this piece plan to try to bring in all the all the sides of an order. and they brought in this unity government, which is leading the country into elections. now, we're going to see the, the vision start to arise again, who can run what kind of powers of the president have, or the legislative branches in libya have yet to agree on a framework, a constitutional framework. so what kind of president, what kind of powers of the president have, what kind of authority does you have? those are questions that are made to be answered. and we're going to have to wait and see what kind of implications this is going to have on the election scheduled to take place in just 6 weeks. still ahead on al jazeera fees over renewed conflicts in indian administered cash, me families. and those caught up in violence and security step down, challenge innovation tech invented from around the world,
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competing cuts for cash prizes and in for the patches match your record in the show with the latest when all those details a little later in a hey there, thanks for joining in this is your world's weather update for the middle east. to see you, let me show you what's going on. we have temperature is above average across the la van gas getting up to a high 29, maybe even 30 degrees on monday. and that what, whether that was in western iran is now some further toward the south, and it could spill into the gall. so let's go in for closer look, i think the better bet of maybe seen some showers is around some of the emirates, the risk is therefore cross cats are, is, was something i just wanted to put on your radar should stay dry. but again,
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the risk is off, the pockets on temperature is pretty well where they should be karachi, la hoar, into islam of bog, with the hive $26.00 degrees and unsettled weather for northern areas. if i've gone it's done on monday, turkey temperatures running above average here. same goes on cyprus, nickos. c a getting up to a high of 31 degrees. central africa, equitorial countries. we've got our outbreaks of rain more confined to western areas around that gulf of guinea. pushing out toward western africa toward the south. some gentry brain can be expected. here, we'll call it pretty much port elizabeth street toward durban. and we have seen thunderstorms across habit, roney and johannesburg, as was so in habit eroni that's brought your temperature down a bit on monday to 31. that's it. see it's in the, ah, in the vietnam war, the u. s. army used to heidi toxic, had beside, with catastrophic consequences. agent orange was the most destructive instance of
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chemical warfare. a decade later, the same happened in the us state of oregon. these helicopters flying over the ridge brang something, and they didn't even see the case. but to women are still fighting for justice against some of the most powerful forces in the world. the people versus agent orange. on al jazeera, indonesia, the country with an abundance of results. great byron walk indonesia whose firms forming we move full to grow and fraud. we balance for green economy, blue economy, and the digital economy with the new job creation law, indonesia is progressively ensuring the policy reform to create quality jobs. invest. let be part when denise is growth and progress. invest indonesia. now, lou
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ah ah, hello, are you watching out 0? i'm emily, angling a reminder of our top stories miss our iraq's ladies have condemned what they're calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as a heinous and cowardly attack. drones targeted mustafah al kut amy's residence in bagdad greens or in the early hours of sunday. thousands of people who have rallied in ethiopia as capital in support of government forces battling a rebel advance which a grind rebels have captured strategic towns along the highway to the capital and have threatened to move on, addis ababa and voters are heading to the poles in nicaragua was general elections. president daniel ortega is set for a 4th consecutive time,
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after many opposition figures were jailed old band from running. let's return to our top story now in iraq and what's being called an assassination attempt on the prime minister. we spoke to middle east analyst zaden the alchemy. he explains the loss of support that pro iranian political groups have suffered. it is very clear that the protesters or the attackers behind this are the followers of the same political parties and paramilitary groups that are associated with the alliance, which is the parliamentary coalition known for its affiliation with yvonne's interest within the piano and the iraqi politics. in general, we witnessed on the last early elections that took place on october 10th alliance, 117 parliamentary seats, in contrast to their 48 seats, which was one and 2018 parliamentary elections. this is a huge loss to the parliamentary and the ones. it also represents
