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tv   [untitled]    November 7, 2021 9:00pm-9:31pm AST

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oh, the fight for and against equal representation. and the demo process is the country that's learning how to be a democracy, but it's not there. one person one vote on al jazeera. ah, this is al jazeera, ah, hello, i'm emily. ang, when this is the news, our live from doha. coming up in the next 60 minutes, iraq's prime minister chairs, an emergency meeting with his security chiefs, just hours after surviving an armed drawn attack on his residence. a show of support for e t o p as prime minister is federal forces battle advancing rebels from the north
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sedans, military leaders says he will not be part of any government to after the transitional period, al jazeera has an exclusive interview with general abdel father albert han and nicaraguans go to the polls as president. daniel ortega runs for a 4th consecutive term and his political opponents face a heavy handed crack down. hello, peter stem it with his sport medic talk of it breaks the record for masters. $1000.00 titles pulling victory in paris and in the brittany liverpool look to close the gap on leaders. chelsea ah hello and welcome to the program. we begin in iraq, where ladies have condemned what they're calling an assassination attempt on the prime minister as a heinous and cowardly attack. armed drones targeted mustafah elk had he mused, residence in the highly secured grains, aren't in the early hours of sunday. my mode abdel why hid reports from baghdad
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heightened security needed above daddy green soon? it comes after the prime minister as a residents in the fortified area came under attack. the government says for the army, drones were flown over the compound of most of alchemy. when hit the building, 2 others were shot down. exactly, you a shout repeatedly magog to all of those who were worried. my residence was targeted in a cowardly attack. thanks to god, and he's grice, all of those working with me and i are doing well. these cowardly rockets and these cowardly drones do not help in building nations, nor can they be part of any future. the government said it's investigating the incident. the u. s. the state department has offered to help. in iran, the secretary of the supreme national security council called it a terrorist attack. he blamed for an intervention for what he described as new
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sedition. the attack came 2 days of the demonstrations against the results of parliamentary elections in october left. at least one person dead and many injured . pro. iranian parties lost about 2 thirds of their seats in the vote. the vacuum, the electoral commission of rigging the results and demand the recount. many of their supporters are members of the popular mobilization forces. the parties military wings they have since occupied areas near the heavy fortified. green's orn that's home to international diplomatic missions and government offices. pro iranian groups are among the demonstrators here, but these protestors deny they carried out the attack and say it may have been orchestrated by a 3rd party to ferment violence between them and security forces. through iranian
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armored groups have been accused of carrying out similar drone attacks over the past 2 years, against u. s. military bases and facilities in the green zone. some protest i said, the drone or tag targeted them and the government in no nasa 3, so about better. oh yeah, there are evil people behind. if you want to create chaos and divert the public's attention away from the main cause, commanding justice for those who were killed on friday and stir animosity between the government and a popular mobilization force with some of these protesters are skeptical. they say the attack was fake and that he was l calls the me of pretending to be a victim there, vowing to continue their demonstration. mahmoud abdougla had al jazeera but that hundreds of thousands of people have demonstrated across ethiopia in support of government forces, battling against advancing rebels. the largest demonstration was held in the capital, addis ababa, the ticker i,
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people's liberation front has captured strategic towns along the route. the capital, as mohammed ado oppose america today, you know, the suburbs must coast where tensile thousands of protesters show their support. will they've been going, oh, organized by the cities administration. it's also meant to lend support to the armed forces in their war against the to grey rebels on their allies. famous sing a teddy cuban diesel was invited to sing in place of with your piss military and took the opportunity to call for peace and m dog, which i was in the battle ground. when i was told the battle was against my brother . i turned back i let that let the young people not be sent. instead, let's send our elders. negotiation is better with guns. we bring no solution. it's enough. they see up in government, us call the fight against the to grey rebels on existence. shall war prime minister abbey to want the nobel peace prize 2 years ago has vowed to,
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but his enemies abbey also declared a mission worth state of emergency that allows an armed citizen of military edge to be conscripted. the military has also asked veterans to re enlist thousands of civilians of sins during the war. despite the state of emergency declared by the government. these come all the streets of what is suburb of traffic on the cities. main roads remain busy. as the residents go about that they live business, or there's an unusually heavy police presence with officers conducting a random security on identity checks. i don't feel any different from the state of emergency was declared commodity prices had not changed much shook ovula after entering the state of emergency, my business has not changed much. and i can see my customers coming to buy things every day, just as before. i'm not too worried about what will happen in the future, but i hope that our country will at peace soon one. but not every one is confident . the u. s. embassy in the suburb ordered the departure of it's not essential.
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diplomats on saturday a day after advising all us citizens to leave if she appears as soon as possible. and several other embassies including goes off so derby, canada, sweden, and no, we have not done the same mohammed our de well just either i to suburb a few appear and we spoke to bare hon. get bray. christos, who is the t grey? people's liberation? friends, government, government representative, he says the t p l f wants to remove the government and work towards an inclusive political process. what you see in the streets, i've not, sir, entirely was a weight loss. 0 was a weight of the demonstrators, but i think most of the demonstrators found very few dooley come out willingly. buck like jury. 2 of them have been forced to get out and about speaking to a demonstration. so it is a force it demonstration forces by the local administration and look in the
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industry. issues of the government lodge population of ethiopia, in particular in tonight have been put under siege for over 4 or 5 months. and this got that the government had been denounced supporters. the government has been using starvation as a weapon, a broker of medication and electricity. and basic services has been used as a whip. and this is international crime. actually. this is and i guess international no and no. so the government is, brings us as a matter of fact, the guy is like in all the people of yoga or in general and, and to write but not is whiting because we know this is a force the death of a forced air situation upon zone. and as outlined the grounds and as us are fine to a break the brocade that they are facing. what i would call upon everybody is we need to stop this disaster of the children and other forces that are
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desperately hooked into defending themselves from atrocities. and from destruction urban machine. so what do you want to do is want to remove this government, want to have an all inclusive political process where no party will be excluded. we'll have several discussions shuttled down all on how to address our problems. and we want to include everybody in the process and form at once, you're not having. but it is a heading to the poles in nicaragua, as general elections that have been described as illegitimate, both at home and abroad. president daniel ortega is set for a 4th consecutive term after many opposition figures were jailed or band from running. international observers have also been prevented from the seeing the vote . let's bring in our latin american edison now lucy newman, who joins us from san jose in neighboring costa rica. hello, there. lucio nicaraguans have been protesting their against the election. what has
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been the tyrant among them and what they want there had, there are hundreds and hundreds of nicaraguan exiles who are here. you can see some of them behind me. it's been raining a lot. so some have taken a bit of cover. but they are here from the border areas. we're talking about nicaraguan farmers. people are politicians from coming to it would be gone into exile and neighboring costa rica more recently. and others who left the country 3 years ago when a, an uprising against president ortega began, they are all united in their call for the president ortega to step down or at the very least hold would, they would regard and what most international human rights and political groups would consider free and fair elections. why do i say this? because the opposition candidates? certainly the competitive opposition candidates have all been barred from running
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at least 7 of them are imprisoned, in fact, and others have gone into exile or again, borrowed from running. this means that president, daniel ortega, is virtually running unopposed. there have been a long standing complaints about his authoritarian form of government in nicaragua . but now many people, especially the ones here, say that they want their voices to be heard at least outside of nicaragua. because inside of nicaragua, the opposition media, for example, and critics of the, i mean, cannot express themselves, which is why they say they're doing it here. and the reason why we're here also is because the government, the president ortega, has bar to international journalist from covering this event as well. thank you very much for that. update our latin american, the editor, lucy newman. let's get some analysis now and bring in to the anna right. he's a central america analyst at international crisis group and joins is from a what a mile as city. thanks for joining us to the honor. we've just heard from our correspondent about protest in raleigh in costa rica. do you think these opposition
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voices will make a difference, or is this election just to sham? well, thanks. so 1st of all, for inviting me, emily. it's a pleasure. that's one of the greatest problem indigo actually explains the situation does not only is a combination. i mean, there's a combination basically not only undertake correct down all new position, but the position of the back to police state defect to be heading over all the electrons are known to proceed as electro turn. it is so far, but also on the other side, you have this opposition movements which are incomplete, these array and over the past few years and not managed to nurture. while the spirits of the age 2018 mass protest movements and not prioritizing demands of social and political change, that these movements brought forward,