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a major sent back to their political and social influence, which they believed was an acid that they enjoyed from the rocks victory against isis, and 2017, which they of course, were a part of however, and of toby 2019. and one of the solar pill, this movement kicked off around the rocks with tests holding for reforms, the magic change and to corruption and an end to securing them and regional intervention. again, with a particular focus on iran, it was clear that the an active, the researchers were facing political violence from the very same armed groups that claimed to liberate iraq from ices. these groups are the ones are, give me a focused thing and attacking by mr. calling his government and denouncing the integrity of the elections, which of a 4 years praise and promoted for morocco's kings says control of western sahara
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is not negotiable, as tension flew with algeria about the disputed territory. king mohammed, the 6th says moroccan sovereignty in the region will never be up for discussion. morocco claims the former spanish colony as its territory, but algeria backs the hello sorrow, france movement. it's fine for the independence of western sahara. does. is main power plant is under sweat of shut down due to severe fuel shortages. the energy authority says it will be forced to suspend operations if it doesn't get more fuel by the end of sunday. the supply of diesel stopped on tuesday and it doesn't know why the only 2000000 people in garza will face a 70 percent fall in their electricity supply. if the plant goes offline, you'll not say it is there. does a so power plant? it threatened to shut down in the next few hours as the energy authority of gaza has announced that the cut to refuel. supply has not been entering the strip for
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a week now and that it has been providing the plant to operate with fuel from the local market. but if it shuts down, it will cause a deficit of more than 70 percent in all aspects of life in because this trip, which means that resident told hospitals, medical centers and other aspects of life will only be getting electricity 3 to 4 hours maximum per day. does the officials have told us that they do not know the reasons why the country fuel is not entering godsa for almost 2 weeks now? where as the israel li side, neither carter have made any statements clarifying or explaining why the fuel is not entering. despite the crossings being opened electricity crisis in the gaza strip or not you and have been going on for decades. while international interventions have been able to put an end to these crisis for a while until they are renewed again because of the shortage of fuel,
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which affects every aspect of life in god's children. under the age of 5 is set to receive polio vaccinations in afghanistan for the 1st time in 3 years. that's after the taliban administration launched a 4 day inoculation drive before returning to power. it accused you and medical workers of being spies and bought them from carrying out door to door campaigns. more than 3000000 children will now it was safe to vaccine trees have been up. rosewood, and roads are under water in the southern indian state of tamil nadu. this comes off to the heaviest down pole of rain since 2015. that's when flooding killed more than 200 people enforced many from their homes. major ologist are expecting more rain on choose change. a series of attacks on civilians in indian and minister kashmir has spot fees of a renewed conflict in the region. authorities have stepped up security to avoid
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further unrest as pat middle reports. ah, but her family is mourning the loss of its eldest son. shy, the jaws was shot nearly a week ago. his brother is so overwhelmed with grief, he faints. his mother implores him to wake up. she says he's all she has left off to losing shaw head. i saw a gun with me. he was on his way from work at an apple farm. we had been waiting for him when we got a call saying he was shot dead at a checkpoint in chopin district. we don't know what actually happened. authority sasha had was caught in the crossfire between pero miniature forces and what big core suspected terrorists that happened off to indian administered? pish, me suffered, it's worse violence in month. in october. at least 33 people were killed like shaw head. 10 was civilians governed and fought by india and pakistan. the disputed territory has long suffered tension and unrest in did. administered kashmir has
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seen a decades long armed rebellion against new daddy's rule 2 years ago. the indian government revoked the regions autonomy and imposed one of the strictest lockdown in history for the fuel in resentment. the recent incidents have triggered memories of the 19 ninety's when insurgency was at its most violent. the targeted killings of minorities was common and led to an exodus of thousands of cush meeting hindus. the government has responded by putting more soldiers and petrol, and they often frisk people, members of prime minister in the reins or modi's postage under party denounced this comparison. and insist the security measures will prevent further attacks through alcove ibp. i gross upward. back then separate. distant militants roamed free me. that doesn't happen. no, because they don't have any presenter. you dare to start becoming irrelevant, which is why they're targeting unarmed civilians and border migrants. some political analysts accused the government of failing to stem a sense of alienation among the regions. youth that is fueling a separatist movement in the region. this is so work. creating a huge sem,