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which is also somehow these illusions and received a lot of nicaraguans. so he will, but the selection would not be only for take it to see how many people will actually show up to vote for him. but also for the, for the opposition movements that actually show if they still have a way over the population. what are some of the ramifications on the country and citizens if ortega continues to be president? well, this, the country's social political crisis is actually on sustainable. any does lead to prompted a strong economic recession over the bus fee is just badly recovering this year. but mostly, thanks to global trend in economy and a lot of resources being funneled through the correct one or more years of government that actually results from basically one sided pull will likely result.
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first of all, the lack of the legitimacy that has internally and internationally. it will definitely change the way for our investment and will get a hold of international loans. so the combination of these sort of continues or deepen isolation to nationally and regression and certainly will definitely 1st of all. busy from more and more new car wants to leave the country and not only to costa rica, which was a traditional mission on country, but increasing the also to the us ortega in see if he's a victim of a campaign funded by the u. s. to topple his government, what's your reaction to those claim? well, this is actually the way in which has been able to maintain a coal support. i'm on the is, is the ranks basically the coal support that has the basis of the party, which are highly intelligent and very radical. remained around
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20 to 30 percent of the population. no pulse, basically from the international community action strategy as well through the position of sanctions, cumulative use of sanctions throughout the years as basically eventually reinforced these, these cars from ortega, which definitely doesn't match the reality of the country, but has been as and allowed him to maintain as to basically justify is actions internally, at least while we appreciate your insights, more watched with interest over the coming days and weights. thank you to the honor bright from the international crisis group. thank you. thanks and have a nice say plenty more head on this news our including will have more on why gas is main power plant is under threat of shack. down. libby is electoral commission
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announces candidates can register on monday. the next month un backed elections, and mexican and can mellow lavarez, makes history becoming the box or from latin america to be undisputed champion of the world. ah. and now for some news, adjust in from sudan where the military leader, general abdel fatter albert han has spoken exclusively to al jazeera english. bare hands says he will not be part of the government after a transitional period. 2023 is when the military says it's planning to hand back power to civilian leadership. last month the military took power. after dissolving the civilian arm of the government, it then arrested civilian leaders and declared a state of emergency wrestle sada,
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spoke to her hon. and joins us live from one cartoon, where so behind must be feeling under pressure given the number of pro democracy protests happening in the capital. well, is today when i met the army general off at that were hannah's said that a people are free. you have right to peacefully protest in the cities and there were several protest going on. industries did at did that. the teachers union said that at least 80 people to they have been arrested by the security forces. there has been been any casualties reported. however, the pressure at through the streets is really ramping up, and people are putting the barricades and below get a barricade to a dead, to block the main roads in the city, which is something that the military definitely doesn't want to see it because it wants to get back to the normal as soon as possible. however, the civil disability,
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it's obedience, is still there and protests or at going on. so he also to, they have talked about the political crud, ongoing political crisis in the country as well. seen that the talks are on the way with their political parties and the figures, including the also prime minister after law hum duke to a reach to a consensus on forming any government. and he said that he hopes to reach to a deal within the next 24 hours despite several obstacles and to they also the prime minister, the also prime minister, after the hum duke has met the representatives of the different political a parties. and he said that he will accept whatever they decide to do. so as i said, the army general abdullah alpha, the added i will, has said that he hopes to reach at deal within 24 hours despite the obstacles
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aladdin. or it is our pledge of pledge we made to ourselves, the sudanese people and the international community that we are committed to completing the democratic transition, holding elections on time, and committed to not stopping any political activity as long as it is peaceful and within the bounds of the constitutional declaration and the past that have not been suspended. we also ask the international community to look at the issue critically and through the reality and wait to see what we do. we are committed to handing over power to civilian government, a government of national competency, and we pledged to preserve the transition from any interference that can hinder it, rather than another girl mal will. we believe there are some obstacles that are not in the form of prime minister, abdullah hum duke. but rather the way the government was run in the previous period that are also issues with a constitutional declaration from the political parties and their dealings of the
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executive government and the sovereignty council war. all of these issues are currently negotiated and they represent the core of the partnership. so like talks and not just about forming the executive cabinet, there are many other issues we are discussing. homer ah and he said that the dead that ministers off the previous transitional government has been arrested and they are, are charged by the that they, they are facing their criminal charge based on the allegations that they have. ashley white, late at the, the, did the constitutional declaration for all of that prior, that ministers have been released so far, but at least a 3, a senior official, a senior politicians are still are on there. the detention. so he is definitely facing an, an international pressure as well, because just at african union has suspended all of his activities with sudan and
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the united states that did the world bank has a stop. the aide to our, to, to sudan. france says that it's considering the, the depth at relief as well. so when i asked about him about the international pressure, he says that he's not concerned that his country is going to face any added any sanction. but the says that rather these are the that the procedural that, that, that the de steps that are being taken by the international, our community. however, we do not know whether these international pressure is really going to force him to hand over the power to the civilian government. here, when i ask about him, he was very much could it uncomfortably says that he repeated that again. and again that he will handle over the power to the civilians and he hopes that within 24 hours they will reach at deal. well, we'll have to watch and say thank you very much for that update where so sat alive for us in the capital cotton. israel's army has designated 6 palestinian rights
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groups as an authorized organizations included on the list, palestinian n, g o l cock l hawk rather. and at amir, as well as a research center, israel accuses the groups of funnelling money to a group called the popular front for the liberation of palestine. last month, israel's government gained the 6 groups, terrorist organizations, harry force, it has the lightest from west jerusalem. they were designating the 6 n g o z as linked to funnelling money to the p, f l, p which israel and a number of western countries defined as a terrorist organization. now there was some pushback internationally against this . those also criticism internally within israel, about the sort of p r effect of doing this without a full and transparent account of exactly how they were basing these accusations. there was also a leak of a dossier that was given to europe in nations trying to encourage them not to fund
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these groups earlier in the year that was obtained by the intercept and by the 97 to magazine in israel, which showed that a lot of the information being presented came from to accountants linked to an entirely separate organization. so accusations that the intelligence being presented really wasn't that firm now for all of the sound and fury around that, the actual practical implications beyond potentially influencing donors. they weren't great, but now that the israeli military has also adopted this language adopted this decision that enables it to enforce this anti terror law. as far as these records are concerned in the occupied westbank where the 6 organisations operate these really military saying that they be presented with copious very reliable intelligence that they are operating as wings of the p. s l. p. and as such, the staff and are subject to arrest potential prosecution potential, jailing of up to 25 years. gases power plant is under threat of shut down due to
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severe fuel shortages. the energy authority says it will be forced to suspend operations. if it doesn't get more fuel by the end of sunday, the supply of diesel stopped on tuesday and it doesn't know why. you meet 2000000 people in guns that will face a 70 percent fall in their electricity supply. if the plan goes offline, you're not say it is same. got the so power flag it threatened to shut down in the next few hours as the energy authority of god, stuff has. and now that the cutter refuel, supply has not been entering the strip for a week now. and that it has been providing the plan to operate with fuel from the local market. but if it shuts down, it will cause a deficit of more than 70 percent in all aspects of life in because this trip, which means that resident told hospital medical centers and other aspects of life