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something secure the among the marshes, and they appealed that they are back to the situation that was with them. the very lee and other part subdomains. kashmir. in early nineties, when in sojourn, she was active to speak. a police investigation is underway into the civilian killings and security forces have detain hundreds of people for questioning over the last few weeks. but child's family disputes the official version of the incident and wants a more thorough prob, they say they're waiting for justice and struggling to cope with the void left by his passing. pardon him, ethel al jazeera knew deli, at least 15 people have been killed in a major crash on the outskirts of mexico's capital. a truck collided with 9 vehicles at a toll booth on one of mexico cities and busiest roads. authority said, appease it's rags, failed. 5 of the paperwork injured,
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and some vehicles caught fire. a post by u. s. president joe biden to require employees of large businesses to be vaccinated against coven 19 is facing a legal challenge. a federal appeals court has temporarily blocked the move. the mandate requires companies with more than 100 employees to ensure their staff are vaccinated. those who haven't received the job are required to be tested weekly. the pandemic has claimed more than 750000 lives in the united states. so far. energy workers have rallied outside the european union's office in the polish capital war. so they say you attempt to discourage the use of co, i to blame for soaring energy prices and they say it will lead to job cars. the call industry is a major employer in the country that gets more than half its electricity from comb . scotland is a world leader in the transition to renewable energy,
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but plans to develop a new oil field in the north sea are still going ahead. even though many platforms are unused. nick clark reports from northern scotland. it's not a view you'd expect from a village, high street, 300 kilometers north of the climate, talks in glasgow vision, perhaps of the future. unused oil and gas rigs parked up in cromartie, furth, not pumping fossil fuels from the depths of the north sea. the perth is a barometer of the state of the you case, oil and gas industry. when this downturn, it gets pretty crowded. these platforms are awaiting new contracts. the contracts will be few and far between as the move to renewables gathers pace. at the end of 2019 the oil and gas authority estimated there were between $10.00 to $20000000000.00 barrels of oil still to be recovered in the north sea. in fact, as i speak as a bit underway to open up the john combo oil field,
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about 250 kilometers to the north of here, around the shetland islands. but the reality is says the move away from fossil fuels gathers pace. sites like this will become more and more common. whitely wind farms, south of glasgow, the 2nd largest onshore wind farm in europe. across scotland, wind power is a big part of the energy mix in a country that's aiming to be carbon neutral by 20455 years ahead of much of the world here. 215 turbines generate enough power 435-0000 homes. in 2020, nearly 100 percent of scotland energy came from renewable sources. which raises the question, why the need to invest in new oil field at all? this is the, by all of us getting on the same journey. okay, and getting on the revolution because it's more of a revolution than a journey. in all honesty, i'm to 2050 and that's the target us to get us the 2015 net 0 by 2050. so you can't
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just switch everything off immediately. i'm so oil and gas production is still a massive part of the economy. it's a massive part of her we, she, holmes, are wholly fuel or transport system. so we need to go in that transition. we need to go not revolution, and that will happen over a period of time. back in chrome, it's either the yellow stanchions of offshore wind turbine. stan sentinel, ready to be deployed out at sea, where the petroleum platform has rained for decades. is the all rig becomes slowly redundant. the renewable sector is expanding a place 3 plans here in the 1st for a hydrogen hub. and to create a base for floating wind farms. but the transition away from fossil fuels needs to be carefully managed to make that a success for everybody involved in treating the workers. we need to make sure it is good quality jobs for them to move into. that means that renewables need to be crating enough jobs and that she has to be a pathway set of people can move from the fossil fuel jobs to the green jobs. there
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is no doubt about the direction scotland is heading in. the question is, how far behind will the rest of the world b, mcclark al jazeera property 1st. scott, a man to his from more than 40 countries are in cattle for a week long for him on technology. so the computer is cloud technology and robots are among innovations on displaying victoria getting beat reports from jo. acme dell. mastery has come from garza to cattle, looking for investment. he's invented a robotic glove that designed to help palestinian people whose hands are paralyzed through injury, sustained during conflicts with israel. i hope we can come out with this as a prototype. i hope if there is any company or any agent can support this project, then we can make our multiples of this robot to come to glove and to provide it to the bishop team. but it's fine, especially in gather, i think we have
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a little fish on with but alive and ambition. france after the ugly war, had been dear competitors for more than 40 countries. taking part in the 1st have a challenge and innovation for him in cattle. judges will evaluate the best ideas over the next 2 days and award cash prizes for those placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd is up to $250000.00. if price money to be $1.00. once the one is from here, have been chosen, the participants will be divided into teams. they'll then compete to design, build and test an idea from scratch over a 48 hour period. one of the organizes is an inventor himself. he knows 1st hand how difficult it is to get investment for new innovations. normally are for as an inventor, it's very hard to start up your company. so what you are doing here? we bring the inventors and we call a lot of research and start up companies to meet them. and we hope it will be sort
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of a new business for them. it's hope this will become an annual event. the winners will be announced in a weeks time. victoria gate and b al jazeera, doha, coming up on the news, our preserving history, the efforts to save 100 year old buildings in liberia's capital as an act of remembrance to its troubled past. and we'll have all the action from the n b a is one of the best in the league, delivers a killer blow more sport with peter after the break. ah, a,
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a with a lou.
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ah, before we have to fall, we have a story about liberia's government leading a campaign to get african americans to come and settle them. the government is offering susan ships and a chance would be able to weigh connect with their roots. historic buildings are being torn down to make wife a new apartment blocks below close architects, one to protect the old properties to preserve the countries troubled his strange. nicholas hark has the story from the capital one rover on liberia's, providence island, an african american, is in search of her past, who are pictured from michigan is stepping in the ruins of the 1st home built by freed. american slaves brought to africa some 200 years ago. it's on providence island that they founded the republic of liberia. providence island feels like liberty proud as island feels like healing. um,
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provenance highland feels like joy and anticipation and it, providence island means is a place where i can remove i can take the chains from my neck. i can shake the dust from my feet and i can start new. that's what i have in the countries oldest church. the young gather to celebrate thanksgiving. we tradition brought by the free slaves, supported by the american colonization society. the founding settlers became the country's elite and they kept many african needed in servitude transforming their traditions, culture and architecture. according to the truth and reconciliation commission, this helped fuel liberia's civil wars. a quarter of a 1000000 people died during the 2 decade long conflicts were in downtown monrovia from where during the civil war snipers which shoot at people in it's in this neighborhood that yet again, a 100 year old building is being torn down to make way for you apartment blocks now
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for some, this is librarian moving away from its past, looking towards the future for others, preserving these old buildings. it is an essential act of remembrance of liberia as troubled and divided passed. but this is like there was the end, the book. so much alike. a shack that the owner, richard tolbert wants to tear down, but architect, joseph jones, sees history worth preserving. you cannot forget about your pass. we will warn the kids the big the duke kiss will study architectural to understand how houses are building like bureau before and why. almost all of the free sleeves came from americas southern state of south carolina. this of us came here trying to simulate a margaret called shaw. they're brought american culture back to liberia, embezzle, where not to be africans. liberia is history does not start for the arrival of african americans. jones believes some of the street names should reference the
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nation. 17 indigenous groups and efforts be made to preserve the diverse architectural history of the country. as an increasing number of african americans make liberia their home. laura pitcher believes there's so much to learn from the past, in order to build a better future for all liberians. nicholas hawk al jazeera providence island. liberian. it's time f as for his peter. thank you. emily will started tennis, san novak talk of it, and then he'll medford have a currently doing battle in the final of a paris masters. it's not the opening to say it's and made with one the opening game. in the 3rd, i have chunk of each wins. he will claim a record 37th masters, $1000.00 title. and so new concepts return to the premier league has not gone to plan, but at least it hasn't ended in the feet. the new to the manager was in charge for the 2nd time following a mid week victory in european competition, and had