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will only be getting electricity 3 to 4 hours maximum per day. because the officials have told us that they do not know the reasons why the country fuel is not entering godsa for almost 2 weeks. now, where as the israeli side neither cutter had made any statement clarifying or explaining why the fuel is not entering. despite the crossings being opened, electricity crisis in the gaza strip are not new and has been going on for decades . while international interventions have been able to put an end to these crisis for a while until they are renewed again because of the shortage of fuel, which affects every aspect of life in gods. libya is electoral commission says candidates for presidential and parliamentary elections will be able to register from monday. the vote is scheduled to take place on december 24th under you him back to plan. the presidential counsel early is suspended. the foreign minister accusing her of administrative violations. she's also bad from traveling just days
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before an international conference, only be in paris, but the transitional government has rejected the decision. libya correspondence malik, trina has some things. this is where we start to see, the divisions happen. you know, the, the election, the presidential candidates will be starting to send in their applications starting tomorrow. who's going to run for president? we're likely to see 15 percent is the western strong man, former minister of interior, prime minister on how many do they have. and now we're hearing that he intends to run for elections on eastern libya. it's likely that police have to, will run for elections. and also i give a follow is a speaker of the eastern base parliament. and really this is where we're going to start to see divisions. i mean, it was a very long and difficult process for the united nation support mission to come up with this piece plan to try to bring in all the all the sides in order. and they brought in this unity government, which is leading the country into elections. now,
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we're going to see the, the vision start to arise again, who can run what kind of powers of the president have are the legislative branches in libya have yet to agree on a framework, a constitutional framework. so what kind of president, what kind of powers of the president have, what kind of authority does you have a lot of questions that are made to be answered. and we're going to have to wait and see what kind of implications this is going to have on the election scheduled to take place in just 6 weeks. still ahead on al jazeera, adapt all the stuff from is in the us push for a move towards a plan based diet, following repeated drought challenge and innovation. tech inventors from around the world can paid him contact cash prizes, and in sport will have all the action from the m. b, a is one of the best in the li delivers a killer blow war, and that holds a hey
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there, thanks for joining in. this is your world's weather update for the middle east to see you. let me show you what's going on. we have, temperature is above average across the la vance guys are getting up to a high 29, maybe even 30 degrees on monday. and that what, whether that was in western iran is now sun further toward the south and it could spill into the gall. so let's go in for closer look, i think the better better, maybe seen some showers is around. as some of the emirates, the risk is therefore cross cats are, is, was something i just wanted to put on your radar should stay dry. but again, the risk is there, off the pockets, the temperature is pretty well where they should be karachi, le hor, into as long a bag with a hive. $26.00 degrees and unsettled weather for northern areas of are gone is done on monday. turkey temperature is running above average here. same goes on cyprus, nickos. c a getting up to a high of 31 degrees. central africa,
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equitorial countries. we've got our outbreaks of rain more confined to western areas around that gulf of guinea, pushing out toward western africa toward the south. some german brain can be expected here. we'll call it pretty much port elizabeth street toward durban. and we have seen thunderstorms across habit. roney and johannesburg as was so in habit eroni that's brought your temperature down a bit on monday to 31. that's it. see it's in the, ah, it's the world's. 2 most populous democracy, diverse dynamic and undergoing momentous, seen context. india dixon. in depth. look at the people and politics of india. exploring how the coven 19 pandemic struck the nation. it's continuing impact and the lessons learned for the future. join me fade as those are for context india and
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alex is eda, serious dorcas days with one man leading the country to present our side as last legitimacy. he needs to step out, as he retains control through over a decade of war. we examine the global power games of president bashar al assad. we believe assad simply carrying out iranian orders. what keeps you awake at night? many a reason that could effect any human thought master of chaos. coming soon on all jazeera waterloo. ah hello you're watching out 0. i'm emily. ang.


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