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a great lead against everything just before we have time to see so juvenile, on, unable to find the match, finished go. the mexican box looking a little over res showed why he's regarded as the best pound the bound fighter in the world by becoming the sport supposed undisputed super middle way champion and other stuff at taylor plant. in the 11th round of bay unification in las vegas, we drop the american with a left hook. and even though independent got up on the c panel and sent him back to the canvas, refereed and stuff, the price is always adding loans. i be a bell to the 3 he already had. he's been both of them. latin america to be crowned an undisputed champion in the full belt era. we will need them we. what about the? i've always had a connection with the mexican funds. i'm really happy mexican funds were able to witness this fight and share the success with me. it means a lot to be a mexican undisputed champion. mercedes driver up at the bottom says he'll support
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lewis hamilton's formula. one title chase by getting maximum point for the teen fund. took a surprise poll position for sunday's mexico city graham pre process locked out the front row with hamilton finished. second, quickest in qualifying hamilton is 12 points behind max for stopping in the championship. standing with 5 races left, his red bu rival, who had been quick a week will start from food on the grid. seems like we're clearly behind read on thing a lot this morning, but maybe the weather came to us a little bit bit warmer. maybe the fed up with all the work. read it quick enough. well, we can, we have no idea wild and suddenly ahead of them, but we'll take it. but that was honestly not on the cost. the rental new zealand have secured the last semi final spot of the t 20 cricket woke up at all for a dominant 8 wicked. when over afghanistan,
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the black caps both 1st and restricted their weapons to 124 for 8, and helped by an unbeaten 40 from they canceled cane williamson is eland reach. they saw that with more than 11 bulls to spare. their victory means one of the pre tournament favorites. india are eliminated in the n b a. the dallas mavericks overcame the boston celtics. thanks so about the bt. if you don't judge met a game winning 3.2 as time ran down on the clock, it finished with 33 points to hold up the celtics. 107104. and in the n h l, the florida panthers match the best start to a season of any team in history or on 21 points off. we live in league games and end of the carolina. hurricane street. with the 5 c victory. anthony declare got 2 goals and 2 assists in the wind. okay, that's all the sports needs for now. be. are again a little later with another updates. emily, thank you very much, pita and that. so for this news our, i'm emily anglin. i'll be back in
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a moment with more of today's gentlemen ah. in our slow distress, some neighborhoods are racked by social and economic despair when our ace makes a band of local heroes. every one of us has got a responsibility to change our personal place. fighting for their suburban drake pon, ouch is 0. november on al jazeera, 5 years after the historic heath, you know, between spark levels and the colombian government. al jazeera examines why tensions and violence of rising once again. and when you award winning pool flies
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investigates the untold stories across the us, millions encompassed on boat in parliamentary elections under a new constitution. and more than a year after the last poll triggered a political crisis in mercy of personal short documentary africa. direct showcases african stories from african filmmakers, china marks 100 days until it host the winter olympics. but how will the pandemic and calls for a boycott? impact the sporting event november on out, jazeera, kiera, bass, a pacific island nation, rapidly falling victim to rise in sea levels. and to president skilfully commanding the stage of climate change. diplomacy, whom do we appeal to for our people to ride, to survive. and the challenge of planet, but can he secure a theater that he seemed to be stateless people? what he's trying to happen to us is going to be the fate of paris. winful,
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witness. an analogy 0. we understand the differences and similarities of cultures across the world. so no matter how you take it will bring you the news and current affairs that matter to you. ready oh, rocks prime minister chairs, an emergency meeting with his security chiefs just hours after surviving an armed drawer, an attack on his residence. ah, hello, i'm emily anguish this is al jazeera live from doha. also coming up a show of support for ethiopians. prime minister is federal forces battle advancing rebels from the known police into jam.


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